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Ep. #467: Malcolm Nance, Nancy MacLean

2018-08-04 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Malcolm Nance, Nancy MacLean, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Charles Blow, and Steve Schmidt  (Originally aired 08/03/18)

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Welcome to night, Vale podcast from the HBO making night real time
I know I'm so glad. You're in a good mood is I'm in a good mood. Why are wearing your agenda, which, firstly, as you know, we ve been on vacation. Verboten can always tell what it's time to come back for vacation gives. This date is on fire.
I know that it is ninety five days until the election clear. Your calendar and the voting systems are more insecure than the president. Now president has always been unhinged, and I have to say that last month he did not get more hinge. Just this week, he held two of his hillbilly Nuremberg, rallies scary, that people in this profession I mean he calls the media, the enemy of the people, except, of course, for Fox NEWS there so far up is
there are the enemies of the people from now on collusion, not a crime but journalism. Apparently we we live in a country. Now we're reporting reality gets attack because it threatens. The fantasy world created by the cult later, so it was So what kind of good this a couple of days ago, all our top security people headed the FBI had of the director of national intelligence? All those dude were out there saying it was Russia its. I should now it's happening again: it's not a drill. Now, if we can just at the commander in chief on the same page, because when Trump says no collusion, he means with its own national security team, did how can these people expect to do their job when the president's himself is
waiting as he did a couple of days ago, that the attorney general to stop this ring, which with Russia? What, up into. I can't comment on an ongoing investigation member those days and, if you're so innocent, why do we have to stop the investigation to lose this bullshit? It's like when you come home and the first thing that kid saves the babysitters a liar. How would I know that? Don't think that deeply anyway, what luck all praise to President Europe? We have to give the good this do? Unemployment is ended eighteen year allow, however, are real biggest true. Our problem is income inequality.
And that's not getting better, still, no reason for what happened this week, someone caught one of Betsy divorces yachts loose through, but it's ok. She has ten. Yes, now comes the real challenge for Betsy Divorce subtraction, you know who is apparently going broke. This was shocking. The and our aim. Did you see this? Recent court filing was made public and they are set in such great financial trouble. They said they ve already lost all their insurance coverage and they soon may be unable to exist. Imagine I say the only thing they own of real value was Congress.
But you know what you are. Who apparently was living very well, this guy poor men of fort? Have you seen that the try he was drums campaign manager and he's on trial now and apparently was living very well? He had an eighteen thousand dollar karaoke machine. Cashmere genes do have the cat we're here and the asteroid jacket worth, have ten thousand dollars. He pledged not guilty by reason of empty hammer, its initial capitalistic in five years he spent a million dollars just on suits this motherfucker. Heard of cocaine but listen, we're in California, California, as
We don't go out. We are the leader of the reserve. We do get a lot of shit. People make fun of us and fuck them, because we are the leader of the resistance and also something we did a long time ago. Mileage standards for cars because we are still big. We raised mileage standard and the automakers they all had. They were forced to make their cars in line because you can't not sell cars in the state with forty million people. So naturally, Trop now is trying to get rid of the standards for cars, and he says it will save lives. I could not make this up. He said, listen to the logic if your car gets bad mileage, you'll dr less, and have less of a chance to get into an accident. Yes trumpets claim me he's doing this for safety reasons, always the number one concern of the man who fucks part porn storage without a continent who says, don't think it s smog, think of it as a permanent instagram filter. It's ok! That's the last thing that I must report to you. I don't want to, but this happened this week
It was a big story. I learned a no word. I didn't want to what that word is q and on because We saw this at the Trump rally. All the people, not all the ballade them wearing these to their q q, and wear with q we're all queue at first. I thought. Oh great Republicans are finally to terms with their sexuality? Now this is a big movement on the rights we don't hear about these things. Could we're not crazy but seek Hugh is a person a member of the deep state way high up in the deep state, but now is turning on them and he's revealing that the world is run by a giant pedophile ring really every president since Reagan has been part of it, Hilary Obama who knows a pet about Tom Hanks Stevens?
we'll Bergen who's? Gonna stop this trump shrunk is always more qualified to stop pedophilia than the creep used. A walk in on this team. Usa, pageants wasn't being a great people. Looking for a patent files, is this circle of child molesters from love those girls like they were his own daughter, cement, our hair and a little later you thinking what author and his revenge or Nancy Maclean, but first he was their career. You as counter intelligence, terrorism, intelligence officer and author of the new book, the plot to destroy democracy.
