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Ep. #480: Rep. Eric Swalwell, Garry Kasparov

2018-11-16 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Rep. Eric Swalwell, Garry Kasparov, Van Jones, Nancy MacLean, Steve Schmidt. (Originally aired 11/16/18)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making in real time
this special night. It is this, is our last shall before next year we come back January. Eighteen, that's too much! So thank you from reaching dad, but this has been an amazing season. I want to thank my producers, my crew, my head writer Donald Trump, sorry to leave it to do, but I need a break from mother fucker. I mean this is been very stressful. Ten months of emission time of year, when I make the transition from medical marijuana to recreational trump, is gonna, be here to Morrow, he's coming the caliph
well, you know checking on the wildfire situation and he says he can relate because last Tuesday he also lost a house is but we're going through here in this day this is very serious, really, Sir shit? If you have seen what's going on in some people about been affected? We have this show I read in the paper today they said human being This will probably be responsible for the fires. There goes my theory it was free, basing raccoon, of course, trumps response. You saw that was to blame the victims threatened to withhold federal funds. This wedding does every time there is a disaster. Wildfires mismanaged you, forests,
mass shootings should have been on. You know. Hurricane Island is very inconveniently located. Its response to every tragedy is: how can I hurt
These do empathy with food courts are two omby amby that today you today, you went out of his way to say he's coming here, just for the fire fighters and want to give the impression that it gives a shit about the citizens of this day. Who didn't vote for him? He only once came here before. You know that too, to look at walls watches. We went down to the water to see what wall the wall these still has in built by the way from fans and others of your keeping score. No wall, no health care plan that was Brenda. Super covered. Everybody knows that the trade deficit, bigger bigger the tax got, did not pay for itself the debt, of course, is exploding North Korea building bombs again
Mr President, you can only slide so long on charm at some point what they actually now I have to say today there is in the news, it's a pretty big story, something he is actually behind once in a while. He stumbled upon the right thing: a bipartisan prison reform bill theirs, to address authority, employees, rights laws, mandatory sentences to summaries,
an trump suddenly has taken an interest in raising. Today he made a fool of himself say he answered by myself. Nobody help me with these issues in the written questions from Robert Mallory said it took a little longer than usual because he's not used to lying in writing at the word down, for. Why should that everybody saying reporting this that he's apparently literally depressed easy. Is barely early touching his nightly chicken bucket and it should be the bridge be worried
I mean everybody has skeletons in their closet. He has mass graves. I mean house. Democrats have been spotted at costs, co buying subpoenas in bulk a lot of things, but this is because he lost the electorate. That's, why is the breast? Now they have the Sabena powered trumpet by the way, but the election process, a theory that he gave us. Yes, about voter fraud. He said I can't believe we have actually talk about what this guy says. This bothers me so much anyway, he's a spoiled five year old and where the man is mother brought home from the bar. So we have to have the pretended to talk about this that ok, so he says that people with no right to vote sometimes get this
their car. What on a different hat and indifferent shirt and come in and vote again? I it sounds like an episode of the Brady, but but you know what let's end on a happy, don't newly elected Democrats, they had their orientation who saw a lot more diverse, thirty, four new women Republic inside all white, all straight one woman party of
can party of sausage. We got a great job and Jones Client and our here fast laughter, Gary Kasparov, ok, but first up he was just reelected to his third term as U S Rep from California fifteenth and it's his birthday growing worse Manette works. Well. What was your wish to build my family, but if I can't be with them, I want to do with the real tanya. You must really want to be president, because your birthday and you're here on my show- and it's how many and thirty eight thirty eight oh wow, that's no. That makes you a Scorpio Scorpio
believing astrology known to walk. You got my vote done, so you are, and I were recently. I was you like corn, that you and I like celebrating, and we wondered who congressional seats there. I know, but there's that these days Y gotta that would in it we almost one, does the seat. Where I was born to beat Steve King and we're gonna get him next, oh you were born and convene year by accident. Avert ok, but I mean we are talking about, is someone who might be running. You would be the youngest president. Ever if you were the president and twenty twenty one in what I've gone, I were forced to help us put two new candidates. Place, but also I am considering it and I think our country needs who energy, new ideas and new confidence
people and I was evil in the heartland along the coasts. They believed that, if you were parted should add up to something that you do better for yourself and dream bigger, fewer kits and right now we have a trump slump. Top floor economy word only works for people who work on the top floor and everyone else is just gettin screw. But how do you went to state like? I know what I mean: Obama wanted the first time. Are you in Indiana two in a bunch of other rights? Ok, there's some Democrats who seem to have the key to it. Amy club reassure Minnesota is not always easy. Sherrod Brown, John Tester Mention in West Virginia. What? What is that secret too, to take the toxic miss out of de next to your name and so much of the middle of this country to show up and listen, I'm the son of two Republicans my brothers are caught at Republicans. I worked as a prosecutor and law enforcement, so I understand what some of them care about which I think is what you and I care about, which again is that right now,
