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Ep. #465: Colion Noir, Michael Pollan

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Bill’s guests are Colion Noir, Michael Pollan, Josh Barro, Michael Smerconish, and Neera Tanden (Originally aired 06/22/18)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making in real time,
nice, that's the real port, whether your I know why you're happy it summer- and you know it summer when kids become just like the president. They have no class really had to think about that. But this is the weak. When we found out. I guess this is good. Those comparatively did there is a place that most Republicans will not follow this precedent. Kidnapping Joe
molesting them in Alabama was will have to draw the line somewhere. Ladies and gentlemen, some guy said some public. Fifty five percent republican still support these separating the family policy because of their family values. Life begins at conception and ends at the Rio Grande. That's what they zero tolerance. Does. What there's a drug give their heads with this groundwater: zero tolerance for immigration, also zero tolerance for knowing what the hell they're doing, because they don't. I can't remember all the lie
They told just from the beginning of this week, this guy move so fast, or only I can fix it. Only Congress could fix it like to here's an executive order. I fixed it every signed, an executive order that revoke the policy that he started. A thing is the arsonists firemen is the guy who congratulates absolve or saving the toddler in the pool that he pushed in the ever seen a president who more creates his own crises, the column president hold my beer, that's really when nobody would be stupid enough, sir, to put babies in prisons, hold my
and for the right wingers, not an easy policy to defend the boy that is one big they followed. Like Lord Ingram said these camps or jails were cages. The good work quote essentially summer camp as someone there they're doing, arts and crafts. That's what they're doing well, there stitching bunkers handbags, but it looks like changes tense this summer camp. I guess and Frank
honesty occasion it was early school fork, Wednesday duty on Barton friends whenever the piano and started blank Hallo Mata here I am in camp to start, but there is an uprising. There's a new law suit on behalf of the migrant children. That says, Some of the kids were drug to control their behavior. So just like our publics, but really there is a little bit of people realizing they can fight back in different ways. The airline's, a lot of the airlines have said: they're not going to transport children that were separated from their families, American Airlines, that this is against our corporate values and also you're crying children,
drowning out a regular customers crying? You saw millennia, went to visit the detention centre well, but that a camera in there and all you heard was please help. I want to go home and finally, one of the kids and pulling put your stuff together. Lady some millennia. You know this is the benevolence. I went one, he went, he sits in kids or separated from their families on a mission of mercy with a jacket that at big letters on the back, it said I really dont care. Do you
I really don't care isnt great. What our first ladies, go through their anxiety, teenage phase, of course, because of the objects of this were near on a mission of caring to wear that jacket, but in fairness, come on, one has Maloney ever know. What's going on behind her back, try it out the right wing media said this is great news. Because she only war the jacket on the plane getting on and off, not around the kids. The coat was for us with a kid you totally pretended to care,
and trust me. This is not the first feeling she has fixed rethinking author, Michael Pollen, but first up he's an attorney and provocative gun rights in those yes hosts and our right to these new, our colleague, nor I have seen your videos many times. You are very good at what you do. I am. I am not a gun lover now if I say that the term gun not. I hope you really. That is not an insult I'll. Take it as a good bit. You gonna me not like you.
You mean like something you really love to credibly passionate right, I'm a drug, not so easy, not all drugs, this the ones. I get my hands on tv, but when I watch your videos, you know a very often you know at the end, you gonna have a smirk. Like my waited and you know what you can earn your smirk, because people like me who don't really like guns and we don't know much about guns in an end. The theme with you really, I think, is like it's annoying, isn't that people like who talk about guns and dont know about guns. They are not written. Not restrained by their lack of knowledge. What are the misconceptions that bother you the most? What is there to dynamics right, there's the actual physical component of the gun and then the individuals as we turn right so there's an aspect of safe
when, since semi automatic yeah tell me about that vast majority, your guns almost or semi automatic, almost all right. I say that I didn't know that I didn't know that and so that stuff you would learn after you follow the rabbit down whole so to speak and Semi Artic, meaning you the pull the trigger elder once you get one bullet right. Am I older, almost all gone, pretty much it s not just there. There seem to be obsessed with the air. Fifty yes, so that they are, does not stand for assault life about a common misconception right. They are stands for online rifle just the name of actual rifle and it's a semi automatic rifle in the sense that you pull the trigger once you get when you get one round. So why? Why do people think liberals? Will you be honest? Why did they think they're getting rid of the They are? Fifteen would go so far to solving this problem and tell me why it wouldn't United States angles optics as everything right writers to suit the attacks that comes with wood guns in general. Right, especially when you start they can talk,
things like they are fifteen. What they teach you see. That's big, usually most people weren't too familiar with guns they use, Barton by way of movies, so you see, lose a lot of bad guys spraying and praying are these crazy things with the firearms? And then you see that in reality, like, oh, my god, I dont want those anywhere near me. Orange trees in so winds up happened. As they take that and they see it in this. Like war, they don't know much. The knowledge base is not very high, so what they are doing is they start feeling right cause it evokes are feeling the attics behind the loud There is a muslim flash in all of those things and it can be said Eric reasonably like, etc. Is a lotta hypocrisy, the downs weren't so popular? Why did they dominate movies as much as they do? because there's this assassination there, like yeah scandal, I go into an amusement park. Writer and that's eyes. It done that's like just be honest and admit that you love guns and it's sort of advice in that. Like me, no gambling alcohol dry.
