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Ep. #461: Clint Watts, Dambisa Moyo

2018-05-19 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Clint Watts, Dambisa Moyo, Evan McMullin, Dan Savage, and Bari Weiss (Originally aired 05/18/18)

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Welcome to each party from the HBO real time to start
I have no idea what you're so there's completely follow up. Why'd you, a shooting in Texas, about Cato in Hawaii outbreak of a bull in the Congo, but don't worry Trump is monitoring at all by tweet. Wait! Wait! I'm just getting this just in getting
Twitter rulings, a bullet, incredible, located, tremendous shooting, whatever the inner re wants, any wonder. People aren't having kids anymore. Did you see? This is where the fertility rate is a record low for the second straight year Infant shortage is so bad. Now airlines have to play tapes of baby crying and we're gonna babies, Trump Administration in whether during the other, should he stopped it's getting all the headlights. Fucking you, a billion different ways announced cutting off federal funding for clinics that right abortions or even refer patients to places that abortion. That's right now.
For abortion. That money has to come from Michael calling. I think Europe may have skipped health glass, did you see he Bill gates were bill Gates bill gates that, with twelve recently any said, Trump asked him several times. If HIV, was the same as HPV. That, to our president is a man who asked have the talk at the age of seventy. One dates to answer the question he tried to put it in a way trunk could understand. Mr President, HPV that's what you get for. Sleeping with a porn
HIV, that's what you get from sleeping with Hannity and the big stood there in his cap is blowing away. His career big deal looks like falling apart Kim Jong on says now that he will not dismantle, has nuclear weapons. Unless, U S military, rights are removed from South Korea and trumps is his power. Tax will not be dictated by North Korea. That's a new job for foxen friend. Our trump is working on jobs in China, Did you see this heat tweeted, President G and I work into Other too many jobs lost in China weight.
Jobs lost. Where did you say, I'm sorry? What country are we making great again? Did you know why this is because China, this is soon naked? China invested a half a billion dollars in a trump resort. Checked in Indonesia and, like the next day, tat lift sanctions on their telecom company t which is spying on you. That's why the airspace These are against it. I mean you. Tell this one is really shady begets keep for owing to the chinese leader is present G kutchin nerve. This guy has two then throat tantrums about he's being investigated,
me investigated clean whistle. Like me, I mean it's the year and of course we have the mother investigation and trumpet course the greatest witch hunt in american history, because everything is the greatest in history. Well made It's a great adventure in history, but it's got so far. Seventeen indictments and five guilty place if its hunting, which is expanding the latest theory from the bubble. These that the FBI has planted a spy in the trunk. No, not a spy, the suggested the FBI does for a living
that's what they do: trump sorry man, you have ties to the American MOB, the russian MOB to russian workers, to the Kremlin, doing right, indicted CO, conspirators two fuckin goons and shady lawyers and tax evaders and fraudulent businesses and faint charities in bribes and money porn stars investigate shady people like you like, owning an ice cream truck and going. Where are these kids? Follow me old, chasing me? Yes, this is by you. That's the new reality show the apprentices so old had its. The ball, whose them all in the White House tuna next week in. I tell you about a minute dysfunctional relationship, a double drop
the more weed! I smoke the more paranoid he gets and then there's the royal wedding to say I M excited would not be accurate. I already have my alarm said so I'll know exactly when to start not giving is on the right side. The queen finally found a job for Charles
This aid will be walking Megan market down. The aisle begets whom better as a happy marriage. Good luck. Charm Trump was not invited to the wedding. He's a that's, ok nerve under the royal wedding he said in their honour. He would continue to royally screw America. So look I don't wanna be the web like enjoy the hell out of it tomorrow you gonna watch. Of course you are going to be great when a bee list actress marries a man who will never be king in a country that doesn't even met an event so unimportant. Even the Russians are fixing, it can be a mile. But first up is the former FBI special agent or author of messing with the enemy survive.