How many families are seeing their healthcare protections guarded their seen their working hard in the pain for tax cups at the top? The community's are being investigated by accident. I think Donald Trump stumbled onto a lot of these issues. People who felt like their disconnected warrant seen warrant heard, but he's not delivering for them. I don't think you have to insult those people. You just have to tell them how you're gonna deliver form. So how would you deliver for them? Modern wars and every community once and for all once and for all, join the rest of the first world and have a healthcare guarantee in our country. This is because now the Democrats gonna ran on healthcare for this election and at work, and I was Nancy Policy only her idea to do that through the Arctic when she got it passed abominate here, in a mean, the pre existing sure thing which really resonate with a lot of people, because they have pre existing conditions so now a lot of people
wanting in your party seem to want to dump her. I've heard talk like what, We have other qualified women, I mean, don't have to be a woman right, I mean we're recipe most qualified person. I was the best leader we had right. I mean she was the architect of the affordable care act. These candidates ran on protecting healthcare and that was top of mind at the ballot box, and if we're going to protect with Donald Trump has taken a wrecking ball to We need her their leading us and for people who say they know the argument was Nancy, plus he's a drag on Congress and we're not gonna win is may, since this is the biggest pick up for Democrats, one or two. So why does why does Kevin Mccarthy give promoted ended in a fire and supplies? Also she's, effective she's prove that whoever is in that job they're going to trash they're going to try to
as look as surely as possible. That's right! Why not use her because she's already pre tarnished? Why? Why ruin a whole new person? Satis saw this in two thousand to write. You saw MAX Cleveland three rivals. Amputee re turn them into Osama Bin Laden they're, not gonna canonize. You just sit here now the person in the chair. I think it. A mistake to replace them should be uniting right now, there's a lot of work to do for the american people. Okay, so I've read your tweets after the election and you know you were saying to Donald Trump kind of right in your face. Welcome to democracy, you know! have oversight now, but it's only the house, it's not the Senate. What can you really do? Protect the country Well, I may I get it that you can subpoena stuff and you can have witnesses. I you can't impeach cause, you don't have the center. They
to convict does not sixty seven centres. Will you not gonna peach right right? That's what we're going to investigate where the Republicans are unwilling to invest. For the last two years I've been defined by just panic and outraged by every that he's done and trampled on our democracy and the rule of law. Now, because people care and they went to Town Hall, in town squares and marched? They voted to put a check on these abuses of power, so we can protect healthcare, we can protect paychecks, make sure that no more people are paying for folks, the top, but, most importantly, we can protect our democracy and investigate where they were unwilling to so presidential immunity that's over. But if people don't care about that Findings I mean, like the New York Times, did an exhaustive search on his tax returns, what he Paden taxes and how we got his money. And it was an amazing result that they found a b is is whole. Origin story was a lie. He said, I started with a little.
For my father, maybe a million dollars you got over hundred million dollars from his father. No one cares why why why They care when you throw another bunch of evidence on the pile that he's a crook, because we're gonna see as tax returns, the american people- If the president, here's rights it will see as tax returns, gonna beat, you know it's gonna be shady. You know it's gonna be this. Shell companies can be very hard to its I'm going to say right there he cheated and people are going to go, he's smart. He got out of paying taxes, I'd love to do that too, but if he promises that he's gonna make their life better because he did so in his own personal career, and it turns out that that was all a frog purporting to care they wanted. The president is attacks. And they also want to know if it's affecting our national security. We have seen decisions on Russia in Saudi Arabia. They are being driven because of his prior financial interests. So again, those days are over. We can now intervene
Your dick and just stop the president from cashing in on access, even if he has the attorney general. I mean I feel like this Matthew. Whitaker story is, is not getting what it should. It was last week story, it's still an outrage this week that he put a stooge in that this is what third world dictators do. I know Democrats of world, we have divert, we gotta ask him. Oh, he got the attorney general we're. Not our listening. More though, and I ve tried to encourage my colleagues that if this had happened and we weren't in the majority, we should be panicked, but now, let's project confidence, telling people you will like it has to stop this. We're gonna stop this and so we're going pretty Bob Mauler we're gonna make sure that this hired assassins was brought in to take out the mole investigation is not able to do it and also we're gonna do all we can to get him to accuse and self cause. He's prejudge. The investigation and he's been plotting for months with Donald Trump to do so. The american people spoken. They want a balance of power over an abuse.
