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Ep. #462: Bernie Sanders, Charlamagne Tha God

2018-06-02 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Bernie Sanders, Charlamagne Tha God, Paul Begala, Natasha Bertrand, and Bret Stephens. (Originally aired 06/01/18)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late night. Real time stack Thank you very much were up very good job to it was a tough tough week for the line.
The line the one that comedian sometimes cross, that we have a lot of good work, the line, half the country ones roseanne- to go away forever, have the country once amid the b to go away forever. So someone for wanting more female voices and television Roseanne annoys me my friend, but her world came crashing down this week, a series of tweed she put out on Tuesday that we're just so full of racism, conspiracy theories and personal attack. Actually, we describe is abhorrent bordering on presidential. I think this is instructive than the tweet that sealed the deal. I think we also on television and I'm sure when you first saw it you had the same reaction, I did. I dont have a decoder
I have no fucking clue what you wing nuts in your bubble are talking about. Now. My friend Roseanne admitted that she had been admitted to no institution, she had said she has multiple personalities and unfortunately, one of them is quite a racist. But it's also not a mystery to me how a person with mental illness could be taken in by a party that has lost its mind and the J in the tweet is Valerie Jarrett. Who was one of President Obama's key advisers and she took the high road. She said this is a teaching moment who, what a day for drum support, first, they lose first, they lose their Figaro Joe and they get
written with learning front responded in in kind where he always does by focusing on the real victim him. This back a tweet about the Hawaii volcano. Indeed make it about him. I'm orange and gas e force such a whining little bitch. He was complaining that a b c, never poligized to whom, because no the Navy see ever compare due to an ape you're? Thinking of me, the snowflakes on the right? And yes, there are plenty of the right to try to drag me into this thing. I should be fired because I could bear drum tuna rang. A tank
ok. Obviously this is another day where we have to do explaining jokes to idiots cares. Why that's a dumb analogy! It overlooks four key facts. One trump isn't orangutan to white people have not been subjected to a racist trope, comparing them to apes. Firm
hundreds of years, my offering Trump five million dollars to produce his birth certificate in twenty thirteen to prove that he was not half an ape which show you remember. He then actually did suitably went to court to get that five million dollars. But I did that because it was a self itself, a response to his birth arisen, races, bullshit, so three and four I've already been fired by ABC forth. The other person was in hot water this week, cement the bee apologized for her her joke, which called a bunker trump, a feckless seaward try
was furious. He said I am the only one who gets to talk dirty about my daughter. Why was a man about that word? Not count feckless, no idea what it means is like a bunker. Lock is not loaded with fact about, maybe in the whole history the world. Nobody has more effect. I say that very strongly. Yes, the man who put grew. Than by the pussy into grade school history. Books is very upset about the coarsening of the culture. You know Trump had much bigger things on his mind. This week he held his
our talks with Kim Kardashian at the White House. This really happened is a picture of you can find it on line if you, Google, when America died, but when you think about it, it was probably a good meeting. They have a lot in common. They both come from reality tv. They both have their own brands, both screwed a lot a blackberry. For its. There actually was a high level talk today, Kim Young child, who is the North North Koreans by master. He was in Washington and delivered a letter to President Drum trying to get korean thing down again drums says version of the report.
It's an amazing letter. You pains me to see what was in nine minutes later. He said. I have not read the letter, really is a Roseanne from a mean, raise these crazy. But apparently the letter was very polite, but but direct, it said if you ever want to see Maloney again placed fifty thousand small bills by the base of the Washington. No one has seen the first lady in twenty two days, Chiltern up
and are we going to get a good laugh and it turns out? You ran off with the mexican gardener tax havens here, he's thinking what I heard ready as Charlemagne by God s backs days, but for the democratic presidential nomination and twenty sixteen, you might remember the senator from remind Bernie Sanders. You are more popular than stormy. Daniels lawyer sounds like they want you to run again, but there is an election before twenty twenty. I know you ve been going around saying and I could not agree more with the most important. What you never I'm gonna ask you why, but first a little bone depict. Would you politicians I've been hearing since
I was eighteen years old. Every election is the most important election in your lifetime. That's all you all cried Wolf on this one and a lot of people are not going to believe it, but this one really is the most important. Please tell us why it's the most important, because we have a president who pathological. While we have a president who has strong or authoritarian tendencies who wants to everyday undermine american democracy
And in my state, in all over this country, you have many women who have fought and died to defend american democracy, and this guy looks all over the world and a kind of likes. Although these or third, Terry and leaders, he attacked the meteor everyday, trying to make it harder for them to be critical of him, and we have a president who is a billionaire himself, was surrounded himself with billion as who gave use tax breaks through the wealthiest people in this country and brings forth a budget that would cut Medicaid by a trillion dollars Medicare by five hundred billion dollars, cut nutrition programmes for Hungary, kids, cut social security, disability. A president who told the american people that he was going to provide help. Here- the everybody member their bill cheaper and better.
