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Ep. #430: Maajid Nawaz, Richard Painter

2017-06-24 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Maajid Nawaz, Richard Painter, Charlie Sykes, Bradley Whitford, and Bianna Golodryga. (Originally aired 6/23/17)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making real time start
shouted gets here. I think I know thank you. I love you. I don't wires ever existed denied because a Democrat, almost one in elections, we have found a remove MR excitable John Ass off down in Georgia. Thank you very much like in the theater. I need my life. I know ways of Georgia. I know where this happen guide. The Democrats poured a ton of time and money into this election and eat came so close party leader
I'm calling it a terrifying brush with success. Now you know this Donald Trump is the worst person ever and he's a Republican and he's resident, and yet, since he's been present, this been for special elections Democrats over four in the Trump era demo grants are so lame. The Russians are like. We were going to act this election but Why bother Sergey? I think they are. We don't even need and, of course, the big excuses. Well, we were exposed to win what election or use both to win. If you can't win this, when you know Georgia's six district, where this election took place, the sixth most
educated district in the entire country. This is affluent college educators, the upscale part of Georgia. You can't get into the waffle house without a reservation, guys marry their sister just for the tax credit. Now folks, devalued Democrats have to stop Lou, elections because sorry, republican furies, I love you, but the wrong people are
power, and they are not afraid to use that power, and let me tell you they are full of good ideas. As a report this week, a republican congressmen introduced a bill to make it legal for senators and representatives to carry firearms at work there at the capital, which sounds like a good plan until John Mccain cell phone rings any answers his gun and, of course, their greener, real bad idea and the real bad news this week is the Senate unveiled their supersecret healthcare bill. Like me,
after the show it was passed out behind closed doors, and you know that everybody think it is unfair and veiled unveiled is not the right term. You unveil a sculpture, nobody goes behold, a turd just more like something that was excreted. I mean health care bill more, like a manifesto from the Zodiac Killer, issued a publicist by cutting out letters from the newspaper phases out, Medicaid the safety net for our oldest poorest and most vulnerable citizens, it lets states drop Obama care protections like pre existing conditions, just for spite de funds plan, parent
no, no more! Ghana, collage it'll exams. Although Trump says he is still available to grab Pussy Gore's, I'm being one sided and leaving out. The good part is a massive tax god for the top one per said yesterday. The guiding principle is rich people of you. Like your money, you can keep your money and even still I love this- a small group of robust. Thank you. One person, a small group for public and senators, say again vote for it, because it's not mean enough. A group led by not surprisingly, ten crews.
Who has been studying healthcare from top to bottom up and down? Ten says who knows more about making people sick than I did? Do not kill yourself. This will ass Republicans get shit done much. Mcconnell says he wants the vote before the fourth of July, when Trump their additionally blow their hands. Somersetshire boy was real beach, whether in Phoenix the other day. Did you see that it was a hundred and twenty to twenty two planes could not take off Hey climate Deniers
if melting ice caps and rising oceans and pandemics aren't enough to scare you not being able to leave Phoenix. That should write on cue this week. Donald drop as a rally in Iowa worries bragging about bringing back called jobs in a state where there are no call jobs at I or the state with by far the most wind power. So ships on wind power in Iowa, he says quote, I don't wanna just hope. The wind blows to light up your homes
because that's how wind power work here, let's go on and off depending on whether the wind is blowing say with solar, the sun goes behind a cloud. Your cable goes out. Spigot give solar Donald Trump broke some news at the rally that the wall you know the war between us in Mexico is gonna have solar panels on. He said it was his idea, solar battles, ok, so the wall, which is never going to be built, which Mexico is never going to be paying for which now has it
indeed every it's all propels, because if it's what they double Drogheda, its fake news arrived, we got a great shout. Charlie sites are here. I don't want to. I don't really stating what law professor Richard Painter, but versus the founder of the world's first counter, extremism, think tank coolly and international measures, no eyes greater. Need you hear more sir. I really do how often you getting states, not enough right, obliged humble hope to if I'm not banned from the country. I know it's amazing. Well I mean there's somebody things I could talk to you about, but you're such a great writer undergoing. To quote you on some of these things. Are you gonna call me back to my coat you back to yourself. Like I love you that you talk about the the Voldemort effect and I don't even read Harry Potter: that's a book for children. I understand so you tell me, I know what it is, but tell me what is the boulder mortified while we see that those who are familiar with Harry Potter will know the bad guy in these nobles? Is somebody called Voldemort you actually pronounce it correctly, that the tea, the Andes Silent and the luck that?