Ok guys took the house how many seats you gonna dig it out, like thirty, eight thirty, nine close to forty. That's a lot, almost all of California, even Orange County legal, digital Powerpoint. My final question: do we really need to Dakotas I've seen I bring this up quite often, but you know I mean it's not fair that California, with forty billion people, gets to senators and decoders with about hundred thousand people get four
I think that's where we start. You could start understandable if I want a good thanks given with my mom, whose born in South Dakota I'll, say yes, but that we should start going back to the Dakotas, because we have had democratic senators there again right in winning Kansas, we just did we can win in the brass going over there. You go, we have before. So, let's I don't know why we made a former senior advise you to John Mccain. Two thousand a presidential campaign caused the words matter. Podcast with the least Jordan Steve's met is by James University history and public policy, professor and author of democracy in James Nancy, Maclean back with an activist, nosedive z and ends the Van Joan Joe Banjo. Ok, don't forget this and let me too
wanna. Dont forget finish it question for question for tonight's overtime: Sorgen enter them after the show on Youtube. I want to start talking about the fire. This is very personal to us. Global warming really is now something that we should realize is happening now. There are people on show who didn't come to work this week. Somebody lost their house, they have no clothes, and not in competition with any other kind of disaster. But when you see some of this, can you show some of the footage of what it looks? I mean look at this. I mean all the kind of Bastards we have in this country, like schools, shootings are horrible, mass shootings. This is even worse, getting the death toll on this is going to be a shocking number and its decision. Meaning that green initiatives and the election we just had all went down Florida
Arizona received a Washington state. They all voted down. Greenish, I don't know what it's gonna take. I guess you're how catching on fire wall and the only one in the past was that in the city of Portland, so give them at least a little bit of appraised. However, this is going to get worse mean these fires are getting worse and for Donald Trump's base. Let's be clear, are we have fire, California, but the farmland right now you have droughts and then floods is really hard to grow crops. When you got good, we go from drought to flood, which that which is going on so needs. You talk about infrastructure. There is no better infrastructure. Then building you know a wind turbine solar panels and also hardening our infrastructure against these kind of disasters when he, if Donald Swap, must do something about infrastructure and we should be green infrastructure
we would have to organise how we build our homes. I mean he keeps calling this a forest, it sort of forest fires that do not the bars it's what right it's, what they called the the what wild land urban interface, in other words its its buildings, you may have noticed, is well it's it's the areas like beyond the suburbs, but before the calves. Yes, you know it's where upper middle. These people have a horse or less well off. People have a car on the lawn. I live next to a forest, so I cannot nor alive at all, but one beautiful one or a scenarios. Net rooms, one in three homes in this country, is in this area. Absolutely I don't know, what's going to happen if they all start catching fire. What I think
Clearly, we're gonna have to learn to cope with what is happening right now and how people are being affected by it. But I think we also have to press harder and say what has happened when one of our major political parties in this country has closed turns. It is back on science has said we dont care, we're going to plug our ears close our eyes, and that party has been totally taken over by the fossil fuel industry and by the coke donor network and all of these other people who will push to do anything to keep us from acting on this life threatening disaster, both in our country and in other countries, and we ve got to say that's, not acceptable. The same way we got people elected in the mid terms, we ve gotta, be going to door to door. Holding politician speed to the fire and saying rose has to start now just going work right. That's how I recently it was that we think is a guy River president, two thousand
Well, boring was real caused by humans. Cap and trade would fix it it was with great millions of green jobs. I miss a guy everyday. His name was John Mccain job the cane when at the climate change it. So it's only we or the green, and I should have guided us right wasn't that years of those might those my job, Broccoli, Burma and John Mccain Fund about every issue? Would not this issue so very recently, both parties at the common sense to know cookie plan and live on the same time, Bobby put us put aside all the preponderance of the scientific evidence. You just know from your own eyes that the weather is different today. Ten years ago, just common scientifically. We have super storms, we're seeing these come again fires. Hundreds of people will be dead and we have crisis and our politics mean we have an uncle institutionally appointed acting attorney general is a complete crackpot.
