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Ep. #482: Ann Coulter, Michael McFaul

2019-01-26 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Ann Coulter, Michael McFaul, Joshua Green, Dan Savage, Heather McGhee. (Originally aired 1/25/19)

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You played together, daddy or system. I know why you're happy today, we give Trump today announced a deal to temporarily reopen the federal government. It'll be open for three weeks like his casinos and, of course, no funding for the wall. Is it's a thing. He said he would never do we just it right
thirty five days you will like there will never be. Do you without wolves. Then the pulpit and maybe blows he said. Oh yeah hold my beer, of course, Trump always has to frame. Everything is a wounds three weeks ago. The war maybe I'll declare its is an emergency. That is new strategy, be three weeks. Clare and emergency is like the bad guy. At the end of every movie,
falling off a skyscraper, still shelling shit on his way down. This round sprang up and policies there like it, be I pussy grabber couple days ago. Tromp was talking about this and he said I'm quoting Word Verde said Nancy Policy or, as I call a name That's how bad she is kicking this man's ass. His cutting nickname for her is her name, but he hasn't been. I told Trump. He came up with the slogan that you could at this week he said
a crime will fall, it's stupid, it's factually inaccurate, so I came up with one that so dumb your base will come and policies that you will get your wall. I've got bigger ball, not that hard to write. Speaking of balls drums ban on trends- under people serving in the military they they say that can be enforced disappearance. Would you get when you put bright cabin on the Supreme Court so that that can be enforced and trumps? Deanna Trump is always headed out right for the transgender people and why he told us today said no one wants to grab a pussy and get a surprise.
Let's not very what's most important in America, everyone is talking about these smirk heard round the world. You saw this kid this big member this year? You don't know what this is living under a rock, ok, here's what happened! This was at the Lincoln Memorial is on the more but, of course, at the mall in Washington, this all kinds of people protesting. There were three groups there that day they got into it. There was the black Hebrew, Israel lights. That does not many them these are? They still live in New York. I member they stand on the corner, calling white people crackers. They finally got some attention. They believe African Americans or the literal descendants of the Israelites in the Bible, except we dna and they're not,
they did twenty three in me and it came back you're kidding right, but the black Hebrew started to mix it up with these Catholic high school kids were there from Kentucky right, ok and they were there with a pro life Marge and then a native american Elder playing drum got the metal to mediate, and now it's a big thing again. The known people saying the kid: don't blame the kid this marking kid. I blame lead, poisoning bad parenting, and only I blame that fuckin kid. What a little smirk face like that move at any aid. Stick your face. This elderly man, and this smirking kids
He was just trying to defuse the situation by really. You know next time and into a fight with your wife or your husband or your boyfriend, your girlfriend, try that price, just from their pace with a shooting grain is even diffuses decision. Yes, yes, three! This kid should have done what everyone does during a drum sola leave but I don't spend a lot of time. I must tell you around catholic school children, but I do not get what catholic priests
These kids, but big NEWS, Roger Stone today, was arrested. Former fronts first and greatest political booster he's been trying to make Donald Trump President's Nineteen eighty eight he go to jail just for that. What I mean he is a true believer. You know. There's a bunch of this political Serbia grow knows that he has a giant tat, two of Richard Nixon covering his hunting. Your back, that's true. I feel sorry for a stalemate.
We try to keep an erection looking at best, listen before we bring out. I want to introduce someone in our audience. You know I've been saying for the longest time. One reason this country's insert your message gives these were. We are politically illiterate and one for that is we Don T civics anymore in school, said?
Ok, so fourteen kids, improvidence Rhode Island sued the school for not teaching them civics, they said you are not preparing us to live in a democracy and one of them is here. Please together began to arguments to say, ladies and gentlemen, a great shout savage, have em again Joshua greener here and a little restricting with former ambassador Michaelmas Fall, but first up she's a political commentator. Northrop resistance is futile. Trumpeting left laws that collective mine, my good friend of me and culture is, are you are more powerful you're like wondered what wonder woman would have been going, but really all over the news. I hear them talking about the cold to veto. What whatever Donald Trump does. If you don't say it's, ok, no good
sue, the contrary would be run much better. If you I had a veto over Mcdonald, throw you kind of. Do I mean he was ready to eat was ready to go along with what they passed on on. The budget is crazy that I expect a prayer to keep the promise he made every day for eighteen months right now assumptions it's the base, that's what happened you had him making this. What are you looking at me? I'm working Bishop who's, this guy he's holding the guard behind the not interesting placed a boy. I was supermarkets either like that I'll do. The talking were now it's crazy, that the pace is what as rebelled here and they can take me to stand in for the base. But that's all I am a member of the banks. Will it's very modest mean you said today that uses retweet went from capitulated on the wall? He said good NEWS for Herbert Walker Bush as of today. Is no longer the biggest wimp amateurs. Arrest president. So let me get this straight. You you,
we are convinced that Donald Trump was the guy. You voted for him, Donald Trump. Four and now you're, finding your finding out he's a lying con man. What was your first name? Ok, this is a thing, not many. Ok, I'm very stupid girl, fine by them, I was actually a sewing point with charm. I mean you can make fun of me for also riding in trumpery atrocity. Pluribus awesome. What we ve been. I too, over and over and over again by politicians, by respectable people, why people like Mitt, Romney and George Bush Obama we're going to we're going to protect your jobs, and, to this end I can just say for a second, to an audience. That is not wild about me. I think this bill.
