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Ep. #469: Preet Bharara, Adam Conover

2018-08-18 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Preet Bharara, Adam Conover, Jennifer Granholm, Charlie Sykes, Jonathan Swan. (Originally aired 08/17/18)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late night real time,
we get a big guy, get the fuck up on these come to oblige you're keeping your chin up in the breast crowd. How well not such a good week for the present and the other hand, many lost is one black for it. Yes, if you spend your life, is an american refusing to know who I am erosive. Is
well now, you're fucked out a lot, because she's got a book possess it's about time and the White House where she was every two months. I believe our official title was assistant secretary for throwing shade voyage. He has a lot to say about Donald, rub: Verity ISA, Gees it she said boy is races. Daddy's sufferers of dementia, ISA, Jeez crazed and crying at a low life than a dog and pollutants I can't believe I have to collude with these people. Forget it, I'm a rosy did defend Trump, a million times wide for him ever the election. She said, oh Its detractors after bow down before Donald Trump, I don't
air she's, our asshole now take anything I didn't jagged gladly, but that this is where we are. This is where we are with the reality. Show people are now the reality. And I wonder why you can't turn away like watching earthworms made her a hobo jack off. I don't want to look at it and we have to hear, and America has tapes you hear the one did you there on where she's playing were you talking to Trump after she got fired and telling him about a play. That tape.
General telling came to me and said that you guys want me to leave. I got nobody ever told me about it, a big operation, but I didn't know it now that, aside from everything else, what a pussy pieces shit- I don't know they run a big operation here. Boy never find this, president of the United States, guy, don't worry and so vain. She says in the book that he immediately put end when it could be a present obtaining bed that uses every day big mix
One morning our Rudy Giuliani was getting into his coffin was getting out of a damning bad and luckily Maloney had just come out of our century deprivation. Tanks. Oh yeah, that's Maloney aid in the book. I'm roses millennia plans to divorce soon, as soon as the term is over and she said, she's taking the kid and Trump said we Joseph says he drinks, eight diet coke a day which cause dementia, which I think is probably true, but diet. Coke amount
work and he does have the body of a greek God. I'm sorry he is the body of a greek diner, my favorite, she says about mirages, that's what's in a black George and she got up to do so by Eddie grabs requirements. Is you can't leave me here with these people? You know Christian, oh yeah, since they get such a deaf touch with race. This president does a wreath of wrangling passed away, I'm sure you heard and Coarseness guy says be she works for me. She worked with a complete why this cannot say rest in peace without lie. From said, he was going to tweet his favorite a wreath of song respect, but he couldn't remember how to spell it out will have actually important things going on to russian supersonic. Nuclear bombers did a fly by right over Alaska Course Republic,
hence demanded an investigation into the radar that detected them. How they were they were so close. Sarah Palin set, you can see them from her method. I may I just have to bring up this story. Gang is its news, member the Baker in Colorado, who would used to make a wedding cake for the gay couple when all the weather Supreme Court, we know he's back in court because he wouldn't a cake for a couple celebrating or somebody celebrating Trent gender transition? I got a couple of questions. One
there's only one bakery and also I see a big business opportunity moved to grant Junction Colorado and openness. Thorkel bang, who are we want cakes sites are taking a guide ruins everything Adam can over, but firstly is the former district attorney for the southern district of New York. Behold the CAFE Pod stay tuned with pre print Moreira rates of such a silly monologue, such Asturias person. I enjoyed them online. Very much. I can't say those things no use here or you couldn't you cannot now I can now you can you free from you, had a big job, you're, the? U S attorney for me,
I would say the: U S attorneys like this. The senators of the justice system is about a hundred right, yeah, sorted out more, like the governors. Ok, but it is not because of our domain masters of and in a New York tell us why New York is more important, probably than any other most. So, therefore, districts in New York, southern eastern Northern. What you were following the direction is- I was used during the cell industry of New York, whilst maintains Wall Street. It contains lots of businesses. It has gangs, like other districts, have also is probably the greatest target in the country for terrorism. That's where nine eleven happened in part, so we're always focusing on on those kinds of issues and also it has probably the most media presence of any place in the countryside, anything that happens- in Manhattan and surrounding no suburbs suburbs gets a lot of attention. Call me had your job
Giuliani. Had your gently, I didn't much. What do you make of Rudy, Giuliani and by wider extent, the whole Republican Party right now? I don't know what your politics are: Europe, Europe, serious public servant that secondary to what you do, but you must have seen a different role. Working party until two years ago, as we all those are separate questions. What is haven't would would equally on it and the Republican Party. I guess they they sort of overlap a little bit like Giuliani was there using a they're, both enablers for a traitor. what's the difference, Giuliani is supposed to be a professional lawyer and for six and a half years I did it for seven and one slash two: either six and one slash two years it was attorney in Manhattan for the southern district of New York, I'm had a great reputation: some people, forty one far in some cases, but he was a trial lawyer by training and understood what integrity I think in in speaking about cases,
