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Ep. #440: Billy Crystal, Russell Brand

2017-10-07 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Billy Crystal, Russell Brand, Harold Ford, Jr., Olivia Nuzzi, and Steve Schmidt. (Originally aired 10/6/17)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late night, real time with I'm glad you're in a good mood. Let's get right to the disasters right
in Puerto Rico, LAS Vegas Donald Trump? We had a rough weak and he does make it better. You know you ve heard that first responders, his gonna who thing worst responder the were finally went to Porter Ego a week after the storm. He said he would come earlier, except his a hairdresser told them. It was to danger www lands on the island like bonds daily on, and you know the natives immediately go. We have the hurricane back and then he asked his meaning. It is the first thing he says I hate to tell you Puerto Rico, but you throw our budget a little at a whack. We spent a lot of money. He reporter Riga vary so Trump. I know you ve had
where's time ever in your whole life. Let me just pull up your account. Many calls the mayor we just asking for help a nasty woman in throws paper towels to the crowd, and then he says, set a real catastrophe like Katrina I said well you're, not a real president, like Obama. Take your starting this year pattern that the most important thing that has happened with the disaster is from being braised. We other,
he's a jersey hit the ground it border. We got the governess as giving us very high grade. Just some harness his ego. We can power the entire island today. He said he's really starting to question whether the people of border ego fully understand and appreciate the extent of his suffering like a joke, but what happened about well, never mind. So then it goes on twitter to wine. How they know good mean fake news. Media spoiled is Greece.
Day importer, Riga. Here they pulled that fake news dirty trick. Their ways do with a videotape him exactly what he does and says and then show it on tv. You know that journey drink, so so the next day his no empathy tour roles into LAS Vegas, where we tells them that their lucky, that is not worse and more people, didn't die in our first of all. I am so sick of all the reactions of so sick of thoughts and prayers. First of all, Thoughts are the opposite of prayers.
A thought is: what should I do? A prayer is wishing on a star thoughts and prayers of the republican way of saying tough shit. I hear this a lot on tv, this. What you know. What do we tell the children? How about we're moving to Canada right! Now we're still here to get that no Roger stone. You know trumps albino assassin Roger. He said if Trump even thinks about doing something about gun control, the quote base will go in saying. How will we know how difficult that is not enough to make it your bed dear
leader have dinner the other night with the military chiefs and at the end of it he said this could be the calm before the storm and people. What do we
Ok, but you know, people and he said You'Ll- find out yes tuna next week for next exciting episode of the edge of madness, we'll North Korea get a bomb or arose. We don't know before the storm we could meet you. There is about to start a worrying too many prunes at dinner, Rex tellers and is so right. Did you see that Rex tellers into Secretary, if they are top diplomat, called him a moron wanted? I have denied in fact equal to two. They dug a little deeper and bad. You actually golden a fucking more now this country, neither debating that where there is a more honour, flocking moron, I say asked Maloney of anybody knows about Fucking Maura save our here and a little later, or least making with Russell brand. I'm a big fan of his talk about a big van. I love this guy, the actor in comedy legendary started cities liquors analyze. This would have meant Sally. His memoirs still fallen and is now a paper bag.
Their Saturday night here on a Friday Billy Crystal Stand Refund place it's our now, but look there's so much bad stuff in the news that I said you know usually I'm talking to an expert about it. I said no, I won't Billy Chris good Time and why I know firstly, I want to talk about is I know you tore like I do and I have been in restaurants where people have guns, exec taxes, not just axes, but yet That's one state where I mean I've, seen it lots of places and boy you really real,
I see that we live in a little bubble out here when you say that wrongly I was did is torn. It was the great but sent and Tony O Houston, there's guns in the audience. I thought cell phones problem right, that's a hackle! Would you see my coat rack and a restaurant museum in Monterrey? Able people with holsters amid the back of a truck year very well behaved. Waiters, though I have to say, but it, but it's it's some, it's the culture that we have and it's it's. We love our guns, yeah! That's the problem! That's probably The psychology great benefits in culture, the language of guns, isn't our culture. What do we want from a politician who want a straight shooter oligarchy? half cocked. You know if a song as a hit, it is its number ten with a bullet. A bullet right watch, a football game. It's all guns therein is shot gun offence.