How boot and cyber spies are undermining american. This mailing the west, a great patriot, Malcolm names, so much more than I have. I am, I think, and now you're gonna smile on your face. I don't you do it, I need sedatives. Do you have any? But ok? The first thing I just we're talking about the election in the modern world is use of their income. Facebook again can they be stopped Russia can be stopped as we are presently constituted. Yes, Russia can be stopped You have to understand something: there are a lot: of safeguards built into the constitution and what the since I've been doing as they figured out that there are few things within our system of government that they can exploit the first one was freedom of speech, freedom of the press.
Right and when they do that, then they can go after other components of it like right to assembly, but first they have to actually destroy the fund underpinnings of american democracy you do that as you elect a president and they elected president. So can we stop that? Can we? What can we do, what the constant, what the founding fathers and the constitution rope, which is why to assemble, which is to mobilise and wipe away a lucky literally this that the people who have undermined our democracy well. I hope I hope that to accept the dead guy. He could only rig so much. I know, but like we, the last sixteen years, do the president's had not one the popular vote, so you know we talk about how the Republicans
Days are numbered biggest, are getting older yet, but it doesn't matter. I think that the whole thing rigged well, I mean with gerrymandering and voter suppression and the cult brothers and all the money and all that sure, but I think the biggest thing that they rigged is they ve rigged apathy. They ve managed to get a fifty percent the electorates and not even come out for what about the actual hacking. I mean there was a hacker convention this weekend in vague as it must be, a great party was only then would we lose now we'll get this minute. As somebody act into the voting booth. Ninety minutes, I think, last year, a sixteen year old got in there and forty five in its and made the voting both play a song Eric rolled it. It's a voting
We turned the voting both into a jukebox in forty five minutes by a sixteen year old. What you're telling me we can stop right, but you know I used to work in an essay. We can do anything if Ronald though, but what you have to understand the underlying attack strategy, the american Electoral, system term is made up of lot of diverse systems where you're talking about computers for vote, electronic voting, but a lot of it, still paper ballots mail in ballots. You can't have those ok, you can you can try to stop ballot boxes, that's very hard to the place, though of the Russians are going to attack. They are not going to attack those machines. They are going to attack the simple laptop or desktop it sitting at a state, registrars office that tallies up all the numbers that come in from those despair voting systems that could be one?
or two small computers. They used to do it on chalk boards. Actually you know back in the sixties, though, do don't chalkboard and they write down and do the math right in front of people that's vulnerable and if I we're gonna do targeting one and I was going to choose what to do in a national election I'll go right to the computer, and then I would make it change numbers right before everyone's face, so that you would know that it's happened and throw chaos into the system. But the only way to make sure that that doesn't happen is you ve got to vote and that's where our biggest problem, I think that's going to change. I think people are going about you work for the NSA, you said and other agencies, and we don't want to go to into your birth. Whatever let you know, I was never one of those liberals push it on the intelligence agencies and the people. Yes, Mabel Humans, but I gotta tell you:
I see- and I can only imagine how you feel that when I say Trump saying things like John Brennan is a low life, he called him a low life. This Michael Hayden Clapper, what I've had some of these guys on the show. When I see these guys, I I do not see people who were power and we first of all, like you just said, you can do anything if you guys we're power hungry. You would have taken over by now right, and I wish you would now the fact that this precedent to save his own skin is willing to throw under them as collateral damage, our intelligence service and called these. Send clapper. I guess they got to him too got to him like he's funny it up the intelligent, now look alike from block the popular vote or some bullshit, and who was it the guardroom them some mafia, boss, someone? You know, I don't know russian mafia balls. You run was a former director, the KGB
I'm sorry, that's a mere boot right, but he's guys these people are heroes. Omelettes or I know I agree. I know my Kate and I know John Brennan- I've met them. Both they would work by the statue of Nathan Hail the first spied a dive for this nation day in and day out, thankless You wouldn't believe that people at work this audience is a pretty good cross section of the average person that works it s a or CIA or D. I and they don't recognition. I didn't want recognition until I got pulled into media. We just want to keep you safe and dumb tromp does not fund. Mentally believe that that is what this region will bear. Him he's what's important, but so, but this is in a winning attacks. The deep state islets think the deep state, first of all
You know time magazine as manner the year, even though it sometimes a computer or a group of people, or you know, we still use that term of the deep state should be demanded. The year of my question to you is how deep, how do busier state I really needs- are not living in a land of fools. There's no such thing as deep state. Deep state is the german government, the janitor gee. I say that is their polishing floors at night. It's the notion that make social security checks arrive, want yes, but it's also Hayden and clapper and burn it. That's the deep state is the people and James call me right and an Mackay been all these people who are still there there he still having fight the deep state. My question is: when you fires a lot of these he's fired a lot of them already. How deep is it how it's, how long before we don't know its deep, its deities,
