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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 2/10/17)

2017-02-13 | 🔗

Bonus Bill (Originally aired 2/10/17) - Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear.

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Now, it's time for real time to point out your task to listen in behind the scenes to the real time monologue, Jokes America didn't hear. Well, let's go right through the brig New Reprover has declared war on Nord stream. This is then, to make matters worse, Kelly and Conway his work, but if she now that's, ok, that's a thing. She goes on Fox NEWS and says: go
I a bunker stuff, go buy it everybody! So next thanksgiving when you're right wing uncle shows up in a floral print chief dress. You'll know what. So yes, at anyway, Gallienne Conway violated the law. There is a ban against a federal employee using public office to endorse a product, even though every time Donald Trump opened his mouth
it's a huge add reproach, Zack, Abyla, five pact still lecture and that penal pump, it adds interests. Dear colleagues, we have actual issues we should be talking about in the daily briefing about our security that Yemen re, that went back and south last week, giant clusterfuck and now it turns out trump- was convinced to make this raid, because the generals told him oh Burma would never do it. What a way to govern Gallienne me a complete list of things. My press forward too stupid to consider I, but that's the bad NEWS, Donald Trump as our President, the Good NEWS is that he is raising awareness.
Mental health issues and I haven't even started on this week's outright lies and illusions. Like Trump said, the media coverage of terrorist attacks, he said the murder rate is the highest in forty seven years. That's the thing about having time Makes it easier makes it things out things out of your ass episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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