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Ep. #437: Bret Stephens, Tim Gunn

2017-09-16 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Bret Stephens, Tim Gunn, Fran Lebowitz, and Salman Rushdie. (Originally aired 9/15/17)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making in real time I know, I know we, we made it through the rain.
Not us personally are a delay, of course, but we, whether this country Hurricane Harvey in American Irma, now we're back to worrying about Shitstorm Donald, it's back to normal, but before we get to that politics, let's try to reach out the president has a new grants.
Come on these bald and always crying and wedding himself, but he's very happy about the new baby. So so yes there's another trump in the world and not where there was a detailed there's a little bit of a scare. When the baby first came out, he wasn't smirking so anyway, a lot a lotta, terrifying things going on in the world. North Korea fired another mislead mother, fuckers are not kidding around. This was the longest one. All the way over Japan and apparently Kim Jong on was very pleased. He awarded this is scientists North Korea's highest honour lunch.
The big political, those diseases. Donald Trump is weak, announced a breakthrough on immigration. The dreamers can stay and by that mean Means I can't stay, or maybe that gives day s somebody else who wants a birthday. You want you to a wide and by that means, get out
and we're building the wall and by that means were repairing the fence. I mean he thinks he thinks he's being by partisan. This is not. My part is that this is by polar. I don't know. What do you want to day? He said Selena Gomez has to go back, but her kidney can stay. No, of course, redoubled. Tributaries purse the Euro is fed up with its own part. Exude doesn't like Madeira, girdle and Paul Ryan. So now is like make a nice with show more and policy again this week he wind and dine Nancy Policy in shock Shermer. Well, they died. He wine and after the meeting of the Democrats, put out a statement
said we agreed with the president to enshrine the protections of Dhaka into law and work out a package of. Border security, excluding the wall. That's how they that's, how they remembered that set out from remembers what he remembers is we had cake. There was a fire drug when room room, and then it was time for tv, but it sure looks like it had some effect on him meeting with the Democrats I mean his thinking about the dreamers seems to have changed, because each we did something that I set with super supportive. He Donald Trump Tweet, does anybody really want to throw out good educated accomplished young people and his supporters said
fuck. Yes, of course we do we want to do it yesterday is based, is furious at bright barred calls amnesty dawn now, and culture is calling for his impeachment even entity and rushed lumbar. Turning on him, the deplorable really think this is deplorable. There are former trump fans, with the internet who are burning their make Amerika great switches Are you scared because it means they discovered fire tools? Good, we next one of drums, Vance issued at a very stern warning. He said, Mister President, don't forget who put you there and that's when Putin,
just last prompt ITALY's that an amber, there's, poetical bullshit. He went back this week to the one thing he knows. He could definitely get done as president visiting her came sites, he went back to Florida deadline for the third time, they're like enough in the first lady served up food, the victims or, as millennia, calls the programme meals on eels see I could mulatto she dressed more sensibly, this tribes using Safari jacket and strew. Apparently she was disappointed when they told me she was just going to be looking at poor people, not actually hunting that forty years, the most amazing
of all amid all the destruction in the path that hurricane neither Mara Logo, nor trumps essay insane martens, nor any this golf courses in the path that damage that all they all escape must completely unscathed, which just goes to show something. I have always believed there is, no God sends out later on these taking a project on ways to have gone, but first up he's Apologia prize winning columnist for the New York Times and it contributed to MSNBC. Please welcome breadths David to see again so you, western you're, here we're working for the Wall Street Journal conservative paper. Now you moved over to the New York Times, which is considered a liberal paper, which I must say I admire very much. You want to get it.