people, the people of Harry Potter, world are so petrified of this enemy that they are unable to name. And so for the duration of these six books. They refer to him. He who must not be named now calls it takes us here. You MA, it, rightly see where I'm going. I do see where you're, so it takes a little child to say. Actually this person is called Baltimore, his real name is Tom Riddle and I use that the Baltimore effect to speak to our inability, to name and shame and isolate islamist extremists and from the mainstream was in community. Right and a new, or you have almost unique credibility on this issue Twenty years ago you were exactly who the british authorities we're looking for when they talked about people who were involved in possibly terrorist activities after the Bosnia genocide in Europe and facing some
severe domestic racism at home, violent racism and harassment from the police authorities as well. I went through a process of recruitment, some ideological recruiters. My group known as his Bulgaria recruited me and I spent the better part of the next decade, my teenage years up until twenty four, proselytizing for global caliphate, and I ended up as a political prisoner in Egypt where I was sentenced to five years for membership of the band organization. Now I must cover the group that I used to belong to remains legal in America and across Europe, because we didn't preach VI It's that we did lady ideological foundations for what has now become known as the caliphate. Okay, so about your background. I'm glad you spell that out looming, throw another court of yours back at you. The poverty of expectation me now. I know you're being sued, are yours suing the
then Poverty law centre for calling you its money, you're fighting extreme this, but they're calling you the x. We must all I wanted to make this announcement here on on your show. I've decided that I'm sick too of well meaning and I'm sorry to bring identity politics into it, but its relevant because of what I am about to say: a bunch of well meaning white man sitting in sweet. We who have decided, Zira Southern Germany last year, the southern poverty loss and who normally go after like because right glad they were created to defend people. Like me, you know, defend big, like you, write, arrives people like the KKK against people that were chasing me right: fifteen years old, with machetes, hammers and studying the in my friends and and they decided to list me along with Iron Hersey Ali Somali Refugees, the Ex muslim liberal thinker as Anti muslim extremists- and I think you know- I'm sick and tired
of a lot of the well meaning, because you know the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Well, meaning liberal and left wing, usually white men who decide that that I am saying the what they don't agree with, don't allow for me to say about my own community, my own religious heritage and as a result of listed me as a as Nancy Muslim extremist. So I'm going to I'm going to take them to court for defamation, think these list, I knew crowd funding I would be. I will be quite like to be part of that crowd. Thank you. So absolutely it's just insane again. You have almost unique credibility on this issue. All the funny thing is bill. I memorized half of the Koran Imo Muslim. Born and raised muslim tumors in family. I learnt classical Arabic spent time in prison as April took a prisoner fighting for. I then thought was my religion. I've changed my views as to the interpretation of my religion and alone. Calmly,
people and we are Alabama undecided, I don't have the right to speak about my own heritage and critique it from within When did and when did criticism of a religion equal bigotry, what what I mean look reasoning. I've really, so these are the same guys who who arrogate to themselves the right to speak out against the Bible about right, so the southern, probably lozengers, quite vocal against family planning of the sword, Sargasso abortionist movement, quite vocal against christian fundamentalists. In fact, they ve listed some christian conservative groups on their lists as well, so
our gates themselves the right to criticise their own Bible Bell, but don't want me to criticise out for on belt within my own community and it's it's this hypocrisy that it equal is a bigotry of low expectations, rat low expectations. Yet right to people who are called bigots may not have been called that you have been called that. I mean I hope they accepted more from you well and the dead son, but we're saying very much the same thing but poverty of expectations. I always say you know if, if something that would not be accepted here, you don't make. Stir about overseas. Isn't that the poverty of expectations in your term, that is a site like Pakistan last year, but passed a law that was wife, beating guy, not a law again, Wife beating a guide of how to know if they did that in Kentucky that exists,
But I wonder what right if we were not accepted here, but we don't raise a stir about it. There isn't that what you are talking about obstinately that's the bigotry of low expectations when the same the same causes that they frightful within America are somehow deemed illegitimate. For people like me to fight for within our own communities, the four on specifies favourable hung, a passage that talks about husbands, beating their wives. This is something we speak about regularly within our communities that we ve got to reform our approach to these scripture and that begins talking about the voting more effect. But knowledge into problem exists. Now, if those vulnerable voices within muslim communities, you know who else lists heretics, who are deemed to be speaking against the accepted custom within muslim communities that jihadist. We know what but when you list heretics among Muslims in this way, they end up dead and its
coincidence that you take the examples of this in Bangladesh and twenty thirteen jihadists listed. Eighty four Muslims, as you know persona non Grata within three years. Ten of them were assassinated. I unreservedly whose on this list, the last time her appeared on list is when Theo Van Gogh, the film director that she was working within the Netherlands was murdered by jihadist and they, the list on his body with a data I own was named on that as the next person. They were targeting hope not hate a UK based organization in twenty thirteen produced a similar hate list last how to God was listed on that he was subjected later to assassination attempt. So when I Speaking in this way and a bunch of well being well now, I'm just saying these guys are very grave. They are endemic in listening, reformers you're, getting it from both sides, absolutely who's. Who do you fear more. When I grew up fairly well, who would actually kill you? I grew up. Every southern property law centre are being assholes, but they're not going to kill you right. One would hope, not
Let's see how successful this losses and see what happens when you mention Iron Hersey early, I mean she was before Congress the other day, and I have some of her statement that you made she wrote actually a rapid and the New York Times, and she said when comes to the pay gap, borgian access and workplace discrimination progressive had much to say, but we're still waiting for a march against honour killings, child marriage, relation here. She was calling out before democratic woman senators, who would not even be where democratic, woman, senators, who would not even bring her issued to the fore when she was testifying before Congress, that this is a real problem. I'm I'm clearly by my axe and somebody from the United Kingdom and if we, if we and we ve done this with poles and are you talk a lot about data we We have surveys that look at muslim british muslim attitudes to homosexuality. For example, one was in the guardian newspaper Leftwing newspaper, reported that zero percent bill zero percent.