in court and outside a court meant generally, but some of the things he's just viewing him as a former colleague, and he was very nice to me when I took the job I had dinner with him. To get some advice from him In recent times, I think he's taken on an aura of someone who doesn't remember the truth is doesn't member what he said about issuance of subpoenas. When he hears earlier, who doesn't remember that the people who used to work including folks in the FBI, who help save New York and figure and and people in law enforcement, will save New York and find the bad guys. He now calls them storm troopers because he's trying to protect it, circular president, not in the way that he was trained to do and not in a way that each ain't generations of federal prosecutors. To do so, I gotta its fairly disconcerting. So I saw you, I said trader, you look
like you were uncomfortable with the word. I tell me why we're not saying that word more because we are being attacked by Russia even presently. You would agree with that right. That's my understand. Ok! Well, if the president is taken the side of the people attacking, and he certainly do that when he goes after the people who are defending us from those russian people, he belittles that may criticise them. He trot he threatened to arrest people like Jim COM, whether one side or the other. Why I'm not just ranging from a word about me, I've been I've been of provoking critical to president in various forms. I think he's leading a corrupt government. I think he's doing a lot of things above corrupting people corrupting detentions corrupting processes corrupting the aggravating the greatest said that about George Bush. Well, no, I couldn't said he was a corrupting by night and over there. That I wanted to say was that he would writer an order of magnitude difference. I think the yet look forward towards treason and trader.
Particular legal meaning, and so maybe I'm an overly careful recently former prosecutes important, wants to be overly careful at this moment, maybe not, and if people want to call folks traders, I guess that's fine, the worry I have sometimes just as a private citizen. Now not speaking as a lawyer is you you can subject yourself to criticism. If you are sort of overstating, I'm not seeing necessarily are, but if you're overstating what other people have done and it allows folks- dismissed a little bit more out of hand when you eat when people yell treachery and treason they don't, then I'll worry about that and their winning. I mean he's purging. The ranks of the FBI he's when, through the one by one it's like us, I keep saying slow moving coup. Some people said this week. It was like the Saturday night massacre, but slowly,
is slowly going through the ranks I mean he got rid of. I think I saw seven of the eight people the gym call me had in his office to corroborate as corroborating witnesses. What call me was telling them about his meetings with Donald Trump. What would your office look like if seven and we re top guys were gone? It was to be pretty good actually really because you know what so that's a deep, deep state. You got by deep data, if you mean professionals who are consummate professionals, my heroes, hundreds and continuity- mean to understand what the constitutional right you don't care about party who don't care about politics right as do which right and an honour the law and under the constitution, that than God bless the deep state, but he's purge ok. So so you could lose your top eight people, how many good you lose. It would not be great tat, they people now. I don't good to have the top managers, but what people's need to understand is that
by the way. I think that the new FBI director is an honourable and good. Personally, we accidentally got a great person to be there the f. I think he could do better to defend the institution better. I think you could speak up about. The kind things Trump is doing more, but I think you have happening here both with broad rosenstein and and with Chris RE, whose director, the FBI and some other folks and solely love it, but they're they're, sort of walking a line between try and defend their institution and do what is right it also placating a guy who freaks out and get angry and upset and could fire? You want a whim so somewhat. Some people may call, and I get it. Some people might well that weakness and say you got to stand up to paralyse, might say I get that, but for me being here yes, I am, then things will be a lot worse. I think there are lines- and I think you know when we had Admiral Magritte this week who doesn't serbian government who comes out and as there was a quiet guy who wrote a book about how you should make your bed right and how little things are important,
he comes out and supports and solidarity, someone like John Brennan, who, out of peak and and whim and anger and retribution by the president, taking away his security clearance that that's kind of thing, that matters, and maybe we need to see more of that from not only people who were government. Now in serving the executive branch, but also members of Congress. We hear a lot about. This is surprising, doesn't care about norms? If you don't write it down, he will go ahead and say I can pardon myself or I can No, he has ways of being petty. Nobody been thought of, leaving right, nobody thought of withdrawn people, security costs. It is now living rounders did not appreciate that there is going to be at some point. They word about a lot of things and they worry about self interest and they worried about Your cell dealing in under a king, yes, is ones too
arrest, a morose and why I dont know we'll figure that out living because she spoke out against evaluation and better, let us, but again, this is not so Then we can just say below, but wait all the facts to go about it. I just think everyone's two com. About this situation. I just don't get it there's your saying. When we gotta go for the king, you gotta, you gotta, kill the king grown. So it's fine to me not matter. What I think is that a matter for Greek is really is secret service. Please to please don't come yes, because they will do that. Cause they're crazy! Well, I sort of secret service man all crazy, but not down. He may, if, if but the red is fine, and I think it's there's an important role. I'm a private citizen now- and I talk about these things. You talk about these think, there's important role for for anyone in the palace.
