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Ep. #428: Michael Eric Dyson, Ice Cube

2017-06-10 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Michael Eric Dyson, Ice Cube, David Gregory, Fmr. Rep. David Jolly, and Symone Sanders. (Originally aired 6/9/17)

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My language. I give her letting a sinner in your midst micro, Eric dies and you'll be out here shortly to take me to take. We know the would shed, but first there is someone who works and beat them made. Donald Trump did you watch the call me testimony? Be people actually went you bars and restaurants at ten in the morning to watch this shit. I mean it's all part of the campaign. The Republicans out do make America day drunk again. To give you a quick recap, the former director of the F B, I said:
on five times during the testimony that the present lied to him demanded his loyalty above his honesty, threatened his job wanted to shut down the investigation when that didn't happen, fired him and the Republicans still will not impeach him if only tromp had asked calmly to blow on what we so shocking to people is that trumped did not tweet for food six hours. That's a new record. How about it but of course, couldn't stay away from its a day. It will, despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication and, while call me one, a leaguer
that's what we're! Then he wrote hashtag still Putin's bitch isn't funny place. It all comes down to who you believe, a pathological lawyer, has been known to interrupt himself mid lie to tell another lie, or the patriotic boy scout who took meticulous notes. Every meeting he took notes run after Trump mean more meetings where people take notes, they're called cycle, drift listed in. This call me was contacted. He said nine times by giant he's only been opposite andred days by drop many of those times Trump asked everyone else to leave the room to the point.
We're call me had to tell other people don't leave me. Don't leave me alone with him to which every Trump beauty pageant contestant said. Welcome to our work report. I love of communism motive is as trumps. I too am. I have been very loyal to you very loyal. We had that thing. Is everything to Rumsey sounds like a wired tap of again be knows. We had that thing.
The clamber. You know the piano wire that thing we did Trump, probably as a mob name for call me Jimmy to talk when he had come over to him at the Jimmy to talk me. Are you remain man now Sunday, I may media favour and that they may never come take the gun led the can only, but the last person in the question call me yesterday, my gosh John Mccain Disabled, I've had mixed feelings, like all of us have right about John Mccain for years, but he's been pretty good on this lately. We thought he was my hope. I've said here a nation turns its lonely eyes to you and I thought
this is going to be Mccain's finest hour. The maverick the line of the Senate is gonna, put country before party and stand up the drums, bullshit and then outcomes Mister MC good. Why? No one knew who put his hand was talking about at one point the closed caption for the hearing impaired, just when no clue a spot for seven men at the last five were all about who has been messing with a thermostat. I mean with that. You know that's just age catching up with somebody once Paul Ryan Excuse, Paul Ryan said yesterday. If you know of comic, came out with the same testimony,
a democratic president? We wouldn't be going for impeachment of four fucks If this was Hilary, with the same should going on, they would have yanked or out of office. So fast, the only they would be left would be a smouldering pants suit, and then he said he said drunk didn't mean to obstruct justice. He's just new with this right. Until now, he's been lying in the private sector, he's just knew in whatever profession
can you get away with this? Bear with me? I'm not a dentist. I work at issues door and it's not just him. This is where we are. Ladies and gentlemen, the main republican talking point is essentially Trump is too stupid to be guilty of anything. What? If what? If that's the case as it is just to be resident, Sanderson Data jollier here and a little lady rethinking with ice cube is back on Thursday, I'll Jia, Georgetown Universities latest book is tears. We cannot stop a sermon too wide America, Michael Eric Dyson, am I going you sat in this year before we know you're the news maker. Unfortunately, this week I find I'm imposed maker
I wanted you to come by here, because you know I want you to two to the school. I did a bad thing. Well, that's a great place to begin a very bad idea, but look in the past. You. Ve been the person who has been on the front line saying that the left, apologize progressives should resist any sense of complicity with the culture that is too apologetic? And yet you find yourself on That's easy at night. That change, my you're going to be easy, and you should know that. I mean that's true, but you know honestly. I've said both I mean I have a number one. Mitt Romney was running. He had a book, no apologies, you know, like America should never apologized, there's! No apologies is sometimes appropriate. There is