Of British Muslim said homosexuality is morally acceptable, zero and then later Oh, I see him came along and said: ok, let's try this again. Hopefully we get a better result. This time, if the statistics show that earlier this year, I repeat, fifty two percent of British was and said that they would ban homosexuality. You know this is what we do. We then yet. At the same time, you ve gotten leftist activists who are very concerned about gay rights within white communities. We're dead
there are gables and who need our help there, a feminist Muslims who need our help. Liberal Muslims ex Muslims apostates rightly have the right to have the freedom to choose the religion they want, and the freedom from this was always so confused about. These are live liberal principles on the show. Last week I mention what's going on in Chechnya, in a number of people said and with this week, what's going on in Chechnya, where this kind of but it's a muslim part of Russia and this kind of approach programme going on in and let me read what the leaders turn for Chechnya. Leader said he said if such people exist. Then Chechnya, meaning gay people if they exist, because you know, and they don't exist, law enforcement will not have to worry about them, as their own relatives would have sent them to where they could never return and where the problem is at an end and hit
where the link between these attitudes and ice is throwing gaze off. The top of buildings must be recognised when you talk about hate speech right now, then poverty Lucinda listing people that they deem hate speakers or anti muslim extremes? This is the problem here. This is the hate speech. If you'd, if you have the attitudes towards gaze or women or ex Muslims. And you see what I see is doing to that's the link. We need to be making Saudi Arabia lists atheists them as a terrorism offence, believe it or not, right and so when I see seeks out heretics in big he'll sorcerer here, these are the sorts of links we gotta be making, and that's why the work I do is to challenge these ideas. Try to at least within most in communities. But I dont Gabriel Irish saying well, that's ISIS, you know about the most Muslims are not ISIS and of course most Muslims are not what I like about what you do is you know you involve math math matters, size matters
I think that something you coined the term regressive lefty, another great term. I think they somehow ignore this. This fundamental fact that you know it It matters how much how big something is talk about? How, what would the number who are what we call jihadist people who are actually violent versus Islam? Lessons? right? That's another level loved verses. Just conservative said. Let me talking through the United Kingdom, the last four months we ve had for terrorist attacks. In four months we began. The Westminster attack than the Manchester Attack, and then the London Bridge Attack, and then the fourth one is just? happened at a mosque where an anti muslim terrorist attacks Muslims. In the same way, I see stars when a Van mine passages down we ve had these four attacks, but after the first three, which will just once people began, holding the prime minister to account. Why has nothing being done? How will we not able to stop these terrorists and the secure
as others said, we only have the capacity to me it's a three thousand suspected jihadists at anyone given time they said whereat folk acetate. Now that would be worrying enough bill. Then they went home. They said, however, though, we're out capacity at three thousand? We really need to be monitoring. Twenty. Three thousand, because that's how me, There are out there in the earlier version, jihad jihadist steeple, who actually want to commit who already to attack. This is according to our security services in the United Kingdom. Right. That's twenty four: and if they wish they could monitor, because they need to be monitored and to make sure they don't attack anyone so around those
if we found jihadists, imagine how many more will be ideological, bedfellows, the Islamists, how many right. So? What is that website? So if we did it go by young people who are not going to attack, but when there is an attack there go so let's give them less, given the benefit. The doubt the majority of Islamist are not jihadists, so they'll be farm, many more Islamists who are not jihadist around then right. So let's triple that number. Ok to say most of these people on violent. They, I just I d logically committed to theocracy, and then you got the hard core, violent ones in the middle. That's only out of a population, or four million Muslims in the UK anyway. Now if these figures indicate insurgency levels and that's just in the United Kingdom and that's an for tat. In the last four months, we in the middle of a global jihadist insurgency. I don't know what is, if that's not the case Europe in a serious crisis mode at the moment across Europe and and and the figure