Speaker who has a microphone to talk about these things, but the people who are going to make you know a difference other than that the ballot box, which is probably the most important things, or not to downplay that the mother investigation. Nobody can stand up and say treason in an interview. He's got to collect the facts. You didn't an interview. Yes, that's right! That's up to the Democrats. Really Julie awnings on tv every day they get their story out, but we don't our story area. Does anyone listen to revision? Doing I says, unfortunately, they do yeah yeah over tv, and just because you're on tv does mean you're believed his because you're on tv, as many have credibility just because you're on tv doesn't mean you doing a service to your client, but he muddy the waters. Would you disagree with that? That's what they're gonna! That's! Why they're good we gotta get good? It's what I'm I'm I'm not sure. I am not sure that I know you're not saying that if they muddy the waters, when I go muddy, we go muddier now, but I don't think right open, but we are bring.
not even a knife to a gunfight we're bringing to cover dish
It's just anyway, I'm glad you're around and I hope you get back in the game thanks very much all right. Thank you raised a host of the broadcasting daily standard. Jarley Sykes is whether a big level, slaves of its good is a politics or border for actually goes our sea. This guy db. All the time now we gotta beyond unhinge was gonna, see Berkeley professor, who was the democratic governor of Michigan. A great tribute for your party, Jennifer Grand Home other times, is an end to them after the show on Youtube. Ok, so I just can ask the question again: why can't we use that word treason
We are under attack. I mean three Democrats this week the opponents of raw Barker Bill Nelson in Florida, Clare, Mechanical all said. The Russians tried to get into their shit they said, worship were purging the FBI. Pulling security clearance is of four, merci, I ate directors and the people who kept a safe since nine eleven and for the last thirty years I dont get it if you're fighting the people who are fighting us. But what do you call it? I think it's I really do, but I also think I understand why Democrats were running right now in swing. States don't use that language, but I think that we have the remedy, as Preet just suggested at the ballot box in November. We saw this week that the number of to the turnout among Democrats
was much greater than it was among Republicans. There is a wave, I think it's a blue wave, but we gotta work the wave her levelling were, I know, but we gotta work it. That's what I'm saying and and this issue about this slow moving coup that you describe is one issue, not the only issue, but it is a huge, is kind of the only issue not well I mean it is the only issue, and I are declared three, but let me just say, people in in the middle Ass, it ceremony get an issue. This is the problem with jumbo gradually jamais may issue they Army can, but people are saying that what's more important to me is the fact that the Trump Administration today is messing again with Medicaid and it's gonna throw hundreds of thousands of people off in their second effort at that affects them deeply, and Trump has been very successful in suggesting that this is a hoax. Let's go for both, but let me just tell you not for not to forget the meat and potato bread and butter issues too?.
