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Ep. #473: Michael Moore, P.J. O’Rourke

2018-09-22 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Michael Moore, P.J. O’Rourke, Thom Hartmann, Steve Hilton, Catherine Rampell. (Originally aired 09/21/18)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late real time.
Good, let's get such a big news. We get mean obviously does get right to the big story: the fate of the Supreme Court and maybe the nation hangs in the balance. I'm kidding Stormy Daniels wrote a book about
drumstick. It's called digs ability to find it. It's called full disclosure trumps, as it isn't comment commenting he hasn't seen. It is dick, not the book, and it's all about is dead, but it's a lot about it Stormy Daniels, a word now and she says is small, but it has a big head. Like
mushroom head like a mushroom. Also it stands for the national anthem other than normal. Let's get to the other dick in the news. Brick cabin is the this time. Last week bread cabin was heading due to be on the nations highest court, and now he is heading to the world, worst high school reunion, because anonymous setting one. We have an extremely credible woman of psychology, professor who says back in nineteen. Eighty two when she was fifteen cabinet with seventeen cabin on a friend attacked her at a party and republican defenders are saying that we shouldn't be revisiting things that happen decades ago.
Which is what I say about row way or other big Ladys were Joe. Rather we didn't high school, my God, none of us would have jobs. Ok! Well, you know what it's so we all did stupid things when we were young. I sold pot in college, but I never pinned anyone down enforced, forced the pot in their throats. Roy more is different, really the Republicans war. They get in my Roy, more is defending the thread cabinet. He said what they're doing to bread cabinet makes him very man he's also very man
it wasn't about it that party with the DNA Party Party was five. People did you. I only found this out written five people. This could be it estimated so easily by the FBI. If the Republican wanted to go that route, you know and actual investigation That's ok! I mean it's. A small community, brick capital went to an all boys catholic prep school. It's kind of place with the kid goes into conventions. As bless me Father, for I have sinned
and the princess dude. I was there a dog, the Republicans they all get behind the same story, the one they are all talking about now today. I can't believe this is that this is this. This is their best avenge, yet Doktor Ford perhaps was attacked, but not by brick,
by someone who looked exactly like read his dappled. That's what they're saying five people read the party at one brought a robot double yeah. That's right, member eighties parties that we're gonna, like that. There are a lot of evil twins, limited documentary about Michael Jackson, real nice, it first and then these a werewolf trump, of course, standing by his men from so yesterday about companies. It is a great gentlemen with an impeccable reputation, and he knows this because Bread Cavanaugh spent nine hours at the White House the first day this broke nine hours for a guy with an innocent story. I thought it dived is that it might have been there all big black trump knows this, because he said he and Bread Cavanaugh had a long day.
We talk, pussy, grabber, duplicity, grammar and my as this will keep happening as long as America ignores the problem of boys, girl soccer You know I'm Betsy Devices. That means we should get rid of high school, so you know, but finally I'm going to North Carolina over the weekend. I can't wait to entertain the people there. Trump is there this I know they've had a very rough time. Trump was touring the storm damage in the Carolinas the other day and I swear to God. A guy came up to him. He said I name my dog.
Look after you, thereby here mushroom deck and a little I will be speaking with my great frankly, J Orourke, but first you know this: guy, the Asker winning Director of Bowling for Columbine sicker, one Fahrenheit, nine one one is Ladys Documentary Fahrenheit, eleven nine opens today. The people this committee and Michael more, that's what you want and that you are the people's comedian well on the north korean way, I mean everything would be one of the people and you have done it again Maestro
I don't know how you keep doing it. You know you you do what journalism should do, which is you make what's important, interesting, yeah Anna compelling and you can't take your eyes off it and this movie first, while the title fell right in your laptop, He was appointed president at two hundred and twenty nine in the morning on eleven thousand nine hundred and sixteen now so the movie coming out right before the election. Obviously you want that you don't make any bones about. You were polemicist like I am. We want people to agree with our point of view
guess? What would answer, though, and vote invoke? Is that the main message, the main thing I want people to come away? Knowing from us it's not a democracy. If you're sitting on the bench, everybody has to get off the bench, everyone has to participate. It's not a spectator. Sport wrote an end, but what the movie shows and try to explain as to why sometimes people say on the bench and- and I get into talking about this- about the Democratic Party in and if it's it's a bit of a balancing act in this film, because it's in its its listed as Michael Moors trot
film, but nobody wants to go to the theater and look at Trump for two hours. So I do a favour for the audience. I don't think you see a more than twenty minutes in the film, but is about the trompe in time in which we live now, I think, and how we got here. I think it's great that I do this to you go after the Democrats and we asked what friends do yeah there honest their friends that is correct, cowards jumped when you are very kind of you say very unflattering things about both gluten and oh bomber, and Hilary yes, is which is which was hard pressed. My love, President Obama We may not have a better president in my lifetime.