These are all things that have some collateral damage than I am willing to live with, because you can't tell me that I can't small part, because some people will be heard by it. You know you can't organised society run. What some people might do or be heard by completely, so you would admit that you just like guns, you like holding them, you have sex with them, was not its multi faceted. So there is an element of recreation. There was an element of Fourth, there there's an element of protection there and then, as an element of philosophy with regard to what this country was founded on. So incredibly multifaceted, so when's of happened is a lot of people who don't really know much about firearms are very myopic view of them in the only Linz that they see them through is the or the bad things that had done by bad people. Sailing self reliance allowed to absolutely is not what you feel. I get that from your videos itself, airlines based on reality right. Do you you, don't trust the cops to show up,
it's not that I don't trust. If they do, they might shoot you. There is always the possibility for everything right. But that's not me. Main concern. My main concern is that ending in the moment right whenever something arises, where it may have to defend my life, I want to be in a position to do absolutely. Even pass. Why can t make it out? There live along with people. I love- and anybody also seems to be around that I care about right, but I had killer my gear but a month ago who was on your show and got a lot of trouble for talking about guns, so he got trouble just being on the show just for just being on the show right, You guys made some interesting points about how is very easy for people live. It would live in safe neighborhoods to talk about gun control, it a whole different story for some other folks,
I don't have that luxury. I think one of the things that are happening. We start talking about some of the gun, control measures that people are pushing is how they disproportionately affect people who are in lower economic environments and in environments that have a higher level of violence in so, like you stated before, I can live in a community? Have a security guard outside I'm gonna be Phil relatively safe. Even then, something gets to happen, but if say, for instance, on the single parent mother, I live in an inner city somewhere and I'm working to jobs. I can afford a car and have to walk late at night. I wanna get off work at night and walked back home. Or if I'm at home, with my kids in an environment where there are home invasions right. I, as a woman in particular in that particular situation in just anyone I dont want me, protect them my life to be a competition. I wanted to be a lopsided is possible because our
the one brightening someone's life, I'm going about my life in someone's trying to interfere with that, and so I want to be in the best position possible to guard against that right, and I am sympathetic to the argument that if you're in a horrible situation, it would be a good thing if a good guy had a gun and we ve seen many times, and I know you think that the report it, I don't think they reported enough in comparison to write. But my question is: where does that leave? We can't go back to the old West. We were all strapped all the time, but we are well I'm not I'm sure they're going somewhere around here. I hope so you're right, but not everybody, because everybody can do it. I mean you, don't really want teachers themselves,
to have guns. I also don't have a problem with arming teachers, but teachers aren't there. Did it there's a contingency there's a contingency. This is where the and our re loses me. I mean they lose me a lot of ways better place like that. That does seem unreasonable. I don't understand it guarded this move and I think if the parkland guard, who didn't His job had done his job. We would be having indifferent debate, absolutely, not teach the figures. The thing about that. With respect to this conversation, one of the biggest issues that are saying is that we ve all kind of separated into our supper, corners and conscious lob attacks at each other. We all agree that we want to find a solution to these issues that we all agree with, that we just differ about how we go about it. So irish, I can respect your position and not wanting to arm teachers. The way I look at it is when I look at some of these, these mass shootings that have happened in the past. A lot of your teachers had to sacrifice themselves to protect their students, and so my mind goes well. Why not put them in the best position to fight back against the evil person it comes?
to the class instead of making them, is that of being sacrificial lambs the fighters now and are willing to die for these students. So why not put them in a position to fight because their teachers They don't want to. I don't want to hear anymore. Guard wants to teach physics, you know you're, absolutely right, but the moment somebody walking through a classroom with the gun, and start shooting okay? Well, they don't have an option, so they only after they have is either sacrificed in terms of what about background checks, and twenty percent of the people in this country get their guns without having to pass any sort of criminal check, and when you say that we give you some some basis behind what are you talking about private cells? I mean they get them from a relative gives up to them or you know against passed down or a gun show or something like that and the honor I used to be for closing all those loopholes, yet Weymouth Lane Lapierre loopholes loopholes. What did you say?