Democrats all the times that we have to know before Joe? What we're for about democracy is a danger in dialing up the the rhetoric to eleven before we get all the evidence in because when bomb or comes in with all the stories, though, we want to have a word to say. Ok, this is something that we have learned, but I mean I don't know this was it, you say: okay, this is something new that we have learned, but I mean I don't know that this was a turning point this week, but when you saw those patriots and warriors in all of the intelligence community stepped forward and basically call out the president now this is one of those extraordinary moment of each and every one of them could kick. President bones words ass every one of them. an end were and war ended? It is way too it's one thing for you know it. The president did John Mccain, but but now no Trump world now has to try to discredit. You know people who are you know, heroes who have served this country for decades. Now
before we use the word trees and we may get to that word treason. That's just wait for the evidence, because there's going to become a moment no don't don't don't bring through a too fast, ok ice. I watched document this, we called active measures if seen its coming next week. I think we have the director and soon and there's also a book out called house of Tromp House of food and covers the same territory. I'm sorry but its super obvious already. He is a right. I ask that this has been going on since the eighties. They were targeting for this and Bob Mullahs report just going to be what this movie and this book is yes by hopes with even more era. Is it's going to be foolproof? I'm not saying it's going to get him out of office, but it's pretty clear to me that he couldn't get money anywhere else, because, among other fine qualities he's dead beat
He was in what the Russian law- so you know, all this stuff and and cut to the hookers being in the bed is a very is a very good chance that this more report is going to disappoint you. I disagree. I well. I know that what Who expect is this clear line between Trump in the Kremlin and that there were quid pro quo rose money for this favours delivered. You know, signed, sealed and delivered. I think there's a good chance. You won't get that that it won't be such a clean document,
have it, but it's five hours we're we're kindly laundering operations for all these russian oligarch. So there is no question that most of the big money that was coming. You know that these people buying their canoes were Russians. But what you're? What the missing piece of the puzzle is? What did he promised say? What commitments did he make privately and you know about you, but I want to know the answer to those questions. I want to know what he said and so far we have amazing that dont Junior took in Trump Tower set up by some sleazy music entrepreneurial. Also have everybody around two men of four right flynn of these? These people were all cute,
The Rex tailors, and why do you usually republican than the latter flair, for? Why did they, but these innovative around and where people with Master Russia connections who were into Russia on a genuinely, but it I would disagree. I'm just saying I didn't we disagree on sale is not really a lot of smoke there and what I'm saying is the final report may not deliver you to kill shot that you want, and to be a political process and at the end, and don't underestimate the the president's possible success in obstructing this investigation into the one story that is playing out in plain view, is without speculating. Is the president trying to obstruct this investigation? Of course he is he's been doing it all along and what he is doing right now is creating an enemies list and one of the interesting things
but this enemies lists is how many witnesses corroborating out this is too this criminal investigation of going on right now, so yeah maybe mid something you make it to the get get to the word treason, but right now. What you are saying is this fundamental attack on liberal constitutional democracy is a means of law and the resulting in plain sight. You very much MR restructuring in plain sight, then why is there no republican with a backbone in Congress planes take a few minutes. I, that is all I do every day to Republicans on the hill. They are shit scared. They are shit scared because they see the pollination be out of office, so good about themselves and, above all through you is a trump. Is the most recent just deal in reality? He is the most popular piazzas among republican voters in the last living memory
More than Bush after nine eleven now so like we're talking like
Sixty five million by hydro before, in my mind you, but you know there is a moment where you stand up even Whitley. Thank you, Charlie, are not. Usually you we're not optional. Potted plant historic moment in history is little look back on this and when people say well, we know what did you do when the constitution was being undermined when this investigation was being obstructive, when the president I'd say was engaged in their dealings while I was looking at, the polls is not going to be a tremendously oiling the rank and file Republicans out there. This is your guy, a guy who was willing to decimate America's security. That vary greatly because there were unto him that's. Why he's doing it? They are on the right, so he so he's going to throw them under the bus. The people who keep us Jonathan, Evans Hungary this morning in axioms. That said that, basically, what trump may be doing is pulling that security clearance of the entire Mahler team right actively completely disabling them from doing their investigation so Mark Warner. Senator Warner is gonna, be introducing some legislation on Monday saying that the president should not be allowed to Willy nilly pull away security clearances and, let's just see how many republic ones nausea more exactly the same one thats not creating an enemy for less, where you are trying to silence them and then Republicans being quiet and accomplices to this slow coup. I don't know what and by the way, a few days before the orchard referred brontes, referring representative Markham, recall of tractors. Republicans,
about Hungary's emails. A very said now we find out very likely that foreign adversaries from other nations got into a private server ally. Of course, this is in my in, quite frankly, its treason show. A mail server was treason, they're, not afraid to do it. When it's bullshit, we shouldn't be afraid to do it when it's real. I want to show the and report on tat men requirements step in political ship, the other day when he said we're not going to make Amerika great again. It was a show the typees does it better than I could we not go Amerika great again,. It was never that great. Yeah, that's out of Democrats, general patriots, here's how Republicans.
