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Ep. #421: Jelani Cobb, Chelsea Handler

2017-04-08 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Jelani Cobb, Chelsea Handler, Ted Lieu, Evan McMullin, and Ana Navarro. (Originally aired 4/7/17)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO real time with Bill Rite aid near 58th
your warm welcome? I, like you, I feel like a woman, a works, it blocks news, I'm touched like a lady. Usually, I know why you're happy own way, you'd be obliged today is a day. Republicans are happy. They got there too favorite things a right wing asshole on the Supreme Court and
tromp finally blowing some shit- I don't know what are applauding, but ok, I guess that's what happened? American crews missiles blew up and airfield the last night in Syria because the dictator there was using chemical weapons, which he has done many times and twenty thirteen. Ninety eight Republican, signed a letter saying bombing Syria in response to a chemical attack was unconstitutional without congressional authorization, but this is different because I'm Burma was president, then it would have involved bombing while black and you can have it- was very risky for Donald Trump, because the syrian regime, of course, is propped up by Russia and Russia does not want us bombing there. If Trump
as the wrong thing, Putin might not re elected. You know what the temptation to use these new toys there is too much. Of course, you know he's new. With this, the brass told them they were going to launch tomahawks and he said, wouldn't wooden missiles, be better in America, you're not really president's until you bomb something. You know Even the liberals were all over this. Last night everybody loves this bucket. They, well knows loves it when they show footage of destroyers firing, crews, missiles at night it's a mess. Because money shop, of course, Trump made clear that the
crews. Measures were a last resort. The first idea was sending Kendall Jenner with a kind of Pepsi interesting aside. No to this no change in the trunk policy and syrian refugees coming here, Republicans feel about Syrians in Syria. The same way, They feel about the fetus in the womb, it's a beautiful baby in Syria. It sacred precious gift from God, once it leaves you're on your own speaking of protecting fetuses. The republican Senate has
firm Scully a clone meal, gorse image for the Supreme Court's, proving that it America, cheating still works. Ladies and gentlemen, no conservatives were elated. Billow rally was so excited. He groped himself, rail, O Reilly had a rough week. We learned the related the beginning of the week that he has settled. Harassment suits from women for three more in addition to the two that we already knew about and another to who weren't sewing, but our speaking out, bill, says he's a target, but that seven, it's kind of a large
to everybody will cause me said. Call me when you get to thirty bills, other states that these has offered Fox news. They had a sexual harassment hotline and nobody called well. Nobody knew what was there and also it was it a really great what and they would answer the phone Fox NEWS, sexual harassment, hotline. What are you wearing? This is in addition to Roger Ails. You know losing his job, because I think twenty women accused him you know something I think is going to be got over there and check that the cleaning lady at Fox NEWS said she was there late one night and she moaning and groaning and grunting turtle, and it was just steep do.
Are you trying to do math? But here I mean one one accuser Abyla rightly says he would call her and she could tell he was masturbating possibly because he said I masturbating apparently build does not take rejection. Well, because this is woman, Wendy Wall, shoes speaking out this weekend, she said after he refused. She refused to go up, the hotel room with them. You know he didn't like that any first thing he did? Was he insulted her hand bag? you. Wouldn't fuck me well I have to say to you is your purse. Is a lesbian, I mean all these women their stories very little bit. The one constant is no one wants to
bill, whether peace, offering you a job or threatening the line, you it's never work, they do male arrive late. I have to say conservatives next to be: is this weird it's different? I didn't even get. I am very proud to say I don't think I've ever had sex, my entire life with a republic. It is too much work, I don't mind fucking somebody's brains out, but fucking them and we gotta gray, hair and a little later, our good friend Chelsea Handler Journalism in Colombia and the staff right if the new Yorker, where he writes about race, politics and culture, please welcome geological well, they someone's going on in the world, but we thought we would talk about one of the things that gets buried. You know because the abundant Mr Asian, it's like it's like a swarm of bees. You know there's just so much should go and on that you don't realize ok, but this is
important, our attorney General Jeff session said this week. It's not. There was funds ability of the federal government to manage non federal law enforcement agencies, these are the local cops. He says you're kind of on your own. We don't need any outside agitators and the consent Greece, that Obama with working on tell it first, what tell us what that is and what you think about this, so the kind of thumb, else gets up, it is that consent decree came out of the nineteen ninety four crime bill. Is what those things that people didn't know about because very unpopular piece of legislation, but what it did was looking back what happened to you earlier, in LOS Angeles with Roger King Riots, created a mechanism for the Department of Justice to give oversight too troubled police departments the range of things that can happen goal we up to write disbanding police department, but what most off it happens is that they idled meaning racist, rightly racist bidding exists,