pardon me, but here's. What might I ask this because it's gonna be given most people think of an energy spokesmen? They don't think of you burn. Wayne Lop ear when I like to fuck with peoples. We're not be or ninety. Ninety nine, we think its regional provide mandatory instant criminal background checks were every sail at every gun, showed no loopholes anywhere for anyone. What changed? Even when you go to a gunshot in you, purchase a fire? Is it really a shout Lobo? I don't know it has ever been downsides. It masturbation, I wouldn't know I'm I'm I'm good with regular masturbation, but what a show it sounds like any oakley. It sounds like you know. Me, though, still show, nonetheless, what is really at avail right, isn't that what a gun show is not only by guns, but why do they call it issue? Will because I thought, when I first went to a gunshot attributed such really, you weren't there
what it is. It is an aggregation of a bunch of Gaza to normal like it, but wouldn't it be good if we had a hundred percent of people who got it but background check when it would not be good share. But how do you go about doing it from I sell standpoint. Well, I don't know I mean I know you're against any sort of registry, because you think that leads to confiscation, but will it has before, though in America, no in America before trying to prevent It has happened in places where people use as examples of shining beacons of what we should do. Gun control lies here in Amerika. I can imagine a country that loves its guns as much as this country and we have almost If the guns in the world with four percent of the population, I can't imagine anyone ever tried to take away people's guns, and if the people who were taking nor the guns were doing it there, you, The people are like guns, their law enforcement in an with that I'm I'm a little more gun reasonable
these days now? The Trump is the president, but I still think people came after me to get even if I fired back, then they could come back with always superior fire, but the government is always going to out gun. You ok, so though, and that is why fear also solve the secondment. We understand. Second limit was written right to protect us, indeed a position of out of a tyrannical government. So then, why not provide us with the same weapons, the guns? now we're not going to be enough. Actually, Gary wills have all he says the second amendment. Listen to this. I want to get to react and shows just how far the poison of slavery pervaded the constitution is. The secondment was not meant to lend let individuals prevent federal tyranny. How could it by by training our rifles or end guns on the army Navy in air force? It was and to guarantee militia, to handle the state's internal problems, especially the problems of a large slave population. That's a big reason why we
the second amendment is related to keep the slaves used. Irony behind that we actually used the concept of second limit to revolt against a country that was a pressing us right back and then in the same breath, because of the purity of the language of that second amendment, I now sit before you as a gun advocate with the ability to
again. I know what to make you man now you re talking about this bridging becoming very much under my goes Martinez programme on serious Ex. I'm ready on author of clowns had left him a job or to the right american life in columns Michael's Morgana. She deserves insider unwholesome. Casey. Aren't abuse all the present as lawyers and left right and Centre Podcast Josh BAR you, please change your first name to wield. Yes, and I would remind you, know: she's the browser and sealed the non profit organisations at over american progress near attended. By going, don't forget to send my job returns of an answer them after the show on Youtube. Ok, so I want to ask about
Public gets denied after the weekly that had digital for many years, I've tried not to make the mad when they say look, we all want to solve problems. We just have different policy methods and stops me from saying Wait it descends, like you, don't have as much compassion is way too, and then this We comes along and in our Donald Trump said today we can't be swayed by phony stories of sadness and grief and he uses kidneys. Think kids as a negotiating strategy and the homeland security person after this week, this week goes to a mexican Restaurant for dinner, Corey the windows, key, is hearing about One of the saddest cases of one of these kids on the border and Gulf WAR and millennia with her jacket. I don't know what that was all about, but it doesn't add up to two make me think. Oh right, we just have policy differences. It does make me think you,
don't have as much epithet is. This is this: is our Trump One, the nomination? He was awful in various ways that shocked the other people up on those stages, debates with him in the primary now saying that we need like war heroes who don't get captured, gray, effectively, calling TED cruises wife ugly doing why variety these states they are just like that play well yet well, well, well enough, with a large in a fragile, the republican base, and you know you look at this child separation policy and it pulls terribly and it pulls only okay with republic- and I mean you said fifty five percent, but fifty five percent is low for a policy that republican President is doing a moray voters row. A substantial chunk of the Republican Party did not want this sort of cruelty, but a lot of them did, which is how we won the nomination and then a lot more of them decided you know. Well, I will put up with that of the alternative. Is Hillary Clinton and he's dead? that this is what shows toughness. He told you talked about how important it is to be tough, and I think voters have like sort of a wide variety of conflicts.
