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Ep. #470: John Brennan, Kara Swisher

2018-08-25 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are John Brennan, Kara Swisher, David Corn, Saru Jayaraman, Rick Wilson. (Originally aired 08/24/18)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making in real time
You can stop clapping. I have no money for you, but I know why you're up in the day, I met me the same reason because the courts, the courts of law where real she'd have
have farm. Finally confirmed with a lot of us have been thinking for a long time. I'm not crazy. The president is an actual treasonous crook heard of black Friday. This week we had Orange Tuesday rolling up to members of the from crime. Family men afford guilty. Cohen plead guilty, currently singing,
Alan Weissenburg, cheap financial office over the Trump organization singing we heard Don began. The White House Council is thinking even trumps old friend who buried all his shit in the national inquire, David Packer. Even Packer is not standing firm. I love this David beggary. Apparently there is so much dirt on Donald Trump, David Pegre kept a safe than a book involved at the national inquire all this should in it. That's how you talk to keep all this and some
They figured out the combination to safe. It's the first for numbers of trumps. Wait these convictions this week. This isn't even the main course which is Russia. This was just the stormy Daniels Appetizer. Look at the campaign manager guilty the personal attorney guilty. The deputy campaign manager guilty the national Security adviser cabinet meetings are now going to be held on visiting day as they all of drums. Lickspittle apologists on tv there, like oh now, just being friends, would Donald Trump makes you a criminal apparent.
That is the case. Why? Why do I want design? You might be a crook. Your lawyer is going to jail Michael Cohen Trump boy did. Does he turned on Michael Cohen, Trump tweeted If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I strongly suggest don't retain the services of the guy pick my lawyer for the last twelve years. Besides man afford and colon Flynn engage all these people going to jump. The two republic in Congress with the first two to endorse Trump Chris Collins Duncan Hunter there.
Into jail, somebody's going to jail? Who is going to be left to lock up Hilary now if they lock up any more white Republicans, the white NFL players are going to start taking a name so so now we are in the time. We're Trump has distort distracting. Speaking of white he's deeply concerned this week, suddenly about the plight of Africans, specifically the white ones. We see this. Are you pretty? I have asked Secretary of State Powell pay you to study the situation in South Africa will form seizures and law scale killing. This is this bullshit idea that the fund,
that: the blacks and Africa killing the white farmers, conspiracy, theory, propagated by white supremacy, and when I say white supremacist I mean Fox NEWS. This is something something he saw on: Tucker Carlsson and by the way I always go by the rule. If you want to know, what's going on Africa, ask a guy named I swear to God, trapeze, like a drug dog, for white victory musician. I can smell it out anywhere if Trump travelled to the deepest reaches of space. He would say why are white holes.
So so that's distraction number one distraction number two is always you know the hostage situation. He said in an interview today. If they tried to impeach on the stock market would crash and everybody would be poor. Yes, just what every stew, boyfriend says if you break up with me, you gotta regret it you're, probably Right Donald, were making a huge mistake, we're going to regret it for the rest of our life, harder, Mogi, crying and bulgy delete contact info distraction right when all else fails to go to the bottom bitch of excuses. Go to town on Jeff sessions right. Every unfair thing that ever happened to Donald Trump is because Jeff sessions would not refuse himself but Jeff session.
