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Ep. #439: Paul Hawken, Kurt Andersen

2017-09-30 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Paul Hawken, Kurt Andersen, John Heilemann, April Ryan, and Tom Morello. (Originally aired 9/29/17)


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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO making in real time
you think I got old drop is now visually the drug at the end of the bar bitching about football, and you know this. This is the world that we live it now. The stupidest asshole alive says something like ignorant every three days and we have to debate this just in the president, as just we did that the dog's or gay chinese people spitten the laundry discuss somewhere so Oj Simpson is getting out of jail next week and he's a football player the Trump likes, because he never took a neat,
couple heads, but never only spend twenty three years books get over that no I've got an idea. Let's tell drop dead, there are lots of black people, kneeling importer Rica, maybe he'll, get focused on that very sensitive about this vision. Are there saying the relief efforts there, a disaster which is very unfair, he's tweeting as hard as we can know he will get on it as soon as he frightened that they speak Spanish and can come here any time they. Why? Then, of course, he cares about Border Regos east from New York.
What he says. No them, I think, bid them. No. He is gonna head down there to put away go soon. As someone from his cabinet frees up a plain this week, we learned that the drug dependence Draken is gonna, make Amerika great again, but not if they have to fly commercial. You can't do it, and today, just a few hours ago, we lost another one. Another resignation from the administration, one of many Tom Price, the design is, he had run up a million dollars. Spectre private jets. This after the Treasury Secretary Member state manoeuvring took the airforce jet down to Fort Knox, though, is dropping wife good. Take a stealthy with the goal and then these secretary of the Interior, he needed a private jet to go up the biggest and all of them.
Here's the same excuse. You know that their cabinet secretary business so urgent, like their seal James sexually. Now we we're gonna, call read here and clay when I gotta get to housing secretary here yesterday. You know it takes a lot of jet fuel to drain the swamp. Ladies and gentlemen, there are going to drain. That's why they're gonna drain the Treasury first and then they're gonna get around a drain on the swamp. These guys should be sentenced to fly on Spirit Airlines for the Middle EAST in the last year by the toilets, the one that does in recline in between an obese guy and a baby with an ear infection now have even following what happened this
down in Alabama George Roy more one, the republican primary areas. There look at that kept a fuckin. Yes, he pulls out pistols paid, rallies e p believes gay people should be jailed nine eleven was gods punishment for sodomy, an abortion. He is what is known in Alabama as a moderate and what I thought I thought my pants with tough on homosexuality, this man, says: homosexual behaviour is a crime against nature, an inherent evil and act. So here as he says it defies ones ability to describe it. So we
and expect him to be caught at a highway rest stop men's homosexuals ex defines the ability to describe it to people have sex except their both guys and it's in the. But I think I did it speaking a getting a fucked up. The ass Trump unveiled is taxed plan speaking you getting fucked up, the unveiled is taxed glad you see, although unveiled it still pretty veiled that tax bled with what he says. What we know about it, regroup, it's terrific
its revolutionary, it's gonna beg jobs started pouring into our country, is going to make new economy take off like a rock at ease that all these things boy I took this guide the wall, the health care, build, bringing the mining jobs back he's always over. Something is in its always over selling it with Trump, and then it's always a giant. Let down he's like the guy who gets the women into bed by promising her an orgasm like she has never had before, and then he comes putting on the contrary. Andrew fees and environmentalists and the author of an editor draw down the most comprehensive plan ever propose to reverse global warming. Please welcome, Boil Hockett, so we have had three hurricanes now been pretty disaster is so I thought it was a good time to have someone who says they have the most comprehensive plan to,
global warming term tell us why Year plan is different and why does the most comprehensive, very definite because, as the first one ever actually disco, Google? It yourself? There is no plan to reverse global warming, so we were at ease when we said was the most comprehensive plan because said the most literary nuance plan, because forty years in two climate, being in the public sphere, there has been no plan to reverse global warming and the only goal that makes sense right now. Most the rhetoric is about bowing reducing medication, but if you're going down the wrong road, why would you want to slow down you're still going down the wrong road is kind like thummim reason, slow motion, the only thing makes sense is to go back the way you came right now. The greenhouse gases, we are told, are forty seven ppm in the atmosphere. That is,
