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Ep. #476: Omarosa Manigault Newman, Steve Kornacki

2018-10-13 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Omarosa Manigault Newman, Steve Kornacki, Eddie Glaude, Jr., Reihan Salam, Rebecca Traister. (Originally aired 10/12/18)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO. Real time
a lot of love in this country? A virtuous low knows where this is a stupid. Those we first of all, let me feel bad for the people who got hit by the hurricane. Of course, we wish the least pain possible, but any time is a hurricane, the new
this turns into a where t shirt contest every at them is that they were the reins like writer of much and see it enter our dad for Gordon's fish dicks. What pisses me off is that what super? Not the hurricanes, gets less coverage. Hey media link, those two way. I mean a report from the: U N, given the? U N climate pot juicy this, this week's is that's. Planet has like twenty good years, left
It could become unlivable, I don't mean Tarzan, unlivable livable. Another, like kids, are that it's a great Blake I mean. Can you imagine that a U n report warning about catastrophic damage from climate change drops justice such a hurricane hits only a moron could not see the connection or a trump said. I don't see the connection hurricane is very much on drums might get up whole roll of paper, towels doktor midterms at less than a month away closing! arguments. Trump is calling the Democrats and angry mob we're an angry map and the party of crime, where the mob
or an angry muck. As the only liberals I ever see with the pitchfork or composting he says we're too dangerous to govern where'd you, We're the mob too dangerous to govern, and many mentioned Diane Financing and the crowd started to chant occur, rob that's the thing about alleged, they don't get irony, I didn't woman, they don't like Hilary block erupt. I advise the locker up. Taylor, swift, but now rob why so that Taylor Swift came out for the Democrats. Deficit trumped is does not like that. They did. I think
Taylor Swift remind him of Hilary, a power. For one woman who has been rejected by millions of white men. Now there are reports out. The trump has finally agreed to talk to Robert Mahler will not talk but answer. Fifteen quest in writing. First questions: why did you let Congo in the White House to what is booming three when you do your hair and you're make up and you go outside, you do realize we can see these other this week, but Donald Trump Barbarism and held it a meeting at the White House to stress the importance of mental health.
He didn't mean to put back that's what Well, I mean really, I mean: can you West called for the abolishing the amendment that free the slaves? He said it was a trap door for black, people whatever. That means and tramples like yeah me at bringing back slavery two hundred m in some of the clouds are pretty amazing. He said this is our president. He has to be the freshest, the flies the fly. Explains the best factory is, and we have to make our core be empowered, and
from said. I have no idea what you're saying and I can understand millennia, Trump Gandhi, one saying gold digger one married: what no she's just back from Africa. She said you very happy to be I'm sure. There's no shit hole like, but I mean that at that meeting this week with kind you everywhere, we said he said he was misdiagnose with bipolar disorder, but it was really a matter of sleep deprivation and then colonies
I have problems to kindly wretched for twenty five minutes and Trump just stand there and listen. I thought. Finally, at least we found someone who could make Trump shut the fuck up, obviously with political correspond, another steam corner key is back. Reality shows scar, turned White House eight, whose new book is unhinged insiders account of the trunk White House. I'm arose mangled, no matter. How are you thank for your here, because I don't know whether your liberal or conservative I mean you have wished. Lotta people don't know this before, though, that is not the first White House, you worked right. You worked under our Gore and the Clinton administration, so this is not new to you right now. I've been in politics for twenty years. This year I went into the Clinton administration in ninety ninety eight. How would you compare the two? So
while a ninety. Ninety eight we were going through an investigation by a guy named, can star. We were impeachment, there was a lot of corruption, but there wasn't any kind of corruption there. Gliddon was was colluding with Russia. Now people were sleeping in the Lincoln Bed Room down, but you as a young political, was very interesting to watch round. The investigation took a turn because it started out, fascinating one area and in another, so it was very different, but also Washington doesn't change very much. The president changes by the swamp doesn't change her much Britain.