Fired back finally ass. He said I am attorney general. Just justice will not be improbably influenced by political considerations. Finally, finally, answering the old age question: do elves have ball thinking with Greek Alexander at large Paris, where you're, but first he isn't. This thing, we're Scollard Fordham at the University of taxes and was President Obama. Cia director, who you may have heard recently lost his security clearance, a true american Patriot, John Brennan yours. They say it's an honor to have somebody on my show, but it is an honour to meet you and have you here, and I know I know people to know. We had this booking a long time ago. This isn't just
Those are the events of recent weeks. You are scheduled to come here and I thank you for honouring it, and Some people on the right of accuse you of wanting to monetize. That's their argument against you. You're not here, monetize anything? Are you know? I am not. I didn't ask to keep my security fences. Former directors. Don't do that we keep those clearances because sometimes was in government should want to be able to avail themselves of our experiences or expertise. So are knowledge. About certain issues, so peoples Commission's sometimes a servant private sector boards whatever, but it's the first time in there It appears that I haven't had a security clearance and the basis of the revocation is, is bogus, Mr Trump and his than his here, even to the process that they reaffirmed last Year and the privatisation of security clearances in the granting of relocation is a real threat to our security, which is why so
People came out and opposed his action, and so I certainly how many people came out for you. Admiral, the Raven said he said. Please revoke my security clearance, it would be an honor considering what you did to Brenda So everybody with the brain is on your side. It's interesting, gyrating vanka still have clearances you, one of the guys who was the architect of getting Bin Laden does not look as though ran Paul was the one who put this idea. Yes, Donald Trump said and dead to me ran ball ran Paul, has never served in the Entails committee, he knows not of which he speaks, but yet he has this impressive monetizing secure clearances. So he continues to spell out on these issues, but again, I believe very strongly that principle
that national security is one of the most sacred and solemn professions in this government and The american citizens deserves to have necessary professionals and tells entails officials we're not going to be political document, sized and no president ever should take that's ok. Building away from them, I've been having a hell of a time here on the show trying to get my guest to say the word treason. I think the present and is guilty of that, and you used terms like that. You said after Helsinki it was nothing short of treasonous, which sounds to me like treasonous. And then I noticed this last week, some people tried to get you to take it back and you wouldn't and again I don't. I don't understand why people are so reluctant to get it. It's scary word: it's like you know, don't break this glass case unless you need the butt.
When it's time to break the glass case, dont not do it just because it's a glass yes and I'm not officially deposited justice when issuing an indictment right get out from behind them. But there are two possible reasons. Why use that term? one is that I think I exhausted all the other adjectives in language to describe Donald transparently to fulfil his responsibilities as President Statesman one two, but when I saw him on that stage in Helsinki fail To be able to say to the World and Lebanon Putin's Russia try to interfere in our election, it will it never show happened, it never should happen again and if it does, Russia is gonna pay. Some very severe consequences the result, but he didn't do that and so business is defined as a betrayal of trust as well. Aiding and abetting the enemy, and so that was the word the king my mind now he I wasn't expecting him Putin to say. Ok, you caught me haste. I continued to deny this, but this was an opportunity for doll trumped up
fill his responsibilities to say. Russia cut this out start. Do it again and if Do it you're gonna, pay a cost. And be able to say to the everybody, Energy Elvis and if he said that he could have said now, though, we have to work in our states and Russia to be able to try to enhance stability security around the globe, their important things, but United States and Russia to do. I am very much supportive of trying to get relations between the two countries back on track critically: important two largest nuclear superpowers in the world, but we cannot ignore what it is that the Russians try to do, and so, when Donald Trump fail to do that, I was I rate because I know how hard that professionals here in the entails community work to try to keep this country strong and safe and for Donald Trump to be up there and to fail to say that it take world their side and not ours, that's a trader. He calls you a low life. You who spent your
life defending this country, especially after nine eleven. When we had also problems, and- and it could have gone way worse than it did he set about general clapper is a general does he was yet is that they got to him lucky, like you could to a guy like that. It's not on our side, you're not on our side, you are retrain or if your attacking our generals and admirals and people who keep us safe, it's not that much more complicated than that to me and I'm proud stand with democratic and Jim clap. Her in my case, nor were the ones who are speaking out. I didn't want to speak out after I left the government. I want to be able to tire and rain. We spend time with family, but this is Very abnormal time is very abnormal presidency and the stakes are so high. That's why I've decided to speak out and be US
Ok, I and I can see it's not easy for you. It's me say: I've been talking to people on tv for twenty five years. I can see when it's not easy and people, don't you. And really go into the CIA for publicity. So what would you say the opposite of that Donald Trump who confesses everything openly? What do you make of this draft that seems to be working so beautifully like this week. He just said right on the air. I hire Jeff sessions as the attorney general totally because I expected his loyalty. I mean that to me that in future The thing he said about the Lester hold about he fired come. He said at last he said, Russia via listening. I hope we can find we have our Clinton's email this. I feel that these things were things we hacked. If we found
repetitious leave. You got a hold of his diary. Oh my god. Look when he said we'd be like We got the smoking gun bit because he says it blatantly out front people see just to clarify to normalize all this behaviour normal and is also trying to undermine the institutions of government and those in. Visuals, who he believes, threatened him, and so therefore, here trying to money, intelligence, community law enforcement community at the he's taken a page out of the play book Autocratic not turns around the world who try to call Judiciary who try to deal generalised the free press who try, to use and tell security services to go after their their rivals. So dull trump is the typical authoritarian, who is trying to use the good Control power and ass. He becomes more desperate and I think that's what we're seeing now, because the walls are closing in on him as all the people who work with them or now cooperating or
testifying about what happened. So so I've been angry because we have so many noble office who has really denigrated the officer the presence his dishonesty is unethical doesnt, have principles, and I very concerned, though more than angry I'm worried, because now we in a crisis and and unfortunately, the Republicans John Mccain national treasure, and here I got my thoughts and prayers go out to John Mccain, his family. I got into some real Sunnybrook flights, with John Mccain over policy I never once questioned his integrity. And his interest in doing what is best for this country. But since John Mccain left the hill, the republican spines, have gone with them and their need.