You see stop overestimation of legitimacy of the american public, just hump the flag and the memo Cinnamon Amy alone. That one would then not that hard right now that he blew it. Didn't you blew it needs with by nobody men's total anyone. You go into the details, it's right, but this is any other knowledge I lay in just be prayer. He locked it back. No, that's the point is a delicate matter: milk. They will amplify it, no matter where they live out, covering the democratic convention in Philadelphia and twenty sixteen, our member going there Valise stand selling merchandise and had these tee shirts, we had Tilbury Clinton and it said America is already great. I thought your hosting to vote for that right.
So why am I mean corner a statement in this? Is weapons grade political stupidity, You're doing it is like walking right, an ego into the White House in saying no lit. Let me live up to every stereotypes that that you want a Democrat to do and the one things republican, two very good at as weapon eyes in these quote. Yes, I mean remember when John Kerry said I was, but you know four against this- that this will have a shelf life. Just said just said, member, you didn't build Lily S going about a highway, ok, but of the millions of words that you speak as an up as a pariah official. I know I mean this is up so many times that, like those, never I'm sure, screwed up and saying anything, publicly piloting right. It is a man of honour here about screwing up I'm trying to get at the truth, which is not what the piles missions are doing. I mean I don't about
but I do know that we screw up alive, but that those screw ups end up being how you are defined right is a bigger schools would be to rally around and defend that and say. Will you write about all of this? Is that is exactly the debate, the Donald Trump? Why have buddy did back in Vienna in apologize, and it's not what I meant not that we are not divided enough, but we feel that this week the Raven divided at the movies, because the Oscars or coming out with a new category, called out standing achievement in popular film, because, apparently
the films that, when the Oscars the ART House films like the fish bucker movie, this never remember that I was a fish Goldwater. It's that what is at issue of what shape of water? Ok anyway, no one knows to see that they go to the big blaster blockbuster, but with no one's watching the Oscars anymore. So the Oscars are basically say: ok, here's an award for the crap, you, babies, actually watch and so they, but you know what they are going to try to put a fig leaf on the popular movies and combine them. I think that's what because I still want to have an Oscar kind of movie, so we got all the sum of the posters and stopped coming out trying to have it
both ways. I look at his earnest goes to Brokeback mountain anybody is no country for aunt man. That's free billboards outside big Mama's. How Shakespeare in love that.
Harold and Koumongoe to the Dallas Buck. Medea Medea kills Mockingbird guessers coming to dinner hint its Thor teenage beaten, injured, Gandhi is the gods must be crazy. Rich Asians is activated and start of treaties everything about em cause. I had to have you odd, because now we ve never met right. Never right is the first time ever sneaking around that's what I'm doing this magic trick right. We ve never met there. We say that the big, but I want it because I think the conceit of your show is really so smart ruins everything you when you say ruins. I relate to that because sometimes I ruined things
my job, I tried to ruin Mars ones, because I thought going to Mars was stupid. I also think it's kind of stupid, it's very stupid. Is this a little besides created an abstract sense, but it's not like. First on my list of things, I want to do. There's no air, I'm out
Are you this portfolio is no air? I know em a severe and its three hundred degrees below zero yeah yeah I'll stay here on earth, but but you had an emperor I get. That would be when you ruin things by telling the truth is very hard to do both to tell the truth not be considered a meaning. Well, that's what our show does you know on our show. I dispel common misconceptions. I urge both the army wound about you, everything they thought they knew, but you know my character on the show is sort of like a kind of an asshole who everybody else hates, and that makes it worse, economically sectarian DORA s idea of an idea. You are such a good actor, but so so, let's go through some of the thirty six I could. Some of them are things that I also embedded Rowan like labeling fish. I saw you do what it was like. I was led off label evil. People are not aware that fish fraud is a rampant problem is true when you go out to arrest, especially sushi restaurants like, for instance, white tuna. When you see that on this issue menu, it is almost never white tunic as White tunas, a relatively rare fish and held them all yeah, yeah and and also there's like very poor standards, almost no one's auditing, these fish- you know, which is again not just on my list of things. I want to correct about America, but is something I want to know about my joy, busting waiters. When they re enter the Chilean CBS it gives. No, you don't tell our pockets. Whatever you value down there and dragged its fresh fresh was caught in Alaska. You made it swam, you are you. Are you crazy? You know their efforts in there was no such thing as Troy CBS. They made it up. You