I don't know about that. Either I feel like the swamp is moved into the White House. I couldn't get swampy, let's get right to it. I saw you I mean, I'm not, I'm sorry a reality chauvelin, but I know you did when, after you left and member seeing an avenue. Rather, ok, I'm member, seeing the promo of you like this going so back there was, I can add, for a horrible wishing it would get out it so bad and how bad is it because I'm the one who's always argued with people in the cedar saying I'll come on. We ve seen worse before, like I don't know about that, I don't know ever seen. This, I don't know if we ever had a trader in the White House, I don't know, if a lot of things have ever been seen before. What do you think? What did you mean new? Should it so what we are having conversations about immigration- and this has before we knew that Donald Trump was separating children from their parents at the borders and putting them in cages,
and so I knew that a lot of that was coming down the pike, and so when I was asked, if it was going to get bad, it got pretty bad and those children are still separated from their parents. Many of them have not been reunited and it's just really unacceptable and I believe that this president is causing, so much damage to the institution. Why'd work I mean you said. Meanwhile, you go to work for me. So busy was your friend. So if someone is personal, but you don't believe in their politics. You can overlook that. Yet you know, I'd loyalty has come we into situations that logic could have gotten me out a lot sooner oils in I was, and I was very loyal to him. I met Donald Trump in two thousand and three road. We did three c and made an end and to ensure a woman I for one man for right, This need your one name like share
Well, I I just said you need one night. I didn't say you have your residency advisers I mean it's a retrial reminds me, I know people who say they may well OJ was nice to me as I but it s just took a left. No, I understand OJ where I know I'm just saying just because somebody's nice to you, I mean you certainly must have known. He was a giant wire. I dont think is personality change. We know it didn't change when it got to the windows. You must have seen the racism and the hatred. And then the lying before you know it's easy to say that hindsight is twenty. Twenty years ago, I didn't know that Donald Trump we're going to be. Insane and unhinged at he as he is- I mean he's so it's worse than when you know I'm on the oranges greatly I mean,
just his his vocabulary he's like six words that he says now huge very soon great hear me back in the board strongly strongly back of course not a word but ok. So so so back in the day. How many did he know EMU a lot more than just cocoa? The gorilla new five hundred, but I didn't like you you're fine, but I did what I had the one they added like as when, after you guys got elected- and you said the thing about Everyone'S- our going up to bow down to Donald Trump that that's. That would the way talk. Is that all you of all people know about saying that one damn thing that everybody just
it was this the first gas to try that exact. I'm not I. I could actually argued Amerika, but but we'll move. I know what I was stupid. It was done, and it is something that I said in the height of campaign hyperbole certainly I dont believe that everybody's going gonna bowed down, but at the time I had an audience of one when you work for trial, you're not going to entertain the audience you're trying to enter during him? Ok, that's the honest answer getting audience of one. Is this what so much of this country is on track? Above all, a Fox news is for an audience of audience of line. That's ok, so I tell me some of the relate. Like I'm very curious about. Did you write about a lot about the Trump Kelly relationship as chief of staff We ve heard many times they hate each other. You call them a moron he's a fucking idiot, I'm gonna get quit you know, but they stay together.
Something that bonds them. What what is it each other in a weird way, out there they're, both very old cantankerous insane guys that are serving in serving the purpose. That kind of enabling each other Kelly was this. This war hero and now he's reduced to getting download from diet, coax and keeping people out of the oval office. I mean it's sad to see: is reputation just reduced to what he's doing right now, so, ok, what about a banker and generate where what is all their White House Cannon Lighthouse Barbie, everybody does it has been in? Are they smart? in general, Jared is the one that is, that is the most inscrutable to me. I can get busy doesn't speak. I
is that what I would be most curious to have dinner with, because he might be smart is political career art it. When Donald Trump decided to announce a y know the right, and so he he's that guy in the room. The thinks he's the smartest guy in the Roma. Actually. No, I know we know is not knowledgeable about the simulate you ass is he's smart. He didn't even know basic political jargon and when you try to correct him, he gives you the kind of posture like. Are you a woman of color, really trying to tell me something and so the sack think about it about Jared is that he doesn't know how stupid he sounds when he's talking.
Vodka is its trump really hard for her. Is it? Is that a thing you know he set it out? I'm just gonna say he's setting ourselves this daughter, it's pretty the news? It's pretty does go dealing raise you at tat age with patter, on that the high costs or on the lips. He would rubber for very long periods of time. I mean it was Keep talking awkward like one of those old. Ninety seven six run people absolute. Was what did she do you man, When I was a reaction to see she just loved it, she loved being daddy, love, love being daddy's little girl. She would always say my
the initial correctors of my father thinks that in then, where this access combine become from better the ten year residing within talking like shit, it very potty mouth. Maybe she cleaned up further for the White House, but ok. Well, Thank you for putting up with my question. Are you ever go to another reality show I know I'm doing a relation right now, but no I mean a lot of projects going. I owe you know excited Christopher did well, thank you for supporting it, but if they think about the book I don't buy, that story was just one chapter I ll go. I intend to tell the rest of the story on various romance.
