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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 10/30/15)

2015-11-01 | 🔗
Bonus Bill (Originally aired 10/30/15)
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Now it's time for real time to point out your attempt to listen in behind the scenes to the real time monologue. Jokes America didn't hear the crowd railways down on. I know why you did our way in this regard.
The mood already have the Holloway. However, when I get out of this miserable good baited fairly, America's flaming bag of dog crap on the world's doorstep and the Republicans by gotta get to stamp it out some things all the candidates up their agreed upon the media's, bad democrats or bad governments. Bed regulations are bad. Taxes are bad and a bomb stops needing to be so negative joke in there somewhere, but make it Doktor Burnham Carson. Now the leader of the of the republican field ahead of Donald Trump, about that you could tell Doktor Van Carson's later gazetted debate last night he was the only guy, all the other Republicans were nice too through. Although there was one awkward moment where I did,
Bruce asked touches hair which it with, but the big winner they said was marker. Rubio there like. Finally, a candidate can be who can beat Hilary Amity beggars like. Finally, Canada we can beat off over another couple of big losers from less now. The first big Loser Job Bush Bush. I do want to say that he is in urgent but is biggest line. The night was quick impression. My bra there are nine eleven slowly going around the world at the other. Big losers, of course, would be CNBC moderators hosting everybody hates them. I never thought I'd be saying to myself
these shut up and let Donald Trump speak I went from thinking. Do we need fifteen candidates to do we need CNBC? I mean some of these grudging reduce rude and over the line, and I'm the guy who said trumps mom slept with an arrangement I failed, but yet no, they asked questions that you know you'd be embarrassed to hear on the newly wed game. The very first question: maybe the stupidest question: I've ever heard ass. They what's your biggest weakness, CNBC Minories now
you know why you're here stuck on a news channel that people only watch at the airport now, of course, is just an opportunity for them to do a humble braggin. All of them did you know they all did some version of my biggest weakness. Well, I I guess, Two presidential gap voiced at I can't fake anger or apparently any other human emotion. Ten Karla TED cruises answer his biggest. We use it if you want a guy grab a beer with that guy you wanna Guy, who will drive you home I'll, get the job done? Who do you think he's running against TED. By the way, debt of Amerika once a designated driver type for President Hilary got
the bag. We have a new speaker of the house. It is Paul Ryan. He didn't want the job. They assured him Missus Congress, you wanna, do any work finally got some news from overseas China after thirty five years is ending its one child policy. Nor do they need a lawyer. Language are now you're allowed to have to, but No substitution had only representative real every Friday night watch him any more information, not on each oh dot, com.
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