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Ep. #429: Alex Marlow, Eddie Izzard

2017-06-17 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Alex Marlow, Eddie Izzard, Ian Bremmer and Malcolm Nance. (Originally aired 6/16/17)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making in real time I think I know why are outdated. I'd say that a report that I really know this time because it gave out today the day Amazon is buying whole foods. You will begin
in Kehl, delivered right to your door. Liberal Christmas, everyone now the other easier Bobby. How happy as this Donald Trump Agreement, following what those guys up to four months, has been absolutely obsessed with harassing every single law enforcement official in the federal government to tell everybody not under personal investigation, not personal, invent the Asia down everybody. Well now we ve got personal story, that happens, the charges obstruct freedom, justice and it was the typical pattern we have seen with the news. The Washington Post, acting on leagues, broke this story around five p m a few days ago. Fox NEWS spent all night trying to debunk it, and then Trump himself confirms that
during his, for I am poop tweet below them. The other news outlets role tried to confirm this, but why at three fifty five a m trump tweeted. Now they go for a restructuring of justice nice. This is like water gave. A deep throat was Nixon. Usually, usually these federal investigations go slowly. Not this one special prosecutor, Robert Miller, has already hired thirteen lawyers with plans to hire a lot more. He is so far up trumps,
ass. He had to ask potent dispute over and mother, and his team have already found a clue. The trump fired we must stop the Russia investigation. It's the time from went on tv and said I fired call me to stop the russian master. So in a panic is the word that the using what's going on at the White House, everybody is Loring up trumps war, here hired a lawyer, make it that currently, the only person who has no use for lawyers, Donald from they say only does all day he watches TVS. Doing about this. He was so
set about all this. This week he called in the entire cabinet, for emergency flattery, mating, o m J. Did you see this? Did you say? Did you see what went on at this cabinet meeting? I did and I immediately called an emergency meeting. My liquor cabin like this is really happening. Trump started things off by blowing himself. He said. Never has there been a president whose done more things than I then they all took turns around the table verbally violating the dear leader, Ryan's previous said. We thank you for the opportunity and the blessing you ve given us deserve your agenda. This is
of Scientology talk about IRAN, Arbour, cabinet members. These people use dab dignity, they were public goods, but they had dignity and now they're going around the table. Pardon me, sir. If I avert my gaze as you side with the power of a million sons, they are enormous brain cast, a great shadow. I am but a much rouble grows in a chain rex tellers said I want to say your dick is big, Mr President, but I'm standing on and then the next decade shrub turn seventy one.
So if you're wondering, if this is the year, he settles down now you're thinking of a golden retriever. Turning three so yea turn. Seventy one that a big birthday celebration at the White House on Wednesday. They brought out a cake drum closed. I made a wish blow out. The candles and of Uncas dress fall off. I can't get rubbed. Man lay combine, Maloney moved into the White House this week. Knowledge trumps room in the trophy room, speaking of trophies there was the moment of healing this week. After that, mass shooting we had that wounded republican congressmen. Ok, that was our practice
for this game, they're gonna have they went ahead with the game when the Republicans played the Democrats and the Democrats won the game, but after they get after that, they did a nice thing, even though they one they took the trophy and they handed it to the Republicans just like they did with the last. Our thinking area is the first of these. Is the editor in chief of bright bore? It knows be nice, Alex Marlowe is thanks me because you are. They had a bright bird news. The ban and used to head bright, Bert NEWS now be, is drums good, singly airy. I want to say. First of all, I want to do
rights to have a little bit of what you guys are drinking because you have balls and you fight better you're here, on my show, I can't get Democrats to come here, Thank you, but it's it's a super high compliment and that's one of the reasons why I am here on the show with you is because you have a reputation of actually letting conservative speak their mind and speak. Therefore, peace. So compliments to you hats off, but I think that actually a lot of our inspiration, a bright bar, has been found following Democrats and people on the left. Over the years on, from LOS Angeles, I went to Berkeley I've witness I live Washington DC and watching the left, fight, effectively fight tooth and nail for their values. That's were bright. Bar was founded on those principles that we believe what we believe. So we're going to fight for them with our. We have, while I didn't expect you to say that
I don't think the left fight tooth and nail, they didn't even defend Obama care. When Democrat gave Americans health care not Herpes, Ok anyway, so ear. So honest about being a right wing organization with Fox NEWS is not ok, but you do ignore stories. Would you not agree to that? I mean Nor should I design I desire you guess I learned that honesty and I try to be consistent as we do with a bright bird news and we're not going to cover the exact same stories. The exact same way as all the other outlets will leave, that to the rest of the establishment. Press were very much anti establishment trying to highlight stories that we don't think in our fair day. Ok, but there's Antonio, garbage man and then there's anti truth if you're in
we're not covering Russia yeah. You are not. We checked it's kind of a big story I mean, even if there is no collusion, it's still a big story, all of our intelligence agencies, which right wing patriots used to admire. Yet they all say it happened, you don't cover it. How do you justify that really? As I said earlier, we don't cover it because every other outlet in the world, particularly the left, have centre outlets, which are the vast vast vast number of news outlets are obsessed with this story.