I believe that was a very good name and I want to set up a worse name. There's a name calling the slime had they re Orange Roughy is now a good to say to lobby, to lobby, to rob Peter to lobby rights, Lop, ear, red Tularosa, early with trees and MRS what's important topic we have coming out on this year is about how are the causes, which are a hot new food in restaurants? Or does it not? You know, they're not tackled human level there? On top of that rule, on terms, I think people are realise about about other cattle is that when you buy them, you're actually, indirectly to directly supporting mexican drug cartels, because the reason that we have so many other causes is because of the way trade restrictions were loosen, but, as a result,
of that cartels got into a kind of business, and now, when you buy a mexican avocado, some of the money is going to directly to these brutal groups, and since you can't get California boycott is year round leg. If you want a boycott of toast, you're fucked, there's nothing like it's like blood diamonds, it more or less is here and we end it. It just goes to show how we were much more complicated relationship with those groups than we think we are supporting them and all sorts of which you are you're brunch this week you I can say that they pay like it eventually. You know they may at the moment, but it's like a great teacher with all. We gave me a lot of homework and then, a year later, he taught me how to right. Here's the ears, a thing I'll say about the show is that the superficial pledge of it is that I ruined things that I bother people, but ultimately our show makes me very optimistic, because the reason our show has had what success its head is because the audience really likes to learn what exactly they really do and they and it's when you hear that information rights momentarily around feeble, adequate but then, after it actually gotten it and its change your worldview you're like a well now I feel more empowered. You wanna, go tell you what I have learned thing. I like it when I can actually learn some frank and what I learned from your show that I never knew it a sort of obliged them to make everything about Donald Trump. But I never knew this before I learned from you. There is no such thing as the alpha man, yet there was believed in the concept of the information. Is one hoping to be one wonder I mean: is this what most pernicious pseudoscientific ideas? That's out their whole? You know, especially, like you know, internet, like sort of these crazy men's rights. People have like made whole bodies of like, for I thought, based on well there's two types amend, there's alpha's in their speeches and like Alpha's, get all the women and enable the success and bade is. Are you know me, but there's no scientific basis for this concept. The idea originated from wolves from the alpha wolf, but the original Wolf researcher who coined the term later realized he was wrong and he had just been observing parents and children and the parents predominant that there weren't. Actually there wasn't an alphabet, a hierarchy and he tried to get his own book taken off the shelves because he was like this idea is worse shit, I'm sorry for saying it, but it had taken a stupid research. Scientists make mistakes right until the child from the adult world future. I think I could do that. I forgot to tell which is naturally Para. So one of the things I ve spent a lifetime ruining is religion, of course, sure, and that's it. I have to get up and see what I mean. Everything comes around a lot more people who believe that now and of course, this week we had some very bad news for the Catholic Church or you can work.
Sorry, Charlie, a Catholic, pretty bad one will not work then make but its veto over three hundred reprieves Deborah thousand victims. This goes back quite a ways, but I meant to say what I have said many times about this subject. If there was anything other than the catholic Church, if you heard this about Jiffy Lube, if you read in the paper, a jiffy lobe over three hundred technicians were found guilty of molesting over a thousand children with people still go to Jiffy lube. It's amazing how they get away with its like. Well, let's go to church and threaten this. There is. There is one way. It is a sure fire way of stopping this ridiculous cover up, and this tendency towards and
It will get or women and lead priests, Mary, that's actually another way. We could stop make the priests, where body camps Well, I mean you know just like with the believes it would be. Railway would think twice before that something should use. The problem, though, is that it's not, as the people seem to think that priests for some reason the occupation causes them to become predators, but what I, red is that what predators will do as the work their way into any social position of privilege where they are allowed to work with children and be sort of morally unquestioned and so like foot? The offered by coaches are another example that then, has the same social characteristics. Football coach has can get married right. It has happened,