He's gonna rifle foreign armies, gotta lotta weapons in his arsenal he looks outfit. He's got the receiver and sites he had suffered a bullet right, Natchez, it's all its and this horrible thing about what we want. We wouldn't want to talk about it. Now is not the time to talk right. Never when it happens. I dont understand. Of course, it's ridiculous at me. One is the right time. Maybe Have another hurricane heading our way. What are we gonna talk about that? One is Scott Prude gonna realise that he's the head of the environmental
protection. Age was thirty, three thousand jobs. We had the worst job report in seven years because of the hurricane, so you'd think the party a business would get that in their heads. One thing that might ring a bell: not nobody here. Embellish, is a huge sheltering yeah As you know, this is a real, this Israel guy, when you're in places like that, I always say: there's a bum curious. If you find the same thing, the I like the audience is even better in a red state. They are more support. Nice to see me about you, guys, you're mean. Are you the old everybody. I don't.
That. I don't have that luxury, but now I'm in other conservatives document, but there are liberal people in red States- and I find audiences are different in the Trump error that lot more shouting out supportive Lee but they're just they are crazy proposal. Little crazy feels like wrestling. It feels like rightly trumpeters, like Vince MC man from the beginning, I feel like I'm going to show up Thursday. I don't you know this. That kind of stuff is any awful it just awful he's alive. I was on stage in a very bold into state they loved to yell at you you, so I don't do a lot of little political. Somebody stumbled into a really funny thing. I was talking about my old friend, Howard Kosovo, and I had known Howard for years? You know how I got so in one year one year how we would vote in the most loved and most hated man on television when the same pole
so he's very similar to the guy running the show. Right now. You know I hate love hate lawyer, and so I start I said you know I love them because he was smart. He was outspoken, he was brazen, he had contempt for society and he just as he would say, I told it like it is in sports, but wouldn't Great covering the White House days, a guy I want so I started ripping on it. Let's take a look at this cabinet up, close and personal, says the cabinet of doktor collar gory. If I've ever seen it, let's start with Betsy Divine Education, more one should actually have
education before you get that job than those vice president, my parents, this guy, looks like one of the men who chased the VON Trop family into the, so I'm scorn left some rights radio. I finical thing, and you know you finish your big hunger did that settles and you move on to you next thing out of the dark of woman yelled at me, another president crowd booze. They blew Lowood folks I'll handle lists. I went to college Let me do that, so what does it mean? I know wants that. So I say to listen: when he honours all Americans than all honour him. Big applause from the areas are not at present. She wants. Now you feel like getting to lose the show, so I said to listen. I appreciate that you love this man. I appreciate that. I respect that. So I want to use his own words on you get around
I would have been. I am. I am troubled being that nice disturb the drops of border like that, because he's so insensitive across it bothered me that he got elected by that. Be more that so many people in this country would vote for somebody. So blogger, I know and who has been so rotten to so many people in such a personal way. He is the most I mean. What is Europe for it, insensitivity of Donald Trump, as so many the Jews, all the while it's one he doesn't say something. That's also awful. I mean all the comments about from the beginning of the debate. I hated the tone
in the little Margo you I don't want. You know now the little ragged man I noticed that I mean that I was not a big guy. So when I won't talk me, I don't like it, but this guy's got missiles just shut the fuck up by Holocaust remembrance day. He doesn't mention the Jews. If there's, if any, there's a day dimension the Jew Rights Holocaust Remembrance Day, then, when I marching in Charlottesville and screaming juice will not replace the Jews are not replace he's the grandfather of orthodox jewish children His son in law, who loves openly, is an orthodox Jew to his daughter, who loves
Bush it's. He is a primary say. It doesn't say anything he doesn't say anything except and very fine people. So very fine people yelling the We do not replace as you and that's what use is if there was a God Jill. Liebermann would be vice president, when this mark is impeach, though do would replace them. So I had to show a few weeks ago with Salman Rushdie in I saw them gun and friendly boots is here and for people over and we got to talking about aid? This doesn't often happen on tv. Coming on you- and I are both now rapidly approaching forty
I am. I am DV, pay and said that they laughed so quickly. I am, but it is the last group of people you can shed on an American isn't it. I mean this: every sort of shaming sludge aiming and victim, shaming in vat, Jamie and but if anybody screws up, whose even Roger older? Immediately? You go to not an individual. Why would he want? Is eighty Clint Eastwood eighty Five and Woody Allen's, eighty something Megan Mobile, its individual. But what do you think? Well, I'm gonna, be seventy
again that bothers me that I just I hate that oh you're still alive, I live were still alive. It's not a mere. When you say about marriage twenty years. That's why I've been married. Almost forty eight years, that's a real thing. You know I'd! I talk about it. In my show, because that's that's where I met now. Am I can't talk about dating right now, you're oxygen? Ten am, I do want to teach in spite of AIDS, but you're not helping you, nobody, that's the way it is ended, but it gives me, I think, a little perspective that I didn't have a. There are things that I
No, I would not do now that I might have done earlier things piss me off more I'm becoming the guy in the new neighbourhood, don't headed and all men crystal jogging, going to get the ball back by learned it I earn your cranky. You know what I was really can embrace. It shone spicy at the enemies. Piss me off bigtime, perfect right. All people we now taking selfies with him new green room afterwards, embracing and kissing his cheek this, this guy, this half men have Jack rustled Terrier was the liar was the was the was the was the voice for this crap. You know, I mean Hitler didn't poison gas. On his own people, even Miss Gibson said I got vote what an asshole, but you know what gets I would never embrace that its it, and so that really turned me off. I hope you keep getting pissed off.