Cheaper and better, and then he supports legislation, the throw thirty two million people off of their health care that they have a one does not sink in with his people. What were because gasp it is a growing up because he showed the random people do not have. Good health care, and some have been thrown off is gonna lose jobs because of this tariff trade war he started. When does the cult of personality wear away in favour of wait? You're actually hurting me, but we need to do is a couple of things. Frankly, from a political point of view, it is not good enough to simply attacked from every single day. What we need to do is bring forth an agenda. Working people all over. This country are going to respond to, and let me be very clear- and I have said it before- and two thousand sixteen, it's not the Trump one. It's the Democrats lost and
For too long, the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party has been dominated by wealthy campaign contributors. They got up open the door to people who work with their hands, people who take shape, I was at the end of the day, not at the beginning, the day wore young people and we The generation out there of some of the brightest most decent young people in their history. This country, beautiful young people, what we have to do build- let's not forget this for years in two thousand and fourteen. We have the lowest voter turnout for mid term elections since World war, two thirty, seven percent of the people voted if we increase that voter turnout by fifty percent Democrats win
House when the Senate and that's right, so you mention the Democrats laws less time but your agenda, one human and won the nomination right, but You talk about an agenda there. All behind that now can these Medicare for all in all the people who are running for president, we cannot know who they are and in I'm all those issues, but an agenda is not a message. They are different. Trump is better at messaging, his voters. Don't seem to care about an agenda running, accept, build a wall locker up. What's the Democrats message if you had to boil down to something that would fit on a hat which is above all, people can take in this great. What is the democratic mess? Democratic message is that we need a government that represents working families, not billionaires
an agenda, an agenda that says that health care is a right, not a privilege and agenda that speaks to the young people and says should make public colleges and universities to weaken free and lowest student, but Trump has shown that the american people they elected him. I standing didn't when the popular vote, but he got a lot of votes, and so they and an his popularity rating keeps going up not a down. Its almost in the range of like a normal president, which is really scary, because certainly is not that so they obviously don't care about so many things they used to care about like decorum or policy or democracy or freedom of the press,
So in this new arena, unease is brilliant at controlling the debate and controlling air time. What does a Democrat have to do too paint on this new as the edge new stay. That's a fair point and the time issue is very difficult for people on where wired the Democrats look and understood. Well, you know what many cases Democrats all, but one of wealth with trumps tweets and the absurdity of the day. So I think, but Democrats have got to do they quickly, is go into Trump country and talk to people we are now living in desperation, The truth of the matter is one of the reasons. In my view, the Trump one is that he said but they were millions of people in this country who were ignored by the political establishment they have been by the elite.
