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Ep. #438: Fmr. Congressman Barney Frank, Bob Costas

2017-09-23 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Fmr. Congressman Barney Frank, Bob Costas, Catherine Rampell, Martin Short, and Rick Wilson. (Originally aired 9/22/17)

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO making in real time I love you, I know it. I know it's the first day of full
when trumps colors are at their peak. Really, I know eight is air, explodes riot of golden reds and his face is rich. Umber and tat makes you want to get out of the city in and go in taking in his chin. But can you believe years almost shouting in this happens, I mean soon the temperatures will be creeping into. The teens await I'm thinking of Anthony nobody's. Gonna gas got set up the rubber this week anyway. What a week we had so much destruction. The earthquake co. The hurricane in Puerto Rico, that health care bill in Congress. I mean you watch the Senate go after healthcare just month after month they never give up its. I dont you have
in turn to harass this was their third attempt now, since Trump has been president to do this, this one was written by Lindsey, Graham and it was still as we speak is still a few votes short. They don't have to pass this monstrosity, and today on Mccain He said he would not support Lindsays bill, so it is a good day for health care and a bad day for gay marriage, because Wendy Graham said I know one maverick who's going to sleep on the couch tonight, but no John Mccain. I gotta give to me said: I cannot, in good conscience, cut good conscience vote for such a vague responsible piece of legislation or the Republicans I at once said.
What's good conscience abatement. Their learning is the problem with the other plans, and they had was that they, hold the voters. What was in the so they didn't do that this time they caught it, kept it all a big secret infected sepia. That's the congressional budget Office word scores these things. They have an added long enough to what they call score it. So they said they can give it a partial analysis and the partial analysis is it's a piece of shit and hey. If you think you think Mc Linsey are at odds this week, boy Trump and Kim Jong on fat man little.
Boy. They are feuding again and a man. I love him. He called drunk a doughderas, which is one of those words that people have stopped using like presidential. Like you know, it's it's from Shakespeare and, Mr President, if you're watching shake there was a guy a long time ago. He wrote plays pleasure like a movie, but the people are really. There are days of North Korea is not the country that is on drums mine. That would be Russia
this Russia investigation. I know I say to be, but it is heating up Robert milk mothers, as he is very close to figuring out who, in the trunk campaign, was not a regions by and the things we find out every this week, poor man afford who was the Trump campaign manager? I know they try to denied ok just gave by a few times. You didn't even really have a desk here. Yes, he did. He was the campaign manager. Apparently he was giving Thriven briefings to the russian oligarchs who were connected to Putin. And Trump says. I know that sounds bad, but at no time during the campaign was he ever aware that he was running for president. He said he only found out about it after the election by watching foxen friends. Otherwise, but you know that these been there
Pretend all they wanted. The russian interference didn't affect the election, but of course it did. It did in a big way in many different ways, including these ads on Facebook, Have you seen this shit that went on and now Mark Zuckerberg says he has agreed to turn over over three thousand election adds that were bought by a russian troll, and I hope we can at least all agree that foreigners should not be influencing our elections. Only
I thought about twenty years ago, when an Australian started Fox NEWS arrived at a great wealth and a little later, my friend Bob cost Israel be out here, but he was my favorite condors. Now is my favorite Packard congressmen plays welcome. Bernie rank came running so healthcare week. Once again they tried it again. It seems like I was talking about this last week on the show, the republican love of turning things back to the states. It seems like without getting into the weeds on this latest plan. What it does is it makes it into a programme that would go back to the states they leaped to say, or the states can handle things better. Tell us
when really happen. If the states proving how are you all there are problems, the care as it gets. If a guy in those stage where the republican governors refuse to cooperate with it in states where the governance prepared to be supportive? It worked well there's a year, a method to this article about gender Bob. Workers and possibly a reasonable republican when the you Wade W with trying to organise General Motors valiant in Geneva, and the companies Ok, we work with unions in Germany when Union Phobic away the Americans are Corcoran, others threatened. The company that they would deny them funds that were supposed to get that they recognise the union. He was yet. What do you care accompanies? Ok with it he's in work. If union at Volkswagen Battle raged wages and of wages go up there, don't go up throughout the state and of wage go up for work