This heading this. We have to recognise the problem before we can begin to deal with it to what can we do to make people here in this country? Because when you talk about England, it's not the same as America. Now that is not the situation here and American Airlines optimal rambling with Americans. Is they hear this and Americans tend to only think in terms of America and they say well into the Muslims here: that's not the situation, but again we're talking about four or five million Muslims out of a world population of over a million and a half year. What what can? What can we do to get Americans on the side of traditional liberalism? Well, the first thing that you were right by the way american Muslims are more liberal than the european Muslims that which will kill off here, but that doesn't mean your immune to problems. Of course, you ve had a tax here. If you ve got radicalism is growing as you that everyone's right about, but also we gotta, remember that this lost attack. The fourth one was by an end, the muslim extremists against muslims- and we cannot under state the importance of recognising,
in Europe. There has been a genocide against Muslims in Bosnia. Europe also has- history with Nazis and of entire societies going totalitarian. So when you ask how can we addressed this? We have to be aware of what I call the triple threat, and that is from the left the that, though You know that the regressive left is a phrase we use for the cultural relativism. Don't call out this bigotry when it comes from brown. People on the right with the with the rising populism on the right and then from the heavens above the theocratic, these list theocratic, and so we have to be aware of this triple threat when dealing with this as civil civil society, but the True long term solution will. Through civil society. Push back and you have a great history the american Civil Rights Movement with gay rights within one generation on me when I was fifteen, I grew up on April by the way, based here
The whole hip obscene that came from both business he'd. I noticed by the way you had I may unto or Yad ice keep on your show just last week, while I grew up in this sensitive area that is going to London, I explained, but if you'd come to me when I was big and said to me magic within your lifetime, you'll see it you'll see an african american president, I'm one of the most prominent rapids will be white and a concern the Prime Minister in the United Kingdom will introduce gay marriage equality. I never would have believed you, but that's how much chain
can occur within one generation right. So we need a civil society movement that has everybody standing together in solidarity against all of these bigotry against the unity. The populism coming from the right wing, the control totalitarianism coming from the left with me about you, but leftist attackers now attacking Republicans James Hodgkin's and in the name of leftist activism, and he liked the SBA See page on his facebook. You you ve got is that the right to abortion college! You got Charles Marie attacked Middlebury College in the Democrat professor was suffered concussion because she had the audacity to invite somebody that the left is didn't agree. We so we ve gotta pushed back against all of it. Through a civil society movement and I often say bill, I say you don't have to be black to challenge racism. You don't have to be gay to challenge homophobia run, you don't have to be muslim too.
And using this theocracy, you hear more. Thank you very much, Sir our panel here they are easy to him. As NBC analysed and the author of a forthcoming look, how the right lost its mine, jollies. Certainly that'll get big round of applause. There is an accurate scenario: irony actors currently shooting Steven Spielberg supposed with Tom Hanks and who I loved and get out Bradley went birds. Gladwin Yahoo knows that a member of the council on foreign relations beyond dollar drink. Let's talk about a healthcare first, because that would actually affects people up close and personal, although it won't until twenty twenty one, because their cowards, but
first off? I want to say this is a done deal. Anybody who thinks that this is not passing. Democrats cons. Lay under estimating Republicans, oh, they couldn't steal a supreme court. Pick gather could oh and entitlement has never been taken away until it was we never had a mental patient. Is president, it's not possible, and so it is so I'm just going to assume this is a done deal and their repealing Obamacare. My question is: what happens when it have when it happens when they do feel it when it becomes law. We go back to the good old days when people go to the emergency room, people are gonna, die, that's true to people supposed to say well. Ok, then, was that it very sin from from the sinner, but people people are gonna die. If, if, if this is past, if people don't have access to health,
care asked. I don't ask the Pink o liberal, ask the american Cancer Society, they will die and we have the president's who himself says that this bill, is mean, and if somebody who brags about assaulting women and more
The disabled says your bill is mean it's really fuck me at all. I mean a bell that Republicans and Mitch Mcconnell ran out and said, look look at what we ve come up with. Everyone should embrace this was done in secret. They rolled it out at ten a m on Thursday morning. You saw other Republicans angry, especially some of the moderate at the process that went into this, and that's gonna account for a lot the process itself. But you look at it what's in the bill, it does mirror the House bill and in many ways it's a bit more progressive. It offers a bit more subsidy options, but the people are gonna get hit hardest. Are the older people middle class in poor, older people are gonna hit by having higher deductibles and they're gonna be having higher premiums?
