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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 04/29/16)

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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 04/29/16) - Listen in on the jokesonly Bill’s audience got to hear.

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Now it's time for real time to point out your chance to listen in behind the scenes to the real time. Monologue. Jokes America didn't hear crowd our day. Well is the course of a lot of big knows going on. I guess you saw there was a big primary advising primaries until they now it looks pretty sure it's gonna be illusory Clinton, verses, Donald Trump for the present
The big finale of our game show, and the other was five northeast dates. My neck of the woods Trump nearly killed in a general vote, twenty nine percent of the average one in most places, but he also for the first time this has said one with well educated voters. Despite his best efforts, I mean there's just ruse. Even when you get to the more educated states, Republicans in those states are still quite stupid. Trump at the edges. Victory rally on Tuesday night was taught me about how people were saying in the past that you know he is moderating his campaign and there were people around it
was controlling. These are not true region. I am me, then, reveal those new aims. Slogan yes make. I am me even Maloney was like your English. Not do. Daddy. So the stop Trump Alliance looks like it's. On its last breath, they made tried the two other guys in the race k, sick and crews formed an alliance just like a reality job. They did. They formed an alliance this week, and this is pivotal moment for John case it because he needs more delegates to be
able at the convention and its also pivotal for ten crews, because this is the closest he's ever come to having a friend Rosa finish. Last, of course he picked his running mate. It was curly fee arena, so watch out from the man who nobody likes it Added the woman, nobody voted for yeah, really fear we like taking your sister to the problem of your sister is carry the people are asking. Why is this even happening? They made a big event of it. You know, and he announced as our colleagues on the stage and accept it was like to toddlers pretending to have a deep already, but tat grew said. He chose curly after a great deal of good situation and prayer
and God release Depressed Route press release. Today he said you losers. Leave me out of this
We have certainly had our fund, which had grows and how unpopular years- but this takes the king, John Vainer member him yesterday- was speaking at Stanford. I think it was any said quote. He said ten crews is Lucifer in the flesh. He said I live work with a lot of people like it alone, and everybody he's. I have never worked with the more miserable son of a bitch. In my whole life and tat grew said, so you don't wanna, be secretary of state, never worked with the more miserable son of a bitch in my whole life, and that is saying something from a guy who work with Dennis asteroid member him, the guy who sat in the lazy boy, chair and watch teenagers in the shower of your member Dennis astern. But he was the speaker of the house in the nineties at the time of nine eleven. He was second in line for the throne. He admitted yesterday
being a serial child molester in his defence. He did always use the correct bathroom anyone having public, but the other big story of courses Trump accused Hilary of playing the woman car. I do you know that you know that card women always play by being born female women when they have been so easy in politics, as opposed to white men born into great wealth. We just can't cancer break, yet there is actually no self awareness with Donald Trump. If he were black or a woman, he would have been thrown out of the re six months ago.
If he were a woman, he be Coralie fee arena and then and then Donald Drum yesterday, he gave a big boy speech on foreign policy. While we use the teleprompter and everything they dropped normally uses a teleprompter as little as possible. He does not want to alienate his based by reading and, of course, the theme of this for speech was America. First, he has no idea what that means, but he knows it fits on a hat matters though America first actually was an isolationist group in the nineteen forties who sided with Hitler. I'm sure Trump didn't know that it's just a happy coincidence. You ve heard of the accidental tourist he's the accidental fascist, but what he said is big theme was american needs to be more unpredictable know what we're doing that's right.
We want the world to see us like the lunatic kid on the playground who nobody messes with, because you might actually bite you and in his great foreign policy, speed showing how much you know, but foreign policy, the he myths pronounced the country obtains in the eighties that it was tens. Enea has me even more thinking about. Moving to Canada, but he does our foreign policy experience you gotta, give down from that. He has golf courses in Ireland is neckties are made in China and, of course, as wives were imported from Eastern Europe,. Hi tone new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten, we're watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO Dot, com.
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