I mean what you gonna do gonna start going down to the third tier Alice, and that is exactly what he's gonna do their already document: impeaching rod, Rosen steam right? Ok, because who gets the report, the Mulder report, it's the person in that job, the deputy attorney general, so a thing as a reliable collaborator. When he gets that report for mother, he can throw it in the garbage Ghana. First off, that stuff is going to go into a classified vault. It's gotta go through about twenty people to get there. That stuff is going to fall off a truck by a pallet load in front the New York Times. So you are on my page that we are not under
over reacting to Russia, we're we're actually under reacting to it. I think we are you ever error here that song in the musical Hamilton were George Washington rides in, and everybody thinks he's a saviour and the first words out of his mouth is: we are outgunned out man re outnumbered out, planned. We gonna make an all out stand. That is where we are. We are under attack and this election that's coming up. This could be the last one as we know it, or if we lose it. What do you think that the meeting that Putin and trumpet two hours there together just talk to me like no cameras, no music workers wages, but a couple of Ruth, What did they really say to each other? What what what did Putin want, what it from what are they as overt as things somewhat true we're gonna less election? For me? No, we get another one coming up
but not to do something for me. I promise I'll, go you don't get the sanctions lifted. Isn't that naked? I wouldn't be so. Sure was that make it. I think it was. I think they ve already got that plan hashed out. I think that bill tromp in twenty twelve try? Twenty thirteen when you went to Miss Universe, met with the top twelve oligarchs in Russia in secret. Just like this, a winning a blank slate when he walked out, he was spouting to this day the Kremlin Party line the elimination of NATO, the break up of the European Union, getting America out of all of its treaty obligations, the elevation of Vladimir Putin that could only have been put into his head. Men who are so rich that he's jealous of their riches, so what They said in that meeting I'll, tell you what I told Pris Matthews the other day on hard, but I think what happened there was a secret Yalta, which was the meeting
nineteen forties between Churchill, Roosevelt installing, where they divided up the western world, as it was going to look at the end of world war. Two. I think, though, that that meeting Harold the real meant of the western world, and what is it? Well, you break up of the first thing, destroy the Atlantic Alliance right, waking up in the United States, NATO and the european capitals, and you we angle it to a pole between a autocratic, Washington and an autocratic Moscow leading an axis of other european autocracy after you knocked down their governments and tromp did that he called for He was sitting it to regionalize table. He called for regime change in Britain. This is planned to do it in the open right. Yes, I know guys who like used to cheat on their wife like this,
beat the most popular restaurant honey. If I was cheating but I'd be sitting here with my hand on her ass, that's that's his method right. He does it right in opens, and people can't believe I'm in the tweet this week about session should cut to close down the investigation that The mission to Lester hold its all out in the open air, but he's doing it he's only speaking the thirty percent of the population in the United States, but we can see him yes and we can hit weak, and here I turn off. He knows that we got it right. He doesn't care about. I gotta go you're. A great patriot,
I give you didn't you did you wait here is our priority? Is the axe GEO people if those drugs and the least Jordan, the new plant gas words vat every Monday August? Sixteen Schmidt is obviously she's. A kindness for the washing examined employer go driven over ABC News, Kristen soldiers, Anderson back where this is the most familiar times and author of fire shut up in my bones: a memoir Charles blow. You see, you don't forget your questions tonight, we're times we're gonna have to them after the show on Youtube,
didn't get to Facebook really with Malcolm man. So let me ask you that question facebook- I now I never understood its book. I think it's the work they do happen to this God. Recent high fructose Gore thank you very much, but plainly that is a way that they are screwing with our elections. Should Facebook face bigger fines, penalties something from the government will have, they can't fix it? They absolutely should face. We owe them no sympathy right. How are we gonna give em defect? What look what? But I want to say this big made boatloads of monies zillions of dollars right, if you can, make a sweater track me. So exactly what I did. I want every time by selling all of my profile information to every advertise it there it was to have it. You can do anything right, you can, you can examine your platform and figure out who is? Is it has access who is manipulating it
are you with third parties are letting have access to a you? Can do that? The reason that face book is not doing. That is that they want to make it as easy as possible for the most people to be on that platform and, and the only way to make it safe is to make it a little bit harder for some people to be there and took to have a better gatekeeper on that site and to make a few less zillion dollar. She I differ that there needs to be fine and fines for white Facebook. Stock rice dropped in the last week or two nearly one day, loss in the history of the EU: s not mark Zuckerberg, driving an overly, possibly because of the pressure being put on the platform. By all of these stories I mean face, but the reason why Facebook was able to debate its competitors in the early days of social media is because the promise of Facebook was that the people you were interacting with we're really who they said they were. You had to have a name and had to be a real identity, so Facebook should be expected by their
used to live up to that promises. I dont believe that we should be expecting mark Zuckerberg. Oh, I didn't come the FBI and the CIA, I think, will you want Silicon Valley, billionaires Nobody usage Armenia, I mean we all know that we need. I data by groceries. Why not idea to get onto face would that be so hard, and that would not stop the Russian. But what? How would you even begin enforcing that? What type of idea to get onto Facebook for a glow bull platform that serves people something autos remain ongoing. High are now already expect that you are who you are and right now, they're, defying sift out who the big, because if they dont people are gonna leave the platform in their stock is gonna. Keep dropping market is pressuring them to do the right thing. Can I read what did then coats? He said we're doing everything we can to have a legitimate elections.