Who recently recently was involved in a scam company that was selling time travel technology. We, and we said we wander, say hey. You know. Why is it that nobody will believe the scientists revelling in ignorance has become a central qualifications to be able to call yourself a conservative in this area to the country's great detriment and Donald Trump drop is now putting forward errors that ten years ago, that we're not? You know when I, when I worked with Arnold Schwartz and anger, we pass climate change or their details with twelve years ago. They seem to literally resent trees. You know it's like liberals or pro trees that they have to be anti tree. Trunk has just nominated, was someone who is a coal industry lobbyists to head the EPA? Ok, I mean that's just like you know, but let me go under this subject. Is it's kind of related about the way people in this country? No, especially on the right? I'm sorry, but it is more on the right just make the decisions based on not what's good for them, even just because they want to make the Lib charge cry.
Own owning the loot, owning the lives and, as you know, we have this tremendous divide in this good that the election proved that the divide is even bigger, the urban verses rural. You know, I call it the whole foods versus Piggly wiggly Aquila. You laugh with seventy percent of the house seats that that democratic left word district. That has a whole foods. Ok, so what I'm? Getting too is Amazon. Amazon had this year, long tease, where we gonna put, are too big. New factories are were centres wherever they do their bullshit, so They had America's aching for someone to take one for the team to step up. Do something to bridge this divide. They could have done the Amazon as that power. They didn't they put the two places in New York. In Washington DC places. They don't need it ok and by the
These two places where Seattle their headquarters, where we're going. It's all within seven miles of rusty. Bees owes has a home and it was
and worse. I think, then, that in the sense that there are two hundred and thirty five cities in America who put a lot of work into those bids right, think of all the person hours, all the money that could have been serving local needs that instead went to trying to please Amazon when it turns out they were to Amazon, was just playing them against these bigger cities to drive up the extortions that it was going to get from these bigger cities, and I think, Jeff basis at the Washington Post has a slogan that says: democracy dies in darkness. Well, he should apply that Amazon's practices, no more secret deals, no more extorting our cities, no more demanding that we take tax dollars from our schools and whatever the patriarch thing to do. To put it in. You know: Tulsa Oklahoma, where I did my special this year. Thank you told her. It was great to be there and their smart people there. You know, I think, a wanted. The problem we have is that it looks like the people on the coast of all the money and all the fun and all the celebrities, and there have been a big party and the fly over people. There are left out of the poverty. You know.
I want it was good education that that the poverty rate, the more Opie oils and there, like you, know what. If I can get invited to this party, I'm just gonna fuck it up. Third, in the punch boy, I'm gonna want me so that both our job is like putting it certain that look at that already. I was just in Tennessee death, my family. It's amazing you you're. In them the Miller, the country, beautiful people, smart people motivated people, know we'll opportune you're trying to become the manager at Applebee's or or get promoted at your job with hospital, and you think about what it that the planet gone too Instead, the coastline go to Baltimore than let go someplace where people need. You that's what I was trying to get up and go someplace woody abuse of coercion
you were involved in this prison reform still am, does we'll get that and you think Trump is going to follow through he says, he's supporting it. Well, I ll see what looks like another case of Republicans being interested in a subject when it affects them. Jared questioners Father went to prison. Is that that's a dictator who cares lungs are getting done right, listen that there is a couple things about this bill which it did come out of jail dear cousin, The idea is there is that went to prison, rightly alot- of people who care about this issue here by the more when it gets to them that the extra about about most issues, but the start of the pretty small kind of like a minor bill is but come within. Your time This is the most substantive criminal justice reform Bill in a generation. It's called the first step back. It would let hundred thousand people who are locked up in federal prisons are on their way home sooner,
would prevent them from shackling women and abusing women are behind bars, especially when their pregnant and a bunch of other gets up the crack political cocaine. Disparity that would get address retroactively, there's stuff in this bill. That even launch forget that would make the street safer when both come home. So that's a very, very positively. Don't do undoes all that dirty Harry Bull shit from the eighties right when we wish, which very structure out mandatory sentencing is beginning to begin. A new girl came a prison fact, beginning the role that stuff back from a president and read it. I got irrationally exuberant about the whole thing. Was it there does. President was saying american carnage when this guy was elected, that presents thoughts, went through the roof, they said, and yet we have been able, because formally incarcerated, as usual is not. The trump is so good is not. As Democrats are so good, it's at the prisons are so bad and people are suffering so much that the people who are affected by that have been fighting