It's gonna, be judged by the ceo scored next week is what were hearing but very an estimate of some eighteen million people who may be off of insurance in ten years. The house version is about twenty three million people, so this isn't something that Republicans are fully embracing, but once it does get past, if it does get past, then this becomes Republicans problem in this Mr President, where would you be on this Charlie viewer republican sedative because you're a republican? We love you because you hate Trump but like us I forget. I mean this is a republican bill and this is what Republicans have always wanted. Where are you mustn't? Conservatives used to prepare for consumers are bad, a radical change in it is
is not in our nature. Secondly, conservative used to be concerned about unintended consequences, so inner edge issue. We asked the question what will happen? Nobody has any idea what's going to happen because they are rushing this through without any notion and you're going to be saying that it's worse than the status quo, with with Obama CARE, because you have the rising premiums, deductibles, lousy choices. This bill will make all of those things worse. So one of the things that Dyslexia, what you need to understand about this legislation for the Republicans in Congress and the reason why it is I agree with you. A done deal is frankly for them, it is not about health care, it's about getting a political, win, anything and number two. It's about setting the table for major tax cut. This is real about the tax does not the healthcare, which is why the actual implications for people's health care, their access to healthcare. They push that off into the next decade and no one knows what the answer for this is that the extraordinary thing to me, though it seems to me and correct me if I'm wrong, that the organizing principle
in a lot of republican economic theory comes down to this or welling an idea that the rich or victims, that it's insane! You know more than this huge. What lax in healthcare was attacked carpet, they're, getting their getting the money back there look. The rich people are literally getting reparations. Look every this bill, another server, oh yeah, you're, right, you're premise! Your question was right. You know, conservatives for the last thirty years have pushed for tax cuts, you're paid; no, they ve never met attack that they didn't like, but here's the ears whereby way bill crystallizing uses the exactly correct term. This is complex, zombie conservatism that, after a period where you have the working classes, middle class really taking it in the short suffering, you have this massive wealth. Equality in this country. The first thing out of the box from the Republicans is sort of like
again something like they ve been enough time. Capsule for the last ten years is: let's cut the benefits for the poor and for the middle class with a massive task cut for the wealthy. It's not as if they are dealing with the situation as it exists right It is imposing the ideology that they ve had for ten years. I forget it fundamentally guts Medicaid, it's a program that one fifth of the country relies upon its a country that many red states rely upon its account. It's it's an issue that many governors have been pressing republican senators on because their own constituents rely upon this. It's going to be a hurdle for Republicans to get over cutting medical. Can I go back to why Durham recruits lose elections, because I heard trumps the other day? As I've heard many Republican say, Obama cares a disaster. I just don't hear the counter argument. Republic into great at saying something. That's completely untrue and then having Democrats just
flinch, it tries union suck. You ok, whatever you say Nancy, follows this- is big debate about Nancy Policy now. Well, you know. Maybe we should have new leadership and Anti Pelosi did not happen of terrorism. I did a lot of great things for this three Anne and John ASA. This great democratic CO was asked about Nancy Policy and he said I have been spent thirty seconds thinking about whether she should be the leader. Well, first, well, that's a dodge. It's a lie and I understand why voters go if you can't even stand up for your own people. Why should we vote for you fucking
Tromp said the ten cruises wife was ugly and then his father Kennedy and ten crews is out there defending the Democrats can get away. I thought I had to find a hysterical opposition which right from folk speed upon yes in being boring in vanilla as John ASA wasn't, they haven't really figured out how to do that and by the way- and I mean how many election cycles are you going to put up a party led by Nancy Policy that is kind of a definition of insanity? Isn't it mean she will all the wonderful thing she's done
seventy seven years old what the Democrats miss. They thought they gonna make it this a referendum on trumped Republicans made it referendum on Nancy Pelosi. Look every party need some fresh blood smash faces. Some put. I'm sorry, I'm gonna speak over you and say that I think there's some massage any work now get me a kind of a need to focus more locally. I mean they may seem all about getting leadership at the top, getting a Democrat wide, how they need to focus on in its unity and unless they're burning along very years ago. Three years ago, no Democrat would be seen in the mid terms campaign. Without with Obama all
I pray aggressive MIKE progressive friend, that's the problem which we want to say to come along and they have to govern a country filled with people who disagree with you, and then I have friends saying you know, he's a republican other than other ice Anders and those with Warren I don't hear them making a strong counter argument. One republican say: bullshit, like the environment cost jobs. Now it doesn't where its jobs unions are bad. They just it's not like that in this debate. This vague debate, I think about, should the Democrats were left or right. It's not about that. It's about how you fight their basically on the same page and how you fight Bernie and Hilary when they were in the Senate, voted together like night,