oh bullshit apologizing an American. I am against that, but you know we. I apologise for slavery and japanese internment and Abu Ghraib and indian genocide and dusky get me so when its appropriate. This was appropriate because I'll tell you why? Because for for black folks, that word, I don't care who you are has caused pain. I'm not here to do that. Right now the guy was here: it's not his fault. I feel bad about him, the senator! It's all on me, but he said a weird thing. The comic mind goes to a, play sometimes, but doesn't it doesnt matter that it wasn't set in malice it wasn't it if it brought back pain to people right
but then I up and that's why I apologize freely- and I reiterate it tonight more united than that, since you use those your lot bigger than when you use those years, but you gotta understand that you're not taking lotta he'd peoples in Europe, Coon you're a sell out. Why would you they're gone the show with guy who's, your friend because they feel gear. They figure that I'm going to be complicit with you that I'm not going to challenge you that I doubt that this is an easy pass. How do you understand why people are skeptical in the pain and the suffering look, and you made the wait about the house, and then use you know. Black people were saying, look is not as if black,
people in the house or any better off than people in the field both of them were subject to slave dominance, hegemony of hatred, rape and the light all, and as a result of that result of that people think that that's infringing. Surely you must know all that was not going on in my mind right. Well, about an hour and its willingness to your question about you're gonna, look, I know we're friends spray and that is not a greater bond. Then, your bond with the black community, I hope or friends forever, but anyone who knows you knows you're a straight shrewder right. I mean, I feel, like I got Robert Mueller here right. I got a so you know what one. Let me ask you this. So one of the things that you know my book, the boy you mention is about white. Privileged talk, a lot about white privilege when I was before I spoke about that and PETE I believe that one
things you did last week was an unconscious reflex. Nobody was described EU any malicious intent, but that's the point right that it he's out of a culture that reflexively identifies that particular word with some heinous acts in history, and so they think it's a matter of privilege that it does happen. Let me let me read you something that my son, a well known authority on this is this is what he texted me. He said No white boys like that who get a pass, who earn a pass from the work they put in, but the coolness and most honourable. Why boards are the ones that choose not to act on that pass by They understand the history pain, sensitivity behind the use of the inward. So do you Are you truly understand that than the need to name and to challenge that unconscious white paper what's that exists in how it hurts black people, even if unintentionally, but of course, I don't think I do. I mean we're all evolving
HU. We are right by the way this happen once right, a guy said a weird thing: I made a bad joke right. Yes, it was wrong and I am to that, but I mean it. Like a NATO. A career of this re Rowena Zuleika their left last Friday and said: oh I'm gonna break some new grounds and I regret it. You know what happened in. It was wrong and people make mistakes were all centres and we gotta, but but I totally get that look I mean we. We are all evolving at the pace. Day by day I grew up in, a white down in New Jersey Rank, not Alabama right, that's the country! This was I was born in nineteen. Fifty six grew up New Jersey in the fifties and sixtys and race was even an issue it did exist. We were accept my parents
Told me the right thing about it right and I'm trying to buy the way portrayed the right thing about it. Why there's? No questions on jobs have said what they want. That's why you just put your you just put your finger on an extremely important point, so that vote people over there right, we think about in the age of trump we think the nefarious resurgence of racism under Jeff sessions and the abandoned? There's no question about that so that, even if your intent is certainly not to to cause any kind of pain or horror. You I do know that the use of that word then triggered. I think, the nuts. The unconscious, but the but the way in which black people feel on their haunches now because of the resurgence of racism that you but The reason I'm here is because you of attack that you You're, the one who said denying racism is the new races you're, the one who called Donald trump out on his racism and force them to show his birth certificate, but the woods with interest.