I'm glad you're on the same, and I give her come and by our showing thank you. I'm an executive better and author, a melting pot or civil war or son of emigrants makes the case against open borders. Ryan's alarm is back when I say again is a restaurant, religion and african american studies at Princeton. Universities latest book is democracy in black, how re still in slaves, the Americans already glowered junior it's about time, she's a rider outlined for New York magazine author of good and mad, the revolutionary power of women's anger returning Champion Rebecca,
traced her eyes over time after the show on Youtube and also of one more time on the dimension next week. In this time, slot is our anniversary. Show I consider it a tribute to the p who have worked on the show its twenty five years? We're going, back to the beginning of politically incorrect in nineteen. Ninety three on some of the people who have worked on this year. I worked on it for twenty five years or twenty four or twenty three so I'll show people have trouble saying I love you accept on camera, but I love you and I want to start with political correctness. Is a friend of mine recently said to me why we losing, I guess, we're not losing officially but considering how awful trump isn't everything else it seems like the Democrats should be doing better, and you know twenty five years ago politically incorrect, I said, like the godfather political, correct
this I believe that would destroy us. Then and I believe that now and I think people vote- Not so much on policy anymore, and I think they followed closely, I think they vote on whose strong they know trumps an idiot, but he looked strong and political correctness weak eighty percent in this new Atlantic story. The problems this pole, Eighty percent of Americans see political correctness as a problem, and I think it's our problem and I dont know why more mainstream liberals don't denounce the political correctness that, they must know in private conversations, is insane and I'm. To give you some examples, but, alas gonna jump in first well, you'd, I looked I there is going to be a blue wave. I think the cavern bump has impacted the recent polls. We probably overstated the possibility of turning the Senate, and so
that's not really a no license we do want to see a shoe you ship in the house, and I hope we do, but I also want to go back to what you said about political correctness, making the left look weak and that that's a bad thing what have we been hearing from the right in its moment of a minority elected party in this country was just able to push through a Supreme Court nominee. They won and what have they been clinging to a narrative about how they were attacked. Poor bread cabinets family, I feel so badly for what happened to him says Donald Trump. The mob is coming for us, Angry mob is out there for us. We ve been attacked they're playing all those notes that you here as weak when they come from the left. The right is trying to get us. That's not what I'm talking about Burma, I'm so go ahead with bill. I actually think Rebecca has a really good point. Everyone in America feels like they're losing right now, Democrats, like they're, losing Republicans feel like they're losing Democrats.
Like their locked out of power, Republicans feel like they have lost the culture and it really is true. Maybe you know you don't agree with that perception, but there are people who really feel as though there are values are being faced. They feel. How did minority and it's crazy, is that might sound a people who disagree with them? I think that feeling is real. I think they're performing loss in a moment of victory. I think it's deeply genuine I think that people really do feel a genuine sense of loss and a loss of cultural power and you're right to suggest that people think that political or in the exercise of political power is one way to push back against a culture that really does give love what the hell do. We mean when we use the phrase political correctness I'll, give it listen. There's like ten stories a week. Let me just give you Scott Kelly, you're familiar the astronaut. Ok, he tweeted one of the greatest leaders of modern time, Sir Winston Churchill said in victory. Magnanimity, I guess, those days are over? How do we? you an apology for that, for quoting Churchill, because
Churchill. I get up lived by the standards. The nineteenth and what we have been ok. I won't let me just vocational finnish, because He said I did not mean to offend by quoting Churchill. My apologies. I will go and educate myself further on his atrocities. This is the guy I who say this from the Nazis and- and you know, he's it- it was a fighter pilot married to we Gifford who was shot and bravely continues on and somebody the people on Twitter and no one denounces and he s to making a power. This is when the trump people go. Yes, you PETE are too fragile, known to be in control of the government on a what what what now? What was the case? What if it was the case that that that he realized that the invocation of Winston Churchill wasn't consistent with what he bowed. But he didn't know everything about Churchill, and then he realized that Churchill igniting really three sanctioned right
starving of India's inbound Bengal, he realized in fact that Turkey was in fact a vehemently commit races to the imperial project. He realized that Churchill did not really. Presented? So what I mean by this? I want to say this really quickly for those been caught on the foot of history. You just can't simply invoke the mandate of history. As a reason to accept certain figures, before you can't just so so Lincoln comes to me. I can. I can embrace Abraham Lincoln right, I can embraces view of democracy, but then I realized that Lincoln held the view that my people matter more than black people, once I understand, Lincoln fully, Lynn embracing all my own terms, but I cannot accept Lincoln just because the declares them is great. I have to accept it.