sickly parts per million parts per million grass roots gives me a parts per million? Fifty percent greater than it was in the pre industrial age, but in fact, if you add the other greenhouse gases, nitrous oxide, methane, etc, work for ninety ppm in humanity in all its forms, genus homer erected, Florentines. His head sapiens, all those for too many years. We ve never lived here when I spent over three hundred ppm until nineteen thirty seven and now We ve gone right by three hundred and one for ninety ppm, and it doesn't make sense to talk about stabilization. There is no stability at this, so watch he'd number there, where were you, know all die four nine. The USA were read by ninety out. Where work, what is it I d get to? Why go there wagon
like all the other way I mean, because really in the sense that we go there, nine I don't wanna go the year is out. I want to know how close Rio did the number, but that's really what climate communication the climate establishing is Dinas keep staring us keep. So we should be scared, well on a scientific point of view, but once you have a problem statement, which is what the IPCC, the intergovernmental panel on climate change has done, is a great problem saving. Once you have hurricanes and headlines validate the problem statement, the list attention to the solutions and after we did a project out- and you have no doubt that the weather in the twenty first century is partly caused by the glove warm nor dialed we're still getting the talking points from the right, when you know what way I know you, I think I'm laughing, but it's not funny. Goods are the four ninety thing or whatever that numbers you tell me I gotta get out and how much longer we have
they there. Oh, they can always come up with some thing about you know. Well, you know we haven't had a category three hit, the southern part of the country. Since nineteen thirty say these still silly points, it's silly right. I mean this is really happen. It is really the last three Harvey sixty four inches in deference in county broke the world record for rainfall, then Irma the longest, sustained category five hurricane in history and Maria important Eco. Ok, then we had two feet of rain. In talking to imagine Ella too few me, there's no way is nowhere for the wanted to go and so we broke three records within thirty days and people talking about this being a weather events, not whether that is basically the atmosphere, giving us feedback on what we ve done down here and we ve got a reverse. Ok. So
in the book, it talks about seven different categories, places where this solution can start to happen here. One of them is women here, why why? What a whirling egg, the maybe stepped back of it? What we did is map measured and model the hundred most substantive solutions to global warming, and what I mean by visions. I mean things at hand. We know how to do it. There scaling w w grain whatever these are things that are in place and that we are doing right now. So that's what we model. We didn't model things we could do ought to do. It should do and the number six solution and we rank them by impact in terms of carbon all based on peer reviewed scientific literature by the way None of the data and data is our data. The carbon is from science. The economic data is fully respected. Institutions like the World Bank, the I e a ip
see, etc. The women where I get to always we don't know how much time we have exact good before ninety. What exactly so the number six solution is educating growth and one has to do with climate change. Has everything to do with population, and that is if you take rules school, which they are all over the world to put their brothers to school. For early marriage, child marriage, those women have an average of five or religion likes to women in this culture. Imagine family enormous, basically doing is again and again and again that women can drive and Saudi Arabia now. My applies the sarcastic its wide and apply and
If a girl is allowed to stay in school, supported to stand school to, say, the equivalent of high school she'd comes a woman on her terms and she plans her family because she earns more money. She's, better educated puts those resources into her children now write about women, farmers right there, good farming, we don't think of women as farmers or forty percent of the farmers are women and they are not in the world's forty eight, while they are less likely to fuck the sheep. Ok, so I tell its quickly get yourself another another big thing that we can do a we all. This is everybody's life. Every hour of the day, almost food waste yeah we waste just a ridiculous is a number one thing individuals can do is stop right. It is number one is number three
in over all impact that we dont measure methane emissions from landfill food to be even higher, but food waste. Is you pick witnessing everybody? Does it everywhere all the time they don't think about it in developed countries, because it so abundant, whether at the restaurant at home or when you're out wherever it is in the developing countries, is the other way around poor people don't waste food, but it doesn't get to them that they lack whole chains he'll, like distribution, elected storage areas, so they lose it from the farm to the city. We lose and the city or at the store at the house, or to arrest and you're, actually an optimist, and so I mean I see that you think we can innovate our way out here. I get very nervous when people say that, because then people get complacent, so I want you to tell us the truth, but please add don't you.