Such at what incurring statement- and we read it again. Jesse you feel good over the weekend, we're doing everything we can to have a legitimate electronicist. So I feel like work were becoming one of these countries. You know every week that, like what are these countries, that is where the later reports is kids and butter, these countries, where they have military parades, all that- and you know it's not- that he has an attack the media before, but we do take. It will personally rights when it gets to this nasty level the he call today. I think the media, horrendous horrible people, disgusting enemy of the people, a role in the media, and now Europe holster you you're supposed to be dispassionate, but we can be passionate about this right, but epic, every American miss me passionate about this. The free press in this country predates the constitution, was enshrined in the constitution. Baby predates
it is. It is one of the things that makes America different. That makes America special, and that makes Amerika great, and we have like the president with the power of the presidency, trying to whittle away at that too, to attack not only that the two figures, but the truth seekers, including the investigators anybody'd, seeking the truth, he attacks watch, you are removed from it anything can sprout into that desert. Yes, if you only believe Trump and Facebook, that's you got your Joyce being a journalist is already a very dangerous drop. It means there was the slaughter of journalists in Annapolis that had withdrawn because of trumpet was because of a crazy guy who didn't like that, because they done an expos. I, on my point, being the being a journalist, is already really dangerous. So what bothers me about this com
rotation about Trump saying mean things about. The media is somehow and most welcome, and why not look I dont like common enemy, the people does not mean that's where we're way asked Mary monies turn starless are trying to do the right thing, but there are a handful of that has gone into this, like pro wrestling thing where they, when trumps as me, things at the rally they exhibit while I'm, how dare he say that and then they take selfies with all the people with the main Amerika great again, this is a renewed recycling grow. Restless issues are good, but this is not a question of media bias. We're we're saying is five things we're seeing some. Go to mass rallies, constantly lie to incite fervour in a cult of personality base, we're seeing him make victimization. Honourable they're all victims right worse, the allegation of conspiracy, the deep state, hidden nefarious movement that only the leader can say we see the scapegoat
of Mass of minority populations, vulnerable populations in the. Lastly, the assertion that I need to act size? These powers that no president is ever claimed to have this is deliberate. This is an assault on objective truth and once you get people to surrender their sovereignty that what is true Is what the leader says is true? What is true is what the leader believes is true, even What is true is staring you in the face when that happened. You're, no longer living in a democratic republic write thirty. Five percent of this country has checked out of the pulp. They are peed in their opinion to the reader, and this is straight out of nineteen. Eighty four, with Winston at the end of the book when the party official is holding up four fingers and says Winston, how many fingers there are Winston and tears
I see only four in the leader of the party says, but it could be three or could be. Five is what the party tells you, and that is when democracy dies in America rather than ten years ago. Ten years ago, Sarah Palin walks out on stage at the republican convention in Minneapolis and she ignites a piece of the republican base and then attacks the main lame stream media in twenty twelve new king. Rises in the polls in the South Carolina primary by attacking the media on stage. This is not something that began with trumpet. The seeds have been planted and within the Republican Party are not doing their like. You are condemning the Pumpkin Party, which should be condemned because for ever they knew that these people were
in that party they knew they were benefiting from? Did this element of their part and they turned a blind eye to this there. I believe that we can control. We believe that we can bring the over tomorrow. Attic only have them come out on election day, and what you found out was that you cannot contain that muster and Donald Trump has least your master that you always knew was the inner turned on you, and now man
the Republic is another all by got my party's going now. That's the point that you were baiting feeding the whole time. I want to show this when I saw this congressmen Stephen Lunch. I never heard of him, but I saw em on tv and I want to show you a little bit of what he said a couple of weeks ago. Are you kidding me busy right now? This is a disgrace, a disgrace. That was a national embarrassment and Helsinki. I was embarrassed That our president was citing against our intelligence agency, it's time to decide what you stand for. Do you stand for democracy? Are you staying that guy instrument, Moscow. The nation the showing that, because I feel virtual droid, genuine
I'm up speed. She really was feeling that, and I feel like this. The Democrats are not doing this. When I read I just heard you you do it you do it, you don't have to do it european expected from you, but I hear moral outrage for meal. I read it in you an appropriate level of ire, it's not about just screaming, but I think the people in this country do not understand the level of the crisis more at an end to a degree. This has to take place this kind of talk, this kind of rhetoric, because I dont think otherwise they're going to get it. Democracies crashing all over the world in Poland and Hungary and Austria and ITALY. We see the rise of autocrat and autocracies in to see an american president cheerleading. It is scandalous as it is disturbing, but the assaults on the rule of law. The lawlessness of this present at the attacks on our institutions in this may all be much more fragile and certainly more fragile,
