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Bonus Bill (Originally aired 9/25/15)
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Now it's time for real time to point out your task to listen in behind the scenes to the real time monologue, Jokes America didn't hear Let us say under both today and why Britain anything else early, but the second book were you gotta, be this is the most political pop. I ever remember. You know the way he's come to this
country and just fucking stuck it to the Republicans. He has they do not like him. Oh and sometimes he says things like. Oh, we should take care of the poor and take care of the plot and act like he dug up Reagan and made a lamp out of his skull, and today the Pope gave his big speech before Congress. We've never seen that look just like the state of the union. You know standing there, the well of Congress. He said some really great things about how we have to heal the open moons of our planet. He said the planet is torn apart by greed, poverty.
Solution and to make his point really strong, he was wearing a red truckers cap that said, make the earth grade again yeah how about that a planet torn apart by hatred, greed, poverty and pollution, and as soon as he said, that the lobbyists for hatred, greed, poverty and pollution said come on he's here for one day we're five, I cannot touch us. He also the pub defended immigration, he endorsed environmental legislation and he attacked capitalism attacked. Defence industry even attack delusional religious fundamentalism, and then he lit up a joint tv show real time with poverty.
but it was able to see him. He was standing there, making a speech and behind them we're just like in a state of the union, the vice president and this figure, the house who happened to be two former alter boys, Joe Biden, John Vainer, who of course was crying I mean, of course this is gonna, make em blubber alive, but this was attic control at one point, the Pope and to turn around and say dude What you did, but you're absolved here's the great thing about this pope after the speech he was invited to hobnob and have lunch with the luminaries in the capital. No Pope says don't want to do that. He went out and met with homeless people an awkward moment. One hundred and fifty.
Them tried to squishy is car, but and then the pub when he laid hands on Carly fear Arena and here in Europe. being videos that don't exist, yeah, probably arena doing very well I'd, say about a month ago, I made my prediction that were seventeen Republicans in the rest of the time I said Margaret Rubio Curly, the arena is going to be the tickets. Looking pretty good, my prediction there took their both rising in the polls trump starting to go there. Scott Walker, dropped out this week with Eddie. You just wanted to spend more time, stroking his pet ram
it, but yeah Donald Trump, starting to lose it starting to get desperate. Today he was making a speech, and he was talking about the last debate. He said my opponents withered under the heat he said. I touched my puck up these back. It was so and.
I think we know how Trump deals about what back the other story everybody's got about books wagon, I meant you, can you believe these assholes faking their queen diesel, designation by designing software that was specifically designed to fool the emissions tat. While I see our Volkswagen did step down yesterday and we ve seen this before member the BP oil guide you now, I'm in this happens all over the world. When there's corporate now pheasants in Japan, they do it right here they step down, they get a golden parachute arranged for the rest of their life. That's how we do it, but this guy statement was something I have not seen before.
He said, and I am quoting CEO volkswagen- I am not aware of any wrongdoing on my part, I I gotta tell you a pretty sure I was just following my, I've appointed me to investigate myself and if I find any suspicious, I will bring it to my attention and, of course, you know about this. Guy martens growing is then pronouncing that right, Martin, which really do she bag of the year to censure, ease that thirty two year old hedge fund manager, who bought the drug company that makes a drug called Dara Forum, which is the only cure for a very deadly parasitic disease that strikes AIDS, cancer, patients, malaria, patients newborn babies, cost dollar. To make this pill he wished it was being sold for thirteen.
I already gouging he raised the price to seven hundred and fifty dollars a pill. Yes, so ask your bank's loan officer of barium is right for you all right. Thank you very much catch all new episodes of real time, the Bilmar every Friday night at ten or watch him any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO com.
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