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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 10/28/16)

2016-10-31 | 🔗

Bonus Bill (Originally aired 10/28/16) - Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear.

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Now it's time for real time to point out your task to listen. And behind the scenes to the real time. Monologue. Jokes America didn't hear The poles are getting close again, he's a head again in word: EVA, had again in Ohio. I know trumps as the presidency is so close to you could almost reached
grab. Exposing visa policy driver they, London, where they forgot about it, but they just sort of absorb Asia. Pussy grammar and obeying the new Gingered Resign Megan Kelly this we did. You see that and get very mad at Megan Gulliver, bringing about pussy grabbing thing any accused, Megan Kelly of being obsessed with sex. Well, when you're talking and New Gingrich, who is said, she was being very unfair. Yes, this is the problem in the media when Willow Republican get a fair shaken. Fox news. This system is right. This is transforming the system is rigged the media's rigged to legitimate that democracy is a legitimate. Of course. You heard what he said in the debate:
that, if he didn't when he wouldn't can save the election, that's his position of. I don't catch the bouquet, this wedding on fire bombing, all fuckin thing, freight irrigation and Trump supporters, those whiny little bitches. They say the poles are wrong that reflect the silent majority. Oh, if they would just stay silent.
Silent, always graphic. Why would somebody listen to us and then the rapporteur goes up to a man, says I'm listening and they go fuck. You media! I read about this. One woman should said she's going to go into a depression. If Trump loses a man, a sixty nine year old man said he would probably cry for four years. These. These old baby boomers talk about trumped the way. Thirteen year old girls used to talk about just in Bieber right in front of me, when I'm gonna, like myself in my bedroom and ever come out like the generations of totally flip. The teenagers are asking the old
people. Why are you so in love with this weirdo and grandpas? To one who say you just don't get it? Nobody understands me, but an adverse tromp was in Washington DC this week to open he's got a new hotel there, which apparently is already tanking they ve had it offers special discounts, they vanunu, kids, hate free I must tell you that I am not making this up. People you're, beautiful, crowding and assure this with you, the the hotel bar there at the new Trump Patel Serbs. Wine by the spoon, is so expensive that you get a spoonful of wine for a hundred and forty dollars. So you can see why the people- and I will love him
So I guess you out a birthday. This rig Hillary Clinton was sixty nine years old and bears the enthusiasm gap right there. Yes, Hilary was sixty nine years old one awkward moment. She blew up the candles and somebody said, speak speech and she demanded Turner fifty thousand dollars. These workers at the old girl marker genes that, with all on tv this way she was on innovation, Obama, popped up on Jimmy Gemmill and Trump went on sesame, straightens Era, puppet Europe. Take your comments. Casual new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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