You at every turn I bring out Lincoln. Do I have to apologise, saying that moment. Will I get what we write off is politically political correctness is correcting a record than has been too simple that we haven't been taught the complexities that the power that we so often are taught to celebrate or admire purely is built, It's on inequity, unbiased that is not often revealed to us and it's a matter of correction and the other problem is but when we focus on these things, like the twitter controversy around hailing Having Winston Churchill we're, We are taking part in representing this as left activism, and this is the left wing when, in fact, our strikes going on air strikes for higher wages strikes in central wrappings individual animals, but we
but when we focused on the flare up on twitter and not another record numbers of women and people of color running for office in the first for the first time and again we ve ever get in your book. I was asking the quest question: why do we lose was just no one's entering the speculative, and I guess my thinking is that I think that both Rebecca Eddie bring up really important points. We are in a moment of incredible cultural flocks and in a moment of cultural flux, people feel really insecure. My own feeling is that that gentleman should have who was guns, but the thing is that he believes he does not know where things are gonna go. Three months are now six months ago. He does not know if he's gonna be anathematised for this. It induces this huge sense of panic, and I do but We have the euro when you're in this kind of moment of flats people trying to figure out how to position themselves. What is the high status thing to do and that's why? I think that
Just everyone feels afraid in this kind of a moment, but if you don't think these purest or doing us harm, I think you're missing a big point. I think they wake up and say: how can we make our club smaller and then they, as I think that you are doing folks on the right and the left, harm, there's conservative, political correctness to yes there. We irony that you can actually make a mistake. The idea that you can't revise your view, overtime, these kind of politics, negation is so incredibly extreme, and I that everyone feels Hound didn't wounded by an excellent. Not everyone. Excuse me, Naturally, everyone on the panel right now, but I do think there are a lot of people who feel very tentative and insecure. Can I go back to your question about why we lose yes, because I think that question about winning and losing often leaves out the that there is one party in this country that has enormous power. And again I mentioned there, not the popularly elected party right, the president is not elected by the majority of american voters and they have a stranglehold on
the very mechanisms that then they can use to suppress. The activism of the left look at the vote. Look lives, oetting key deriving, waited and if you know fifty three thousand voters being suppressed by Brian Camp in Georgia, seventy percent of them black for four hundred and seventy thousand voters purged in Indiana the Supreme Court. This way- With that new member Brett to make a decision. That means that that will effectively disenfranchises native Americans right. These are mechanisms that they can use to make sure they win. The COPE brothers money pouring in as of October, first and part of their other mechanism is to cast their opposition. As whiny snowflake purists, and so they may infer from us frame no use import the powerful frame of dissent when we focus on but grew have to only successful when they call out their praises. The republican
party, doesn't you could say that radical Islam has that problem people calling out the crazies, and I think we have problem too. I mean empty I will not use the term homeless. People affected by homelessness, I'm just saying trump people independently we'll just normal people, not here on the coasts here stuff like that. And they go. You know what I dont know that much about policy, but you know this is It's too fragile. I can't let these people in the oval office, because they're just two week, I think the thorough forgive me There are a lot of liberals who feel exactly this way, and I think that when we are looking at the voices that are most qualified nor politics. It's these are voices that find themselves in echo chambers, and these are the places where you look for status and prestige, and you see this on the right as well as the left, but I think that the left given its outsize culture
voice in our politics. You see a lot of this yes and I think that it really is alien dating from I dont think most little girls who would otherwise would fire think I mean just the way Trump is a bully, the pc police or bullies and empowering its exciting bright like it. It's very fun in a way and that's where we see more of it, going Oh no, not just just foreign, is really odd that I find it odd for a couple of reasons. One. I think we Take the exaggerated example to dismiss the principle so at the heart of political correctness. Is this: reality that this country is no longer a white nation in the vein of old Europe. It means white men, white straight men can't walk around sand, whatever the hell is on their minds. Tat rang Scott colleague can't say all know about what poverty without a policy. No, I take Scott Kelly. I take him to say that
don't I didn't know everything about one zero virtue and Winston Churchill probably doesn't represent what I value as part of what I'm trying to get at. Is this right? The country's changing, dramatic demographic shifts? happening to people in secure because the the is shifting, and one of the things that shift is that certain folk can't go around saying, but no one would think they can no longer held in Germany, and I think it's really important emphasised that people who are most vulnerable to this are people of color who hold dissenting opinions in their communities. These are people who really feel silenced answers and me is our who does not look as interesting. It's it's actually also deeply true. There are
