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Ep. #475: Doris Kearns Goodwin, Jeff Bridges

2018-10-06 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Doris Kearns Goodwin, Jeff Bridges, David Jolly, Soledad O’Brien, Andrew Sullivan (Originally aired 10/05/18)

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO making in real time, Rite
applause lasted longer than the whole FBI investigation. Well, you're gonna bite the bullet. They gonna do it. They gonna confirmed justice, read so low cup he's going you there's room, Gordon, I'm gonna jointly beach, weak Ralph Club. I think I'm gonna now. The big question is where it is: beer go to get its reputation by that's the only time. All week I got cheer up with today when I saw that video of Trump walking up on therefore run with the toilet paper on issue. Doing two things about that. A very said: one, the toilet paper was very embarrassed and to that is the f B. I report on his shoe was a total sham in other some things about this, that we will never know. I account for that, but you know what they would bothers. Alot of people bothers me is that for sure,
this. Guy is a liar also what a huge drunk maybe not now but were, and the FBI report was a sham. They had no time to do a danger, but all of nine people Trump said. Can I get these eyes to do my crimes and the FBI allowed no walk and no no walk it? Is the FBI repudiates along the apart? I love this. They issued their report the f B. I did so so secret so sensitive that the way they had to be read. Senators wanting to time went into a little secure Rome lined up in read. The report then went out. This is our.
Run a train on democracy, Ladys and my favorite detail of the whole thing is according to a police report when he was in college bread cabin. I started a buyer fight after going to the EU, be forty concert in thought. He saw the EU, be forty lead singer in the guy said. No, I'm not. Bread cannot arise out of my way. You be forty. Also trunk says when he done so wife, I've today's having trump and a lot of reports Look it's already running on this. The base. Cavanaugh, then, that this drink beer,
Is it Georgia, like I, wear a robe all day and drink beer what's not to like, but not too worried? I don't know if you saw but Susan Collins, the moderate Republican today I didn't outbreak gap. It always was that liberal. While I was really lightened by her speech and then read, Cavenaugh himself wrote an a ed in the wall. Street journal this week and he admitted he said I was very emotional. Last week he said. I know tone was wrong. I said a few things I should not have said clearly company. You know your next
marine corps justice sound. Just like an abusive husband trying to talk that way back into the bedroom. I've got a few things. I should judge galvanised that he was just doing the best he could. He said it's just that I've never acted before and the name of this editorial of this was. I am an independent, impartial judge, cash. You didn't get Pointed than he wrote right in the article, I believe, an independent, impartial judiciary is essential to the constitutional health of this republic. Oh and also fuck, the cliff-
how can we gonna grab the incredibly solitude Jeff Bridges, but first up Jeff grudges easier? I haven't seen a move in the last thirty five years. First step she's a due time. Bullets are prize winners. Latest book is leadership in turbulent times. America's historian achieved doors, Kerns Goodwin. Thank you for coming. It's great to see you. I won't burden you with all the Supreme Court Joergen this showed tonight, but I just want to ask, because we often hear from historians that we ve seen this before with Congress. People have acted, lousy in President's the Supreme Court. I feel was always kind of on a pedestal
Is this allow, or were they acting like idiots before, I think it is a low in my lifetime, which is not short. I mean the partisanship that we saw to alternate realities during the cabin our hearings growing one and other that had nothing to do with each other, but I can go back as in a story and cause I've lived with guys in the past. There were lower moments. Just imagine this. In the eighteen fifties there was a congressmen from South Carolina and he came into the Senate floor. Any hit the Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner over the head with a cane falls into unconsciousness, but the most important things the south he's made a hero. Justice Cavanaugh has been made a hero. Now they all had. Keynes. They gave him a golden came, but in the north hears the positive thing it mobilise the end I slavery sentiment in the north. They got stronger the Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln than produces Abraham Lincoln. So if we can awaken from this new low and the citizens can get active again, we can make
something from this moment. I believe you know it's. Why is no choice but to be optimistic? What another thing to just wallow in it? We can we get wall we on the other. We know no fun you'll get toilet paper stuck in here. I don't know what that means, that what is needed is I've ever see IRAN age reality. Let fly okay! Well, you know, when you, Sir, do with a hero in the south reminded me of the guy who heckled Obama said you lie, and then he was in the south right, maybe the south, is the problem Maybe we should let them go. Now now act, and that is the whole point in this. I played this, although that, when you're in the cities is just like anywhere else, it's
please it's not a stating its a city, verses country thing why you know that's what happened at the turn of the twentieth century had a very similar situation to now the cities were growing the people in rural areas felt cut off from there. I had a lot of new inventions. The pace of life was speeding up the gilded age gap between the rich and the poor, but luckily than a leader came along with a lot of populist spirit, a lot of anti Semitism and Teddy rose came along and he was able to channel all that emotion into something he called the square deal between the rich and the poor. I mean he was like Trump. He came in from a privileged backgrounds, but he learned empathy through. Politics. He learned to goaded slums and see what it was like that these other people to live for he's not like draw now is certain. Now empathy is the most important characteristic in a leader, and it's it's what's missing in the current president. Will remedy this model behold menu, historians and yours, we pre eminent among them. I would consider you premises.