people intensity, we won't be able to war businesses down from other states that the purpose of finding things to end this is enterprise. It's a long way to go to it or people. The thing nobody's their basic strategy, virtues and thanks to this stage, then this stage compete to get. If this is Amazon, unfortunately, is encouraging that right now bid for Amazon Gimme, a tax break which they really need and what they say is whether it be done state by state. Then each they will be under pressure to do as little as possible, because the businesses in those states, the businesses, if they want to attract, will stay in weight of generosity of poor people so would not sit. But in a way which we have a situation where people are going to move to states where there is health care, that's more affordable and has done that on an ado. Unfortunately, poor people in Kentucky on is mobile. Is Amazon riding up and check what is much, but they are afraid
I would say that they will move. There is at this stage will spend the states that spend more of what they get will not be able to reduce taxes. Why is there such a priority with republic, as you than I read this week, that this is still be number one even more than the damn wall, the number one priority? Seventy nine percent of Republicans want a bomb care repealed. Its irrational is yes it as you can see that, because this is not just the fifth time they try to do it in the vote on its fiftieth inversion. Would you all there is no consistency, all they want to do is get rid of it. They have been taken towards the right thing in that way that we give to the states think of some other way every one of those built they bought up one of the house, one in the Senate to others, though, all different and everything quote today from send a child gradually. She, your republican. I can think of ten good reasons why this bill shouldn't go to the floor but which are made
campaign issue for us, you I'm going to vote for it. They promised it. They are committed and it's very clear. They have no constructive notion of what they wanted to get a b. There was no consistent republican organise simply but give it about Burma CARE, because if one we're here there would be saying, I think that they believe healthcare. Your doktor is something that is a personal matter and therefore it something at the government should just not be involved and by the way, to say that argument. Now they kind of say we're going to improve it, which is alive than ever, used to try to say that they would just stay. We don't think you should be. The government should be in the business alleviate can share of your problem. They used to say that, of course, now that many echoed the state governments, but in fact that's not a consistent fee, on the other hand, you're right that they have benefited in the past from saying: don't want the government do it, Why would they don't you so unpopular? It's the one encouraging thing about this. What you now have is Marge Polly Merkin Public Majority, realizing the
No, they want government involved in healthcare and the great give the Donald Trump and given democratic, nor the damage is done it before you. Gonna acted Much of a hundred people died. The government shock and what he's been able to do is to prove prove to people that no government such worsening government and you now have support for for a positive role, What about the democratic side, though now Bernie Sanders not officially a Democrat, even by his bill, which is single pair, which is a horrible name for it? Ok, because people think the single bears gonna be them. I think you'll fair, if you dont know, means government husband.
Paying alimony his single bare, and why are you making that jobs is their trouble that we don't know about all alive? But but all the Democrats who are thinking about running next time have light up Fine Bernie single Payer bell. He is strong for single pair and that is now catching fire with the democratic Base problem there is that ok before you wanted it they couldn't where and how to pay for it. Vermont tried it couldn't pay for it, should we go down this road as Democrats? of all promising something that I dont think you can do it unless you cap what the medical people can charge and where about to do that in this country that adores capitalism, bono manoeuvring federal it would be
Did you do it at the federal level than mistake you have correctly cited? It can't be done it sustainable I've been, ultimately you don't you, fellow, I won't have you were willing to find the money on the other and even Sandridge Bill this bill is more reasonable than rhetoric, as I understand it phases it in. I still think that there is a mistake. Therefore, what I, what Democrats or We were able to get through in two thousand and nine and Joe Bereavement said now it was going to be the way to reduce the age of to create a fifty five that seem to me to be much more manageable. It gets more people. I think it helps destroy the private insurance system, but it strange by getting the older people in the private employment George, how I think you should pay for one thing: no one will be, the clear and I want to know what a Democrat very sorry to see you and own Mccain. I'm grateful what do you do now, but he just bring out a year of military
Many villages, Donald Trump, is a paper and we're gonna spend way more till we begin to reduce military spending and agree. We cannot do anything else and we should be aware from we could use embryos easy one which, as America does not to be involved, there were all over the world and then contradictorily. He spends all that money, but I think you- for bring Medicare down to fifty five. If you didn't write and that to demonstrate people and I would I would push for that and then, if that works, you think about winning or next ok. So then she philosophy was giving a little speech the other day I am going to read, but the protesters said to her on Dhaka because I think she and chuck tumor pretty much save their bacon couple of weeks ago.