I think that I thought it was, but the truth of the matter, this when we look back in history to the nineteen thirties. Fascism, did not rise because it was strong, but rather because democracy with rapid and weak and when you have a country now where eighty percent of people born the nineteen thirty thinks its essential to live in it? They think it essential to live in a democracy. You asked the same question of people born in the eighties numbers: twenty five percent- that is a profound crisis Erika is under attack, is under attack by the, Russian Federation, a that is trying to eradicate trust faith in belief in the affair, we can republic in our democratic institutions, and our political leadership in the majority Party is complicit in it. They are not defending this country and they are
on faithful to their oath of office and to the constitutional trembling happen. Jeff sessions announce a religious liberty taskforce. Their religious people here tonight well you're going to be insulted by this because they have this martyr complex, the Christians, I'm sorry they do just because, I'm sure of you know who and. And so they feel like even other. Sixty nine percent of the population are somehow under attacks or they have created this religious liberty task worth, including this magazine. Religious liberty, weekly
you like to see some of the articles in here, because this my current sexiest man alive. Those five ways to tell your Mega church pastor is gay hint he's the pastor of Mega Church, twelve abstinence tricks that will leave him begging for less dinner conversation how to argue with their family members that red we investigate if God all powerful, like and Curt Cameron, fine work interview, Donald Trump on the two commandments, and why the other aid, if the losers handholding, does it lead to dancing
new ways to judge others would break your collection late ten days to a tighter ass,
One position that will drive him. Wild social media bombshell, pick of light shining through clouds, not mandatory unchristian profiles. There's a lot of fuckin religious people here to recognising the signs of oral sex. It may be going on right under your no threat in the sky, our rainbows gay air. Ok, let's bring democracy and shave rather history of the radical right self plan for America, Nancy Maclean breaks and bring them home with you. Ok, so we ve been going on and on about the trouble, the countries it, but you have written a whole book about it. I think you would agree with some of our paneless here that it's been going on longer than tromp right, yeah. There's that I wouldn't say thank you any man to this feud that he was sort of having with the cope brothers are no you written a lot about the goat brothers. It's really phony is because their basically on the same page, wouldn't you say yes,
the tremendous distraction I have been studying Charles Coke, in the plan that has been developing in the ideas that they weapon eyes for over a decade now- and I have learned one thing which never pay any attention to any individual play and instead look at belonging that he's playing You understand that long game and you understand the strategy. You can get a better sense of what the pieces are and what to anticipate a case in point. Is this suddenly we're seeing signs of life it we now all the other things that does nothing to upset Charles Coke, all the horrors that we ve seen and indifferent places nothing about what happened at the border, etc. Why? Now why? Now, because they are this close to getting Brett Cavanaugh, a coke selected Supreme Court Justice rule on the core just in time to effect. What Coke is actually staking, which is in the language of the architect whose ideas his weapon eyes too are studied? In my book, James Baker
and the first you a southerner to win the Nobel Prize and Economic Sciences, changes in our constitution. So radical as to be called a constitutional revolution. They want to transform our constitution in a radical and fundamental way and we are all being distracted by the president's tweets while this is going on, but that's all crudely, because the people who need the constitution changed or are the liberals, its were the ones it's not working. I mean you mention the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court should be seventy two liberal, because four of the justices were appointed by two by Bush and to buy Trump two presidents who lost the popular vote. That's what I mean the electoral college works for them. So so what? What do they want? That they're not getting now
yeah. I actually have a little history lesson, a little civics less than towards the end of my book, where I point out that our constitution is already the most restrictive of majority and democracy in the world. We have what are called for veto fourpence. What's called veto points we have for most people have one, maybe two, maybe three we have for so these guys are so essentially greedy. They want to add more veto. Points to what we want is a veto. Point would be so so things like the electoral college right, like the capacity of the Senate to veto etc, but what they want to actually put into a fact is, instead of a constitution of checks and balances, as we have now a constitution of locks and bolts, and while we are all distracted by Donald Trump tweets the network that Charles Koko's funding groups like American Legislative Exchange Council have been lining up authorizations for constitutional convention, they now have twenty eight of the thirty four authorizations needed to call the first ever article five constitutional convention. Since our constitution was crafted.