The Wall line has as becoming sounds like crooked Hilary, your locker rob it isn't that you're being played this is, as Bernie Sanders said, a Coke brothers idea. This is lots of cheap labour. Pouring into this country is good from employers. It's not good for employees. You no one wants that, hope: brothers, they wandered Rupert Murdoch wants, and my party wants it. Why hasn't been able to get we have a good starting point, is that I don't want it. It's all of massive patient it's our legal immigration to know if there are five were well, was a big part of that, but the region, european playing to have everybody, keeps acting like this is some sort of Greece's thing. Europe well working class way you just have gone down poker middle class wages have been worth stagnant, it's great for the rich, it's good for you, ok book the valuable work. Ok, but the point was the war whoop
Of course, it would, of course it would most people come here from Mexico, don't come or do they come for jobs, they come on a plane and then just stay. They absolutely not true awaits you, say, walls that work Telethon Netanyahu, but it s just whole all its different different thing at all. They build a wall. Yes, illegal immigration rides the build a wall to stop suicide bombers. I've never now a gardener is once not once tried to blown out there's only one about the old boy. As northern sign idea, those walls were inside, withdrew, stop african illegal immigrants coming in and taking jobs went from a few problem to zero already legal immigrants and Mexico will pay for what
that five hundred myself what happened, but I will say it would give motions slogan, trumps defense. He never said they would prepay forty explained very clearly. How would be done? You will now work. Do you believe this out very clearly? He said they would we be acts, remittances, Mexicans in this country, both legal and illegal son back twenty five billion every year every year. That's enough for the full wall. You want to ten percent. On that recommended and put it in its immigration policy paper. In ten years you paid for twenty five billion dollar wall. Ok, but today he was talking about how we never said it was a wall from coastal close. It's exactly why you know. First, it was although it was a fence than it was just a guess, com, now. It's a gentle little garden friend, I think maybe thoughts and prayers and if we could get thoughts and prayers to work. But let me just. Ask about his state of mind. He said the other day. He said I see it.
Out of the Democrats, almost all of them. This speaks to his mind and this is what I want to ask you why you like this, like he's, starting with a giant lie that the Democrats that the quotas are breaking. I see a lot of the Democrats or almost all of them are breaking saying. Look. Walls are good walls or good, no democratic, saying that that's exactly the opposite. Their position. Their leader said it's a morality, so he starts with a lie. I see a lot of the Dems here, in the middle of its own citizens when he then goes almost all of the sea he built on his own life from two seconds before he is not fucking. Say now be taken. This is himself on his own reality. That is so dangerous instead is tell me that
always so coarse he's a vulgar. He makes things up. No, I went into this fully clear ride again. We liked that about him because respectable people listen do like someone who doesn't live in Rio, because I thought are not. I we did he wouldn't care what the elites thought and he'd actually keep its promises on this and by the way, in fact, Nancy plus you didn't say we need a barrier at the border trump tumor did Obama said over and over and certainly more about that, but they decided no, let suck up to Wall Street and they want cheap nannies and the Republican said. Let's suck up two chamber of commerce, we want cheap nannies. Ok, all of you are being screwed by the way it cheap labour. Isn't so bad for me, I'm not as rich as he has, but I'm not doing badly. My landscaping is built for there is not an option.