To be some reckoning and the republican Party that we cannot allow this to go on and we have an election coming up and I'm trying to convince people and its hard because A lot of us in the past had this is a very important election and blah blah blah. This is the one I think we are in a crisis that is the third great crisis in american history. More than the first, of course, the revolutionary war, whether we would even become a country, then the civil war. Will usually say than the depression. I don't think the depression gun What is most fundamental about this country was economic, but I don't think it threatens the rule of law as we do as we have now. Would you rank the crisis were now that way? I would, and I think it's gonna get worse before it gets better, because don't forget Donald has the authority of the presidency, I stated in his hands rang in terms of what it can do domestically here, as well as what he can do internationally to try to destroy
to attention whether not he's going to pursue some type of foreign adventure, military or otherwise, but funds ITALY, though, what he's doing to this country he's dividing us. We Americans, When the revolutionary war and civil war, we fought hard for the freedoms and liberties. That. We have right now and so he's dividing Americans and so are really concerned that, as he continues to play to his base he's further dividing us they concern about whether this could spill over into the streets, and so I don't know what the principal problem it in this drama is going to do, but I surely hope that those adults and those people in the White House and in the cabinet. In the Congress are going to recognise that they need to act before there's a real disaster, and by act I mean whether it's going up to the drop in saying this has got to stop. You are ruining. This
country and we're not going to tolerate any longer. They cannot turn a blind eye to this. They have to forget about the political affiliation rights wherever they are reacting I'll get here is our number one is number one. The number one New York times were selling no book is everything. Trump touches dies, Republicans riders to get real about the worst broken ever worked. Well things over here. The restaurant opportunity centres, United and author of forked, a nuisance
combining zero J Robin Cheaper Mother Jones and CO author of russian roulette, the insides Oreo Putin's worn American, the election, a bundle drum David corn, where they don't forget to several questions for tonight's overtime, begins to map the show on you too. Ok, so you heard Albany This week, obviously Marilla was not sending us their best. In light of this, do you think the Democrats are being too timid about impeachment, because the only one who brought up this week we have doubled up? That's that's telling. He wants the Democrats talking about impeachment once is based mobilized. He wants a fight of that sort. I actually think the Democrats to be smart. First, they managed to win
the house that step one right then I get over. If you give me an hour, I could go to two dozen different investigations that need to be started. Now. Virtually everybody in the cabinet right Wilbur rests on the twenty million dollars, go back and do the russian investigation that Devon Nunez wouldn't do, and literally men, Romania energetic in the weeds with abode. What what what but, but you know what that will wouldn't trump down, but what it will boost would issue was only before it wouldn t be making impeachment emission. I mean this democratic idea, always like oh gosh, let's just sit on the lead, don't put me? the groom coach? That guy was it? The guy was committing impeach will offences from the moment he was sworn in. That's when we should have been talking about impeachment. I mean the moment he was involved in a lawsuit against the president for violating the monuments clause of the constitution, just without waiting faculty, which, which was
which was an issue from the moment he was sworn in. He did not divest from his business if he was violating the constitution by being a sitting president accepting money from foreign dignitaries over they done. If a bummer appointed a morose around the White House with the tape recorder, it's crazy with Rick, where you get I get the Democrats
sort of tactical caution about not firing at the republican crazies. With this point, that's all he has lacked Zactly was people already believe that Hillary Clinton gonna have a cannibal ceremony on the wider crass? Take power, a guess that an end its? Why he's this daily explosion from him of tweet Cocky every morning, every second of the day, this guy's on the edge? Already, I say you I'd, say you're Pokemon yet put I became until he loses you're, not gonna win those people. I call them the lost boys there because you gone, but I mean is that this even for him this week, just some of the things claim first of all claims that he could take over the Mahler investigation. I can go win and I could do whatever I could run it if I want, but I decided to stay out, I'm totally allowed to be involved. If I wanted to be
We the legal theories, what this guy this gave himself and a plus you see that when she asked him what ear job rate from one room for improvement is waiting sessions I may set about turning the only reason I gave him. The job is because I felt loyalty what if had said that about a the only reason, I gave him the job is you Fox NEWS would have an upset about. I seem to recall Republicans, including myself, were worried about your cold or being too close to the president time and again and now Suddenly, it's Jeff, such as income over and kiss my ring this morning. Therefore, in I'm gonna insult him all day on Twitter right, so that the four Is that jumped out of me this week for the principal purpose of influencing the election? That's what Michael Common set in court