And she was interrupted by a bunch of protesters. Apparently they weren't satisfied that she went far enough and they said Democrats created an out of control deportation machine and handed it over to Trump. I don't know if I agree with that We demand accountability, Democrats or not the resistance of Trump we are and it seems like we come across this problem off and now with the Democratic Party, where the people who are the purists, I guess, he's the kind of way to say it, never so aside and seem to always be attacking the people who are their best ally in a world that is not perfect and we're compromises must be made you actually way out. Purest, I mean I, I engine they think of value good. Their web showed its fantasies right. Making energy poverty would change. Humor did wish to get trump to agree to support letting these people stay here, which I very much support and voted for. Let them have I'm not insist on the wall and at any
You know that there is this tendency to fight with friends, because you're you're, easy job the hanging fruit yeah, I'm what what I think I see what they have to do whether Nancy stood up to them out jumped human, I don't think you're dead wrong. We're not going to allow you to do this, but Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer did was a great benefit them and what you want. Would they rather have the psychic income? He told her wonderful. They are known to be no compromise by the way. Whether objecting to again she, is that they should well will have some border security by. I didn't think rebels we're supposed to be No border security right went out for the warm and after some of these right tactic, but I caprice there. This is self defeating and any time to stand up to the ad reminded me of one black lives matter, interrupted Hillary Clinton.
Bernie send ambrosia here and look I. This is an organization, I think you and I both support but to go after Hillary Clinton. I just wanted to say to them. You know. No white person is proof and certainly no white person could understand what it is like to be a black person, but it she's the best way. I feel it is, I'm gonna get better than Hillary Clinton. I have met her first initiative when she ran for president was to end mass incarceration, which is no practical reasons propped on annoy him yelling at New York. I- and I say this with some credibility because I filed the folk rights Billing Massachusetts. Forty five years ago I am a gay man and I have spent much of my. I spent much in the last forty five years telling my fellow sister, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to get a grip to be sensible, not
Lloyd breeding- and I will say this to my every american friends. Gonna- have a very good record on that, and the point is if I want to say that all these group, if you have people who want to get into public office, so they can deliver. The public policy that in your interest, Why do you insist that they phrase? that in a way which most likely to piss people, why is it not your interest to help them get? Why do you yelling I'm trying to get, and I think I think we need to be more? We intimidated and say you're wrong right. We not a good. We are making progress. You are entitled to say what you want, but it would add- and I in particular, as I look at what is going on here now, every time I hear some of those I wanted it, but who had you wrote them s like you Show me if vote or you're voted for Donald Trump. I really want to hear from you,
I want you back in Congress is up against ratification. I call on us for the daily bees work well said Eric columnist, for though I should impose Catherine ran power with us for the first time say these movie star. We made us put this in the promptly comedy Ike stories. You always did Martin more condom, a walkie October rate. I love your work in it and what line I walked over twenty seven. Martin George, please hold your applause. You know competitive building, so they said it was a relatively speaking, Redondo Drug sorted this low news weak and we covered healthcare with burning. So I thought I would take morbid deep dive here and talk about. It
really worried me, which is we seem to be losing the thread, I would say, with some of the bedrock beliefs and institutions that I'd always my whole life thought I was just taking I took for granted. I guess I shouldn't have. Let me just read some recent polling, these it from different Paul's. I won bore you with all that they are, but just take this in and then I may not to go myself. Thirty, six percent of publicans think freedom of the press does more harm than good. Only sixty one percent of Republicans think it is necessary only thirty percent of millennials think it is essential to live in a democracy decades ago. One in sixteen Americans believed army rule would be a good way to run the country. Now it's one in six
among the young and affluent. It is increased, nearly six whole sixfold to thirty five percent, a fifth of under rads now say it's acceptable to use physical force to silence a speaker remind me to work more because they say specifically offensive and hurtful statement. Sixty two percent of student Democrats think you could shut. You should be able to shout down speech you dont like Fifty two percent of Republican said they would support postponing the twenty twenty election if Trump proposed it. I want my country that's you know this is not. This is left and right. This is young animals. This is an ass, no problem, but what do we do? How long has it been a problem? I wonder that's a great question. These are real this owing to this to the scope you're talking about now. This is a fairly
