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Ep. #417: Rosa Brooks, Bill McKibben

2017-03-04 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Rosa Brooks, Bill McKibben, Jeffrey Lord, Joy Reid, and Charlie Sykes. (Originally aired 3/3/17)

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Welcome to reach me apart from HBO making real time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Ve got a guy, I think
I think I know why are outdated. This russian spy novel we Bob and reading, turns out to be a real page sterner. Doesn't it first, the national I mean first, The national I'm going through puberty national security adviser has to step down because we ve found out he was lying about talking to the Russians now the attorney general this wig thousand year old, cracker name Jeff Sessions, a direct use himself from the investigation and in trumps, not anybody.
Struck, know anyone who doesn't talk to the Russian. It's like six degrees of Kevin Putin. What, with what is left, is administration always meeting with the right they meet with the Russians war than the Olympic Doping Committee from so I don't know anybody. I was asked that press guy did you nobody, but it now. I don't know anybody nobody, Ok, the national security adviser his campaign, manager his son in law, and now he's attorney general, have met with the ambassador from Russia Surgery Crystal Lake. The fact that you shouldn't be meeting with anyone with that name. Unless there are Hubert over
driver. I mean I'm trying to think of an innocent explanation why all these people are meeting with this motherfucker he's their part dealer. I e went to Trump Tower in December. I guess through the back door as nobody song to me. With this son in LAW and Flynn, and the White House said today, while I was just a brief meeting well appreciated Have to be more than a brief meeting, you know they said. Thank you first, we may election- and he said, don't forget, we still have big Dave, you're welcome to our meeting I mean drop is justified because the
all this Russia talk this week poured cold water on what he thought was his big triumph on Tuesday. Did you see it Fiji made a big boy speed party drain Trump went before We were asked to give an address and he stuck to the teleprompter and everybody said that he came across as much more dignified and much more mature. Actually, what happened was that somebody from Price Waterhouse given the wrong speak. Nobody saw the Oscars, oh my god, that accountant a born baby, the wrong envelope. We got fired this week,
he turned in his letter of resignation and they said this is your water bill and you know what we know now we ve found out why this guy screwed up he was constantly distracted. His job because he was always on Twitter. Thank God! We don't let that kind of idiot do anything more. But I must say from me the most depressing boarded this week was the media. I did a long thing at the end of this year or less. We are encouraging the media thinking there getting back at it it fell on deaf ears. Trump gets up there.
Denied for one hour he lashes himself to the mast and refrains from yelling it department, stores and making fun of the handicapped and the media is like. He became president tonight's. He read words, often teleprompter in front of adults. The same thing: the Olsson twins did at seven early media seriously on a scale of easily fool this rank somewhere between Mormonism and throwing the ball for the dog and pretend NPR enviers a drum pushed the reset button tonight. Ok, we
a defective precedent, we're not going to get better by unplugging him and then plugging in back and said and if you saw this page, I mean it was an hour of mostly bullshit. They said he lied, fifty one times low for him Course he promised to get tough on crime. That is big thing especially said. After what happened Sunday night in Hollywood, when black people right those white folks are their gold. Now, in But it knows Rick, Perry and Ben Carson Europeans. Lately
I've been confirmed for their capital requirements, they were supported by my parents. He said the doktor been Carson, raise your right eyelid, but don't worry about them as far as the Russians should goes. These guys have never had any contact with intelligence. I can vote. But ok, I mean they're dummies, but you know what do you expect in this administration people? I think because it page in the russian stuff miss the big story of the Whig one of the big stories, which is Trump unveiled. What he was gonna do about health care, and he said you know what nobody knew healthcare,
could be so complicated. I can't believe Putin paid full Sliced. Nobody knew how so complicated. I love the way. This guy is constantly discovering things we ve all known forever and then pronouncing no one ever know what it's like you're mechanic popping over the hood Jesus Christ is a lot of fuckin shit got a great joy. First appears CNN contributor, former Whitehouse Associate Director under President Ronald Reagan. Please welcome Jeffrey LAW will Jeffrey. I wanted to have you here, because I see you on CNN all the time. You are nothing if not a steadfast supporter of Donald Trump, when you are on the Trump drain, early, twenty thirty twenty thirty, so you get a new get to glow but