you didn't have to say it did. He know yeah that was governor craftspeople, the purpose of its it's. What the Russians did to you, have convergence you're right. You have Donald Trump, now being alleged to have been involved in a criminal conspiracy to corrupt. Influence the election, and we know the Russians do for doing it from their own side as well, so, whether it's a pornstar or hacking, it's all becoming one unified grand conspiracy that it's actually true, I'm like what Trump is pushing, Hillary Clinton. It is illegal what he did right guess I mean I see his people first, where he went and had a rally of course. Now, where the at the rally, the people were chanting, lock her up and drain the swamp. Merrick chanting raised, we too, the swamp monster irony is not their strong suit and also his ease. The chief of this country, not one word about the crimes that were committed
by man afford or that won't Michael Cohen pledge. He didn't say one word about yet I'm the guy must uphold the lie. Donald Trump believes tax evasion is a crime, I mean I mean, but what you get is the chief federal long for.
And yet he's out there saying hey. If you cooperate with the feds on my shit, let's encouraging illegal crime and violence. You know he's the one who said rough em up in the back of the palaver. I am thinking of apart and I'm just thinking of apart and if you don't cooperate with the prosecutor, so that so his argument now is well. You gotta keep me as president. I may be worthy of impeachment, but it's all up here. It's all appear. If you got rid of me, the stock market crash, everybody would be poor. So it's a shame that rests on the day when we had the longest bull market ever three thousand four hundred and fifty three days. But my question is this economy going to save him, because ceo average Pay- Last year went up seventeen point: six percent wages point three percent Waiting
haven't gone anywhere and housing costs have risen double, though the rate of wage and inflation increases, so people cannot afford to live right now and the Republicans no it. Why aren't the Republicans running around talk about the economy in election? That's because they know people are still struggling. You are gonna liberty for newcomers, with probably one million or other people, can solicitation, was- and he talked about the two issues in this campaign. Immigration and socialism
that's what they're running on its fear, its fear of brown people, its sphere of socialism, and it didn't say anything about the economy, the tax cuts. They know. That's not playing so they're gonna go to November, trying to whip up people's deepest darkest fears, and that's really what Donald Trump is pretty good at all, either going to keep people from the Poles right now issue again rising restaurant workers mobilise and they got the minimum wage increase on the ballot in November and the Republicans in the state legislature, our brazenly saying well, maybe we'll just increase the minimum wage to make sure it doesn't get on the ballot to keep people from going to the polls and after the elections will go ahead and repeal the minimum wage their brazenly openly talking about corrupt practices to keep people from the Poles, because they know the economy is not doing well for working people. So does everybody agreed that this election grubbing up is the most important election? Absolute
if seen in our yet may I like what you say, because we say that every to rise, but this time it's and that's why you know this donation I made and by the way you know this hurts me. I think you know all this Alex Joneses. I have a hundred million dollars. I don't ouch Jones, wouldn't say that if it wasn't true well, you know, he's a journalist right in twenty dwell by did this, and this is different and mean that was for my country, and I thought is very important that the first black president get a second term and all the Republican all the money in the country was going to the Republicans this too I'm a little more personal, I'm worried about, this country and really what's going to happen to it on a very existential level, including my own ass and you know, I got
a lot of messages from people yesterday, saying good for you and I just want to say for the one to a rich who said that not enough not enough to say that to me I mean when I first came out here. I was just amazed at how many we call town. It's actually an amalgam of how many whole rich towns we have here. Not every city has like a rich area: Cleveland Height Ella has like Beverly Hills and Del AIR and Brentwood End Malibu it just it just goes on and on Pacific Palace stage. There's a lot of rich Fox since the time to Republicans chumps not on the ballot. Putteth Republicans retain control the house. It validates everything that happened in the last
two years, everything that you ve made fun of everything that we talked about this week in every other week. They all say see. We can do this and more as a Republican who values those that that old fashioned constitution thing the members of my party in how so, representatives have engaged actively to obstruct this investigation against Trump and Russia. They have conspired with the White House. They have struck to justice. They do not deserve reelection with if it's a guy like Devon, Nunez and honestly disappointing for I was here, is the fact that Paul Ryan is such a coward to Donald Trump and let these guys run buck wild throughout the entire process, and they have at every step of the way, put Russia and