urgent phenomenon. This is a fairly new problem right and I think, as you said, it's on the left and the right, and we need to get back to a point where this country has some some agreements and some fundamental values that we we recognise that speeches terrorism is problematic and sometimes it makes you feel uncomfortable, but tough, shit. It's how it would it be? I think I think of you gotta harboured in use in their contract, you're, gonna harboured you have to be, also told if you protest anyone right or left and you Berkeley try to stop their thoughts. Your expelled and if you don't trust me, go back to your original contract and you will have to come to our harboured by the right. You don't have to say that there is no problem with peaceful protest. I am all in support of peace in our time, but peaceful. I know I agree, but I think that the differentiation is being lost on young people
on old people right I mean the real divide and our country today is not so much about left versus right about who we want to live in an open society or closed society, and that's about to revalue free speech. Do we value ideas that are different than us and people who are different than us and to be clear, this is not only an american problem. If you look at the data from around the world. Is this thing called the World value survey and it shows that around the world around the what we call the west? You know western values are disappearing, and- and this is true. Around Europe. Its true and United States will moment. That's not trust in us. Ok, when western values disappear, that's down into one of us, and I think that its also basically like reading is reminiscent of the break on reading the increase of tweeting well
I mean I would agree with that. When I look at trump you know I made it very easy to look at rub a dub. All those Republicans, but you know some of Trump is all of us and certainly the part where he died. Reed he's in love, His phone that is all of us- and I would agree with you when you don't read or when you read just what's on your phone or on the computer, what what is just fed to you? What you already believe comes back to you or your does plan a lot of it feeds exactly what you want to get four years to delay, not what you care for the betterment of your majesty. It's a long way from ass. Now that your country can do for you, people in the filter bubble. The internet creates for people there were they self select. What they're going to follow, and so Donald Trump is looking for things that in flight, his ego, everyday he's looking for things that make him her I can in his own eyes and and so he's self selecting all this stuff from from the lunatic. Fringe of the universe and- and that makes
feel good. Then he goes on tweets about himself. The guys never read a book in his life. Donald Trump is Donald Trump is We arguably literate. Any. Certainly not. He is a man of near you can expect better than what you're getting at. I must say that I hear you, I d be doing this and yet so great at and I love it and I think all liberals have these new friend meal republican friends, because their disdain Republic gives it the anti Trumpery everybody for beauty. The call Wallace and George will people who work for Bush and people who we lead, basted break it, people, ok, but now we all love you, but the elephant in the room, little plan there could be. I heard it is. They worry, no kind of have to overlook the fact that Trump didn't just is not a virus from space. Ok,
He came from the Republican Party, he's the kind of logical end, the Reagan Revolution it's no he's, not an anomaly he's not an aberration. It started long ago all the things that are in Trump ISM. Were there the the racial dog whistle the anti intellectual ism, the anti science he's just the end, of the road for that, and and so I hear the anti trappers I applaud, but at the same time I go yeah, but there's something in there that we're not really saying things like the Us Republican Republicans ever Republic, a little bit on last year. But he's also result reality. Television and back to know. Reading here doesn't represent to me a Republican or a Democrat. He is obsessed wants to take away healthcare from poor people because like tat because it will it possibly be a win. So if you can't get
then you'll, know that without popular, you know is because he needs to win. He is not here now A well man Martens exactly exactly let us not just that he is also a republic. It I mean Republican. Somehow it become the party that doesn't have to pay for anything. It's interesting. You know we debate, Obama, Karen people say: oh, it's a failure and it is. It has failed some people. I don't see the Democrats being adequate to answer that charge. I don't see the full throated response to say will for most people. It has worked, but that's another story, but it seems like maybe the sin of a was that he paid for it, whereas there, publicans. They don't pay for tax cuts data I pay for their bushes prescription medicines.
Programme of the wall; they, they just don't believe in paying they believe. In talking about fan, it pays for itself. I will certainly, as a Republican. I will certainly say that there has, for a long time been a kind of fantasy bubble that we have existed in is a party where its we're just gonna work. I have all these externalities that are going to suddenly pay for everything and it's never really been a point of great response ability inside the Republican Party to say you know what we're gonna pay for. Medicare party because it'll do these magical things and help people and, in the debate All these external economic affects a large it doesnt work and the fact that matter is my part. Talked a great game about cutting taxes and cutting the spent in cutting spending. We know a terrible job. We don't cut spending. We ve consistently just kept rolling more spending in the federal government. Every time we ve been in control of it. So there there is going back to trot mean the end point republicanism there.