In tricky here, is that when I talk about white privilege in my book, I talk about people who are obviously the allies of black people, but who may also inadvertent we unintentionally, but none the less legally participate in the culture that in hurting, as you acknowledge black people in a way It has to be grapple with. That's why I think there was so much outrage and hurt in paying people. Oh bill, Marty's races. I don't think most people thought that what they thought was if even bill MAR Kin? at some level, capitulated to a level of unconscious privilege, then the rest of us in our inner in a serious spot. Ok, but I'm not here to make excuses you, but first of all the was in my mind, is in in the culture, sowed the fact that it was in my mind, is also it is there what part of what you're saying? True, absolutely, as I said, I'm just a product of, but
country, like everybody else, but I just don't want to pretend this. More of a race thing than a comedian thing comedians earth this kind of monkey so to speak? We are with maybe we are a train, drank thing that tries to get. Alas, that's that's what we do. That's all we are always thinking and this the first time this is not the first time in this subject, but not the first time. I've gotten in trouble in private, as well as in public, because that's what comedians are somehow wired to do was like always go. We want to make those people laugh, and sometimes we train
Grass, a sensitivity point I mean my friend, Cathy Griffin, who buy way owes me of fruit let's get forgetting her off the front, but you know there's a similarity there because, like what she did, as much as I hate Trump yeah. That's wrong! You don't do that whoever the president is right, but you know she was going for a laugh and I understand that we sometimes do cross. The line where I we know where I want to just wanted to say to her ass. She said Trump broke me. No, shouldn't and my careers over. No, it's not you make a mistake. You don't have to away by everyone makes mistakes. So don't worry about that. One should not talk in this book and a big unite to talk about this of mine I first heard Nigger said to me: I was a
seven year old child with my friends in the sale, I read it re great and I felt even worse, I mean look at its real because that kind of crashing consciousness that I am different, that I am forever consigned to a different box, relegated to a different reality so that, even with did you ever really right in terms of the committee's line? And you know what people would respond that by saying, but look there trick appoints even in company that lines you should that cross. As you say it, Cathy should not do and when it comes the race. You know that I mean it's not that introducing a new concept to you. You understand that, but the real I would say is that there are so many people who are vulnerable out here, who are black people, brown, people, red and yellow people who are vulnerable? Who don't have the protection of a culture so that there can, the UN's might make jokes think about it, I thought about Larry delivery to look you, member Larry David. What am I favorite scenes from curb your enthusiasm is when a blackmail comes up. Duma says: hey you Monica
they Larry David- wants to show affection, so he wants to go you're. My he's is, are you? Are you Michael patient, so so what he understood. What he understood was that's a lie. He can't cross and because he understands you can't cross it. Even comedy has to be disciplined by now now, as you have already said, the reason I'm here what the reason I'm here, because I'm willing to take the heat for people, because I think that the bill Now, I know, has been on the front line protecting arguing standing. You made a mistake, you acknowledge that mistake and I think it important for the nation not to rush passed that but to understand that, even as celebrate,
and as conscientious a figure is you? If you can make a mistake. That means the rest of us can so we have to grapple with how deeply rooted that is so, for me, look, I know you're, not a Christian and you're an atheist and I'm a Christian, but I tell people often opera the work with you as an atheist, because you ultimately believe and the principles of justice, but my Bible tells me to whom much has given much require. You been given a great deal and, as a result of the great yielding to have been given, I want to see you continue to stand up and trumpet justice for those who are vulnerable to reinforce their standing in a culture where you ve gone after the powerful and done it in such a powerful way. That's why text you often every week after the show and say bill, I'm getting their faces again and getting in their faces again. That means standing still goes to a phone with this cuz I was who was every quarterback there's an interception know that no doubt- and I
I just them in more than most area, you borrow your bread farming a gamer! Well, I'm just saying you know what we're bothered me about. This is that I saw its cost me a lot of political capital. I'll, be use that term I'm a comedian, but I'm a community is doing a little different than most, which is Of course, I'm trying to entertain friend be popular. That's my political capital, but at the same time I'm saying things that are sometimes unpopular, even with my own liberal group, which most people We sell so I'm always aware of like well I'm willing to do that. I'm willing to spend political capital for a cause or review that I think it's to be out there right. This wasn't that this was just a mistake. It was just a dumb interception right when no doubt so you know but I've been on twenty four years was no question-