up ahead of this country and their value the constitution. It makes me furious- and I have said this before and I mean to say it again, apropos to this discussion. I overreacted, like a lotta liberals, did to everybody else. Who was a Republican, because I didn't know what Donald Trump card existed in this world, and so you got I am sure that exist and ensure that you know what what are you your backing with high Dick Cheney. Second, in command, Scooter, Libby member, all you know he was convicted and Dick Cheney went to George Bush and he said: look you got a pardon this guy he's my guy and George Bush said no and Dick Cheney basically broke up with em over that what George Bush, not my favorite at all, but you know what this american stuff meant something to him
in just gonna passed out apart, Giuliani was in the news this week. You said, truth is not truth, and certainly nothing comes out of his bath is driven by a lot of people got mad at him. For that and to me it sounds like some proclamation from ASEAN monkey. You no truth is not true and sure enough. We look it up and running has written this book then and then in the art of new cycling, and I never knew Rudy was so Zan, but truth is not sure we'd like to hear some of the other ones and learn to walk humbly, never cloaking oneself in lavish titles. Take it from me America's mayor, wherever you are be therein totality, but tell your wife. You were at the ball game and adults. I see the ostrich a child's eyes see the jacket within a happy man drinks in life. The even happier man drinks in lunch take time to sit, especially
the president, because this sitting president can't be indicted. Yours either what is less than the sound of one hand, clapping two hands but they're so tiny, a glint of sunlight is God a drop of rain is enlightenment. A puff of smoke is me turning into a bat that there is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path also.
A bomb- is a Muslim, that's the truth so shall set you free. Did I say truth. I meant pardon and say less listed, more structured around on morose large pod gas rinkitink out in contributing opinion writer for the New York Times, carers, which are not even being here. You do a hell of a job and you keeping the tech sector honest- and I read this week that the Facebook and twitter- I guess, removed a lot of fake accounts with their binary findings, show that this delay misfortune. I am not very tech, savvy agrarian to my knowledge from you, but
You know you need I do to buy grocery. Yes, you do you know that want or need. I data proof. Were you really are on Facebook, twitter because it wouldn't be so many billions of dollars. I guess I don't know, I mean it's a really problematic. That's the only reason. That's the only reason is that this has been a thing. That's been built from the beginning to operate. The way it does which used is to do growth. Growth grows at all costs and also take away your data privacy from you and that's what it does so there's no way, we can shame them into doing the right thing. Well, there under it But how did you know the countries under attack? Yes, this is the modern way of warfare artillery any more from Russia. I wrote a communist times talking about this idea of values and standards and the fact that they had to get some they had to have them, but for what I thought was I did a pug has just recently mark Zuckerberg and one of the things we talked about. It was the
was the idea of what was going on and weather had responsibility for the platform. A lot of these people don't feel like they have responsibility. He doesn't well, it's weird thing: they do now, if you notice, when he was in Congress, he said we have a broader responsibility and my question when he was saying that to all those those various politicians was why didn't have in the first place? Why didn't they start by building these things so that they would be that they would. They would evolve in a way that kept pace with humanity. And when I realized, when I was talking to him- was that he didn't take him? and he's in college leading finnish College and instead became a billion or so then they dont have a great sense of their. The impact of the things they built will also. I think we ve romanticized nerd. Yes, we have no back when I was in college nerd bad word right and then it became though this cute thing right. You know girls, does it have a nerd? No you're, not you know it. You and I
No, it's not really always a good thing. I mean Mark Zuckerberg, I'm sorry, but that is a real nerd. He looks awful, he just click closing arable hanging area, many bill gates looks like Cary Grant really right. You know, and I will not deny that I'm just getting he's in a weak on this spectrum moved we been. Is that I don't say now now I just say now: Bell were
insulted, looks you can insulted entire service and the way in certain democracy. But please don't insult us. Look it's not watching. That's my watch. I now USA, they plug a minute night needed in the cause of the understanding what when people are nerds, I think they just have you know that's what part of nerdy this is your just. You have trouble relating to humanity and none of the very often of a great sense of humour it's called in each year. They don't you think it is, is that they don't. I try to talk them and in the language they talk to. So I often try to use like Marvel comics in various. What I'd like to do is this idea is actually a Voltaire quote, but I dont bring that into the discussion with them and which is with rage. Power comes great responsibility, which was Uncle Peter Parkers Uncle, and so I keep saying to them you, have abrogated irresponsibility when you built these things in the way you build them made them, so they would operate this way, and so, when you think about it, these