Their work longer hours for low wages. They scared to death about the future facing their children and he said, and he lied. I hear you our job is not to lie to have the guts to deal with the serious issues that they face and to take on the people who are power, In this country- and I just want you to find my bill- I'm here Ellie today tomorrow, you know Roby audibly, with workers in these these land. Who are working for one of the largest corporations in america- they gave their sea eel a four hundred million dollars compensation package, but a paying their work is stalled. They should wages and I've been to stand with
those workers getting decent wages and forming a you, we're gonna, be dealing and working with folks for black lives matter addressing a bridge. Can criminal justice system, which more and more people understand, needs fundamentally for his own. Like you're busy. I let you go up one more question. You have a big agenda and by the way you don't look any different than the last time you read. So if you don't run dont, do it just be
at age? Don't let them intimidate you about that, but the democratic parties traditionally pulled apart by this battle that we saw in twenty sixteen between the left and the centre. Hillary Clinton disinterest You re all different kind of campaign. How do we unite them because that's the path to victories is too is the right and the left. When you do, it was, was Obama who was really more of a centrist, but people saw him as a left us because they wanted to. I think we are coming together around a progressive but, as you indicated, Medicare for all, raising the minimum wage, climate change etc, and I think frankly that at the end of the primary season, every person in the democratic community will understand that we have infinitely more in common
then out this for differences and that we gotta you night? We gotta bring our community together to take on the most outrageous president in there,
This country is abolished, arise when in parliaments do now writes the New York Times it contributes to MSNBC. Our friend bread Stevens is over. Here is a long time. Democratic strategist, Georgetown, Professor CNN contributor, Paul beguile Jesus, that's right. Over the Atlantic contributors, MSNBC Nbc Natasha Bertrand began to furnish us into an ice overtime, souvenirs them after the show on Youtube. Ok, so amid a pickup,
From that discussion, and let's talk about never Trumpery, you were never trumpery. I guess still. I am right. You actually voted Valerie. I did and you are now a man- you are now a member of a party that no longer exists. That's right, in theory it exerts similar Mary, but when I read this week, Only five percent of Republicans have a negative view of president Trump. So I guess my question to you is: do their work for Democrats in twenty eighteen you ve used. Called Hilary survivable event. I think Poland. I would think it would put a gun quite a bit better. They lad address, but do you actually work for Democrats? I work for the New Europe, time, some people say it's the same thing. Look what I I'd love to see is the Republican Party rebuked by the electorate in such a way that,
causes some kind of excuse. The expression come to Jesus moment for the party, because the alternative is the Republican Party. That's going to continue to drift in the direction of France's national front and other not just populist, but ordering on fascist parties that we are seeing rising in Europe, and we can't let that happen. I think we're ahead of them in some ways we with anybody- surprised at how quickly this party was overtaken by the Trump people, because yes, yes, I mean my whole life, the Republicans, you know where the corporate party in and they were free trade. The present slapping tariffs grown so far, mostly on our friends and allies, is an interesting things from nothing can make Putin happier by the way than to be attacking Europeans. Can aids of experts who are best friends of the republic and stood for a whole set of of the social and cultural values that they did they like to pretend to impose on everybody else
he's up ended. The entire thing what's been shocking to me is how quickly the republic of establishing washing, by which I mean Macao, Paul Ryan. All the big shots have knelt before Zog and Brett. It's easy for me to turn around Trump Brett bill. Crystals of fuel is Jeff Flake, invents ass in the Senate Centre, Mackay there have been some who stood up and it takes an enormous amount of courage? It's really surprising to me: it's not fun. To be minority in Congress and the Republicans they rode the Trump wave. They knew that Trump excited his base so much when they saw the kind of the way that he animated so many people in the way that Democrats with Hillary Clinton just Couldn'T- and this goes back to kind of the the shift in strategy that we are starting to see from progressives, starting to run on very, very progressive platforms like Stacy Abrams in Georgia, for example, just being on upon an apology
golly, progressive and liberal, and not trying to pander to the consumer. In a way that Donald Trump never dead. This is this is the person who might be the first black woman governor right in Amerika, actually won the primary in Georgia. She beat to another woman who took the opposite approach was going after the. Maybe the people voted last time for Trump, the working white Class, that maybe you know you ve, had your trip to crazy town come I come to the Democrats and she got her aspect and this woman Stacy Abe, Romania's. No, I'm just gonna go for the base. Just minorities, young people, fuck the rest- are you nuts. But then in Georgia. Then something happened up. I've worked endured by what I supported Stacy Evans, who got beat by fifty three points. So this is instructive thing for me, but with what Stacy Abrams, who won what she said, action. I perceived Evans, one whose defeated endorse your right away. So you're, seeing party unity in an