that's not a both parties and we should keep biting for people behind bars. I don't care who support properly about what the people first, ok. So, every year we when we are about to take our break, give the audience what they need, because they're not going to be able to follow the news without this show, so we predicted for you something we call future headlines like these and that we will be on until generated you're caught up already, because you're going to see these stories, for example, Whitehouse unveils presidential Eridu adviser resource that is going to happen. Florida to recount the recount, the first we can guarantee self driving over self driving, still insist on blasting Armenian, a heartfelt moment as boy reunited with cell phone Democrats launch GO fund, made a cover, Ruth Baker, Ginsburg and bubble round with the big man like Santa Killer freed under florid is stand your chimney law wow, that's algae! We teach you grew cold homophobic by El Gb. Didn't you. Ain't grew white woman causing one one after spotting black man on Box of Rice right, even the world's top chess player. For twenty years he became a pro democracy activists and our co author of the new book fight for liberty, defending democracy in the age of drunk a truly. Here. Oh Gary Kasparov, everybody here, I'm sure I'll K. So Gary you are such a good person to have here, as America retreats from liberal democracy, because some experience you do and its disheartening. We thought a generation ago when the cold war ended the things we can turn out differently. I guess first of all I could do
Could Russia have gone a different direction and food? Nor was the inevitable a long story and the sad story, I think we should talk now what lessons we can learn from this story, and I think every recognize that democracy is not for granted. So is this you have to fight for that. Somehow we that thing is this. Translations were important milestone because America's understand is, you know it's always in making its I do it's the mechanism that have been developed to one forty years ago, so they getting rusty and swimming pool. That you revisited- and this sudden even amendments you know- could be reconsidered because then the internet, essentially people couldn't foresee everything it's one of the best documents ever written because they could predict so many in terms of historic, but not everything and its. Now it's you know we have to look at this again and the idea of the book was just debts. We, when, as we call peoples two point, zero is just to actually
bring this values and tried to adjust them to d to the demands of the twenty first century, so Trump kind of a stress test for them Chris, it's the translation was what s test he's reelection would be probably demise of democracy. I think so too, and I have been saying for anyone who will listen on the show for as long as I can he's not going to leave, even if he loses the election and I've heard Maybe I finally have a witness here who will agree with me? Look she did. We're doing exactly what I said I had. He didn't want regulars result elections he had one what do you think you're going to lose? Is what look he's doing it in Florida now setting the table for that, but it does get. We should even credit if you take all the credit. That's how you succeeded in two years. Turning back into normal, almost
something that would believe would be unacceptable. You know even coffeehouse debate now, it's a pot of mainstream political battle, Rand and no doubt you will not stop. We haven't seen the worst think us killed fighting. We survival look his affection to all dictators, in my view, based on these psychological envy today, because we also want to be like them so he wants to act without any checks and balances. That's why I guess he's was pressed by the result of intellectuals, because all of a sudden now he could be checked, but again this deep deep. They show power is so vast and we have to agree that in the last few decades. After what are we could see the accumulation of war and more power novel office and, by the way translate it wasn't a warning that many things many poles have to close. We have to look at at at the presidential power and the checks and balances and took due to recognise that again, what is a very poor job predicting tromp, so
to some now and what we saw in this matter prepare of wars and what happens if he doesn't go. What do you think happens to them? I don't think it's it's not about him. Staying there loses its about it. If he doesn't go, what do you think happens to them? I don't think it's it's not about him. Staying there. It loses its about the prize. This country will pay, but what's even more important he's the is the image of America worldwide, because what trouble succeeded in doing is, is is ruining the image of Amerika being noticed. There is a true democracy. All of a sudden, you see the man who act like you know what the Maputo or other fellow dictators, where I want to read this. Fraud- and I read it before on the show, its Paul Ryan. They caught him on a MIKE. He didn't know he was being taped. Ok with Kevin Mccarthy who was now their leader, and Mccarthy says there's two people, I think Putin pays, Rob Hocker and Trump swear to God, and Ryan says this is off the record, no less!