I was for Bernie, but I was out there something for Hilary in the general election right or any good people out there, but you seem this is keep harping on this idea. I've been, I came away from it with that old Republican. Talking point notion: no crooked celebration. She stole it from Bernie, but she didn't steal it from Bernie. I mean she got a lot more votes than Bernie correct up. We'll never know really know because in the twenty two states that he one, which has three less than half the country have to say but caucus, but once you have been a cock estates, this they ve got it. Rid of that system. It should just be a primary where everybody votes and there's no super delegates. Whoever gets the most votes is the person who had
and she becomes a candid and they were the and see a few weeks ago they had a meeting and they said they got rid of the super delegates, but they didn't people need to understand this. All they did was say. The super delegates cannot vote on the first ballot at the convention. After that they could vote on every ballot and everything out. So they did not get rid of the super delegates. An end to the Republicans credit. They actually don't have super delegates whoever's at that convention is: whoever is there to represent the white people that voted for?
sales why people deserve a party bill their American still day. That's our trump wanting made. He made his people feel like a minority right right. They still think that mean they think reverse racism is a bigger problem than racism and write. The problem here, though, is that an m- and I know this personally- I feel this person its rights in this field, because I Hilary lost Michigan might above two votes prepossessing. Never yet I never should have lost a blue state and I interviewed John produced in the film is- or how did this happen and and in how? First of all the vulgar depressed, because the people of plant, when they were too
well that she got the questions in advance and Bernie didn't that they felt use this props out there in the audience. Setting up an answer, your question- and they already knew already with question- was so people first website about that in Michigan this never happens. There were more people, a record number people voting in the April primary between Hearn Bernie, then, who showed up in the general election in November and in the film. I shall something that, sadly, President Obama did by coming to Flint and and telling people the water was ok, it was so poison and then he pretended to drink from a glass of water and then said it wasn't a stunt and it was- and it put us if just put a knife in the heart of so many people in Flint who we're hoping he would come, bring the army core of engineers dig up these poison pipes and replace the pipes in the city and- and in fact he didn't do that.
And, and then people gave up and a lot of you will say: don't leave offer tromp, but they just they stay home, and now you- and I wish that wouldn't happen- you shouldn't stay home and you should see clearly how bad it's gonna be, but you cannot talk to people who have suffered so much, especially in this town, where their jobs were eliminated. Thirty years ago, then the economy was was ruin, but pipes are poisoning a show in the film Obama sends the Pentagon in two's, Flint S, target practice, and for ten days and ten knights and a roll fires, missiles and bombs in the abandoned buildings, troops firing their guns. Nobody was told in advance. They were coming, everybody thought it was a terrorist incident and and and it's like they, the feeling of we're just what we're nobody and an american forgotten us we're still drinkin out of bottled water and and
in the small little example. You see how sometimes the Democrats really screwed up there, the party of the people they should be there for the people they should fight for the people and the. But the Good NEWS about this election in November is that people like myself and others you ve contributed. The US fully, I'm still failure. Where do you get this money, because I know divorce This is no alimony. Is no divorce is no alimony, no kids right, no stupid. These, like celebrities, Avenant collect fuckin cars or motorcycle paintings and don't do Koker Hooker now realise that people do I don't do so our water and the Mets so there's a lot of money that map, but that's what I spend it right right. That's what bigger thank you for doing that and what aren't we?