abuse of force, meeting, corrupt, meaning all sorts of things that we simply I protesting about recently, and so you, what most off happens- is that something called a consent. Decree is worked out with the deal J and local department and the communities that are affected, and I say this will be a kind of reform agreement, These are the terms that we will have to move forward kind of best practices for this police department, Jeff sessions, as there has never been a fan of these, is that they are essentially war. Looking away from them and the eye here is that the department of just The saying that they are not invested in police reform. Meanwhile, the police, Parliament's themselves are very much invested in it. And so in Ferguson, It's just a big fuck, you two black lives manner,
That's pretty much what it is they just don't like they never like that. They always saw it as some how either or you re the with the cops or with the black people, one of the more disturbing things that just session said- and he said this on a number of occasions- that he doesn't really believe in the idea of being systemic problems and police department. So I say there are a few bad apples or a couple of people who of tarnish thereby and so on. But when we look at cargo, for instance, one of the places that will likely not get a consent degree now and the incident that sparked these concerns the climbed down, the seventeen year old who was shot sixteen times by police officer who live about the circumstance. Under which we shall running away is walking away. He was abetted in that lie, but other police officers and then covered up defended by their supervisor by the police superintendent, a cover up implicated, all be up to the mayor's office. If that is not systemic, when they
no such thing as a system. Yet these guys want to bring back Giuliani term We must remember Julia remain course. There was not a good time; it was not a good. I am not if you are a minority, but I mean this is going it's going on with with you know, illegals rounding them up, people at the border, people at the airport, its Giuliani time made psyches, is emboldened ing the people with the guns in the night sticks to do what you have to do Amerika great again. I think that the main points but you have when you talk about that way. Is that the police departments themselves at least that people who have to run these police departments are not in favour of this kind of behaviour because in Ferguson Yang Chicago in Baltimore? It was the part themselves that requested that the deal J the come in and say what are the terms that we can operate under in the future that may help us win back some of the respect and love
I'll, tell you, the people responsible serve and also how, with this are we ever gonna get police departments back to what I think they used to be in these the handle things with a flashlight in a night stick and now they empty their clips I remember this amazing statistic from a few years ago- maybe it's five or six years ago that the whole country of Germany, one year, the police only shot like ninety bullets. Ninety bullets, that's a slow, if a weakened here, we care That's one incident big. They all seem to fire every bullet in this. This kind of shit has got to stop. This is training right. I at least need to be retrained. I feel is partly that one of the best examples of that of the LAPD you- and I remember what the LAPD was like in the nineties when the right the king said, happened and as a result of their consent degree you got different training. They demilitarized the department. They d
to fight. It is now majority offices of color and they then I dont innovative things like sending out social workers with police when they had to respond to calls that involve the mental health crisis. So now, looking at what LAPD was under Darrell Gates is now a department of people actually looking at as a success story in saying this agent Lawson Police Department that I love very deeply, especially on my way home from work? But let me read you this: this is the University of Chicago deserve Bay. They ve done it for many years on race and fifty five percent of white Republicans say: blacks are worse off economically, which of course, is true. I could cite the statistics because most Just don't have the motivation are willpower to themselves up out of poverty, I have always said this- was the argument about affirmative action. When you, when you
we are talking about affirmative action. You have won the this or there's a reason why there, behind which market Jim, grow in slavery- and you know they were allowed to get an education for many decades, that kind of stuff or this and this is data course. I bet you almost every one of these White Republican DO says that which I am not a racist sore. I believe you don't have the motivation to pull themselves up, but I'm not a racist reopened. We can do about it that problem, the other pottle note have fixed. Racism, has been here for really what this problem specifically, which is that I always say the new racism is not knowing your raises right. Well think this. How do you get into that? I mean it's hard because you know we have this kind of Allah Carte approach to reality. Now we can actually to be at what I want to believe. The thing that was also disturbing from this same survey was that thing it was twenty six percent of Republicans felt that black people
less intelligent. So there are fifty five percent, who was saying that they lack the motivation another quarter there, they didn't have the smart so do it anyway, and I guess it Looking for that? One? Twenty four percent sliver of Republicans and try do get them to proselytize there broke it was to get people to look a little bit below the surface. That mean, like trumpets, always tweeting about Chicago, because there is, terrible violence in Chicago when it's mostly gang black on black crime. How do you explain if I was voter? how would you explain to me that it's not just black people are animals in the ghetto trying to shoot each other, that it goes back to what we say a big. You start by saying: look at bills. Great tides of empathy. We summoned for all the people who of opium dixons and people who feel like.