Because we have a right because it creates comedy so, but but you know what else bill I know we gotta go soon because, I saw the other three horsemen other polyps, there's like doing the voice? Are they going to turn around and look at being the one thing that is really important about the age of man and about where we're heading as a country that I feel really important about? Is I'm I've for grandchildren and there are fourteen eleven soon to be eaten for what world are we giving them? What we am? I gonna? U no help them live. What world are we gonna do that
We going to have enough fish. Are we going to have enough? Are we going to have enough water? We going to have people who believe in science, so we can maybe turn the surround. What what kind of world am I leaving? If that's what at this age about more than asian adverts in a world where all those questions or open great to end on a day
Billy everybody. Here they are used. The vice chair of public affairs of settlement, public relations and former see you advised the Mccain Pailin campaigns Dave Schmidt's over here. Bixby she's, the wires in cars. Wanna veneered magazine plays work for the first time it will be a new sea unease of former democratic congressman from Tennessee was now a visiting professor at the University of Michigan School of public policy, Harold for junior events. Ok, so obviously we're gonna talk about guns, because we have to the law after a shooting people, don't like it and I'm tired of all the same old arguments, because nobody ever move out of the place. Thirty in seems like every time. One of these happens. People go to their corners, reinforce positions, so I built a red one quote. I found one guy who changed. He is a guitar,
later, for a ban that was playing that night in LAS Vegas caliber Peter of the Josh Abbot Band said I've been a proponent the second amendment, my entire life. Until the events of last night. I cannot express How wrong I was my hero? Thank you. Somebody change their mind. Somebody change! I don't like. I think it was eating. It was that so hard Reagan couldn't have said that when he had a bullet in him, Gabby Giffords Steve Scalise people get shot and they won't change. Well, thank you, Peter your thoughts, that were used in LAS Vegas, and you look at the casualty statistics. The eighty second airborne when it jumped into Normandy about seventy men killed five hundred, seventy seven wounded, another seven hundred messing with you're looking at you're looking at casualties did six had a country music concert in LAS Vegas, someone firing from for her
yards away three hundred feet down: wounding six hundred people almost killing. Fifty eight jack straw and it raises a fundamental question: what type of country do we want to live in? What type of society do we want to? Have I own firearms, you, can own a toe missile or stay or missile. So we do have directions of the type of weaponry you can own, can't go out and buy? fifty caliber machine gun so what category of weapons? So it would not be in the past What more could we ought to start from the premise that these weapons, which are weapons of war right? fully automatic weapons. But if you are in the hands of Agnes listen, there's a lot of Democrats to bill lotta. Damn yes tell ratings with the enormous sums is this: is this
This is a much more complicated. Where were you on our newer and Congress? I think you need well. I was for restrictions and some restraints just build on steel point. The real taken from this is that for the first time in my White Tom in areas demonstrated some support for some kind of restraint, therefore block or at least for a conversation about blocking this dish, chip that you can put on one guns and make an automatic weapons it through and very bay? We model here, I'm not even becoming finishing up we're not for blocking, but I'm not praises and under similar second Youtube, I'm not some forty, seven years or certain Congress in years they ve never expressed you mean a willingness to have this conversation up this. Does it mean that we should that we should follow their leadership? The fact that were even here, we
have these kind of weapons. I would agree with our degree, but still one hundred percent, but the reality is that we are making some progress here in Paul Ryan is true to what he said. He's gonna bring this bill to the floor. Even a democrat and Republican like supporting this, I think that in our I did, that would show that allowed him to shoot the semi automatic that goes to your shoulder about it. To make an illegal weapons is added, it ok, and that is what you are happy with. No I'm getting Nano billiard myths and not on the proportion of this is the first time I ever did areas ever step for now. Not praise, I'm, not a member that our aim is a gay, and why is this I think for whenever there, for there to be a domino effect happened, so we find ourselves pages. Conservatives, that's a guitar saying what he said, but you could use
I shall ask you now: have you got? There are, as you ve won of that one you guys you have coming on to show. Brett statements is a conservative Pulitzer Prize winner is called for that for us, the rescind. The second amendment, these conversations- don't they don't happen with that's the only way out and openly makes limited to make some progress in China with the pessimistic one. But if you look at what we lack here actually said about unstuck, they said that they would maybe look at the issue. They didn't. He added and reassure his supporters. Sport is, in the end, our aid that they would not be banning these. Things that would not be obvious stages and the redefinition of nibbling at the outer out, I'm moving on their oblong, and they can even move on that. So I'm not hopeful at all. Can anybody ask another question about guns and I know it drives, begins greatly when liberal, say everything's about race and everything isn't about race, but I feel, like guns, is the one area: where have you can't see a giant difference.