an end, but a thing is, as I said, as I said, you know that this would be a terrible moment. It is a terrible moment because you happen to be the kind of person whose conscience causes to be reflective there. So many more millions of people who exercise why privilege, without any sense of consciousness and who refuse and means own up to that in a way- and I think whether you intend that to be the case, it at least opens up the possibility that we can have that compensate you and I think, that's a constant use. You mentioned a few minutes ago. The fact that I introduce that phrase in the languages denying racism is the new race. Yes, I mean Vast majority of Fox NEWS, viewers think races doesn't exist right that we made it up. That would mean that the real problem is reversed. Racism. Absolutely I mean there's a lot of work to do in your book talks about what let's get to what people can really do, You talk about reparations and you talk about reading re rice just
the time we have left tell us about those two things well think their important, and you know women outside my reparations, I'm not saying that every white person should give their money to black people, though after the show, if anybody is willing to do that, I certainly want to be available. But I'm talking about practical things, let me tell you what some people, the wife of a read my book and wrote me and say: look I took you seriously. I went out and got some come some computers that were that we're tore up that we're jacked up. I got him fix. I took twenty computers over to the local school. Would african american people and you should see certainly me the pictures of them, and it was incredible. So those are the kind of practical things. Practical wisdom practice we'll just as they can be rendered in the name of that and then we're eating rate, look look all of us need to deepen our awareness of. What's going on. As you know, bill I mean in you I have this conversation later. Black
people ourselves are at war with each other about whether we use the n word or not. Yet people think we should some people think we shouldn't I'm not a racial oil is in the sense of I believe we should be fundamentally a line to a certain position that says, if you believe this in your legitimate, your black, and if not you don't, I don't believe in that. I believe in the same kind of thing, you believe in the kind of a reference, but having said that but I also understand is that reading and engaging the world around us that you're learning something about the world before you? So many people speak about race and they have racial amnesia stay at their there. A fog of dismay they want to see the world the way they want to see it. They listen to Fox all day. Long believed that the president is the greatest man. I'm talking about the present president in the history of the world and what they failed to understand is that this new age in which we live here,
certified in legitimate it, the resurgence of some of the most heinous expressions of anti blackness that Lucy and we need you airline. I'm glad we got here, professor everybody here. They he's a z in and political analysed and former hosted meet the breast David Gregory she's, the former press secretary for Senator Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and to see it in political commentators, Simone Zander. He is the former republic, and congressmen from Florida is thirteen District David, Jolly hey David began to question, which remains number times ransom after the shoe on Youtube.
Ok, so I've said this many times on the show with we. I think I think like this week we saw the testimony. It's all about Donald Trump and his crime family but we lose sight of the big issue which is the headline should be Russia attacks, America, and that is in the present tense. Senator Warner said this week its march broader than we knew we found out they're getting they tried to get into maybe did the voting machines themselves. That was a big talking point very well and then get the actual machines and its ongoing, and we have a president, the commander in chief who doesn't care. About a war, that's happening, he's a. Can we win a war when the commander in chief is able is my question to this, but will we have to deal with the underlying offence? It was an attack on America. Senator Mccain said an effort,
You undermine our democracy, interfere with our election. It doesn't matter that there is evidence that it actually worked if your land you're, putting your second back watching. This call me testimony thinking. Oh my god, I didn't realize I could pull this off with such little investment it, but it is. It is appalling that presently, United States thinks more about himself, his own jeopardy, his own priority in his own ego and not what his research on security is to the office of the presidency, which is to protect a country harder than the Maghreb Democratic Republic and Independent Green Party whatever, because next time it could be there. How can party that is attack that is starting by the Russian. So I actually, we have a commander in chief and the White House. I think we have a business man who thinks he's running the country like a business. He doesn't care about the implications of the office
that is concerned, and I think the most them in part of companies testimony because all of the he said he said is out there. The most damage part was in the first two minutes where James We said yes, yes and yes to the fact that Russia as a state act or try to interfere with our elections and then what is the President do today he picks up bar fight with the FBI. Director, instead of recognising his role as the commander, and he displayed his incompetence by continue to ignore the russian interference. And in all the law, these meetings, these nine media, senator? Never this guy Martin Heinrich good for you. You know I've, yes, at her. Ok, I've heard him a couple tat. He asked call me said in all these meetings. Do depression? ever ask you about the Russian tax and how you're protecting the country call me said
