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Ep. #418: Sheldon Whitehouse, Jake Tapper

2017-03-18 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Sheldon Whitehouse, Jake Tapper, Barney Frank, and Andrew Sullivan. (Originally aired 3/17/17)

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO real time, to start
I beg you back. There is a backward step. Thank you very much did. Did you already drink yourselves, so someone necessary now that we have a president who makes you want a bugle, the dawn, the White House, liberated, say Brandreth day by
flashing, green energy? Everything else, that's good in the budget due to see the budget. Oh yes, it takes all them. They put out their new budget. The trumpet takes away all the money from
scientists and teachers in human rights workers of meals on wheels and muppets and gives it to the people are really needed. The defence contracted, if only there, was a way to get the F thirty five to round call. It would be a perfect but we're gonna put the coal mine is back to work. That's what that's! What goes around the country saying everyday gonna put the goal, but that's what passes for good news in this administration you're going back down and that toxic hall and as their lowering the men at and then we're going to take away your health care. This week we finally found out what scrub care is in other
all campaign. He was something terrific it's good to replace it with something terrifically would there's somebody quoted him saying it's gonna everyone's gonna be covered, everybody is going to cost you a fresh, a fraction, a fraction of what the old but and better coverage. While that is quite a deal, everybody fraction better coverage, people are gonna, wanna get sick. This plan is so good. You're gonna wish you had a tumor just so you can go to the hospital under my plan. Now we see what the play surprise. Twenty four million people lose health coverage and the rich get a giant giant tax cut. This is the new play we're living in America. Meals on wheels. The new budget director said not showing any results. You mean other than not killing
cripples and veterans and older people old people Thirty two hundred jobs at the EPA are going to be cut under this new budget Member during the campaign. Trumpets always say: what do you have to lose this stuff life is, we know. The budget director also said about the new budget that the after school meals programme gone You know I have always said that you want Republicans to care about kid you're going to just have to Jim them back in the uterus, climate change research, the free errors. They said. Well, you know, climate change needs more study now zero. They made
point: zero dollars, zero sense in research for climate change, the greatest challenge of our time, and there are like nothing now. This is like if your car was breaking. And your solution was put black tape over the czech engine. Like cutting PBS out, I mean most people look at Sesame Street and lazy or show that educate children. Trump sees a show where a landlord is being forced to rent a black beard, and that's not just the policy part of our national nightmare that we are living through every week, in others to parts of this policy and then personality personality because hours after our last show a couple of weeks.
President crazy, PAN started tweeting about how about tapped his phone at tromp tower Based on nothing, nothing, the great thing about having tiny hands? It's easier pull stuff right out of Europe as an even though Obama himself has said. This is bullshit. The wire typing and our former national intelligence directors said that the FBI directors said that speaker of the house said that the chairman of the House Senate Intelligence Committee, and the Senate from both sides of the Isle said this trumpet all these doubters today is that well I saw someone say it on Fox NEWS really that, I saw someone say it on Fox knows what what still happen before
republic. What happened republican patriots before you act? Does the president have to get naked role around on the White House lawn start eating the grass and going green room? I'm a lawnmower. I'm gonna have a heart attack more than an end. Trump said this today in front of Angela Merkel. Did you see that she had a look on her face like how I long for the days when I got creepy shoulder rubs from George W, and then there was a great meaning upon the Merkel. He obviously hates her of course, these are good at hiding this stuff. They were sitting there and the people are shouting. Does she want to shake hands like every president has ever done in every Photoshop
fuck, her no one and then after the meeting you know be tweeted, lousy meeting with german chancellor boarding rubble,
low energy on its rack. They didn't even want to make me papa. Tiktok, don't start groaning uncle fucking nuts on your right. Hardly edge here, do not push me was to be on the same driving such as meat driving us all. Crazy rightly saw me if this is the craziest administration ever they think the microwave ovens is building them. What during practical produce, they don't seem to realise their being broadcast on tv, and I saw it on foxes.
Why the president's own admission, all the does all day is watch cable news, which is nothing but commercials for is all lost, packs all selects a bill of five Don pick. One body is taking a fear tat, whereas gotta be greater second term, the United States, Senator Vermont Island and the author of captured the corporate infiltration of american democracy, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse pleasure to meet you. Ok, I've been following you for a long time and you are the greatest champion. I think, in the Senate, for Doing something about climate change and when I saw last week that are new EPA director said carbon has nothing you do.