Being in a social media, world of hackers, terrorist Russians and fake news, quit Watts arranged so listen in light of this shooting we don't know a lot about it, but it is, of course involve social media is everything is in your. Your book is a lot about that you have. Something of phrase I thought was arranged and click bait populism, you think discipline eyes here. Would you tell us what that is? It does We could not have Donald Trump as president before the era of social media in there or audiences that have powered him. What he's been what to do and what other leaders like the leader of the islamic state been able to do is use social media to power their agenda and when a crowd leaders born anymore, their accrued through reach, weeds likes and shares, and what we're
today or audience is taken on the tactics, the same tax to resolve the Russians, using it for their own parts in purposes. We don't really need to worry about the Russians at this point, because everybody's copy in that play book, I said of the shooting there was fake information, fake information about the shooter right wing is always trying to make these people into leftist today faked him with a Hilary had on right with, and people don't really check this stuff. They are going to sides. First of all that confirm what they want to believe to be to begin with right right. This is all about confirmation, bias and implicit bias. Confirmation vices. I only pick that what I want to hear implicit biases. If it comes from my friends, family or people that look like me and talk like me, then I will Take it on and believed to be true, and no one can shout that down. So the first thing you see is what you tend to believe is true, and that which you see the most often and that's why this
social media. This information we saw like today can mislead people defame people RO in people's lives and None of it is true, and it's very hard to correct that falsehood. They serve. The shooter, had two subjects on his instagram account guns and trump, and what that means, but I don't think it's good No, I mean what we ve seen across all of this populism, whether its jihadi populism we to talk about with ice is very long stay or with the extremist groups in the United States, its violence and its promotion of violence, and we easy access to weapons. We ve got unlimited access to social media varies ability to make content. It's it's a dangerous met and just the way they micro target for selling products. They do it with Those opinions to I know you ve, said that Alex Jones, for example, is perfect. For for what Russia is doing because he
will lead them right to the gullible idiots. That's right, people. You know that are falling for this avenue. Our new these information sources. They don't really know how to evaluate them. There are new to social media and their hyper p It is, and they really want to be part of what I call a social media nation. In the more time people spend on cell phones and with their virtual friends the more connected they come with them, and that starts to overtake literally trump physical nature. Those people that live around them, like Americans say starting and find not by you know the american flag or a common base. Some values and democracy, but hashtags avatars buyers and sure you want to know when ices supporter is that's easy. Go look for been. One pictures are hokey pictures Baghdad, pictures and ices flags. If you want to know trumps importer is well, that's my man hats, Mega trump train and you know handful other hashtags in the next one. The com- is the resistance. I mean, if you want to
Stan how Trump overtook the GEO, P, it's the same way: ISIS overtook Al Qaeda and how the resistance could overtake the Democrats. That's the next real social media bubble. That's coming! When you mean the resistance could overtake. You mean I thought the resistance. Was the Democrats Jesus? It's where and I thought well, it's true- I mean what do you mean? Are they different? It's that you can understand, there's more of an identity attached to those social media nationalism. Then there is to those actual traditional organizations. So out They used to say how do we know these people and Al Qaeda radio pieces? We don't I We believe in these things, trumped supporters say, and now we have the resistance, which often times that you know battles with traditional Democrats In the end, the mainstream left so a long time, FBI man. What do you think this week when Trump says There was a mole from the FBI in my campaign, FBI, do moles and campaigns. Do they know it's a bunch of nonsense.
In a minute with I've, been saying that the Russians don't need to make big news, because the president makes plenty form to use, and so the new threat really is that we have american active measures. We have Americans that are destroying U S, institutions with complete falsehoods, The eyes mission is to protect the United States if they had to that there might be a russian infiltration into the United States too many. With their election, which has been found out. Then they go after that, so using a confidential, inform and trusted source to go test out. Those leads, it would be negligence for them not to do that, and they were doing what they should be doing. Protecting our country It's amazing how quickly, in his turn around about the FBI, I mean I was freaking out when Trump won the election, because at that moment I thought
The FBI was in his pocket. They could. There were calling me I trouble India yeah member that from the nearest running right. They were saying that call me release that letter, eleven, before the election that song calorie, because he was losing control of the behind. He had to do that from pressure within his own organisation under not that's true but how did the FBI complete turn around this is so scary that they are so quickly able to change people's minds on a fundamental matter like whose, with the who is the FBI with gas, its interestingly, the present likes to pick on people they can't fight back, namely intelligence community and the F B, I wrote, can't come out and defend themselves who can well The Mueller investigation came but they're going to do things properly right, they're going to go through sources there. Is it going to go through methods and tree from what I remember. It's a very conservative organization. I remember going to the service. I remember going to the seventh floor. The FBI Eggers with Green Short one day, and there are like white
Blue here yet brain? What are you doing? Yes, I've always been a big fan of squares down squares keeps society going through in ways I could not that there might be drew. It is very true, I'm not there DE? I am drawing on the cave of the wall, but that's not essential. You did was much more essential. What what do you think about Rudy Giuliani, saying I gotcha through up at the name. I heard a man literally throw up in his mouth and right am I right? Ok to wreck serve him, saying that you can get information from a foreign government perfectly legally? Should you know when I read?