What I want to know I like what I want to know is this I mean. Can you know this is a small circle, the media? I talk to people, you talk to people the Washington people, like you, come out here. Everybody he says you're the nicest guy in the world genteel polite What do you see in Donald Trump? to me he's not just the most vulgar politician we ve ever had to me. He's the most vulgar human being vulgar. Why do you do? he'll nice polite. Have this a few one mom over? What is it? What is the czech shooting I have to say, as somebody who knows, a million consumerism, a friend who has always been in my presence, polite, charming, sensitive drove it. True, but you would agree he's not that pub locate so seven June, but I agree that he
pierced people in many ways as you as you describe, but let me tell you from a political point- and I mean this seriously when you heard the Hillary Clinton thing about the basket with deplorable some Irredeemable. There are a lot of Americans out there and I talked to him a lot whose think people in the media and the political world looked down on them and have basically contempt for them and they look at Donald Trump as somebody that can quite there and stand up and dish it right back now. You can say that's right or that's wrong, but there is a genuine. I mean I've been to some of these tromp rallies and talk to people and asked what what is this, and this is one of the things that they really appreciate. They think he is standing up for them and they feel I've just had it so That's what I see she said one stupid thing and then justifies pussy grabbing at it. I don't know
I've been but again, your answer was: she did one bad thing: now. Let me forget: ok, I'm not communicating one of what I'm trying to say is they feel this has begun. On four years she gave she gave a literal chapter and verse to it, but this has been going on. Years and years and years with with people in the media and politics of both parties, Might I bet, but again, your answer is all the bad stuff about terms we let go, because we needed is another two, because we need what is championed exceeded The other side is so bad the feeling that report. Let me ask you this about Republic in general, I think you think that liberal are so dangerous that most anything justifies keeping them out of office and that, include the massive amount of lying that I hear from your side
and the justification is that through a mile is not the real truth. You think they're they're feckless and there and there and their fuzzy headed. And they will sell this country out not to be on a time bill. I thought I was gonna, be illiberal. My heroes were J F K, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and then I began to see this in college and I went on a protest overcast state to Vietnam. Washington and I began a sense. This is have you no contempt for my parents. Generation that so called greatest generation, and I really think That is more than that. We Clint remarked that I just cited to you did is not just that she said, but the response you hear from the audience they cheer because they all That's the kind of thing that I think is really seriously wrong and you think that it's all because she said basket deplorable, sits now. I think you do know, don't forget that my pants was using private server
basically doing. I would have no plans to hide intervention by the actually to delete story in USA. Today is my pensions using a private server discussing intelligence matters, homeland security matters, private matter, I'm using private server to discuss public man is pretty much the same thing. They said lock her up using using that under the surveillance of the or the following, the rules of the Indiana State government right. But This seems to me like the way. You guys can turn on a dime about what you hated like three months ago, like using a telegram apparently that's ok, now that the president is white.
There was something about how Obama was always using teleprompter monsieur when, but when this one I stick to it for an hour now, he's he's king mature. They used to go after Ronald Reagan, all the time for using a teleprompter I'll, be ok, I mean we're ok, but but you to be the free trade people, not always you know it right. Eighteen ninety We Mckinley Calico Abraham Lincoln. You turned on a dime and so many of the issues to be the budget responsibility people and he just proposed a budget where no entitlement cuts defence build up infrastructure. Spending of a trillion dollars and massive tax cuts provoke the rich people and the middle class people. What happened to the budget responsible? Well, I think you do have to know
First of all, I am I'm just asking her and really a bright principles. It seems like these my principal lighter, I don't think they meaning and the living in common. The trump has with the old Republican, seems to me tax cuts for the richly that you pretend to hate tax cuts for the American Middle Class and the rich can give, but but but bill I mean This is where we get into the difference here of class warfare. I dont believe in class warfare. Well, it is, class warfare and you Verde one The reform may ask about Russian because that's the big story on everyone's lips. I'm sure you would say nothing to see here cause that's the republican mine, but then why all the lying? Why, the national security adviser lie. Why did we just catch Jeff sessions and I don't think it did catch?