three percent of the time there's not a lot of daylight between the left and the centre. With the Democrats, it's how you do it have some balls anyway, we got some of the greatest Democrats have lost these four states, Kansas Montana, South Carolina Georgia, since Trump has been elected, and we got some of the posters that there were using in these great. I think it shows that there are less than inspiring. For example, look at these posters Democrats consistently, one of America's up to party Democrats. Thank you, Sir may I have another epidemic. Grants will never make you sick of winning. Man
demographics, join the Party Bernie Sanders and actually the Party of Burmese Anders than ever Gryce preferred tuna one by non citizens. It ever grants letters when one or will run Chelsea democratic body weight. We thought everyone gotta trophy Democrat Party float like a butterfly sting, also like a butterfly Democrats going down the shit or in the bathroom of your choice, and the Democrats expect separate mites by White House takes lie under President George. W Bush was the professor of corporate law at the University of Minnesota. Twin cities plays book. I'm Richard painter who see you. I see one tv all the time and I must say I need more modern republicans in my diet. I I love it when I see he could give me a bad luck, but where I'm trying to tell you I'm a big vanier, while more conservative them some of the money they run run, send their conservatives. I don't want to conserve the planet about what's going on right, so we're going to talk about russian very soon, but before we get to that, I know there's something else. That's on translated, you're interested in which is his business dealings and the fact that the fact that you know we had this been we do on their show called out an off its true. I don't know for a fact. I just know it's true and it's one of those kind of things. I don't know it for a fact. I just know that when Trump couldn't borrow money anymore in America, Gesine did beat. You got all this
money from Russia and they are right, but I don't know where you get the muddy I'd I'd tell us, they won't give us a tax returns. All I know is that he bought a lot of money in New York. I was living in New York at the time and New Jersey and that a ladder concerning concern all and I didn't buy back and there's somebody about those New York banks. They like it pay back
so he went somewhere to borrow money. Where I mean I think they have a much money. I think there's a p tape. I just think that this will mean it was the first thing he asked me about your time, but the trickled down so mean he watched. The hearings with with men call me, and then we had the ones with people like Jeff sessions and then the two national security guys and they seem to sessions in the national security. Gay seemed to be in king this sort of class, I future executive privilege thing where they couldn't say anything about where conversations with the president, because it was somehow vaguely inappropriate- and I remember Angus, king, the senator from main saying to one of them, who said I don't feel its appropriate and king said Feelings are relevant.
Well, I thought of you, because your sister serious guys like this guy, that's what you would say right. Your feelings are irrelevant: what are the facts? They are, but it
if you, if you're, not going to tell the truth anyway, monies will not answer the question. What basis are they making this makes? It did say that their another under oath there too, to testify before the committee in there just saying I don't feel like its appropriate. How did they get away with that where they have their loyalty out the president? We all know about bad and then the fact that the republican members will not all them accountable. They audacious a painter and make em testify you work for President George, W Bush. We hear a lot about the deep state, the people who were watching the other channel right now, we're watching Fox NEWS now that whatever we
talking about it's just not even in their head, because they never here. They hear that Donald Trump is being persecuted by the deep state. These mysterious people who include like George W Bush is interpreted. Deputy of Journey General and George W Bush is happy. I director and his cousin belly Bush transparency is an anti bush. Can it's an aunt I trump conspiracy that is being pursued by everybody who is a rational human being from the left of the rights and what my deep state easier. Is there such a thing? I never heard a deep,
I just when I went into the white ass I never was there is. This thing is deep state something strange going on the state Department. I dont know I never heard of that. Ok, so let me, as this was the big story from the Martian imposed today. It's a source deep inside the russian government discovered that Putin personally ordered a cyber campaign to help Elect Donald Trump, in fact it was so secret that it was not the president's daily briefing member. The present had gaily briefing all good times way back out five months ago, but they think they walked it over the White House and there were apart partly for people in the room. Beside the president, the head of the National for the DE agents, the director of Homeland Security, the head of the sea CIA, the National security adviser and, of course, Michael more and
This is amazing that potent personally directed this to Elect Donald Trump. I mean I gotta think that the the the ghosts, abrasion F and Stalin and Londoner all saying, while Putin did it, we ve always wanted to put a moron in the White House, but what was it in two didn't even to think that Trump could win? Did he tromp think the trump could win, wasn't Putin trying to damage Hilary,