Eureka chamber how's it going over there Well, I guess it's too soon. To tell I mean readers take their views. I think what the New York Times is trying to do is is kind. Extraordinary, because I think most people look to show like yours or up at page like the Wall Street Journal, and they look for affirmations. They want their views, affirmed, I think the times is making a conscious effort to have an bed page, which is more like provocations, use readers the writers? You agree with to reinforce our point but use the writers you disagree with wedding stones to sharpen your thinking- and I think if that I mean nothing,
some experiment, but if it works, I think democracy is in better shape, and then we realize I mean I think what we haven't you have in common is that we both dissolve. Liberals now I do it because we both as our conservative. I definitely restart conservatives, but that's that's accepted, that's begged into the cake, pissing the placing off the liberals, I mean, I think you're doing it, gives you enjoy it doing it, because I want them to clean up their rough edges and and win again I want the liberals to win and I think, sometimes, their sabotaging themselves. That's right, the problem, is that the question isn't how Trump one is how did Hilary loose and I dont think liberal.
Ask themselves that question nearly hard enough food coming from one because they're all these deplorable. What what do you think the liberals biggest flies? I think it's God like a goddamn less but look I'll, give you an example that will make you feel uncomfortable, but since we're here, why not? I was last on the show January twenty fifty I was looking at the show just to remind myself of how this works and you had to say: about Joanie Ernst. You remember that no no offense, but I m sure you should watch it again because it practically explains the twenty sixty intellectual than that segment Joanie earned. It turns out, was so poor growing up. Ok! Well, hang on hang on. There is just one of them who Joanie urged the eye with Senator. I was sent a republican bright right, one in twenty fourteen, that's right, ok and, and she would put bread bags on her feet as a child because
one pair of shoes, so she says so. She says, let's assume, she's telling the truth, and so you, locked her for it and it was funny, thank you it was funny it was. It was funny to the people in your studio audience ask yourself if you're in Iowa or maybe outside Madison Wisconsin or in the middle of Pennsylvania, of how you ve toxic, how you would have to that segment. You're telling me that break bags on the feed is off limits were comedian, red bags, making fun of the poverty in which someone like Johnny Ernst, grew Is he now you sound like a liberal? This is what I get on the liver of case like read. This is snowflake is, and you can't take a joke about bread bags on your feet. Look you me why? What is it about liberals that people don't like?
and I would say that the answer is the answers. Condescension, cultural condescension. Yes, whereby I mean that's part of it, but but you know I went through this with Sis Ii C S cup, with your less wigand, she was, you know, don't call people stupid and I I don't want it but like if you like. I don't but like over a third of Americans. Dont know that a bomb a care is the same thing as the affordable care act. That's your own health! If you don't know how to take care of your own health as an issue, what word would you use will look at it? We have a serious problem with like a politically educated public, as one of the reasons I think we ended up with a guy like Donald Trump and that people could be banned, was old and sold on. I can say this on this show bullshit and
you could become president for that's, that's a real issue right, but you're not gonna, get that through by simply making fun of the way in which people are raised. I know, but it's it up. They were used I'll come on. You really are stuck on. The bread bags I don't. I don't think anyone really takes offence that I really dont. First one and a half the people believe it's true. I mean bread. Bags your feet. What is the point of that? Because you really don't have shoes? Johnny urged has shoes, she had shoes, gimme a break. Ok, so you called Hillary Clinton you're, not for Trump, so, ok, which you know what- Silver lining, for this whole thing is, we found out that there are saying Republicans left Saint former Republicans, former Republicans you're, not a republic. I have a hard time
This offer Republican and I have a hard time going myself agenda, but you know you referred Hilary as survivable event, you voted for Hitler guided and and I think that's the mix your thing to do and it's a party because I called that's what I call MIKE Pence. You know you're right, but I get very mandate liberals when they say my parents would be worse. He would not be worse. That's a survivor the Levant will we ever get back to a place where we think of each other as a pic above a survivable event? Yeah. You know the reason I said that is that I've been. You have to accept my perspective as a right of a person who was never sympathetic to Hilary policies, but the way I saw it election, was the difference between risk and uncertainty if you're a finance person. If you see That's a risk. You can price you kind of know. What's coming Donald, problems uncertainty, you couldn't price. It
no from one day to the next. What you're going? get and that's actually about the reality we ve been in for the last six months or we can have war with North Korea or not. Are we going to deplore? the dreamers, or are we going to take the men and its it? I think that he says both in the same sense. I mean what you mean earlier. Bipolar is right. This is this is not a presidency. This is in the roses Let me ask you this. He sprang from the soil of republicanism It has happened on the democratic right. I don't think so. I don't think you could produce a democratic, Donald Trump look. You can because populism I've been Donald Trump, isn't just some sort of accident of American Paul Six, he represents a kind of trope in political life and if you go back