systems in LA well. He said he had no meetings with the Russians and it turned out to get what I did he refused to grant. I mean I've read today again the question specific questions asked by Senator L, Franklin and Senator Patrick Lady and it was reference to a CNN story- is a matter of fact that was the reference and he was too about the CNN story. He was not talking about. Had he ever Russians period. He wasn't even ask that question. He just violent. I never met with the Russians, and then he met with the Russians twice. What do you think? You know you because he lied and he got caught now. No bill bill, he's a senior United States, senators, senators of both parties and Congress meet with Russians and other diplomats. All the time the Obama State Department sent the russian ambassador in these other folks to Cleveland. The Republic of National convention. The guy is there in Cleveland, at the behest of the Obama State Department. Ok,
That has nothing to do with it, but why does he wouldn't Ben there? Anyone, but everybody seemed to have met with this guy. I lost just asking Nancy Pelosi has met. Yes, she said she never met with this guy, and now we have a picture of it. Have an investigation Herc, as I'm sure that effect, but but the Russians didn't hack, fancy policies election feel they hacked our election. All of our intelligence agency said for One side to win your side. Are you telling me that is it? worked out the other way and they were only hacking, the Republicans to get Hilary elected you'd, let its idle. I'm saying Europeans. Are that way? You'd like that's. Why would I would be absolutely in favour of an investigation and probably in favour one anyway? Probably, but but-
would absolutely be in favour. If, if anybody could show me that the Russians given to any voting machine anywhere in America and that nobody about how you happened on action bill, no, no that's one way. You can act in a lecture. No one is tat unless you can manipulate the boats in machine. Well, I'm gonna be like the votes. Otherwise, let's not play games here. Mister Lord, I, like you- and I heard your a very nice guy, but don't bullshit me you can affect an election and one is to hack the emails of Europe of one side, one side and release those is a slow drip. Drip drip, that's exactly what have designated for it, I'm for absolutely, but let's, let's get it Ok, let's I mean they packed. The White House doesn't hacked every agency you'd gotten? No, it could clear so much what if Donald would release, is tax. Return is tackled, as every other president has done in my lifetime. It it's
is like a slap in the face to the american people and also, it seems like he's hiding something I understand the girl could be barely candid, as I have said many times on CNN. I totally disagree with this. I don't think he should ever releases tax returns, weep president of the United States from George Wash Washington all the way through Lyndon Johnson never released a single tax return was Bracken Roosevelt a bad precedent because he didn't releases tax return. I don't think so. I just think that at this stage irrelevant it is nickel gotta show not irrelevant, and you know it's not irrelevant. Be honest with me, sir. Just be honest, ill me I'll, be your best bill early irrelevant sign you all the best friends I can get. However, I did respectfully. I have to say to you that this becomes a political gotcha game. I mean it releasing their say when you did this this we need to get. Country moving again right will not
if the country is being led by someone that was put there by a foreign power. Now. Can I firmly within I that you? But this is the assessment of the intelligence agencies. You have no respect all another that this assessment of the intelligent waited intelligence. Agencies are basically saying that the russian government hack, the Dnc, Rand and and capacity in all kinds of purpose of electing one of the two. We don't know that that's what data we don't know. That's what they said that but the intelligence agency set built than they should put out their report, and we should investigate this. I am all for that. Her I mean Ask one last question: Vladimir Putin trumpet along had a twelve percent approval. Writing among Republicans now, what's thirty, two unless we get a big article this week, that said he's poisoned over thirty people and you know, might say two or three
What do you know it's kind of like you know, Bill Cosby users allies are you go two or three could be possible, but not over thirty, do you like it. Olenin Franklin Roosevelt though you know, No? We were finally does not seize that about a year, not doing well. I believe, if I want to know if I didn't get learner, so of course asking gets this thirty two percent approval rating, the Donald Trump? has given to Vladimir Putin. Good thing bed it's historian. Waiters today that the Roma they call it his salary. I dont think that there ever was a romance. I honestly don't. I think that this is again a living off the nice things about him. He's an ear bill bill are rightly said, he's a killer and I think it is a killer ducks Mcdonald troops that we got killers Deville pill. Did you not read the church report
central intelligence agency. Doing all these things that the Eu S Senate, one by Democrats in the day said, was bad behaviour on the part of the american government going after Fidel Castro trying to put poison in his.