nevertheless victory it ended up being like the perfect storm. It was relatively low, cost endeavour that putting took, I think about two hundred million dollars, which is nothing for the russian military. My best rate return on investment and to have this confluence of invents here in the: U S, where you see such hyper partisanship and one take away from this story, is you see how indecisive President Obama was throughout? This all call me said that they first got wind of this back in twenty fifteen. We didn't start hearing about until twenty sixteen the president had been getting briefed about it in twenty sixteen September of twisting figure of issues, or this August September October. There have been multiple meetings, the president after the election, because remember he thought that he didn't want to come across as being in Hillary Clinton Corner, though that didn't make sense. He was already out champ aiming for her again the dumper emollient disease, delight which you think just taken not going for the job here. Dealing with a bully and Lattimer prudent, only thing that a thug in a bully appreciates is power, and it seems as though this president was too apprehensive. Word act on it, but in order that become partners honestly,
The lie industries, as was the crime of the century. When you go back what action? we happened to hear me? I am old enough to remember when Republicans actually cared about russian espionage win in order the cold war when they actually would have thought this was a big freaking deal you know, and so you have two things. Yes, Obama choked on all of this. But then you have to ask yourself: did we actually members when the mentoring candidate was a movie, rather than the nightly did we elect the manchurian candidate here, and so this is where the lack of urgency. I do think the Obama administration thermometers. Nato is while right, but the right now you have a press, United States and Republicans in Congress that just do not want to engage with this. Because again, this shouldn't have been a Democrat report, good thing that the if there was one by partisan issue. This should be it. Nobody. There
likely Oliver Stone Document around for an end to the narrative than he was pushing, and then the tough questions that he was directed towards grew louder remain. I love all over, but he's crazy on that animals. Arable legal dip. Compare this to work again. Really really unfairly. President Nixon A third rate burglary is a thorough, burglary, inexperience, buffoons What we have here is a break into the democratic computers along with a bunch of other computers. The Watergate job was done by the KGB.
And the right was a crook. Maybe it was but at least it was our crook rushing holidays in the way that the assent never think Donald Trump right amongst at home rely on our russian offer. No wonder they were well, yes, Sir aired out, like I argue like what would it take for Republicans to acknowledge that there were some sort of collusion I mean? Would he have to like steer down the barrel of the camera and ask Russia to interfere in the election? So do you think yeah. I know it's incredible. Do you think Obama choke on this and look? I think it would have been much more powerful had spoken out about this before the election, whatever the consequences may be, at least, he spoke out about an enacted on it, because Putin saw that he didn't and took the utmost advantage. Other ochres for your term of the republic could have only ten percent of Republicans did not vote for Donald Trump and there still pay
much with him. What are you guys have to do to get your party well, how do you get your partner? You have hope less everyday, sixty five percent of the Republicans don't believe it This took place. This is russian hacking among member Linda the exorcist. I honestly think that if Donald Trump came out in his head spun round here and sixty degrees and exploded with green projectile vomit that sixty five percent publicans was it was brilliant performance or- and this is this- is the power of the rough against it, and you know what we were talking about, the the alternative reality, a Fox news. The reality is that you have a lot of Republican, but do not read these stories. Do not hear about this growth and and quite frankly, have decided that they're going to the going to dismiss all of this. So this is the real challenge that if you had Watergate with this media ecosystem, I'm pretty
this Richard Nixon. What survived would have had shown Hannity talking about which I would have had they would have had all of that year cover that would have allowed to get away with the cover. You also, though, it's very interesting to me the right. Falls in line. I feel like the right is hypocritical about their notions of small government, but supposedly the left believes in government, but the right actually operates. They know that politics is the way to create your moral vision on the line we think it's. I don't know culture, that's important, but we don't show up weed,
we ought I guess that we we don't show up before Trump we and I were- I- wouldn't even shoveling, overpowered by character election and defend what we ve done. What we believe in stop flinching were unions should not be a bad word. Environmentalists should not worry about how these are things to be proud. I think Republicans understand that their party affiliation is like a union membership. While I may not agree, I think a lot of them think trumps, immediate, but well, stick on it awakens in its way? Worse than that immediately it is it is it I used to say it was no tribal politic. Now it is called. It is a cult of personality and there is almost no other way to interpret. I mean I have what I