Bring it round the clock for nine months. This story really do not at all Alex. Come on now we covering a little if there's something big, if there's something that breaks, that is a big important story, but we don't have any evidence of collusion. We don't have any evidence, number one option of jostling yet, but you would agree with the seventeen agencies. I'm asking do you agree that Russia did metal and try to fix this election? I am Russia absolutely was trying to interfere according to those agencies. I have no reason to doubt them. I have no real, no extra insight beyond that, but is this something that news day. You think we're outstrip the election. I dont know if Russia tipped the election, not, but we know that what they release was true statements by democratic that were incredibly embarrassing and it's the sort of thing with the democratic,
look: I wasn't that enough to tip the election if it was only seventy seven thousand votes in those three states. Well, they did lose twenty thirty states. The Democrats are there now take a look. I don't know, I'm not saying that the Democrat, I'm not saying the Democrats donor problems, look look at this. What you saw a titanic. Yes, my wife loves it. I love it, I'm, ok Maybe I should be with your wife, but in- and I am saying this because in Titanic there's a point where the spoiler alert the ship? It's an iceberg. It's not gonna go well, and the architects says you know: there's nine compartments below it for them flood we're! Ok, if Rivah them flood we're fucked. Ok, so I would agree there are many compartments at this. They had a bad can do that. Regrets Hilary, I think she would have been a good president, bad candidate electoral colleges, fucked up. It was a year for the out.
Siders and liberal sulking about Bernie and bull shit about Hilary. The lesser of two evils: that's for compartments but come on. Russia is the fifth compartment. You cannot claim to me that they did all this shit with the hacking in the emails and it didn't Tipp. The election there is no doubt about it. There. Russia wants to sow discord, the United States, they want to lose faith in our institution, but what's happening with this story Is it we're nine months in no hard evidence of collusion? If you present evidence of collusion bill, ok, ok, forget it I'll eat them for free, but in the meantime I want to cover the president's agenda more than I want to cover the Russian. Let me region that does not exist. I'll get off this one second of industry would Angus King, said Khrushchev sessions heaters to vote this week and Angus King who I'm starting to really love, said the question he didn't answer that really disturbed me. Have you looked into what the Russians did? The attorney general, the United States
you asked for any briefings. Do you understand the magnitude of what was done to us and the answer was no, he said We essentially said the same thing last week about the president. They had nine interactions never asked how the Russians did it. This is the most serious attack and our country since timber eleventh an adversary, is aiming an arrow at the heart of our democracy, and these guys are just shrugging it off if the commander, in chief, won't defend the country against an attack by a foreign adversary. Isn't that the most impenetrable offence. There is a suggestion. Is that its impeach a ball because he hasn't defended the country adequate since then than I dont know what the precedent is for that. If there's collusion, then we can have the impede the impeachment conversation, but
No demonstrable evidence of collusion and you guys continue to talk about the story in the establishment press instead of talking about the Is it an agenda which is by design, because you guys want apologise? If it turns out there's nothing, no one will come out of MSNBC Illegal, just move on to the next hysteria and that a huge advantage for people like me. Who are covering the rest of the news. I don't think that's, but ok, let's move Anderson, that's gotta, free speech, you're, because that's something we both care about very much and I think it's under attack from so many quarters in this country. You so you went to Berkeley Absolute. I didn't know that I was the keynotes, bigger their graduation a couple years. I'm surprised you let your camp well, they decided that they may did this. Invite me ok and then there was enough. Well, there was an uproar, so they did invited me and then there was another upward, so they re invited me
what it's under attack on campuses, it's under attack by Donald Trump, who threatened reporters all the time and its under attack, as I'm sure you know, by corporations, theirs play going on Julius Caesar. Yes, ok, and is it the guy who is poor trains Caesar is dressed as Donald Trump, its plainly trump red tie down to his name crazy hair, it's trump and or get stab. Now, I'm fond of saying to Republicans all the time: if Obama did it, but really, if Obama is Julius Caesar and he got stab. I think the liberals would be angry about that. I'll. Absolutely it would be bedlam in the media and the same thing with the coffee Griffin thing withholding President trumps head with blood on which was not funny mean it's bizarre performance art, and I really do
this stands firmly with with what ok? It's not I disagree with that. I mean, I think, what it is. I rise it and there is this I don't. I don't think they should have Trump planes Caesar and getting stab. I dont, even conservative comedian did that with President Obama. Would you one say it was funny anyone right? One committees are agreeing that there are some places were free speech does pause. Well, it's bad strategy, certainly to put that out. They are currently all look like less hysterical, lunatics and so would again helpful for four bright boy, not as helpful for the democratic. What about this thing? We're we're corporations yet now or getting in the act, and if, if you do something, they don't like, they pull their funding. Yes absent!