Areas of all very misinterpret areas. Where love to be that, you are thank you for among equals view non latins, bigger, like Zeus, was free, misinterpret, ok, show our right to do so. Is the question, but you all seem to say I guess you're all optimists that you know we ve seen worse before have we did we ever have a trader president, because I really Do you think we have a trader as a president, someone who plainly and out and put out an open sides with them? Not US attacks are Justice Department, Are FBI? Rca says he agrees with Putin. I could go on with the list of things that I consider traitorous. Somehow his agenda and pollutants are exactly the same all the time coincidence, possibly. Did we ever have that I'll tell you. I dont know that we need to go to that direction. Right now, the Mahler investigation will show us. Whatever is gonna, come forth on that right now we just have to understand that we have a president.
With no capacity. What could be more important than if the now now what's more important is that we have to persuade other people of why we have to go against Mr Trump right now, because he's a year later now, because using that language is not going to reach the people that you want to read what language would you lie? We here's what I use. I used the fact that this man has no humility, which is an important point of every president, all that he has no empathy that he has no resilience, that he says that the reason he so humble is because the present- because the Pope is very very humble, justly Donald Trump. I mean you can't think that way that you can't. You can't be a person who says that the most important thing is never to lose, that you always have to win. Every president have study has gone through adversity and they came out stronger at the other end, Ernest Hemingway said everyone is broken by life, but sometimes are stronger in the broken places, he says, he's never experienced lost
and that's. Why has the very very best temperament of anyone whose run use those ordinary kind of things and that's what of them persuade people? They can see that this is not a leader. This is not a man whose experienced any kind of empathy for other people. That's what you have to do very well. Have we ever had a leader who was such a coldly? I feel like more than any president I've ever seen. It's called the matter what he Does they stay with him? When you know it's him? listing. I mean I think, when, after your came in to the presidency, people believe
in him so much, but the difference was at his word was his God and he made his promises real. When I first got in I'm somebody wrote a letter and they said my roof fell off. My dogs run away. I don't have a job. My wife is mad at me, but you are there and now everything's. Ok, but the point is that he made everything. Ok, he gave those fireside chats and people felt he was actually talking to them and he made good on his promises that the important thing to keep one word, which is why not President Trump is done. People felt so close to fifty are that they fell. Like he was actually in their living room when he was on the radio with them. This is a story of a construction worker running home one night and his partner said where you going. I said what my present is he's coming to speak to me in my living room. I have to be there to greet him when he comes that's the kind of president you need who can deal with the citizens. They feel like he's their friend. That is not the same thing as being a cold. President. Wear
thus believe, whatever you say somehow, but you're not giving them what they really hope for that has that gap that we never have seen this before. We will never seen this. Ok, I don't think so. It's had other presidents have been pretty bad, but but not to this level of their relation. Ship with a citizen ray, I think, do you think if, in twenty twenty he loses the election whole leave, because Hillary Clinton now is on my page saying no I made myself believe me. We have come a long way and of course he will about so many things and then he of course, he's archival, maybe they'll give him a room in the White House somewhere and can move surrounded by now that we have to believe in the institutions of our country. Oh, I really believe you will be carried out if he doesn't want to leave
Well, you have to believe you have to believe in the military. You have to believe in the other institutions of the country. The checks and balances will step forward. If he's wrote it out you, the people say he should be gone in. That's the answer. We have to awaken the citizen's right now. You're gonna be spectators. You gotta believe in the people, a mature, we're living in error anymore and also the people with the guns like him. It doesn't matter I just don't know as the gun. Now it matters who s the guns but you're being much to pass. I gotta do something with you. I gotta make you more active. I will do so you don't they get good violent, it's possible, it could get violent. All one of the things Lincoln bigger value around now. Here's the thing in fact that with violence in the eighteen, thirty and forty and Lincoln
even amazing lecture, in which he said that the rule of law was what had to be reinstituted in people's minds, and he said that everybody should be reading the revolution in the constitution at night to their children like you'd, read the Bible to them, and then, if we remember our history will remember the ideals of who we are, and we will not allow these sittings to. How do you think Donald Trump would ever good denomination now I do. Did you think you could do so? you're better predictor than two thousand a year, a better historic ignore history at our peril. If no don't look back on these other times when a leader Kane Look, they got us through the depression. Sdr did Abraham Lincoln gotta through the civil war and L B.