their religion, their relatives and the problem is the institution. If you create a situation in which people have access to children. Unfettered. This, where you have a responsibility to make sure that you are not allowing vermin like that in your institution, does have sicker there's a few parts of the story. Tat, I think we're getting missed in something of which one is that we talk about the number of three hundred that doesn't that's not even in the universe of water, wheel numbers. I mean that the documented number when they hated. I mean we don't know the scale of what we're talking about, and the other thing that really struck me is just the resource required to actually get to the truth. I mean in short, stonewalled them at every step and it requires the
Austin Globe, food invective team previously and now we have an attorney genuine the apparatus of the state. The church is not making this easy rights, do not modernization any they apologize and they say how terrible it is, but they never say before their caught. The global thing over there after though cool well then I don't like that is to say that a cover under underlined that if you are actually a catholic we'll this is much more horrific. Then if you're, not the yeoman trust me, I feel more. We know passionately about this. The new do because this is the church, the claimed to be the body of Christ and it yes, the south celibacy has has failed. Not having limited in the church has go. But I'm saying that because this is reformation style scandal. This is not something that can be dealt with by a commission by an investigation. This is a church that needs a anathema
and this is a lot of people in that Georgia. What a joy is exactly that is not the best solution for it. I want to talk about it. I want to talk about everything. That's your America is not that right now affairs we ask communicated so I went to promote free speech remitted because Alex Jones, who is not my friend the platforms, I think he's gonna, is thrown off twitter. I think, and Facebook and a few of the platforms I think he's going well, if you're a liberal you're supposed to be for free speech, that's recently even the face each you hate, that's what free speech means we're losing the thread of the concepts that are important to them,
country. If you care about the real american shit or you don't, and if you do, which goes from every side I dont like Alex Jones but Alex Jones gets to speak, everybody gets to speak sure, but he does not only get to sleep on Facebook, twitter I get there. I ever guy goes out, and this is not opinion if he is engaged in vile slandered and fabrication about that, but children were murdered at sandy hook, and here ass is the pair.
Of children who were murdered at Sandy. That's right, you know Facebook, twitter, none of them have an obligation to provide him. A platform has been was alive. I understand any. Even more importantly, you know this is not the internet nudging, any six report up a website and you know he's using like the public pipes like these companies. Facebook Youtube Twitter. These are the majority of Time American spent on the internet ray we're talkin these of for the earth. It is eighty c c, BS, NBC right and they are making money off of their running adds against himself is so you know, I agree with you about free speech and that of concern to me as well. I also don't think those companies should be profiting off of what he said, and so we are all agreed on that that private enterprise does not have any obligation right. You make a t shirt. This is your mother, sucks Cox and how they don't have to sell it baby gap. You know what that's what I'm saying when in much the same thing we're talking about its yes, I asked any hundred, obviously as a concept, we have to understand that the way to get rid of April things is to that sunlight best, disinfected and a good example is wait. A second the right rally right, too
the Nazis, the member last year and Charles will. They had their rally again, as twenty people showed up. Ok, not because we outlawed, but because we let it happen the first time and these mental me its found out. Oh it's not so great! When you do this in public, because then you go back to the office and people not like you, so you have achieved ban and asking abandons on television tonight. And what do I mean they all right- isn't disappeared and why don't you tube algorithm was doing was fondling people to Alex Jones like you'd Youtube algorithm is the crossing guards Amory there's a rally, you know, that's all go to the rally, unlike bringing people, to unite the problem areas, so companies are having eaten. They don't know where to draw the line. They know
HU. There are lines and they're scared of their own shadow. They can see them like the tick. The Tec exacts come to Washington DC with tells between their legs, desperately trying to have these off the records. We thus report is: what can we do more feeling and their squeeze from all? I scared of the conservatives, because our services have these things, all that banning shadow banning us and this scared of the left, because the left saying you know, clamp down on anyone who says anything offensive and that this gate at their own shadow they there in a crouching they dont know what to except for that, they do need to act to at least up hold their own terms of service, which is what there they keep changing gratefully. Let's move it out they got here is the concern I have to your point bill about more speech, which is your point right, mom these platforms in two thousand sixteen forty four percent of people who identified as left of centre did not post anything about politics on their social media.