The level of which my party has been irresponsible. What with the match of our rhetoric to our performance and trump, is a perfect example. When you, when you have rhetoric, met the mismatch performance he's your man, I do think, though, that you cannot ignore, and I know the friendly both talk what this last, but you can ignore S. Wake Seko, wiped ivory can ignore the fact that tromp exists, because we had an african american president for a year has gone for the first time, a woman who was perceives third term. Was perceived Clinton and all these we'll points in my group and the other on your these thing. I learned it he's a brilliant star right, but that the stars about the erasing with the black president did that didn't start with
Donald Trump. That started next in southern strategy back in the sixties? Ok, we're I mean I'm amused at watching all these Republicans talk about Donald Dropidas, racist ways. Where did they think the racist were before this in the Green Party? There are other things that I find Republican, somewhat disingenuousness, clutching our pearls about now that they. So this right I mean like voter fraud- is a great example of this as well. Yes, sir years, you heard Republicans complaining about the fact that all you know that we need more voter ideas, which is really about repressing player in keeping black people from voting beta and it was all about protecting the sanctity of the vote, and now, when Trump comes out and says, oh there are three million illegally cast ballots were like all, that's crazy! That's not presidential! For you to say that you know where did that come from road or because he's crazy and presidential there's airport fathers that hard
but they feature not a bug of current those. I mean also climate. I mean Trump pulled out of the powers Accords Brody, he now you think is not going to do now and then he said he was going to look at each twitter lately that let me down at the point of being that in Congress, fifty three out of a hundred senators, our climate deniers and I'm guessing that. That's all Republicans and one Democrat Two hundred and thirty, two out of foreign and thirty five in the house are climate deniers, I'm guessing! That's all I'm pretty much one sidedly I'll too. So to me. That's the big issue of our time. Having been right on that issue way before Trump, am I wrong about the I don't? I don't hear them complaining that much about the climate accord, though, unlike other stuff we were talking about were may where we won climate before Donald Trump, but I have a slight.
Taken climate is, I believe we can all innovative. We are those I want other people ever american innovation, rather than like a parody of taxation structure like I said the boats that are able to go to that that Ngos should only only have less of government, how do you incentivize the innovation, etc? Nothing like a carbon tax look look, there's a lot of things that we ve been able to do as a country and a culture of or time. That's all technological problems I dont have the solutions. But I will say this: I do believe the climate is changing, I'm not denying that the climate is changing, but our are in points of how we fix it may be different, like I'd rather throw a shit money into technological fixes than trying to just say. Ok, everybody freezing the dark. I think there's a there's a different way:
a different path, a middle ground. I do think, though, that middle right risk is unjust, curious and then I will. I wanna hear all about you. Let's go to me right now, because you sick talk about last week. I can t the generous and best go ahead. I want to be the best ok. So last week we friend was here with someone Rushdie. Mention gun came out and I was saying where love our a television show with all people over sixty, you should have been here, and I would add I made was just saying you know I don't have a bucket less. You know not that I've done everything I very little, but I just mentioned you know: I've never been to Asia. I've been on Snapchat, Norwood Skiing and, I was saying,
don't care! You reach a report, your life free, it is don't give a shit about the things you didn't get too. I can't
leave the react. People were mad at me. I must touch something in their mortality to hear you say a bit so my bill, you have to have a bucket list, so I made what would you like to hear my boy I wanna get drunk and pee on the great wall of China. Even I want I want to have sex in the airplane washroom, but stop because it feels weird to do in front of my comfort animal. That's I wanna watch Eric Trump take on a leopard without a gun. I want to confront father romilly and ask him why all the other kids go to ride in his cadillac, but not me. I want to get high without Burma. I want to want to finally direct my passion project and all white remake of soul Blaine I wanna get sued again for a legit. The drums bother wasn't rang its aim with this time by the right, and this is gonna sound silly. But ever since I was a kid, I wanted some one too
thing to me. Oh Danny, I guess it's never gonna happen at this point in I can bill that is, if you'd like me to daddy boy the pipes. Pipes calling from Glinda Glenn down the mountain side. This sum is gone and the rose is falling. It's you, it's you not negative. Do beginning it. Like twenty Bennett,
most I've, never gardener, who doing so little anywhere broadcasting Legend Burundi's his words be the legend himself Bob caused. The kids are right. Now: ok, brain damage in Vienna fell
now in order to make it even harder it up. I guess it well, I mean that's funny because whenever you're here I would say you know Bob's here and we're going to talk about sports issues, because there are these big sports issues, but is so much more than just sports, and then I, look at the issues and ongoing yeah, but sports somehow gets to all the. Issues that really are bubbling up in our society it often intersects despite the mouth breeders who say, leave it all out of sports. I just didn't here: there's a groundwater, shortstop, fine, ok! Well, don't call the mouth breeders Bob there, your bread and butter. I've been told that make that mistake before, but I mean look, we could start anywhere. The big news that was all in the papers yesterday was Erin Hernandez right where it was a great time end for the New England Patriots, except for the fact that he murdered people
and then he held himself went to jail for it and that damn then well, but they. What they found out yesterday was that they see tee, which is not even try to say what it is, but it's the brain damage you get from chronic laying on that act and supple apathy they. He knows things like that, I mean it means your brain scrap it scrambled and this this kid had problems anyway, when they said for a twenty seven year old, they never thought that it was stage three and four is the worst. When he seven at twenty seven, we know that even before dimension such in that brain trauma, even for active players can have on impulse, control or anger that sort of thing, but we can't make the leap to connect what he did directly to that because he's just one person, but this is more bad news and an accumulation of bad news for the NFL and for football in general.