With global warming. I mean this is not a place. We were even with George W Bush and they were and helpful on the subject I mean I wanted to start crying like the old indian member in the air What good? What? What? What do we do about people who just want, except the science we gotta get people organised you know what you get out of the control once you get out of the machinery that has been built by the for fuel industry to propagate this climate denial, nonsense, young people Republicans under thirty five things that climate than I was ignorant or crazy by majority, you ve got all sorts Some older plumbing out now like games, James Baker, workshops and pulse right, Treasury, secretaries or together, saying got to do something about it. The parties gonna get left behind if we don't and we have a solution, which is a carbon tax, write price
Let me ask about Obamacare that was also bigger than the news this week as its I guess. In their view, really going away. Pump, always says it's imploding, he always says it's a disaster. I see a lot of push back on that, but but he sent me A disaster I mean there's some problems but give us today my graphic version of it because I don't think we hear it enough C. Just said ten years out. If you repeat, Obamacare, you you'll have taken insurance away from twenty four million people. So it's not but of ve implosion. Ten years out, it's going be covering twenty four million people less if you're, if they dont repeal it right, but I was not like it's gonna be goin away in ten years. In ten years, according to Scipio, twenty four million Americans will be getting coverage under Obama KIT, it that's what sticking with and
improved rates are going up for some people, but it is a small percentage. The way he talks went down, wait island, it's just and it seems to be accepted by so many people in the media that its disaster. I wonder: what would where we would be if the Democrats had defended it better I still don't think they're defending it properly shortly. I know they didn't do it. You don't just cigarette. I dont disagree with it's complicated to show how the people is helping to just yell repeal Mama care to a crowded, hates Obama already is a model we're task, and now it's Interesting to watch the Republicans try to switch from the shout repeal Obama care to a group that, but he hates Obama and We get into governing and trying to design something, and over on right on our side you got a lot of republican senators, looking around a going, what you want me,
set foot in math thing you design, right yeah, I mean they could the car like a dog of how they don't know what to do with it and it. More popular than ever. And also we found out that a lot of people who are typical from voters will be losing their coverage, so it went people are finding out that the coverage they have is Obamacare right. I didn't know that I didn't know that. No I mean who is the Democrat going to expose this com, I mean he is a con man. I was just quoting there and the man like some of the things he used to say about. What's going to happen with your help, it's straight out of a con man textbook way lower, prices, everyone's gonna be covered better, it's insane! It is to the Democratic Party to say this is a hoax:
this is a used car salesman, a Carney Barker. Don't you get it? I dont? Who is that person who is going to step forward and do that you? I think they say every senator, looks at an error and sees a president. Not may not you. I do not want that now. I do think we all have to do it. And I think that there are people out there who are going to be incredibly disappointed. You know, there's a part Tell us Democrat would say: let em repeal it. Let the suffering wave go out across the country right and then get be a wave bagger says: what did you? Do you liar right but what we actually care that people will die the adobe suffering of it good great flowing as democratic care that people will, we have to hold that, and we have, I think, continue to make the case that what this guy says open, ovary, unjust, isn't true and it's important. Just because of the individual lie, but there
four times in history when the war, has to believe the present United States right and if this guy That's wandered all of its credibility that bus s book is about corporate money, we're polonium, power and influence throughout our pride that some people would say. Well, look Donald Trump didn't spend nearly as much as Hillary Clinton and he won. He can prove that their it's not that important. What do you say to that? Well, unless you count a billion dollars in free publicity that Fox NEWS gave that's different had to report that it would look a lot more like ok, but doesn't more you're talkin, but even if you don't mind money in the US and United ruling of the Supreme Court, even if he was the exception to the rule, he still into a political field where the agenda had been determined by in politics. There is a reason that in two thousand,
and nine Donald Trump said that climate change would be category I and irreversible, and that the science with irrefutable and that in two thousand sixteen he said it's a chinese hoax when he came to the table to look around at what the Republican Party looked like. He realized climate change was totally off the table. You could not talk about that any longer. My first three years in the Senate, there were six republican senators who were working on different climate change bills,. Along comes citizens united in January two thousand ten, and from tooth doesn't ten. After there has not been a single significant Republican, sponsored bill on carbon dioxide zero. The car Yo flat line that's but The fossil fuel industry knew it was coming asked for it expected. It went right to work and it's not just the spending bill. It's also the threat right. If I'm allowed
to punch you in the nose with a million dollar span, I'm allowed to threaten to punch you in the nose. And the threats are gonna be everywhere, even where the money isn't and that's part of the effect of citizens. So pernicious right. Well, I hope you can.