In all this work. We have done something I agree, but meeting does more speakers the next liberal right? Ok, I right. Thank you Jeffrey. I wish we had more time. I can. I ask you to raise the come here with a very high priority. Is those dumb? Why unwise these radio talk show indivisible another route chief of right was cons and uncontrolled Sykes, where those hates early I haven't, got a fake apartment and leisure lose. No book has, however, thing became more and the military became everything very timely. Rosa Brooks, hey Rosa she's, the host an endless NBC weekend morning show em, joy and other of we are the change. We think the speeches of Burke Burma Joy raid after the show on Youtube. Ok, we're gonna get back into Russia later. I hope, but I just want as this question first and the panel, it seems to be that the russian thing
not going to go away and for Donald. The way out of this is war, because I saw him this week. Playing military dress up he was is out there on the aircraft, carriers seem to love, and I don't think you know I don't think he'd ever been on an aircraft, and while this is where you get land planning it, he said we have to win. He's too. This is, it is first we have to win. We have to start winning wars again. Well, so, I would say about not being in wars It was once more, you know what then, all the since become yet another traders as an or at work, our boys or in the field, is anyone else worried that reaching for a war? I am
furthermore, it when I saw him on that area. I didn't wonder if he was rethinking those four five deferments that maybe he could have helped us win. Had he decided to accept countries call back to him. He had not for your kid points worth its healed up recklessly the day. The helicopter left. The excellent point, I think, to your point: you have a guy who a lot of his supporters know you're talking to different order. That's what attracts people to drum one or two things you'll hear often from Trump supporters is we'll Hilary would have gotten us into World WAR three, so we had to vote for him because he's device. Bring us he's by being friends with Russia and now he's running a massive military, build up he's playing loss playing as a pretended sort of a soldier, and he he seems to be spoiling for some kind of they put IRAN on notice before my Flynn got pushed out and you do wonder whether or not to years of word depleted. I must say avail the things that bug me in american politics about America and its military as military,
The pleaded I mean you wrote the book on this, but just the basic facts. We spend more than the next seven biggest spending countries combined that's right. That's about do any change the little from year to year, but that's about right. I mean we say: over six hundred billion, that just the defence department. That's not the Noakes right, that's with worsening, but the wars on the books. Right Homeland Security. What a month, probably a trillion bucks to keep monsters away right voting. Fair to say that we don't we spend money on the right things I mean the Pentagon simultaneously has plenty of waste, but it also has areas where we ve been under investing.
Throwing money at that's not going to solve the problem. You gotta figure out where to cut and where to invest and I'd I'd leave cyber region yeah well- and I do worry that the Trump seems fixated just on size. As we know, we once things that are you and you know it once more steps are bigger army it and that's not necessarily the way to go to war were fighting ITALY where I see it like people in this country confused defence spending with defence contractors, which is a welfare pro. While also which is so and which is social. Is it not socialism when we keep these broke when we keep making tanks just because it gives the level but also at home? I am willing to take John Mccain word on this, then than Donald Trump dismembered down. Vietnam was not getting the clap
This is what he knows about winning a war right. That was my party but but you're cool. Your question about whether you're nervous about Donald Trump and municipally comes to the heart of man. I mean I'm, I'm a contravened the token conservative here you know, but during the primary I thought, here's a guy is a serial liar he's a con man who makes fun of the disabled and win women easily is a bully's, a narcissist, a man with no fixed principal who you know quite quite quite as the is the emotional majority of a nine year old, and so I don't want to give him. I do want to get him to do. I don't want to hurt you. The IRA, Wanna put him into the FBI and the fact that now he's talking about you know which wars we're going to win. I think auto alarm people across the political spectrum and end the other issue. Is that dumb front because he has no fixed ideology. He is surrounded by people with a very fixed ideology for people like stiff and leave intimate Sebastian Gorka and this on crew from bright Bart believed, already in an existential war with all of Islam, and that we have to now go and take the fight
to them and when they sort of they called this north south global conflict, they actually want a massive global war against every Muslim on the planet of general matters is the voice of reason and this administration man. Yes, we'll think about that, but a guy he's going to be the most rational, calm voice in the administrator general matters has been the one who has made the point many times in his career, that if we don't fund the civilian arms of the EU s foreign policy apparatus, the State Department, USA idea trumpets cutting last man. You need to buy more ammunition. I think something that was suggestion not warrant. What did you think of pudding war widow. A gallery at the speech on Tuesday night I mean if people missed it, This was moving to a lot of people in America and I certainly feel One if you didn't know who she was. She is the widow of Navy Seal Ryan Owen now about a week was. It
kinda the Trump administration they conducted arrayed in Yemen and a Navy it was killed. His woman's husband You know I made fun of the media, in the monologue and I'm gonna do it more now, fucking hate the way they fell hard for this widow in the gallery trick Van Jones. He became president of the United States in that moment period Here's a Katy terrier, I like her, but she said what the press When did with Owens what I was capital p presidential. It was the single most extraordinary moment. I've seen from Trump action was the worst moment and that saying a lot for Mcdonald traffic is first I mean he gets this guy killed ordering arrayed over dinner between them trade between the EP. Guys when the Andrea right. It was a dinner that he decides.