from said something remarkable. She said I want to ensure that all Georgians from farmers in monism at a mill workers and don't know that we value them. She went out of her way that night actually to put forward that wedge issues but web issues. I don't you did a great job of trying to stitch things back together, though it's just like Bernie did here. I think that the distance between the the route factions, the Republican Party, is extraordinary. The distance between the factions, the Democratic Party, is not very, great me. We ve trap as national health care and a built in twenty five years ago. Niece postmodern, but if you're, if you're nominating very progressive Democrats in very red states, you're going to lose and I dont want the Democratic Party to cease from the Republicans that the mantle of being the stupid Party into the point is is to win right. That's the point of the the the election, so you don't Democrats think we just turn out our base, who turned out minority voters who didn't show up last time we're gonna win? Guess what too can play that game? Republicans
turn out large numbers of voters that also give it there's more of us than you. That's what you think, no that's true, and that we just don't vote. This draft I mean, I agree that the EU might be right, we don't know but, but in Georgia it's interesting Democrats nominated moderates before, and they only got twenty five. Since the vote around twenty five percent of the vote in Georgia and income support, among Republicans, maybe around eighty five and ninety percent. But people who identify as republicans are its shrinking people. Meaning. There are public and parties, so that is what they said. Would you came along? This was done in years ago the aging Democratic, Madrid and Trump looked around, and when you know what I still see, let a white people out there, but I still has a lot of fuckin crackers. Gotta go after each and every one, but a lot of those white people voted for trouble had voted for Brok Obama, they are not lost, as Democrats do have to
from. I think Abrams will we'll wait and see forty four percent Voters in America are white with only a high school degree. How can the Democrats be the part of inclusion and exclude thirty? Four percent of the country was its Abed would govern it's a bad way to run, and I believe this they have much more carbon, those working class white folks with people. Than anybody wants to. Let him know thyself cinder, Sandridge tonight, making the case, though, that it did a great job, but the issues that are the way. You know the truth that the left issues when you do look at the polling people care that much about the environment when guns, which certainly got a lot of publicity lately, you know something Conor Lamb, walked away from at issue. You wouldn't touch that the guy, the Democratic One in Pennsylvania, income inequality. I know right is over these big issue, but but voters wanna be billionaires, you know, then they don't hate the rich. I mean, I think, that the immigration, the mantra the Democratic Party in twenty eighteen or twenty to twenty should be make America saying again
right I grab and why not for power one had Ford kind of purple state candidates. Why don't we asked candidates? When was the last time you changed your mind when was last time. You you cross party lines on. One issue, show that you can get along with the other side. I think that would be amazing and I think it would be winning for Democrats may be winning or redeeming for Republicans if they could do it right now. Our politics spends towards the french healthy democratic politics should bend to the sender. Look at Virginia. Sweet Virginia expanded, medicate, one of the fondest dreams of progressive like Bernie, like Barack Obama. Like me, they expanded it with a republican legislature. Why is elections matter? The Democrats picked seventeen seats. I almost got the majority and their moderate gum Ralph, nor them cut the deal to expand Medicaid two four hundred thousand Virginians, that's every liberals. Do
so I just think that there is a way forward for progressive also want to reach out to my working life, but the Republicans are running on eighteen, but immigration. That is their big issue. That's what gets their base I hold up. They ve already run thousands of ads, and it's always on that issue and Democrats are weak on that issue. Are they no they're right on that issue and they have to stay right. They don't you urge your next boss is going to be an immigrant and probably already is, and its it it's shameful out working with our voters but better, but that that's that's! That's a core values issue about what we are as a rule.
You can send one of the reasons I have said I can. I can. I cannot see myself voting republican again. Is this stand, this hatred, this constant bigotry against immigrants high and look what an idea I think Democrats should haven't probably still should call out present trumpet it's a con. It's a con. The net flow of Mexicans is from America to Mexico and has been for almost ten years we ve lost a million Mexicans, we're misplace, em they're gone home, Francois below you slow down a departure. If you, if you look at what democratic winning on its wood burning, talked about it economy, laminate, Very very conservative district ran on entitlements more Medicare, more medicate, protecting social security. He ran against that Trump tax cuts, which eighty three percent of which goes to just one percent of the wealthiest people and that's in a district, the Trump one by seventeen points. So it's these economic issues. I think I do think they should call bs on the immigration stuff.
It's it's, I think a diversion when we convince you tell him what the diverging you for. I don't necessarily think that people that voted for tromp are paying attention to what is actually doing. With regard to issues, I think that there are just spoke a thing on the latest. Outraged, What also so hard for there to be transparent, reporting about anything, that's happening at the border that anything that's happening in terms of real substantive issues. When you have a new too from the president, every day and you're wondering is, did he wake up? As you say today I mean it's just really really difficult to growing up with all of the scandals, and that is a major reason. Why he's been able to just distract everyone so much with every different thing that he has going on every day? And I that's that's what I think people are are looking at. Everything now about their political party is about owning the Lib it's about you know it's rolling people and distracting said that they don't see what the actual the sausage being made. Well was to West episode here in real time previously on real time.