also folks who feel totally invisible, because the college educated upper middle income, people who service standards for people who belong to category X, Y or Z, are not necessarily representative of one hundred percent of the people who belong to these various categories. When you look at liberal Muslim is, for example, when you look at Muslims or looking at talking about, let's more freedom, what's up more secularism. These are far too often, homes feel silenced and afraid. You in many other groups. Do not think that the people of these dissenting opinions are right many times they might be totally wrong. What I'm saying is that they exist and they are. Visible in these spaces and this dry for Addison Prestige. I keep saying that is if you drive silences because other folks pursuing this conversation because of you criticise Islam at all that the politically correct police will say: you're a big it, including zero Muslim and get out of how you criticise Islam, we'll have Course you said you just supported what I'm sorry, we didn t know what it all depends on right under your authority. That was,
That was a nice move in the sense that part of what happens in this context. This presence here- and I have to say I note- with sincere but part of what this is the way in which a certain kind of victim discourse can then be appropriated, so that you could put, because I think, Republicans have mastered this symbol, on the one hand, they revel in the spoils of victory, exercise, machiavellian power
and then, when they get called out for doing what they do, they clutched the pole, which had been willing to be, which is why that is exactly the dynamic that I described around cabinet. This is, we have been attacked and they're using it as leverage to suggest that they are the victim. Is I just want to say there are two kinds of spirals we have right now you have a rage spirals and you have self satisfaction spirals and the self satisfaction spirals are really powerful and addictive. You are in a space where you refer people cheer for you when you say certain things and it's amazing and its addictive, and it's why Republicans and Democrats both lose because you have Republicans who find themselves solely in their affirming space, and you have lots of liberals who are in the exact same space. That's what I think of his political correctness, whether of the white or the left, its self satisfaction spiral. Ok, let's bring out stave coronary drew as a pallet. Cleansers baby runs the Big Board as national political correspond for NBC News. Msnbc. His book is the red and blue.
Contain Ninetys and the birth of political Driverless M, Steve Karnak is one of leisure to meet you. I love you, I can you because you know everyone has an opinion. I drifted Z and you're, the guy who doesn't I've loved you Joe Friday, just the facts. Ma am thank you and I really appreciate that it and also your enthusiasm for the subject of politics is so infectious and so real. I wonder where do you get that my father was a news guy and ready? That's where I got it. Where did you get it? I election nice there's always something at a young age. A kind of I followed a governors race. When I was a kid in Massachusetts and became It was fascinating, but the correction night. Just watching It was the map of Massachusetts. It was ninety ninety it was a very close race and watching the political character of each town and city, get revealed almost like pieces puzzle and at the end of it I fell.
Why gowns and six gray, but I felt like understood a little bit about the state I lived in, and I try to take that every election I cover so so this one the cycles, change so quickly that we know between time to show started a now. Maybe you have all legislative participation, but, like I was feeling pretty good about the Senate. Only like a week ago and now I feel like I, as a waste of money I mean look if the. If the elections were held tomorrow, we will vote tomorrow. I don't think, there's a scenario where the Democrats get the Senate learning in so important it's some. I mean this now. This is the thing that I think there could be two tracks that are developing here, because thinking put it this way. There are three races. The Democrats have to win, one of them to get a shot at the Senate, most Races would be North Dakota, Hennessy or Texas. Must win one. If your Democrat to be in the game, if you get it,
out of all three Europe now the reason the Senate seems to be fading from the picture for Democrats. Is they ve gotten bad too? devastating news- northern states this week, but think about. There's those states in the political character of them North Dakota Trump, wanted by thirty six points Tennessee by twenty six Texas Nine control of the Senate is being decided in Trump country in deep red, Ro Trump states now flip over the house. Democrats need a net being twenty three seeks to pick up the house: how many districts are there in the house? did our Republican held, but they voted for Hillary Clinton and twenty sixteen the interest twenty five, so the math gets in the house, when you start talking about where we are seeing the democratic energy it could work in the house in be useless in the Senate. You push in the Senate. That's mine take away their We still have time now and and it could be anything and when we really dont know and also It's so I mean this is a lot about what your book is about, where the tribalism restarted. I feel like it
a tribal now that in years past could go against someone in your own party. If they did something outrageous, and now everything is just my party, my color, it's almost like the groups in the same colors, listen. There was appalling taken in twenty. Sixteen, there is a whole taken it. Twenty sixteen essentially asked people. Would you be upset if you're, so Your daughter married somebody from the other political parties and for democratic publicans, both age, both answered yes over sixty percent, I mean those are numbered used to give her interracial marriage right, and that is how personal definition of parties become for people. This idea of red and blue. We think red and blue them with us forever or at least all of model. Political history they really originated on election day. Two thousand is the first time we looked at, election map in generation intergenerational saw a close race and we didn't you see a close race. We
deep divisions that were regional, cultural, demographic and they ve been with us. Since you blame mood, Gingrich of this made me happy and that was right. After acquiring the calamity tat, I always thought it was the Clarence Thomas that really kicked Bork then into Clarence and that really kicked off this new era where the a party, the other people, are the other two were get to this point. I words very very frightening. I am frightened because Trump talks every day about is in some way the enemy. The people is the press talks about that an angry mob, I mean you talk about angry MA. That sounds like a setting up at some point, we're gonna need martial law until we find out what the hell is going on anyway back from that she's. What is it?