while there I'd better and I'll tell you that this really started. In my view, in the modern era, with bright bar, where a lot of people are boycotting bright part and what they are doing is there's a lot of anonymous people online cowardly people, we don't know, is funding them. We don't know who they are, who are putting out all of this misinformation about who we are and what we stand for, and they're trying to round up corporations to boycott us and so what happened is that corporations are now deciding what free and fair speech who can make a living? What opinions you can make a living saying now and of course, now you're seeing the right fight fire with fire and one boycott of when the left takes it too far in there I'm hatred, so is a very dangerous path or on, and I really do think Bill- and I appreciate you giving me this opportunity. People on the left and the right who are free speech advocates need to come together right now The corporations are not going to define the first amendment in free speech in this country.
Yeah, I mean I'm worried about for its also under attack with religion. I mean, I think now there are certain is about terrorism that you and I do agree on- think criticising your religion. Whatever religion, it is, is not bigotry in itself. Have to argue that on the show, all the time but come on Alex, you don't really think Muslim ban is helpful thing. Do you. I mean that's stupid approach to the problem, well, that this stupid approach, this strategy- part, I think, is interesting. I think a lot of where the ban comes from and again
It's not literally a Muslim banned. It is only highlighting countries that are not even necessarily the countries that have the most Muslims in their country, but I think the design is that people have lost faith, particularly the people in the Trump inner circle that the government has the ability to effectively that people coming in and out of the country, and until we do have faith that they. Can that people properly there needs to be its marine measurements. Eight of the recent attacks have been from people who have been here. American citizens so? Yes, but they got radical, I somewhere they didn't get radicalized exactly so what but not they weren't coming from another country, and there I think, a lot of it. Is that Don't realize that american Muslims are about four or five million people, rent and and in the world. It's a very differences
duration into billion and a half people, and I don't think the problem is, is here in Amerika among American Muslims. I think we have to get them on our side There's this add member thing over Christmas member, the Amazon Ed where the e mom and the priest said each other new paths. Yeah. You remember that yes, and there, and the idea is that you know their their bodies and recent, each other new paths to pray there are many ways to God, and one is not better than the other. I think that actually happens in America, but I think it happens in most of the muslim world, I don't think the idea that, oh you know what there are many ways to God: they're all valid. Let's agree to disagree. I don't think that's the thing you find in Pakistan a lot, but I think it is true of America. So why can't we we get the America
Muslims are on our side instead of alienating them. Well, you know I hosted national radio show for bright Barton serious exam every morning and I love our lighting muslim voices who are progressive and reformist and want to kick out some of them massage in some of the hatred associated with radical elements of it, and I think it's an important place to start, but to bring back what bright part does different than anyone else. Is we cover stories? The establishment press doesn't want to cover, for example, many people dumb. Now that is many half a million People in the United States have undergone female genital mutilation. That's a story broken in the USA. Today, bright Bart highlights those types of Where's? I dont see those stories on CNN because I'm too busy hearing about the latest non Russia story, but ok,
on Russia. Stories are actual stories Alex, come on, I'm having a little bit right last question: do you think bright bird with the political vision that is involved in has any response building for the kind of violence that we see in our society, including what happened this week, Slowly not I mean, as you know, that the guy was a big sanders supporter. I actually happened, not the blame Bernie Sanders for it, but when you have a climate, where you see an end, for example, calling bright bar the number one platform for the Nazi salute over a video we never played in CNN played when you have the New York Times, accusing bright bar of pudding. This is dog whistles out. When the media lie so much about people calling Trump supporters, racist, despicable deplorable all of these things over,
For now they have been racist, despicable and deplorable. Ok, the president Sakes has retreated what reckon its absolute light all round. I encourage we want to go to bright barked our com, slash people, you can meet some of the bright boy. Reporters you got the bright Bari editors, the most wonderful, diverse influence. You'll journalists on the planet and no one is interested in their real story, cause they're, so quick to want to call people racist and it is not working. That is why so many Democrats are losing across the country. They lost thirty states they losing the governorship, the state houses I had. So, if you want to play that game bill, if you want to keep calling us racist, I don't think it's going to work for you. So please have added when you
we will allocate, make you very much for having the balls to come here. I do appreciate our legislators have said this before this is another area. They too person tunnel. We ve done this before Adona. Just Yosemite is the president of the razor group, an author of superpower, three choices for America's role in the world in Bremmer, and he was a. U S. Counter terrorism intelligence offers an author of the plot to hack America, how Putin Cyber spies and Wiki leagues tried to steal the twenty sixth election, Malcolm Nantes, Russians mention, I travel times of an answer that, after the show on Youtube, let me pick up where we left off there. The shooting this week it was a liberal
