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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 10/2/15)

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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 10/2/15)
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Now it's time for real time to point out your task to listen in behind the scenes to the real time monologue. Jokes, America didn't hear look at very a Donald Trump is in big trouble. Today I found out that he sold one of his condo. He was always bragging about the part that you sold to dictator and remember in Haiti, Papa Doc and his and his son, who ran the country for a baby duck. Do you told her department to Baby Doc, Duvalier and they're very upset and trump?
and then he understands foreign affairs said: what's the matter, then alike pediatricians guy, but we really must think he's gonna be president. Now, because I noticed the wife is starting to do interviews his wife millennia from Slovenia, how many nowhere? Slovenia is not your myself, but she thought the guys like that matters to her, but she said no, she says to things done. It will be a very fine presidencies I come from the Balkans, I know ethnic cleansing if anybody can pull it off its die, but I think I know why you're excited because someone someone has started a pointless military operation in the Middle EAST and for once it's
us right, grocer ride. Russia is now bombing Syria, it's a terrible, hostile, immoral thing and it gets in the way of our bombings dearie. Never Russia's bombing of theory is bad because it supports the government of Assad and are bombing is good because it supports nobody. We don't wait. I didn't even know I mean those poor people on the ground who are being killed by
I shouldn't bombs. It's out of our bombs didn't even get to taste freedom, but now it is really hard to figure out who the real peace loving Syrians are and who we should be supporting, but I'll give you a hint therein, Germany, Kim Davis member, her turns out that the Pope, when he was here last week and he could have met with anybody, met with Kim Davis the county clerk from Kentucky Eaglewood led gay people get married unbelief,
partly we're getting word from them. In the pubs. First, words became Davis Work, Jesus Christ. I thought I was older than ass. They ought to be a fly at the wall for that meeting when and adulterous on her fourth, marriage and an old virgin man and address got together to talk about how messed up gay people are. What it does it does gonna make sense. Jesus met with prostitutes and the Pope met with the publicity, or so it What, but, liberals you no longer love in the Pope, they're, not so happy with them. Now, because, a few months ago the Pope was the one who said, who reminded judge gay people and now
like. That's right on the fucking palm leaves. Let my by another party gave GIB Davis is a gift, he gave her rosary beads and he had blessed, and then she got it. He gave her the.
Bees and she lifted up her shirt. Might work, gives out the pop culture to be strong and do something about your hair. He said the sick I can heal, but that outfit I just can't help you like Sweden, are losing the women's vote over there in Congress. Yesterday, these the congressional Republicans, you know they're still very upset. The planned parenthood even exists, so the world's worst Sausage Party gave a grilling to the ceo of plan. Parenthood zeal, Richards treated her like a serial killer, white guy after white guys was trying to get her to admit that abortion is wrong. Procuring fetal tissue is outrageous, and the female orgasm is a myth.
That's a good three more women have come forward, decided, built, Cosby sexually assaulted. I know I'd people are asking why now, probably because they just came to and finally here the great story, I yielded up to remember the OJ trial at other, the kids I remember, but back in the nineties, we had a great guy without this incident and that's why, as people remember that no, that the name car dashi and is not new to us OJ symptoms best friend and his lawyer was grim. Gardez genes, Father Robert Production and it turned out. We found out today Oj Simpson, planned to commit suicide before the famous Bronco juries income. Cardassians, bedroom and Robert Pedestrian talked him out of it, but
It would have been the first time a black man came out of Kim's bedroom and wasn't happy. So I told him, besides of real time, my every Friday night at watching for more information Levant on to HBO dot com.
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