What you're doing here from a state with one million people, one many people how a forty eight million Sunday. I hope you will agree that we should get a lot more senators or you should get a lot less. Thank you very much for me. Aren't magazine our friend and resolving deriving from the fourth Africa messages. My favorite government burning Frank summertime, so that, after the show on Youtube, ok first well do not adjust your sets. We have two panels.
Tonight. I want to hear about this. We ve done this before and then all next week like Bill did someone not show up? No, no. This is the way I want it. Sometimes I'm just gonna have to I'm getting older, ok on a slowing down, that's not it! But can you imagine the poor third person trying to get at worded edgewise with you to pity to fool anyway, so right this too, to this. Every week policy, and personality used. The word personality loosely Let's start with adverse because they're both nightmares- and I guess my first question- is what is the proper response to insanity? I never thought I'd have to ask these questions but Donald Trump Tweet, it's like the stuff about Obama, wiretapping him out,
You know in ancient times ridding the entrails of a chicken is chicken Chicken TED entries. That's right there with their wits Bates is more, and so I say all day and television people taking this stuff. They are compelled to take stuff seriously. That is just the renting a demented men child info make up. So What is the lack response to insanity? we're. The usual response is to politely slowly edge out of the room. If you met someone like this in everyday life right, you were thing: do you think this person is clearly mentally unstable? We saying things that are rapidly untrue. Rummy me when they said things that my crowd is bigger than the other crowd, and you know you could see. We do very. I is it not true and they of course, his pride in his vanity, why is it never
apologize for anything if you accept reality, accepting something outside of Donald Trump and don't, prompt sees nothing but Donald Trump How do we react when the president is this crazy person in the park, feeding the pigeon couple ways? First of all, I will give the media credit he has forced them all is automatic he said he said those Amelia. Finally, now accepting its responsibility to say: that's article hiding from accession? I'm going to forge a lot of people to do jobs rather than I do the media and the Republicans, but with the media they are finally know this, isn't too he's making that stuff up and that's the response is not to Madame change the subject and there are people who I think we, oh when he sends out of tweet
he's, trying to divert attention from the real issues by his innocence to tell the truth, its lack of contact with reality is a very fundamental issue, and then I think it's important to keep hammering at that, but there is also a rather pernicious strategy underneath this is that, after a while, you get so used to people in authority telling you, things that are true, that you don't believe anybody in authority is the true that's. Why he's acting the veracity of the intelligence services, the Justice Department, any aspect of the judiciary, anything that's actually factual, he's trying scramble you ahead and when you ask your head is scramble just a Ok, it's not. If he were clever if the strategy. I see, I don't need to strategy. This demand is totally out of control, raise each immature he whatever he wants to search for the moment. Yes, every we're doing its strategic me, which focus on couple of those elements, but he's
I can everybody's happy when tackling the House Republic and yet there is no strategy like a credible I'd, be worried about that. But I am you have many eighty eight percent support from, Publicans in America. That's my point: that's not good enough! That gun of the and I did wonder. Wasn't in November no eighty eight percent the Republicans alone would know one November one that it was other people. We'll driving away and one example I would go on. I was now working when a spokesperson for Fox NEWS has to go on. The air was apparently did today and said no the president drunk we don't have that. I think that is a cookie is by every measure the least popular president. At this stage in its presidency really doesn't know about John Adam. He does it, but he doesn't know about five years. This is diagnosed policy, raked right, that's what that's what I'm good at it, and I think that a deal, forty percent lets me. We ve this man say things
crazy do things that are insane and steal forty percent, but you know what I thought. Maybe the policy part would be better. I mean when he was elected, a lot of the said. Well, you know he's not beholden to the republican establishment. Hickey was kind of a third, party candidate who hijack the Republican Party he had made a lot of comments about the hedge fund managers being shyster, some things you thought. Maybe this! No! It's the worst, both worlds, it straight right wing. This of care bill is really just Hence the Republicans do nothing ever but funnel money too rich, p, Is it not? A giant tax could disguised as healthcare policy or no question say: attacks God for hot of people? in all areas and energy, induction in the ability of people to get healthcare most needed to take,