Might be J who I worked with when I was twenty four years old, he had bi partisanship in the Congress. Those two sides came together: civil rights voting Rights, Medicare, a d education. We ve done this before we can do it again. Thank you for making large were New York magazine our regarding job at Andrews, Oliver unresolved reactors reciprocated Sunday morning, news show a matter of fact. It is a correspondent embryos, real sport, solid out, o Brien Republic. In the? U S, Congress representing Florida is third do just now. We love em David Jolly, and we appreciate that. Oh and our special is on a week from next week. There were no live shown. The twelve there than the nineteenth our anniversary special in our regular times, was twenty five years of me on television saving this allotted speaking in it. We have a lot of wonderful witnesses, are right and don't forget to finish your questions were tonight's overtime, so we can answer them on Youtube or it. So it's one month before the election, we're gonna have to just move past the work the bread cabinet was on the Supreme Court because we talk about the last three weeks and I'm a little sick of hanging and he's on. So let's move forward republicans
have closed. The enthusiasm gap in July was ten points. Now it's almost even that's people who viewed the mid terms as very important and are going to get out to vote. So that's not good news for the Democratic Party and they say it is because of bread, Cavanaugh and this circus. We ve just been watching why? Why did that close this gap? There was brilliant bake, creative and aggrieved an grieved man who was crying and angry and they move the focus of the questions of perjury, offer the question Does this person suited for the Supreme Court and really had put the argument in the court where people are interested and feel very emotionally about it? So I do think that draws republicans into saying this is unfair and they are very into
I think you're gonna see that gap widen up again actually, and I think you're going to see a Democrats who are now especially women, absolutely furious. I would not underestimate the fury, the anger and and the motivation to organise among women, so I think it is going to have the polling suggests that part of the reason for the summing up of the Republicans is women and Republican Party responding to weigh the democratic treated brick. Haven't I care about women in the republican Party. The the the important part here about the enthusiasm spike among Republicans is that it is among republic it. It is not among independence. Republicans are now more excited, but among independence, you know what they learn today. There is no more, wing of the Republican Party. That was the message learn today, But Susan Collins is not a moderate bob. Corker is not a maverick and Jeff Lake is not going to be the next president. United States
is no moderate wing of the Republican Party and Republicans might be more excited over cabin other areas, but it sitting by air every Friday that, through the moderate ring lightly independence, the India hindrance are not going to trend republican afternoons. They want it wasn't. It was a lot of people looked at this process and they say they were creating a person. Offended is a nice father. He seemed to be genuinely upset. Wouldn't you be genuine upset? If something you really didn't believe happened was thought you were suddenly accuse. Would you not be genuinely upset? She? Let me orange. If the media then went on accused of having gang rapes of of a report is going out asking any body in high school. I told you on this job interview had we worry about. I am but when the question ass was about the election and how they are going to use this, that's what I want to get too because that's what's forward and I think you're onto something here. I think what they're going to be running on. Is the Democrats
We know there socialists, because the couple of people- and we have already far out because that word is scary and then their social justice warriors- and there are social justice warriors who are crazy enough in this country. I fight with the Baltic dive who they they lend enough credence. It is to make people think. Oh, you know what they're going to go. My high school record, that's fair game now and it becomes sort of aid Privacy thing look. What happened is that the Democrats and I have to say the mainstream media made this known about bright cabinet, but about all white men, how or why essentially wanna be rapists. I won't white men of the problem, the way
ordinary, regular people. Why don't philosophic, clearly you're a victim to take one individual and use that individual to say all white men of his which railways are actually we everyone's that's absolute personal way? Everyone did not say that Louis Tom Ridge about how this everything horrible about white male proven. Oh, that's what you're breaking my heart? Absolutely not! That is absolutely untrue, and I understood older people sent a message. Is that somehow white men are aggrieved here in a manner its blinders chain. That windows kind arise when you, when you make a negative generally ration about. Let me finish, for goodness sake, Carry on bid that when you took twenty took take one individual and you accuse it.