Ideas about immigration. They want toughness, they want enforcement. They also want empathy, and sometimes those ideas come into conflict Donald Trump appeals to one side of that. I think he's gone much too far this week and has put off a lot of people who, even like the Muslim Ban, pulled a lot better with a lot of people, I mean we can have a policy debate, but what is really happening in America right now, I mean, as we speak, is children do not know where their parents are as they're going to bed tonight at the hands of the government, deciding our government perpetrated a policy that is basically designed to terrorize these children and their parents. They do that an olive earnings, I think Donald Trump had a strategy to take. Those kids stage to get his work or to do other things about immigration policy that the country has risen up in utter discussed.
Harry that's, why he's done Vive Valley, flaps or whatever it is on an Wednesday he stopping the policy today is attacking Democrats and immigrant for where we're the body in November, I wrote them and I think the issue that needs to be said, and I would never defend the break up of these families the way that is taking place, but we do have a problem at the border and it was not of his creation. We ve got a problem with poorest borders that caused one thousand apprehensions to jump to fifty thousand. Just within the past year and I think it's important that people not allow their hostility, their antipathy towards the president and the poor, public sounds of those crying kids to over mask the problem that we really have drives, though bill? I want to say this: what drags drives? The lack of empathy that you referring to is demographics. I think it's its concern.
In certain quarters about their diminishing role in our society. The truth is that american kids, the youngest kids today don't look like american elders and by twenty forty five whites will comprise less than fifty percent of the population and I think a lot of the bad behaviour that you're referring to is preying on people's anxiety about those numbers. They say half way. The cave down. Tramp has sound racial figures. He attacks different groups. The fact that a use infestation to describe describe immigrants as in an essentially when I thought tearing dictators have done that other minority groups. I fear that I just think look vast majority than their against oppose this policy, because children should now
suffer by the hands of the: U S, government, but can I get a job but made the elephant in the room this week, because this meeting really just covered this one story and they ever mentioned the drug war and the drug war. At the heart of this? The reason why people, even when they know they're going to be facing horrors like Donald Trump at the border are still willing to make. That track is because their own countries or just unlivable. It's pretty, Raising that El Salvador, I think, is the most violent country in the world, and Honduras is second of the whole world. So there are doing Afghanistan and Syria and then as well and some other really nasty places Darth for are you kidding me? Our interdiction in Mexico and Colombia has caused the re routing of the drugs through Central America. It generated this horrific environment. I know where you're headed, because you ve been on this for a long long time. Yeah. I think the nation is getting ready for that.
If conversation that you want to have because of the scourge well of opium in heroin in all, I could have noticed that our neighbours to the north legalised pact, this we like but Donald Trump, said Mexico's doing nothing for us, except taking our money and standing as drugs. Well, there's an answer that stop buying their drugs and sending them the money, because it wind up in the hands of these gangs who take over the cut the country as a narcotic date and make life unlivable. And of course, people will do anything to get away from that anything. Until you deal with the drug problem, you're not going to solve the border problem, but we're not ready for the conversation they are trying to have already we're ready to have the conversation on marijuana, but that's a small, that's a small fraction of the overall does not sure on cartels. But if you, if you
the legalise cocaine and heroin and methamphetamine, which you would really have to do to completely in the need for this interdiction stuff, you need assistance would be very different from the way we deal now with legal alcohol that we can deal with legal narrower because the price would fall so much in a fully legalised supply chain, and nowhere else in the world is done. This you play places where legal to own and possess drugs and to use them, but to actually legalise the whole supply chain. You'd have to do something like you can have a government monopoly for it. There are. There are things you'd have to do to prop up the price entered to control problem use? Because if you legalised these drugs, I mean there's seventeen million people with prompt with problems with alcohol. In the? U s: do we think that cocaine and heroin,
are either less fund or less addictive that alcohol you could have an enormous ink. I think heroin is less, so I don't think a lot of people, just if you legalised, if we legalise her, would tomorrow how many people would start shooting up and sticking a spike in here there's been an independent worries on earth and nice, honest people applauding the same ready for legalization. I say we're ready for the conversation and what has changed. It is the opium AIDS epidemic and heroin, which is only right that you used to see on television now everybody's within one degree of separation, from having a person whose at risk well. Ok, but I mean I think, actually I agree that plant is essentially the open
the issue is one in which were decriminalizing now I think it's really weird that we have. We have something that affects white people and its decriminalize and you think of a better public health right, maybe more broadly, but this I mean that is a big challenge of everything seems weird. Until you do it, you know Harry. What's all the armature curb drivers, weird, you know, let's take the unloved, North Korea sounded weird, you don't know where it is only right, Israel where it, but you know zero tolerance is worth trump tubes. Zero tolerance, of course, was also the policy with with drugs. For so many in this country, and I just want to say: zero tolerance is always a stupid idea. It's just another way of saying zero thinking. The left is guilty of the two: they have their own zero tolerance pets. You know they had their own