it was a Bernie Sanders supporter I mean it's odd. We live in a strange country, you know Would never really think this would happen on the left that we think of the right as the people of pick up guns and do crazy. Things like this is its Agnes. Get that this was a liberal someone who watched and MSNBC all day, not that there are to blame either because they certainly are not- and I won't ear it that there are the equivalent of Fox NEWS because they're not either, though not the left version of Fox NEWS, they actually cleave to reality. Let me jumpin with something optimists sick, which is that I've been surprised the level of inequality, given how easy it is to get our guns given the stored nursery level of political polarisation that exists between left and right, historically in and country right now and also given not,
cable news and blogs, but, most importantly, Miriam IRAN, the wall from social media you're, the fairest of them all. Just you, I'm surprised, has been so little political violence so far in this country, and I think we should. I think that efforts paper expect. I shouldn't. I think we should recognise that this is not a daily problem for us. It is a lot of other countries. Looting. Ledge! Is this guy patient zero for something that's going to? We were gonna, be seeing more. I don't think there is. I don't think he's patience you. What I think is there is this bizarre point where the left in the right on the libertarian far stream libertarian ends come over like this little cross, section of the Van diagram where they act out, in the exact same ways, and you know I get this all the time because people go. Oh, you actually had people say to me, you liberals, don't we better watch out because we have all the guns you know on the right, which is funny because I've. And bore no guns, no grounds for this guy I've got his.
For the most part you know I do think this guy's, a symptom of then I think, is a symptom. Anything is a symptom of anything. Is a symptom of a system. Certainly, in terms of got, can control where he could, abuses wife beat his daughter and have the charges dismisses Toby ABLE go out by got right? Let me ask you this. He was kind of mentioning this little bit at this time, Can I heard this this week. People on the right said: well, you know when you say things like global warming is gonna, kill people and repealing Obama care is gonna, kill people and Donald Trump is a traitor. Then this is gonna happen, except what am I supposed to do as a commentator? Global warming denying it, is going to kill people rebelling, Obamacare is going to kill people and Donald Trump is kind of a traitor
So what what am I supposed to? Do? I think they're, not my president hashtag hurts. I never said I didn't see did about. I'm saying you asked me in a common writers. I see so much of that I mean the guy. Was you know the Democrats conceded Hillary Clinton conceded it was. You know, could seen by us as a legitimate election, irrespective of the fact that there was a tax by the Russians. Are you know? I think that with important that the entire country recognise that he may not be likeable.
We're not be capable, but we as a country actually voted form and by the way the administration is not just one person. We see that in our markets today we set and stability of the country. I do think that the Vitry all and the damage to the fact that the media frequently comes across as our hairs on fire about this guy that so many of us do not like is actively damaging in so many people that support from do believe that when they hear that it's not just attack on their president, it's also attack on them their legitimacy, their voice, the person they voted for. I dont think that both the nation is split is, as many people think. When the election happen was a peaceful transitional Some people didn't like it, but everyone who voted for Hillary Clinton didn't like it, but you didn't see people taking up arms. You didn't see people saying we're going to stop this. You didn't see people saying the government is now illegitimate arise when we saw bra Obama elected it? Let me tell you
some guys we're on the secret service, snipers team and they were practising every day because they were afraid that he was going to be the first president killed by long rifle. But we didn't see that here you don't see that on the left or people are going out secretly into the wheels and practicing, but but not them. What would happen if Donald Trump was removed from office? Do you really think his followers would take that piece of lie and say? Well, that's that's the law working as it should had that discussion. We had that discussion when you know early on as it looked like people thought. Hillary Clinton would win the election that we're all sorts of tv critiques of. Will they go along peacefully? Will they go up in arms, You know, I don't think that either on the right or the left, the average American is going to be taking up arms because the processes that have been in place since George Washington took power are going to remain now. If he's removed from office. Ok, there's always going to be disgruntled people
but that's why we fund Swat teams the biggest surprise and the biggest travesty in United States. Its com has not been political violence, since the election is the fact that the most important election of any of our lifetimes almost half the population didn't bother about the level of apathy, the level people that, after decades, have said that none of these people represent me and I'm checking out that should concern us so much more than the hatred and the patrol we're here. So addressing the mean that certainly true, on the one hand, we have this ridiculous level of apathy. On the other hand, we have the outrage industrial complex. That makes everything that comes along an existential crisis between I'm, let's face it. That is part of this problem. I mean this guy watched way too much tv