So I'm on my pool, it's good for me, but I care about my fellow and they are not. Then all I can class, but please come to my observe that make it up to you in bed. Tonight I'll be Gallienne with George most, where too so uses that this week I know more about technology than anybody know. This didn't sane person. How can we move forward with an insane for now? I find that I'm a kindly buffering really charming insurance, hardly blame you could this thing so and if Obama did not only already had the best words, he said your most christian person openly nobody's more presidential, their own Lincoln AM, I could go on and on it makes me laugh, that's fine! I like that about him. Just keep
your promise and I'm right back in his camp. Ok, so let me ask you the other big story today, Roger Stone was arrested. I would beg when it was over the top arrest. But in What about the lie? You, you you're, so you're, ok with these fun lies! That's why it's puffing its exaggerated carry on working on best moraines. No one thinks I'm yeah this guy milk, I'm the best an insane political narcissist, but ok that shouldn't be browser, but ok Gimme that one. What about lies that really matter like we found out that every time he said, and we have all seen the clips on the news recent I had been no contacts with Russia, nothing. We stayed away because we know that that's a plain lie: that's a kind of a country,
when your lot is now that we know he was. He was trying to build a tower in Moscow up until nine election. We know any of this, and I don't think we do know is finally Clinton pay through our campaign, thirty million dollars to russian officials to get dirt on tromp if What was that This is the whole future. Gps story, sheep, in that to get russian going on around it funds be walking around having malts. Then I really No one here on having, as you do, don't usually does Russia. She was working with Russia, he is work with a foreign cemeteries business. So it is, of course, there's evidence. Russia Mauler has even seven I'm telling you how to get trump. He promised looking for eighteen months and he lied about it. That's how you get tromp. It's not is Russia. Nonsense. You are some wasting time. Will work,
I remember you, your boyfriend, Ronald Reagan. Today Russia was an evil empire. Mr Gorbachev down the wall. What do you think Ronald Reagan with think right? Now? I think he went ass being so cold war. What is with these lunatics? It's not the Soviet Union anymore. We didn't when it it's don't Edwin, but it still Russia, some, like you, know, not, does not want union. We don't I'm living under the threat of sorts hindering our president over right, Today, Venezuela, this is a front page in their turn to Venezuela. Ok, they have a guy. A fine and opposition leader finally stood up and we are backing him and Russia warned us to back off I find it an opposition leader who finally stood up and we are backing him and Russia warned us to back off because their backing the dictator, this
the Monroe doctrine? This is our backyard and Russia is now telling us to back off of what goes on in Venezuela because they know they can do so and that doesn't bother you you're the patriot on not just the page eight. As you said, I am also the Donald Trump adviser and I'm also telling him to back off, because you know what is more in our backyard than even Venezuela, Texas, Arizona. California We care about those states and what's being drawn into the home at oars, gets bogged down
I look, I'm not in union bookkeeper, I dont work at one. These are not strong. Borrowing to declare ones are being screwed over its trump going to declare a national emergency. Does this not least the resident? Nobody said in three weeks? What's he gonna do so? One has got to review the constitution to him. He's the commander in chief is job. Is it your very poor, lass question lot of people are saying you should be the one to run for president? Would you do that, I'm against women working? So I can't culture, everybody and cultural.
Women working, so I can't culture, everybody and culture. Let's just say: ok, let's wait. There's the colonists of savage loved gas, it hosted the savage love, gets bogged. Guess our friend enzyme do see your fellow a demos, action and NBC News policy Analyse Heather Magee Visa Business week. National correspondents go devils. Bargain is now in paperback, Joshua agreed. Ok, it's so good that burden welcome back so Donald Trump by all the goods that are pretty bad day,
Today, I mainly the FBI is rolling up his gang. He's not getting his warm and his pole. Numbers are in the toilet, that's gonna hurt the most a bed. Terrible ratings is get terrible, terrible ratings. Is Paul: numbers are in the toilet. That's that's. Gonna hurt the most a bed terrible ratings is got terrible, terrible ratings. My question: what country, gonna go to war to to get our mind off this, because I feel like that's what he's plotting? That's the only card he has left is to distract us with. Wag, the dog, Venezuela, Venezuela, that we're gonna be one eye and what happens in three weeks, busy handsome is ass, a second
No, I mean I, this is an unpopular president. It's an unpopular wall. It's an unpopular idea, shutting down the government you had in a republican saying we don't want to do that again. He is completely losses. Leverage- and the larger point here is that this war is a monument to a moment in time of american racism and xenophobia and anxiety, that's being gin, up by the paid bullies and corporate media, not gonna name any names of any of your other guests of been here tonight, who doing this so that White Americans are pointing fingers at working class people of different races instead of the plutocrats where they belong. And by the way and culture is for a siege. Seventy percent tax on the rich. That's I was kind of surprise and bears and by the way and culture is for our seas. Seventy percent tax on the rich. That's I was
I suppose there is the question of what trump does now the thing that worries people. The white has spent all day. Conway House advise you want from the thing that they all say to a man and they were all mission custody of troops manhood, effectively passed from an echo to Nancy and those we have three weeks of Trump having to watch that on television on Fox NEWS in what he does is going to depend on how the area, A member he said about our Frank and he said he thought you'd look a wet reg as I had never before, but evil.