to the nineteen twenties in Europe or the nineteen fifties and Sixtys in Latin America. You find people who wore a lot like him they spring from both sides politically, these are the people who say parliamentary democracy, witness or racism. I mean racism is a big party, but you wouldn't know that on the left you, while you have class hatred on the left what you have with Mother Euro, and that is in the early as deep as racists and look out, I'm the last one to make excuses. What Trump is doing right is, culturally, so corrosive to the institutions of the presidency that I really don't think he's necessarily survivable Yes, I want someone won't work are. Let me ask you this question about. I feel like his bans are not ideological, especially we found that he can pretty much go anywhere
and they seem to follow him except the wall. We accept that one thing: what is it about the wall? Why is that? I gotta get back to Kansas for them. You know, I asked myself, I grew up in Mexico, cities speak fluent, spanish and- and I think there is something so ugly about everything that the wall represents. The idea that we aren't blessed by the fact of her Mexico, as our neighbour is insane. We should think are lucky scarred it's more than that. You know my mother was a refugee. She came to this country with seven dollars and in the space of a generation Reggie wherein her feet, bread and yet she sure I'll check with her. But it's nice to know that in the space of a generation you go from refugee to quote Elite and that's
this country oughta be about and people who don't understand and want to build walls to the refugees, to the indigent to the people who are desperate to come to this country, there are the ones who have no place. We are building bridges, savings. Everybody panel. The letter I realize whose sardines novel is the guy started, but about a hundred pages it is awesome, like you sounded
Stay is over here and tv, giving out of abandoning very one of the greatest width of old time friend labour, which is going to get this done as your question that tonight's over times against them after the show on Youtube. I have two sophisticated new Yorkers here. So my first question: as we see Donald Trump pivoting, their toward Nancy Pelosi in church humor people who all his life, he was more comfortable with. I just want to ask. First of all, how do you see a new Yorker like Donald Trump, having such an appeal to the heartland getting so big crowds in Alabama, because that was never part of american politics when Clinton and Gore ran together. Members like will we be gonna, be elected as a Democrat, you got it We know free he's nor a jet. I dont think of Alabama Heartland were abolished.
Based on what they think of how embarrassing confederacy I was art, leg, ok, well he's popular and worthless, but not in New York, not a mere yes, TAT is, if you think about that, think of New York values which the Republicans attacked throughout the campaign. Donald Trump, is the antithesis of New York values. You just happens to have a big yellow house. Now, in the sky,. New York City voted nine to one against Donald Trump. Ok, because we already knew him right right away. There is no rule that sophisticated cultured city can't produce a bigoted. Prejudiced, Ignoramus Vienna produced of Hitler right. So so it's it can happen, but he is. The exception. Is the as
and said America is finding out what New York has known for a long time I mean in New York, is now considered developer the act we'll say develop worse in Dublin. Is it we know what it is if we called Monti dealer a cheap hustler, that's what he is so as changed your life. Personally I mean I hear the time from people out here I want to know if it's true in New York that people sleep less. You now has an effect did your mood, your erections, I mean what what it did do for a while is ruin my morning, because I would wake up and feel obliged to pick up my phone and see what he had tweeted at three, a dot m, and I do really did having to start by day within. That was bad, but I've got over that. But what I mean
seriously. What I think I did to me is it. I feel now about my writing a little differently, because you ve got so much fiction, so much fantasy, so much deaf distortion, untruth being propagated every day that I think you know, maybe, not magic, realism think maybe maybe a debate becomes like the writers job. Paradoxically, the fiction righteous job to try and risks we establish a sense of the truth. It parity becomes effective euro. I personally, yes, he has effect in my life. Really I mean I am even angrier and others I have been engorge with rage. I was born so now that I don't trust you know I am it. I wouldn't have imagined I could be anywhere, but I am even angrier. Yes, I take it personally. I yet
if a television set? Why can't you know what I ve? Oh I I just can't send bearable. As simple that I find it to be unbearable. It's out of the question people people say to seek which, It was but yes wishing, this was better. No, he makes you long for Mature Dixon. Please tell me, please tell me you would agree. My parents would be better right, but my pension to better, because, first of all he would never be elected. He would never be re elected. That is a splinter of those working party. You know met at the girl. He won't have dinner with a woman is not his wife, like whites, are lined up
Did you go to a party where they serve out the hall, because once the bitches get a drink? In my view, I think this whole like this all how good, by defining a we know, if it's not trumpets, pensive business tenses Ryan, if he's not Ryan is or enhance, should we know that, but that is good, but my view is: let's just take one asshole.