you know, I do I mean look, I'm a fan of MSNBC and again I will not let people say it's the court. Could I hear that all the time foxes, the conservative burn em in fact make shit up an msnbc? Doesn't I am quibbles with them, but they Try to live in reality and propose solutions to real problems. That's different, but you know what this guy wants to too much if you watch it all day long. It's like eating K. I say for dinner every night: well early on. You know we had several major now. Can I put it armed incidents after Barack Obama took president, we had the shooter in Pittsburgh who took on a swat team and killed three officers. Because he was told they were coming to take his guns. You have the guy who watched Glenn back and drove to attack the that
its foundation in San Francisco. This mother hadn't called the state police and they had a massive gun battle on the highway. He was going to kill everyone there and everyone at dumb at the ACL you there is just this small set, one of people who may not only harness that anger. They act on that anger, but what we do, but it's not equal. Not each group is doing this guy who took this shot, who shot the congressmen the other day. He is a microcosm of one side and most liberals, I know don't have guns. Are they don't look towards violence obviously really go around thinking to go upon Origin house conservatives now they don't in, and we need to harness the energy of that and by the way I can explain the fifty percent that doesn't vote. Gotta go to Walmart it's Tuesday afternoon. They I've gotta, go to go to work to feed their kids
If our elections, where I sat or data, we don't make it a united, we don't make it easy. This Republicans win by cheating there. I never fear that there are countries in the world where you are compelled to vote and if you don't use a small, fine and more people show up it, rightly so hard do than the United States is a very hard earned privilege that this country has- and we forget about that road. I thought was very interesting when the brother of the shooter in Arlington and he's into on the day and he's like well look, he was just really grant old and he was very angry about all these people, but I didn't find anything particular unusual about it. I think that it so easy to just see that
the level of this normal see now in people that put on their Facebook pages that everyone on the other side is completely evil. All of us have experience level of hatred and the trolls that in our our tolerance, for that has just become so much greater and I think, as a consequence, we become inured to a lot of the trigger signs that would have put us it would have set at ten years ago. Someone would have signal this guy's a little off. Maybe I should talk to him. The brother never talked never was concerned about the wife thought everything was mighty. Miss this dog eat dog. Was there when you see the dog again, that would make you monsieur had woven mental health care is now performed by the police. You know it was. He was terminally terminal, right terminally cured of whatever was going on in his head, but he acted out any acted out because he had some get access to weapons and also because there's this idea in the culture that you just don't confront or contradict your enemy.
Is you have to eliminate the elimination of rhetoric. Were yes, that's an intelligence community term where we were. You want to kill all your enemies right, Mark, Sandford, member him of the Appalachian drowned. Well, Mr Argentina, he said the present Republican said. The president is at least partially to blame. The demons that have been unleashed there's a drink. You said I was arrested in here centre and people are saying a few and I feel- and I feel with each other at a senior centre, the all are saying fuck you anything if, the top guy saying I wish I could hit you in the face. If not, why don't you and I? Why don't you do it and I'll pay your legal fees if the guy, at the time,
begins to anything to anybody time. Why can't? I it starts with a trump has to take a little responsibility for what has gone on in the true he's doing. We, we have a toxic political environment and a president who is unwilling an instant constitutionally incapable of apologizing for anything that he has ever done or considered. That is obviously a big problem of society, but I have to say, was great to see them Publicans and Democrats hugging it out on the baseball field, praying to get a great? I have not, even though I heard about six hours of people saying let's come together, I aside from Mark, send for you pick Sandford. I couldn't find us with the air carriers, the days of former Georgia leader, and I mean he also was making that commentary in front of a fairly large group, but I haven't seen a lot of Republicans and Democrats in office today that are prepared to stand up and take any personal accountability.
Haven't seen any one in the establishment media stand up and take for any personal accountability, and I think that is a serious serious, for we have to start somewhere merely by example. This week I find out where to return Nugent tat no taboo. She went on radio and said I have reevaluated my approach I incur. Even my friend slash enemy on the left. We have got to be civil to each other. We have had heated debates. We have to walk away, respecting we're gonna, make the ultimate decision at the voting booth. Never should any american subject, fellow at the subject, other fellow Americans to any kind violence I'm not going to engage in that kind of April rhetoric, anymore TED Nugent. I used to be kind of friendly with them. Tat come on our show. Let's start something right here. Because I wrote this guy off a long time ago. If he can say that I can, we got a reach out somewhere right, I'm starting with
Well, I don't know he's an actor political activists. Grenadier, author, a believe me, a memoir of love, death and jazz chickens. Please work, nobody has its twin two long years. How are you and ragged? I see you? Are your war you're good, lipstick, yeah? I can I move this enormous delays, movement in men and listen. I think I'm talking maybe to a future member- parliament will now be the mayor of London. I know I was gonna, be mare, run an old member that I wanted to run for Maryland and a member of parliament, but some we have a vague.