no I'm just saying that zero tolerance never really works out. I don't think you're right, but it's a good sound bite and nobody would I be the candidate running against its vital out zero tolerance level, but in it and oppose because people dont think about tradeoffs. It pulls while at the same time, the various compassionate measures like like a path to citizenship, an amnesty for illegal immigrants. They also Folwell. You ask people about things on both sides of the questions and they'll say: yes, basically do everything without thinking about you know what that what the costs are like it would be like if we had zero tolerance for speeding or anything else, but think about this past week I mean basically, what we have experienced this disaster is is a product of a zero tolerance policy which will shape basically thought hey we're going to rip these families apart and deter people that didn't work, we're going to rip these families apart and use as a bargaining chip for awhile and a legislative negotiation that's been rejected. I think that challenge was, RO talons policies as they are, with drugs or crime, etc. Three strikes is
When you see the consequences, it's a disaster and that's what we have to recognise that also loot will remember the Republicans. Basically don't want to do policy. Only one party that does policy like the way sorry you above all, this is like a great idea. They do better when the damage turn. Power gives them. They can have their stupid ideas and pretend that their not being active, because the Democrats are blocking it where it he'll interplay. Whenever you know that this nonsense this week, they don't do policy, they dont know how and they don't care- and this is where trumps incompetence and interacting with asthma level. Basically, you know that my right there's a problem at the border and there are real trade offs to be had. There are a lot of people seeking asylum will not in the qualifying for it, you're going to have to make tough choices and in a lot of cases, but the infrastructure that you would
to build, run, doing these things. If you want to process the asylum cases factors, we don't have to let a lot of people into the. U S for north of a year waiting for a hearing. You need to hear more judges. The presence, as he doesn't want to do, that he says he doesn't say why. Why why we need judges, it would be a logistically complicated policy thing to do. He doesn't have an interest in doing that, and so that actually ends up worsening the effects of this sort of nasty things right and if we legalised drugs by the way on that score, we would have obviously been take place under different ministration. Here's. What Jeff sessions said about the european wide problem we're doing. A lot of this is starting with marijuana wrong. We think doctors are
prescribing too many opiates ten times you just need to take to buffer ends and go to bed there as we are on track. How everyone is talking about this jacket that Malawi and it said I really don't care, do you dare it is? Is it there she's wearing it? There is a catalogue and I think in her defence she has a lot of racist sweaters that were in the wash that you what honest, either a few Bidden Maloney S closet. I have, and there s a worse things that you she picked out laxity one of the best like here. Some of the things you could a war should go to
I'm sorry. You must be confused with the slovenian catalogue. Muddle who gives a shit that my other code is made of a hundred one delegation. My pockets are loaded with parallel would have think you're living in a cage. Try being me, you gotta pick this one, that's MRS! It lady! You don't blame me, I'm feckless! Don't talk to me before I am. I blush. Have you read this year too closely? I like this when the best I voted, filler change. What did it with science and our citizens about consciousness dying addiction, depression entrance ended. Microbiology Irving asked for this discussion in looking to commend somebody to do more drugs. You have under the right we are talking about drugs in your book is about drug people. Know you, as a food guys know what why the change that you just pick them wrong. Mushroom gay, I thought there were Santa Rosa, was putting and then all you have to be there, the living there for right. You do a pig
mushroom yeah I memory aiming at once they grow in cash. It they do. That's right does the safer ones to pick their other ones, that you can really kill yourself. If you don't, I don't do it yourself, but no, we have always been interested in our engagement with therefore world how nature changes us the things we take into our bodies, how it affects our health and so for me, It seems more continuous order, this backdrop and one of the really interesting things all of us use plants for and fun guys to change consciousness right, whether its coffee on Zaire, mushrooms, right right or chocolate. I mean- and this is a universal human desire that are boys, been cures wealth, I wouldn't say: droplet changes our consciousness. It doesn't subtle way. Oh sure, yeah no it's got. Will it has? It has caffeine in it, and it has another thing that kind it gives you a little lift. You know parts legal rights
yeah. I've got some ship has rightly notes so, but psychedelic obviously are much more radical form of conscience about LS, day lsd and suicide in DE empty. I would ask her to isolate. I feel it they're so different. I never did Hiawatha, but I did I did. I certainly done Well, I don't know if I did ass, you know what I did something that somebody sold to me inside with that's the problem. That is that, if your prohibition, you can't regular yeah Timothy Larry once said to me before recourse before he died, not from rabies, instills breakdown, they there. He said the really hasn't been acids and Owsley the original maker yeah at a certain point, the mob?