We imagine New Gingrich, where I think the origin of all. This comes from the thing that Gingrich got early on his career ahead of us anybody else in politics was that the future of politics was in national politics. Media was evolving in a way that was conducive to that Gingrich was living in a world in the seventies and eighties on his way up, we're Republicans we're dead culminating in presidential work rigging, got forty nine states and eighty four Bush senior forty and eighty to the gangway staring with simple you nationalized politics. You make every day creating a breeze backyard. Looked just like these National party. They ve been rejecting you win. Every day in the media. In the proliferation of cable news, all the other sources of Information Gingrich found a way to nationalized. Through this expanding me about what happened was This too is highest moment in nineteen. Eighty four gets the Congress for the first time in forty years in politics, at national now people start The republican Party differently they start looking at is the Party of New Gingrich, a party that now has a heavy christian conservative influence in it and maybe didn't before gang, which was half right,
provision of politics. Basically, half the country was roughly was gonna risk and to his version, but the other half within it bond against it, and I think that we are in politics? Now it's as much about what you in your party are four as who you are against in who against user who's. The key voting block this time. I hear a lot about white women who went for Trump that maybe that's gonna win So that's where the energy saying there's, there's, there's the the potential energy and the democratic side. Think of these suburban areas. Think of me throw areas around the country DC. Cargo Kansas City, Dallas Southern California can find those twenty five districts, a lot of them have opportunity there of democratic and harness it for free voters, women, voters who are upset by cabin a whore upset by Trump to swing the bow
in those districts. Where gets more complicate, disappoint like they did. We thought when women would go against drunkards only grabber. The last women would go against white women, because the history of white women in politics in this country is since nineteen fifty two and they ve been measuring it. There are only two elections that white women haven't voted for, Republicans they did a little better in twenty sixteen than they did in twenty twelve, fifty three percent of them and in twenty sixteen fifty six percent of them voted Mitt Romney over Brok Obama. There have all has been incentives on the table for white women who benefit why patriarchy via white for supremacy and their proximate power via white men in upholding a fundamentally conservative white, patriarchal power structure where women have historically voted conservatively and on behalf of the white men to whom they are attached, the question is, are
he's a small percentage enough to change the game. Persuadable. We have seen some evidence. There was a story in the times this week about white evangelical women in Texas who are breaking with them husbands in their support for better work, overtime, crew. There is also a question not just about converting republican women and an Trump voters, but some of the moderate white women who may have been apathetic, perhaps didn't vote and certainly weren't activists. There has been a re entered, a re energizing of suburban white women who have previously sat out not been vocal, even if they pushed levers for Democrats certainly didn't say anything about it, and these are a lot of the women who are powering the resistance movements right now involved in and in the new activist groups going out, knocking on doors fund, raising many of them and lots of new candidates are running off. As these are questions, but but history, history doesn't tell us to be hopeful for the white women. We have to see it first yeah sixty.
We presented when you are not able to think in Kenya. West said the Trump gave a male energy that he had lived in the house with a lot of women. It was grew up or on women, and the kind of tromp help them get his balls back. Just as just a white patriarchy offers white supremacy to white women. It offers patriarchy too and across races and participation and patriarchal power as a way to get them to support the power structure, and I think those this alone at some of the dynamics you seeing round, can you ass? I think I think it's we have first, my heart goes out to colony where something is wrong I don't want something- is wrong there and I don't want to. I want to make fun of of of of of something that I take to be serious in terms of his mental health.