Between the way black and white or treated in America with guns, I think, there's a little racism menu. I mean show the Roy more video. Here's a politician waving a gun at around. Could you we would do that in six. Think no, there you get an end the biggest tudor himself? You know it seems like when the shooter is, if he was muslim? Certainly what about? Let's, we gotta get up the banjo and it was a Mexican. It will be about the wall and I feel like when it's the
the white guy. It's like I did. We don't know how this happened, but they don't let it get up and went on a Billy. It never gets to be an isolated incident if, if you are a minority at all their ways, dragon you Know- and this guy was were broken home is father was a was a criminal. You know that would be begun. Fox news I feel like for any president trampling already be out there with his own motive for the shooter, the shooter non white. I mean he does if any time that there is any type of attack perpetrated by someone who is non, why he doesn't take the whole its choosing to talk about it. We shouldn't speculate before. We know the facts. He only does that in very specific cases. Not one hundred percent accurate, there's an absolute double standard on this stuff. Let me quote Gary wills because I read something on. He wrote in the New York Times in the fourth of July about the second amendment which I had never been aware of this, and I feel it
I was waiting for the moment when I thought people be paying attention to this issue, and it is part of this issue we're talking about because he says the second amendment shows just how far the poison of slavery pervaded the constitution. It was intended to, text slave holders? Who use militias to keep a firm grip on their slaves? It wasn't and to let individuals prevent federal tyranny. How could it was meant to guarantee the legality of well regulated militias to handle this its internal problems, especially the problem of a large slave population, says a lantern it does. Look, I'm not a quarrel with what, whatever the meeting my beat. I look at the moment in the reason I'm its encourage about the moment. It is the first time we might get. Some momentum about. Policy are served in Congress alone, we're going to make these changes
fortune. We have these tragedies. It seems like day after day week after week, so we can find a way to deal with violence and urban communities and even some rural community, the particular the Baltimore's, the Chicago's, are the DC's, the The method is the Atlantis and this is one way in which you get more people on the side of keeping guns out a people's hands. I want to have this conversation to. I think we should look at a bill that raises the price of ammunition. We ve heard people comedians talk about. In a joking way, but if you had to pay extra near Mount money for ammunition or than when you're out or to arrange or when your hundred. I think it might change bigger outlook on some of this, because I think until you recently second event, which I don't think he's gonna happen, it's hard to imagine how you can stop people from owning guns unless you're talking about the kind of weaponry- that Steve so aptly talked about a due to a democratic, stable, and I'm so glad you take the founding fathers, though they could no more conceive of in eighteen, forty, seven or nay, or fifty
now, firing on for automatic than they could have conceived of a spaceship. Ok, do these weapons were not conceived we're not understood, we're, not imagined in the context of the time when the amendment was authored and we ought to have a real debate in this kind of military weapons. Military weapons of war in the hand of every Joe who wants to go in and by thirty amid, is porter to buy cloth Madison than it is today, In a cave, forty, seven fifty so I would ask quickly, but the cabinet what's going on there, because it was a little nervous. I know it's funny that the Secretary of State calls the president a moron Of working more on exactly how did he Not know, though, that ignoring that is job one if you're gonna
work for Donald Trump job to try not to stay I read in the is it the washing examined, are ok, I'm not sure if this is true, but they talk about that some sort of a suicide pact between the key cabinet members that, if one of them gets fired a lot of them, go so the people who we our depending on toward have to keep things together, while the crazy man does, what has he does every day matter right in general, Kelly and mcmasters the generals and tellers and in a few saying people what if that happened, what if they all go, what is the BT like this is only year one of trot seriously when this is, we could look back and be like if we were lucky to have those guys and now its Secretary of State, Scarborough Mochi, Steed Miller and just focused only wants is people who were loyal to him. That's the only
what vacation that matters. I got it Ellie basis. When you step back- and you consider just the abject stupidity, the chaos, the malfeasance, the incompetence, the lack of probity, the lack of rectitude of these people tonight, I think we have a real lack of imagination for how dangerous the world is. And have a real lack of imagination for the immensity the tragedy that could result from this president and bad is it has been theirs lot worse in the one thing we know for sure, molecular Europe that we know about Donald Trump. Is this? No one has yet to accurately predict where the basement is with regard to his behaviour- and I and I fear it- can go ahead lower than it is right.