moved in on on acid in the Haight and MOB the mob yeah. They were for hippies selling acid in San Francisco, one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven and one was killed. Horribly hung up from a tree It was killed the ode to realise bad business were left a mob got in and the acid was never this right. I think it was ass it because they can tell you anything, but it was something I mean it was. It wasn't good as good as it should have been, but you but you're, saying real acid, which they experiment with in the thirties and Fortys, really it's. A lot of people were stuff like PTSD, right and anxiety and alcoholism, alcoholism. How does it do it? So so what I was surprised to learn? I thought psychedelic began in the sixtys, but there was a very rich history. Research in the fifties, late forties using Steve Suicide in the ingredient, magic mushrooms, to help people deal with serious problems. We don't know exactly
how it works, but it seems to lead when it works. There is a profound experience of ego. Dissolution, sometimes called a mystical experience, no sense of their ego or self dissolves temporarily, and when this happens, you're freed of various patterns of thought, the brain kind of reboots and when in this single experience in supporting understand that, but the way these drugs are being used in therapeutic settings very different than the way you use them, or I don't know about you- by the way private we put something in your we're gonna make the second half of the water is very, very different thing. It's a guided experience you're with a therapist the whole time they prepare your word that air pollution well talk about
was killed for a trip here with a therapist the whole time. Thanks dad. No thanks I'll tell you what to do if you get into trouble. Basically, they encourage you to surrender was where I feel your ego dissolving. It can be really scary, it's a death, and so they tell you too. With that relax your mind and flowed down stream around Lenin, advised and and then during the experience which you you you're lying down, you're wearing, I shades. So it's very internal voyage are you listening to music on headphones and their there with you? whole time in case you get nervous or freak out in some way, and then afterwards you come back the next day and they help you integrate the experience figure out what it means and apply it to your life. People come up with these radical new perspectives. Own lives that allows them to change. You happen to you, oh yeah, I'd, and I always what change. What was the perspective? How are you,
before how we live actually differs really hard to articulate, but I did have a high dose suicide and trip guided. I had an experience of complete ego dissolution. I looked out and I saw myself p Did over the landscape, I was just like butter or paint out there, but I wasn't but by this at all, there was another I that suddenly manifest. That was very kind of fine with whatever happened, and it made me was for the first time that I'm not identical to my ego that there's another ground on which you can stand and that become that turns out to be very powerful idea. Most of us are slaves of our egos. Isn't that experience with mushroom and I did much, you didn't take enough I've why I've jacket and mushrooms are done many times it. Oh, it's a laughing drug to make right. You don't find yourself just laughing uncontrollably now it's about context because I mean again early. I was having this inner trip. I wasn't like the senses we're not coming in. It was dark and
I'm just on the floor. I really like literally on the floor and, like all I've ever things funny, because, like everything that is normally your life, when you think of is hysteria, It doesn't make sense like most drugs, make me horny, but what like not not mushroom it sex seems. Why would I do that? Why would I make my penis get bigger and put it inside of a purse? Really, that's that's what my makes me it makes me the deconstruct vat revenue, like that's one of the new perspective, was talking about your sex addition. Addiction has been cured
it's not an addiction and need no cure. My last thing I want is micro, dosing, a lot of people, s age or dream up micro job, which is a little bit about less. Do I like that? They take the view that they take it during the day I mean that does not yet not the lizard king, there just out doing their normal thing? Re know about that is, that's me recommenced. So no we don't know thanks for car is there's a lot of anecdotal evidence that it helps people makes them more. Creative makes the most depressed, but I looked into it. There's no! research it out. We ve never done a steady, controlled study. It's going it's getting under way in the next year or two, so we may learn more. It strikes me as a funny thing: we ve taken this drug. There is so trends
formative and disruptive and we turned it into with micro dozing, just another productivity drug make you a better Coggan machine ride like coffee. It's like what would count eyes and suicide academics microwaves, that's where they live coffee, the actual work and tobacco. Ok. Before I run at our time on this panel, I wanna talk about deep Schmidt statements of frequent guess, last week on the show on this very issue. Last week I was saying times are so desperate right now that you can be that kind of Republican who just says I'm not running for the Republican, I'm I'm writing in my wife for Betsy Ross, or do you know Ronald Reagan or Donald Duck and Steve Schmidt. Me stepped up renounced the Republican Party
this week he said he's at this. Independent water will be aligned with the only party left in America that stands or what is right and decent remains fidelity to our republic objective through the rule of law and our allies. That protein is the democratic body. This the guy is John Mccain campaign. German there's this guy has been bleeding republican for decades and why, the other thing it that way, I don't know republican idea. That years ago I mean into you did that years in twenty ten, after thirty years of loyal service to the GEO p, I got out and I served it up in a low level capacity for President Bush, the Father, so I mean I was hard core and involved and became one of the four