But I also want to run it make the claim that the way in which he wants to participate in a kind of toxic masculinity, I'm using those left. This phrase is now a kind of toxic masculinity that trap affords him right and the fact that tropical please custodial politics so badly right. Every politician thinks they need to just invite one black person into the room, and then their black person can represent all of black people coming right, trot just does it so badly. He doesn't go, get a sharp and he goes and gets kindly Wes like some kind of disdain for black voters, because you think you could hurt us to the poles like tells June, could buy. Simply giving a celebrity just just one thing I want to throughout their when you're talking about voters of color. The merest survey recently found that forty one percent of hispanic voters are whatever Donald Trump. Twelve percent of Africa. Erica voters, not a majority she's, a very small minority, but twelve percent of ain't nothin and when stiff connect, these brilliant book, one things he talks about,
the early ninetys, it's really striking. You had this group of voter, Michael indeed, Standing right am talk about none by more who are swing. Voters. They were a ragged democrats. Before these never really cemented to the Republican Party. Some, of them, did vote for Donald Trump. This has been a big conversation about those killer Clinton voting Republicans, but there are also those talks have voted for a while and then voted for Donald Trump and their sort of ambivalent right now and act. They cementing that constituency is something folks. I've been trying to do since the early ninetys on the republican side, and I do think Furthermore, women some of their men, but that is a really important constituency. The Republican Party has really failed to fully bring in the tent, ok, Before we run time, I did want to bring up something. I think that kind of important report I mentioned- three hundred government officials, economist scientists and industry executive together this energy.
Mention symposium and leading nuclear weapons visit. Said, the abandoned has been calculated that temperature rise corresponding to it Ten percent increase in carbon dioxide will be sufficient and melt the ice caps and submerged New York, all the coastal cities would be covered and since it could what percentage of the human race lives in coastal regions. I think that this chemical contamination is more serious than most people tend to believe that Edward Teller. Nineteen. Fifty nine Rock Ribbed conservative by the way he was a young man. It's just fascinating that, honestly, it just a sign of how much the politics of these issues is in everybody's got to apologize for certain before you go on, but the EU and Climate report that came out this week is basically twenty forty, we, could see a world that we just can't recognise, and I don't know what people have to what fire has to be lit under them, because we see
happening right now, and I guess the problem is we walk outside here and listen I was there and it was a beautiful day, and when Conyers said the funny thing he said was we can think about tomorrow. Yeah, but maybe we should think about tomorrow. I seem to remember somebody actually running on the slogan stop about tomorrow. Comments. I have one or two areas. Are you actually are seeing some progress? There are things that are actually not probably well known so, for example, carbon capture and storage, the tax credit for that has the rest the increased, that's legislation, Donald Trump signed. He signed legislation that designed to boost advance nuclear here some
who has said a lot of random things about climate change, but there are things happening behind the scenes in which Democrats and Republicans are working together, and the problem is that there is so much. Railways must be very very very far behind this year. It is, but I know, there's so much partisan, enmity of aerial exactly what city was talking about that? Actually, it's only in those spaces where you haven't politicize something yet when it hasn't been sort of an issue. That's when you actually using article hardened innovation, it shouldn't be agree with, but you combine, you can buy. Look what you just said with the fact that he's rolling back at me patients for cars and light trucks that he's a nice thing to, and family trying to roll back Obama, error, regulation or methane gas coal power. Plants says radiation is good for you, deregulation, the policy of deregulation, of what it means for the what so our environment right cut, coming almost not crying and failing. He is trying in failing this frankly he's doing in such slapdash fashion, but these things aren't making it through the courts. It's you know this
just a real s. Question Jamal Yogi! If you don't know who he is, he is saudi nationals been living in this country, Washington, post reporter. He went into the turkish ideas, saudi Sultan, consulate in Turkey, Our first, I think, has not come out since they believe a hit squad from Saudi Arabia killed him. I feel like it the president would have protested, but I guess that's my question. Would we could have happened anyway or is tied to a president who calls the press, the enemy of the people. Sorry just away- and here I d VS, drawing near here, analysts just. I think that a lot of information we have on this is coming from Turkey and Turkey is a cunt the arrests and imprisons journalists left and right. I want us to not rush into anything and really be thoughtful and careful know going on skies dead in the Saudis, did it that's?