Behind yet people who became waiting or that there are gradually rootless. Let's look at all those people right now. Imagine that their black rise They can. We extend the same sort of empathy actually read about the history of this country and see the actual calcified
legacies of racism that are responsible for where we are right now heavily implicated in greater media. Another dreamer Lonnie Families of leisure to remedy is a former c. I a parisian officer, while twenty sixteen independent presidential candidate, Evan Macmillan, Evan you Geezer above against agency in contributor and one of our favour against a viral guy he's my congressman serving his second term representing California story. Third, TED low cost information times you can answer them after the show on Youtube. Ok, let's
talk about what I'm talkin about triumphant. Grab some missiles. Everyone seems to be very jazzed about this on tv in the last twenty four hours. Let me add some facts to it. First of all, I'd like to mention that, he's really sliding on the fact that on Monday of this week administration, told Assad, you know what we are really care, what you do with it stay where the ago some, maybe that emboldened him to do this on Wednesday. Number one, also The syrian regime has dropped twelve thousand nine hundred and fifty eight barrel bombs just last year. I guess chemicals are worse and they certainly are potentially worse, but I guess, if you D, Are you die? and the U S in twenty, sixteen drop. Twelve thousand one hundred ninety two Bob's bombs of our own and Syria on the other side of the war, because now bombing both sides of a war. What happened
you gotta wipeout ISIS. First. Well, I would like to respond to that. It is a misconception that Assad is on the opposite. Side is ISIS, they are part of the same side. That's the truth, here you hear Assad, saying that he is attacking ISIS. That's not true tacking civilians, and that's what you saw with these chemical weapons attacks now I agree with you. It's bewildering and I've said this already, but its bewildering that we have a president who is approved was to opposing aside at one point in the: Twenty four hours later he's bombing him! That's that's! That's that's incredible! but whether they are on opposite sides command. No, they they really are in any really so weak of weird bomb instead of bombing that airfield, which, by the way, is up in working today, yeah if we had done if we had bomb the Presidential Palace in Damascus,
because he's such a horrible person who killed beautiful babies that we had actually take him down. Would not be good for ISIS well, is just more complicated than that bill, but you really, if you, if you're buying into this idea, that there are on opposing sides, you're really you're buying into Assad's and food, is rhetoric. It's just not true. It's just not true any expert I'll tell you. It is true it just as driven it's their fighting a tent was it's not that complicated aside what aside there was forever for the user can go up yes, but the constitution does not allow the president I'd states to engage in unilateral acts of war without congressional approval. Congress never authorizing Burma, begged them to do it when they say oh bomber did nothing about the chemical weapons above did something he went to Congress for many said, give me the authorization and they went like
Obama, try to follow the Constitution Roach front dead. Yes, was illegal! you can't just fire crews missiles into a country does not attack the? U S without congressional authorization, we're doing situation in every which way back Donald Trump changed his position should now, bewildering. The man has had more positions in the kind of sutra on just about every thing, to wake up today and hear folks like a John Mccain, like Lindsey Gram like an I'm at like an hour, actually be in agreement with what he did. More confusing for those that supported him, because he said he wasn't going to do it now. Look when he was campaigning. I thought he was a he says, misogynist lying pig, erases massaging is lying pig, but he's also my commander in chief
and he just violated constitute Hidell. You not weaken. I don't like that, and we are deeply divided country over that, but for belong. We ve been looking the other way in the face of genocide and there's a lot of America wanted action, but there is a large united. What worries me is that you know we're in the face with Donald Trump. Oh, what does this button do that's good, and also during the campaign? Not just tee, but a lot of the circuits talked about you know: what's the use of having this also military, if we don't use it, including nuclear weapons. I heard them say that what why we don't use him full of that, but I think, but your point about you know: what do we do with this button? The good news that he amongst a lot of bad people he's around it himself with he's around it. So with a very good secretary of defence, that was overwhelmingly confirmed by the Senate, the Democrats and Republicans support and
die. They all went secretary of state. Have you seen this Rex Sillerton Guy talk about a deal, in the headlines. Talk about a guy who is so sorry. He took this job he's like fuck, I didn't know. I had to like talk to people. I contacted like explain, policies and policies for bees are being or be second, Vietnam, until it would be a nice title secretary, tiller surveys unless it were be second fiddle to secretary of everything, JANET cushioning Rock of now thing Iraq, but he's now fixing whether Mental EAST he's skiing in Aspen, he's reinventing government and he's going to gain was what the bunker at the same time, Let me ask our liberal here on the panel that he went up against Russia, Donald Trump,