right. This is how we know where a family here chilling mafia, like it's not like Paul Ryan, says on my God, you think Trump is on the payroll have been achieved. The results of the robot in Orange County goes ITALY laws. I comment was that is its election. First elections are putting lost Ference. Where no that's the thing I mean. If anybody Putin was gonna get involved and it would be the electron abroad, Brucker of people don't know who he is, they call him. Putin was Congress, never go get rid of them biggest already given was organised by the prince, so this is more than twenty thousand dollars was raised for war Baha I and believe there were other rushing connections that I'm used to pursue. Probably my he's been on our show many times, Dana Rubber, nice guy trader, but a very nice, but that that that's all very discouraging it. On the other hand, that
anti bodies has started to kick in even in Europe, no breaks it started colonel and possibly come apart. Here we had the mid term elections and don't forget our way. The so called blue wave. The rainbow wave was bigger than the tea Party way, in other words, a tea party six point April. They beat us by in terms of total popular vote. This was nine points. So we had a bigger way. The tea party we didn't get all the states we deserve, because the gerrymandering but think about that. That means that the anti bodies are starting to kick in whose be programme that you have mentioned the rest of the world, because we we fail. We seeing the same kind of phenomena in Europe in General, with the rice and within its rise of the all. Try, but also very far, less groups and have led them are. Putin was very good and just using this new landscape because he doesn't care, you know he can support any. Why any group that is spreading case and
Look at Germany amid this as the result of a thumb, Alfred Miracles policy, because they didn't want to interfere in in Syria. They accepted refugees. We haven't Germany now the third largest party now knots before NEO Nazism, german Bundestag, and it's a time when there is no economic crisis that we think but think about. But everywhere we look around the world Van. We see rising liberalism, you can no longer look at Hungary and Poland and say these are liberal democracies far right All parties in laws area in Germany, trumps fetish. For talk receive. Will we should understand about tromp? It's not the question. Is it? Can he locked? reporters the question is he could, would he and does anybody believed that the answer is no? The answer is yes. Every day He is salt, our institutions, he assault the foundational pillars of a constitutional republic, and this is all much more fragile. I believed and we
Think it is me. Fascism did not rise in the thirties because it was strong because democracy was weak and we have a crisis in our demands, Democracy is lubricated by trust, faith and book, leaf in the system and it been eroded. Singularly by this present, its constant assault on every institution has been handed down as part of our american heritage through great sacrifice and great power. It is appalling. I Freddy's gonna fight Thrall well without democratic, not spreading everything just said stage, but I think also has a story, and it's important to take this back and Donald Trump as came to us as the result of some chronic problems in our democracy in our country. Speaking of Amazon, I mean the fact that we have basically gotten rid of anti trust enforcement.
Country right that we have the wealthiest individual in the country, the wealthiest corporation, and they are using the political process to extract more favourable to distort democracy so that it doesnt work for people in all these communities that voted for Trump Visa is worse. Amazon. Did you send out yesterday s face book, it turns out that the german chamber and more Zagreb Org they knew about all this russian interference before and during the twenty. Sixteen election and there's been a lot more time covering it up,
the doing something about it. I mean, but even if the fact that they may hired affirm that engaged in dark ops that tried to build on this in tagging, ISM to George Soros, which we ve already seen in Hungary, has led to the most virulent anti Semitism and the shutting down of a university, and they actually at Facebook were willing to agitate that, even after the bomb to his home, even after all of this like what is going on with these companies, but also or we complicit every time, we get that easier order on Amazon or we go to Facebook and give them like that, give the information to them that they felt others where we also have to face. I think our own implication of data clash with Facebook is the worst thing ever invented, or just the worst thing in the last fifty years I mean it is it is. It is a vessel the has done. Real damage real harm to our
liberals for our institution- and we have a right in this country to look at these companies and make a decision as a people. How big? How powerful. Do we want them to be? How much information do we want them to have on us, and they clearly cannot be trusted to do there I think what I think is cannot let what what what no big companies can that's what this bruised and these rules must be liberal globally. The reason that this hurts and think the reason that people feel disappointed and even betrayed is because all the other institutions are ceiling and there was a sense of maybe these tech kids would be able to bring us a better future that they would be the disrupted that these kids would come up with a great new set of opportunities for us, and it turns out that they are equal
he fell a ball and unfortunate, greedy and greedy and unfortunately, now we have they become much money they have need to have when you were the same teachers are, but I don't understand the way these people think I might is right, because I think about it as you too you trying to get. It is one thing about it. We now live in a world where we have so much data, and so little with rack the world it s all right. There is an opportunity for them to begin to make them to make some progress on other wash disease. Is gonna be much more wise and trying to regulate them, but I think that the of the hour young people they ve created something I think now that gonna grow up and take more responsibility. Guess, first of all, I have to say its dick nobody's agnostic. It's about people, the human, still have monopoly for right, it's his hand and within it was new technology vary so powerful and, of course,
no that's, as happened many times before you story forced it used for destructive purposes, you're, not it was with nuclear bomb and then nuclear reactor because much easier and right support facebook technology because in the store a bit but Facebook you about the inherited weaknesses of their technology as twitter. There been warned by myself and many others right before to solve. Sixteen that its opening this system would serve, as I said, is as high as a beehive for russian bear because it was put in where the building industry are fake news control. Factories has been doing since two thousand forty thousand five or Russia, and then he moved to neighbouring countries into Europe. So America attacking Unmarried was just a matter of time. You said a great thing, you said dictators, don't ask why they ask. Why is one? Why not attack we're thinking about Facebook? I'm in this we have to it. They also mention that Obama administration knew about this.