Tie a group of people which wasn t on carry off the agenda and the closing angrily. I wasn't, let's go, let's move best, this blinkers on board already. I will just leave it and would say is I am sympathetic to the point of view your expressing, but not this exact pointy. I dont think that it was. It was moved. Or to that level either, but I do think that winter said it's a very scary time for young men. Yes, that's get out the world's smallest violin, but I think but the way we wait. Let me just ask a question. First. Ok, it does seem like things of moors more from listen to any woman who says she's been wrong, which is the right thing to do to automatically believe here's the new
what scare hears what Republicans got wrong bill and in your right look we all get to choose who we believe I choose to believe doktor forward. Other Republicans choose to believe Judge Cavanaugh. We will never know, but you choose who you want to believe. Here's what the Republicans got fundamentally wrong. We now have report parents telling their republican kids that this is a or on young men the message to them. Publican parents need to tell their sons
is that no money, no and don't sexually assault women, every suburban mom knows that what happened in Washington today is the Republicans did not believe doctor, for that is the only translation that happen today. They said it was credible. They said we start actor, but they did not believe they citizens what they say in the culture like us. There has to be some benefit of the doubt, but people if it's a single accusation make someone guilty than our entire system. As you know, we note the outs not that they believed her didn't believe they don't care they. They care about. Bread on this point there is it is. It is a job interview and guess what if someone comes to a job interview and they have been credibly,
accused of sexual assault and then they sit in a fair and yet with people and cry and get hysterical and are very partisan. You could say, as an interview over of private person, maybe you're not right for this job there, but it's not a trial, but there is a culture here in which you give people a fair chance. I think people felt there was an onslaught against the sky and they reacted defensively. Understandably, and look when you We talk about white men in general, I'm not saying white men. I don't have a lot to answer for I'm saying when you generalised that way: you're telling every white man the country you dont want their boat you're telling me
one of them you make them here. I don't know. I can't. I don't think it's about that. I think it's more about high school everyone can relate to. I was an idiot and high school. When I was a moment, I was in great school all school. They have this thing. They used to maybe do this anymore, but it was a big threat from a teacher. This is today's. When parents sided with teachers is most now and they side with their brats say this is going to go on your permanent record. My permanent record bit. All I know is that was drinking boons farm in the parking lot. I never accused of salt as a high school. That's the issue here. Are you telling me the best ivory another can contaminate was Cavanaugh appears at first a further problem, but sleep said be so good. They can ignore you. We say
That, yes, is right. I have bread cabinet to partake. Ok, let's get to that. Some more new wants level Lovett which all vulnerable right we ve very vulnerable and we all our privacy is vulnerable online. The next generation was coming up is going to be extremely vulnerable. Any politician doesn't have addictive floating out. There is going to be very vulnerable and when we, when we out this, when we our people's private lives and the way we make them very vulnerable and I think people respond to that in the right way and I dont want to live in a culture where pulls used to say we don't want you looking in your bedroom and now they say we want to know exactly what you did your bedroom when and where and that's not a culture. I want to live. He was radically to come first of all thirty six years ago, as a teenager. Yes, I should have said you know what I drank a lot in high school every by riot and he's a liar remembers a liar, but the situation, if we're going to get back to that- and I guess we, I guess, there's no avoiding it. Ok, it is fine,
minutes in a room. We don't know what happened exactly it could have on on one end of it. It could have been completely premeditated. He and his evil friend Mark Judge could is broken, a rape this girl tonight- and this is how we're gonna do our we're gonna get blind, drunk and we're gonna blah blah blah or could have been too asshole seventeen year old morons who got blind, drunk and malignant scare this this girl and they jumped honour. I mean it is a little weird that the third guide, the second guy, the third person jumps on the pile. I want to know why. Why did he jump on the pilot? Was it to stop? It was to join it. I mean it's a
weird and then the wind upon the floor. This at least allows the possibility that this wasn't unintended rate absolutely, which is why you have an investigation and exact again. No one argument had, I think, by the EU is involved in gang rapes, that kind of stuff. When we did then became absolutely open court for anybody to make any accusation what I would call it didn't happen, and there are a number of senators. That's ridiculous! We're never gonna know the answer to this, but we should expect more of our political leaders than we expected the principles of our eyes. Yeah we're never gonna be. Why has the Republican Party thrust this upon us and, and you can say, Democrats played all the antics in the world are not, and I will give you that, but the hierarchy
would have been to withdraw Brett Cavanaugh and put another justice that the president can not be indicted or and as regards why he was wandering. I oppose denomination wouldn't be great if we were able to decide these issues on those relevant issues Robin having this really awful thing, which no one actually one, and we see the country tore itself even further little or various end to your point about what I call the hand ringers Carcass Jeff Lake and
Susan Collins, and the same ones were always waiting to do the right thing. It may never do the right thing, but but you know what they feel bad about it and goes hack, that you know what you feel so bad about it either thing don't do the right thing, but you can't be like, and I got so bad about it, but it's our Lucy would mean moves into very concerned and then goes into very troubled, like that's always a thing, and then they votes exactly along party lines. They ve already run. This is the clothes on chapter of the moderate wing of the Republican Party. There is not one unless declare that to say: ok, so listen. I husband trolling me lately a couple of weeks ago. I was doing something to show your talking about him talking about Kim Jong own when he said. Oh, he likes me. I like him, who knows what's going to happen and I was like what are you gonna fuck? I then this week. Did you see what drum said? Look at it I will go back and forth.