And this comes from somebody who recognises the drama, the excitement, the team work, the strategy, that's all very interesting and appealing- and it remains the most not just the most popular sport, its most popular thing in all of american entertainment and its difficult for people to give up that attachment and the generational connections, but evidence Is evidence can't turn your back on. You know what and as a libertarian I've spoken out and said, and I'm kind of torn about it and said: look these are young p But when I was a young person, try to take the joint data, my back when it was illegal, kids and now- and I fell players want to use my Rwanda to save the pain and it works. So we have a solution, but you know it's hard to tell somebody could when you watch the wooden The ETA fell on tv when they're not rising on the ground in pain, they're having a great time, their celebrate,
their fun. Now young. There are doing their thing in it. To tell somebody you can't do that we what we're going to take away your living, but even though we seven evaded no, it was harmful for them. We're kind of inflation. Red territory, which was the case in the Sixtys and Seventys when Players Bay of thought, look, I might have trouble, get not a bed because my knees or my hip. So we bother me when I'm fifty, but they didn't think they wouldn't know what day it was right now you do have informed consent, you're pretty much any football player. Who doesn't know what he's getting into hasn't been time now, but but there's all evidence that the earlier you start playing, you start playing pee wee football and participation is way down
because parents are concerned about it. If you start playing when you're twelve thirteen fourteen years old, then the long range effects are apt to be even greater, so the idea probably will evolve that they should play flag. Football, learn the games fundamentals and then, when you get to an age of consent, get to be eighteen or something, then if you want a place, I would like to ask the commissioner is starting to sound like the mayor and jobs. You know there's no shark, and if we close the beaches now we're gonna lose a lot of money, but but it's gonna have to change it somewhat, because I'm telling you even as a libertarian, I was watching the game. The knights- and you know a guy he's just crunched unease, you can see him in pain and the guys in the both are like right, let's Marshall, as quickly as we can that we're going to clean up the body parts after this word from Delmonte, and I knew no, they just gonna glosses over it. But even I the Libertarian, I'm going God. I am fee
when a little like I need a shower after watching began. What would answer me this? Let me out of the bottom: where is going to be in ten years? What is the NFL gonna look like and ten years well urgently, they can be the same. They ve they ve changed the rules which only fiddling at the edges, because the game is fundamentally brutal and violent, but they have changed. Some of the rules are trying to change the culture there trying to change youth football. They say their funding research, but unless they come up with some as yet on imagined technology that improves how much to the point where it doesn't just protect against the skull fracture. It protects the brain from rattling around inside the skull like a pickle inside a job which is really what happens is somehow they can come up some technology that disperses the impact and less that happens. Basically, you just gonna have to sign a willing assumption of risk clause to your contract and it may become like the Roman. You know circus it s, people watch it, but they don't want
kids, why it will? It already is a little like that, it's all so much in the documentary on Vietnam. The can learn thing. It's a little like that, where thank you to be a non better, yet terrific, but it's a little like that, agreeing raft involved and by bases and and and and who goes, you know the people who were more desperate. Yeah, where you know where the risk it is justified by the reward, but I mean who went to Vietnam unit, the poor and heads minorities, and you know that's what football and, on the other hand, Tom Brady wants to keep playing. If he can tell these forty five or fifty, you know you watch out, Rogers play there's something exhilarating about that. You can't deny not just the right skill, but there are times when they athleticism is almost poetic. You you recognize, all those things I wish there was a but like a push that would make the game rough. Yes, tough, yes, but not life threatening.