To this end, we heard it was because Obama wouldn't so he was like a bomb as a pussy. I'm going do it again The father in law, the the soldiers Father he came and said why this time did we have to have this stupid mission? Would doesn't even barely a week into this administration. Why All of a sudden. We had to make this grand display that sounds write to me So to do this, I gotta make a confession, because when I was watching net in the moment I was moved by because she was real mobile I will break. I was moving ass. She was real and I woke up the next morning. Thinking, ok, you know this.
This was a great moment, but then realizing the incredible cynicism exactly and I thank you- and I do think that there is the most aid a bare pundits syndrome going on here, where we're we're we're. All opponents are like a hazel they're getting didn't come in our abusive, daddy, didn't combed rocket having a desperate sort of thirst for normal that anything. He has any speak slowly. They say. Oh, my god, he's writing so measures, and I think there is this sort of desperation, but the thing that made it for me so cynical even in the motor quite frankly, is that less than twenty four hours or that the commander in chief of the United States had blamed his generals said they lost this, this Navy seal,
if he didn't take responsible, didn't stop working out exactly I never in the history that I can treat had a commander in chief blamed, the generals foot. How cynical was that emit or use the appliances was fortuitous. His worthy applause makes him this. When I was asked about Frank ever Jeffrey Lord another, so maybe he wasn't referring to day the murky ok, but this is undeniable when it s about that, the first thing out of his mouth was: will this was a mission that were started before I got? In other words, right away, I don't take any response, aim of embryos which are injured and be surprised. How and it's a real. I think betrayal of all the men and women out their putting their lives on the line. I bear one commander in chief who takes responsibility and that's what they deserve, but but you know, I think, the american public as chair of the little bit of the blame with the Pandit right. There's, there's nothing wrong.
With the widow of Navy Seo, killed in action going to that speech and so forth, but It's on us to tell the difference between what's tragic and what makes somebody and expert out I'm. You know. I think we all know from bitter experience that when something crappy and tragic happens to you, become an expert on having something crappy and tragic happen to you, but you don't magically become a foreign policy or national security or military policy experts, and we need to be able to be number that turns it into a reality. Tv show by basing you to set a record for Applaud, also re, really how pretty or hidden lasts, for that very similar republic would have said. Ethel bomber had done that after been gazing right and had Chris Stephen family are in the gallery, and not only that. Where are the investigations? Where is Jason, CHE Fats and all of the other Republicans who are saying they were going to continue to attempt to impede children couldn't had she want Overborne godly they treated.
The Secretary of State, as the person who is responsible for a surprise, attack on our compound in Libya, but there is no desire to investigate a mission that the Obama team had said this isn't ready to go to comes in and over dinner with Jared Cushion or decides? We think it is. The government would their expertise to do that and when he executed, I cannot stress enough. He has come in. Chief through responsibility on His generals is that while there very respected they wanted to do it, it's something they wanted to do and they lost him that the most cynical thing. I've ever heard, a great, so tromp was asked how we would rate his presidency. So far, it's only been a month, we. Finally, turning in in terms of achievement, myself and a because I think I've done great things in a month. I he's done great things. At a month. They passed two laws, both one too. We can
oil company could take bribes and companies can Chauvelin s great things, but one thing he hasn't done so great, it's kind of undeniable, the tourist industry, maybe just a minus, because there's something called the Trump slump visitors scared away from America Data for good reason, so you know tell of America. I thought we should try to get Torres. Do so
We came up with some tourism pulled that I appreciate that America is still a great America by a one way. Ticket world report you home for very, not actually the violent, improper shithole. Our president has done robotic. I will make you feel thin, convert the bombs day because you got shot by right of America now under new management Amerika. What people just need a break from Zion America Earths Florida America were pork and means not only gets its own shelve gets its own America Doc,
Dick come to Amerika, because, let's face it, your country's luxmore residents, cabin, is only on our showed an environmentalist get ahead for, like a rock star, we have a president who thinks that global warming is a chinese hoax. How do the EPA is, God, poet and today, Rick Perry became secretary of energy? Please don't tell me what the what is the silver lining, the worst Cardinal s last hour they announced today