People try to get dirt on me. It's not nice, but it's the way it is. I just got over the russian or crazy to right now. America first means Americans. First- and you don't take anything from a foreign country- is trying stronger institutions, destroy and put division. Between our own people so that they find each other so that they can break us up into peace. This divide and conquer us, you don't do that and what we I've seen is even in other cases, let's go back to Gore versus Bush. There was, A Gore staffer who received a player, essentially further debate. What did he do? He said, I'm turning this over the FBI and I'm sure I will refuse myself from the debate, because I don't want one to be seen as doing dirty tricks and too, I don't Anyone to think that there is something up when the debate comes downwards, the exact scenario. If the russian show up at your building called Trump tower as russian government attorneys, the first call you make us the FBI.
And the last thing you do is shut the door and don't let those people in.
You're a real patients sharing yourself, you may see. I why we get the behind this year in two thousand and nine zero operations officer ran as an independent twenty. Sixteen presidential election, please welcome Evan Macmillan, here's, the savage love columnist, an hosted. The pod cast, savaged, love gas, dance average is familiar times, opinions action very wise back with us. So am I getting too paranoid? Is it really that's Gary out there? Is it me and my having a bed weak, or can I tell you
I feel like Trump is winning, I feel like these re making. This country is into his own ugly image there Then school shootings before, of course, but we ve had the sixteenth Fisher. That's the most ever. Read that November ninth day after his election, the most hate crimes, courted that year. You know he calls immigrants animals I saw this guy ranting about the New York lawyer. The new young lawyer, ranting about your speaking Spanish any says my next call. To ice what does everything I've been done? There are no five number that survives in New York City, get the hell out spanish triggers here. That is what we are proud of being in five years ago and we never bigots, but I don't think they would go. I'm gonna call ice on you. I think. That's it can we all James Aerosol across country, white people calling the police attract people who happened to be walking down the street carrying their bag.
To a car after staying right, hotel overnight trump- has been the great this inhibitor, and what he's just inhibited lot of that's great mother Linas was that was under the service and a little bottled up and should be bottled up, because it's a poison just open the floodgates and the poison is coursing the veins of our body politic and our energy citizens and its horrifying I'm dead, press at its worst press here in the West Coast, because we wake up. Trumps early morning tweets it's the first thing we see. People on the EAST coast can braced themselves for five minutes. When I type, I think, we'll dance, as is absolutely correct. I think some of these sentiments have been corked up and sort of hidden in case for a long time and in dark corners of politics, but it's not just
it's all the leaders, especially I hate to say, republican leaders, who sit by silently corps as these things are there needs to be more of a counterbalance. It has to come from. The right has to come from republican leaders. Otherwise, There's going to be a segment of our population that increasingly is going to be led down this path. I haven't called bullshit already dancing around your face. You are mistaken. I want this book republicans have been cranking up the racist for forty fifty years. The southern strategy have been saying, like dog, whistle dog whistle dog whistle along comes trump. Takes the dog with them for us it over her shoulder, picks up a whole horn and just really the logical conclusion of republican politics about with tears republican io zapper, I haven't you agree. I haven't seen more as a symptom is opposed to a cause, but I do think it is You learn, he is making things worse and we
do need more leaders to stand up one of the most troubling statistics. I've seen during the era of cheap. Came in a canopy act, Poland, in January of this year, seventy percent of republican voters believe the Trump was a positive role model for children. There's no leading indicator of trouble. I don't know what it is, and you know his his palm numbers keep going up he's in the, forties now that normal territory Hamper President's and Americans thirteen percent of them think he's honest. They don't care They don't care that wonderful start to care. If we continue to have these schools shootings, I mean like that. The sort of we talk about you know: one of the things that made me totally unable to vote for Trump was the famous you know the Hollywood reporter tape right will the anorak access Hollywood? Excuse me will the honorary has grabbed, has Donald Trump grabbed by the pussy, ok
and it is absolutely its appalling. The fact that we are not trying to do everything possible Try and stop. These shootings is disgusting. You have to be twenty five years old to rent a car. Why don't you have to be twenty five years to buy a gun, we should try apartment parents today put out a press release, saying: let's stop name, the names of school shooters, because all they want is that notoriety. Let's try that let's try, maybe even holding people like the one that just happened today. He was using the gun of his father. What are we hold? P? we'll criminally liable, why don't we manufacture due to the Republicans, passed a law that made it impossible to sue gun? Manufacturers libel and they can be held to account standards at any other company producing a proud
for the consumer market in this country and again we had shootings before Donald Trump, but I just think if you, if you made a then diagram of Troy, and what he's brought about and then all right types and then these you know internet unhappy types right, but we don't want to say that all bombers responsible for sale or Clinton's columbine- and I mean no one on saying that at all we're just seeing what you said before, what was the word you use. This initiative is in the habit of twenty seventeen was, I think, the worst year in terms of casualties, format, shootings, four of the five worst in history. Worse, mass shootings in our history happened within the last five years. Six years, I mean this problem is getting worse and again. Twenty seventeen was the worst and most appalling thing I read today was that more high school students have died in school shootings in America this year. Then, U S as members have died in, two wars and are still under way that were involved
