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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 1/20/17)

2017-01-24 | 🔗

Bonus Bill (Originally aired 1/20/17) - Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear.

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Now, it's time for real time to point out your task to listen in behind the scenes to the real time monologue. Jokes, America didn't hear
Thank you very much less than a day with word from takes office. I'm sorry, I'm really late coming out of my head, get stuck in the oven but big as drug. Is president now he's going to replace democracy with something terrific and then he's gonna blow up the planet. Yet this is the point in the movie. We're Superman
His parents take the baby and put him in the rocket. Does the planet's gonna blow up what Trump supporters say? The election is a reckoning already. Some of them are having buyers remorse because they know this is the moment where, let's shake things up, turns into oh shit. What have we done? We're gonna look back at the Obama years and it's gonna. You like rap music before a white people ruined. You know that tomorrow, at the inauguration, no Hilary is gonna, be there just in case we come to our senses at the last minute. What sixty five congressmen boycotted the whole thing, there's gonna be demonstrations up and down the blocks in Washington DC is one going off. Today is the woman's March this weekend, as a group called you going as a group called disrupt J twenty which plans to shut everything down
and power lies the city or, as we call it here now, lay Reich our and apparently there's not enough people who really want to go to this thing to fill the inauguration there there there, actually they say our hiring seat fellers and when my pants heard there are having These fellows he said no, no gay people, so the bodies thing, though I ve done, but this whole brouhaha Donald Trump, who has been talking for over a year about what is going to do on day one day one now he says as go start on Monday fuck it I'm taking the weak eddies like the guy or shows up at the works ones lunch. He also says make Amerika great yeah. I just meant that relative to Haiti.
What did the entertainment? I tell you at the inaugurate, unbelievable sets about your who's, who, as a where are they now, I don't say their hurting Rotterdam at one of the acts is Maloney and tying a cherry. Jerry stem, whether doing it. Hi tone new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten we're watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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