I've seen this line by leaving Jonah Goldberg, that for me, the last year has been like watching invasion of the body snatchers, where people I've known for twenty or thirty years, decent people loosed, argue the character matter in all of these things. Suddenly they get em and they start figuring that nowhere to follow the dear leader, whatever the orange, do CHE believes we have to go along with an end so so I'd. It makes it very very difficult because the Democrats can come up with any line but understand that for the right right now, you would have to be pro tromp. You just have to hate the left in the media, more
we're gonna, make sense of all the structure thing. Look. I came to this country as an immigrant from the former Soviet Union. I think that Americans, for whatever reason- and maybe rightly so, don't view Russia as enemy number one. I was called economies by left right and centre when we moved here all the bad guys, and these were war. Russians right, I think I m arrogance- view our relationship with Russia a bit differently now and maybe that's why they don't see it as big a threat as they should be thing, especially blasphemy. Thank your personal it's time, for you must tell me how come the same. People who use and a tighter on their whole food shopping guard, we'll hop on a bike, see that's hosted a thousand sweater. Yes, why not be still has to pretend that he's blind, but someone asked Adele Bill got his joy is due short, that's how it a legit sex offenders its I. This is our knowledge. It sector Neuro, assigned to realize you're too old, for Iraq concerts when the drummer throws it runs, stick into the audience during the show you yellow k that gonna Dickens Ivory die out neural. If you happen to meet one of the seven percent of american adults who believe chocolate, milk comes from Brown, you must tell them that non fat milk comes from skinny calves and condensed. Milk comes from council constantly pity because and skimmed milk comes from cows and the mafia neural separatists and tell the people who make barbie dolls.
This is really that they can go ahead and make a hipster can with a man bud but they're, not telling us anything about. Can we don't already know and finally neural now that we ve had mother's day and fathers day, let's set aside this Sunday to celebrate people who are neither with the new holiday called. I didn't reproduce day, let me be clear, I am not saying, is anything wrong with having a small number of children. After all, children are the leaders of tomorrow. Sometimes there even the leaders up today, I'm just saying where's the holiday for single people. We don't
The day only happy hour, but we spent a lifetime being the cool aunts and uncles. But while we celebrate everybody else, nobody ever celebrates us and they really should, because you know what mother Nature loves even more than electric cars condoms.
There's literally nothing you can do that's better for the environment then do not produce another resource, sucking waste, making human being, probably with a bad attitude. I didn't bring a kid into the world to consume valuable resources. Where's my breakfast in bed where's, my coupon good for one foot rob where's. My greeting card that says roses are red. Violets are blue. You help the earth by keeping a lid on your go. So you know you you can do it all. You get the hybrid car. Do the recycling not throwing batteries in the trash it all adds up to a fraction of the good. It would do to have just one less child because that child increases your
carbon legacy by overnight, thousand tonnes and remember every time. A single person does something to prevent pregnancy there, creating more slots on college campuses bore your kid hallmark needs a card that says it's not that you're gay, it's not that you're lesbian, but because you didn't have kids mine got into wisely. So you know, having kids are not having kids that there's not a moral dimension to it. That's what I'm saying it's just your taste! I don't have kids for the same reason you do because that what each of us wants. I get it lots of people, love kids, although I must say no one in the world ever
looks happier than when more appropriate says you are not the phone. You are not. You are not you, not you not in every one is so use. Do married with children being the norm that nobody noticed that single people are actually the majority now in August, twenty four Jeanne, the unmet, read for the first time surpass the married in sheer numbers, and yet you know still remain a somewhat suspect group somehow incomplete whenever word a party
people always feel free to tell us how good it would be to get married and have a kid but time its rude. If I say- and you know what you guys should totally get divorce, what, when you're childless people love to tell you, you have to have a baby, but you don't have do you have to have car insurance remaining single, isn't for everyone, but it's a perfectly rational decision. The sciences in singles exercise more than married people do yeah single women have better overall health and men. Less heart disease singles actually have stronger social ties, less debt and are more likely to volunteer for civic organizations now, of course, a lot of this
to get laid, but not all of it. So stop asking a woman why she's married or why she doesn't have children. She doesn't owe you an explanation. You owe her. Nine thousand tons of carbon and staff describing not being married is shocking.
Or ship rising fact, Jennifer Adders didn't had to tell people magazine that she's been shame to sustain childless human. Yes, like she's the pathetic freak as opposed to these pillars of the community. The joggers, with their leader of nineteen children, need I'll call me Anti family, but I say you're overdoing it when your wife ass to say not tonight, honey, I'm giving birth right. That's over time. Are you trying to tell me everything we watch the movie Phoenician novel and each be oh dont com
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