we're getting me funding for the climate satellites that we have been giving us what news we have financed satellites if it doesn't. If you can't see it, then it can't hurt you work, for I want to ask them. I know you don't believe in global warming, what about germs and Adam, because you can't see them There's a lot of that going around earlier this afternoon. The EPA under Mister Preuss announcer there were the budget cuts leaked out, Not only are they gonna cut by ninety seven percent, the amount of money, their spending to try and improve water quality in the great lakes which find had begun to improve same thing. It Shan Francisco Bay pure. The town, Chesapeake Bay, good thing that no one lives in any these place. They also said
the amount of money that they're going to spend going to drastically cut the amount of money to spend on what's called water quality compliance, the kind of things that helped you know that helped alerted to things like Flint Watercress Is there of course, since their zeroing out the environmental Justice Programme, an EPA? Probably that won't be a big worry anymore. They all cutting by eighty eight percent, the environmental education funding that they give, because why would you despair? They want. A lasting us about silver lining decision lies with how we handle nature. Ok, Europe's roads The silver lining, of course, is that people are fighting back. Yes,
maybe you can really tough. The woman's March was great in Washington. The pictures, the blue my mind were away Three quarters quarters three quarters of annoying danger. We nose out of their cars in working. I mean that's literally unheard of right, but the same, things can be happening not avoiding arraigned but April April. Twenty second there's the scientist March, and it leads to a full twenty nine April. Twenty ninth is huge climate march on DC. Really you arrive at the yes and more on the subject of what the what we're doing we got it. We got to make sure that our politicians on the left,
do a much better job of making the case, because I think when people in America here EPA they only get to bed side, they only think to drag cycles that it's gotta not on their radar. What it does you know same thing with the Keystone pipeline, he's gonna cost jobs. You know, my job to do a great job, the political side, democratic pilot, I guess you're getting why the EPA either going alone, has its price dear as time goes on hopes today. The pipeline news today was that the president said that he was going an exception to his rule that you're supposed to use american steel in pipelines further Keystone pipeline I'll, let you guess what country is manufacturing. Forty percent of the steel further Keystone pipeline, not Russia. In fact, the guy The steel oligarchy in Russia, whose mills its being made in gave a
five million dollar yacht to Vladimir Putin mean ridiculous thing to say, but it's it's look. We're getting the point words hard to kind of miss. What's Goin on Scott prove it from Oklahoma, mean approach. Case that their nation are well. The state governments will take care of these things if the EPA doesn't look at what happened in Oklahoma. As long as this has been around Oklahoma was so this meekly input as stable as it was possible to do a NATO's yeah. Yes, earthquakes! No, not, and I will now it shakes a lot more than California. It's the most seismic highly active place on the continent, because we ve done nothing but frank it for the last ten years in force. This water back underground into wells on the faults and what about and Scott prove it used to be the guy. There was a noble
priority was? It was an attorney general turning Jody basically was the mouthpiece for the royal industry in these sad scientists continued to disagree about global here's, where Let me quote the Interior Secretary, Ryan's Inky on costs blow me change. He said the evident strongly suggest humans have had an influence. However, the evidence is equally strong that there are other factors such as rising ocean temperatures. What are they Do you think the temperature rise, its ministers agreed its overseas? All this work, which the perfect example heat he unity Shoe the EPA fourteen times the agency. He know He wrote a letter to the EPA one of the ones that came out here thirdly, Pierre attacking them
for measuring methane emissions out a fraction. Whilst will it turned out, he didn't mean write the letter, the local energy, company wrote it send it to him, he stuck it on his letter head and sent it off to the EPA today, the EPA Bp announced that they were no longer going to measure method. Emissions out of tracking was companies didn't have to collect this information, which is particularly ironic because last year, at this time, the oil industry was arguing that the EPA shouldn't regulate. In emissions, why not? Because there wasn't enough data yet to figure out where there was a bad idea or not, that the level of of just complete corruption from the fossil fuel industry that marks this administration.