Like a wet rang. He hasn't lost that badly. Since the last time you could run of bankruptcy, judge and we'll get nothing right and he was he was. He was telling people as recently as last night spoke to trap, and he said I am not going to sign a continue where sociably garment, unless I get some more money and eternal any k, and today they closed we're, shutting down the Guardia Airport Newark Airport. That's the pressure point that Trump caved under was hearing from his friends who couldn't get from these New York. But you know I often s eye opener. I also make this guy's we'd like what. Why do the Republicans get half the vote? What are they good at the burden? I'm good at national defence. That was their big thing that traders with Russia. Ok, there a blurring of a traitor president, that's just the thing about them. We can't even keep the Russians at other economic emigre. Their good it raises indicated stoking all this everybody. What is it go its economic inside he? Oh, it's the working class. All those first reaction to trumps wins all the real
search all the social science, research and data sense of proven in its racist white done fires in a democratic system, federal government that has waited toward acreage, not human beings. So we have Democrat, we have republican states with two senators, that of eleven people living them into senators. For California, we demand that is that, as long as they also live in a different world, me trump spill, opulent Republicans trumps popularity Monroe, looking to increase during the shutdown support for the wall. Among Republicans increase during the shut down. They don't think that they're losing report of the problem. For travel together. You know you're the only candidate here. Why didn't work when he says something like you said yesterday, he was talking when we still have to shut down and he said well, people can go to the grocery store You know where you have to show I d, food, and he said you know your grocer will help you out like what
in Greenacre a sham level, go to your grocer and say I'm sure you'll get me a planting season really. I would not try that at air one because they were but it is in our circle or all billionaires, endured, cushioned earn Wilbur raw meat, literally millions of children are there. We feel better noticed that don't his fans, no, no, they aren't. You got into Josh's point a second ago that there are, you know, he's more and more popular Republicans, but there are fewer and fewer
the Balkans now than there were two year media, treating them like their half of the country and are just not and their dying buried in terms of millennials that are due to its not just at their dictating. The electorate. Controlled almost two adds a guy have towards real voter suppression and Jane. No, they cheat that's true any longer at all. So Hillary Clinton on the popular vote. We should say that every morning, when we're brushing border areas, euroclydon one we did- we have this anti democratic electoral college. It was designed by races to protect slave states. We wouldn't have I'm in trouble. So there is someone draining the swamp and it looks like it's Robert Butler, because he keeps a make. He's got how many people thirty seven now in London, towns and an hundred meetings. There was between Trump and people from people and run. And Roger Stone who I love this. I guess this is in the indictment
get these things and email that he sent to a witness to an issue that will twas, who wasn't testifying the way Rogers, don't want them to an email them you're a rat astutely prepared to die Cox, Sucker Witness stand for love to the family run, so the best people now for those I've been tuning in every week on the Russia thing. Let's try to kitchen table little, but Roger Stone is sort of the conduit between wicked. Colleagues who got ahold of salaries. Emails right gave them to the Russians, and the indictment is really about Roger Stone. Being in the middle of that and probably getting the order to do that from state ban, Roger Stone, first right. Underage rum is trumps oldest and most trusted Polly S eyes or even after he got fired, still talk to Trumpeton wood. The indictment today shows proves as a chain of collusion from Russia
two Wikileaks and Julian Assange to Roger Stone to Steve and we know, but also to other high ranking Trump official proves that it it it claims that does
I trust I rested evidence they lay down through the indictment of Asia on this isn't hearsay, MRS Ries, on text, messages and run. Now I mean it is all right. Then, under these people, email things like prepared to die and they say cocksucker like that installed at night, because much like tromp a lot of these guys live in a fantasy world. Where look he made it to the White House Agro like a pretend, tough guy in whose whose to stop him in MID act. He made it to the wine as acting like a businessman when all he says is cheap people defraud people and lose money. I mean contractors at the first opportunity when he's ahead of the federal government to stop paying federal employers and contractors. It's it's Emma Protection, as I feel like with Rogers, don't like in every kickass. Action will be there's always like the big bad guy who's, the last one. Do you have to kill, of course, but then you gonna like killed an inch