so you schools are more dangerous than Iraq and Afghanistan and they reserve. Did you see the interview of the one student today where the person asked her? Did you ever think this? Is this one? happening your school, and your answer was yes, that means that is when we leave a, but we will do so appalling about it was. The rapporteur is asking for the comforting banality, yes the viewer at home could like relax about this happening where I live right or like returned to the disorder. Normal expectation is its and something it happens every day, and this is something that fucking happens. Today in this country, because of the end, our aid and the GEO Pete can I ask another: it is like it when there's a sex expert on this will be an average about. So this in cell thing, if you haven't heard about in cells, extends, were involuntarily cellar, but we did a little bit about it a few weeks ago on the show the tragedy to them now a guy in Toronto. Only a couple:
months ago or last month. I think he ran a car for a bunch of people, because they are angry, their angry, that women don't like them and they can't get laid they want to, and then was one a few years ago in Santa barbara- and this is a social movement now, and they want The government to provide pressed toots for them not not quite or Bernie Sanders. Handmaids town there beyond Iraq way prostitutes they'd. They talk about redistributing sex as a commodity, and it's about really enslaving women. It's handmaids tell stuff not about sex workers, it's about the government giving you a woman as a slave. Not giving you how tourism can go see a second there nasty, they think women are receptacles right there, and they wonder why I can't get lay exactly like is that if we can zoom out for a second
I read a. I call my dearest exercise pockets. I hear every day from people who are miserable because they, they haven't been touched ever their virgins or they haven't relationship a twenty years. Sexual probation and romantic deprivation does make people miserable, not all right people become in cells, become the environmental movement, but this is, truly misery to that kind of loneliness and that kind of disease we have to figure out. There's a lot of people out there. Don't have actually done of relationships. There's this time, percentage. You become active in this insult me. What's the deal since the women are socialized to believe that women are their property and are entitled to women's bodies and that meets with the black Malta massaging the gross all over the internet and those are the two places we need to really intervene when its social, how men are socialized to ex what they expect from women and the massage any that runs right on the internet. That creates the no it's not sexual deprivation. But what change when I couldn't get laid it was, I thought, okay, walked.
The ban become a doctor. I mean get a job in a restaurant. There always vote. Could each other ass restaurants became worthy of being right right, make yourself worthy being granted over time to the problem that looked like think what in this region? But besides it's socializing males differently is we need to do stigmatize and decriminalize sex work better, you know you have social skills. Most people have social because even a third, a dry patch, they can't get laid they're going to be able to get laid eventually. You know there are p out there, who don't have any social skills Vandyke with no social skills and in cells is a circle and We we announce a lot because of the phone
and all day on the phone. I don't have social skills Unita when you think of sex work and sex workers and decriminalizing distributing it's not just these stigmatizing sex work for the sex workers, but also for the sex buyer. With the culture says about someone who buy sex Criminal law is a massage indices, a monster he's a loser, and so one of things have been said about the in cells is, why do they just go see sex workers, but we already feel like losers, so going too, we're going to make that were especially through prosecuted weed quit now no one alike lock. My friends we're sex workers in rooms with violent rage. In cells, but in this where we re socialize mattered, not stop. Socialism expect women of their property and distributed sex workers and sex work. There are some The only way they will ever get laid is to buy. It is to pay for it, I am that shouldn't be stigma. You think that people are people are quadriplegic like the movie the hour, the sessions with Helen. Oscar nominations, quadruple the only way this person's arrogant have sex in his life is if he buys it, because he so physic.
We disabled will. Some people are so socially disabled that only outlet for any sort of sex is buying time. You know we have an expert here on these issues, all at those common stand, just as they are, but I have to say this is a new. I mean people who struggle, but more importantly, we have here. How do we get there? Now? I have to say: I'm I'm evidence that you don't you don't need a look like Danton to get a date I mean you, can you can get a date is less complex answer just run a few lapse, brush your teeth and get out there. You have created for people who arrive China adapted the bear and repulsive, but did what the other thing I have to say about. This is again this this challenge and I think, is knew what what is brought out in the sort of way in the past, couple of weeks learning for the first time about this insult movement. I feel
so all because it just seem sure darn crazy right. But what I think I think it is, as we have a massage, realistic, either a president who scapegoats people from problem or the other, and you buying this sort of thing? This massaging the scapegoating blaming other people for your problems, gives rise to the vocal vocalize in of these feelings that I think it too confusing thing when the massage earnest who happens to be our president, has had many wives and has, as we know, is had sex with many women and paid for and paid for it, so yes and paid for it, it's a confusing message when misunderstood, or in the case of from the period of paid for abuse, He also said he tried to for money to store man. I'm just saying trumps, massage any has not turned women off of levelling views when we draw up for a piece of comedy
but I do enjoy the ribbon. This many times for US magazine US magazine should send me a frigate fruit basket. Because we do this bit all the time, twenty five things No about may be seen that bit. Ok, so we're doing Michael Cowan? I got my kids use. Air quotes from the call me a lawyer reason I have sixteen cell phones is because I drew up the first fifteen in the toilet later on that stormy, Daniel Sketch. I can't believe how I used to look. I can get you some clean urine.