Maybe I'm the people who are in the worship without question, but bad enough so again not able to fill the Republican Party he's doing, I don't know yet the username everything he can to the maybe some of the Senate. Well let s do not the service being show image an irrational. Then I think he's gonna, baby guy. Why didn't Democrats ever get honest about what Obama CARE was, which it was redistribution of wealth? I mean it. Not that hard to explain it. The average millionaire paid thirty seven thousand dollars more in tax as a year or so poor people could have health insurance. I don't know, what's so hard, you think about it for embrace that, and they don't two things first of all from Ankara from finding out now in it, but part of the responsibility with the vote. I can educate people who are not paying attention who were busy
on Facebook and playing playing music again. But beyond that, beyond that, there was just empty seamon people when they get a benefit. They assume that Why have we not find that we are all those tabled we re finding this out. There are a lot of people who will benefit from Obamacare medication, tribunes others who had no, my who gave it to him, but what Publicans realises you'll, know who took away from them and that's why they have. Trouble we're doing that, and if you go back the healthcare We started to gain popularity and I have to the preservation of whom I am generally grated. Myra people may forget, the roll out of the healthcare bill with a disease. Remember, the Republican should shut down the Congress we gaming on them from that, and then why he was not oversee better and if you look at that
it which, when they go out of the of the marketplaces when that you changed when they got screwed up. We lost a lot of credibility and efforts to defend his gun undercut, but it's too shouldn't be so hard to ok we on that. But then I'm comes along promises. Those things I mentioned and comes in and says no one knew health care we so difficult. No one knew see in his mind, he's the smartest person the world. So if he didn't know passed round, basically nobody else could possibly have known, and it seems to me that they know they kept. You noticed they kept the good ports that still live in this world this fantasy world. This I want opponent world where ok, they're. Keeping that you can stay on your plan till you're, twenty six they're keeping your lifetime cap or no lifetime cap they're keeping You re three existing there, all the good stuff and getting rid of the stuff that pills we want. This is what we think I ve been a good stuff for middle income people, but always think I'm here medicate are the ones who will get pounded
they feel they know about, and we can get away with that in some ways bill. Isn't this? Isn't this a kind of clarifying moment? Finally, they can I have to say for the first time we believe in cutting taxes. That means you guys are going to do without healthcare. They always avoided that from Reagan on which they always kind of it lighted that back now they're up against it. That's why they're having a crisis because half with Have this ideology and fighting in their own districts, which are very, very republican against primary challenges. The others realise that their mama, Voters are gonna, gonna hate this and so there's this impasse. It maybe Barney. Don't you think that this thing naturally have none at all. Oh, I think he's going to you so bad at it and so you can get them in the morality of mine bothered me but he's a stupid via a good ally. Small point up somebody: oh
either in twenty minutes, would probably be to ask why we could tell me a lie that I'm gonna know and have our do we do about this. He does he have such a hold. His charismatic does populist hole. I think another rally right. He it the feelings, that's what he awoke that simply flawed peoples before reactions and they don't know lads were a man does sell you the car. He knows it's gonna run away down when you get off the lot, tomorrow's problem to be solved with tomorrow's lie, but it's also the technique of a dictator to tear gas, a tyrant, which is this the truth,
whatever high security. What if I say it is not only that, but my people, miser, humiliate them, have to go out and lie for me. That's the test of loyalty to see shrine slice of going out there like an apparatchik in the Soviet Union. Right I mean you do microwaves is lying on us. I know very well that, additionally, I gotta venues children they do. I can digest shockingly go. I can think of is not working here, not as a small but they're going to do with public, even though you bollworm, but he's moving other people. Now I take this five in nearby desert fervour there- and I hope some of my former colleagues who were pushing the kind of establishment again noble understand how angry they made people. They made people moves the censure, no one with his talent. You ve got no one
please ability to wear it, roused these crowd floating around fifty useless candidate last time and you don't have any body. I agree that it is able to able to counting arriving Joe Biden Quota. We were out there, but you ve got a point by a frantic establishment, told you by not to run you put that you didn't point, you change the subject. I think Joe Biden would be a very effective counter if he got out in thinking about unhurried, Pennsylvania, mother who could. But here is a point. I know its not working for Trump he's doing a better job, organizing against him, then for him, and you talk about the humiliation issue, I think you're gonna be seen more up. He forces The public is to do that. You now have weapon. Earlier than I had hoped would happen, repudiating images we agree with him. You had the senior Republicans in Congress now major major, belligerent calling on alliance on the wiretap. He puts him. On where they can vote. When I think that can be helpful, let me