you don't going up and kill the main henchmen. Then you killed very busy and then it's ok. I feel like you're stone, is very busy or close, I mean I don't know what gets higher than Roger Stone, except, like I think, Don Junior and I'm things are trying to be like Don Junior is my son. I met him briefly. We very short time that I knew dog Junior, the big mystery in mothers indictment. Today. There were at least to high level officials, hoo hoo hoo talk to regulate one we know was abandoned for the area we know was not steal. Bendings banner was on the campaign. This happen in July. It could be done, Junior, it could be poor man afford it could be re gates in the law. Language and that indictment said was instructed to go to Wikileaks by whom it could be Donald Trump. That's the mystery that everybody is waiting to see that
the wall. Ok! Well, you know, one of the great things were going to be able to look back on the trump error and be proud of. Is that it taught us so much about crime things I did not know. I read this and the New York Times this week. There is a Jew. Which prison I never knew this. Did you this Collins. This is Michael colonies going to prison and I get you get to request your present. I didn't know that either Cohen's prison request odors of ill, the Nevada for Jewish. Your friend is, I couldn't make this it's in the cats ills and naturally it was called the lock up of choice for white collar jewish controls and made some day but said for adores person, there's no place like Otis will it's a hundred and twenty inmates, their mostly doctors, lawyers, accountants, taken this, they ever commissary that sells skullcaps six dollars a kosher selection monster balls
they felt the fish seltzer they put out a spread You would not believe I love this Laurens dress. Lurk in made says: hey, it's not zabels and it's a little of a price. But what are you why its prison? Do we even need to do a bit about that? Yes, we so we did indeed dive into this prison, and while there are some that this, this is true cheer, some other things are going. This prison, for example, What an inmate drops the so the other inmates yell out bend at the knees, a big prison gang is Emma's fora. One came a riot, can turn into wholesale slaughter or worse reach us When you get there,
but you're the warden says would kill you to sit down. If you cross the line you looking at time in the cooler crossed. Again, you go back in the cooler even closer to the air conditioning. This has a jewish risen. If you must behave badly, I noticed you get sent up the river to unless it's worth the number one thing in May to complain about the food. Second, is the Bush. When they talk Zella than this prison, you get the dress
on the side. Ok, ambassador is the former EU ambassadors from Russia and author of all border police and american ambassador important Russia, Michael Macfarlane. Thank you for me because I was going to say we look like geniuses booking you on this night because all this Russia NEWS and run ass down. I wanted To start with. I have to think about Russia anymore, exacts over the threats that right first racism in our russian. It's all been coming up, so I saw the documentary that you are in. I think we had the director on the show. Reg no active measures, direct Shirley allays it out, and you say in that something like all the interest. Things I know I can't tell you- and I can tell you Really you not even on HBO you even on each Vietnam, ask me and I'll try what
I mean? What do you mean? What do you know my Rogers down? That is so interesting that we get no. I was referring to something else in there, which is about Putin and his methods so that the two things I know about it and I don't know exactly what MR from dead when it came to russian two thousand thirteen, although I was the ambassador at the time. But I am aware of the trip. I was aware of the trip and I don't usually we do a briefing now to think about a person purity reasons with see as we didn't do. One for this was the pageant. Was there? Yes, we know that we made a decision that we weren't gonna like hosts day reception for the pageant that didn't seem appropriate, at least for what we do it at my house, but we usually tell people about some things. You should think about you, I'll think about it ever traveller Russia. One thing you should think about is that in Europe,
they have tremendous capabilities to monitor and tape, everything, oh sure, and the rids Carlton right. Where MR from stayed that's a very special hotel. Every wired right I mean they're. Looking in everything, that's correct! That's why what she said about. The Soviet Union has fallen, maybe it has, but he hasn't, he was KGB. He wants to rebuild the Soviet Union. Does anyone to destroy us operetta? That's part of that part and parcel of the same story so and it's a real threat. Let's, let's be clear, like the Soviet Union collapsed, others a great day was great day in my life, but thirty years It really is back and they see we didn't our one enemy and also we never really realized, or I didn't certainly that the animosity between the two countries went way beyond just communism versus capitalism. It was deeper than that.