Complacent about it, because I think people think fuck, you know we can do what we're gonna do. We aren't german Louise were driving right toward the Grand Canyon, but somebody will come up with something some big machine that will soak up all the pollution. What what is the innovation? That's gonna sets a silver bullet mentality and its corrupt. Ok, we're saying is we have eighty solutions we model with those we scaled. The risk me scale, him or thirty years to see if we can achieve drawdown reversal and taught by twenty fifty. In addition to that, where we people to know is it. Humanity is on the case. Humanity is brilliant, inventive ingenious, and so we have twenty more. The attraction year, but those are the people who control things they don't need to be. They do not need to control ideas an imagination. Ideas surpass corruption. Well, that's a very optimistic point of view our president, just pulled out of the Paris climate of coordinating wants to build more called out of coal mines, so so it does
matter who's in charge is like all this stuff that we can do. It really has to all come down to voting. They look for love and all the wrong places in terms of the present. This be real. What we now have been here for the last week, we do, we look, I mean that's, have been leaders also history, they come and go. He made a hundred million people aware of the Paris agreement who didn't know about it. So we have to give him, for that, because by pulling out of you are- and I am glad you had governors- and you had ceos all over this country- saying we're gonna do anyway. Sorry won't be weird, but nothing is not optimistic. It's really describing what we're doing well. My point of view is measure. Nothing good is gonna happen on this issue or any other issue until the Democrats. Take over Congress
so another body should read this. Really you going to read a book. I've never said that in the job began to read one book read this one, but I do not appreciate the national affairs analyse for NBC News and MSNBC Road game change and seek will in the twenty. Sixteen electorate would publish unable to John Ions obey activism. You tourists it's our sun guitars, maybe the best for profits of re use. Dave you album is now available. Many scars american urban radio network and author of the presidency in black and white, now available in paper back April Ryan. Ok, so there are important things and I say every morning not going to let myself get sucked into what these shocks.
In chief is talking about today. So maybe we could dispatch of the issue quickly, but it doesn't bother me the thing with the football players and the kneeling and the national anthem that we lost lack of what they were kneeling for, because he so good at tat. We forgot that that there was a protest and it was a meaningful protest about something real and now we're talking about the national anthem, actually said, people have died for the anthem did anyone ever? If isn't it? I think it's telling that when athletes protest racism, its assumed their protesting, America gets a very interesting point. There's too,
side, riders to side yet like there's a flag, deplore the founding of our democracy over soldiers who were fought in our wars, and that was emblazoned down that uniforms of the heroic nine eleven first responders same flag with over slavery in the genocide of the native american population, the nape humming, a vietnamese children, the destruction of Afghanistan, civilian hospitals and it's on the uniform of every police officer who was killed. An innocent african american person. It's also apply also applies in the courtroom of every judge. Is that every one of those cops go free. So if you're uncomfortable watching football on Sunday imagine uncomfortable the families are the african people have been killed, or only why the soap opera is at last, a narrative. Fortunately, this president has this big microphone is big Billy pulpit to use not just one hundred and forty characters, but he is talking and people are listening. He has changed the narrative talking about the flag. This is about the unjust
These involve shootings left, so many african american stead, and unfortunately that is being covered up in, is not about the flag. This is just a vehicle to stand together. Unity to show people look, there's a problem. It is not about the flag. These people are just as patriotic is any one of us in this room. They just want to bring attention to something has been going on since slavery, for both through business over different where road. So, first of all, I think a trump weren't NFL team he'd be Owen Sixty because his play ball is the most predictable play bloc in the world right now, whenever he has something that's going on that, he wants to distract people from me launches. Usually a race baiting culture war right. So that's what he did in this case, but this week the culture wars generally worked pretty well for him politically. This week you saw to places where the culture, the parts of the culture, the heel,
two demonize cut. A rose up and smacked in back one was on the healthcare bill right where I think Jimmy Kimmel that as much as anybody any individual in the country to stop passing Rambo from becoming but we're getting on the floor, and then on the unofficial side, where trumps, trying to basically make an issue out of the things that both time and apple are talking about. But in reality, instead of dividing a bunch, we got the players, the coaches, the owners, the fans all basically getting together and Saint FUCK, you our work with our guys, whatever, however much the meaning might have been deluded, we're gonna stand up with our guys and I'll just say. But what have you to fight a culture war? You dont want to write a cultural, The NFL, the NFL Isabel culture and Donald Trump found himself on the opposite side of the NFL this week, and I think you lost that by what he thinks differently. He thinks he's,
he's wrong about a lot of stuff. No generally, but here's the problem, this president has gone up with the against the inner fell before he tried to be an owner and those thirty two members of that exclusive fraternity said now. This is why the pub and then going to your point when he went to Albania to two to promote and in talk about led strange guess what guess? What happened this They decided not to use the lightning water Charlottesville inserted the american flag issue with taking me. So he play this game and he thinks he's way but is divided. We gonna fell stadium and I think that's ok. I dont think people should be comparable watching football or listening to music as long as this kind of amazement, the injustice and think it there's a lot of people out in this country who don't agree with what we are saying here rank or is that order here? This may not give Donald Trump credit for one thing he did so.