Brain threatening and then to enjoy, but those two things cannot separate. Let me quickly ask second here, Martin getting very anti, but not when the cameras not on for five minutes. I I I I I I feel like kicking me under the table, I'm here to what common cap renege again, an issue race that in sport right Maybe this is the place where we should play this out now. I think a guy should be able to know stand for the national anthem even people who disagree with them recognise that you'd be crazy to deny the right of expression that the people they rightly revere. Having put their lives on the line, to protect it and ensure it that? Why would you deprive
Someone of that right, even if you disagree with the right note. I understand Trump said something today rally. He said something to the effect of I'd like to see some NFL owners say one. Someone. Does that Niels or whatever just get the son of a bitch off the field, but in fact Is it really? That's actually use is consistently onboard testing in now you do. You do have a two players were presently under contract and players that their teams think are good enough to really help them that are engaging in. That kind of protest, wrote an effect, The owners collectively have told column cap running to get the hell off the field because the areas and have a team is. He is Tom, Brady or CAM Newton, no he's not, but as he better than some starters in a league and louder than in any backed up in a league. Of course. It's definitely because of that. I wonder why more aren't doing what he did
The surprise when I see on this either it's only a few. I think the possible reason is that they recognise that. There's some complexity in this that the anthem doesn't just represent the nations flaws Why doesn't just represent the military or the police as admirable as most policemen are even given the road cops and his admirable as the sacrifice of military is, but that it represents the nations ideals as well. That's what makes this a little bit complicated if I own the team, which I dont, but if I want a team I would have the p a guy say: please stand for our national anthem and in recognition of the ideals it represents, that would then encompass. Conservative, liberal
everyone in between and I think, would make it more palatable? Well, I guess you didn't hear the first second half that country is a first executive before while guy. What does that that that whole list of status is frightening scary, but the others. Gary thing, of course, is this. Russia's story, which half the country does not even know exists. This is the part of it that bothers me more than anything else is that we live in this echo chamber now, where you can turn out anything, and I mean I could tell these people what happened this week with poor man afford in this story in this story it just it just keeps getting worse and worse they. What didn't hear about that? They want believing they won't believe. You know it's Bacon S, it TAT mathematics,
about new so, and that is a good thing that that that is the one. Brilliant thing is not intentional. That tromp has done because what is done is by creating this fake news idea if he is in fact forced to resign he will be able to say I fixed America, look at the stock market, look at the job rates, the rest and don't believe anything. You hear its fake news too high, that's intentional. I always agree with your efforts and in that he is intentionally dismantling every institution that can hold him accountable, very uncertain times. I misunderstood the great thing, though the beautiful thing about all this is no matter how many terms on from tweets and its hopes are fake news bomb or doesn't now, here's what about your eyes and ears, never better. They performed on the Russia's borders, never a better rights! There's! Never do they go well that clear that up, never
that's what he is not playing around, not bids not just for Trump. It's for all of historic orders. It's like an intellectual permanent, get out of jail free card. You never have to address anything on its merits. It's just fake news, it's off the table, which is why I think, until Rupert Murdoch personally turned again right off. You know his base and a stick by. Can I read you what Roger s Roger Stone said about if they tried to impeach Trump register? just try to impeach him just tried. You will have a spasm of violence in this country. An insurrection like you, ve, never seen. The people will not stand for impeachment a politician that votes for it would be endangering their own life and again I got
say not to pile on the Republicans. That's does knows who you are what I, what just its there's one party that just goes there. You know one party that would nominate Donald Trump one candidate from the Republican Party. Donald Trump, who would say during an election, is constantly did its red One party that would pull that shit that they did with Merrick Garland and not do there. And give the president his pick that the Supreme Court one party just goes to these places, the other one doesn't, and until the Democrats that- and I want them to do this- so they learn to fight amidst interesting that Robert Mahler, the guy, the one guy is tough on trumped- is republican. I'm pretty tough on Trump. Yes, you are but you're not in his position. No, I'm not, although I be fun to be lost,
to do it, but let me say this about about the threat that Roger made there. That's not a bug, that's a feature. These guys are seeking. To signal to the Trump base in the Trump audience that any proceedings against him is invalid that anything a bit that is. Matter what the evidence is involved and the fact that rock This is so reckless about that. I get I get that Rogers provocateur and a lunatic and all those things, but the boat taxes can a little too far. Now guy needs to do is to ratchet that back because because threatening to start riots in this country, threatening the threatening to immediately go to that level, that's a Republican, thus conservative, that's on American and if the guys in peaches each. I don't think it's likely honest to God. I think I think that the republican chicken shit carcasses two prominent in the house, but I mean I think,
what could be called on the White House with a dead baby in the end, the house, because we do not wish to go to the tax cuts, may we can impeach. You know just what happens if writ meal is fired, but it would have what does the What does Paul Ryan do? What does its common? Not a damn thing. I think they're too, scared that you haven't even even going to impeachment in other there, too afraid of being primarily from the right and even criticise anything that truck fun to be able to be funny about politics, Sogdiana liberating all those years there are public goods never could find somebody who was really funny, because you know it's not we need to make fun of Nancy Policy issues, sort of a serious person who does serious things, but this is fun. I'm having a bomb
right? You want to buy. Thank you and I know it's time for new role. As you are very funny, I knew fix out furniture for the EU and must tell me how they found a chair, the exact same color for arms hair. I mean look at it. You can't tell where the synthetic heavily died, upholstery ends and the chair began. Not every moral millennials must stop saying they wish. They grew up in the baby boomers era. Taken from this baby boomers, you wouldn't have liked it the device we read our books on was the toilet.