They have ten liberty amendments, they call them teat up and ready to go and we haven't been paying any attention at all, with the exception of groups like common cause, we're water, the term what it works like the top too horrible one here. Ok, so this is also an example of how, like folks on our side, can be a little bit more curious and stop thinking that we know everything and the other side stuff right hand, because some of these there's a book that was the best seller on the right that none of us have heard of called the liberty amendments that goes into this, and you can google them about. They include a balanced budget amendment which poles well until people understand. That would mean the end of social Security Medicare and all these other things that we value. They also include pudding voter idea in the: U S: constitution:
are so radical, but there actually include revoking the seventeenth Amendment now nobody's gonna. Remember what the seventeenth Amendment is so I'll. Just tell you real quick. It was a progressive era, victory that let the people directly elect R. U S, senators, instead of having them so limited by state nerves and losers, wrote used to be appointed exemplary and admit that the state government is the easiest for corporations to capture and that work knows this and even capitalizing on May now, control thirty states and their essentially putting a chokehold around progressive policy nationally and in the states at the local level, with something called preemption so must lose. According to the world in Coopers, grew person after by twenty forty, it's only twenty years were eight states will have half the population, and sixteen of yet another eight states, though it with us,
twenty percent? The sixteen most populous stage will have seventy percent of the population. Thirty percent of the population will control sixty eight percent of the Senate seeds. Of course, because California, with forty billion people, gets, do senators and so does Wyoming with eight people So it looks like were becoming this country word what I feel like it Iraq under sit down and the liberals who may go right, because the disowning where the major the minority, but they ran the country right. They were a third of the but they were in power and two thirds of the country was the Shi Ites and they had no power and we're going to be two thirds of the country. The liberals, but we're not can have any power because of the to be able of Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch and Charles Coke? And, if I may say,
there are actually. What do we do, that? They are quite aware that they are a minority, especially Clarice Coke, in the book when he says in ninety ninety seven, when he's really launching this effort in earnest, he says, since we are greatly out numbered, the failure to use are superior technology, ensures failure, meaning they know they are a permanent majority. Repeated historical experience has shown them that they more Georgie of the american people would never sign up for the America they are trying to bring into being and America with. No, this was carried in no matter where no anti discrimination legislation, no protection of iron want or on an honour on. So how are they gonna get around that two still get what they want stealth and doing things like boat or suppression, using the myth of voter fraud Jerry, measuring destroying labour unions and plant parenthood sources of collecting we're gonna pay right. We don't pay a turn on and you know why is it worth distracted, Facebook,
Zack Facebook? I think Facebook is reading? It's not ok! So let me ask this political question Trump is endorsing a lot of these trump trompe candidates and their winning. Soon, as we know in the right there's somebody replied in a primary farmers. Should we be rooting for this? I think this is actually a good thing, because I think what to happen in the fall is that other Republicans have to see the Trump candidate lose. Of course, they're gonna win the primary, but that's the only way to break the stranglehold on the republican politician If you look at, if you look at the special actions you're sitting, there is a house campaign strategists you're saying that unless you're in a district, that's plus twenty five percent, tromp or greater right, you can be in trouble. You could be in a plus twenty percent Trump District or you can go down two thousand eighteen, so I think there's gonna be an enormous bluestone army. I thank them
Republicans what what? What will be left behind will not be chastened. It will be more batch crazy here because, what's left behind, and are going to be people in plus twenty five plus thirty percent trump districts and their only vulnerability, and when in in a country. Now where the politicians pick their voters, not the other way around. Their only vulnerability is to be out crazy.