It's like nothing, we ve ever seen so surely he didn't trumped did not mention the environment in another. Anybody was surprised about that in this speech, but you know any republic impression, probably what not have a new did kind of a mere culprit in the open pages recently- and you said, you know right wing radio, would you ve been a part of it has somewhat responsible for dumbing down the Republican Bates in this country. Are you thinking about on this issue too well, and not just on this issue and its not just dumbing down it's the creation of an alternative reality silo I mean we ve gone beyond echo chambers to actually know being. Two nations that have their own facts, their own arguments and they don't penetrate with one another, some of the things we ve created here. So you know the depression. Doesn't need to worry about half of the country because of quite frankly, the conservative media is
push their narrative, their agenda and you're, not gonna, be able to penetrate and is not just that- and this is not just your right verses. Let this is common attack on the whole concept of true exact. It is an attack on the concept of credit to the stairs knowable. The problem with that above all the other problems with it- is that in the end, these are not. Some of these are not in the end political questions like in the physics doesn't care yeah what you're, how you have to breathe what an never understand about conservative- that's right in the word conserve you were actually use. Is kind of tragic right, you know we the route, theirs ought to be said for the idea of conservatism, of not changing more
Clayton societies can cope with that kind of thing, there's assent, but that one in Japan and I mean twenty fourteen- was the hut- here we ve ever measured on this planet until twenty fifteen smash that until twenty sixteen smash that we're changing so fast that we ve human none, not just America's not ever seen anything like this. We haven't change like this. Since the beginning of primate evolution. I mean we're in a completely different thing: now when you have a president who says things like nobody knew health care. Could please what do you think he thinks about this kind of high? I like this is a problem that happened with the republican base. Is they hear these snippets and they think? Well,
repeal and replies. You know, I think it's a race. The state lives there. Don't you know and Trump sign something and then holds it up like approach is right girl. You know this is the simplest solution and tie you know it's it. I think it's more than that, though, and I think it goes back to what Charley was saying about sort of an attack on truth and the whole idea that there can be true that when we talk about russian information warfare against the United States during the election, but if you think of that, in some sense- the right wing media ecosystem as a form of information warfare, again, the sort of mainstream communications network. It's it's a classic, that's what you do
after the enemies, communications right we wanted. You wanted to fear, there's nothing but there's no. If we involve making use. I realise that does not mean that there are two silos out there s not the same kind of misleading is not something I actually think it's brilliant. I think, as I as an insurgency tactic is absolutely brilliant and it's been devastatingly effect, but you also have four among a lot of people to give some responsibility to the american people. You have the strange sort of sense that a business man can do any for many many decades? If had people say we just need to run the government like I'm going to go right, will now we ve got all businessmen running the governor and they are also in control of states like Nevada, that are what eighty percent federal land if they decide to turn that over to their friends in the oral industry to this russian oligarch. Who would like to frank in the ground canyon, or there
a turn Yellowstone over because they think that sulphur must be well you you never know, there's nothing to stop them, and in one thing you can do to save yourself. This take back some of these states or that if Democrats controlled Michigan, they wouldn't let Flint happen. I approve the good practice. Might stop them is Russia know we're off next week we have a week or so we're not until March, seventeenth tell me where this Russia story is in two weeks, because this Sir J kiss my
like the whereas Waldo. Why should it be? It seems like the first thing you do when you take a job with the administration of the russian ambassador. I forget that you ve ever exist. I know it is on this completely forgotten this. Those Russians are not at all memorable, it turns our, but where is this into? We will even more interesting. Is the majority of the people now who would seem to have been involved, pre campaign from July through September in these conversations with Russians, with the exception of Jeff sessions, are out of government. Now, they're out of the loop Flint out Manifold, left the campaign there all out their outside of the scope of present privilege of a White House privilege and the guy who was supposed to be able to protect them in theory, is Jeff Sessions whose, neutralised, I think, you're getting too point now where Republicans can avoid? We don't have a special prosecutor law anymore than white near the special council, but I think you're gonna have to have Republicans capitulated. The idea
I've. Investigation by we follow them is still not just in and they would be smart for them because otherwise mean how many bullets are they gonna take back at a certain point. We create special prosecutor, go kids, not our problem. Let's talk about something as it does. It does Donald Trump. Does anyone yes, the moral fibre now Obviously he say so many nice things about poor used to go to Russia all the time he had his pageant there. He had always money there, then the only one to lend money. There's the p tape. I mean that so many reasons to think that they have something new and we're alive. I fell over a line, which is that you can't blackmail someone who has no shame