entered the republic. The liberal idea, He was installed by Putin as stooge. Do whatever Putin wanted. This is not what Putin wanted it. We are facing a possible collusion with Putin. You might just wanted distract. People it might be we don't know, I've learned an outbreak, Donald Trump right, but in this case what he did was now the unconstitutional there's no strategy. We don't know What we do in Syria, how long and it be there He'S- got yours ground forces there now they're more at risk of being attacked. Where is he just check this out. He has told american people what we're doing Syria. He has not done. That will admit his tweets before this serious, not our problem. This isn't. Twenty thirteen stay out of Syria do not attack Syria. Prison Obama do not attack Serbia so powerful. Which later do not attack. Syria do
if you do many very bad things will happen. That's right. The values own vice, ok, but I learned something very important. This week babies are powerful. He said every even beautiful Bay These were cruelly murdered in this barbaric attack. No child of God should ever suffer such hard and I'm realising now with the Neil Gorse Judge confirmation that it is a lot of that babies. Isn't it You know, I didn't realize what the strategy was in twenty six. They may knew they had a loser candidate, but they kept that seat open on the supreme. Or for a reason, big This is a large part of this country Please come and go, but the abortion thing that stays with them. That is the most important thing
and it didn't matter who was present as long as he put a guy in the Supreme Court who is going to stop Killin babies and I think that's what the new gorse its thing is all about, and Mitch Mcconnell play like Hyman, Roth and in the godfather, Martha thing aquaculture that dial Trump did during the campaign, was put out that list of justice that he potential justices that he would nominate, he actually stop to it, and you are right. I know a lot of conservatives who held there knows who are second by every grown. A journal trumps stood for Europe, but because of that promise voted for him and you know it hurts my teeth. To give a guy, on anything but to his credit, he was consistent and he stuck to his promise- and you know talking about babies, look I'm. I latina, ok
we can hold a grudge till the day of my death, so I get why Democrats are so pissed off over Garland, but this was the wrong the fight, the wrong time find out when We'd better get word, isn't it around as a liberal, I feel like a jar of European Union aid, in so many words but she's right, and I think- and I think he knows nothing to question you want anything about both. But the point is that this is something that I understand. The history understand that their bad blood between the republics of the Democrats on this, but this is some They will even backfire for the Democrats because it could be. The Donald Trump is going to point yet another justice, and now that the reply, looking at what I knew that this that what has just happened now, the Republicans have gone nuclear so now next time he appointed justice, it's like
could it be somebody who's even further to the right, because he doesn't have to get over sixty both threshold and Senate? And this is not. This is not good for the country, because there's no consensus Knesset. Well this serious story, go away in a day or two didn't seem to be a follow up a strike and we're going to go back to focusing on Russia, Russia, Russia rushing, should I hope so, but but but Neil Gorse. It could be there for forty years and this guy, it has never shown any empathy toward a human being, and all the people please do. I have to go. Back to the trucker and ran the phrasing called who was going to die of leave sided with the cooperation, but you know that this is what This is what we're looking for. So those people who said Hilary was the lesser of two evils: good luck with your back, abortion, I do believe in Parma. We're gonna get a democratic president, any democratic Senate. We will use those rules to our advantage as well
So I don't have any conceptual short term gain for Republicans. Short term laws for Democrats, the problem is that at the precedent is going to stick around it's a long term loss. For America and for the institution of the United States will do is get rid of the filibuster altogether. It always helps the conservative party. Here are some things we would have had if we had the floor. Buster gone when Obama was president cap and trade public option. Minimum wage ten dollars in ten cents, background checks, equal pay for in the dream act, the jobs ACT, the buffet rule? All of that would have happened without the filibuster. Let's go, The whole fuckin thing. Ok, you do that and then what do you think you're gonna get now with the Republicans things you don't let it and say now exactly. This is no way to govern a country where we're shifting back and forth between
between the ideal policies of the Democrats in the ideal policies. The Republicans. This is not what the country is. We are divided country. There needs to be some consensus. Building that happens in the Senate, its painful. It means a lot of things that we wish would get down on. Both sides don't get done but there's a reason for it. Ok, there was news from the russian investigation this week Devon New Year's you work with him Congress is the head of the House Intelligence Committee. Oh yes, he says that we call on the Sherlock Holmes at present a major taker this guy. Well, this week he were accused himself. We didn't think this was gonna happen. He worried for arguing raining yeah for a long time. What changed? Why now? Well,
