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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 1/22/16)

2016-01-25 | 🔗
Bonus Bill (Originally aired 1/22/16)
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Now, it's time for real time to point out your attempt to listen in behind the scenes to the real time monologue jobs in America didn't hear of getting. That is, though, alive of war, or you know the big story this week Does Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump? This is a shot to TED Cruz. You know this is how it is cuz they're fighting it out there, and I will take that TED Cruz. Donald Trump said I don't have New York values. I have no
CS era, frail and went on. The stun gun on progress is that he is the best candidate to address the problems that America has, especially our biggest problem about. The US girls are not white or not. You know when people say we complain each other's sentences. No one has ever said that about Hereupon no one could ever complete. She cannot complete, are already said: she's gonna talk about the Middle EAST and who better and she said thereby skirmishes we're not over there for centuries, squirm issue. This is getting. This is getting squarely letters
and tromp had to stand there behind her and you can tell he was not happy afterwards. He said I didn't know. The speech was going to be quite that long or in a foreign language I mean, but anyway, but it looks like the pale of big working for trompe is pulling it had a crews, and I were added to cruise had a very bad way. The governor came out against them, and then this group, this christian group on you, know it's all a banjo Ackles voting, they're called America, America, United for values.
They put out an attack against TED grooves unchristian, ready of saying he was soft on gay sex, and if you can you good picture dead, grooves Abigail Ex you'd be soft. It come up. Our friend pulp, Francis came out with an interesting declaration. Yesterday he said that foot washing thing that the priest do unholy Thursday. I don't know what it is, but whatever their into where they watched peoples, we will now include women. So still no female priest, though, is that would be weird, but why another another religion, those the grand mufti in Saudi Arabia, has a chess is now forbidden. He called it a waste of time
as opposed to stopping everything you do five times a day to kneel on a rock and a british court has ruled that latter mere Putin probably did order the assassination of an Ex KGB agent in London with radioactive t, because this Ex KGB agent was accusing Putin being pedophiles. I think that's. Beats Hilary having to email server catch. Only representative real every Friday night watch him more information not on each be dot com.
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