It is very difficult to do in american politics. He looked at a conventional vision that we all believed and said no and the conventional wisdom was the republican Party. Pretty much over because a demographics you know white people. Are their numbers keep going down and they just don't have enough to win any more and Donald Trump went. It's funny, I see a lot of why people when I know a lot of weight, aren't everybody I'd always way terms. I think, there's something white people. You know it's like: seventy percent of the country, still we women, I. But here, but you know, get on highway, ten going east and before you get it,
ex post you're going to see a lot of whiteness and those people out there. I mean you know the old silent majority, but I am furious watching football on Sundays now and I think that that's all right is much more important stand to stand, but it's not all but a sound like a bright there's. Intergenerational data he's talking to old way people a lot of young people are looking at the end. If I think you know, I don't even want right now like bodies at the order that, knowing that Israel, that is nonsense to that is not true. Whites under thirty voted for Trump of real life, perhaps but on this, and let's stop that about until Ethel retorted the NFL. Here, I'm not talk about more broadly, but in a white football fans who were with the plant with the fit with the players on this issue and our stand up, therefore, step curry and therefore our colleague Capper Nick, and therefore the players rights to express themselves. I've done not talking about in the electorate. I am aware the lights voted for Trump across the board. Under thirty I rise above I wasn't until this week area that I was surprised I didn't realize it. Then let me ask you
This guy Roy more, I remember this character when he put what, for for he was Johnny. He's gonna guy built my gonna guy prerogative, as well as those letters. I remember when you put the ten commandments engender in front of the court house, there was a while that is just that's ballsy, because it take courthouse. I mean, and we are specifically in the legal round. The specialist molested know that were separation of church and state. One thing you would not put up with it: we got Disport daddy got disbarred again because he wouldn't you wouldn't cotton to gay marriage. In fact, he's been guest on the pastor, Kevin Swans and show me to Pastor Kevin's once believes that gaze, because it says in the Bible, should be stoned not in a good way. They asked Roy more who's. Gonna, be a senator about this and about this opinion of stoning to death
gay people. He said, I'm not here to outline any punishments for sodomy, so we'll put him down as a maybe on that one. So so But we agree right with the ten commandments thing that you can just go buy what you feel you have to go by not going to be looking at property anytime soon in Alabama. That's what this right now! I know you are thinking about it until we're going to climb area is actually a beautiful state. There are we aiming at shame we candidate cities about that about that, but what we agree right, ok, that you have to go by principles, just not what you feel right. You can't, I feel the ten commandments, the truth, but that's the principle is ok, so I'm just asking this because less
We did a new rule about this guy, this guy. He was dressed up as a Nazi in Seattle and he may really be a nazi or maybe just a crazy person, and maybe there's not a big difference, but you know when people saw him there on the bus, it went around the internet and some good Samaritan. According to some people, went punched amount They got a lotta raves by liberals and Liberals should not be raving about this mean we have a first amendment I dont like not. He's either I rooted against them and Hogan tier of what we have to go by Prs
suppose and not feelings. That's what the other side does you can't just punch, not as the first amendment says, the government can pass laws that abridge feast free speech. I grew up in the home with an anti fascist. He was my uncle, who is a world war to veterinary, fought against fascism and if he was writing that bus and saw a nazi symbol of someone who wanted to throw all Jews into ovens, an ethnically cleansed all coloured people from the planet by ninety eight uncle? If it was a lie, what a punch, let some of which on the face now when it is back.
But then you just don't Jews and opens violence. This guy was throwing of yours into up, and this is not so much ass, the guy unarmed Inga using and insignia that breach eight minutes talking about it, but it's so we get to punish him in the faint. Now I don't believe in violence. I don't believe the violence, but there needs to be something something this man should support the threat we cannot play not so he should have been, and I'd like to say that on such a complicated issue. So it's how you drive, which examined the wonder and disappointing and we don't believe in the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court said they could marsh in sulky right and we just saw that they were able they were allowed to March. I mean this is what the first amendment says. Even if something is odious, this is America. You are allowed to throw the principal out the window and just say it's how I feel then you're just
does bad is damaging our build out not as bad as difficult just because I want nazis to be punches. Ambiguous bears people wanted for we all you want opportunity in Ireland, we want them to have you here, suppliers we live in labour law whereby raises began confronted by better speech and more speech that ain't gonna principle here the notion is, I think, that, obviously, if someone is about to do violence and somewhat shows up without torch or with a club and is threatening someone hunting that core hunting, that person is actually what we should be. You should be allowed again. According to bills, principles the first amended the constitution, all things we believe you should be able to speak without being Punch in the latest on the beach or sit on a bus, so we should be able to say we do not say that we hear nazis and we haven't ashes were against it without yet without, while also say we don't like violence. As is dogged whistle, that's been going around the nation and people are listening to the car and the problem is some of these old laws need to be revisited because they just don't.