Congress by the machine has been crying in September. Two thousand sixteen saying we have all the data to actually stop with, but everyone thought everything heavily would have one anyway. Why should we do feel that that is? That's not true. O bomber wanted to move forward a bipartisan bases he reached out to mature Mr Mccartin and you're to deal think about the instability that would have been created. If Obama gone out there on his could do worse than other am sorry. But what could I worked in electing trump? While I listen if you, if you, if you don't like trumpet, you want it with an armed tea party response, because you have the sense, is not listen, ladder invasive ad and then have inherited a historic handling coming oriental institutions sworn its if he knew there was a threat and it was open threat, hand to interfere and- and that's us, but the same reason Facebook wanted to protect its business. The twitter they didn't want to do anything that could jeopardize the question for Facebook is this: is it an american company that operates globally or global company that its headquarters in America because opens an american company? It should act in a specific way.
And that is in defense, of the vital interests of the United States. The country to country is under attack. The country is under attack by hostile foreign powers looking to interfere in our election process. Facebook is the the call by which they did it The senior executives of the company knew it was going on they covered up. They lie about it and that company more than any company in the history of this country has done more and more quickly to subvert american liberal democracy than any other ever. Before we run out of time to the year. Could we only a few minutes, but I gave my predictions with future headlines. I one ask if anybody in this panel tell me what's going to happen in the next two months. I would guess indictments is this when mothers gonna like
spilled the beans. Finally, I am completely given up predicting what's going to happen with the mother investigation, just because we ve been waiting so long. We hear from him so what every comes out when I would term go so April. I guess you today, I think, he's very nervous. He said they found no collusion of this. They have found no collusion. We don't have. There are poor right, we're views, I've been evicted them sometimes where they see the shout yes, yes, they are screaming and shouting at people. Yes, can you imagine someone doing that horribly threatening them? I mean this guy is just project is to come up with answers. They want they don't care, how many lives they ruined again. Imagine a person. These are angry people. Yes, we don't see that with him, no one, even the bad action guy. We haven't seen that in a while, we, he went after Mahler, specifically Lizzie, he is afraid of something we don't know.
We all know what he's afraid of its criminally liable forms offer others have has just embarrassing, but whatever it is. These acts like a guy who's, terrified and I think whatever his fears are, they are likely to come true by the end of the year. My concerns related bite, but different in I actually fear for the potential for violence in this country, because the republican campaign strategy in these men terms, when it came down to it, was just the strategic use of racism to divide us against one another and to join up this fear at the border, and you know I have done research on the cook and study the history of the right in this country. You don't unleash monsters like that and then bank them down, and so when, when this caravan, if it reaches the border already we have these militias going down. I really fear that we're gonna have bloodshed there, but not to be too
before the holidays. I also think that we saw an incredible mobilization of the american people, good people in this election, to turn things around, as you said Gary to take responsibility for our democracy, to make their voices count to bring other people out and to turn this thing around, and so I think that work will continue and we need to support in that, but I think a monthly cannot underestimate it. Alright. What have I forget that twelve bombs were sent out ass? The reason why we're not having a completely different tone to do show and everyone that took place after is because, luckily they don't believe in science or they can build a body like somebody will I mean he's not get your right he's not give me the last guy did the attempted assassination of the entire leadership of the Democratic Party of they'll, just because they weren't good at the third their job at their mission, and I do think that we ve gotten. We wouldn't punch numb. So that's it That can happen. You forget you days later than even happened and- and I think also with the moderate,
the situation. There is no referee that stress it anymore, If more would come out until the left, some did nothing wrong. We wouldn't believe it. Eddie came out and told the right, he did everything wrong. They wouldn't believe it were now an uncharted territory where we don't trust the presidency Congress of Injury made it I trust that the Supreme Court's events dang people, so you know in a society where all of our institutions have this air of illegitimacy to them. So we're gonna have to try to turn to each other, not on each other. S can be origin which we thought Russia was gonna, become like us and we became like they did in the world. Why? Now? These no vacuum? So if you walk away so you force will have to pursue in in any country, and actually it's it's. I don't know what's going to happen next month, but my hope that something is not going to happen because, typically, all the dictator
or would be dictators when they are frustrated when their limited domestically. They look for foreign policy inshore and that's an and Tom still has all what power Jesse and it s not just about mexican border. Let's horror, I will be no bloodshed. Far away is: is it classical way of divergent attention where even dog, exactly what I mean? I mean understand, we we have to? U S: Army deployed to the border active duty elements of the eighty second airborne, the Hunter First Airborne, the Fourth Infantry division, active duty units for aid political stunt for an invasion that is spun up and made up out of whole cloth, so time over the next two months? Those units will be quietly withdrawn, as if this now happen, because in fact it never did and completely made up deployment and many Christmas is thanksgivings. Have these men and women messed to see them being a use down there on that border and they'll come home and will hardly
a story about trumps. Big lie. Having worked together right, thank you plan on time for our guy, when latin airborne walks in dry to contain your excitement. Try to be a little more like these to look like a Satan, just entered the room, and then there's this guy who looks like he's watching his prom date come down the stairs Neuro the people who were concerned about kids eating tied, pods and are now concerned. The tides new box looks like it dispenses delicious wine have to tell me. Is it really that hard not to put tied in your mouth country neural neural? Now that Alex Barker, an errand Smith who both have the same rare condition that leaves them unable to smile, have met David.