And then we fell in love. Not really. He won't be beautiful letters and a great letters. We fell in love. Well, we got a hold of the letters that we got all the letters that President Rapid Kim Jong. It would have been changing their love. Letters now go back and forth. It starts with came to dawn, goes begged for a deer Donald. I know I had it well, but in my line of work, murderous DES bought.
It's not easy meeting people, but when I see you on my black and white tv suddenly there's a missile programmes in my path. I think about your day and night. I guess you could say I've got an orange crush you Jim, no one's less racist, and I am so don't take this the wrong way, but you had me at heroic giggle the way you took little love. It's gotten owned. I gotta bigger hot on view than I do for you have said, and then came Dear Donald. You make me want to be a better tyrant. I long to run my fingers through whatever that is on your you're, like no one. I've ever met fat
And alive and Seventys we Akim, or is it like to call you my dear leader, from behind I love the way we finish each other's sentences like when I said I want to destroy, and we both said America O Donald, that puppy dog look in your eye makes me hungry It's all too good to be true. I never thought I'd be dating a blonde with big did my dearest kid, I'm just a daughter,
standing in front of a little rocket man ass, the love. You are my forbidden love to have your counter our star praising guidelines and they are coming back. I'm a bail out. His documentary living in the future is passed out, but they please welcome Jeff Bridges, other standing. While I know you don't come here unless you have something on your mind, busy guy in a private guy, and I appreciate their, but it's always something important and I know it's the environment is, I watched, you documentary twice its venture stick and
I heard you talk about it. I know you got your interest in the environment first from your father, because he did the ice to watch, that you can't do anything about the ocean before that show, and he saw involved with the with the help of the sea and how important it was that he brought the whole family. And this is about the environment, but it's different in the sense that you're trying to find out. How can we be at such a dire place and still not have reacted? Why are we hard wired human year? Two not react to a slow moving crisis. I don't think so. I think you know you we're we're here wired to breathe new growth fingernails and beat our hearts and stuff like that, but being hard wired to fail. I don't think that's really in our cards it, don't we react only two things that are about a man. Doesn't that the history of our invite
mental reactions this out. We react only two things that are immediate threat. That's the problem! For years, without frog in the pot, the I just I just got. An immediate threat was rescued by helicopter, but the debris flow in Santa Barbara, where twenty two p, were killed? Just briefly to briefly, this is due to the market, the fire. There was a huge fire. The Thomas fire in Santa Barbara, oh yeah, and all the foliage was burned here, comes the debris from the whole hillside, where But where is your house hit our house, but that that was after the movie made here now but brother. It brought it all home we when we we making thinking about making this movie. We didn't want to do a doom and gloom kind of thing eyes enough movies about that.