I've done have gone out and let no one for and by the way, that million look sillier five weeks ago. When I did it because this that it didn't look like it simply, it is in place. It is very much into ass. You do, and I said to you: we can win the Senate and you d me on the show. Even then I'll wait a minute where you gonna get this, and I said: well, you border to stay right here with Arizona that rights. Those are winnable states for the Senate. You always let me know No, no thank you for not contribute. While you got divorced, What do you look at night and you ve been through-
I would ask you in through a wide bill this, but there's every day, the worse the divorce. I know I've every guy does with this ain't. No, there was the person who built the fertilizer bomb that there will be a lot more. How wanted, as that guy was worse than that, want to ask you that, because you know, I think getting lost in this story about Professor Ford is that she had to move out of her house and she gets death threats and there's a smear campaign on the internet and things go viral and in a we become this death threat. Society and in a people say to me sometimes: oh, you know, do you think is- could get get violent. I think it is I do, but I also think that trumps next card to play is I've already seen I'm talking about. If he's the Democrats take over, he says there very violent people where the violent people write in Europe's regions. It you're the puppet cry. We turn it around, but that's what he has when the Mulder report comes out or when some other
thing crashing down unease the violent personally he's the sexual predator of totally, if an admitted you're the only person on tv who will state exactly what you know if you, if anybody's publication teacher in Europe a public school teacher, There is a law in a state of California and in most states that if say that your virgin euro girl student comes to and says my dad keep saying that if I weren't, if I weren't his daughter, be dating me, my dead, my dad said the other day that the thing that we have most in common is sex might might my ears. Yes, this picture they want me to take, would be sitting on his lap and kissing him. If you were a teacher more given that you required by the law, to turn him in, but you shall,
this on your show PETE he has done it did this when she was a tween when she was a teen, Annie Brow, about how voluptuous my daughter is in regular review nature that that the things we let him get away with this, the media, let him get away with it all! his friends in the media, less moon, this Roger Ales, all that the Bill Riley's the mantle hours, I showed us all in the film- fills a line now, yes, example was the Guy Fox NEWS right when Roger Ales was their career billow bill, O Reilly. Now he's the advisor to Trump in the White House, prepping Brett Cavern other Republican. There only six degrees from sexual harassment that port yeah yeah it's like closer than just six, the areas they they believe in this? That's why they don't like this, Woman who's coming forward and they want to go after her now and they ve given are there til tonight? There's something right dad reject what right. Now, I think when we're on our air has women love ultimatums? That's what
especially my men. Nothing like saying toy potential right, dumb, our or what you do China is resolutely where did tell us about their weight, truck rascally, whose eighty five thousand. Susan Years old and looks like he's out of the crucible like you,
I gotta go. I get ordeal turkey after a more or less money ideas, as indicated for guys, I'm ready a hostess bestseller last hours of ancient sunlight is being released this week, Tom Hartman welcome back to impose opinion columnist, end the CNN commentator Katharine Round POW Fox NEWS that extra eleven next revolution in his next book is positive populism, revolutionary ideas to rebuild economic security, family and community.
America, Stephen. Yes, a programming, note October nineteenth whereon until the after the election will be no weeks we're not on, but our children idea is going to be a special one on television for twenty five years. But politically incorrect went on the ninety. Ninety three and I looked at the calendar, is what he would say that it would, so we're having a shock or the anniversary show, and fifteen years here on my beloved, ok. So let's talk about this, If new Senator Grassley right it's Friday night, he said and nothing's been agreed to is Michael said, extending the deadline to ten she's not going to take it. Then he said we cannot continue to delay why
I think that the artificial it for some reason- Obama they aquifer for some reason, republicans work can tend to have a seat open for almost a year, so they can steal it from Obama, but they can't wait like Reedy continually is. Is there saying? Oh well, he was seventeen. You know what you do as a teenager: shouldn't have lasting consequences, just a few months after Brett Cabinet ruled in trying to Keep this seventeen year old, immigrant Garza leave. Her name was a girl who is programme.
Try to get an abortion is. I know, you're gonna deliver that for the rest of your life that sexual indiscretion, I think that's right in terms of the big point here, which is that whatever happens with the process and it still unclear exactly how the hours gonna go the back and forth, there's something really important, which is when it all started peoples, as you touched on, they said. Well, you know that in such a long time ago- and while he was drunk- and this is the kind of thing that happens and was really important- is- I think you ve just seen this outpouring of saying. No, that is not ok. We live in a society where that is acceptable and I think that's the big thing that will come out even though we sort, I know exactly what the process going Ginsberg pulled out because he smoked pot in high school. I mean he stepped down. I have other things. Nice guy anxiety was was worker, nineteen, eighty, seven under Reagan, road part smoker I don't know, on this show to see or hear an answer either Yoda want you to go
You learn. Market evil must learn from the most yes, but that's how far we become going. Also, it's not it's not just about his character, it's about his credibility and he has raised so many questions his credibility. If he is willing to lie about this alleged assault, if he's Willie, to lie about the fact that he received these stolen memos when he was in the Bush White House. If he is willing to lie about the fact that he got these sexual, explicit email, from a circuit court judge he worked for who subsequently had to resign because of those emails. How do we know that he's telling the truth about anything else, loading. I rode away. It is a liar under oath.