ask about the budget, I guess all budgets or someone dead on arrival, but they are also a statement of what you things happen in this country. We ve never seen cuts like this and they have an impact on people over guess dead. Ok, so we found a president Ben and believes that we to dismantle the administrative state member that code, which was rather shocking when we heard dismantled administrate sons, Ikey wanted anarchy, is by the way I mean he's a real reaction when you when you entered, but yes he's. He wants to destroy right to come and this is not just destroying the new deal. But they really are interested in going back to two Woodrow Wilson. Tourists any notion that the government has a broader, overly rugged, many prudent without knowing what the safety predictable. Gives more money to the Pentagon. And more money to homeland security. That's the administrative state
meals on we'll get a violent, unhomelike yeah, that's that those are the places of the admitted of straight better out of control. We don't even know what goes into the budget have the time we don't know they're doing. They don't know how knowing how they are. Even I noticed they don't even know how to spend this amount of rights and the way they been giving it in its purely symbolism. It's pure We I'm a big. Monitor also than anybody else an end we spend more than the last. The next seven countries combined on defence is insane and also our bid problem. Right now, right is growing inequality Surely every government every administration comes in conservative or liberal to say how do we rectify this? They are making it worse. They had deliberately during perverse thing in moving resources to the nor point. One percent How do you say? Would you like to know each other, and I think we should take that on? First of all, and I want to hit him
Rome shot himself self claimed competent mister, I'm a good deal mega. One of the things he said. I feel that I agree with was that other countries? doing too little and America is always spending carrying them by giving them a free ride? So what did he said to them? If you don't pay and more I'll cut back? So what does he do the analyses issued in grief, show country there well what he could he could you do this. Fifty billion. What we don't have to do anything I mean any threat that also eating main difference with the republic. Is I'm not gonna, be so aggressive inform you? What is it? What is it I need? This bore we're supposed to be more America first right, why we spending all this money and family? If you think about it, there must be some logic: I'm saying we need more any submarine warfare to defeat the islamic state.
Apparently desert, get well that's. So we ask about something you wrote about this week. Middlebury college, because I am so worried about liberalism- is one thing it so easy for us all to be united, because obviously Trump is the the villain amended its rocky three he's got Mr Data fight, I worry that liberalism is at a perilous point, and I know you write about this and you wrote about Middlebury College. We not aware what happened was tat. Was Mary has been a guest on the show. I don't agree with them. Liberals don't I think what he talks about, although these claims, could be a social scientists. He does research is thinly veiled racism, but there is a way to fight that, and that is to debate him to bring up points that you can actually
They look up in books. What you that's not what we saw at Middlebury show that this is, and this is to be any college by the way when a speaker is invited- and this is what happens yeah, that's that's! The free speech It leads to this big climates of shot down, shut it down and attitudes a more about. He attacked a car and an a female professor has had is had suffered a concussion. This is This is not This is a religion. Bill is kind of secular religion. You, you have to believe if you can, but you have to believe certain things or you are a heretic. What you saw here with the burning of a heretic, they don't,
want to hear other ideas because it will upset them will hurt their feelings. Point of a university is to make you uncomfortable. It's a show. You ideas that actually offend make your life a little more difficult, and so could figure out the answer to the eye an and every level the university any covered. People who can be identified physically prevent some of these being should be disciplined, including expulsion and they're gonna be criminal prosecution of those thugs who physically attacked them we only have to live with it. I don't think this represents the pluralism. This is a group of young people I know this is this: is this camp with acute and let me finish any similar to the millennials in general, but you don T build in shape millennials, he said, but provision. I reject that as a description of most lip was. I think both levels were unhappy without opposed to it
and critical of it without violence, a fight that liberals are having their there. There is a developed by a very small group. It agreed from younger people value I ve spent a lot of time on competition is new gig, where they pay me to go in and I have not found the problem is like you, they get you haven't they get inside of you don't have a problem on cabin, I differ with dimensions, but they I find that there is an intimidation factor. I do not think I'm on a better view. If you pull the strings, Middlebury, a majority would not have agreed that it is also the faculty bill. Lady fermenting, this star S, teaching this stuff indulge and tyrants. There is something very wrong with the pair and the way they raise their little fuckin brats. That is the I wanna get following one thing: you clearly there is outrageous and violation of civil liberties, and they want to be repudiated, but I