Want to downplay the seriousness of the situation, but we wanted to shed. We know new light on on the thing and we thought he lets. Let's do something. That's gonna fly the hook up and what's making us take as a species and why we are behind? the way we are in front of this enormous challenge we we have so why haven't done more well, you know to look that foreign if in the future, is not that's not what we really wired for one of my, you is such a tendency to kind of throw up your hands? I know I fight my own cynicism of this whole thing. You know when you think of the the politicians and the news, and in a way, often think of our politicians, are going there? bullshit, it's gonna gonna trickled down, but we cannot wait for these
as to stand the scientific. Well, I didn't I. I can agree with that, because I think the only people who can solve this are is government. I dont think ends hisses like world war, two we're not gonna. Yes, people can save ten and ration, but they're not going to defeat Hitler. It's going to take the government to tell people, we have a carbon, they desperately have a role, but we have a role as individuals, not only in voting nets, very important into boat with people who are in alignment with you thinking how. But here I meant you go, but let me let me just. Can I say my thing? No way, that's don't worry. You're lying here say. Your thing here is the day of this is what I think about just personal responsibility when my heroes is Bucky forward but over here, but it is most Maison. It was the geodesic dome ran, but he made a wonderful observation with
huge oceangoing tankers that we say- and he said the the engineers- were quite challenged by If you get this ginger runner to turn this big ship, it took too much energy to turn that you'd rather had to be too big. So they came up with a beautiful, elegant solution, let's put a little runner on that big runner and that run, it will turn the big runner. The big ready turns the ship and that little run its course. Trim, Tab and Bucky said this is a great metaphor for how the individual is connected to society. We think this is one little individual, but we're connected
unconnected to you. I know it, but the, but the little rudder is in doing that. Its buying it s, you ve world, but that's what this is. This is both a movie heard. You do, I know, but people don't give a shit. You know because we mean that an that's. The problem is that if the government doesn't make all of us, do people look like when the first people to have a previous you- and you know after why you look around like nobody else- is helping why my driving this shitty little thing. You know what I mean you don't like my question, my balls and everybody else is in. If we ve all decided we're going to go over the Grand Canyon, let's just hold hands and go, but I'm not gonna, be the bridle myself of everybody does, including younger people who are more at stake than I do. I've had my fun with the earlier throw your hands up. If you sell now nodded or not at all, but I'm just saying, I think it has to be elected politicians who will make sure that we all it is worth our trimmed Tabs man, but it all connected. We can do you connect ourselves to organisation that Kara Good happy here. There's organisers agents like Amazon conservation to ride with fifty inversions tribes in South America, but protect eighty million acres of rainforest in our stations,
This one at this ban is here just just recent headlines. Last month, Trump Administration wants to make it easier to release methane into the air, try administration wants to make it easier to release mercury. Ba says a little radiation may be healthy. This why we have to just change the government, ok and yeah, but the fact that the government is the way it is that's kind of a wake up. Call man isn't well in this is like this is. Is it is even more about the Republican Party it is it? Is you have to come to range? There is no other right of Centre party anywhere in the well that's right, but doesn't accept reality like the first provided tackle the the ozone layer with Margaret Thatcher for crises in itself. This is an empirical question right right. So what is it that has got into their psyche? That forces them to do more.
You tell me don't force them to deny something that is so obvious right here and now, if you want to conserve the world you want to conserve the planet, you wanna be a conservative. What are you doing? Vandalized replace to cook answers, the emergence of the tea party and twenty and deep, deep, deep pocketed corporate and floors the control room where we're so tribal that, because look
rolls want to save the environment at its worth it to kill myself and die choking on bad air makes liberals cry their lambro, dear colleagues, and everything like this other big story isn't as a sort of apropos. That is why we concentrate on one story and not the other. To me, the giant story will of the week was the New York Times printing, this very, very long, article about trumps origin story. He had always told us, I'm rich, because my father Gimme a small loan of a million dollars. That was always funny to me that he thought that was a small, but he was off four hundred and twelve million apparently is. It was all daddy's money, all along all through his life from the age of three years old. It was all daddy's money and it was fraud, money that Fred Trump passed a billion dollars to his kids and should have paid fibre
Fifty millions in inheritance taxes on it. That's the law paid fifty, so they treated the government out of five hundred million dollars. White is not resident, resonate with people that it was. He is gone right. I don't even tie it was its days ago and we have no surprises, no surprises well its interest. In the size of a disease surprise. I don't act like that. Just point, listen? We we ve always known this present as a con man right, and so he engaged in tax planning, but he also engage in tax fraud that was in the New York Times article deliberate tax fraud. I think the big take away from the New York Times story is what is TAT while business person Donald Trump ACT here is the fact that this is a guy guide. It we know, was born on third base and the it instead of stealing homestead second, you figured out how to use everything your father gave an asteroid. They all right. This is an obvious obvious,