It's a wonder thing that should be prosecuted and he should be impeached from his current position on the disease. Will let me look, let me off another perspective on it, which you might expect, which is that I will, as this has been unfolding. I completely agree with the point. A lot of people has been making commensurate of independent, reasonable perspective, which is we ve gotta? Let the facts get gathered, give it some time. All of that. I agree with that until yesterday. Actually, when I saw so accustomed jeweller brand, and it seems to me that suddenly tipped over from being reasonable to being something very unreasonable and something we should all be frightened of really, which is, she was making an argument that basically he is guilty on. He could until we can prove himself innocent, and that is not something I think that we should accept and, furthermore, the hypocrisy to it. I wouldn't mind: that's
much if the same standard was being applied to others in her party who have had serious allegations made against the White Keith Edison? But that's not what about action adamant that we're too, but I really alleging if Alison, is facing the voters there, we will be a decision by the voters. That's called democracy right, a cabinet is not facing. Voters In fact, if he was, he would be losing by five points where I totally agree with each other, but certainly you don't you think, that's apples. Now I get it's what you should really different thing number one number to those allegations: but then the voters of Minnesota can decide whether they want key to Keith Alison under those circumstances, whether they believe that, as the attorney general, that that has not, do the lifetime of packages only speaking about which is the attitude which is that the the victims should be believed and should be given She wants to talk about what happened. I think I'm gonna back even further and say he shouldn't even be having this hearing. Goosey shouldn't be up to the Supreme Court.
Because it should be simply and if we didn't have the electoral college. Ok, Al Gore would have appointed the to the Bush appointed and, if we didn't have the electoral college from Hilary would be President, the Supreme Court would be a liberal court that would reflect the people That's not what we have and I think, as long as we have this situation, we can eliminate completely alternate reality but bill, I think about it, but I know I think that the problem that is worth and no no, the day before two thousand, you know the Supreme Court more or less reflected the make up of the people's politics now, because they steal elections, partly with the help of the constitution is partly now it doesn't right and the electoral colleges, a vestige of slavery, was a sop to the slave states. Rights of women
We got a strip, the stuff out of our constitution. When you talk about the peoples in my way to the people's interests, not not coming first, I completely agree with you about that, but that's not just because of the court that, because of our laws and the fact that Congress makes laws that favour the interests of always the corporate sector, big business, the people at the top, that's the laws, you gotta change, and you can't as long as you base it. Gotta Congress, which has provoked by corporate but whose fault is that your Iphone NOS one? It's not. Everyone is because really united democratic Rights fairly hang on a second that both parties literally collaborate in a system where they buy the outcomes they want. Big business buys the outcomes it was for me if you don't think I'm listening who passed attacks yet where eighty percent,
The benefits went to the top of one percent of an air this with anyone at about it. I always had a republic. He can't get the way that the farmer has the largest Pennell class tax got in the history of the United States. Literally for decades, you seen an agenda push forward that favours the owners of businesses, not workers that takes power away from communities that undermine families. All of this has happened on the administrations of both parties whoever controls Congress and has been going on for so long now, you and nineteen eighty- that's it that's true, which is it is they that they both been there in Congress, but the people will push for the programmes that you're talking about one point which try to look at this matter can be way trying to cut food stand. So who is trying to cut the entire social safety net for network, for they always their ways? One on we're, gonna cut.
That is why planted on we're gonna cut. Your attacks is when they cut their tax. Let's look that's what the allegation that forgotten man was not like dying, better tax break for corporate, yet rights, which was in available when you say that it only happens. Obama look at no laws page for wait, look Obamacare, look who it favoured literally, who wrote that legislation? The insurance companies wrote the legislation macro That's not what I want you to ensure. We are legislating. Ok, wait as legislators aid the insurance than anybody inflation was put to the insurance company obvious. Do right, republican legislation word for word. They did not write Obamacare. Seeing that's why the insurance companies did so what out of billions of dollars. If subsidies they were in their from the beginning, that's right because he will. To make it a bill that the Republicans might vote for. That's why
basically Mitt Romney is old plan and you're right. It does not go far enough, but yet that wasn't good enough for the biggest populists in this country, the not really popular that people who have a grievous against racial matters and it masqueraders economic That's what I think a populist. Ok, that's why we ve gotta, make an argument for how we can make things work for working people once again like tag team rustling, I'm gonna bring Hawaii of yours. Now, okay, but first we're going to do twenty five things. You don't know about me now. This is something that I have to admit it's every week. I even did it once it up weekly, but we stole it and now I think the audit and the guy who really need it. This week is bread, carbon, twenty five things you didn't know about bread, cabinet,
I'll call me whitey. I spent teenage years completely blacked out. Yet I remember never doing anything wrong so interesting leave me in a hot car. I melt and become ten that I didn't know that for my first communion I drank Christ blood out of a red Solo party. When I was a young man, mother and I ran a motel When a waiter asked what I'll be having. I refuse to comment on a hypothetical I've, never pin someone to a bed and covered their mouth in my hand. I use a pillow like when I killed school.