Will again on that happy now, Joe. You wanted to make sure that big master in matters and Kelly. I had good Jim memberships, because you wanna see these guys always any help issued at bottoms. Your membership fell across the country now to make now I pray for every John Mccain stay require, quoting Chairman MAO is to remember it's always darkest before it's completely black. And you would know that so we were talking week about this judge Roy more the guy I just showed with the pistol, and then you think there is a trend brewing in America, because this guy is like the ultimate cliche of what people all around the country. Think of as Alabama. That's, who Alabama are going to send the Senate a guy who is an absolute shit, kicking gay, bashing, just and Donald Trump is kind of the same thing. He is what people who don't like New York? Think of as the
Worst kind of new Yorker Brash loud egotistical he's got an opinion on anything he's pussies and ass all. So I think this is what's gonna happen, every state will be represented by the person for the rest of the country would envision, as the working person in that's like California, will be represented by Dylan Van Eyes. An actor waiter who just came from a porn shoot in the valley and didn't wash his hands on New Jersey will be represented by Stephanie Percale Guns, snapping, mom daughter, who financed or campaign by burning down a super cuts
Just will be represented by a cow with a gun rack. Lord has recognised the twenty year old danger who had sex with their students and spent last month. Shooting at the hurricane representing Idaho is Brian Flint. A firearms enthusiast and militia member list is profession as freedom. And he's a dress as why who's asking. Tough transcends Washington state will be represented by leaves saying a wealth, each any Democrat, Wantage Cluppy job that only accept Bitcoin Colorado represented by a professional snowboarder. Who
lives on a mountain because he's too high to find his house, and you too, will be represented by Mitt Romney right, he's: immediate undress, selling author Cavalry freedom from our addictions, Russell Brand, I'm so glad you get the leather brains on you haven't you haven't abandoned all your rock star shit right through at least one person on this panel should be wearing foe, leather attire. I didn't put you through it and I have to say I have a really big vineyards. I say no, no, I'm never kind, I'm always truthful. Oh yes, because they sometimes you a commodity me.
Yes, here in Amerika, I am but- and I must say, I feel like there was a time when I saw you a lot, maybe too much and lately enough to hover by my window, and lately I don't see you enough. How can I get the right amount of Russell Brand in my day, this is the classic addiction dilemma. A little bit and then we get carried away and we can control inability to moderate well, what happened was, I think, became immersed in engulfed in the intoxicating drug of celebrity, drank and drank from from the cop, like Icarus, to four to close to the sun myself terribly and then retreated to the british countryside to look at wild fowl I mean you got interested in life, which is something a lot of people who are addicted to mean years ago. We did an issue. Fame is the worst drug of all. I mean you see it that way
people hang on, reality shows and stuff. I mean you used to be a star and now you're on an island eating bugs you know, like anything, anything would be worse than giving up that fame and as eared addiction specialist. Would you concur with that? That famous as bad as the other ones a specialist in I've experiment, it myself quite ruthlessly and quite extensively nor in laboratory conditions. More is the pity I could have done with someone in the lap code to give me a couple. A petri dish would have been useful if, but what What do you agree with bill? Is it he's at times where we are evolving outside external phenomena, stimulated us to a ludicrous degree in the addiction? Is just the amplification of consumerism if you constantly broadcast of people that they ought to be afraid of, you constantly broadcast the people that they ain't good enough and that they can purchase somehow externally the feeling of well being then addiction for me is a natural conclusion of these phenomena.