that's, not the. U S. Intelligence agencies have said that they were attending to capture him and bring it back to set, or even that is really really bad, but we really do not know what happened here in my opinion, just yet before we do anything really rackets adequately. The Saudis killed and trumped says you know, because we have this arms deal where he's sell. You know that's the way, Trump yet roles. You rub my or by rub yours, it's a good deferment quickly, but expectations that he would react to this with anything reverent from who we know he is he loathed the press? He may enemies of the press. This man is not a citizen. He does. He doesn't particular care about citizens if they're, not the right kind of citizens, but he certainly doesn't care about anybody who is not a citizen. The idea that that,
We have seen anything in Donald Trump that suggests that EU values human life over imaginary numbers that he spits out about a hundred and ten billion dollars and in arms sales see any evidence in anything. We ve seen that he would react to this any differently from what is, and what is done is pleased with the illusion that the? U S is a defender of democracy and freedom rise. We stand for nothing, we stand for nothing, we stand for money as it just have your own adulterated going, and I could hear the recession. It is, I think, a very bad for Donald Trump, but I don't know it's different about this. One in the book here about red and blue and in tribal as amended in the overlap right now, at least in the initial reaction. To this I'm seeing Democrats, but I'm also hearing Republicans who are
condemning Saudi Arabia, Republicans who are stepping for so you you're actually right now in the early stages of this, but you always have that. Jeff, like makes a sad face. It doesn't pay due back, does not just needs to be exactly today does have an effect doesnt, sometimes trumpeted when he stepped during the campaign. Support attitude, I should say: Opposition to the wall actually went up as Trump campaigned on it. Sometimes it has this reversal falling unemployment thermostat. I think that to build on Steve's point one thing that has really scary to me about our politics: is that almost form policies become partisan. Republicans! Don't like China. Democrats paid Russia, it's incredible, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. All of these things their partisan issues. Politics is an
at the water s edge. Ok thank you panel time for new role. Euro gravity industries, the company that makes this flying yet Zune has to lend me a bunch of them. So I can convince pad Robertson, Raptures Ear and is being left behind your old people and allay who are always saying. Oh, I miss the seasons back home after the traffic, a favor and move back there really known in LOS Angeles, is holding you prisoner I mean unless you're in Scientology plus we do have four seasons, zeroed ally and they're. All great there's fire Oskar
Mudslide and Sextette Euro, as a compromise men who lost their careers to debatable me to allegations, can make a comeback, but they have to wear a dog cone for a while they were left. You take the time to write a negative comments on you, too. You're not allowed to act like the video you watched was a waste of your job,
That's too bad! It's my life, I'm never going to get back when exactly what you have done with those jubilant. My guess watch a Youtube, video and then right. That's two minutes of my life. I'm never getting back neural rap mobile should night has to explain how someone can already be in prison and still keep getting sent to prison. You think surfing more stressful before, where are you the new guy, who keeps telling a boy, you're bands up and finally narrow, let's hit paws on this growing consensus among Democrats that we can only be Trump and twenty twenty by running a celebrity of our our having
go in two years time, while it could be a celebrity to it, can Maybe a celebrity ass, my democratic friends about the plan for twenty twenty. They say two things: what's the plan and we need your star, that's it Blood ran for saving us from fascism is rubber, lamp and hope, Tom Hanks pops up or opera, but if
if Oprah is President who will tell cat Ladys what to read the rocks, as he has ruled out running in twenty twenty, but if the rock is present who's gonna Darwin every movie ever made especially movies with the premise that movie, except with the rock like towering inferno with Iraq can come with Iraq Jumanji with the rock. They want the rock walking door with Iraq, earthquake with Iraq, If we don't run his hat would say remake Amerika great again, many Democrats feel they found star quality and MIKE eleven Eddie he's like give
Phelan had a lot of and its great there he makes shrubs automatic. Can pronounces name right just reported sweet lawyer, Nay Babby Bianti. Are you always thinking about past? It look. Understand, the temptation to pick a celebrity after all trump started with a big advantage, because he was a household name like spammer preparation aid and in today's political atmosphere, where substance makes you in the latest and experience means you're part of the swamp. It's like the whole country just went fuck it. The government can do anything.
Which Canada will give us? The most laughs? it wasn't even close. Donald Trump has no friends. No one looks alimony has like a toilet I mean, look at an evil, do anything for a laugh. Averred residents, but when prime directive for government goes from keep us safe to keep us entertained, that's bread and circuses ended the empire stuff. There are people who actually I did about Congo western politics. These people are called
he's eccentric, they say no. Standing in the punch, ball, fucking the eye, sculpture, the Democrats. The Democrats message in twenty twenty should be. Let's get back to normal and President Marianna Grundy does not send that message. Of course, celebrities in politics is new, but it was always something mostly Republicans did Reagan Schwarzenegger Sunny Bono, Game show host Donald Trump. The party that end
They proclaims its disdain, for Hollywood will literally run any celebrity, whose a conservative- and it wasn't that long ago there were using the word celebrity as a burn he's too biggest celebrity world is very timely. Turns out he was ready to leave because he wasn't black Paris Hilted. He was a politician government was his skill. His life is calling like that these before him and after he was a star, but star, because it would be accomplished in office, yes, Obama enjoyed his tv time, but he didn't just no policy not to do robot voice trump.
Doesn't need to do Fallon because he is valid republic. Elected celebrity. Who becomes a politician Democrats at their best elect a poet. Titian who so good at public service. They become a selection, This is our anniversary, so much money to research and that it continues to do so now. Luman stay tuned to the premier, save America right after this Georgia's damp Robert turbine overtime anew to thank you for what you mean. You need not remind each view: dot com.
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