we're not hacked by the Russians? They were used exactly as they were built right. There was no hacking go and the Russia walk right in and now the mining companies never just do the right thing, because you asked them. You have to find them. You have too well that, madam you, after you have to regulate them. Did you watch those hearings? There's more coming up it? Did you watch it? How do you think marked it like? You, don't make me doc, but Margaret Margaret I mean all than there are cutting their. What happens is it's a stick in incredibly low bar because politicians are absolutely brain dead when it comes to attack rationally and what they do is they asked questions during that particular hearing. It was about terms of service, it was if terms of service, where the biggest national security crisis of our time, like that, you can't read them that their super confused, didn't facebook start out as something very sexist was gone out of the movie than what we don't go with a movie
it wasn't it wasn't something when they were just raiding the women's rights? Yes, it was hot or not. Will that's horrible given that wasn't Facebook why's that that was the first thing we do want to be judged by our first things bill. I did. What was my first you have to think about is is when you think about responsibility. They they dont, think there's consequences, so they could. They don't think about the consequence. What they created and what they invented, and one of the Facebook biggest things that were on the walls. If you go to Facebook headquarters. First of all, these all these headquarters are built as if their for twelve year old boys, essentially all kinds of yes,
and things like that on time. They asked me to go down this line and, like I'm not going down your fuckin his life, I didn't like it when I was eight years old. I don't like it now, but they have on the wall. They have this thing. That said, move fast and break things. I think you ve all seen that it's the most and they were all excited about, move fast and break things, and when you think about it, you go well. You ve broken a lot of things. Now we gonna fix, but their mentality was that road break things. So they broke democracy, but ok, you know they didn't. I mean that it put their part of it. I mean the whole. All the things were tying up before we're Donald Trump is doing. These are part of that, but was sure media does. Is it amplifies? As I said in the times, was that weapon eyes is everything a weapon, as is the first amendment weapon, ices, social media, it weapon rises, social discourse and it creates disc and it weapon rises, discord and that's that's the problem and that's what the Russians took advantage of Ochre show
I want to ask a question for this whole panel and it has to do with the new Supreme Court Nominate, Brett Cavanaugh, because Donald Trump admitted this week and we just kind of blue by in that interview that he indeed did pay off porn stars, and you know before that they were lying about it. I heard about it Michael Colander, under that something you would like that right, you're paying a point, starts to lie about anything, but but I'm just making that point. Ok, but but what I remember, twenty years ago, Bill Clinton and Monica when I want those two years back, because because we spent two whole years talking about how do
Bill Clinton, get blown and who know about in when? Where did he come? And there was no question to creepy and this week he just admitted it, and just we just went right by it. Like you had, the president forgot about the kid: are targeted, grounding, lazy, single, there's, a president, a crazy. If you stormy day, in care. Macdougall are the end of this train. The the only two dalliances that Donald Trump wondering penis ever encountered. This got this. This is gonna, keep unfolding and we're gonna have a miracle even jellicoe, everyday say, but Gorse Ich and and and gonna keep making excuses for the sky until he just like burns Ray. I odour of moral panic out of them. If you saw about Greece's one porn star, there's a lot of points, I'm guessing there's a lot of every, but I guess I'm guessing that Donald Trump is not a man given to fidelity that anything that basically driven by whatever gave his last direction
it's gonna keep going to keep finding out more of these things in an equivalent to sing unlikely. But to your point: bread, cabin red cap, irregular guilty, or we appoint- tell the people who want his well bred Cavanaugh was involved working for can start every much is very much involved and he was very interested very all these did incident such is life, even though you wrote a hundred and thirty two page memo for this jar reports, and he talk about seventeen angry Democrats. There was one angry republish and it was not like constitutional is just like he is a gross guy. Who's got girly germs on him and let you know, but it's not just in my pants at the time, said you know if someone not faithful to their wife, they shouldn't be president right Well, where are you now my pants or an hatch, voted for impeachment this week?