I was worried five years old, but where I found out ice picks, can also be used to pick eyes. I knew crossword puzzle when I'm waiting for line to dissolve a body, and I mention these are lazy lawyer. I think you know what I'm stealing a ring of corpses handed. It gets stuck. I run it through Don juniors hair on the jewel who acts italian. My nickname in high school was Michigan apartment. My first media appearance was made dragging a laser pizza down a flight of indict me all. You want bitches, I'm already in Russia. Why democracy is fairly to deliver economic growth and out a fix, a damn, based on my resolution on your book nature thick. I think you have the right to object. I am also worried about democracies ass. They die in. Tell me why so many people aren't concern and, like it see when you say democracy is in trouble. I think a lot of people would seem so abstract. How do we make it?
not to them in and let them know it's important to their actual lives. While there are a whole host of factors are suggesting that democracy under siege. For one thing, voters participation rates are down considerably on their one. Fifty Sent everywhere around will mainly the United States, is the vanguard of the liberal democracy. So I'm particularly focused on the? U S, but of course, across Western Europe wide mark receives also, and we are seeing very low participation rates for low houses, even worse, some less than thirty percent by some studies, and the deep concern is that this is really far from the one man one vote mantra of democracy, but The other issue is that money has slipped into politics there about. One hundred and fifty families in this country that are responsible for fifty percent of the of the political contribution to the press. And not two thousand succeeding lobbying
doubled in the past couple of decades. People feel disconnect absolute disaffected em. You know their studies, some pew them the think tank that eighty percent of Americans just don't even trust the federal government to do what's right on a regular basis, and we don't really teach should any more so either. I dont think people know what's missing because they did not wish there to be. I think that's actually right, and you know issues around civics and education, but also the really no minimum standards for being a politician and more in the way that they used. We don't have politicians who have experience in agriculture farmers and teachers and lawyers- and we now have put in a professional politicians- and I think, that's a great disservice to us as well a lot of people around the world younger people. They looked at China now because China gets things done, but it's
a democracy, say you're hitting on exactly the central part of the thesis of my book, which is this myopia in political. Illiberal political systems is particularly problematic. All the problems that the global economy and the United States is facing for the next decade or long term, intergenerational problems, things like the amount of debt income, inequality worsening the risk of technology, I'm killing off jobs and those are all very, very deep structural problems, and yet our politicians are very short term there. Thinking about the next election, and this creates skeezer. How to how do we make them not do that? How do we, Really I mean that's why China succeeds because the amount of course, if you have a dictatorship, you dont have to ask somebody with. We should do it. They go let's but switch from coal and let's do it tomorrow, and they can do that they can bring people out of poverty, which they have yes you don't want to live in a country I wouldn't want to live in a country without the government. Exactly we live here because we want, as they can think, twenty five years ahead. We don't they
twenty five months ahead. Yes, how do we incentivize politician? I think that we can incentivize them by linking their pay longer term outcomes, I think one of the problem here is well. They compensation, I think, should be higher, but they should be forced to justify their compensation just the way we are forced to just the more info habits? yeah locally, we don't get the dregs in that right. Exactly been cautious. In Singapore, for example, the politicians are actually paid bonuses at the end of the year, based on long term outcomes. What happened to life expectancy? What happened to GDP, I mean in this country are politicians are paid. We get. People like this got prove guy. You know this ahead of the EPA who I think he's in government just because this is as good as its gonna get I'm flying first class. You know he's in it for the permanent. Well, you know, I think, there's been some of a revolution around compensation in private sector see why we should apply such stringent rules to the public sectors. Well, but some of your fixes freedom
cause. You sound like going backwards. They sound like it. Maybe they're not but you're, talking about weighted voting, which is where some people who are experts, but how, determine that sometimes get more of a vote and what they used to call up all tax, giving people an exam before they can vote. I can certainly see this. Do you have a good, proper ready? I heard the, but we certainly don't want that. I mean, I think I'd be the first person disenfranchised if I actually started to put proposing weighted voting, so we don't want it in a way that does adjective such as wealth or race or gender did the guidelines, but as an immigrant come into this country? You are required to take a civics tests and were essentially, I think, it's really about showing engagement
and caring about the civics, civic, some and also the political process, and that we do what I think is worth considering a new originally from. So that sounds like a good neutral place too, to weigh it, and maybe you start the referee referring up the Gaza issue, because course, this week we open the american embassy in Jerusalem, yes, which cause a riot, as was predicted of course, people are blaming both sides. What your view, when one is there not a riot in that region of the world, I think I think that's what, when I was in its incredibly incredibly infuriating to me that you know we tend to be so short term on these issues. Why don't we have set a problem is that a longer term that actually can stick in a way? That is much more food for me this, but these bandaid into actions and in I do understand that there are some but I've been to Jim.