You get a buck with that. That was good. As you did write a book about it, and you have heard all the addictions you ve done all the drugs of banned it. What was your favorite heroin is very, very relaxing to relaxing you like, if you like you mean endlessly, is delightful to annihilate the concept of self, the construction of self, the by a chemist biochemical tapestry, stimulated by a culture formulated in memory to see that thing, but the power by hallucinogens is glory to behold to experience one. Mr experience could to connection to know that, in truth, we are one of the Lord. I know you're an idea. We build things changed mermaids it I'm not kidding. I'm glad you aren't you glad you're now so safe and healthy go. I'm only describing one evening still marijuana, which I believe you are well acquainted with your cocaine a little too late for me terrible, draw our contact that stuff and then turn into Roxy bicarbonate. Its outer just to do a bit of extra jail time based on pigment and by car. That's no kind of deal like me. They only drugs, I'm interested in is the drug that we are pursuing in the first place, the drug of connection of unity of love. For me, all these things are placebos every drug, every commodity, just a place hold on the wife force idols, as we seek out some kind of true from connection in whatever dont denomination, in whatever language, whether its agnostically, idealistically or religiously, we're all looking for one. This rule can for connection- and I think in your country at this time.
We are seeing shoe molten rage bubbling up in the form of these peculiar figures. These ludicrous goggles that govern these comedic figures that even your poverty cannot entirely do justice to who you know. I mean this is true that we are talking about in Vegas, is kind of a conundrum and use its kind of what you're talking about it's a person who they can't find a motive. He just seem you have a hole in his soul, yet he was rich. He had a lot of money, he had a life in LAS Vegas, but there was something horrible missing. It seems extraordinary that something some malicious, a malignant an awful can occur with such frequency, and it must be the result of
stomach problems not as a result of individual problems. Certainly that kind of analysis wouldn't have been afforded a person of color or of a different faith. They wouldn't have been based upon their individual one more addiction, you said you were also with sex verdict, is in there were different There is a difference between all the drugs which you are physically addicted to and which have harmful side effects. What what is? What is the bad side effect of of sex addiction, smiling too much. I did derive grin this because I'm juvenile and I'm on a television programme, but sexy addiction these unnecessary aspects of a healthy human life, but I would say a date with the definition of addiction is about failure that you repeat, that is having detrimental effects and that you cannot stop for me, that is the definition of addiction. Now, initially,
If you are happening, videos and hurt you wise only ultimately does her knee and only her of a people as a white heterosexual lose attracted to about human females. You hear bottom more, so We, then, if you had more and better had a bottom, a lot we sex one more ultimately, since it takes at least the objectification income modification of one more thing. I love you you're, a beekeeper. I do cake than you know the bees. You must know, then a new, maybe you're doing this, for this reason that there are endangered and people should know that I've got sixty thousand nice bays and every single one of them snuff. But trouble, but we need to save the day. See quite right now are a necessary component of a healthy ecology. I was making it out just a social pressure, really oppression. It was already been sent to contact me. Honey bill, pure bloody guilt, road know, and that's going to its great that you don't do it. He actually down a little later,
Their house is upsetting excavate and new, and you send them out to to pollinate. Send them out. I think this is something I want to turn back to the panel for something better. Subway thanks, because nothing very very important. This supreme,
is finally hearing a case on gerrymander. You know what that term means here in Amerika gerrymandering, these the manipulation of borders for political five, a fella party state edge wound for free. Well, I mean this is why extremism reigned Supreme in America, because people come from safe districts. Why are they safe because they are gerrymandered, because you almost can't lose eight of form in thirty five incumbents in twenty sixteen lost their job in Congress. Republicans, don't fear democrats, they fear a crazy, a Republican who's, gonna primary and vice versa. Democrats. Fear Democrats to an primers opposed to them as a patent but not as much now, but it the phenomenon existed unchanged. What you're gonna make right? I mean ok, so so I say
If the Supreme Court can get this one right, what good are they? This is That is what we have a court for. If it's not nine did nothing, it should begin it. One be M, in effect, were swept out with old man. Kennedy again, please and Kennedy. You be the same one on the court, but if we can get this right, then the Russians, but as well just hack away, because it's gone anyway. The history of this this this see what the quarters at this is a political matter. You have politician to decide how districts are drawn. The courts have decided not to get in this and declared they won't be involved. The fact that you have the court looking at this. They understand that the way we draw districts have been injurious to our democracy, with its five force six hundred and thirty seven two hundred and eighty eight thousand one hundred and ninety, I just want you to make a change. Her they're going to struggle with trying to come up with the standard, but Justice Kennedy a lot of faith at least come up with the is the top. Is social issues he's always found away and we get a pre funds away this time as well? I think it's one of the motion