The time. So we ask about the Democrats now, I'm from from New Jersey. Like me, how can we have a senator their Bob Mendez? He is apparent little corruptors. It's it's a lie. Majors anyway, he was immediately. Think of an hour, is gonna exactly he's got a trial going on and they may find him guilty, in which case the Senate would get to choose. I think two thirds of the centres get to vote whether he gets ousted for being convicted, but he doesn't have to be. You can stay the Senate as convicted valid. Apparently my biggest are the rest. Them are unconvicted felons. So but here's where it gets address, because in normal times I would say: well, maybe the democratic vote he's a democratic vote against Bob Menendez and say you should get out of the Senate accepted in the post merit garland world where they were.
A in view is in what would have been get away with. I don't If he's a Menendez brother, he needs to stay in the Senate because if he leaves before Chris Christie leaves as governor on January, sixteenth and Chris Christie gets to appoint his replacement. Who would be a republican and they'd? One more vote could have which, though, vote on Obamacare repeal. So do you agree with that that there's? No, I don't know, I don't know. Fuck I mean really I've migrant women that they made. It would be enjoyable, yes, but it's for you
they're all crooks ox. So what does it matter? It matters because that was wrong healing one with our public instead about Supreme Court like unbelievably wrong, and this would also be wrong. So I don't think we should be learning from the Republicans. You know why. That is exactly why the Democrats will continue the lose because they do not know how to go for the juggler. Did you really do not know how to fight on their work? They did you. Did your mother, never say you bill the two roads or make a right. My mother was an around when tromp was broken and and I'm looking at bigger matters you know. Look. I think this would. The bigger matter here it seems to me, is the mid term next year and the more corrupt. The Democrats the less chance they have of winning that if they looked just like the Republicans, you know you're not gonna,
California I keep hearing of California is gonna flip bows disease like thirteen seats here that conflicts the house, so that's not gonna happen. People think the democratic crooks to know the knack. That's not gonna happen biggest it's in the part of the state- that's very conservative! Ok, let me something else, because it would make the man to continue on this, but I was reading this week that the Bernie and Hilary supporters still hate each other with a great just a word hate and their applauding Hilary is plugging her book? She says Bernice nodded Democrat, which you know she's. Is it not a slur, that's what he says, and here journeys answer as to why not a democratic says: the current model in current strategy of the Democratic Party is an absolute failure, I don't know about the strategy, I know, but let me just as this. What do you
the demographic and due to repair, or should they repaired gaming to repair the with between? Yes, I think we should stop thinking about Bernie Sanders. I was really to start thinking about him. I did I tell you, I know you found him kind of benign it. Oh, I did not find him benign. I found to be an unbelievably irritating narcissistic old man, and I also completely like a coup leave New York when their eighteen that's who you have equity. Look around thinking, oh no. I can't make it remarked. I think I think we should please forget about Bernie Sanders and who reckless this is about
that's over this problem of the, but the rift in the left were where there's a section of the left that once the pew arrest more slowly than driven snow candidate. Yes, snowflake here. The snowflake ear, snowflake yeah, that's what they want and that's not no problem in this country. It's a problem in England where they want Jeremy Carbon, who represents that ideal of latinas with which could possibly be elected, or in France, the middle, showing people who don't want to vote for. My call because he's not purely left enough, what all this does is to drive a wedge through which the right could come. The Sunday you said on this show a few months ago that I I have to tell you. I have been quoted bill, yeah yeah,
said that we have to learn to distinguish between an imperfect friend at a deadly enemy. And the left, let alone but most lesson fast. While there is a deadly enemy in Russia, you know saw these facebook. What do they call them? Botz? Did this people troll troll drove rightful troll. Vladimir Putin basically has buildings full of people who work for in Moscow and all they do all day. Long is figure out ways to fuck with democracies, and I mean Silicon Valley of Russia and a different brother s. So you know all down to people read this stuff. On Facebook I mean that the Facebook Chief Security officer said it might have reached they took.