My spirit animal is the alligator on a knife edge in high school. I was voted most likely to need sixty five characterise the other day I bumped into President Trump, and he said pardon me and we both had a good life magazine. American consequences of my mentor is be J. Orourke is how are you all right and I keep glean king a blank as we all companies about the full part. You know this working out everything you guys you just been talking about because everybody is gonna be like living in the street.
Water out of the gutter and hidden or pets. I was gonna, be buried by partisan she started the continuation of the discussion. We are having the subtitle with your book. Why I'm not rich, and neither are you and I would say that you are, will you before you donated all that money to the Democrats. You been wrecked, that's that's good arrest, don't get hurts every time. I hear it gets worse if they learn about, but I mean I read your book. Your father made ten thousand dollars, and yet you lived in a house, there was a pretty nice. How's your two round, the table only one Brenner, you needed of two hours so who took all that money who squeeze the middle class that, since this is what I'm getting at, who did that
who was that of immigrants and single moms on foods that so much so until you one won't want one group of people who work for the middle class because, instead of having that little lifestyle that we had now, everybody has to have two of those lifestyles because they get the worst to double its costs and need a bank that families these three things do seem to get me right the bit. Well, there are the three big things: a vastly increased cost of middle class life, one is, is medical care and I'm not really gonna get into that so much because while we had a great middle class life, my dad lived to be four really really saw like wine, although some blow up in his brain I mean today, we would have seen it coming in like only half of his brain, so you just would be crippled anyway, because we made a lot of progress medically
so we got my theory. Is we get a little something out of the increase in medical care? I'm not sure what but causing is obviously gone insane and education is gone and saying that has to do with. We lived in a in what was a basically inner city, neighbourhood, close to downtown neighbourhood than a good schools, and safe. That is gone away. Now you either have to pay a fortune to send your kids to school, or you have to move to someplace cost a fortune in order to have these in schools. And what is your feelings about the new economy? I mean I was laughing the things you wrote But I would like you, you don't own any cryptogams, no doubt but I have had the same idea that you have about a baby oiled and did brought in on probably missing the boat. Ok, the whole new economy, the whole digital economy, it's the product of the evil, high school math club with weapons.
I definitely do not mean you think back twenty five thirty years ago, and you look at the top ten corporations in America and you know you know what they did they made. Thus we only provided services and you use that stuff they made chalets, they made electricity, they made toothpaste and now you look at the top corporations and they make what money money days, it's been on eating, not ready money and trouble and irrevocable as long as I'm good. But again I hate to keep heartbreaker this boy, but like it's the ten year anniversary of the financial collapse, men we're here, the one who was more at fault for that who was really fighting for the banks to be able to do whatever they want and then after Obama got in, then we pass Dodd, Frank and moraine them in again and now Trump gets in and get the shackles come off again, I don't. I see this as a they're, both equally
Sponsible for the problems we have economic lay on a lot of it has to do with us allowing our money into the hands of people who are large smarter than we are now Usually, how I describe republicans- I mean I am a republican or, as you well know, and I vote for Republicans because Republicans have fewer, ideas, I got a silly part as a mighty and I go with distributed party. I feel, but now the Republicans they're getting a lot of ideas and that's a bad thing. That is not good. I'll write you gotta get back to the fact financial staff are you. You will find that it's a bipartisan group, a very smart people over there who are tricky Gus in two thousand eight. They came up with this wonderful package. Mortgage things were you couldn't figure out whose house it was I who was living in a room where you're only when the water money was most ago ran
he said trust us. You know by these now, it's to my mind even worse. Now we now we ve got these the fan, corporations, Facebook, Amazon. So on that you have no idea how they work or what they do. This we do, Amazon work. I don't think the next by family amateurs, gear yard, sale it just gets world by holding a glorified. Why yards by selling shit, so people around to go to the store, and I like it, he has no people usually like what gets them in trouble and also undercutting the evil I draw up. The real issue is whether we will have another recession. We, what we will be that's how business cycles work. The question is not whether, but when right, the thing that I'm worried about is how screwed we are when it comes
because, right now we have led you to oblige really screwed. We have we have like think about whose leading our economic policy you have the producer of the Lego, Batman Movie, you have like people who play a economists on tv and people who are merely book trade wars for no good reason and making everything we by including houses in fact, or yours here is gonna ruin Christmas, Yes, that's it that's a there's! Your people can understand from ruin or is real clash as much as a real guns. You have to get a real gunfire goods, but the United States. Christmas could be depressed because of this, because I think it's very possible, and
some good caused a thousand dollars. Why? Because you know the running on ways to retaliate, we don't really. We don't explored enough, but the issue is that we have now placed tariffs on two hundred and fifty billion dollars worth of chinese goods and it's gonna hit. Basically, all of your favorite Christmas presents Mittens computer outbreak by another ugly neckties. They might be. I might not arch reptile scanner January, so began. All men of their country's central plan can improve Christmas.