So am I know that people living cheek by jowl from very different religions- I don't see why we keep coming back with these very short term policies that we know are going to be problematic in the long. What do you think I love you, but the riots we're not caused by the embassy move, No, I said they were linked, they're, not link. They are no they're not there remains much worse through that. These demonstrations were going on, but they eggs when I was a young israeli thousand eight when Hamas attacked Israel and twenty twelve and attacked is around twenty fourteen. The embassy was in TEL Aviv all of those times. Ok, but this was no was intentional. First of all, these protests have been going on for six weeks and potentially moved up the day so that it would coincide with the opening of the embassy move so that we would all be disgusted and broken. When we saw this horrible split screen,
we found a trump looking like she was at a country club next or desperate people dying. I really do they planned up, salute right and I'm just saying: let's not fall for a trap that is being set by fear product authoritarian, my group that is sending out amongst women and children earlier for these rooms? Are you I couldn't agree more with all of that? What I say is that there is this idea, and I would call this off bigotry of low expectations that said that, before when people booed me on the subject, but I think they're the bigots when they do assume that, if something goes on in this part of the world. As you said, there's gonna be riots and you can't organize your foreign policy around Jeez. What Mohammed onto Gonna do I'm warning you shut everybody. We were wondering were wondering. Why now, why did the? Why did the? U S government move. The embassy. Detours will now look this Going to happen. Previous
we pass administrations at thought. Okay, will doable will do it as a part of a larger peace deal that was where the right and the left on foreign policy were, but we have to situation here now we have a president whose increasingly vulnerable, because he and his people as families is administration, is campaigner being investigated by modern special counsel and everybody else mid terms or broaching the Democrats may taken house back and he'll be at risk of impeachment. Here throwing red meat to his baby. That's what was dry worse, just what we had in the capital of israeli every country. France decided apple. We ve got to be able to dissect what the ripe policy is there for the United States, but in what motivating tromp in that movement now and the way it was done, because, in my view, we could have done and we could have done it now, but we can I've done in a way that may be extended an olive branch to the Palestine
authority, maybe not come off with the Palestinian Authority. I agree about don't forget if the Palestinian Authority, that's in misery, aiding Gazans they're the ones who are cutting off a boss, he's the one cutting off the electricity into Gaza, not ignored for for complex reason. You have a terrorist organisation running Gaza. So it's it's! It's with complex as you and what you know of nineteen. Forty. Eight hurry Truman recognise Israel when it was first. It was a country and a lot of people in America said if you Do that there's going to be riots and there were riots now. Would you back in time and say how redrawn shouldn't do that, because there were going to be right, we shouldn't have thrown moving. The embassy away was something Israel Netanyahu wanted desperately, and so it was a point of leverage yeah he's here, steelmaker at advertise, the worst you'll make her ever isn't gazing some concessions of Israel to try to tempt down the violence or or come back to the table, negotiate that faced with not got now Hamas, but the sending an authority which they are not doing ends
trumped just through that away and didn't use. It as a point of leverage in order for someone with a bad deal maker he's got some pretty good deals over the last couple of weeks. I mean he's going for him yap salute me, who I just think that I wouldn't dismiss them as about right being a bad deal made or Mcdermott Trawler, no parliament, yet only I was understood, but, as you know, I am too to the extent that United gets executive. My point is his base, and here he is is a direct audience. Would would love exactly what happened? You know he's been made. Promises and he's is keeping them like it or not. The bonnet and want kills me. Is that he's inviting these creed Maybe it's not just evangelicals. It's like you, it's Hague, it's that Guy Jefferson, it's it's! Islam is born in a creative of hell and Hitler caused Israel at one of the people, but the Trump invited to the opening of the embassy to give a prayer. Was this reverend, hey you got gassed after became campaign. We he said that Hitler
God sent Hitler right to hunt the Jews because they rejected Christ he's the dude and Netanyahu's fine. With this he's the do the Trump invites to the embassy to give. If the Jesus Randall Jeffrey. I mean it's, it's all a show its production for the base. That's what this? Yes, I say not to say that the policy of moving the amount in Jerusalem isn't there thing or we do not do that. Then we have new. Hydrate tells me and the reason I growled gonna go exciting. It's just that. It kills me that Trump and the Republican Party turning, Israel, which should be a progressive issue into a right wing. One and I gets a while. It's now not one single democratic, either Chileans reality, I don't use real, did that under a bomb went to war with a bomb and Democrats. If anyone turned Israel right wing issue over the last. Eight nine years it was, but the hypocrisy of people who who had this