And he's he's a muslim matters in and has been in twitter wars with Donald Trump? Yes, I'm totally Buckingham and will in future. I would remember on to it some aids I'll Frank is already done. That's gone from the world, while many issues of animal yeah, he's gone into politics have just been listening to his book. It's got yeah, I'm! You know I'm passion, I'm doing well for myself. I want everyone to do well, I'm now I've toward forty five countries honor you do play or animal protein
I hope you do? You went vanity anyone's yeah. There were spy London and the audiences were great, but exactly well. I've gone to forty five and laying in foreign languages, and I'm trying to do this thing, which is very different from the long term, which is I'm proud of. My country needs was proud of his country, but I'm reaching out to other countries. I want to say: can we live from you? Can you learn from us? I think that is the way forward for humanity and I think this century is of a key century for us. The twenty first century this is essentially we make it fair for all seven billion people in the world over gonna wipe ourselves off the face of the planet. I think that's what I think it changes we may you. You came out way back when thirty, two years thirty, two years ago, when the that not every five and what did you say back in In any event, I say just by trying to keep my head down walk around. I didn't get a front page of anything, and
I just some of your came out and it wasn't very. It wasn't easy, then, and eighty five and ninety ninety five, but I just thought it was the right thing to do. I'm straight transgender were all wanna be lesbian, and I don't know what you're not I mean I've. I've heard you describe yourself as a male lesbian as straight transvestite. You like women, what you dress as a woman. Well, sometimes or I do boy, we'll go motives, gonna superhero thing I just so I did and I wanted to buy football. I wanted to be in the forces when I was a kid. It's a second with you Eddie, I'm not that I don't know this is confusing of your much older than I am so sixty one body, ok, well, know your little bell difference and I just cut off I'm fifty five hours that Libya, the at least six, these kids. We did with a different, ok so, but but what I'm saying
is that it's interesting that you could that this wouldn't even be an issue today running for poor absolutely either. As an activist in Britain having I am putting in different actions and not one Joe, I got one job which is. I have to read: lipstick is the color of the Labour Party and they are very and then that's it. That's it there's. No! It's just not commented on, so you like, because but you have sex with girls, yes, but your dress eyes right here, but yes, but you you're dressed as a girl when you do it all I've beauty, the closer off by that point, so I'm dressed as a human. Ok, so look as as beneficiaries of british I'm like I did that drinking. For me, I'm I'm, I'm very. You know old school, my job as a british,
version. Maybe you can help us because we have a royal family now and again the king is zero as dementia, I saw you, you ve got the annoyed money. I mean you ve had that there was any of it seemed very many evil. Wherever saying, when bestowed the great upon your cabinet meeting, we pay me that would that there's gone many evil. Xo Aids is rather odd. What do you make of that? But that I mean that really scared me. Well, it's been scary from the beginning from I mean Vienna, we didn't, we hope, Donald Trump, wouldn't it. But he's is an extreme is kind of viewpoint. I found this in Europe as well anyway, there's a beguiling nature of extremist politics so do. Is it's a simplistic nature? You say you did one or two things: everything we find build. A wall hate the Muslims, everything me fine in and we had the We abreks. It breaks hate in
in britain- and it was I d of leave the European Union and the heads of the intervention. Everything will be fine, it doesn't what real politics is as complicated as it seems, and that's the tricky thing we politicians of the sense that the rights of left. We ve got to get a direction through that and in an put that forward to people to the electorate, because along electorate say I can work out what is going on this guy's, but a very clear message: it's a simplistic message, but its beguiling. That's why I think people voted for over the extremes. They did it back in the thirties and we're doing it back again. What what do you think about we're term under for no one to go? You girls, on this to the first amendment being under attack, free speech. I think there is a generation coming up and have the same views. As you know, your generation Eddie the younger ones or reminder. I don't know how old you guys are, but you know I come. I like horses, a comedian. I come from. You know what, let's, let's let's be free in our in our speech and I think there's this is us,
the out there among some people that hurting people's feelings is more important than than free speech, and sometimes they bump up against each one another or you know people are upset with with with what they call political correctness these days, and you heard that from the conservative I'd. Where was all you know, pc this pc that you know you have a right to say whatever you want a ride, I fought for my entire career in the armed forces, my family, since the civil war, every war fought for people to have free speech that inclusive Klux plan. That includes storm front. You can say any stew. Writing you want right up to the point where you lose decency towards other people right thought That's where we're going across the line and a lot of these people have some real like we certainly earlier elimination is rhetoric where they want to see other people disappeared, and that's where you know the Hutus and in in Rwanda,
The Nazis in Germany started categorizing people as people warrant part of our society and who need to be disappeared. That's not free speech, that's a plan, but what are you guys? please, I think the term political repression, as I understand why they came up with, is the wrong term. You should be positive attitude if you have a positive attitude. Those things and that's that's driving things than right direction. Political correctness blocks a Dane and become censorship, and that is the problem with political correctness as a term, it implies a certain censorship and we want freedom of speech, but positive attitude means keep out hate, encouraging people to help people to use force against others. Do students just yet ready to have one perspective and the ILO
stood right there. I ought. I mean you need a diversity of perspective. You need someone. I remember when I was like teaching on the former Soviet Union, and literally almost everyone in the field was from the former Soviet Union and they had an ax. They had an attitude how many people that teach feminism actually aren't feminist. This problem right of students need to actually be exposed to the broadest breath of of diverse appear.