asked about the news about the crime and their money payments to porn star, he said well, not very happy about it and Lindsey Grim led the impasse DR and said we had a morally cleanse the White House and get Clinton out. Did you hear what my princess he said? The best media is word of mouth. You heard me now exactly where it. Where are these mouth is getting information better worded, more signals, and we would have you told I mean you're getting to the point is if the hypocritical this is like should is normal. Now is normalizing. What happens if your using social media twitter just to keep but don't hate and the double standard? Isn't just Democrats Republicans Clinton Trump? It's there is a man. And whose lying and stealing and cheating the american people, who is our commander in chief- and he has,
did at least twenty unimpeachable offences and what is happening to him for working people if you lie or Steelers automatic termination, that's what happens when you are working in the Republic of Mine said you're. Always where were you can I get this out of first member? Was the tax cuts would just get the tax could now it's like? Where would just just get the election, because if we go against and before the election and its one after another, where we're just a little more will get this, and by the time we get to
on the other side, is how many times to be shocked by this lake. I mean do remember it's got through it. I dont, oh yeah, that guy, like the report, goes what happens if we continue to stay in these levels of indignation, which is the whole point of it, and that's the point of what that's why Trumbo so good on twitter? He understands how does Gina the indignation and those on the capacity of outward no care. You can't lose so it took its it's a dilemma. How do you keep going but how to spiral. Tapping eleven for every song. Right, barely, ok, listen to that you're playing on his agenda. So how do you get around that car by viewing your own agenda like that? If you want to know how to start Twitter were I'm very good at work, and so we have to talk to me as your excellent inexorable twitter or for any kind of mobilization or movement building by winning the elections. You have to maintain outrage. You have to be outraged attacking the shoes on the other foot, the Republicans depleted democratic arisen in this they would have
asking for a do over election a year and a half and at its forgetting what orchards they wouldn't be. Allowing this person who shouldn't be there to appointing a supreme committed a crime? Would we get to select our judge or our jewelry? How come he gets to doesn't mean anything and Bread Cavanaugh, another Catholic on the court. Can we give a rest to the Catholic? Seem very into having sitting have a good week, this week's now the other day about their another robins right. So I want to ask finally about the military, because John Mccain risen. The news today is not taking treatment anymore and a ministerial Christmas Easter, here the other day I saw him say something that was so great when it was talking about how Trump says I like guys, who word captured as if John Mccain
didn't try heart, he was shot down and fell in a lake and there in the middle of hand, nor the locals run him in a minute that you had broken. Arms and legs. Why is the military behind this man? He tried to appoint a dry as head of the veterans. You don't talk about them. The veterans Administration Euro tax when he loves the veteran so much he was gonna sell the secretary. Army position at Jared was like I'm on it in that its in the manner for trial they're going to sell them. They took away protections for predatory against predatory lenders for veterans, he hasn't vision, the troops overseas ones is right. I mean He is afraid to go overseas and Afghanistan to any place to any fear of warfare where our people serve bravely and at some risk he thought the big risk. Vietnam
the Vietnam years. He said my big risk. My Vietnam was not getting std ride the eighties when I was at studio fifty four right. That was the big risk that he overcame. If you want to the contrast of its about you now want to see a setback David to be fair. That is a big risk. If you go to fifty four, the battle of the Upper EAST side was brutal. It was blocked by people I see a contrast between the the Republican Party that was, and the Republican Party that is John Mccain may have been cranky iconoclastic. He could be a bat, the people who can get really pissed off? As you trust me, I've been in the firing line, he could be all those things, but that was a man who, unlike Donald Trump, answered the queen,
risked his life time and again you planning on and off an aircraft carrier than I can say that was pretty much dies. Every time you write, and- and at this moment we have got a man who did and John Mccain torture and the hand we hope for five and a half years and Donald Trump? Doesn't have the standing to lick his boots. He is he's just want to say to the Republicans who, like Trump after knowing this, they know this been no. This is your guy. This is our guy, the guy who will lose its and others about John Mccain, not the king. Did he just doing a disservice to Mccain from the very beginning to divide we getting beyond Trump and