Communism did go away. Absorb gather, lets a quasi communist countries, but not the dictatorship and nobody animosity towards the West, Frank and our way of life and our way of doing things and just democracy in general. Right, I mean Putin believes that we destroyed the Soviet Union. Putin believes that We made Russia poor and prudent. Please- and I know- because I was a poster child for this- that we interfere in his elections back in two thousand and seven and two thousand twelve to try to under I'm him and that's why he sought revenge in two thousand sixteen and he wants you.
Food aid, as unfortunately Guida literally literally asked Trump? Yes, they we haven't hand you over here present. That was a great idea. By the way is everything who says he says it's a great idea: whereon. He was in Helsinki, yes, and they asked him. Do you think the Russians metal democracy due to what Mr Putin's is very strongly labourest when somebody says something very strongly? That's when you know it's true, but Wisbeach. Like that's one point Putin says I've got a great idea, one on I, the criminal work with your law enforcement people too who did this meddling and trunk goes. That's a fantastic idea. I think that I'm a great deal maker in that As for a better deal, will, thank God, ridden follow through on that deal, but I mean it get. It gets to the point that that your point my point a point, because we are talking about an earlier right. This notion that Russia's some kind of a benign power right now we really have to think about them. Who cares about what happens in Venezuela either?
to those that are big sovereignty. People right we're gonna, build this wall, for sovereignty are here that a lot right. Why should We have sovereignty over our elections Y, know These are people care when we talk about cyber didn't, have bad capability in two thousand sixteen, and I want to fight for that sovereignty so that Americans alone choose the next presently united. So what about what what what why wouldn't this crow come back to kill another check if it were the first time well Putin. Doesn't always repeat the same place may change things, but we as a country has done virtually nothing to protect ourselves from what happened to them. Sixteen, so basic cyber security for campaigns it's not a lot basic rules about what kind of media that the russian government can put honour on our social platforms. We want any relation on that and there's one reason for it is because president try
refuses to recognise this as a threat, and so he blocks all those initial and it's the money at the bottom of it right I mean to mean his own kids. We got most of us, money from Russia he's at a certain point. It's not that complicated he's dead, Nobody else would lend money except that the crooked russian- yes right so he's into them the hookers being on each other, I write so so, follow the money again. So what I know about, I know Putin better than from right. I've known for a long time, exactly like we're, Facebook, friends or although given went up on Facebook. These days. Maybe we are. What do you think he uses money and compromise, right, that's a runner where we all learned here to create lecture. Inside Russia and other places and those Orleans Hartley with those cameras at the risk of correct right, parodi things on those cameras. Why don't
but everything that happens in the roots Carlton, does not stand the risk and this guy this name- I read this week- Carl Klein yeah. You know that. Did you hear about this at this time those many stories like it was any other president. It would be a year long story gives buried Klein some stooge the Trump installed in the White House to cut through what is known, the process where someone has to get security clearance and, of course nobody in that administration could do it cause they're all in bed with the Russians or some sort of foreign adversary. So, like I think thirty people was there was that the number thirty people shocking, who who the normal channels said? No, no, this kind does not get security clearance and he appointed this guy again, I never knew this was even possible. Does that you could appoint some guy just to say fuck that Jared Kirshner gets clearance
This was whispered about two years ago. The people in the White House wondered how can somebody with those kind of financial entanglements get any kind of security clearance and then magically he did and then magically. Other people did too and given the nature of the people who work, what were a part of this process? We had Steve Ban and of the National Security Council right. This is exactly the sharpest mines in the military in the? U S, intelligence, having their say and who is it, isn't previously covered, but that their whole campaigns thing was about two pillar is emails is that it was not secure that that she was a risk virtue, eddying users and unchecked your phone and has all these buck and people in the White House who who does what We sent showered Kirshner form to the CIA to get the superhighway parents, the CIA said: how did you get? This far this- is why privilege at its height,
This idea that ITALY Unqualified Criminal Jared Cushion under the New York Times, man didn't pay any contacts and yet he is public servant number three and who is because his jewish he's he's in them of these, the one at the prison worry he's taking care of the Middle EAST crisis for us, like he's, what's happening with their prime, would not rush level and eat out in my community. We look at this and we're like rats and wipe. And all of us together with its banks and speaking that either there. Although these white people are meeting in Davos removed- maybe it's over it, but it was