Fit sum of what's going on and the bottom one he has freedom of speech, but yes, he was intimidating inciting, and that is not right and also this is what bothers me about liberals. There are no not to throwing. Jews in the oven now in America. This thing about funding, you don't do it. Something that looks like it takes our agenda does not force law, not a liberal, ok, so I have very good, but that the difference being Charlottesville in Boston was very, very clear. The odds were even in Charlottesville unless, when someone got killed, one teacher towards tort torches in the streets in in Boston but Nazis we're out numbered twenty two one. They hid in the little cabana couple, a place, scared to death and ass for the police to take another because of the because people stood
and set we're not going under any circumstances, allow this ideology to be one that has rain and United States, but they didn't, but they did in a peaceful and non violent way. Boss fetch it very. If that very effectively everything they felt that I was safe, that's what they did. They felt comfortable marching without hoods there, because they are now without words in the oval office and that's where its dominance Harry Benefactor, Harry Elephant. I said you know when he walked with Doktor King and Debbie deploys. He said when there is great pain. There is a time for activism and that activism creates change in, We see it at these little moments, but there needs to be some kind of galvanizing in coming together because it should not be the people walk down the street about about whether its nazi fascism or whether it's about the current confederate statues. This has got to stop because there is a bubbling up and this nation right now. When it comes
was alive with with Harry Elephant eighty years ago. Really, yes, he won't. You walked with him talk with them, power, ropes and inadequate. Frederick, Douglass, that's already carrying out occurred, we're gonna hurt. Could we go the current government there, ya go illicit. Here's the new year
at times by selling author of vanish land, how America went haywire a five hundred year history, a host of the public radio show studio three six. They please welcome Kurt Anderson outside for this discussion, and you have written an amazing book which has, I think, a great thesis, which is that America is exceptional, exceptional, its ability to be divorced from reality, and anybody who thinks that this new era of no facts and Donald Trump and I'm entitled to my own faxes new, is crazy, because this has been going on. You say from the very beginning of american times that that is american exceptionalism. We were created in the north in New England by a biologist cult, of the extreme zealots, I'm in the Puritans in England, where were the most exe. In Protestants there, but their extreme,
faction, who couldn't make it, who didn't wanna, be in England and want to be in HOLLAND dissent. We wanted a canvas blank eyes and create our theocracy, so that that those are the pilgrims create a theocracy, and the opposite has just come into the language. They were that there are skipping religious persecution there. They were because they wanted to come here to create a theocracy so that like the Salem which dry well, that they eventually got to that. But yes, indeed, and then in the south. The people, who also had a different passion to believe the untrue, which is that there were gold and Virginia, which they came and died looking for K men dialing for twenty years. They spent believing I was gonna be gold that they were going to find in Virginia so that those are our to that that that the super greedy money, mad people in the south and these religious zealots in the north, those The two founding knows of America, so we
we codify, oh, you can believe in absolutely anything. That's the great enlightenment part of our nation. This is more than any other kind. Using this is unique to America. I mean it's not just a human thing to believe and fantasy and to want to believe. What's not true, it's not unique. It is a defining thing of Americans, as it is nowhere else in the developed world. Is that why we're more religious? Well, I woods I would maybe river. So I would say we are so religious, so exe. Dreamily religious, such outliers in the developed world as religious people that that not that easy, bleeds over into believing all kinds of improvable or untrue things. Well, amen to that because we begin the enlightenment nation is well and but with the goal of the Enlightenment Debts, John Adams, that's Thomas J, that's been Franklin, that's reason, yes, but it also which people really
realize the enlightenment gave everybody the right to believe any economy. We think, no matter what an that's good, intel? Suddenly it gets article RO until the grown ups are no longer in charge, and this this great Antaeus, I was really anti expert part of protestantism and the enlightenment kind of tat the sizes into too much of a good thing. Right I mean you are. Very surprised that you blame a lot of it on the nineteenth sixties. I think, a lot of a sentimental eyes, the sixties fur but yeah you're right. It was a time when people were questioning the establishment and saying everybody can really do his own thing and your beer weaving that into this narrow, correct that that we get there. Finally again tell the sixties. My argument is anyway. My history is that that there was a good dynamic balance between bullet whatever invent your own sect, invite your own commune do whatever your own religion, because the grown ups work,
trial and the establishment reality based people and control in the sixties. Suddenly, rationality, reed in science, the the man now don't believe any of it. It's all up for grabs in It was all up for grabs here. We are but knew also put drugs in that category, and I have to quote something from your book. I wrote it down in my own handwriting, back safe second dialects and even marijuana fog, the boundaries between reality and fantasy, making it easier to believe that all of delusions and imaginary connections are true. Yes, are you really think that you really