five percent of this country according to gallop, who are eyes who are not Dees, who were we're not ours. Like to see more people go down that route. I found it very interesting that he said that he now has this loyalty to the Democratic Party, but his registration is that of an independent. What needs to happen This country are fewer closed primaries, a place on that debate stage for an in depth. Did candidate for president and break the logic of this event. So I left the Republican Party in twenty, sixteen, which I wasn't it for far too long, the port of party. Why stayed the parties that are really believing being independent? I think political parties are key vehicles through which policy made you don't have to agree with everything. A party does want to be a member of it. You go you join. You try to get them to move in this direction, so I didn't leave until I was ready to become a Democrat, and so I think people
we need to choose- and I think Donald Trump is an excellent reason to leave the Republican Party. I sympathise with these people who cause I'm I'm a political, moderate and like a sort of live equally well and either party alot of people there there conservatives they don't want the things that the Democratic Party is going to do Don T be done, except for not do all the incredibly stupid things, Donald Trump, his doings. That's not a super appealing reason to be a member of a party, so I sympathise with them, but ultimately, elections poses a binary choices and done in this country. In this country. We really only have the two choices right tried many times to change it, and if we were a parliamentary democracy, it would be different, but third parties, just wind up making the better party lose too I I have. I have radio listeners who hold me singly accountable for the election of Donald Trump, because
I admit it on the air that I didn't vote for him and I didn't vote for her either. I voted for the libertarian ticket Non still proud of that vote and I say take. With the one hundred and two million who were eligible and didn't go where society for every single person can say that I guess we're. I think what I really respected. That statement is he looked at this week and said: babies in cages is too much for me in this Party right and it was- and I think they reality is, as we had two November. It is a binary choice. There are your voting for Republican Party, who has no check on Donald Trump Warrior,
for the Democratic Party, which is a check on Donald Trump saddened by the way, if you writing Mickey Mouse or you write in those nine, whenever you know, there's no are you are you, but I do think that these are issues this. Then you are actually you just take it. You basically supporting the Republican Michael Bloomberg so he's giving eighty million, which is great to stop Donald The court brothers are giving four hundred million where where are the billionaire liberals, because Sheldon Anderson and and that crowd they give in the tens and hundreds of billions, the cop brothers, his our side bill gates worth ninety one billion. Just these those with two hundred and forty one billion Zuckerberg. We should feel guilty. Yeah we're helping Russia slide from the White House he's we're seventy three billion their contribution,
in twenty six were under a billion? What you know, I'm books. You know what I went through this in twenty twelve. What I made that built million dollar donation it took to draw Burma to let people know you have to get it on. This is that the game is being played on the million dollar level. It won't do when you're worth a hundred and forty one billion dollars to write a cheque for torrent. Fifty thousand you cheap and, I think, a lot worse. The cycle, because Republicans path to tax cat, which gave a lot of people money and now wants a return on investments right. You know their basically any basic, I'm sure there's been a ladder,
hand, wringing or arm twisting whenever to say now, you have to give us money to keep us an office. The whole thing is a scam ones is not. The solution of the solution is not to say. I see your aid ocean and I raise use Zuckerberg because it all ends up in these five or one c. Fours dark money, its hidden, we vote. We have no idea who has paid to influence the vote that we're about to cast. That's got to end up with a more politics, that's more driven by the preferences, a billion years, I'm happy about what Bloomberg is doing. This, I think, is a politically smart guy and gives a sparkling about how to spend this money, but a lot
billionaires date. They spend the money on vanity projects. We, you know, we see what Tom style is doing with. These nonsense adds about impeach the president spending all this money to get Tom's tyres face on television and then on republic inside there's been a ton of money. A lot of that, I think not spent very smartly. I would rather see bill gates, spend money doing the excellent work that is foundation is doing on public health billion dollars, and I had a party that goes out there and figures like like the Republicans Dervish child Natal. So I got em right their agenda. The only good thing I would say really critically about this is just sat there. Our votes are counting against than many people are voting. Democrats are voting. Progresses are voting in higher living with money matters that the search for correct. So are you have one minute? What's what to do with the jacket
what what was the jacket Tsar there, is no way that Maloney a Trump shops at right. This isn't it was, I think, I'll stay. I think she would, literally with being the white, has doesn't care about. These can now be downright paragraph again. He doesn't go I think that it was on its way to the kids. She caught a raft of shit when she wore the stiletto to go to the floods. Was this excellent stiletto? This was a message to the media to say it, and how do we make we don't get fat guy? That's your guess. It was a message either. Yes, he said I act, they don't care about these kids. Obviously I think its truth. Teller. Ok, thank you. Personal time for neural neural. The workload Gunnar had started from sale by it, but a country music festival, and this guy who got his head stuck at his mailbox. Must our data
