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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 5/15/15)

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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 5/15/15)
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Now it's time for real time to point out your task to listen in behind the scenes to the real time monologue, Jokes America didn't hear Why would I do very much you tell em? I got over cancer,
Thank you very it's getting all that you get all that people like a really one job Bush and yet the bed, so great to see they asked a question he should have known was coming. You know what knowing what we know now. That was the question. Knowing what we know now about Iraq. Would you have done what your brother George did at invade?
in our report, which does not have to do the dna test. He's a bush all week he's trying to walk back every day. He had a new story. Next day said, I meant to say knowing what my brother George new we're lucky we didn't know, Canada, that's what I've been an job is supposed to be. The smart when clearly some families don't have a smart. One of this trade is such a tragedy that derailed Amtrak Reign was going twice the speed limit. It should have around a curve, and the engineer doesn't remember anything about what happened. It makes
wonder why they let Linsey low and driver training and leather. This hours after the accident Republicans voted to cut em direct funding. Yet, what's the logic there that traded, nobody they never would have happened, but now the Republicans know that high speed rail can kill people. They can think it is. Weapon and funded or yeah. Guess Vienna now came down hard on Job Brady for Games, suspension somebody describe it is throwing the rule book Adam and Tom Brady said this
robot, so big news out from a pull this week a survey. This massive survey was done about people's religion in America. The number of people identifying as Christian has dropped dramatically and the number of people with no reference religious affiliation. Has got up a lot, ladies and gentlemen, the surges working, it's weird, it's like God, has answered my prayers Only seventeen percent of people now in America say their Christian in two thousand and seven. That number was seventy eight percent are immense,
religion was came out in two thousand eight rigging, irrational stuff and pulled a pole. Came out this week talking about jade, helm, fifteen, we talk about it on our show, less regain helm. Fifteen is a routine military exercise going on in the southwest at the tea beggars in Texas, Think is applied by Obama to invade and take over Texas and now one third of Republicans in Amerika. I believe this is true that Obama is invading in taking over Texas, I'm not saying a full one. Third of this,
Party or paranoid nuts, but they also want to constitutional amendment, to quote get the spiders off my arm. Now. Here's my favorite scandal, the weak governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, you're familiar this is my home state with this is too easy. Governor Christie, Governor Governor Christie, has spent three hundred thousand taxpayers dollars in his five years in office on food, food, alcohol and desert. He spent seventy six grand on gross three runs to wag men Supermarket Chris, Christine Shots, a grocery stores like Michael Jackson, used to shop
these stores they just closed door down in the public domain and having read this peace, but eighty two thousand dollars at the concessions dead at giants and jets football game. What I call in flight gate. Thank you very much. Catch all new episodes of real time. My every Friday night watchman. For more information, log onto HBO, DOT, com.
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