Four hundred and seventy deceptive accounts that might have reach seventy million people at sub, and you think about What are we doing about three northern states that went the wrong way right there with cuts in Pennsylvania, the collective vote majority Three together was seventy seven thousand you're talking about seventy thousand people would say seventeen million seven million wreck, seventy seven, seventy million. Yes, so you know so they agree to seventy million people. Certainly, seventy three, how few effect Life one in a thousand you like one in ten thousand, you change the election. Ok so Millennia Trump has been in the news a lot lately. I was torn matter and the monologue and she's on the cover of US weekly. With this cover at my side of the story, but they left out my favorite feature in
Weekly, which is the twenty five things you don't know about? Media read about this all the stars. Do an item gone is done it I've. Yet his he'll be out here in a minute, and I did it it's practically a right of passage mine. There you go.
And we got a hold of Maloney as if not in this magazine, but it's come out. So we shall I gear. Maloney is twenty five at Lahti. In Slovenia I was a catalogue model, which is what you call a model you order out of a Catalan. I have no first language, I hope, by inspire little girls everywhere to marry for money. Every time I look at my husband, I am reminded of the slovenian national dish raising children. I once caught my friends drawing on my stiletto. My secret service code. Name is that poor, poor woman, a couple of this list for Michelle Obama, sometimes when I bounds light of my diamond Donalds Harry, will chase it's like a cat.
I wish I knew why I have a recurring dream: I'm pin beneath the giant aren't second and if I can t a younger self just one thing: it would be this and you catch leprechaun and it gives you one wish be more, specific how companies like giants Project runway, Mattie, professor attempt to finally meet you. I feel like an age that is so crass. You are such an anti devil, you're, very kind. To say that I have to say, though, that in this company I feel like, among rule at the Westminster tablecloth years, an idea you're being too modest, and the first thing I want to ask you about is Donald Trump suit, because there is a picture of this week. You look at this
say that, but he is wearing the pants from one suit and the job get from another to know this is not now. We know what it's like to wear a blazer with pants that don't match the blind. This is not that this is a suit jacket with another pair of pants from another suit, but even if it were a blazer in a pair of pants, when does not do that, I mean you just
the president of the United States, I'm always talking about the summing up of clothes. Close. We were sent a message about how the world perceives that right and this as I am a great big flogged and I dont care and like addressed in the dark ass. It says it says the people around them, we're too fearful to say right. What is re trunk Rhine need to change when Europe, you can change right upstairs it's easy. It's mystifying, but of all we see a lot of changes in fashion biggest looked at the change innovation, they can sell. Absolutely honest ass. I spent pendulum. Ok, so like over the years, we could have done that somebody could have said you know what we're gonna do this year in fashion, we're gonna, where this its of what to suit acquitted jacket of another window, every other grazing bucket, big we'd, never went there. So one thing this out of passion for I'm just saying. That has never, however, reason only the fact that he's as it means that will never happen because he wants to emulate Trump and have landed America. I've learned that the hard way. What do you mean that people don't get dressed up? I mean it's it's right through slop affiliation of America, it's getting worse and now, with the apple easier trend it legitimize is invalidates oldest slop affiliation. Have you ever be ever gone to the people of Walmart website
No about yields every thing: it's you'll never get an erection again, it's yes, it's just people, you know in their pajama in there you know confederate flag bikinis. It is just anyway The world has become release. This nation has become one big slumber. Party people just don't seem right, o the boundary between bed and be outside and I might say if you want to dress too feeble, so you never got out of bed. Don't I know it's like an unmated that he should stay in it. I know it's like people, think they're invisible, and I mean we did something on the show will want about this and harking back to that time in the nineties when in New York City you remember this. The broken windows theory that the