In the next primary when twelve percent turnout occurs and only obviously the craziest people turn out? That's not allow one of their basic rights as though they are minority rights, as they don't win, be crazy, just be a nerd, because what we have now is a congress that refuses to to play its role as a czech imbalance in the present, I think right that it depends on what kind of a district you're in in House races right now. The vast majority of democratic ads are not focused on fighting trump, their focused on the issue of health care under republican side, more issue, more of these house folks are running adds about trunk. The Senate is a very different picture because in the Senate you have a lot of Democrats in states that trump one, and so in that case you know, Trump plays a very different role than he does in right. Now, Democrats me to pick up twenty four seats. Twenty three seats are with their republican held. Are in districts that Hillary Clinton one bear if you're one of those folks you'd, maybe rather not Donald Trump, come to you have done well to come to your district. But if you are a Democrat in a red state and also,
Trumped shows up and says: get this democratic here cause they're obstructing my agenda that tan complicate things, so it just depends on the geography and what race you're talking you MAC, so Orient, and so I feel ass. If I get this comfort because the conversation is so focused on the mere term. At my first book without good looks clan of nineteen twenty, just when it was the biggest rightwing organization we have experienced this twenty five percent can do enough. Miss damage is done. I think we all understand that broke the norms of our society to the. U S. Government operates to we're already seeing the impact on the lives of others, but even children of color in in elementary schools from what the right has unleashed. So I think it's really important that we not just focus on the next election sexual cycle or the one after that, but instead start thinking about. How are we gonna break that up? How are we going to reach the people who have been so deceived and so agitated
their buttons pushed by this right, and I know because I got on their mailing list to analyse stuff they send out and it is ugly and they keep them in a state of high alert and a feeling we get into a situation where we're just yelling and they are just yelling. We're not gonna break up this impasse that we're in we're gonna have to be a lot more strategic routes that ordinary loved number curious about it, because we all of us who still need a bigger than the middle world. Good night? I dont know what suggesting I'm, I'm I'm suggesting thinking about bringing into the conversation other things like the fate of social security or public schools. Look at the Red State teachers mobilization. There are people who are angry. They understand our societies coming apart. They have a vision of what to do with it. So on the particular question that you raised demos, the
Organization, great organisation, but they ve done actual focus groups on this issue and they have pole tested these things that that circulate. Among liberals, saying they pulled hasn't two messages. One is just a pure economic vestige to white voters that enormous all the trump is doing, and nor is this toxic environment. The second one says to people directly. These people are trying to turn us against one another, trying to leverage hostility against African Americans and against immigrants and against people who are lesbian and gay or queer in order to get their agenda an annual approach, people honestly and you give them that message that that is wrong. It's over there. Why oral and at no telling how do I type of british citizens, because, because this whole conversation after two thousand and sixteen was about how do we make white people feel less anxious a three more comfortable? Isn't it a village
curious thing to tell the rest and, above all, lived out last billing, afraid uncomfortable anxious that we can make in a week when we found out a lot of people on the right believe in Q and on that they believe this. This is giant cabal of child molesters running the world. You know that when the people say don't, It doesn't help decide their stupid. But you think Tom Hanks, petrified I again I'd just like we use, I dont know how to meet in the middle there. I don't know where to I hadn't, you can go back and you can go back through history right all the way to the beginning, when five percent of these countries always been whack jobs.
Always. I may go back to the pension for conspiracy, UK, the no nothing move made that throws the moral that the Catholic Pope donated for the Washington monument into the Potomac River. It has always been there. The point is or more of us than there are of them and in an election that is secure, ray you. You hoped it manifests itself, but you know, but fear is a contagion in a democracy tromp, uses and he's exhausting the opposition when you're in a fight, you can win two ways you can bring you potent to submission Thank Germany and Japan after World WAR two or you can break their will to fight think of the United States in Vietnam and the degree to which tromp in his lies and the constancy of the craziness. It breaks people's wills, it check them out. They become exhausted by it and
that there is some evidence in the polling to see that's happening is so ninety five days from an election, which I would Org
Who is the most important, mid term election in the history of the United States of America? There everybody out there has a job to do in its to vote and make sure your friends vote, because there must be a check on this Wallace Administration or word down the road ten miles into trumpets, stand looking at the United States of America. Rearview mirror right when I neural the guards who got this Texas. Women trying to smuggle math into prison have to tell me what Tippy off and she has to tell me why. Adam twenty eight million Texans you're the only one not wearing and trucker hat I was too rough. I agree
world. Police must admit that stealing a shark from an aquarium by wrapping it in a blanket placing it. Stroller disguising it as a baby was abroad. In plan biggest. Nobody ever says anything when they see a really ugly baby, we're old fat guys back guys have to settle on a strategy for suits Alex Jones, says: go for sizes to small, so you look like an.