We need an instrument to teach us the true meaning of Christmas, that it's about the Jubilee Undergrown Chagrined shows you change your hearts or who knows what the real problem is. We ve lost the ability to respond to these things. Interest rates are not high enough to be lowered. In response to a crash. We we have with pissed away our ability to respond to a serious economic crash and there's another one coming as the last one was completely actually that the bigger problem than monetary policy being sorted here. Is fiscal policy be higher wages? Would ass this enormous tax gotta know under the dockers? It now is gonna, be a trillion dollars the duchess. What we run up in a year. Remember, dementia always want of money. Remember when the tea party very upset when Obama is running, of deficits that, where necessary, take us out of the bushes research shows that when doing so again, I have to say what was it about Obama? Where is intolerable but it's a little late, but where are they weren't? There is every single thing like this, which is not what we need.
Bring about Burma. I came out encampment my finger on when you think about the, as you will be about the way that so many households, economic security, is completely collapsed in the last few decades. That's not just this financial stop, that's also the cost of housing and healthcare and, though, is getting more expense. Arabs we put aside the lumber on steel. Automated cycling design can lie in the price of because the House builders and the zoning regulations favour those who already own profit, but I have a solution in regulations are set at a local level. If I'm not that right, that's why you need to change. The rapporteur does not have to do with anything we're talking, because make do with your life? If you cannot afford a house if you can get on the housing ladder, because it so expensive- and that is the reality,
ok, you're solution, and then I want- and I was in Mogadishu, gay and all you in somalia- things really really long about you, you been all I ever. I have covered some of this stuff and so on with this report has been smaller for six months and who knew his way around. So we go down that a market surrounded by by armed Somalis that we ve hired to protect us gives you can't go anywhere without em, but even so, he is carrying a glass nine millimeter, any we get down to the market Mogadishu. They pulls out this guy, I've. Never seen a reporter carry a gun in my life and holds it up in here. Rats around big, dramatic gesture and I'm looking at my what any good like a maniac visas. I call it the visa card of the future. So
I never would have eating our pets. This whole discussion makes me think that you know this word elite, everyone hates elites, and we all when you hear that word have a different idea when, when you say elite, you're thinking of something completely different of what and when I hear relate, I think of Bread Cavanaugh. That's exactly who, I think, the guy who went to the asshole factory prep school right, which may It may not be why you things can get away with doing anything who you know, Heritage foundation all through this pipeline. You can be mediocre and still it bans that to me who that's who the elites are- and I think when the Trump people talk about the elites, not that you're necessarily a trump person. It's like liberal arts, professor and overlap, whereupon I can use the word- and I only referring to smart people when dad I use the word elite, their referring to rich people, I'm just
boils down to that's your right. When I led, I mean like wise, ass plunder to appear on tv that we're all wicked we're all elite, but I think the most important thing is not whose in it but the but the elite ism are uniquely test. Are you in favour of things to help the people at the top, or are you in favour of policy working in the other part of what you think of my writing authorities to both these honestly. You blow to understand both parties have totally let people doubt for decades, and that is why we need something new that this is crazy about politics. I sought this week but Cavanaugh. It's like everything with trumpet world divided into two realities, obvious truth and a crazy conspiracy? Theory: either it right now. I've thought about this is exactly what happened in that room in nineteen. Eighty two and I did some research on this rap drowned.