Giuliani administration aid. Think thing it was said: look if we fix the broken windows in bed neighborhoods. If we cover over the graffiti. If we pick up the trash, people feel better working feel better we're gonna look better and then we're going to be better, and I think that's really true people dress slovenly as their morally slavic well because their their education is lovely, is everything about what we do is slovenly? Well, I will say this. I certainly see a corollary. Between behaviour and how we appear in the world are barred. Ross and I think that this erosion in dressing this This everyone's wearing, sweat, pants and tank tops look at the correlation. All the bad behaviour, that's in profusion and that's escalating, but no one where it is obesity fit into this, because I know used.
Say I mean I m talking about this recently and you don't be a factual me. I wasn't fetch. I mean what I was saying is obesity is a national epidemic? Doesn't it is a health crisis, so I saw K Mart is gonna call their plus size now fabulous size, and I think You wouldn't do that about any other health problem. Call it fabulous, we'll here's the can as I see it, and and I'm coming out of a season project runway were finally we're working with models arranging size from two to twenty two, so I've been with a lot of larger women, the seas and an eye blood every single second of it, the cannon is. We can fix it all simultaneously, so we have a population of abruptly the five million women who are larger than the regular department of a department store their their larger than a size twelve, and there are soap options for them about what to wear, and I think that's atrocious regarding
a few options. I can't believe that if there are that many people who way that much there is much be billions of dollars to be made, they must make clothes for the absolutely right. You are absolutely correct that there are billions of dollars to be made. This was a primary catalysts for an up at peace that I wrote for the Washington Post last fall on what the retailers on top of this forget about the designers. Are one point was working for a company angrily brands, no one wanted to design for her will Maybe they are. I think what it is that people say. Why can't you may close that make me look good because you're fat, it's not the court, you. I disagree really look at the mines. Is there not a million women and they look fabulous? That's why I mean you know. You say you have model suicides twenty days. Ok, you'd have to page through an awful lot of vanity fares to find a fat model. I jumped disagree ok! Well, for some reason I mean I go where the money is. That tells me what the truth is and the truth is
people when they are selling clothes, celadon, skinny people and more. A point about all that is its an unattainable body size and shape. For me, women in this nation. Ok, but not be like that. Yes, but there's something in the middle right, but I do but I believe that the fashion industry industry is complicit with media in general and how We portray the ideal of beauty and my leave is we need to show much more diversity and size and shape and show that forgive the term the biggest beautiful. What can I tell you- and I am also- I guess that I mean that- is that one battled of like the one? I would like to fight because we're all here now- and this is a rarity on television. There are four people on television who are all
over. Sixty, I say is not against the law. Congratulations let celebrates exactly, but with this is an age is country? Would we not all agree with that? Now that we are? No, you don't think it's ages. America, I mean, I don't know, I don't believe I dont experience it, because I think that I'm not looking for a job for a man to things, I know how hard to get a gay, but I don't care and so on, and viable expensive. It also seems to me, like there's a lot more old people than there used to be really yes, I dont see them out. I know
I see people out to or my age it is an I'm looking for it. Now when I drive to work look another is that guy bars and not in stores? What are they raptured? What happened? I am in favour of old people and I'm out of the new, but I go I see. Oh there's an old person- and I realize he's five years younger than me at at I. I just favourably by the many writers are old. Fortunately, just can I just say it rough Slobs, oh, that that yeah, But your arguments that your argument that sluggish dressing- ITALY is a sign of a sluggish interior, would come as news to most novelists in America,
but that's my russia. If I come from academia, I agree wholeheartedly and- and the message is we're too smart to worry about this apparent says an ice ripple repeat the symbiotic. Some clothes I mean that their. It sends a message about how you're perceived- and in this case, by your students and by how have you navigate the world. Ok, I'm old, stuff, old people a coup, I have certainly agree with me that we should all that I just want to add. I wouldn't go back a single second and the longer that I'm here, the more confidence