position and like where would you are the live if you're in the Middle EAST in Gaza. Right, there's nationally, real or private. Tell you guys it's not your values there. Defending ok I once had queen nor of Jordan on the Show- and they said you Know- dresser your highness- and I said I fuckin Wilna, not the biggest queen nor about area just because any queen- and I bring this up because the royal wedding is tomorrow and We did something to show a couple of weeks ago about grandfathering in stuff from, times are not getting upset about how everything has to be what it, how we used to back in the day, and I made the pointed people are doing today? There are gonna. Look too I think the way we treat animals is not going to look good in the future. I mentioned beauty pageants. You know we still have them. If it's going to look bad and I think calling people your highness, I know it's not the biggest issue in the world, but it bugs me
and I think it's really stands out like a sore thumb when we're trying to get a good dietary and about everything else, and we were happy to do it. Americans love the royalty more than the British, oh yeah, we virtually a british desperately wanted first family and there are surrogates right now. That's what it is a step or two different monarchy. Just a little bit is something to be said for taking the power and the trappings and the majesty really of the rule of law state and push get away from political parties and political power that the trappings of air force, one in the White House. The palace bid benefits Republicans or benefits democrats depending on who is in power. In the UK and other constitutional monarchies in northern Europe. That is Ro families shut, and indeed the politicians, don't get their grubby hands all over it and exploited for political gain and political benefit, and there's some thing to be said for that the role of head of state being separated from political, but you
the european countries subsidize the monarchy, the way the british German? It costs them a lot. That's a big house Queen and that's the only house. They got summer. Castles and giant play what why and the Prime Minister is like in office park is really like. That's where the monarchy should lay the agency Donald Trump and an office park is approaching. It just seems ass backwards to me, and I don't know why they they foot the bill for that. Ok issue Gina Hospital confirm she is now going to be the head of the CIA. You see, I mean there was a lot of controversy about that, because she did run a black site. Apparently she was somebody
overseeing torture in two thousand three, when it was all the rage- and you know- I think it's ok just because whoever is behind her would be worse. At least she wasn't on dancing with the stars. Did their complex issues here, I'm glad we had the national discussion again about enhanced irrigation and in torture, and of that I mean we were in the right place before as a country it wasn't just to see, I was dead J. Our elected officials on both parties actually were aware of this. We move. From their mostly the president's still talks of torture, but as a country we moved on. I hope we never go back to that, but I will say that my concern with Gina sport not being confirmed where's that president, what then nominate a political loyalist somebody who would use the girl? the powers of the Central intelligence agency an organized and I was at which I was proud to serve for over a decade. In perhaps turn
those on the american people. On behalf of the president for political purposes, we can allow that to happen. I dont believe GINO experience professional having gone through thirty, eight plus years of experience there having experience, Sort of a national mistake with yeah she pronounced you. That's all We're not us right now. Is that enough. Tells you ever came. I may I I think it's not over. I mean it is your intimating that, because the president says he still wants to do not just about the President. I think the United States for decades in the past has been in the vanguard of truth, justice and values, and what we ve seen over the last several decades is actually been quite disheartening, as somebody who's coming in one of the poorest regions of the world and in a way we expect much more from the United States is not just about legality,
About morals and ethics illumine tree traditional talking to stand that things that right- and that is where we get the moral authority to tell other countries you can have nuclear weapons, because when we first started doing that, it was like everybody understood where the good people, exactly where the people who would never use them, except where the ones who did and where the people who always stand for right and good and we're not that we don't have that authority any more, I'm not for other countries getting nuclear weapons. But I can see why Aranjuez, why should you be telling us that have nuclear weapons you're, not your dirty place now would be enhanced irrigation. It's not enhanced, irrigation and torture. Enhanced irrigation is where's. Your one of the techniques it was described was locking people boxes, were they couldn't move mine were sitting at her sanity. If you gotTa Dhaka, the concentration Camp outside Munich right, there is a room full of the boxes that they locked people into torture them the things that were striving is enhanced irrigation when the Nazis did it, it was torture.