think. That's what it's potheads, or doing really think that smoking pat flags up the boundary between reality, and that is why we believe all sorts delusions now we're just high stand out from come on. Just take that sentence added the book in the reader. Do you also mentioned you have no independent, which is late? You have you the lake, you have there and he was somebody who is a friend of mine and you know, I think if people saw just the sex, they missed a lot of what went on there. If you ve ever seen one of those documentaries about him, he could see black and white video of him
saying things like homosexuals are the most persecuted people in America when nobody else was, and he was progressive politically about the war in Vietnam and many other facts. However, he did this, but that is a fact, and that is definitely party or narrative. It is we he, as this extraordinary figure in the fifties: greeting Playboy enterprises, the first big business based on it blame the great fantasies necessary apparently to masturbation and building a business on that was an extraordinary thing, as well as as allowing every man who read it who is selling seven million copies when you and I were young yeah and an enabling two to imagine themselves as a cool cat, James Bond? It was getting label crazy, even though he probably wasn't he wasn't yes
Parliament is even inadequate. Playboy mentioned mostly have getting louder absent, insert. Certainly knows I was there, I mean I mean it thereof and orgies that they were fighting and I think it was. I think it was mostly had been the grotto. I really do. Ok, one think about your book, and I want to turn it over the panel on this point. The people who, I think has been really up to this idea of Americans as fantasy. These are the Russians because what we are learning about, what they have been doing. With social media, they are apparently is nothing that you can't put on Facebook. They knew this now that a million idiots, move, believe right away and spread like wildfire. You could say that Hilary is running a pedophile ring out of a pizza parlour and you put it on there and it'll it'll go and I
very, very ironic, that Silicon Valley, the bastion of liberalism, we're finding out really helped Elect Donald Trump in that room. It's a hundred percent, true, I think, one of the things that mean we focus a during the election on the ways the Russians try to intervene the election by hacking into democratic email systems that the sea and then job it s, an email and how those weeks happened. Wikileaks all that stuff in real time. No one didn't you know it really saw the real story, which was the last. We could the election when in key states it was consular Michigan Ohio. Suddenly there was a profusion of conspiracy minded bullshit about Hillary Clinton, she had Parkinson's should there was the couldn't kill west. She was part about. There are millions of them right and it all came flooding out and then just conflicting out became putting out in very particular places named a very particular but
in groups that war, the ones that needed to vote for Donald Trump, so light came from Russia and it came from Russia from trolls and bought in Ryan know any hue and human. So we now have a situation where I think, probably, if you think about where their special prosecutors going into Russia Investigation, and are you gonna talk about this that bill? But if the place If, in the end we end up with a story about collusion with the White House in the cabin the campaign, I think this is where it's gotta, be. It's gonna, in this digital realm, where we're gonna find that that how there was guidance given, but as it has done to the Russians to guide their efforts in this area is a deeper issue with this, because social media was not green for this, and so
Silicon Valley is very scared right now and what this could actually do. It might mean that Washington may have to go in and start you're helping them regulate. So this won't happen again because what is sacred to us, our election process, has been tampered with by Putin and the grim, but isn't the pot calling the kettle black? Who are the founding fathers of election, to hamper the United States of America with extra who have assassinated elected heads of state room, coups across the funded and underlined in manipulations across the globe? And now we're like boo, hoo, hoo they'll, believe, which, ironically, is the Trump position a wider? Why are you so tough on Russia we're just as bad we're, not because we're matter who did well? Yes, and all that is not really, but that does executions of elected officials by Russia yet, and that is something we are to do United States. As you know, it's from soviet playbook that this kind of undermining- oh, we don't know, what's real, we don't know right true, yet you know the Nazis did at the Fascists in Spain. Did it in the soviets? Did I mean what use
is actually true. America has fought with elections in the arable way as in the past, but that doesn't mean we should just say well the of come home to roost. We're not going to do anything. I mean it's amazing when you read the details of this, that you and they're doing it now, by the way it's not over other can actually have you seen one right of toil that bit but brings up the fact that this is something that we do to other countries. All time are continuing to do not act, not exactly like this. What no doubting that there's no way do we want a social media is getting Americans do hate each other. They take both sides. They take both sides. I thought the internet was for porn area. Now is to start bar fights, that's what it's for. It is look, here's here's. What I think is interesting is the fact. Here's what we're now finding out, though, is that put aside but Tom Sky relevant points. You can talk about the Russians. You talk about how important that it was. The reality is that twitter, Facebook, Google, these come,
These are the most powerful companies in the world right here at this they are more powerful than the broadcast networks than what television does necessarily what newspapers and magazines do and they have for a long time basically said we are neutral, we're a platform. We can't police anything. No regulations apply to us, and not only to that, allow this stuff to happen, but then they lied about it from November until just the last couple weeks.