that's, where all the billionaires get together, and we learned some amazing things about wealth, two thousand hundred billion areas in the world, and there they there increased by nine hundred billion in twenty eighteen? The poorest half of them the world's population, so an eleven percent, decrease the twenty six Just billionaires are worth as much as three point: eight billion people. Twenty six may I'm putting this is my fourth one k into guillotine futures: it's coming well, I don't know about that, but it's interesting because when I see said that thing about, we should take Seventy percent. The first reaction, even once MC grudges all that's crazy, and then we found out now majority of Americans agree with that. Now, Elizabeth WAR. It is calling for a wealth tax, not just what you earn a year, but your nest, egg. We're
but after effects that much and what do you think is added, because that's on earned money for the most part, that is people who are sitting on trust funds, people who you know we're able to use hedge fund loopholes. This is been a problem for as long as I've been alive. The idea that someone who's just has their entire job is to open their envelopes and see how their stocks have done. Behaviour is taxed less than someone who's in a walking around them cleaning up after them, and that is a problem. We ve got to look at wealth because listen, there's an idea in this country that we're losing that every human being has some spark of ingenuity and opportunity, and when there's this much of a wealth divide and young people are going into debt and not being able to buy homes,
losing out on all of them as a country, and so it is time to restrict its its overshadowed by stone by the shot down by whatever the hell drop is done on any given day, but this is affecting our politics and it has been in the fall from the financial crisis, ultimately lead to Donald Trump, the Bernie Sanders America made a bet. The trump would be the guy who would who had rectify this inequality. It isn't, You can see that, as you know, shifting into the democratic party measure, I don't think we'll see gettings because they Americans never blame rich people that that's the tragedy of the Trump voter. They. They they see themselves being squeezed and they can't identified is doing so. We ensure they think it's immigrants and and single moms who are getting into the takers member the takers because of any any level on racism of the right and Trump voters are. The minority is just that we have monopoly rule in this country because of voters, suppression because of jet, remembering
because of the Senate and that's part of what we have to address. We have to address the What is it our hard wired into our system that have made economic, quality. So much worse, Yeah you and by winning the Lex eurozone? We need to win election as you want in the Future Americans too, to pick their present. The republican party does not. Why that's? Why we're just cancer ass, an ovum? We need all the things we talk about, let's just slightly with two things. I want to say one all things we're talking about will not happen. Unless there's a new president number to the biggest promise you talk, cultures all worried. He didn't deliver on that Big promised the wall, the real big promising never delivered on are all those workers that she was talking about. All those people. That's my family Montana, I know those people that border from he hasn't done anything for those people and that's what people. I think we need to talk
about moving until the next election cycle. That one thing is this fracture so we can talk about a wall, but when we talk about the concrete the crimes that were legitimate? Yes, one thing for those people, that's what amazes me and the and then the pole numbers are showing that there is probably at its lowest. Now it's like thirty four percent with those people. I promise you are not going anywhere that, though, that is MRS Girls in the bunker with the cyanide giving the cyanide to the children, because she does not want to live in a world without national social. Those people are not moving. Ok, I got your if you work at Bloomberg. I have one more question because this We have a lot. I I thought I thought I like Michael Bloomberg is dead to me now he said during my marijuana he says: Seventy two thousand Americans overdosed on drugs and twenty seventeen yeah, none from part
in today's as we are trying to legalise another addictive narcotic of FARC, really an addictive narcotic, which is perhaps the stupidest thing anybody has ever done. No, this statement is the stupid. Think anybody has ever. I thought, Giuliani was actually your. I want you to quit right here on this before you're gonna, give you explain why this position. If the Democrats would make this an issue, they could win elections just on legalizing pot, I swear. I we did a thing on this one, just though guns are to the right wing. They love them. It's in your home yet touched it's personal, it's not just an abstract issue, come out full square for relieving realising pie, legalise part of the ballot box washing state two thousand twelve, the first stores opened a year and a half later drug use, import use by young people.