Gotten engage someone asked and tell them things. You're gonna get easier, because this is what every couple looks like after a neural before I reacted. This photo of mexican Dwarf wrestling Social Justice warriors have to tell me of my angry, because this x AIDS and body shames, or am I proud, because their fearless latina ex people who are beautiful at any size? It doesn't matter to me personally, I didn't even notice they were dwarves. I dont see height
we're all seminars is dark and employment agencies just for people with face tat, is why suffer the embarrassment of going to a job interview only to be told I'd like to hire you but you're face, says pussy eater. Finally, neural. Let's stop talking Paul tax to each other everyone. These days says that the way to bridge or frightful partisan divide used to talk to the other side, so we can hear each other's point of view. No that's,
exactly what you shouldn't. Do we ve never works, no one ever flips d or aside talk to them. Yes, but not about politics through. You would have better luck, trying to talk Tom Cruise Outer Scientology. Just don't go there when I was a kid politics and religion was just not something the adults talked about. It was considered private and kind of impolite nosey to go there. Politics was like was guess what happened in the voting boots stayed in the voting we used to have. No, I
dear. How much we really hated each other and it worked. So when people ask how do we bridge the partisan divide, I'll tell you how shut the fuck up? Really we never used to fight over politics. Twenty four seven! If somebody said not enough for you today the guy didn't say yes. Yes, it is because of your parties. Environmental policy. True, though that may be but saying it at every opportunity doesn't help people don't change their politics over the years, hundreds. People have come up to me and said I saw a religious and now I'm an atheist. Nobody ever
comes up to me and says I watch real time every week and now I'm a liberal flip on God, but not from that culture is serious. Facebook, Facebook used to be in a knock place too humble brag, joke can't videos. Now it's cold when a political hatred. It was a. And formed a game friends. Now it's more about ruining them out what it. What's with this view, I agree with what I just posted on friend me fuck gladly. We aim to get back to what Facebook used to be about letting a sea who, from high school, was fat guy you're dead. So what thanks giving in a few days in that
spending time with family and endless some of whom we may not agree with politically. Just don't go there waste your time talking to people about Trump. If they haven't figured it out yet neither anything you say over the green being casserole, my childhood thanksgivings railways in Princeton New Jersey, because my father's sister married a country club Republican, and I was aware my parents didn't like republican politics, but they liked uncle how there was this RO talk at Thanksgiving dinner about how wrong they thought his politics were the ride home. That was different stuff, James Carville and Mary Matlin, the epitome of political opposites got married on Thanksgiving Day and its lasted. Twenty five years. There are secret, obviously, hey
as a whole, but also they don't talk politics at home, Mary and told the interviewer talking about the impact of the minimum wage is just not something that is high on our list of fun things to do exactly, especially when there are so many other things you can talk about. There's a book I've had on my shelf for years. Called fourteen thousand things to be happy about No, it doesn't really sound like me and you're right. It is it, but I use it from time to time. In writing, because it's just the list of random things can serve the purpose of getting an idea started if your high, it doesn't
So what I thought of this book in relation to our subject tonight, if there are fourteen thousand things to talk about just in this book, we don't need it politics, all the time we can talk about a green from a I will, a random page, making your own bread
silent movies, fresh cut flowers morning do mahogany the three day week in slumber, parties wagon wheels fortune cookies, mother, goose done day. Naps Z, talk about that shit about how the parking lot a traitor. Jos is too small talk about how pennies or a pain in the ass and they started playing the Christmas using two Worley talk about how sixty nine is never go to your thought. It would be just Jack. Ok, that's our show where several, where this way at the castle and how I now in some way than Jones Gary Kasparov Journey time, like everybody, knew everything we have been watching. The movement is not guaranteed Bianca
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