I'd lots of those talks with a bomb tonight, and I think it is really about him, we'll be any anomaly. Not only is it just about him, but he's not even thinking he's of our not being investigated, and I'm vis vindicated, let's pass out cigars. Like is already it's over. You want to say to him. Here's news flash for you, Mr President, if people close to you are implicated in this it under finds America's trust in your administration in here the government and in you and then all of your art of already like. Let's be honest, the president of the United States has financial ties for Russia and that's why he will not release as tax returns as a bottom line. He can pass it's a bunch of exports and all of us all of its businesses, but the reality is: he has a conflict of interest in countries across the globe. Russia being number one and his sons have admitted it, they have I have it is it is, it is
above the law. Now I remember it was when it was built Lytton. There was presence, not above the law, but what I hear tv every day from your network. A lot is, he kind of is that they can get him on this now, it's, I don't believe anybody either by the law. What I hear on tv and not just on network but other networks as well, and that the Republicans but government people and government particularly report lookin members of Congress are so willing to bend the rules and change the rules just a bit them so bad The current by the United States, who happens to be a rich white man, can adhere to the rules They would never done for President Obama it. This was Hillary Clinton. Oh my god, members at the moment there is a double standard, so recovering attorney
here here, is where the law catches up with the present the United States and its called perjury. What what the president said today, Put me under oath might be the single dumbest thing he's ever said. In our history really stupid guy to consider how we handle this simple enquiry about. Did you fire call me because of the rose and sign memo or because Russia, you change a story three times in politics? That's a lie, a lot of politicians Why'd you ve done a lot of you. Ve had a lot of right here right, but under oath is called perjury and frankly for Bill Clinton that ultimately, what led his impeach vote, but what is it? What is the president doing here? What game is he playing now? Here's the pro but the President have which is, he brings the intellectual rigour to this fight that he brought to the birth or lie against President Obama, nothing, which is to say that that was a lie. He lied about TED Cruises father. He accused the former president of wiretapping him. Yet
demons that are running the car to write these memos. You wanna man up first of all, take on platinum, your Putin to aren't you I'm struggling when all these guys around the present say they call me, should man up and he should have stood up to him and said. Are you running the car to write these memos? You weren't a man up, first of all, take on Vladimir Putin to aren't you put up or shut up. If you have tapes put up the taves, we figure is done through what the hell with back to everyday life is a a beat. You don't think it's still. Thank you. Just can't episodes come that big. It's an episode become eighteen and you know it confused it more. This week somebody came out name reality winner.
This is very confusing if you didn't follow. This is a person whose name I heard this, and the news, unlike with eight other directive, can Rocky Derby horse as why silly rat government in play the guy some someone actually purposely named a child reality. They can't username right. We can't usernames or apparent okay, so, but Jesus twenty five year old, an essay worker who now going to jail, apparently because she leak something very important this. What I was talking about before about how the g two or three are you. That's the intelligence agency in Russia, really the KGB attempted to hack the computer there's a voting officials in this country. They put cookies in a hundred and twenty two websites of county clerk city clerks. Ok, they were trying to fuck me this election in a very real way, and she were revealed this, and you know I said this
as we can measure the Democrats, they don't go for the juggler I saw him Keynes, I well, she did a bad thing, but we got the crew I'm is not the leaguer the crime. The crime Democrats have saying is, I think, a lot of Democrats up there on the hill right now who are being pushed by the base, which is really important because the base is demanding the bug stand up. They were this if they ask really good questions. And sometimes it doesnt show through all the way, but I do think that democratic are building a case. To be able to take on the party now I am also most people that are like look. The house is on fire and some are democratically look for the keys walk through the front door, but I gotta do bet. I ever saw the different view than you do on this look. It is a crime to truly classified information in its important, in any case contract or government official is risking doing that and
as a journalist, you know, journalists take risks to trying to protect those people- the Obama illustration was very aggressive, going after illegals, journalists legally as a result of those leagues and President Bush before him, although they weren't even, is aggressive as the Obama administration, the governor as best it can to protect that information, because its illegal and somebody was engages in it. There is taking the risk and they have to pay the penalty. Your raising a different point, which is we can accept that there are two policies I never about winning a political argument. This is what the Democrats are not doing. The Republicans know how to go for the juggler and when a political argument. Of course, it's not always factual. How about just saying Donald has made us less say things that are so low. Really, let me ask because David's right: the crime is both and listen. I know members of Congress don't have a high favorability rating right, but are rather note in papers and leaves you changed about how you approach Lakers. I think
It was wrong and this was illegal to do this. But your question about what are the Democrats doing it's the lost opportunity going into eighteen who were the leaders kill us at last? long lens approach to this. Never before have Democrats had a better opportunity to take the House of Representatives, then, looking at eighteen, and are you really going to do that?