That's what happened. The allay times put this on the cover. There's, never Nunez is high school picture. Stuck up that I was a little Harold feeling. A bit now aren't compassion we'll get to your little teenagers intimate ok, so we thought it would be only fair because that so awful to show his another republican high school year books from the drug administration. Would you like to see the nickname, scary Seinfeld his bread pay was evidence extracurricular future prison, bitches of America, that, if that was too after you get out now that gets a jar
favorite quote: more money, fewer problems, activities, Middle EAST peace, getting seventh, Mexico and China. Reforming the Ba reforming the justice system, reinventing the government sovereignty up your epidemic and Davy track I think. That's it asked even Miller. You know this psychopath nickname wedge. Ebay. Favorite quote want to hang out no ok, extracurricular future snipers of Amerika.
And so low dining about voting most likely to wake up with a deck drawn on his forehead. That result gives the Prince Christie Nickname earthquake Wayward brought. If you think I hate teachers now wait till I'm governor ambition to button my genes that long on the bed and Conway nicknames Phoebe long stocking, favorite class, really creative writing, extracurricular debate club
And dropped major at all for years and look she saved the Causticum finally shown slicer nickname victims.
And is vigorous protests. What does it matter, wherever I say, will be distorted by the fake yearbook who holds the weekly talk? Show that's like small jealousy started, get seconds ease of April for James Josie Handler always great to have you here. This is my congressmen minds, nice lobby, a man to the shelves in our pet projects. So one bore: don't worry, ok, what a great week to have you here, because with all this explosive news about below Riley, we learn to Madrid thing facts about sexual, unsavoury MILAN, and that may I interposed please I'm shine spacer. You know what I think
got him every day. These white has briefings, which I enjoy thoroughly. Obviously I just picture him down and moral logger. You know maybe that pitched tent today and their own, unlike in though because they don't have a real skiff, so they made a fake wine and there like oh yeah, we have a private room for security purposes, doesnt moral sound like one of those water parks. That was a clause. Because somebody swam in the pool within S and he replied with a life yelling at Everybody- has got any more but women their wanted. We learned this week exists. Hizbollah rallies in those that eighty percent of women in America bags experience sex, or harassment in the workplace and only down ten percent, since one thousand nine hundred and seventy six, when it was ninety percent, have you Chelsea Handler ever experienced sexual harassment in the workplace
I've, definitely sexually harassed. I mean have you experience it? I think I'm innocent. Category? Well, I have to be very honest because I don't want to make up a story. That's not true! I have at first I mean I don't know, I'm sure it's happened behind my back, but I've never felt in a position where I felt uncomfortable pity to fool, harassed, you're, right, you're, right, I'd like to go work for bill, O Reilly actually for a day and a half, but I worked
No one wants to fuck. Did I mean? Do you have any girlfriends? These are very successful man. Certainly somebody out there must want to fuck bill. Alright, let's get bail out right now. Let's try to reach out to me. That is very, very. That is very friendly view, but if you think about it, if you have to choose between him or Roger Ales, I mean those are the two people have to choose from its like. Who would you rather I mean it's really a shit shut up. I got up to me: I'm not a homosexual, but men Smith, who is representing grudging. Karlsson said going to human were resources in a company like Fox, is like going to the KGB to complain about Putin, and then Trump said that he should have settled defended Billow Riley. He said he's a person. I know well bull shit trump
no bill, O Reilly. Well, he talks to amend the air a couple of times you that's that knowing somebody build the reigning wrong? Bullshitting how the fuck do you know that you have also? He doesn't define that as anything wrong. To begin with, I mean he doesn't think that is wrong. He's like you should be able to grab women who work for you. That's fine, but also additionally, I mean I like how many advertisers are pulling out a Fox news, because sooner only have people that are representing people who ve been sexually harassed by women the commercials for Fox news cycle. So another sexism news is weak. I learned about something called the Billy, Graham Rule, that I wanted to ask you about. No, I learned about this because of my my as you know, is a super duper christian, ok, he what we know about this right? I'm not mechanism, and he has these rules. No eight. This is called the Billy Graham rules. Now