I was saying that President Trump wants to be present for life and that he literally is above the law, even though I hear every day on tv he's not above the law he's totally above the law, but there's something scary than that, his son Don Junior, who I call douche bag on fuck, face all my greatest it tonight. People people realise that he's been groomed already these a huge star now in the republican base and ease they shopping a book. I saw a headline tonight areas Donald Trump uterus sniffing around for a book neo. I guess they don't remember that we showed the book he wrote last year, Donald
kind of an interest effective guy. I read some of these and now that we know he's looking for another book deal, I'm going to reach a more. Would you like to hear them? These are it's out by the pictures. Ideas like sometimes I like to get out into nature, to pause and reflect into imagine. Where will put the casino there's a true satisfaction that comes from earning an honest day's pay and working away up from the bottom. I would imagine you realize just how insignificant you really are when you look at all the stars in the sky or talk to your father sometimes, but worry that there is so much beauty in the world will never have time to shoot at all people Jose. Never mixed business with pleasure haven't done cocaine off the back of a control. Reprocessing stormy Daniels would be a good name for a cocktail. If ingenious ever granted, we three wishes. My first wish would be go back home terrorist and we have met the enemy and he is us. I'm kidding it's Mexicans it's about time. I got you you want to you for a very long time may think about me. You are a great talker, so it always makes my job easier. When I have the absolutely I hate the fact that you are here, Sultana rang a thing, though campaign on the knowledge everybody feels cleaned of AIDS ignoring things morning, the damage that is- and I think we have quite a lot in common one. We both been fired me five four times from
four differ radio stations seven times in life, though, if you count like talking Mr Le Pen fired a few times in those days and it's not a bad thing right, a minute and actually can be actually a blessing in disguise or absolutely unbelieving divine misdirection. You know because- because you know what it would it would. It would call me in the office they would always say you know what we're looking to move in another direction. I got a homegirl, my name is Kendra G salute to her. She told me one time: it's not them moving. You in another direction God moving you in another direction. I know you don't believe in God, but I do so much at ten, your name- yes, maybe viewers in my name, I believe
and I think we also would give the same kind of advice. I read your books and the things you would say two younger people. I remember years ago I got into all sorts of shit because I was taking on the idea that people in this country are always saying, live your dream, but it's always someone like it in a word and it is making kids like want to become musicians and model immediately athletes athletes. Some of you have this great story about someone who is very important you? Yes, I do you fuck your dream. Fuck, your dreams I actually say, fuck your dreams. You know because out, but I say fuck you dreamed one is not actually your dream. Can we do in a country, especially when you you know you from the hood and the people tat. Look like you, black you know that our debt, if excessive, who are usually in in a team in some form of bath, letting so everybody wants to run and tunnels field, would that can't work for everybody it can't just possible every ninety you need. Somebody tell you fuck your dreams. You can figure out what it is. You actually want to do, but they told you you're not really a good wrapper right any right
they fought your dream ripe. They're, not your dream rush forgot what it is. You actually won right and that that's also something. I think we both talk a lot about social media, the fact that people to really have their own opinion more right. They have to sort of check what What else is saying? Yes, they wake up in the morning. They do. A temperature has indicated think like this sitting right. Is it ok to like this out? Is what everybody's not like an old camera with this? So everybody up in the morning and we wait for social media to tell us how to think in this way. So, let's get into the people who were fired this week, Joker What do you want to do? What we? What was your reaction when you first heard about the Roseanne situation, surprising not at all materials that Rosanna the history of racism. She has a history of bigotry and I wasn't adding fuel
ever her articles, daughter crew, because when you get in bed with somebody like that, you eventually know you're gonna have to deal with the consequences of their actions, so we may go now you gotta go now. I mean it. Certainly, no condoning it put it. There is something about a person who is mentally problem. Has mental problems were leaning on analyzed nowadays, you normally if she, if she had just came out the day before and said I have mental problems be like well, that's it.