So that they have the opportunity to actually think it through and come to some meaningful conclusions, overtime, safe spaces, don't allow them to do that, academe what people that derive real world experience that allowed them to do that. I think that you are a problem. I saw this guy speaking at a college. I don't know who he is so don't ask me about eminent supporting them, but he was views being protests that somebody had a sign. That said a queers against islamic phobia and I was like well do you know what they're doing to homosexuals in Chechnya? Think they read much. Could I ask about Megan Kelly because she is- and I know you're NBC so, but I'm going to so. Don't worry because she's interviewing Alex Jones, you know and she's got a lot of what a flag from this there's Alex Jones and
If you don't know what, in for wars, is that's his group? That's if, if the Enquirer is Fox News- and it is this- is that weekly World Report magazine that has like fuckin alien babies on the cardinal, its total, crazy shit. Ok, that's Alex Jones! I mean he's the one who says that sandy hook was a hoax as a pretext for the government to take away your guns. Amid he says, juice boxes have chemicals in it that turn our kids gay. I mean it's just it's just that shit. Was on his show in studio Trump Administration gave in for wars. Got a huge following legions of followers, Trump was honest
go in studio Trump Administration gave in for wars his group credentials in the press room, so it out. The question is: when you talk to crazy people like this, do you normalize on the left is saying: don't talk to them? We normalize them, but I am actually on the other side on this. When I think, If I were making Kelly, I wouldn't want or interviewing Pepe the frog. I also didn't want her interviewing Alex Jones. I think not not because I think he has no right to speak or that you shouldn't be able to be listened to but making Kelly as one of the largest platforms in the country and You know this is a guy who, as you say, with trafficking in the worst kind of fake news and conspiracy theory, and you talk to people the parents of the kids that were killed and sandy hook. The amount of damage has been done by them. If I were made
the decision is NBC. I know they're getting the ratings, I know they knew they weren't gonna lose innocent of any advertised for a period of time, they're making commercial decisions about branding. I would have said I'd like to see values come into this little bit more like them. To avoid what do I do? I call you up, I dont think Fox NEWS, international choir. I really don't it's a hand at the Canada is:
I don't think I've been on realistic loudly being about on Marine there's. Nothing like Maria Bottom rode out over national, quite isn't like undeniably not every show, but their basically in the tank for tromp. Cannot. I really think that, if you would wrongs, news is not in the tank for trot. I think that there is a greater diversity of national choir is trash rag. My mother used to read it. It was entertaining, but it's crazy now, but now it's all about Donald Trump is a great president and here's what he's doing catching the spy is catching. I certainly see the opposite of that. We have rightly on CNN, show your ears and enhancing their equivalent, but I just don't think it's fair for you Megan here's. What I reckon violates holders rooted bergs. You said it's going to be very difficult for us to keep an eye on the more controversial figures of our time. If we never talk to them- and this is what the left says, you can give them a platform member the Huffington, post wouldn't even covered Donald Trump. Look how well that turned out. I feel like that.