High school students has not increased with hundreds of its doors and tax revenues to invest in Washington State all doom and gloom predictions, including over but the main candies in part, candies and kids, will get them and will it zombie five year olds running around stone. That has not happened, and so on A Bloomberg is talking about, and you know they always We probably legalise Papa nearly lies heroin. They legalised all drugs in Portugal and made it up but rather issue and its better but but as long as leaders of the little people up and making drugs illegal in turn to stand between people and prevent a product they want, even if it's bad for them does not work but here's the polluter. Here's the political, because the political problem within an ipod position going into twenty twenty Mitch Mcconnell Mitch Mcconnell just keep. Out and lead the effort to legalise hemp and the farm bill,
on Bananas Workin for a part company, if you're to the right of republican Reiner, Wanna issue, that's that's it! That's a tough arguments and valuable ass to see me. Can I have one. Do you know that my member you're on that you were the total, bring in that time for new neurons seminars to tell rightwing media that we got the message about how socialism is bad and the proof is then as well, socialism equals Venezuela got it there's socialism in Venezuela? Venezuela is socialist and it's bad in Venezuela. Socialist Venezuela, where there are socialists then as well. I believe the ok, Steve Dues, hey Socialist, now proven
fine, Venezuela on a man you're all there are two sides to every divorce. An Irishwoman who last year announced her marriage to a ghost. Now It's over, she says he was emotionally distant. And if you Ask him there were days she acted like he was completely, and business regardless of whose advice the bigger question is: who gets custody of their two beautiful children. Euro. Giving awards to actors for looking like crap The christian bail advice vice and the coal Kidman destroyer and Charlie's thrown in monster, I'm not amaze. They could make christian bail. Look. Seventy I'm impressed the Tom
rose falls on buildings, worship, Satan and looks thirty zero. If you're going to criticise the Fox NEWS, Graphic Department for mistakenly displaying obituary for Ruth Baker Ginsburg earlier this week, you must praise them when they get one just right. Euros, dab, saying the IPCC prohibits sexual ized content during a bill broadcasts. On Sunday we watch an entire team, get fuck and finally, to every person on social media whose asked me since November bill. What do I have to say about Stanley and every Papa
see outside a restaurant, who still shouting at me bill what about the Stanley thing? Ok, your task, Tonight's editorial is about Stanley, who, if you they died in November and it two days later, I posted a blog that was in no way an attack on Mr Lee, but took the occasion of his death to express my dismay at people who think comic books or literature and superhero, all these are great cinema and who, in general, are stuck in an everlasting childhood brain that you're all about the Marvel Universe is like, boasting that your mother still pins your mittens dear. Sleeves you can, if you want, like exact same things you liked when you were ten, but if do you need to grow up? That was the point of my blog, I'm not glad. Stanley is dead, I'm so
and you're alive and by the way, if someone says you're being childish- and you react by throwing a tantrum you're, not iron, your irony man. Well, let me tell you: people were piss about this post. I wasn't even aware that I had ruffled so many capes Until I saw that forty thousand twitter followers unfollow Middle, like that, to which I say, good riddance, Follow Yogi, air director, Kevin Smith, accused me of taking a shot when no shots of fuck necessary. Except again my shot wasn't at stake. Lee, it was, as you know, grown man who still dressed like kids,
one common said that Stanley has inspired children to believe in something bigger than them, and then- congratulate Cunt, same level that an culture is a cunt boy. Did you pay the wrong need to do now. Other people treated things like I learned about social justice and racial tolerance by reading comic books. Ok, but now you have pubic, care, Red James, Baldwin, Rien, Tony Morrison, Red Michael Eric Dyson. Even a book is dumb, as the Bible gets this one,
It was a child. I spoke as a child. I understood as a child. I thought as a child, but when I became a man. I put away childish things, including my ex men budgets. Can we stop pretending that the writing in comic books is so good? Oh, please, every superhero movies. The same thing, a person who doesn't have powers gets them has to figure out how they work and that has to find a glow, we think justice. Let's blow, we think iron man glow. We think spider man, Gloweth thing. Captain America Gloweth thing what we think we think, while we think there's nothing wrong with a man riding comic books. There is something wrong with adults, thinking their profound the folks. It stands company,
team, Stan, wrote an open letter to me and said you have right to your opinion that comics are childish and unsophisticated. Many said the same about Dickens, Steinbeck Melville even Shakespeare, know they do. No one ever said that no one ever said, King Lear, Moby Dick was childish. Unto Vista candid. If you ever read a book without picture, you'd know that same Shakespeare to write you an open letter, yes Howard, the dark hamlet, same did so by non self, be true, meet hoax smash. Comics are for kids. That's why they seldom next to the Pokemon,
cards and not on the eye with the condoms in the loop. I'm sorry, but if you're an adult playing with superhero dolls, I'm sorry I mean collectible action figures, one don't go all the way and drive to work on a big wheel. Grown ups? These days, clings are desperately to their childhood that when they do attempt to act their age special word for it now adopting Hayworth Look at me. I just made my own. I appointment, hashtag adult thing eating that the bulls adopting today I wiped my own ass. I guess I'm turning into my marriages have been destroyed because the husband adult men can't stop playing video games
Your wife wants to have sex and you can't come to bed because you're about the level up in fortnight. Don't we, rise when your relationship does this sixty joy marks ever? Did I wanna dance together? Miguel Joshua Green, like I told me last night, watchman movement is not going to each be oh dont com,
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