Gives evidence, but this goes back a long time. It does not excuse it. Absolutely. No, no! I'm not the leg, Abilene Freedom of speech, but I don't believe that people are free from the consequences of said speech, because what you can't tell somebody out to react to it now been calling. You know black woman, a monkey is smart when your boss is indeed a black woman right doesn't make any sense a tolerable and- and I think that what we have to also understand is that Donald Trump took great ownership of that show when it came out a member him at a rally saying This is great Roseanne she's, something like this is us for us are represents, is well. You know. I always said about the trump
people this two things they they hate being called a racist and black people day day late. They make us they make us so afraid. Just to say you are racist, because then they all up in arms, but doesn't this kind of proves it to me that the rose and you can have it. Both ways she was your representative as the term folder, and now it has revealed, as we ve talked about so before that the trumpeter was not really animated by economic anxiety. So much as this, I want to get my country, Bulgaria. I e a country that looked more like it did in the nineteen fifty. What do you know is interested in act. I tell you what it is all the time when it comes to download trouble when it comes the rosy, financially they're gonna be fine
and after this whole situation will dig in five she's gone. We find some way I'll just to brook to be openly racist. This shut the fuck up fab like they can afford to be openly racist, shut up real national divine right. Well, I'm sure she's in hell right, isn't that we put ourselves it that's why I've waited they. Let people like Donald Trump empower them. You know me like bag. Why are you following Donald Trump he's rich? He can afford to be openly racist right. You, ok, yeah! You talk a lot about anxiety year that that I found interesting that the people of color live with it. Of anxiety. You think trying to plug your book. Man
since I was a shock, hundreds thing where you put it that way that kind of everyday anxiety is my second will. My first book is called our black privilege. Opportunity comes to those who create it s all right now in real time. Sl. Thank you appreciate. The second one is thought: should point anxieties playing tricks, I mean that's. What it's about is about. You know, does media would anxiety. My whole life, you know deal with panic attacks and now wanted there.
You try to deal with it because you know when you are black man in America, you are constantly dealing with a sense of anxiousness like, even if they are only now for not taking this, because I don't know if I'm gonna get poured over and taken to jail for some stupid and if you ve ever had to sit in a coating in you known needed to shit. You know why I take issue. I think it's great. If you could make yourselves shit on command like that, because that's a black thing, but I got I can I write about neutral, relay, pursue this line clarity every morning, airy explored so about me ass, the panel this. What what do you think about the Roseanne situation and this amount? The bee situation and the whole idea of people stepping
the line and being vapor, but we should be able to make intelligent, distinct. And between what Roseanne said, which was an example, finnish red and what Samantha B said, which was an example of outrage. Her outrage at an outrageous policy towards immigrants so sure of used either where'd she used or misuse the word feckless, which is really
almost as criminal, but but I get her point, which is Joe, is furious- that Yvonne Tromp is participating but not suffering the moral consequences of an administration that is forcibly separating mothers from their children, something which would never happen in America. There is a distinction to be made between what is a violation of free speech and what might be a violation of free speech and what isn't and for the White House to have come out- and you have said immediately after Samantha being made this common and said she should be fired. Her should be taken off there. There's an hour
we made, that is a serious violation of free speech restriction telling a proud districts are broadcast right and that this is not about half the president was completely silent about Rosanna comments, and that was that accompanies decision to take her off the air for racist comment that she made on all of you in the word could Arterward was ignored or understand. Why is an insult to call somebody something you enjoy
I agree as firstly, I mean you know and they picture and they keep changing the rules on you know on all these words. I mean that in the years ago, you'd never heard here that word- and I hear it on- I mean Larry David has done episodes whether with all around the world contents of the British say it like that. The queen probably says it's not that bad origin, but I can't get out of hand me. I just don't see it that horrific offence, and I understand why it is a bad word in white women hate that word and we should use it if they if they hid it like that, but words do change, meaning, go out and it is so. Maybe it just changed, because when TAT Newton use that word about right, when Mr Trump welcomed him to the White House,
Roger Stone, Trop Ally, right citizens, United, not timid. This is this is trumps before close political, our action, and that word was fine for Mr Trump until say and be used it so spare me the self Righteousness, Mr President, or thought that at Trump rallies that called Hillary Clinton. That very word I mean how many teachers and we have a door. How many times that we have to see. Hillary Clinton called that work during the campaign, of course, without a peep in that trunk campaign. So it's all very disingenuous, and it is this what we said that it was good job but how he made it about himself, but it is about him in this way. Showing you pointed this out in the present sets there's a lot of social science research on this about social contagion that, when the president says bad things about African Americans about Mexicans about most