We get a lot of summer growth spurt, but Trump says now, wear them six eyes is too big like its head in the circus. Is your ass wait? A second is jack. It's too small yours is too big. Did you guys hook up neural these scottish ice cream? Parlor that sells mayonnaise flavoured ice cream has to apply guys to the rest of Scotland. You invented a food that shitty even for Scotland, that's like making a porno. That's too twisted read your pan using them for
neural. Someone must tell the pride of lions. That's docked in aid. Three rhinoceros poachers in the south african game reserve. Hey next time, save some room for dessert and finally neural the Party have Reagan, has to explain how it has become the party of pollutants while real time is on our break last month, the infamous p tape, was finally found its high definition, video of a press conference in Helsinki and and its irrefutable evidence of a russian. Oh and his name is Donald Trump and, unlike most how's, he always stands terrified when he's with his pimp.
President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today and what he did is incredible offer he'd. You said it's not Russia. I will say this. I don't see any reason why it would be this like after nine eleven, if Bush stood on the rubble at the World Trade Center and shouted unsuitable, horn, Ben Lawton as innocent, and they asked me, I will hear from all of us soon Yes, the president of the United States is a traitor but being tromp a man who's never been faithful to anything but himself. That is not such a surprise, but how did Russia flip an entire political party and the one that was supposedly soft on Russia. Eighty seven percent of Republicans say Trump should invite dictator who keeps attacking us to the White House to stay probably and millennia.
You can have my room. Of course. Part of this is due to the Republican Party, now being a straight up called trump conclusion that when he said, would he meant to say, wouldn't and because every day is opposite day now the rest of the party says makes perfect on sense. To me, would is wouldn't and being friends with russian thugs is repeat after me: good, not bad. That's a good thing, not a bad thing, not a bad thing. That's a good thing, not a bad thing. It's a good thing, not a bad thing. That's it the thing about them, good, not bad
God. Not so that's part of the answer, but for such a fundamental shift for an entire party that has to be something more going on here and I think there is, I think, the dirty little secret about Republicans and their newfound love for baseball apple pie and mother. Russia is that it's about race. Last year last year in culture tweeted in twenty years, Russia will be the only country that is right, ignobly european, as far back as one thirteen met, drenched called Putin. The leader of the free world, David Duke described Russia as the key
two white survival. Today's Republicans, what's left of them, do not like the melting pot and Russia. No. Now Russia is one of the last places on earth to say. Fuck diversity were here, we're white get used to it. I remember going to London in the eighties, and everybody was white, the closest thing to an afro with these guys From now on and looks like New York and the mayor, brown and the princesses even have black. In the recent World CUP, the french national team didn't look like the old friends. Look like the new France, Germany, but in a million Syrians the fatherland now the brother land, you now
the syrian refugees Russia has taken in to Martin Jeanne, has more refugees. It was pool how this is what the russian Army looks like the ballet. Their basketball team looks like the team place against the Globe Dorado, they haven't drink called a white. Russian That's actually the widest drink. There is, let's say I wanna get drunk, but I also want a glass of milk. Russia is a hunky oasis and Republicans lament russian kids don't learn the words to dust perceived out, and a Barack Obama does not become the president of Russia. Wing nuts used to accuse Obama,
A foreign agents who took over America, but when a foreign power actually did take over America and it was the proudly white one, their response was come right in to the members of the group. Old party, russian meddling in our elections isn't a breach of national security. It's just white people, helping white paper. What Republicans call all right. That's are Charles and he don't answer you out there with no heavy August 12th at the Fox in St Louis, on the 25th at the Kansas City, Music Hall August 26th. I want to thank Keith, Sweat, Kristen, Soltis, Edison Charles Blow, dancer Mcclain and nothing, then what is overtime on Youtube for more information log on to HBO dot com,
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