The covered it up, they lied about, they weren't straight bore with it, and we are now going to move into a new era where people get a look at these companies and say if you guys, you can have this kind of power and half the countries get against news from Facebook. You guys you gotta start be treated like media companies like journalists, and that is the right thing. They must take more responsibility for this provision has spoken. I have one more thing to ask a question. I asked last week we were talking about a bomb care and how it was paid for- and I said how come only the Democrats have to pay for things because Trump tax plan. Now we don't really know what's in it and, of course he lies he's like they want to get rid of the estate taxes. This fuckin obsession that Republicans have d and Trump said it affects millions of farmers. It affects eighty
not the first time he saw millions when they weren't, but if that's ok but whatever it is, it's gonna blow a giant pull in the debt and deficit, and then they just scream about this shit when they're out of power and as soon as they get in it doesn't matter when it to Democrat when its Obama, how can you do this to grant additional hundreds at hawks Dep? Yes, the one thing Republicans this vote to be good at. They are not good at fiscal conservatives, they ain't that have gets yet the extra and the bottom line like Ach on numerous occasions or trump care. Whenever you want to call it, they never had the score for it.
Then, when they found the score. How many people are gonna be heard? How many people that they don't and in turn, came to the briefing room this week and said? Oh, we, you know, we want to make sure that the middle Income, America American, gets their savings of thousand dollars attacks, but it and then you know we don't care about the price, but the price does matter. It does matter when you have caused coming out of the was you for Porter Rico for Harvey for Irma for for allegedly the wall for whatever else this going on. You know in the war in Afghanistan we have Emily. You know if you have your bipartisan, we secret service defence spending. That's one thing never argue about they act. They gave the Pentagon more than Trump even asked for with the Democrats help he asked for
six hundred and forty six hundred and three they gave him six hundred and forty billion because they get a little piece of who, I say, is at any rate they they're, making. Ninety four f: thirty, five, twenty four more than the Pentagon, wanted the Pentagon said we can use this shit. Please art are our defence budget. That socialists are. Our defence budget is as much as the next seven countries combined recipes that gives money to corporations that make those products very some of which are allies right. Thank you. Panel time for new rules, for example, to answer this question, you're kidding right: this is the guy you want to be in the United States Senate the theocratic waving around a gun in a Roy Rogers costume. This isn't a senator. This is the guy. You hired a play. Your kids birthday party
we're all just because our dogs are playing together at the dog park. It doesn't mean you and I have to talk their dogs when they see an asshole they sniffing. I may I make human when I see an asshole, I pretend I'm listening to applaud cats. You John Neuro about Saudi Arabia's, letting women drive. They must let them take the burka off while driving this way. There would create confusion if the car breaks down- and she says, can you take a look under the Hood Euro now that this relationship has degenerated into cliche name calling Kim and
have to partner up to solve crimes, atomic meet wand and the new movie crouching tiger grabbing verse Europa Francis has to admit that he sometimes wonders. Why did I become a priest? It's good to be the Bob. Look at me, I'm a few stupid rules away from being you Ebner little trivia, I write and finally, new role. You can't demand that everyone stand for the flag if youve colluded with a foreign governments to subvert the very democracy that flag represents.