if you are not prepared to take the edge off well, but you know they feel so strongly. Don't you understand what they fell to formulate you do, Toby Abundant, effective, wait, a moment. I bet you are not alone who were doing that outrageous suppression of free speech set out the rest don't you have actually right? Oh, I particularly regret that, when people who were not there, when I was trying to make I'd like to stop what really with now tell me that a well, they got a kind of students who are claiming that the Yale leadership is white supremacy. When you actually have a white supremacist running for president right, they were not even interested in it whatsoever because they much rather tackle the liberals and conservatives. Liberals have to be so careful these days. I mean I am a big fan of Rachel manner. I want her on the air, but you know you can be a fan of somebody in that, like everything they do and this week Are you hyped which is ok? I wasn't that's. What people objected the big hype? She had a countdown clock. She's got some of trumps tax return.
Like it was liberal New year's eve. Did you see this and then it turned out to be a big, nothing burger worse than a nothing burger was a help, Trump Brugger, because here's what the this was too. She gets two pages through the transcript from David, Gay Johnson of trumps two thousand and five tax returns. He paid thirty eight million on earth, these have a hundred and fifty million, which is
Twenty five percent, which is well within respectable. This is probably the best tax return he's ever file, which makes me think this came from Donald Trump said: he's actually good. It did so. We want to win this. We can't get played. This is getting play on. Others are. It is a giant cloud of smoke above Rachel Matter when she was doing the liberals have to be careful not to sound so fucking. On the sending and smug did they know it and start actually engaging the other side and persuading people. I think you might want to teach by camp on about where I didn't like what she could. Furthermore, I do believe that tax returns oughta be secret,
I will say that the huge hypocrisy provided a good law, not the president, but I dont dictatorship, she believed, TAT way, but we're gonna wisdom. Scoop was apparently to no thank you. Until that crusading journalism totalling over but the questionnaire packages of him claiming that is now a terrible thing when there were wonderful thing during the campaign this notion that he's clever manipulative again, he is in great trouble in the Wall Street Journal yesterday call wove Some other right, winger a pleading with other Republicans, you're gonna, be to him we're going to lose. That is, it is not working for well, it is politically week he's trouble with his agenda. I think that the public that the public pension fund
tobacco is overwhelmingly moving against and I hope all I'm saying is: that's not weapon eyes. Rachel arrive I'll, be back with you cylinder right now. He how see an end to leave with jagged zapper instead of the union with Jake Zapper. Guess: oh Jake Dapper, what everybody s Jake, trapper, so sure people and told you this before, but you know you have the best porn name. So I'm glad you're familiar with my earlier work. So you have a lot of new fans were just grow. You deserve it you're doing a great job over their speaking truth, too. Crazy. That's one thing to talk to power, but then this is a different job and tell us
a bit about how you would say your job has changed and subtle. Because rising please, you certainly sound different than I ever saw you for the many years I've watched you well. You ve been covering politicians for a long time. Politicians lie they didn't It wasn't invented on January twenty. I know you talking about how the regrets one forthright but Obamacare we could go back. There war and on and on I've never really seen this level of falsehood just quantitatively completely new, because just if you like your doctor, you can keep your doktor it right can spare see theories based on nothing right that have members of his own party distancing themselves from him. As when its combined with an attempt to discredit the entire. Fourth estate, the entire media, we're all fake news, all of us, except for Fox in France, you take it personally
firstly, I didn't like it the thing that offended me the most firstly was when you went after John Mccain from having a war hero, bothered me just somebody and then, when Senator Mccain started, asking questions about the Yemen red. And the White House suggested that how dare he any one question military missions hundred John Mccain is, The chairman of the Senate. Armed Services committee should actually literally his job to question a military operation. So there is an effort to undercut. We know the fourth estate legislative oversight, that judicial branch so called judges. So this combination of false. Three to five million? votes at Greece is dead, help killed laughing this knows it's just the news I now. This is the facts, and I want you and you do you know cholera like go Jake but then