wherein Supreme Court cases of my lifetime. Forty seven, we don't eleven, a system where the politicians, the voters we We live in a system where the voters pick the politicians, competitive elections and you need to see a re establishment of a commonsensical center in american politics. Give you look at Roy Moore. One of the problems, obviously in the in the Republican Party, is the degree to which all right. Miss Mcconnell have said that. Basically, you have an our next to your name. It's a bad man suit makes an impenetrable, there's no whack job, whose too crazy there no policy to pernicious. Again, you can see what your mother right, who do not the sort of science, that if you have that our next to your name, there is no level of ethical misconduct. There is nothing that will bring about condemnation, and that is a function of the lack of these of competitive elections in the cold
acts of the middle of american life, and so we have all these issues, not even in the business of peace. Asian anymore politics is a game of incitement since bad inciting the fringes, the fifteen percent. That's how these health care bills get. Put. I too twenty five thirteen percent approve- or you have eighty five. Ninety percent of the country believe we should have common sense, got it on regulation of they can't get it done it's. Why is it? That is why Trump is perhaps pulling out of the Rand deal or trying to which even his own cabinet again that the cabinet that the people who are still a little same, therefore the They know it's a good deal, but he's trying to fulfil this campaign, I must add these people who you are talking about here, will be blocked. It's always clear. Worthless lands on others have made clear, but even if he does this, we still have congresses backstop and you gotta help me the Mccain's them Rakowski, is that the Portman, some of the other soup step that will say no deal is working. There are many people were scrapped,
about the still from the outset. They had fair reason to be, but the deal was working far better than people thought and I think if you pull some of those Republicans, locked and they learn about it. They they support even corker. What I think lock him if he would try to these sort of others and go to the Congress for the boat. So I have some kind of I've been scold the private companies and guard is categorical. Cuyp at these summits. Republic. Is it then that I am presenting realistic here about you gotta, be optimistic about the only way to all over gonna change things remember. He won the election out in both form, and since you deny either from the way you're talking, we have to figure out a way to beat him and we're not gonna beat him by just rollin ourselves. We gotta go back the Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio and attract voters who did not vote for Hillary Clinton, not vote for Democrats and try to get them to vote for Democrats in two thousand eighty and two thousand twenty you gotta have something for people about, for, if you don't we're not going away,
just by saying he's thinks and he socks. If that's all it's with one, what we the one that special related Georgia, we need a message. We need a vision and we gotta campaign on an excellent report that this is about George gonna harshly to handle it didn't talk about our trump understand. So I don't like you didn't go is as saying that criticising him. It's not enough. I think it's about you know selecting stronger candidates so that we're talking about the same, that is what I mean you don't like. I don't like trouble of written before that. You had your reservations. We are taking a nap there when I was meditating, you look like you are very blister flatter. Luckily time doing that, but you had reservations. You have expressed reservations about voting itself. Where are you on voting now well bill? I think
the dominant political parties have a real obligation is Harold was just explaining to present the vote is by which I mean human beings. Like me, real vision, real possibilities and to transcend the idea that they are merely manages of bureaucracies whose role is to prevent us being whom, I suppose for large and by lunatics like the current one. So I feel that what were you would agree that it would be better if people had voted to Hillary Clinton right. It is a wonder the home now clues will it we're we're getting along you? You got Heller recall it would not be pulling under the around you or the Paris Climate dealer is ready. You know, I respect you and my very much and I think you're, a courageous man. One of the problems I have
Instances such as this is the politics became so centralized. Realistic, opportune is one of the tools and every people and when a candidate live Bernie Sanders emerge, he was not given the opportunity they deserve under the voted in my country was given every up he ran in America. People voted for I'm not as many celery. I wonder why this occurs becoming the wheel talking now about the manipulation of boundaries and borders and on the way that certain political figures are managed to those positions in the power of thirteen that exists. A party political kind of democratic pie had preferences. That preference was Hilary. You got Hilary Hilary loss. We don't think that this is not something you can tell from a glove sound like not Donald Trump Guy under common ground with us. I think give you one example we sent from this week, while all the craziness was going on here. A publican did not real throws a program called chips: children's health insurance, general broom, appalling. Yes, you know
ok, it's been there for twenty years by partisan, nine million kids now are not going to get. You know what they need. The doktor visits checkups yes, this is