it increases? There's been stays of red it that shows that which never was a very happy place. It's gonna hate and grace Agar way way way. Absolutely hate crimes against Muslims are up Seventeen percent this, Mr Tromp, took office. It's not terrorism directly cause it. But there's a social contagion. We all learn from others, but in particular, Let me for my leader: it reflects the movement itself, because what the movement combines is this kind of feral nastiness with relentless juvenile self pity, and that's the president's character, which is I'm aggrieved, and therefore I want to kick you out of my country, I'm aggrieved and therefore I want to put down your razor or or your religion how this came to represent. The conservative movement is one of the great moral desire years of our of our time in that goes back to your your earlier question,
one day we're gonna wanna, healthy conservative movement, and some of us are going to have to represent that five percent that tiny sliver so that sometime around nineteen, forty five or I mean two thousand forty five there's there's something to turn to stand up against a wooden. It benefit conservatives now to stand up against racism in bigotry and white supremacy that we have created, and that's why I don't think you should dismiss never trappers. We have to do it every single day. It's why I'm not a damn! crime can become a democratic, remain a conservative, but someone has to
and up in point this out and say this cannot be the movement ever got you the family politically correct terms like outright call them what they are: crack ass, crackle white devil rate to be the job of the present and chicken republican progress boot when, when a clansmen burned across and families home in Maryland, Ronald Reagan went to their house that same day you someone a paper he went over. There was no great progress we celebrate, but what he called out when David do grant in Louisiana George W Bush called him outside disavowed him when, when the terrorists bondage Georgia, those three days later, went to a mosque to try to educate people. They did not That's right. Reagan also started his campaign purposely in failing to show the county. I know he has piquet industry but we're in a moment of racial crisis. He did steadily we're ok, but in that error
just like John Mccain, who jeopardized his campaign charter rebuke voter, who wanted to insist that Barack Obama was an Arab. That was an instance of political courage. We should never forget, we could have raised a better image. She said he is an Arab and he said no he's a good man. That's not exactly the message we want out there, but I know what I was trying to give him the benefit. I do ok, so where's malaria I know I know it's not the most important thing and we hope she's. Ok, we hope it's not a hell. They grow has been deployed under heading. I think. The last time she was spotted was the day of the of the prisoner trademark
I'm not your predecessor, I believe around numbered is operating. Not I agree given who she's married to advise us annoyingly for anybody. You denied trouble tat. We use white Morland you, so I wouldn't just saying you sleep in the bed you make. Ok, pardons. I only ever Four minutes, but we should mention, is of Course Donald Trump Rowan's everything he touches, but this I thought was particularly biggest pardoned is one of those cool powers that are present has two right or wrong. It's really act of mercy and, of course, these turning and it's just another partisan tool to undermine our democracy.
And you know he is part of our job, pile and a scooter Libyan Dinesh deserves any conservatives, retreated very unfairly there at the department of unfairly and now he's thinking about Martha Stewart oh, a job, we're gonna Bitch, who were also who used to be on celebrity apprentice, he's using a first point, allies aiming to show his right that this is a tool that you're a supporter and new commit a crime. I mean hey, it's a great time to be a celebrity fallen, because Donald Trump may or may not. If you like to be a major part in new horizons, also, I mean there's a pattern. Here he has said that these people were treated unfairly. Well, guess what he has also said that Michael Flynn was treated unfairly. He has said that you know You know this is this: is the kind of tactic expect from Maduro in Venezuela places like that? You pardon you! Your political, you, partner, political allies in others,
front page story in the New York Times by my colleague, Rosy Golden said about drug out. Who share drugs and one of them wakes up and the other. The other is dead and the one who wakes up ends up going to jail on charges of of of homicide. This is an outrage that this is happening in in this kind Imagine if the president use those his pardon powers to help those attics to help them recover, instead of sending the sending of having them sent to prison. That's the sort of thing a pardon ought to be, for those are the sorts of people it ought to be for to imagine and its remark historic. How many times can we say it, but it's it's just the most extraordinary way of misusing the power of the presidency and debasing the entire country. What are we talking to this guy? Like he's a president, though, he's a celebrity in cheap, so we shouldn't be
surprised than a celebrity is looking out for other celebrity, but it's not celebrities its sending a message to the people who turned on him and Russia can definitely diversely advances. Honey is focused on line to a federal grand jury, disobeying a federal court order, election law violations perjury. These are exactly the issues Mr Mulder is looking at. So this is like he set about. This is three billboards outside the White House
and on that note, I have to move on to new rules. Thank you. Colonel Neuro, gunnels run doesn't have to produce those two hundred immigrant children, he laws, but we are going to need to see Maloney just proof of life, a photo of her holding up a newspaper and hear here's a bad sign. In the last time anyone saw you your husband was holding a shovel. There are all these governors who chose to keep my blade during a volcano eruption have to take a serious look at their marriages.