but then I realized TAT was you hear that was made its it's it's herbal calendar year and because you know them Are you call it out? The or his van say, you're being biased right, you know the more they see you do, that they go wild troms right he's in the tank for the other side is everything is so politicize. There is no truth. For anybody left and so the more you actually do. Your job well, the more you're not giving credit by the people who you actually need to convince, but I refuse to buy into this area, and I refuse to find that out paradigm, because the truth of the matter is that there is no but when it comes to fact and facts and there's no biased when it comes to decency, empirically indecent to make fun of the disabled, the you don't have to be a democrat or republican or
independent or whatever, Those solicitor Libertarian that's just indecent, my children, no better than yeah. I know now, I always think about, book everything I needed to know. I learned in kindergarten violates every rule: don't accused people the things that are guilty of. Don't boast, pay your taxes serve your country, don't be a racist, don't insult, like you say, the handicapped, people and other people who were nodded lucky to be his grey. Looking as you are done. I worry that if half the country wants this guy to be president, we do do the? U N to step into the United Federation of planets or something I don't know. I think a lot of people voted for tromp, not because of that stuff. But despite that stuff I think that they vote yes you're right, because I don't think they voted for
for him they heard the access Hollywood taken. They thought oh yeah. I want that in the White House think wrong. I think that they didn't like Hillary Clinton for IRAN, a bunch of reasons and I'm not going to stay here, cause Barney Frank will come and hit me and they wanted war. Washington to do something for them? It's not empirically wrong to say Washington, isn't working for the american people in Washington. Does too many things for powerful spare interests in the deal. You know it's broken, and some of it is what Andrew was just talking about they just like it when liberals are crying, so anybody you takes a thumb, in liberalism thy that's a good person, there's some of that in some of his supporters. I think that's true, but he was also sticking his thumb in the eyes of of Paul Ryan, the US,
sticking. Is that lives I mean believe me, Jack bushes, like Oedipus. At this point, MR and MRS Doyle, that was not a reference zone. I was just a boy in part, but so he was sticking his fingers in the eyes of everybody, everybody in the established. So do you think that cable and CNN, with your part of is somewhat complicit. Putting him in the White House. I mean cable news: They cover him like he was already the president before he was the present and I I would say that they were made way too big a thing of Hilary emails, the Clinton foundation. All especially, I agree with what Barney that I think that the media has made a good turn, but I do think that have to own that past, I think that there is certainly first will not be. For the entire media, but but I think that there are certainly fair critique.
So the media, when it comes to especially running a lot of the Trump rallies early on start to finish, no editorial comment just like what is this. What are we doing here and seen ended that fox Amazon, the embassy did it and I promised Jessica acknowledge that we did that too much earlier on. I think that some of the our first interviews that we're done at present and triumphant Hillary Clinton. For that matter, we're on CNN I mean I know you saw my interview turns coincidentally, the last one I ever did with him with when I pressed him The judge, jury, o master when I asked him about the Cook Lex Clan, that's not what I'm asking that Macao ever hard. They were on him date. Then too much time on her and her bullshit and those issues bullshit? I would ask you one last thing which is about the correspondence dinner. Europe is not going. You go right, oh, it's a company dinner, ok so here are some things. Trump has called reporters dishonest.
Discredited. Design MR dwindling dummy dope, is a clown neurotic Mass boring, biased, no talent, loser sloppy grubby grubby third rate: sad fate, tanking fraud, pathetic phony, terrible negative one sided troublemakers, crooked scum. And of course said, Why aren't you going why and you're going to ultra? He does have a way with words. Is this the scandal that he doesn't go now? Ok, I don't think it doesn't bother me that he's not going the truth of the matter is it's a great deal. For the scholarship that that it right away these four journalism students integrate dinner to recognise good journalism. I think that most of us in Washington probably feel little ambivalent about the whole idea of
yes, Rosing, which losing people who use both the baby. Now with a nice things, well, yeah, I don't think it's any great effrontery to democracy that he's not coming. I think it's, it's fine, I'm sure. Vice president pants fulfil the role well
keep holding their feet to the fire. Thank you, sir. I blew watching at eight. I always stop raising George W Bush for his paintings of wounded warriors. It would be a nice gesture. Accept these the want of wounded them, we're just gonna love Bokassa. Have you found out his subjects like this because be fought them up? Neural Congress must investigate my theory that snow storm forecasts or just a scheme to sell bran forget Trump and Russia. I want to know about beverage farm ever met with Jim can Tory Neural now than Russia says. Kids under sixteen can't see the new beauty in the basement. We because it's too gay.