so I think that those people voting matters. You are quite right, it's easy to say our voting. I know they're all bad, but for those people downstream it what mattered. If he didn't wasn't present, I entirely recognise I had a terrible problem in our country, because I'd advocated nobody knows it was done vote until they give. You really stick a realistic opportunities until their politicians to speak directly to speak, but ordinary working people. Until then, why would you participate in this spectacle, you're being invited to participate in something that doesn't off you realistic opportunities? The candidate for the left at that time was in there I would say a comparable candidate. Some of that was a NEO liberal, centralists politician that didn't oppose the corporate interests and only interest these allowed hegemony to continue. Now I think that if the left doesn't isn't brave enough to occupy the space where ordinary people whose lives are in difficulty and in trouble, if a politician on the methods I we are interested in represent in you, we want to take care of you, ordinary Americans, than the bizarre lunatic writer
of a man like Trump is suddenly appealing. We ve realized. This alternative is in the United Kingdom that Germany will have been a genuine socialist candidate has come to the front, and I voted for the first time and people can you like ongoing, but I have to go to the urals observing the dramas need to do what all first families do and get a pat. They have rex, These are two dog, his name is rags and he thinks his owner is a lucky mara, which sounds to me like they got themselves a cat neural thrones have to stop calling themselves natures best laxative, majors, best laxative is looking in the rearview mirror, and seeing this
Euro Catholics upset that Bob, France's dresses too casually, and just just as in poppy enough, should consider a move to the Russian Orthodox Church. Their purpose or custom changes that are beyond say concert. Various thinking is too kind allows too much luck at bigger, like governance, Z, a shell, I'm gonna give a vision. No you're all strangers on hospital elevators who see me carrying a bouquet of flowers, have to stop asking those four may know there Not for you, and neither comedy?
Euro, since the new blade runner stars Harrison forward as a seventy five year old who hunt robots and the next terminator will start Arnold as seventy two year old, robot Harrison forward ass. The hunt Arnold in alien this pensioner they're not to alter their shit, there do all do shit, and finally neural my dashboard doesn't need any more indicators. Is your seat. Built on our your tyres inflated is your changed jeez I wanna be nagged much. I get married and right now,
Two Democrats have introduced federal legislation requiring car manufacturers to install a motion sensor that would remind drivers that they left their kid in the back seat. Really, it's called the hot cars ACT turn around dipshit was too on the nose like, if someone's July, to remember their kid, they're, going to see a little yellow light. We're over seventy million new car sold in America last year. Are we really going to require them all to install sensors, the cost of which will be passed on to the consumer, to prevent something likely there being struck by lightning and reminding you not to forget your baby really be this problem.
Where does this star chunks of toilet eyes? Yes, I said it toilet ice fall out of, the sky from aeroplanes. All the time that's gonna, kill some unlucky fucker some day. Why not? The piss ice act requiring all vehicle rules to be reinforced to withstand a year in ice bird dropped from thirty thousand here in color born you. We may just about every business under the sun. Put up this sign that says warning detectable amounts of chemicals known to cause cancer may be found around this versatility, no shit. We The now why it's called AIR Honolulu, recently banned looking at your phone while crossing the street, but wait
If I'm getting an important message like that, I have left my baby in a hot car. And here's where someone always says, but if it saves one life I'll fuck, you know what you could put kids in bubble rap all day and it would save some, but would it be worth it we're never going to get? this down to zero until we get rid of kids all together and I keep signing the petition, but it never happened until then. All this will accomplish is to feed into the republican message. The Democrats dont want to help people they just one micro manage their lives, it makes people hate us. It makes me Etas and it prompts kicked back.
That's how you get an environmental protection Protection Agency, headed by a man who cares nothing about environmental protection and I hate to tell you, but we are all in overheating vehicle. It's called earth. That's why I asked why I say: do Democrats either go big or go home, no one for leaving babies in hot car. It's just that common sense tells most people. This is an issue of personal responsibility, especially when Liberal solution to your human frailty is me paying more for shit that can break in my car thanks government we'll get a gun control later and that's the point we do need regulation. Oh yes, for big things, real things like guns and carbon emissions and banks.
Well, one democratic get to regulating everything regulation. Its get a bad name, and I don't want to. I don't want to let the right wing own freedom, people, want to drain the swamp not banned, been gulps Yes, I understand you have a thousand good ideas for how I should live. My life check my privilege and sort my recycling and we'll get to that. But first we need to get some Democrats elected and that's hard when the movement to child proof, the world has made Republicans the Party of freedom.
Regrets the party of paupers arrived back on this stage. Julia rational brag about a joint is now over time due to the heavy Friday night, Watchman Marie Venetian Lover and each bio dot com,
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