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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 11/13/15)

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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 11/13/15)
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Now, it's time for real time to point out your task to listen in behind the scenes to the real time monologue, jokes, America didn't hear.
What a crowd on a Thursday boy when you say Robin, surely this rose you don't wanna take that applies bags. Elegant set the bar love. Now Mary works. Good boys gets the important news that said that really matters to Americans. Donald Trump is on the warpath saying that Clinton wears a wig, I am not making this up. This is what are you saying today this for a man who uses so much hairspray he bought a.
Three pageant right. That's what thing do they want to know is Hilary wearing a wig? Well, I'm in years ago, I asked is Donald Trump wearing a ferret comes out, its Sudbury presidential. To wear a wig. I mean you wouldn't, catch. Any of our founding fathers were rather than other republican debate. This week, Donald Trump by their clearly ran out of step, to say about three debates ago, even his own, people are going again with the Mexicans. This guy talks about the war more times than pink Floyd
I mean it seems, like everybody agreed that what we need to do in America, because this was that the debate about the economy was reign in waste, cut spending and acknowledge that the government doesn't do anything right, except that none of that applies to the military. There always perfect Grand Paul again. The one dissenters suggested that maybe or trillion dollar military budget has something to do. But the giant deficit and they treated him like you just let out aloud for then they are, they are factory. They went to Carly, fearing it s request. You may said explain why the economy does better under democratic president's. Her answer I swear to God word for word. I met a woman, the other I was worried about her children. Why don't just pointed the balcony and go hey Scots
watch where you going to do. This. Is America on family feud fix a name and animal with claws I met a man and I have a real wig and the welders. This is not even close to the stupidest thing that came out this week in the presidential race. They asked your birth or my god. Would you would you go back in time and killed Baby Hitler, and he said fuck you I would and then there s been Carson each had. No, I wouldn't wouldn't go back and we go so now we have it made about something really important CNN actually had the headline in their website. Ben Carson would not abort baby Hitler and then the head of the Pulitzer Prize
called up CNN and just made vomiting sounds I'm telling you of any alien see. There's they just gonna go fuck. Blow those as would you kill baby, and then everybody has to wait trumps that he would not, but he would go back in time and go rosy. O Donnell first. Kirsty said he would go back in time, but just biggest steak with nickel back their electorates Christie here you got devoted to the kids table this. Apparently he won that delivered the kid stable. The sun was Chris Christie works. Interim Bobby Gentle and Michael could be a goose
of who couldn't get laid in high school, but what Christie trying to get his credentials there with the with the white voters that the republic gives are always courting? He said he was talking to the black lives matter. People he said. Don't call me from meetings, do not get one Unless you have pizza and then of course we can. But I know there's a lot of racial unrest going on in campus is right. Have you seen what's going on the University of Missouri students are demanding a safe place on campus, not when I was it on campus the safe place find the english department, where no one could see you getting high that. But you know it's not easy. Being a black student in Colombia Missouri, for example, if you want hair extent and yet
got the tail of a cow, that's that's compounded the lovely. Amidst what you saw. What happened another there is some racial engines on campus students wanted the president to resign. He didn't than the football team threatened to skip a game. That's. It then, was gone, which sends a great message. We are sensitive to the terrible legacy of slavery and flung it we can keep earning money from under a black people. That's what the foot, All dream, like the other savages things today, despite Michel Obama's ardent efforts to get America to lose weight of their let's move. Gambling adult obesity has gone up in the last two years and Republicans or walking around Patent, their bigots going, we showed, are. Thank you very much.
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