eating alone, with a woman other than your wife. No, going to a party where their serving alcohol, if your wife is with you, because most women they get a drink in them and they cannot control themselves from trying to jump exact. I make you got a couple of drinks. India, migrants was there without you. Couldn't control yourself right about one thing about tomorrow: fucking, you too, that's what I would not if it was a Friday no way I wouldn't be able to control myself. I'm thinking about you know Hosty Ban and very how they demanded. Maybe going away- or you know, there's arrived- were not long live or they can replace him with a woman, because in my pants won't be allowed to be alone with her alone are either. I mean the richest areas, parts of this, which is that it affects women in the workplace. If you can't even have dinner with your boss, because you know you're, not the- why,
that affects you as a woman, and you can't get the bosses ear this. This is so Christian and Muslim women. Now that will apply to women who are also married, the he can have dinners meals with them alone. Bear Mary, that's a good question yeah, but a minute or so when we as about jarred an avant because we didn't elect them. Did we did we elect job? I mean that the list was a package deal really because what the list of his Jared pensioners receive disabilities diplomacy with Mexico with China with Canada. He went to Iraq to advise about, the war against ISIS, bring the Middle EAST peace is going. Do that in charge of trade deals charge at the White House Office of american innovation, reinventing government, interesting, your plan,
modernizing the technology and data infrastructure for federal departments and agencies, broadband internet re, imagining the veterans administration, solving the operator epidemic, spearheading criminal justice reform, then, on Tuesday, what the fuck Chelsea him I mean we are totally fucked risk I'd better, be! First of all, I think I have sent a message to all powerful women across the world that if we work hard and then you showed dedication and time to aircraft that you can get an unpaid job as your dad's assisted five, why he gets all of these reasons. Why didn't set this? I don't understand, please someone is there anyone who could explain that one man could do all
Remember not look at me. Oh explain you at the real purposes, because this is something that I saw while serving overseas is a CIA officer, and that is authoritarian, their family members and critical positions because they want control over those things. They don't want those used to be accountable to the people and that's what the problem here. That's exactly what that's exactly what happened with but the good point is about, and so far thus far hasn't shown. Any sort of I mean influence that everybody has been talking about. Oceans can implement, she's, been exhausted, her partner and her women's whatever she's talking about where I hope I did too, because she seems like a reasonable person when you sitting next to Donald Trump right. The problem is is and if a steep ban and if Rumours are true that Steve Ban and it's going to be removed from the White House Or- and she has a part of that, then you know
Maybe there is some good to be had by having her there if she is exerting her influence in that way, then I'm really than on I'll take it. I don't care fits of daylight and dollar short upper clothing. I'm back and Nord shuns, whatever, maybe not having my maybe the belts and the shoes and not the whole thing, but if she can do a thing like that, can still ban- and we were apparently means do Brandon was a week ago, and you know to the point where a lot of people who make jokes like myself were making jokes about the fact that maybe see ban and is the real present. I dont think Donald Trump like that, and he had a clash. Making them. Making the joke right. Well, but one thing we have two, because I there was a power struggle with him and Kirshner and Jared said that Steed Bannon leads Trump to have. You know
It gets worse, qualities out there. So I support Donald Trump and removing the abandoned from this measure. I do to prevent loudly to complete their job and remove him in the White House. Ok, I guess the abandoned is crazy and when he is but you're right along this that you read yes, I right have you do that and see about so I mean the President of China. We almost forgot about this this week is was there I may be left now, but he was very less knighted admiral logo, his meeting with tromp. If it goes well, he's gonna meet shared Hunger and maybe finds them investors for some properties of his family and in New York will trump always was saying China. You know they're they're laughing at us he's doing some reading about China. Their building a national park that sixty percent larger than use somebody to save the Siberian Tiger. Meanwhile truck wants to sell off our part to the highest bidder. They ve
progressive sex education, curriculum but even says it's ok- for men to love other men, whereas Trump is appointed this nutcase to be headed the department, Education wants to define plan parenthood, they're watching I've, been trade market in China. Where is this? let's try to dig up call again. China is laughing. It is not because of a here's the brain deficit. Do you think you're going to hear no argument here? But but let's remember that we still have the power to choose our leaders here in this country and that's something that people in China don't have and we need to hard make to make sure that our leaders remain accountable to us over the next four years. But do you think there's a chance
