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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 2/26/16)

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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 2/26/16)
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Now, it's time for real time, to point out your attempt to listen in behind the scenes to the real time monologue, Jokes America didn't hear It was a great crowd. I will tell you that the topic drums gods raise their anyway there in a good mood. Of course, they are in the middle of a good work day and they're here during this, but you probably happy because its Asker weaken rights,
finally, recognition for a white millionaires. Yes, every one question on everybody's lips this weekend with the asker. What the hell is a revenant, what its riveted even turn myself, yes and interesting movies that are up for bigger wars, the Martian. Did you see that when a martian about it, but the governments having an almost impossible problem, Republicans age,
in the category of foreign fill out action wherever Brooklyn, you see that movie about an immigrants can comes to immigrants who comes to America and builds lifer herself, or is the Republicans call it a horror films but hey? We were off last week, we take one week off and Donald Trump goes from unthinkable to inevitable. People are saying its inevitable. Now that he's gonna be dollar drop is a little like
Climate change we saw it coming, we didn't do anything about it, and now it's too late, like any, is running the table. One New Hampshire, anyone South Carolina, big at South Carolina get this pole came out almost one in five of Trump voters in South Carolina disagree with Lincoln freeing the slaves. They think that we should have kept them as slaves and called them. Apprentices mating, even even scarier. In German, mind Comf means the order. The deal
that was Hitler's book ripe and then I'm gonna start calling on forest tromp life is like a box of droplets. It can be used to learn idiots into a ban and and his wife Maloney issue shares his passion for the poorly educated. She said, as first lady maker priority to make sure that every child in America cannot read its varied. Actually, Maloney came out and the public with divergent views on morning, Jos, you actually look not once you ve done a dummy hugely. Actually, I thought acquitted herself very well
after was over Trump was very proud tweeted. I only man wanted the best. I think I think I have a first lady. You speak former slovenian bikini model. Conservatives hated Michel Obama's dietary advice to school, kids, member that where do they get load of this? What you d, like kids, eight light and throw up during recent,
getting Donald he's already stood me. What the fuck did you do with drone y know. If trumpets phenomena get this, he will be by the poles what they say: the most disliked nominee in political history in America and guess what illusory would be these second most, if that's true Bernie Sanders is the only candidate either party who more Americans like that.
This, like naturally he's the unelectable one decisive. Ok, so then Nevada Trump went in about a one by twenty points over Rubio and crews and forty over doktor been carts and end in Rubio HOMES, Data Florida, trumpets, leading him by sixteen points. Although goodness were Rubio, he was today name prompting so he's got, but isn't it amazing that it's up to either crews TED Grooves or Marco Rubio to be the ones to stop Donald Trump? The fate of the nation rests with two cuban more lawyers who are one met. Mustache.
You're an add on the back of a bus that problem a problem is crews and Rubio or fighting each other. All the time. Crews fired spokesman for tweeting that mark a Rubio, store kid reading the Bible and said not many answers in there. I wanna meet the republican voter, who is so still with that. They believe that one of the republican candidates would go out of his way to insult the Bible. I've heard of low information voters does a low oxygen voter. I want to see their idee, sir. That's a comb check. Your other pockets
Now course, very sad news, JEB Bush gone from the rice dropped out. As you know, I'll come on. Jeff said he gave it. The old college, try and, of course, by college dry, humidity, blue tons of money with nothing to show for it. Thank you for coming we're gonna! Do a little Tell me what episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO Dot, com.
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