The Russia scandal is complicated, and that makes a lot of people shrug it off. So we thought tonight we would do what every other crime investigator does. These days at least the country cop show and serial killer movie, I ever saw we made one of these. I saw the crime we're tracking starts in the nineties with this man Donald Trump, a k, a fat done, a k, a Johnny Retweet, a k, a Edward baby, a string of bankruptcies had made fat done a deadbeat on the street, but somehow he keeps getting money from somewhere, but where
According to this man, Don Trump Junior, ok, Donnie, douche bag, ok, the asshole that didn't fall far from the tree, he said Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross section of our assets and admission corroborated by this man is brother. Eric short bus travel, a k, a Tweedle dumber who tells is golfing bodies. We don't rely on american banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia being go said
Helen might see Russia from her house, but Trump could see it from his bank account and that's when he decided he was bored with Maloney and ready to fuck someone New America Clean, while on the other side of the world, this man Ex KGB agent, lad a mere Putin, a cave, laddie bats, a k, a the bog father, is looking to install a stooge in the country he still hates, but who, whose desperate and dumb enough
and so, according to the steel dossier, Putin reached into his old bag of KGB tricks to compromise trump, not just with the bank loans, but by secretly filling him. With this woman Ivan a golden shower and earth and her fellow prostitute, that's actually urine cost extra, consider them armed and hydrated cut to twenty four team. Laddie bats invades Ukraine, which causes a? U S, President Barack Obama and his considerably airy Billy Hillary Clinton, a k, a sauce ill, a k than Nutcracker to impose crippling economic sanctions on Russia, which scuttles a multi million dollar deal for black Sea oil between Russia and X, on mobile, who headed Exxon mobile at the time and receive Russia's metal of friendship. This may, in our current secretary of State Rex, I drink your milkshake tellers coincidence. I think Nyet Laddie bats doesn't like his oil deal going south, so he does, but Russians do when they want something fixed in Washington. He pays millions to this man. Poor men afford a k, a poorly numb nuts, ok slime, shady currently under investigation by every agency. In the U S except William Morris and for good reason he so far up Putin's ass. He can take his lunch, so it raised eyebrows when one day I didn't know where he becomes campaign manager for fat. Danny
even offers to do the job for free of the word on the street is someone was paying and here's a coincidence, Paulie Numb that used to be partners in a lobbying firm with fat, Danny's Albino assassin Roger stone? Who happens to be twitter pals with goose refer. A k russian intelligence and they ve been hacking, the democratic parties, private males and sending them to this man, Wikileaks, founder and military aid, or Julian Assange a k, a gay Richard Brands on our troubles. Seven. Twenty! Sixteen at one o three p m: the famous access to Hollywood tape is linked, which should have been fat Danny's ticket to Mitt Romney avail
but twenty nine minutes later Wiki leaks announces. It suddenly came across a trove of Dnc emails and releases. The first two thousand every intelligence agency in American says that act came from Russia, but our president, who supposedly is defending our country, doesn't agree and says it could be. Anybody could be the work of a that guy on their bed, a lot of things could be like the meeting. Donnie douche bag set up with a Kremlin connected Russians in the middle of the campaign that he said was about adoptions could be accepted, wasn't an email turned up and rested on a promising very high level and sensitive information that is part of Russia and its government support of Mr Trump little Danny's response. I love it because he's
fucking itty, also at that meeting, Paulina NUTS and fat, Danny son in LAW, Jared the Jew, cushioning a k, a silent jar and a k, a baby fuck face.
It also needs russian money to cover bad bad, so we made secretly with the russian spy master. I mean Ambassador, Sergei Costly ACT, a k, a big potato, a meeting which also includes this man Michael Flynn, a k, Mikey Head case who had accepted buckets of cash to advise Russia and oh yeah, then served as national security adviser to VAT, Danny opposition. He had to resign after being cork lying about Russia to this man might adds a K. A MIKE ten. Everybody lies about knowing kissed lack, except for fat Donnie who, in
it's right until the oval office d, ya got up the day after we find this man, FBI directed James Jimmy, the giant call me a k them boy scout. Ok, the election fucker who'd been investigating the whole mess. It all adds up. The only thing we don't have is a confession. When I decided to just do what I said to myself, I think you know this: sure thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story. What was follow the money. This cases role the videotaping and, at all points to a russian plot to degrade our faith in democracy, install a puppet state and fuck over an old enemy, but hey, I guess it could be done
the fat guy on his bed. I said: I'm not asking you to watch a movie Venetian, Levant, HBO dot com,
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