To hold back and dine with trauma, doesn't necessarily make you remember everything better, but also the fact that it was trauma. I'm pretty sure something happened that severely traumatized this woman, but they want us to believe that she had no travel back in time from when she was fifteen to fuck up red carbon online and put a witness in the room. I put a witness in the room and the one asking for the FBI investigation believe anything from Trump world. You have to like it into this. It's like didn't. I rubbed strange as it is our line to the FBI. You go to you go to jail. She's saying I want to talk to you the ice he's saying and his friends, and now I don't want to talk the that, should tell you everything you need. Please keep your eye on the ball down. That's that's or some other bottle.
Very well. I think one Republicans are doing is keeping their eye on their constituency. They put it. It started out, as were all about the rich people, but there are enough. Rich people to get them elected, so we gotta bring in the room so less throughout some gun stuff, but mostly less throughout some God, stuff, and then all religious people flock around in the boy want aboard shots. I mean it, but that's the eye on the ball. For them, abortion, Brett, Cavanaugh, Catholic Command, Catholics teach you especially his bringing its always wrong. You know he's gonna get rid of rope verses way. They know that and its everything about getting bread cabinet for Trump there's a lot of conservative justices. Who might do that? There's only one who's on record, saying you can't ever ever go after a president when is in office for trumpet
it has to be this one guy, which may be why they don't wanna. Put him right. Why me there's thereby a long list of thirty two right wing justices waiting in the wings they could easily swap them out. There is a reason why they haven't It's got believing masturbation illegal. That's what worries me who because we're talking Catholicism years, not just abortion neural by setting the hearings, the birth control pills are abortifacient and they're. Not I mean you know It doesn't even understand simple science for capturing when you travel it's when you talk like tat and you use language like the rooms and all the rest, with the almost think. That is exactly the reason.
Have you got a lot going gotta? You call for your full, but you know that you called me Ruby. You ask, could have the balls to ride like they would have voted for Hilary anywhere that our work is soldiers. They isis idea that we can talk about the two things that I wanted to say: stupid and racists, even though check and check their own economic, but but I wouldn't have one last question about how every time we seem to get to one of these things, these scandals or big news stories, Behoof countries watching it- it just makes us more divine. Yes, the people pushing away even further and it's like the Republican Party, is just becoming ok. We see the you know the eleven men women older. Why
men on the Judiciary Committee. It looks like the town elders of banned dancing on, but- and I heard ten crews this week- he's attacking better Orourke because he was in a rock band brother or my brother. What year are not living in and then I look at the statistics work becoming divided by party gender wise, I mean there's going to be no women in the Republican Party married women, married women are I will leave you to what you say about marriage and say what I've been about and they didn't even like Hilary that much and she one sixty three to thirty two unmarried women of all races, we're dividing now by gender. We are delighted by gender for a long time. Not now does not have that right. I mean, I know what it is.
Like since nineteen eighty million women, whose language about where the largest big now wait a year until Cavenaugh or clone, is on the Supreme Court and Roas overturned. And we go back to I'm old enough to remember a kid. My high school girl, my high school, who just stop coming to school one day. Could she died from from becoming septic from an illegal abortion in nineteen sixty seven sixty six would have so you think of the dominant. Let's get elected. Suddenly America will love it. I think, if the real, if, if this, if this gets overturned, no gonna general, you got women who are under forty who have no idea what it's like to live in a country where abort we're we're women get abortions, go to jail, not get people who prevented
ocean I may have done by making chip away at it. There are a number of cases that are working themselves through the lower courts at this point. All of these test cases from various red states that are trying to cut back on your ability to get abortion based on the number of weeks or whether the hospital has a like a hallway, that's wide enough for whenever there are all these test case, that's not. That area is one of the rules real. You know, they're all of these test cases working their waste for the courts and even if you don't end up overturning Roby Wade, entirely you're gonna see the steady shipping. Way at abortion rights and those who would exacerbate the agenda in order to organise a trump was one of his daddy needs. Love rallies lesson in LAS Vegas. Again all this talk about the Democrats are just as bad. He said if the Democrats, when you can have rampant crime totally, Unlimited immigration and the collapse
the economy and the collapse of Medicare one party, certainly this one president, just pull shit out of his ass says anything. That alone should tell you. There is a difference. Various toddlers- and I have heard an ovum industry about Donald Draw now really is gonna. Get to thank you panel. It's time for prestige, auction house, which caused this nineteen. Seventy two David Hockney painting one of the great masterpieces and says it encapsulates the essence of the tremendous complexity that exists within human relationships has to admit it could just be a guide trying to tell his brother There is ready they're all as that of arguing about Ernie and birds. Sex life I mean there are
lesbians. We have to answer the real question: why don't they have jobs Bob bills. Dora Spores Thomas Poles of TRAIN Ernie and Bird just do what he had to hang out is their money in that I am asking for a friend Euro all married couples ended decide which makes the more happy training there a reptile dysfunction or getting a reverse Morgan,
was to be, let alone that's why I'm doing because, according to the pictures I see in magazines, I can stop from coming to the House The level of satisfaction is exactly the same erected dysfunction, perverse Morgan, a reptile dysfunction, rebirth mortgage, maybe you're. One of those couples that enjoys the beach erected dysfunction. Drugs make the beach awesome. You know what else does getting a reverse mortgage euro of Roger Stone wants to be taken seriously. We must stop dressing like a batman.