the same leadership of ten years ago with Nancy Pelosi. Meciar can't come frenetic closely. Let me no. No! No, that's not my point yesterday. While everybody must focus on the call me hearing, she went to the house floor and within what these are public and are trying to heartily they area for the banks. They are not here, preserves Somalia level mere empty words repealed that does any body care you think you know. I don't think I think here is the younger voices coming. I really do think. Do you think this affair? So if democrats take the house and twenty eighteen should Nancy Pelosi be the next speaker of the house, we want no answers, oh no! No! No! No! No! No! No thanks goes to the mills arguing a bit like the electoral issue for democratic young people and twenty eighteen is Russia. I get it are you that the more Pope issue for people across the award Obama, TAT voters, young people season folks, is healthcare.
I am able, but you your point, Democrats. I think I have to do things. They have two zero in on. Your point is America, save is less safe. Are we dealing with the offence? What the results that tromp is or is not accomplishing, I do think that Democrats do. Get too far ahead. They want to impeach him. You know three days ago at each there's plenty of them and I introduce another where they might get him, because even Republicans we're talking this week about how he is, Insane- and there are now I mean literally- I mean Just- our bureau said if any ceo in a fortune, five hundred company was behaving this way he would be removed immediately. He would have a psycho.
Patrick and evaluation and would no longer be the ceo there, Jennifer Rubin, who very conservative right for the Washington post. He post said there are serious concerns about this president's mental stability. One is prompted to ask if he is off his rocker. He's not getting more hinged and David. You set a legitimate, a legitimate lie, legitimate line of questioning it is his fitness. So It is, most Republicans are still behind him. So I want to ask those Republicans who are still behind what would it take simple question and we prepared- Oh primer, for you do what like like what if he showed up at a press conference in full on Johnny Depp Tonto make what are they? stalls his own orb
what. If, instead of pardoning the White House, Turkey, he starts fucking. Whatever he puts his son in law in charge of Middle EAST peace with european rights, everyone in the into the bathroom on AIR Force One to see his air force to what are they meets the queen and rings her left nipple like a door. What what do we do Where's new Gingrich's, wife, America's national bird. I, what
we spend hours every day and further the rangoon tat cage the nationals you yelling am I got enough now, daddy. Am I a ninety? Ninety one death certificate is now re released in its one event, beneficiaries issued with three new songs ice cube. I know you're here to promote an album. I know you also want to talk about my transgression. What do you want to do? First I knew you'd go fuck up sooner laid low yourself, you digress, show
Thank you. You know which we book just airline low bit. You know you got a lot of black jokes, I'm saying you do what in against racists. Sometimes you sound like a redneck trucker now I don't know that I do no idea that I gotta pushed back. I is my plea: ok, my mother and I never heard that opinion before, but nothing is, as you know, and I'm cool. Would you like to show to be as just one or two questions? What made you think tat. It was cool to say to you now I did one could? I just explained there was no thought put it. Obviously I was telling Doktor Dyson comedians, they react and it was wrong and I apologized- and you know more than a. I too do accept your think, but I still think you need to get to the root of the psyche, because I think it s
guys out their whole crow. Cause I allude too familiar or they think they, too familiar, or guys that you know I have a blog Girlfriend too remains collate every now and then They think they can cross the line and they came you know it's a word. Tat has been use the gives like a nightmare and you can use it as a weapon or you can use as a tool is being used as a weapon against us by why People- and We now know that that happen again by nobody, because is now. I know you heard is it's in a lexicon, everybody talking, but that's our word now. That's our word now.