thing for them to use here is bilking the working classes screw. People had re using on its taxes with owning two hundred grand a year at age. Three and they banana grants can't use that's right actively. He loves the military. Lobes is incredible: policing loves the vets, but not enough to pay. One diamond taxis wasn't worth them now. I know, but no, I guess that's why you're here longer, thereby out of him for stealing from the government. That's where the Republican Party do. You think that's where they are proud of him for stealing from you that that system and let someone we just the way when this tax could that's running up the dead. That's don't hurt them. In the end, we are now paying more to service the dead than we pay for Medicare. It's almost five hundred billion dollars a year just paying to banks who have lend us money. When does the windows that common man, the forgotten men, that he said he was Joe Wenders? That guy see that this is the way
devise who's the Toto who's, gonna pull back the curtain, but the malaria help sell that story from the nineteen seventy. They re S times themselves. They consistently and doings ever easily. Provable. Let's check does he always homes that he saying he owns? Let's see was he number one in his class of Wharton, which he was not let's, let's actually sacked check some of this and they never did they like to believe this story. I think it was Tina Brown when she ran an excerpt overbooks he's like. I know it was bullshit, but I I actually unlike the right thing- and I thought I was a convincing story, and so when you do that, people then buy into the midst, don't be surprised when they they follow. That's discreet. His whole life has been constructed law. Yes, it's a potemkin life. It was something he wanted to be right, but no it wasn t down, he doesn't happen and out of the ability to be and he's managed to pull, lay this incredible pandora's came into the presidency. The United States is still doing its right to vegetate did now whatever it is. It is an amazing spell. He's able to
Catherine forty eight is. It is a serious man of unbelievable skill. Your work here is whether the city and and cunning and absolute ruthlessness- and I think we keep underestimating how dangerous the person is, and this phenomenon with rage wager my final question, because what my pencil there. Today talking about China, I haven't seen MIKE Pence in a while. I don't know what I mean is that those people say this is the weak trump became president last week or is the weak Lindsey Graham became vice president lilies auditioning for sound turning down? Ok, but lit about the terms set it at the? U, when he said, China has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eighteen election. They do not want may I thought she was his best friend there's another guys that he was in love with what happened to that. They do not want me
to win, because I am the first year bullshit. Whatever then my pants today, China has initiated an unprecedented ever do influence american public opinion, the twenty eighteen Tina change. Trumps leadership is working. China wants a different american president, everybody, whereas this is so dangerous, because rhetoric, often Russia, first of all, right well knew that Anti China. I think a strategy number one and number two is when he loses the twenty twenty election. It's because China was meddling. It's also this setting this up Donald Trump declared a trade war that is losing China's beating him and China's bidding them in his back here, and China is smart enough to target the constituencies that elected Donald Trump and these terrified that he's not smart enough to compete with the United to think so. He's ITALY hacking them. They don't seem to think there and
Wolden doesn't what's interesting. Also on this front, let's give him credit. You know he did. This is an improvement on after that you do this week. He is capable of doing these traits. Tat has been, I think, topic on China, and I think it's amazing how many people have said. You know we should have been tougher on China for quite a while. Don't that's a strong point of view. There are places its right to Saint listened. China have she's an ip fast track. Resolutions would absolutely where I'm not gonna salaries for China, while you're at it is these little real. What he's come up against in China is. China has been smart enough to out play him. China is targeting in the trade war the very constituencies they got him. The extra ninety thousand votes that elected into the White House and these terrified that he's losing their jobs. The development of those regions upon doubtful directly. Can I call you your for their last question. Journalists have begun to see themselves as vanguard of a cultural revolution rather than sceptics of everything. What do you mean by that? I mean particularly during this
cultural Revolution around gender and race in which, in which newspaper, the magazine. I felt this particularly during this period, where the cabin a nomination in which these journalists were attempting to fight for one side and now I am not a fox news but I have seen the mainstream media last to use shipped to such. Situation where I think they really are fermenting agree with a very left wing ideology that is coming through in all their articles entities alienating a lot of regular normal people is The alienating even younger people in some respects, especially want young white men and they need and Trump has done this to him. Tromp has evoke the same. Creative mania, an ideology in them and- and everything has to be one but he did he demonstrates in himself, and so I think this is incurred, we dangerous moment for our culture. I mean the media, I dont trust anymore and I've seen
Nobody I saw mainstream media from second thought. Cabinet could be innocent just for second, whereas in fact they were eager to prove that would only that he was guilty of everything he represented, he d be destroyed. I think I'm glad we're home thing when you arrive said that every time an overstatement and when you talk about regular and normal, we should all know you're talking about white men. I get it. That's your perspective on it all the time that I'm talking about white women, I'm talking about black men and black, wouldn't why do you think that everyone of one race, or simply a certain way, it's very diverse?