and said that president of China will leave him with a fortune cookies at the end of the week, and then we can only lycian impeachment in your future, so you're going back on healthcare. What do you think about that? I think this is an issue that could really trip them up, because people pay attention. Maybe maybe not with every that- wouldn't your own health. I think that's one thing when you see a guy who's, a clown whose just talking out of his ass, which is what Trump exe, those himself to be on the healthcare issue issue. I think a your your health. I think that sticks I'm on about care and I think a lot of people on earth And if you remember congress- and you want health care- you get obamacare- I like it- it can be improved son happy work with the programme more popular than ever. It went down at forty two percent. Now it's fifty five percent. I think that's a real micro cause.
What's going on with the electorate, they were like you know what Maybe we overestimated how bad things were in twenty? Sixteen, maybe they we get a lot worse, triumphant Donald Trump did what Barack Obama and he made Obamacare popular majority. You know, if you put it, unto my head and asked me to tell you a silver lining to trumps election. I think something has awoken in Amerika. We side. In the women's March we find in the the impromptu protest against the muslim ban. We find in the town halls people asking questions, demanding answers, demanding answers on their elected officials on healthcare people calling being gay calling there's seminars on their Congress. People, and this is not going to go away people. That's not going to be good for Republicans and twenty eighteen, but it's got movies. Yes,
It's got. Twenty market would support. I mean you're, so anti trump. You would support a Democrat over someone who was pro trump. I read you said that, yes, I would I mean. I believe that if, if I were, if I were to, if I were choosing between a Republican who wasn't going to hold Donald Trump accountable in the Democrat Running, would then and, yes, I believe the right thing to do would be to support what happened in Utah. You tat looked like they could not stand. Donald Trump and they were ready to go for somebody else like you, that's where you ran and at the last minute they were like not so much not as happened. I was ready to love the more we stick with it, but you know what happened. Alternately been people don't understand. This is Utah was was never Clinton state before was never trump state.
And that was the reality and I went there same look. We need a better option than all the above bubbles. De right now Donald Trump has an approval rating in Utah, fifty five percent- that's fifty four percent- that's incredibly loafer republican president exonerate us all to high yet redeem, but before he went to time less weekly bricks interim you guys know was on our show and this. Happened before when it was on our show. He lied, Reg I appreciate you doing the show I like Rick Santorum, but he said if the director under Obama said the colonel in power. Initiative would have. He said. The EPA director under Obama said the Clean Power initiative would I have no effect on co2 emissions. You could look it up. We did ok here's. What junior Mccarthy that was the EPA director said she said not does agreeing that this action, the clue empower initiative in and of its
of will not make. All the difference would not make all the difference his wife world becomes would have no effect. Now I dont think Rick Santorum, is lying on purpose. I think Brick Santorum sin is most Republicans in. They live in a bubble, they only see shit on right wing, blogs and website and Fox NEWS, but this Alternative fact: nonsense did not start withdrawing its Where did a long time ago, sexual harassment would argue. The right wing would argue that people like us are also living in a bubble, so we can save. But when people say something like CNN is fake news, that's just is nor I mean it's the oldest institution of cable news that we have that there's no proof whatsoever. That CNN is fake news. I'm I mean these are due. The child, their eyes truth and there are facts, and they matter, matter and is You start. Would Donald Trump is the point I was drawing room. You haven't left about your characterisation is not fair. You ve got to
public. As here who, I am sure, think that blacks are not less intelligent or Motivated or less anything run they are equal. We are all equal justice. You know, and we don't you know, and we do believe in climate change, but I'm just saying: there's not making reply black and white Blue read that when I well remember the easily live above us, so we can use bubble and there is some bubbling going on with liberals, but not to say that's a false equivalency and when- people lie. We have to call
it's not like it's, so I can't do it. I beg you plan on time for now stop merging things that should be allowed to die Yahoo and a well are merging into a company called oath, which is like merging Stephen Hawking body and Sarah Palin brain. When I didn't give me an idea, let's merge, seers J C penny into a new story, called crappy neural and then study the new study in the Journal of Sex research. That says, men bring their partners to orgasm more out of a need to satisfy their own ego
then out of a desire to please their partner has to be. Be printed in the New England Journal of now you're, just splitting hairs and rarely as long as the bus. Yet you to your stop Ladys. Who cares what the drivers thinking neural now than Rachel dollars all has released her new memoir in full color? Hollywood has to make a movie version away. They already dead.