nor in his insults against ok, but against other veterans and against everybody else. Ok thank panel time for Neuro will stop telling me that the man it was lost on Mount Saint Helena for six days survived on bees and berries, no isa. Because nobody starve to death in six days, So congratulations do personality. Get your stupid! Ass lost! You ate a bunch of bees for no reason, neurons, tat, criticising Madonna for making her being made tribute to a wreath of Franklin, all about herself accordingly surgeons. Erratic behaviour is a completely normal side effect wherein
in the middle of despair, chilling to a gypsy when jive gladly neural- and this goes out to the kids in that school bus I get behind every day. Just because my car is behind your boss- doesn't mean you have to give me and the other computers the finger. What did we ever do to you? neural if you're one of the man who needed the recent CDC warning that people should not want
and reviews, their condoms, you maybe too stupid to fuck and Ladys. One sign that you throw it in with the chief cheapskate is when you say I want you to do me right here. Right now, and he says can't my condom is in the dry neural men knew where these new cowboys cowboy boots sandals have to answer one question: how do you get your horse to stop laughing? The whole point of boots is protection, so if you screw it,
I address you in my new line of fish net condoms and finally neural in today's merger, crazy economy. Everybody needs a partner, that's how we got the likes of x on Mobile, Glaxosmithkline, J, P, Morgan Chasen. It's why I now work for the phone company. That's right time, Warner itself. A giant merger which owns HBO got bored by eighty indeed have I noticed a difference not so far, no interference but also know how you doin, I mean it could have called
they are the phone company. But I guess we live in the age of get bigger or get eaten. In fact, I look forward to the brave new day when there will be only too companies apples on and Golden Google Mart golden Google Mark. I only have to imagine the words. I think I need more dog food seconds later. A robot drones jobs it in my pants. The Republican Party certainly understand the concept of merging to survive. In recent years they were facing a serious demographic problem. Amerika was becoming younger and browner, and they were becoming wider and dinner
They have lost the popular vote in six of the last seven presidential elections and realize they couldn't win by themselves. So they did what Smart cooperation would do they merged with a giant oil company, that's right. The Republican Party and Russia have merged there. The trunk kosher group to great corporations now operating out of the same evil, lair
oh sure, Republicans used to hate Russia as much as they hated taxes and welfare and sexually active women, but fettle battle. Forty percent of Republicans now say they either approve of russian interference in our elections or don't object strongly there even wearing I'd rather be a russian than a Democrat teach say it's funny, because we're traders. I guess the new saying is better read than well read and this for the trauma kosher group has a strategy to win the next election, using cheating, hacking, rigging, rat fucking vote.
Voter roles, tampering and distant information campaigns. So my message, Democrats is get with the times. There are to borrow a phrase, new rules, and since we now
that it's ok to merge your party with a foreign power. I'd like to be the first member of the resistance to say China. If your listening, I hope you can find Donald Trump tax return if they get to bring in Russia as their ringer. We get to bring in our own country, and I picked China Dnc Meet M S g locked about maybe when they go law we go low, may be better to hack voting machines in a country whose children assemble the. If you're gonna turn over your party to a foreign power at least pick the right one rush you kidding like the republic,
looked over all the companies that can merge within pick seers. China is the future. Russia's mobbed up has been petro state run by men and purple satin shirts. Their main exports are blood doping in car crash videos. Male life expectancy in Russia is lower than North Korea. Their gdp is smaller than ITALY's. It's like merging with a Halloween store. China is building giant ports and highways all all over. The world are going overtake America's the world's largest economy and a year now- and unlike They can actually build a wall
in Hong Kong. They put on a light. Show every night for free and China has a more so big. It has an India beach ready, urge now I thought, and President G very strong leader, very strong, and luckily we got in this country would have been better if we got a law with China. That would be a good thing. Not a bad thing
good do not just what is it. I guess is that every twenty six zero j around every man who seem to be having fighting, I watch the movie, the nation not mind each be oh dont com.
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