You can't have it back and noted, trying to get it back is guy, and on that the much talked about you bill. I'm talking about guys who crossed and every day they got some black home these they got. France, they think, is cool and its cool, because, When I hear my home, we say you don't feel like venom. When I hear white person said they feel like that knife standing, even if they don't mean it. So I, like you, show in this a great show and, I just don't know sometimes, is this a political show? What was it about jokes sometimes it sometimes the jokes nor understand the format, and you know you got says a comedian show, but this to me is a political show and I think you just have to not step on somebody. Political message that you saying with a because some
he's just a funny. You know me, so this is really right here we go into and I'm not trying to get on your case, do I'm telling you I, like you, show a like you, but I think this is a terrible moment not just to you, but to the people. That's watchin right people watching right now are saying that point has been made not by me My doom, by remaining made mainly on burning and we can laugh Now- would entail Japan would you like to keep their? Furthermore, I also think about the context in which the We may then we know you apologize, but in the context you were you essentially by referring to yourself with the house anything you tended to whitewash who was really in slow in the house. You know why President America, you would have been the master slave owner, not someone who it was mostly black women horns laid in the house
to rate who were beaten daily in and day out, they endured physical and mental abuse, and so for a lot of people in it that was like a slap in the face to Black America, particularly the black women and so with ice given that the dioxin is the terrible moment and imitation. Moment, we have to talk about just educating and taken it farther look. This is and the backdrop we are two year shy of the four hundredth anniversary of the first twenty african people being brought. To this continent as slaves, weaknesses. On the backdrop of confederate manual the confederacy being taken down from five the Virginia to Once we Vienna people protests in about a week on taken down the stairs. So the confederacy, based on the back up right here in our line not two weeks ago, when Leubronn The council's call the inward than one of the most powerful people and most people in the world, and so I it's a terrible. For everyone to understand that it is more than just a word black people, literally fighting the systems of white supremacy.
Such is life racism every single day and We matter how much money we make what job we do. I have I was literally or the campaign trail would Bernie Sanders. I was attended, began TAT the entourage for no other reason out with a black woman walking with burning that is at issue, and so we have you remember that we still have Why? Don't we start out from fireplaces ago? Maybe when you take grew filter. Well now also without this, do it because to put some some visuals so that things are worth going. Your record before we run area this plug directive. There is a growing record. It is a great record. It was a great record. Twenty five years ago, it's been released with three new song here, so the injustice that you were shining light on twenty five years ago. What is your assessment of progress in that twenty five years?
Then she really is the calendar What has changed, though you know. To be honest, is this NI of law enforcement in all before pouring W h before we did fuck the police there. What happened was. The police could do no wrong if they saw you in court. New pointed to out, you are guilty, You know, after that song and after Kay. You know you saw the police being our scrutiny don't round now for for their conduct, we're getting real, so bottom, a summit is, is slow justice, but is moving in the right direction.
And what about now there's a song here, no one in a good cop, bad cop yeah, ok from the guy who did what the police year, what what is it? What are you? What are you? How do you assess the LAPD Armenia must be awkward if you get pulled over. Not not a guy you know is this is action do. You know hatred, and today I better go We may not, I know a guy lawyers, but in general, are they better than any further major. You know. I can't I can't say you know, because I would give poured over all the time. But the thing is: is you know a good cop, bad cop? Is we appeal it's a good cop out their turn. Those in their turn, these motherfuckers sick. What they do is they turn and are they
in this community a guest of least upon the black community, understands the police department, stands? Why did there really like good caps? It's just a I once those bad sees those bad apples. You know good copses now, last line of defence, you know. So What I want I want the good cop to start kidneys? apples out too much So I know a lot of people in this country, especially after president's drums. Overseas or saying to foreigners, you know we're not him die Tromp is not ass. They want the people overseas to know. That is that true, do you think we're not Donald Trump. Or do you think, Donald Trump? Is we have to own Donald Trump They have to download trot now united Society. We did electron people just like them. You know
everybody? You know it is crazy. People in every country and you know so well got a crazed, won't run in the White House and that's it and that don't make us crazy how can I bring you know what we do have to own the president, you know what the test of a free country and of a democracy is to stand up when it's hard. We haven't electoral system that elected this man is. We have deep political fishers in our country, but but we being democracy being free standing by and when it's time- and it made me tat for a lot of people right now. I don't know me, you know everybody We'll get you know all the bad people in our view, blaming the sea, people for a site. You know You blaming, you know I Iraqis. For said you know you die