Our pod CAS were radio and they went to static. When you drove under a bridge are toys socked? The box was more fun to play with and back then a complete breakfast included. A bowl of gluten knew all this proud. Member of the Nazi Party riding the bus in Seattle must answer this. If you really are a member of the master raise how come you're right the boss narrows other names or explained Donald Drug Junior. Then, if he really wants to come across like a normal human, he should have
family photos in his office facing him see down the ideas that you enjoy. Looking at your family, not that you're offering them for sale cycle neural. Stop telling me that cute tapes are only men for cleaning the outside of my ears and should never be stuck in the ear. Can I stick it in there and wiggle around, and I don't care who knows it and I'll tell you another thing: everybody does it next thing, ITALY telling me the loop shouldn't go up my and finally new rule. If you want to understand why America's so divided, don't talk about Republican Democrats, red states and blue states, rain
story, the city mouse and the country mouse, currently being sold under the new titled? What happened But the original was about to mice who learn that you're either one or the other city or country, and the same really could be said for America. When you fly over it, you don't see red states and blue states. You see vast stretches of land where there's nothing? then every once in a while, a city, here's Missouri, but We state looks the same: a sea of red with a few blue dots. Now I could joke about Alabama all I want and believe me. I want its trump country, but not Birmingham, because that's a city. It voted for Hilary, something happens to you when you live in a city you get mugged,
What do you also have a multi cultural experience? Cities are places with diversity in theatre in museums and other gay stuff. I have nothing against rural life, but I've seen farms on tv and they look dusty. Republicans are freaking out lately because it seems Trump is pivoting from these two to these two. Colluding with Russia? Fine, but Democrats but really it's not that complicated truck humor and Nancy Pelosi, their city, mice, and that's it. Consummate New Yorker like Donald Trump relates to. Why is it always poop tweet being at three. I am
these from the city that never sleeps he's such a New York die. He had his last wife delivery terms, disillusion with Mcconnell and Ryan. It's about really political. It's just that for the first seventy years of his life, he would never be caught dead hanging around with a traveling Bible salesman like Paul Ryan or corny countrified goober, like MRS Mccarthy, for Christ sakes the man is from Kentucky just sessions is from our Mamma when he went to eat a box. All drug beers is a tiny little earnest movie and might pence. It must be torture for trump to be in the White House every day with that arms bun Christian tightly wound human hard on. He literally would dine with an unchecked Barone woman. Meanwhile, try
spent his entire life posing with a shitted in Grimm. That says, look at all the pussy I'm jared- and this is the existential crisis of our president- he's an asshole but he's not a hick, represents one group what belongs to another. I hate to break it to you real Americans, but what Trump likes about Chuck and Nancy? Is there not you
he's not one of you trust me when Trump watches the Beverly hillbillies he routes for MR dries down and when he tells a crowd as they often does. I love you. What he means is that in Middle America, he found something he had long ago run out of the New York suckers trump voters, Trump voters replayed for robes by the ultimate fast talking city slicker, who saw vulnerable people nervous about jobs and the melting pot, get into melody and he told He build a great wall and get their jobs back at the mine and they said. Where do I sign folks? It didn't make Amerika great again,
You enrolled in Trump University All right, that's right now I'll be at the Mirage in Vegas October 27th and twenty eight and Freddy Free episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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