first of all, but listen at the end of the day, what people think it was not a trial. This is what you are right. We have to stop fighting it's time for comedy you kind of new rules that making such a big deal over the Instagram trend of women paging near Reverend, like upon get what I call the crack a lantern. I hate it when we're late for a party because she's still putting on her ass. I say it's Alloway, do whatever you want. Just don't call me Peter Beater, fewer old people with comfort animals carry on tar cases in special dietary restrictions. Most all fly on one carrier call pain in the ass airlines will be closing at thirty seven thousand faded. None of those feed have theirs use. Neuro, however, installed these three cracked pipe vending machines on long island must be told. Thank you for your service
really with everyone o dealing on opiates? These days isn't time you took a second look at practiced eye on Bill bar for crack. How many times has this happened? You try heroin, but it's not cut rights almost die well. Now, there's a better way, come back to crack its monopoly or knows the whole Euro seminars to reassure the lonely in cells of America that while they may never get a girl like him car dashi and they can get pretty close,
Euro. Malaria must admit, she's a lot happier when she's halfway around the world from her husband here she is in Africa holding a baby's hand, and here she is in Washington, DC holding a baby and finally, neural liberals must stop chasing conservatives out of restaurants. They ve done it. You said how could be sanders they have done. It occurs to Nielsen they ve done it to Stephen Miller and last Monday it happened again when ten crews and his wife went out to dinner and we're bombarded by a chant of we believe survivors. So I'm guessing,
restaurant, MR politely, but this is the new deal. Conservatives get to run America and we get to ruin their dinner. Listen I get it. Nobody wants to see tat grooves when their eating TED crews is what baseball thinks about when it's trying not to come, but we need to get people like TED crews out of power not out of restaurant. This is something Republicans understand way better than Democrats, that real power isn't about making a scene or what makes you feel good and power.
It's a lot like owning rabbits, the more you have the easier it is to get a lot more power begets power. Texas, as very similar demographics to California, but one reason their red and we're blue is we want every citizen to be able to vote and they don't a federal court. Has ruled seven times the Texas Republicans drew their congressional districts with racial. Does We intent, but our federal court will have the final say on this, that the Supreme Court they will, which is why republican so desperately want to get slits Cavenaugh confirm. Even now, he doesn't have the temperament to be a judge on american idol. Those justices protect unlimited campaign spending and voter suppression laws which are more robust.
More justices, Republicans get to pick the more those justices protect. Unlimited campaign spending and voters Suppression laws which helps more Applicants get elected power, begets power, trump loves. To say the system is rigged, I read your president. It leaves out the part that is rigged for them. The electoral college helps Republicans the fact that every state, its two senators, helps reply. Look. It's like envy of Wyoming represents two hundred and eighty seven thousand people come on a represents. Twenty million
Why is Wyoming even estate? Is it does not even a river or any other kind of natural borders? Separated from the other square states is just a square like a copy paste in Colorado. Women forgot them put people. I know I've asked this before, but
Do we really need to decode it? It's like when there's a star box right across the street from another STAR Box, it's Grady or greedy decoders or senators Frio, take a little person and going up to the Bavarian taking half the food. We all failed to notice that as more Americans move to coastal cities in pursuit of high paying jobs is Ober drivers. Rural red states became overrepresented, which is why every election year we have to hear which, on the mind, if everyone in a diner in Iowa, Meanwhile, nobody ever talk to the loser at the coffee being in West Hollywood. Does America
vast army of unemployed screenwriters not count the constitution it's not on our side, Bush. The second and Trump both lost the popular vote. They shouldn't be picking Supreme Court justices at all. Had the demo That's the Democrats, who actually won the popular vote been in the oval office. We now have a Seven too, too liberal majority on the court instead
usual, we all at the pin our hopes this week on Senator Susan Collins of Maine Population, Stephen King, two lobsters and a bear when the deck is this stacked against you and the other party cheats Democrats, have no margin for error or bullshit. You know who you are or complacency report. Guns in Texas were able to draw those districts with racially discriminatory intend because they were this date House Democrats.
Two thousand state legislature seats in the last ten years, can't do it. We just can't do it like that we need to win elections. So we can protect voting rights, so we can win elections. Next one. Next month, there is a referendum on the ballot in Florida. This day, That's so often decides our elections to restore the voting rights of one point, four million ex felons who currently cannot vote. It could turn the blue, which turns America Blue. So next time you want to screw
but a politician moved lard and help change that law, because power begets power and we gotta get some for ourselves and EVA Joly. Joyous Joam, you ever since we have been watching the movie, the nation lover and each be oh dont com.
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