you can't blame the people for a guy who gets his way up in near through whatever back channel political. You know thanks to shit. That's going on average either president. He is a line and competent, unqualified present, but he's our president. But if I'm, It raises a very briefly the race question, because there's something I've gotta say you bill, which is important, not look. I am a white Republican, I'm the guy that should be asking for a commercial break right, The GNP handbook says: don't agree with Bill MAR, but I want to say something to you apologize and at some point America ass- to accept apologies and, more importantly, let's start focusing on the people who speak your
different words and refuse to apologise, because that's where the hatred and the high hatred in America today Holidays God bless you for apologizing livestock women's rights, but we gotta go to live here. A new parents and you own this babies, Droller, don't buy this barbecue grow. You're, probably exhausted and accidents happen. You had this neural apple is free to launch their new home pod, a new device. That here is everything you say knows the answer to everything and controls your entire house, but they have to call it. The eye. Wife, you're old Tom grows, can't smile in front of an ominous photo of himself. It makes them look like he has split personalities, wanna, universally beloved movie, star the other, a shadowy member of a diabolical told me. No, that's not true. There are seven, as its l anti fascist protest protesters that when you all dressed in the same masks and clothing, you kind of look like fascists. No one looks a bit in things, a great freedom margins that are here. They look at this them think that greater margin Euro now that Bill Clinton is Co. Writing a thriller with James Patterson called the president is missing. Hilary must write, one called look underneath the death and finally, new role of german Kirshner is going to be in charge of peace in the Middle EAST Trade, with China. Solving the opium epidemic reforming the criminal justice system in reinventing government. He must speak
we're almost six months into the Trump administration, and we have yet to hear boy wonder targeting Etas neighbours have to explain what he's got plan for all these departments. Where he's now Charles in charge, he just has to tell us one thing: how does a thirty six year olds has never worked in a job? Is daddy, didn't buy, become second most powerful man in America right behind potent, but I gotta tell you the answer. The reason why Jared doesn't speak is he doesn't have to he's never had to ask for anything,
He didn't have the grades or s eighty scores to get into Harvard, but then his father gave Harvard two and a half million dollars and they suddenly realised that Jared was Ivy League material. After all, one clear in Rome, it may not be entirely merit based when Europe captains letter comes with the receipt in people who come from money, love to call the people who don't intact. All their dead set against the underprivileged, getting special consideration, because that disincentive, eyes and self Reliance and it's not achieving through merit meritocracy. The last thing they want, because if we had that they would stop winning.
That's the other reason. Jerry doesn't talk, he's a fucking idiot. The first thing he did with his inherited wealth was by a newspaper in two thousand six. You know just as print media was taking off, then in two thousand and seven a used his father's fortune to pay the highest price ever for a New York City building right before the economy and New York, realistic, collapsed. The secret to real estate is by low cell high for words, and German got two of them wrong. Jeremy, the one who told Trump that firing call me was a good idea. These
no thought he could get away with having a secret meeting with costly act, the five hundred pound russian ambassador everyone knows is constantly being served veiled. This guy is recorded. So much he's up programme lacks the tragedy of the Trump voter. They never learn to stop hating the underprivileged and start hating me over privileged the greatest the greatest con Republicans ever pulled off, was convincing the working class that it was imminent,
dreamers and single moms on food stamps who are blocking them from the american dream, and really it's undeserving mocks like Jared who set up all the wealth. It is that's the thing about rich guy, affirmative action, it's quiet and invisible, but very toxic. Like farts from budgetary. We have a treasury secretary, now, Stephen notion.
Also known as what men look like two strippers, who is a former partner at Goldman Sachs, who got to be a partner at Goldman Sachs, the old fashioned way his father was a partner in gold and this'll shock. You Steve wants to get rid of the inheritance tax, which would mean a half the members of trumps cabinet. Would save their kids, a billion in it. Half dollars when they die, o Ridge, kids. You know they inspire a lotta love just by looking at but judging by every single republican policy, they are our most precious natural resource and those policies like taking away your health care, so millionaires can get a tax cuts, couldn't happen without you'd shrub borders. Without your help, dumb rich,
ass. Clowns like Jared Kirshner won't get any and maybe sentenced to a life of being. It pains me to say it slightly: less obscenely wealthy. What not too late you can help act now and call the number below. I don't know what you can do, the orange. I don't know what you can do. The currency saved the Rich Fox campaign call now add one hundred. Seventy eight three, seven, three fucks, that's one! Eight hundred three, seven three Fc K s life. Have you out because,
David Gregory Symone Sanders David Charlie ICE Cube, Michael Eric Dyson, join us after overtime on Youtube. Thank you, post for more information log on to HBO Dot, com.
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