the more majority. I have more experience I have. I couldn't agree with more that the problem is the lesson days you have. That is now it's true. I know that is always that every I'm happy or now than ever myself also admit that's them, but that you see that point about the fact that being less time ahead than there is behind right. It teaches you a very important lesson, which is you don't have any to waste. That's right, you you! That is exactly what you eliminate all the bullshit you used to put up with. I think that the bullshit I used to put up with it, and now you don't put up with it right- think I've just got this time, but to do exactly I haven't. I have no blanket list like not that I've done it
the thing I hardly done anything but, like anything I haven't gotten, do I could give you know like it's no accident, I've never been to Asia too bad Asia, nothing personal just didn't happen, and now it's not gonna have never seen a star wars and will be all the way through. I don't know anybody has never went ski, never done a million things. I never had anal sex. I mean these the tourist worst too much to budget for so much information. I don't know why that's popular either anyway. What is connected to moving onto this is my salt. I use this. Let's talk about my rais D, written about it many times, and I saw Donald Trump this week so that doubling down on his Charlottesville Comments- and I thought well- is this: Just-
that just won't go away for this man and, of course it won't go away from this country and they did a little study I forget who the sociologist, wherever they they shouted. Where it's a guy was standing in front of a house, it was a for closure thing, a program to help people who are in for closure and when it was showed to Trump voters- and it was a black man- they were very unsympathetic to the programme and when it was a white person they were much more sympathetic there. It is and all the changed in the air was the rays of the person, and with pillory voters, it didn't seem to make a big difference. So it's to be a little bit of proof that there is racism on that side of the fence. I dont know why one would need that. It seems pretty gotta obvious that what happened on November, the AIDS was a racist,
back lash against eight years of a black man, and the White House holders say here is that I'm its entire? If it's not come on, it's not his entire rubber using every single transporter. That's not true! Ok, maybe too soon out of a yes, those rallies it up. For someone our age, what did they remind? You have George, while it George, whilst rallies, does exist we would, then maybe I don't think that when they say how many people believe Trump, I don't think they believe him. I don't think they sought. Yes gloomy, nineteen, fifty five again, yes, you can open up the comments. He allows him to express their bigotry, though, and that is
things. That's why there's little static it? I want to know. I would like when we talk about being more specific, I would like to do on the subject of making Amerika great again. I would like to know when it was great exactly where it was that moment February. Third, nineteen, forty five well approaches was it when there were slaves. Now what was it when we and did not the vote. When was the moment of greatness Netherton moments with what we want are striving towards, but they seem to be the lads made in China that say make America greater right. They do seem to blame the wrong people for their problems. I mean, for example, I don't expect it to be that sympathetic to globalization, but the big story: Globalization is that, in the last, like thirty years, we have decreased extreme poverty in the world
tremendously it's one of the big unsung stories. You don't hear about like a lot of people used to live on a dollar a day and now two dollars tutor will weigh less waiver because where it, because they got jobs in factories in Mexico and China and lots of places and that's where the money went from the sum of the jobs we had here and the big story regulation be blaming the people. The white rich guys, who sent those. Jobs overseas, but they don't. They blame the Chinese in the mexican worker who now doesn't have to deprecate in the street and as an indian writer reminder that appeared in the times a couple of weeks ago, in which he pointed out that there are lots of job opportunities in expense, many economies like, for example, India. So there were lots of Americans, you don't have jobs, maybe they could go there. It's a go where the jobs, which is what we are always be told, but I wanted to say this, about globalization as far as Trump is concerned, is that without globalization there would be no trump, because all his money comes