feed forty four percent. On the republican side on the service side, it was only eight percent. Why didn't they post because they didn't want to be told, harassed or abused these platforms? Yes, there was a public school. There's, but they have an obligation to make sure that people are not harassed when they use them, and that's why I think this is an important step. It's only a week suspension for PETE's sake, it's not like it is the end of the year or whether they live, and I'm out I mean the twitter thing. It's ridiculous is we're. Gonna have Alex Jones you off Twitter. For a week,
He thinks about what he's done. I mean what like he's some sort of you. No nine year old, who is you know him really sorry about bad, yet kids really are dead. I am Q. Just forget that our thanks for new rule money, I'll guy, the people at the White House who letter realities, show villain, bring a recording device into the White House situation. Room have to answer the question you do know that that Rome is not named after thus situation. Neural. Stop telling me that this or that video game has a great story really. Tom Raider were a novel. read like this. I find myself in a jungle. I look to the left. I looked to the right. I walk
a word I come to reveal that I think I can jump over it. I jump over it now, I'm on the other side. I look to the left. I look to the right. I walked forward, see not really a great story. Euro France needs to stop getting so worked up about their new open air uranos. Our countries had these four years, they're called phonebook role. If you take part in that letter, Jonah challenge the viral video grace or you get out of here, moving car and dance alongside it. I have to thank you for making an otherwise bleak summer, a little more fun. I'm kidding you're a fucking eighty neural. If Fox NEWS is going to run as they did a tribute to a wreath of Franklin featuring a photo of Patty Labelle, they did that BT must run this tribute to Barbara Bush and finally neural. Someone else explain how one side sees this man is the most prolific liar in history and the other side says I like em, because he's authentically President Pinocchio.
averages. Seven and a half lies a day, and yet his followers all say the same thing. A tells it like it is a Spinks. What's left of his mind, we have never seen anything like this. A man totally and secure yet supremely confident, not a politician, but also the most politician ever bald, but with a full.
Trust me Trump is not concerned that I'm, a rossa, has some recording that will blow his cover because he has no cover he's like the water supply and Flint Michigan, no filter and the damned thing about that is its actually kind of refreshing, because in an age dominated by the professionally offended, we secretly envied the man who was able to speak his mind trump saw exhausted from political correctness and said you want warm and fuzzy sticky diccon enough boot,
Where is the rest of us? Really live two lives? There's the real ass, the person in the kitchen or a bar who speaks like a human with trust and friends, and then there is what I call our avatar, our avatar looks and sounds like us, but it's not really us persona we adopt in any sort of public sphere, which now includes your followers on Twitter and Instagram, and thousands of friends on Facebook is no bad thing,
go viral, so everyone fears any misstep that could cause America's pearl clusters too point and scream at you like the end of invasion of the body, snatchers. Think of all the people of lost job offers, because there is a picture of them, got posted, holding a bar or having a dick drawn on their face when they were passed with, which I think should get you more job offers biggest being passed out, tells employers. When I do something I do it. A hundred and ten percent Americans today crave any kind of authenticity, because our avatars or just so full of shit a few weeks ago. The just Amber heard, forgot to turn her phone on avatar mode and tweeted. What was actually good advice for actual people just heard.
An ice checkpoint in Hollywood. Everyone better give there capers, nannies and landscape is a ride home tonight now so offensive We all know others. So many jewish gardeners out here Wonder if there was a hispanic man that night sitting in the back of a patty wagon thinking at least no one assumed, because I'm a gardener, I'm latino. That would be the real tragedy I rather ironic that we elected trump, because we were so sick of politicians who were inauthentic, who were all avatar is not why people hated Hilary, but then we the politicians,
The everyone social media persona now is like a candidate running for office holding babies doing photo blobs, making sure every statement is carefully send down so as not to upset anybody. Facebook should be called to Facebook, it's funny in movies, avatars or more interesting versions of ourselves flying around doing whatever they want, but your avatar and Facebook is better, stronger or faster than you are. It's just prettier, it's great superpower is. It remembers birthdays. Folks, if you want to know who someone really is, ignore their avatar and check out their web browser history,
There's a book out called everybody lies. That's about what we search for on Google and, according to the author quote, thirty percent of people exclusively watch stuff that you would find disgusting. Look at a list of popular porn categories. Caracoled cheerleader step mom double penetration rates by technical sex, something we're sounds like we're playing password for perverts things your husband wants, but you don't on Facebook. Women's top terms for describing husbands are the best. My best friend and amazing, but when women I've been, my husband, is on Google, the top three years,
our main annoying and gay. Daphne, I wonder if the more bland we make our public operators the more weird we want to be at home. Anyone who works there.
Hard to appear moral and public is usually a freak in private. It's a theory. I don't have much evidence is aboard, except for every Abed Jellicoe Past or ever thirty January we haven't. Ninety nine I want in any movement is not going to each be oh dont gum
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