I want you to get married just for those mornings what he says, I'll get the mail and Jesus I'll start the truck, and there are seven as entirely south korean soccer code truce, which is players, numbers and training to fool swedish scout because he said as westerners can't tell really tell Asians apart pay, that's right,
man, you don't think we could tell Legion from from Obama Soup Neural if you're the guy in the next all don't strike up a conversation. You make it better, this social situation and a chance to make new friends I'm just looking for a quiet place decisions or someone at the table- pays the czech neural. Now that Ober wants to use art official intelligence to determine how drunk potential map passengers might be there to answer this question
What are you my mom? I got an easier way for you to tell of your passenger is drunk. They ordered an Ober neural if you workin the Trump Administration and you're responsible for separating kids from their parents at the border, maybe Joan aimed at a mexican restaurant while, even if you didn't get heckled out of the place you really go to enjoy those enchilada risk is trust me, that's not criminal and finally neural. Anyone who went Abe Shit, the last two weeks, because I said going through a recession, would be worth it even undermine drums. Popularity has to end. In college and take a course in perspective, a recession She is a survivable event. What Trump is doing
country is not democracy is about to go the way the dinosaurs, because we ve been taken over by a dodo bird. So let me we're PETE Recessions, are survivable events, we survive one every time, a republic. It is in the white out everywhere, public and residents Teddy Roosevelt has presided over a recession for republican President's and to them and eyes, and our had three. The United States has survived
forty seven recessions at all and since the great depression we ve never gone more than ten years without one another recession is coming, not because I'm rooting for it, because someone, someone passed a giant tax, gave away to the rich that added trillions to the debt and started a trade war for no reason and deliberately sabotage the affordable care rock and roll back the rules for banks, so they can once again gamble with our money. Those are actual policies from men with real power,
as opposed to me? You just made a wish, but you would never know that from the right wing, not a spear, where this made me a bigger threat to national security than Canada. More Ingram said he wants an economic collapse to get rid of trump, but I didn't say it. Now, my collapse, I said recession
for the record. I'm against reducing us to the point where we're foraging for food and trading blowjobs for candles Alex Jones tweeted Bill MAR is worth a hundred million dollars, but he says we should crash the: U S economy, to stop Trump and one is he ever strayed from the facts and then everyone on the right said. I had a hundred million dollars and all I have to say about that is I do
Sarah Palin tweeted to her follower that I was out of such and Wayne Allyn Root Route said he doesn't care if your kid starve.
MIKE certain of it said, suicides increase during recessions bill more once people to die. Yes, specifically MIKE certain of it. I want him to put his head in the islands are starving, kids confusing for food. I dont want, I don't know who the
you are my certain of it, I want you to live a long, healthy life and get the help you so desperately me. But this accusing me of warning people to starve and die is pretty rich coming from the party that has never been shy about actually enacting policies that starve and killed people taking away health care, cutting Medicaid and food stamps, and the children's health insurance programme. Forcing government shut down this month's journey, of the American Medical Association says Trump environmental agenda is likely to cost the lives of over eighty thousand Americans. So there's that those claiming that I would come out unscathed in a recession must have missed the ep
God with Elizabeth Warrant from the last recession. Before the crash, I had most of my savings in Lehman brothers. I don't have a question. I just want you to hold, because some things are more important than money and one of them is living in a country that reasonably resembles the one that existed from seventeen. Seventy six to twenty. Sixteen situation, this grey. That is not crazy to use economic manipulation. That's what sanctions are we pinch countries in the pocket book so, though, act better. Just think of this as sanctions against ourselves, although again Can't really make recession happen. Even with my hundred-
recessions happen and we always recover but fall in republics. Don't Rome fell, they still have been fixed. Stadium, I'm not rooting for a disaster. The disaster is already here. If a recession is what it takes to make, Donald Trump, not so cute anymore, then bring it on because it gets seriously. One of the problems with a roaring economy is, it tends to make people put up with a bad president. It's like great sex in a bad relationship, Sex is good all the annoying things your partner does are forgiven. That's what we're in right now, the good Sex economy I just want to America to say about Donald Trump, what everybody in a relationship says when the hot sex wears off what the fuck.
My doing with Disperse July's ready had our entire saga. That's why Persia Mirage of Baggage July, twenty of the twenty first I want to make us more counters. Judge, borrow barrow near its did, not follow the polio nor get one of these times. Joint is now over overtime. I do too Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com
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