You're? All the makers of vegetable chips must make them look less like potpourri I mean I can tell the devil's would think of the poor stoner who sees the barbarians as great snacks in the bathroom Neuro. Somebody has to tell the chinese engineer who built himself this female robot and then married it.
That there is some weird should, even by asian standards, a great part, as he never has the water, if she's in the mood, because when she gets turned on the always here's this and finally neural republicans have to learn the difference between being conservative and just being a dick so much of what they have done since Trump took over, isn't moving the party in a more conservative direction. It's also not a libertarian move. It's just a dick move. Take, for instance, the bizarre decision to reverse the ban on land the ammunition forever decade. We ve been moving away from led bullets, because when a sportsman experiences
exquisite, joy that comes from blowing. They had author chipmunk or a wolf and leaves it to rot, bald eagles eat the carcass and when it has led in it it poisons them to death. Slowly and painfully, if it doesn't have led eagles, you know the symbol of our fucking country before they were replaced by, Trucker had If it doesn't have led in it, they don't die. Why not? Leave that rule alone, because hunt, it is a sacred sport. Is it even really a sport? Sportive, one team doesn't know the game. Is going where voters into Anti sixteen asking that we poison eagles? Does it get anyone a job? Does it say
money. Doesn't do anything. Conservativism is supposed to be about. No, it's about some warped idea that the way to show strength is by being a dick. And that in a nutshell, is what republicanism has become looking at any problem in saying what what'd Dick What would I did do if there was a pesticide that was found to impair cognitive development in children? Use it wars, let We got a new anti EPA Epa, the use of cloth pair, which the Obama administration was in the process of banning because they had a no tolerance policy on substances that can cause. Brain damage and children, but present
from says whatever I paint ships is a good look at me. I as president, but really not even children in the mix, stops you from the prime directive of being a dick. Now they see a chance Dick and they grab it. Saying where they lost their minds. When Michelle Obama tried to get kids to eat vegetables, vegetables, what is its a high school, There are a whole foods and skill lunch programmes that just encourages dependency on food no more free ride. You lazy six year olds. You want to eat kids and try to do so ties for President Drum I understand- or at least I thought I did- republican principles, greed
Racism sure but bring back especially this year, especially this another dick move on their agenda with a fuck is still in the corner, a biggest best this in twenty seven deed or is the last time you heard someone say yeah we just bought a house gave way to move in, but not until we installed the especially. Finally, what possible reason other than spite, could they have for killing the agreement Obama made, but the car companies to get all cars up to an average fifty five miles a gallon in eight years. This was done deal an industry that we taxpayers bailed out and is now making record profits already agreed to it? It makes me air cleaner. It may there's more energy independence. It saves people money that they can spend on other things. It was a win win, win win, that's called
no brainer, which would and you believe, even Republicans can get it right. All they had to do was nothing there are special d. It goes against the prime directive of Let's say it together. The very good. They know. Carbon is killing the planet. They don't care because the main
purpose of a car is to piss off liberals. Good gas mileage is for Europeans, analyzed beans and Republican drives a chubby suburban. It always parks it in this based market compact. That's our show that seven Mcgowan Josie Johnny Time on you. You tell me where we want to make a move from each other and each be oh dont, com,
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