They have to tell me you mean to gave her a musical I'd like to stupid for wrestling beauty in the based is about a check or gets hard for a wild animal that you're ok with a Russia you're going to take our musicals all of them, and you can like them, considerate,
back for you giving us springtime, forehead, you're all having a dark US dollar. The mexican american men arrested for having sex with a chain link fence has to find an easier way to say: fuck Trump and his war neuron these vague tampon flasks Yes, that's a real thing designed, so you can smuggle booze into places words not allowed
come with a directory to a meetings because who says to themselves. I don't want to embarrass the kids by openly drinking a cocktail of their school play, I'll just slip out of this Tampa and finally neural everyone in the millions of Americans who wore green to work today and started celebrating Saint Patrick stay at lunchtime stuff. Put down the green beer. Take off these shit me I'm kiss faced t shirt and hear me out because, as an irish American, I must say the Association of my tribe with this. Pumpkin slugfest is getting a little old
Then their pupils tat, I mean imagine if we celebrated other ethnic groups. In the same way, we do the Irish on Saint Paddies Day, where the worst stereo type is reinforced, whatever Columbus day, everyone, war, wife, beaters and move back and with their mother. What I'm going black history? My if we all what lobster with food stamps, what are forcing go to my way I went swimming in Blue jeans, offer Russia, China. We all went on for Chinese than argued about the bill for an hour waterfront chinese New year. We will make sure that of endangered species and then got nor cars and drove like shit. Folks. When my great great parent great grandparents arrived in New York from Ireland, there were greeted with signs and shop windows that red no Irish need apply. No one would hire the irish people, which is why they had to form Riverdale.
And all the things said about muslim immigrants in America. Today we set about the Irish, then they have funny accents the weird food they haven't odd religion, of course, in there It's all trip and I've brings us some interesting questions like what liberals treat some minorities as protected species, but not all why that when a minute ago we were so freely laughing at the asian driver Joe, and is there anything wrong if you are part of a particular culture to feel an extra, not guilt, but The responsibility even if you yourself didn't do something bad liberal certainly feel that way about reparations on
preparations and I personally never own slaves, check my taxes and then it's been a long time since anyone in America held blacks in unpaid servitude. If you don't count college sports, if you are under thirty, you might not remember, but in the seventies and eighties terrorism, wasn't a muslim thing. It was an irish thing,
then the bombs were going off in Belfast, not Baghdad, and the virgins you met in Heaven were named cabin and Sean, and it's not hard to imagine a scenario where the irish terrorist of that era tried to get America involved in their war by striking here where they had a lot of financial support from Irish Americans, and then Irish Americans, like me, might then the ones facing extreme vetting, What my reaction have been. I can't say for sure, but I don't think it would have been. How dare you even suspect me? because I know why they were suspecting me as long as it wasn't a witch hunt. My response would have been. These are my people I should own this a little more than the non irish guy, There are a lot of Muslims today who feel exactly that way.
But their voices are drowned out by liberals screaming Islamophobia in other. I draw the prophet contest in God, on taxes to four years ago, provocative Yes, but you. The believe in free speech- or you don't, this is America we're supposed. Unfortunately, a couple of Muslims didn't and attacked and when they got shot a local muslim resident, Nay Mohammed JET Perry said the extremists what's coming to them, I'm just shoot people I'm glad they got killed. He may be muslim, but he's a real taxes and any Muslim American. I ever talk to basically told me the same thing: every immigrants says that their glad they left the old coat,
behind and came to a place. That's better! freer, less behold, two traditions I saw mean going around the internet last week when it was international women's day, and it said a woman should be whatever the fuck she wants. Liberals. You can applaud that or you can pretend this is just a fashion trend. You just can't boss, at the civic center in Oklahoma City April, ninth at the civic center in DES Moines May. Seventh, I want to thank her and Sheldon Whitehouse his brother time on Youtube. Thank you for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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