But see hot law about toxic gas or an avenue with the wife. What are they build? A forward on this one I would neural is terrorists have to come up with a new attack phrase. Besides Allah bar, we get it. God is great its clear from the way you're jabbing that knife into Paypal, but why not freshen up with some other tired catchphrase like Dilly Dilly? Or can you hear me now or no collusion if we as a society, cannot get the boarding group thing right? Let's just give
You haven't number. Is it one? No then sit the fuck down. We can't even get this right. Everyone has to try and force their way up run for what it's the United gave age. It not the last helicopter out of Saigon Neural some others detail Illinois, which fears legal marijuana will force them to retire. Almost three hundred drugs sniffing dogs I'll take them.
This is exactly the kind of dog I need loyal, trained, unable to answer the question why the hell did. I hide my we. Finally neural conspiracy theories have to go back to what they used to be fun little stories. We would tell each other when we were high space aliens, crashed and Roswell Hitler escaped Argentina Elvis is alive and working at the I ha that's what conspiracy theories used to be: now there the ideology of the Republican Party conspiracy. This used to be called crazy. Now, they're called senator
it used to be an unwritten rule of both parties that you can't just make shit up the old. You're are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts thing, but that was before republicans discovered, yes Yes, you can just make sure you can have your own facts. In fact, we just pulled a fresh batch out of the oven and by the other I mean our ass. I never like rush Limbaugh, but I would take a return to nineties Eridu heads any day because it turned out that rush, really just a guy way drug. To which they eventually built up a tolerance and then needed some stronger. That was Glenn back, which led to Alex Jones and now republic
and you're, the Alex Jones part. There is literally nothing too stupid and conspiratorial that you will not swallow Hilary right being a child. Sex ring out of a pizza, parlor sounds right: Obama's birth certificate, fake jade, helm, absolutely Trump tower the crazier. It gets the more they like, That's their jam, they believe anything. So can stop sending reporters in diners now to figure them out there not there for the breakfast. They literally think there are clouds in the coffee. This week we found out that eighty three percent of Republicans either definitely believe or on shore, whether for five million people voted illegally in the last election. Something trump just completely made up even a point. Voter Fraud Commission based on his own fraud,
I remember that bullshit I made up. I want you to get to the bottom of this, isn't about ideology. Anymore. Trump has none anyway, when he decided to run. He didn't brush up on conservativism by studying, luckily it Reagan and is only experience with Goldwater was in a russian hotel room, and this isn't about actual republicans either. Those guys are gone. George Bush the first quickly and our re in ninety ninety five, when some gun nuts on the Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and firearms Jack booted thugs Bore said it deeply offended his of decency and honour, but when
ex Joneses children fake their own deaths at sandy hook. It doesnt Bertram from telling your reputation is amazing I'll. Not I will not let you down there. Song Bates, you say didn't crapped crazy people soda why we should grab pussy sums. The latest thing trump pulled out of his ass. Is this nonsense about the FBI? Spying on him? There was no spy. It was just a meal road checking out whether someone on the Trump campaign was communicating with Russia, based on the tiny fact that everybody in the trunk campaign was communicating with Russia. It's what the FBI does investigation it's in their name
even the folks who believe that the world is secret. Run by an alien race of shaped shifting lizard Paypal, they how to back it up can argue with, that would spy gate nurse literally no thing, and that is so alarming, because one way we measure the health of a society is by how conspiratorial it is communist countries, arab dictatorships, those places you can always say so anything because there was no trust in the institutions. Republicans that's what you're doing to this
country, and so the only answer is that more same people have to vote. Then insane people
in every election? So so tell tell your sane friends at the mid terms, are the most important election of their lives and tell your conservative friends that climate scientists are working with the Clinton's to slip a chemical into the air ducks and pulling places that will turn everyone who votes gay grand statements virgin driver. May my God birdies tell me when she seemed to be watching the movie, the nation novel and each be oh dont com
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