Has this idea were in the castle and we're going to keep these nuts outside the castle? Well, there I'll die while they just grew stronger outside the castle, and they got one of their people elected President Island states. We have to learn how to deal with these people. I agree, and you know what I'm gonna stay on the support Megan Kelly here and it's not because I'm with MSNBC, but because I spent my entire life morning of Threats- and I spent my our life a den of fine things where people need to understand where they're coming from no matter what the ideology is had in four wars, is its own bubble. You don't have to see They don't even have to listen to the programme. You can drive down streets in sea, stop signs in World America, Lacryma Upstate, New York with Info WAR, stickers or in people filling up cardboard and putting it in their car window. Say: do you know info wars? They are in their own crazy space. Ok, but for the most part, if you don't know that there are nine eleven true
First, I were not eleven o my ring everyday. I was at the Pentagon and saw the plane flying that ability for them crazy land. There was no such thing was. You know bombs sandy hook, truths killing. Chilled the murder, mass murder of children, the United States. If you didn't know, that's what Alex Jones stood for UK like oh info wars, that's an interest. Bumper sticker on the back of a pickup truck right and it might be legitimate? You ve got to call the enemies. What you don't call them enemies. I just call them. You know, mayor of Crazy town, ok
Thank you plan on time. Everybody gas stations, it's a bathroom gay, not the whole diamond. Nobody wants to use your bathroom once, let alone steal the keeper return visit by the way acts on leaving Europe plays a mass, isn't disrespect its pay back here. There is no such thing as jewish cuisine, There's Delhi and there's the graduate during pass over so that you may know suffering
we're not ones in human history as a hungry human being uttered the words I feel like jewish tonight Eurostar criticising build caused these defence team for their decision to rest after six minutes. That's what happens when you let it makes you a drink, Ro Neural now that men in England, our deep breathing their genitals, despise up their sex life. It's ok to ass! At what point is it no longer worth it? Do spice up your sex life? Isn't british you're the only thing your lover hates hearing more than not tonight honey? I can't get it up- is not tonight honey after blast, my dick with liquid nitrogen
neural. The makers of the world's version, blue wine, must tell me what took you so long I'm sure I speak for wine connoisseurs everywhere. I when I say no it. My collection needs that shit that barbers used disinfect and finally neural this fathers. They do the right thing and go out to the mall and get dad polyester shirt with tin, cuff links and nylon tie a plastic box. Never wear it because he's not the doorman sicilian whorehouse, but there is a greater cause to be considered. Stores are going extinct taking millions of jobs with them, Americans no longer shop till they drop, they click till their sick.
And when they want to buy a pair of hands, they don't have to put on a parapets yeah. So the who are really suffering in this economy are the people like the department store, lady in the lab, Co Dispraise you with a curb, reveal the sales dude who says. I'm not sure I can give you that price I'll have to ask my manager and the clerk at Victoria secret. Who says: is this a gift for some?
else, power sixty one last days of the last two years. J C penny has closed. A hundred and thirty eight stores, radio Shack, is closed. Five hundred and fifty pages shoes, four hundred and on and on and on, but all we hear from President Man baby is: we must pay are minors back to work, no the jobs we're losing aren't in coal there at coals,
What is this fetish? Trump has with Paul minors? Did they have a p tape on him? He said he was gonna, be the greatest jobs. President God ever created, maybe you could start by waddling down to forever seventy one and buying a lighter shade of bronze or in a suit that fits in steady, sends out his bizarre administrator to BP, a Scot through it to announce we ve had over, three thousand jobs in the last quarter of coal jobs, mining jobs created in this country, o goody. Now we can just
the asbestosis and lead paint factories back and reopen the opium dance. Like back when America was great bill, Clinton's campaign song was don't stop. Thinking about tomorrow, trumps should be the way we were. And the way we were was not well lining. Coal is isn't very good for you. Neither is burning The reason why there's a billion- and they have people in China begin only see for them. Why are we working so hard to preserve the worst job, this side of deodorant testers? That's a real! Why
our coal jobs so important that Scott through it thinks he should lie about it because when he says that we created fifty thousand coal jobs, this quarter wow. That is something like call itself that he just pull directly out of a dark hole. Fifty thousand this quarter, the american coal mining industry, employs fifty one thousand. People total There are more yoga teachers just on my block its worth. Asking. Why do trump and his fans care so much about some jobs and not at all about others, we know that coal mining is ninety five percent mail and ninety five percent, while I'm sure that's not it now. Maybe it's crumbs view of the economy being like a five year old,
I'll, do only likes called minors and truck drivers and construction workers. You know the kind of jobs you see on Sesame Street and I hate to tell you, but those truck driver jobs there. The next to go when driver was cars, become commonplace. Because whether you're in retail or in coal mining or use the work and blockbuster the same story when someone comes along with a better idea, you get shit can't thousands of Americans used to work as lamp lighters going around town lighting, the gas street lights at night, then Edison came along with his light bulb. Why did President Grant do something to stop that, because you can't stop
progress so so say goodbye to the mall. Now, while you still can begin soon, it will be. Civilization gone with the wind? And then then? Where will we to eat oversized pretzels hot dogs on a stick. Where will artie? Andrews go to wander aimlessly and our elderly population to get exercise where, where our children go at Christmas, when it's time to sit them on a pedophiles lap without games TAT, how can hipster trade, their old Xbox games for weed.
Looks down what will happen to women who want to publicly mon on vibrating chairs
Where was the reason tat? Where will I be able to see emotional support dogs pissing on an artificial? Where will be able to get the Christian Roxy? These I play to make stragglers leave libraries, mostly: where will all the light of minors go to war? I told you ever since we have been fighting. I want to make a move from each other and each be oh dont com,
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