Still torture. When we did it, it was torture. Ok, thank you that it is time now for a fortress Europe desires on women accused of going on one date when the man and then sending him sixty five thousand text messages.
Ensuring up nude, it is backed up, must be thanked for providing the answer to the question. What is the opposite of playing our began? Neuro seminars to make up border themed reality show called so you think you can catch neural commuters on Hawaii is big Island have to stop complaining about the volcano. There are days here in our way when I pray for hot lava. I look on the bright side of a warrant. For vodka knows you're beautiful state, wouldn't like this and we look like this neural the chinese family that claims at bought a puppy and raise it for two years before they realize it was a bare have to admit their more cat peep
and the next time someone corrects me when I say take wonder, was japanese or judo was korean. I got to say: another dog was a bare neural. This boy, who was taken do a Trump rally in Indiana, has to tell us at one point during Trump speech: Biddy realise, oh, my god, my dad is an asshole and finally new role of all the fairy tales we ve told ourselves here in Amerika the one we most need to get rid of now is in America, No one is above the law. Let conservative
can we be I'd about this magic infallible constitution that Jesus personally delivered to the capital, its incumbent on the rest of us to remain clear right about its flaws and when you don't have to follow the orders of law enforcement as Trump clearly doesn't? You are above the law. I am I'm tired of hearing tv lawyers say the president can't refuse a subpoena. Even Moody Giuliani said that he said you gotta do it. I mean you don't, a choice that was a ninety. Ninety eight, when Clinton was president, now Rudy says we don't have to. Is the president of the United States as these three x wives can tell you he's not really good at being married to anything. I know. Liberals have this vision of Trump for
that at the White House and arrested, but that's not going to happen, no matter how many cartoons and that new post on your facebook feed the news is tightening. I hear people say no. The news is Tightening his face is always that color, the constitution does not give permission to indict or prosecute a president. You, can't legally resist arrest, but he can could you ignore a subpoena? Could you Pardon yourself if your obedience to the law is strictly voluntary or compelled by shame of which he has none. You above the law, if don't believe me the next time a cop is writing. It would take it. Try saying, I don't think so officer your traffic. Stop is a witch hunt. And don't bother arresting me there. I've already pardon myself, executive, privilege, bitch checks and balances is acute theory, but have you
Paul Ryan Constitution only has to recourse is for an evil president, the twenty fifth amendment, which allows the cabinet to remove a president who was crazy and incapacitated which might work of terms cabinet, wasn't crazy and incapacity and impeachment, but impeachment means nothing without conviction which requires sixty seven votes in the Senate, which even after the best blue wave election ever would mean at least. Two dozen Republicans crossing party lines not going to we're on the honor system and Republicans of fresh out of honour.
John Adams had it right back in one thousand seven hundred and eighty when he said there is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties. But that's what happened Even the founders couldn't foresee, our current level of tribalism were half of would hear Laurel and half what Ariadne. They never imagined that Congress full of shameless partisan enablers who wouldn't turn on Trump. If they found out, he was using the eternal flame to light farts, and in that atmosphere. This president, doesn't have to do anything anything except explore how far he can go until he stopped like the way he used.
Walk into the dressing room, but this universe pageant oh, I know I know we're playing Threed each ass and hate he's playing. I Tipp the board over because Here's what's gonna happen. Mauler will requested interview, try, we'll say no matter what subpoenaed troublesome. Go fish. It goes to the Supreme Court, their partisan. Now too, we learn that in Bush, verses Gore but say they do the right thing and ordered him to honor the peanut still says. No. What do we do then called the bounty honor? That's when the same experts will be saying a president has never defied the Supreme Court stuff telling me he'll never do that. He always does that. It's not normal is not an argument that works on Donald Trump. That's dare that makes him hard
take a penis pump. It runs on call if this Supreme Court rules against him he'll attack them just but you did the FBI, the Justice Department, that Supreme Court will be the new deep state enemy and their rulings will be good news this year. When President G of China made himself president for life trumps said president for life. I think it's great maybe we'll have to give that a shot some day. A month later? He suggested he should have four terms like Sdr they say, he's joking about this stuff, but when its trump ever told a joke, This idea of a funny gag is making my pants kisses ass in public. Maybe the reason he keeps saying he wants to be. President for life is because wants to be president for life. Thinking,
backed away back in July Sex the british better tools to do. I sat at the Washington to revise their base of oil spill over time. I gotta go to Vegas watching me, love and each veo dot com.
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