Helen there's, no, it doesn't say political consulted. It says my umbrella raise purple knockout gas neural the two people at every crowded, Are you decide the best placed to stand and talk is in? The doorway must be found. Call just to see if they're the same assholes will block the intersection, when my light turns green and finally new rule. Now that the 25th amendment, the one about removing a president who is incapacitated, keeps popping up in the news, someone has to explain to me if it was written specifically for this guy, then who
is it for. According to Bomb Woodward's book trumps lawyers told Robert Mahler. The trump could not testify because he was incapable of telling the truth. What sling blades lawyer argues when he when he is accused of murder. My client is incompetent to stand trial, knowing so everyone by now knows the Trump is a narcissist. But we have to stop treating that like it's, an unfortunate personality, tick and start treating it like what it is. A serious and danger
mental illness front likes to tag everything within history. He did it again this week. We the greatest economy ever they save our. It's always bullshit, but in this one area he really might be the most extreme case of narcissistic personality disorder in history, Nixon was bad at the end. He was talking to the White House paintings, but trumped things the paintings or don't I have one drop masterpiece,
see fantasize about himself masturbating. This isn't a cork like having a fear of clowns calling your wife, mommy it's in the big book of crazy trump sets up a hundred bucks. A week and which I saw them, but all is flaws, are really outgrowths of one thing: if there was a nutrition labour on his
ass. It would, it would say thirty. Five percent saxony nurses, ISM is why he has no empathy. His first thought after the planes at the towers on nine eleven was now my building is the tallest. His whole life is the old joke about the doktor who tells us patient. I've got good news and bad news, the bed, you only got a week to live the Good NEWS. You see my nurse ambassador. It's an narcissism. Is white Trump can be a trader and think he's a patriot, because it's like what J, F K said: ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do
me nurses was- is why our government is now so corrupt, because the only quality that matters is being an unbearable suck ass. Trump, no president, has consulted more widely or talked with more people. More backgrounds to seek input about us Cream court nomination please go ahead and that president cannot be prosecuted narcissism is why we have a foreign policy based entirely on whether or not when our leader means your leader. He thinks they like him. He set about President Jean, I like it, and I believe he likes me a lot o. I hope so
Maybe you guys can watch the notebook together a great each other's hair, same thing with Putin. He said I hope I like him. I hope you flags me and then there this body in North Korea. I just came on. Stage and I was told that Kim Jong one said some terrific things great, maybe I'll sign your tits. All you gotta do is say something nice Donald Trump is the world's cheapest date. Like I like him. Who knows what's gonna happen like what you're gonna flock.
Who cares whether other heads of state like ours, these other leaders are laughing at him is a potent The Kremlin going a little be lengthened me I wouldn't boys it myself with my God bubble. Drugged like me thanks help me of me. I send the drop and most chillingly narcissism is why Trumpery so stupid. The president of the United States, the planet's most powerful human in a data driven world full of shifting information, can never learn. Anything narcissism makes you on teachable. You can't corrected because that would mean he was wrong and that's impossible. He's infallible like the Pope or Oprah trumps brain.
It is like a cell phone with a full mailbox. You can call, but you can't leave a message all right I'll be at the Mirage in Vegas October 26th and 27th at the castle theater I'm going to Louis Hawaii December 30th at the Blaisdell in Honolulu. On new year's eve, I want to thank Tom, Hartman Catherine Rampell Log onto HBO, DOT, com.
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