You know, and I got out. I've gotta believe that Lattimer Putin, if he invested in from selection, is gonna, be experiencing some sense of buyers. Remorseful, like our guy very easy. The damage is done, knows a trumpet the oars and on a number of the book it doesn't make. Any sense is, of course, what we know. Why will these people talking to the Russians number two? Why did they feel the need to lie about talking dried Russians? If there's nothing wrong in number three years, the dog that didn't bar has any of the trunk people said. Yes, I talked to the Russians and I told them stop. King, our electors, neuron sign for their all the self righteous conservatives who were fake, outraged outraged by President Obama, disrespecting the oval office and all the liberals who are currently fake, outraged that Kelly an
doing this was get together, admit that most nights they look like this. Girls that saying Resident Europe needs to get a dog ass. These the first president in a hundred years or doesn't have a loyal dog at his side except Betty. Does his name is Sean Sean slobbering glad a bed is always drawn. Is nuclear nods? Would commodity start jog? Your old price? Waterhouse must make up for its ask your flood by leaking drums. Taxes forget moonlight. What we need is sunlight,
neural, if you insist on making your kid go out in public. Looking like this, you can't be surprised eight years later, when you find him on the internet. Looking like this neural. The woman born with no arms who just set the Guinness World record for lighting candles with their feet. And the man who, just at the Guinness World record for hammering nails with his head? I have to go on a date. Just to hear her say, get it through your thick skull. I can't give you a hand. Job they'll get over it and finally, new rule. If the new normal is a president who has and about sexual assault and
in our naked teenage beauty pageant contestants, a new US ok, lustily about his own daughter and one set of a fifth greater, I'm going to date her in ten years time We again why some unlike Elliot Spitzer is so terrible, Elliot Switzer, you may call had to go away after a hooker scandal, because when a hooker blows a politician, it puts a lobbyist out of work, but this double standard has got to stop all the Democrats, horn dogs have to go, live on a farm, but the rope look? Can hound is allowed up on the furniture in the oval office? so spirits are wanted a blast and not so why. He also wanted a bus bankers and insider traders and did it
If he were a republican today, what he did could totally be spun dating. All girls, please, it was providing struggling millennials with a living wage, wasn't cheating. He was having alternatives. Republicans are so much more practical about this. They think trumps flaws come with the territory when you hire an alpha. Male trump does things which are poor people but they also admire the balls of it even after pussy gate. His till it was still defiant yeah. I say a lot of people by grabbing Europe. Was these? What about it?
dawn truck. That's a nice firms, naturally, guy I mean compared to that Spencer is a choir boy and reappeared Ray Militating him would send the message. The Democrats are serious about what is important and about winning and actually a guy was big crime is that he got a hooker does even send that message enough, which is why we need this guy, Anthony yes, another Jew who likes to poor you wanna. Where do you want to go home? John challenge? We need balls and I'm sorry that the good ones are usually a little too full account
We need were wide mouthed kick ass, New Yorker who's up all night on social media, at least when winner is playing with his Verona three, a m he's looking for love, throughout this starting a twitter war with the lands in cattle. Let's not forget that wiener fought like a pit bull for liberal causes and could have been the voice of the party of not for a mistake. He made one time, ok too, three, what should he do
all right all right. A jolly good at that same primeval forest is why he was such a bad ass congressmen. We don't have the luxury any more to mess around with milk toes democratic politicians who don't move people tin cans It is a nice guy. What he's the kind of boring beta male? That's made. The Democrats that's the designated driver party ridiculous. Its trump is, he does come off. As an alpha. That's why you pay
his face. The cholera babblings chose dominance. So if Trump tromp is indeed the new normal. If it's now perfectly fine for the America president to be built caused me with a super back. Then Democrats have go all out to, and that means spits, and that means Wiener and by the way, next time he runs the more Anthony Wiener Carlos danger, Carlos Danger, Latino Jew.
And rested and fully erect at all times and restoring wiener. I mean the danger that would send the message, although wait, although maybe they're, still someone even worse, And by worse I mean better John Edwards try John Eyes. Yes, I know left a sick wife to have an affair with Peter Frampton, and that was wrong. That was wrong, but Edwards also is the one who made health care the issue it became for the Democrats in two thousand and eight. So, yes, what he did horrible, but the heart wants what it wants and what the heart wanted. Apparently,
was Peter Frampton. I said I still don't get that and yes, the whole thing was disgusting, but so is Lee humiliating. You are first wife, the mother of your. Children, while you romance your future second wife in public, but again trumped supporters just make a different kind elation they say. No. I don't cheating and pussy grabbing, but hey this ain't, a friendly fight. This is a battle for the soul of the country and in it and since it is, Democrats should be allowed to put our alpha verbs back on the board, especially since the Democratic Party has a proud tradition of excellent Horny residents F, p. R J F K, L, B, J and, of course,
how bout a bigger and more may sound. I believe that in a second Miami group is good for business now, given that at the Filmore Augurs eggs. I want to thank dryly, Sykes Rosa, Brooks Joy, re, don't look at me. I want to make a move from each other and each bio dot, com.
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