from Russia. Come come. We know this while you are, he doesn't know anybody from Russia, but nobody does expertise knows both of you knows german bankers who launder russian money of absolute. That's that's what happened in New York, it's what it round to say. We know but dropped from the Trump Soho was built with russian money. It's coming through the bank's! That's what it's all about. I mean I don't know, what's going to be in the Mulder report, but the bottom line is at a certain point, because nobody else would lend trouble Monday concedes. A fuckin dead beat, who doesn't? Pay is dance. The only place you can get money was Russia and instead of paying them He gave them America,
everybody ten euros and more he's really must tell us their secret to only taking pictures that make you want to punch them in the face neural. Now that we have a car compose your keep oozed noodles laboured doodles and golden doodles. No one should feel bad about coming right out and saying it. Poodles will fuck anything neuro. If you wanna depressed yourselves, spend the day playing a game. I call would you rather they were president
the guy your hangs out at Starbucks with his cockatoo, yes, the world's least convincing today to any of the members of the Epp group red velvet. Yet the bears banner takes four spurt of what its ten below yes Logger felled. Yes genes, Emmett, Z S, Macao, who looks like James fluttering, neural seven ass to tell Bin Laden Son homes that going into the family business is kind of a jewish thing.
You're not gonna, know why and about Qaeda you're. The Jared questioner of terrorism, Neural Pope Francis most dropped a phoney cover story that he got his black guy up. Pope mobile accident just admit the truth. He mouths digress. Brown and finally neural now the governor, Jerry Brown of California, is signing separate climate treaties with China, in defiance of our federal government. Conservative conservatives can't complain lake. And complain when our local law enforcement refuses to cooperate with trumps deportation squad
They can't grounds about California cities threatening to deny contracts to any firm that hell helps build the border wall. They they can't get mad because we're just following a long and hallowed conservative tradition called states rights. It's just that now, where the state that wants to be left alone Mrs every didn't, like one attorney General Bobby Kennedy, was doing in the sixties. Why don't like what Jeff Sessions is doing now, The script has completely slipped from fifty years ago when aggressive, ran the show in Washington and it was alibi,
Governor George Wallis, who physically blocked the door of the University of Alabama to prevent black kids from enrolling? He was all- screaming about states rights which he used as justification for this. Segregation are vague, and but that was now the white supremacist. Are the federal government.
And its liberal states that are under siege from federal overreach, we're trying to defend our way of life here and what we believe in. We believe and sanctuary cities and pollution control, legalised tat, an gun, control and Obama CARE and a woman's right to choose and we're going to defend and we'd. Rather, we are rather- and now we get to talk. I need say some: we don't much Cotonou in federal government it knows better.
A new things, and we know here in our state a month lapse on my electric car, say colleges. We don't need no outside agitated, with their make Amerika great again, cabs coming in here to a clean state, and telling us to take down our solar panels. Three in our state, we used to eat, tortures, Wade, S posed to be used for lesbian weapons on a beach, far to table Just words around here: that's our heritage;
we prize. They know pesticides in our organic broccoli me we proud and gay six and hot yoga we practise pioneering caloric irrigation. You can have botox injection when you pride from our call dead hand rejuvenation today that do not rejuvenation too bad. You know do the notion that medicines federal government Washington in wars to tell us who we can marry aware, weaken p. They won't come when he and segregate restrooms turn us who can t wear.
My daddy was transgender and his data before him Ella. Can we both gowns over balls? If we too think think goddamn in turn again went up in Washington by Name Jeff Sessions, and he said and I quote, good people know
slope marijuana. Well, there are good people here, Mr Tender gin and something we just want to sit on our ports and watch all grass grown steadily at home. You everything we haven't had inherited a watch him. Any more commission, not mind each be oh dot. Com
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