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Ep. #485: Rahm Emanuel, John Legend

2019-02-16 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Rahm Emanuel, John Legend, Paul Begala, David Frum, Maya Wiley. (Originally aired 2/15/19)

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO real time,
Try to remain calm. Is a national emergency? Haven't you? Yes, he did it fuck. I did it today. He declared a national emergency was in the rose garden in the morning. You could tell this is when you normally has executive time, because he was still in curlers, and this was just completely crackers. I know I've said that before, but this was just one long basin
Incoherent stream of consciousness, call the nursing Home Rand. I mean we don't you know, we are even noticed any more when it gets stupider. It's like fighting on a garbage shit. You know who should have declared a national emergency long ago. Fact checkers with this does no reality anymore. I mean reporters were asking him questions, in point of such a reporter, who gave him statistics from his own administration. Do you really believe stats? Yes, I do I mean there is nothing really left to say about this, except a national emergency should not be used by Trump; it should be used
I'm trying to refresh your memory. Why we're? In this little bit of a pickle, we had a government shut down. Remember that over the wall and now we're having a national emergency declared over a wall, because the master negotiator was off. Twenty five billion for his wall some time ago, turn that down in December, it was offered one point: six billion turn back, down now they signed it here for one point: three billion,
today Mexico said fuck. If it gets any lower, maybe we will pay for from promised supporters over a thousand miles beautiful wall. He got fifty five miles of, and did you see this? They have changed the slogan from build the wall. To finish the war. Because he told me that I've already built to want one who is built no wall, but he tells them that and they change the slogan. You know Monday's president's day we ve gone from. I cannot tell a lie too I tell when I'm lying just telling the people you ve done it. I know we're not supposed to stay there stupid
but an culture is saying that about them. I mean really at the point now where we can do change reality by change. The chant I mean it's give queen sang. We did rock you ass, we did. We have already rocked you uttered things happen even gotten started and he's already moved on diminishing and Maloney said welcome to my work, we'd laughter way, but this is fundamental, really serious democracy hanging by a thread kind of stuff. It is it's more of that slow moving coup that I keep talking. About the rules in seventeen. Eighty seven in this country has been Congress,
The one who decides how we spend the money? Ok, try found a line somewhere in America's laws. That said yes, except if oppressed declares a national emergency. The only thing that stop all the other presidents removes before it is it they had some respect for what our cunt is built on. One weapon that does not work on this precedent is saying good people wouldn't do that using sarcasm on SIRI, but you know turning America into a monarchy. That's not so we can do all by yourself Mitch Mcconnell Mitch, Mcconnell Right said you know, firstly was against this. Then he said you know what, if you want to go completely around Congress. Mr President, you have my support. While
thought had it was a submissive bitch. I say we get an immigrant in there to do much more Connell's job because apparently upholding the constitution is a job Americans. Just don't want to buy a wily, enable my here and what are you thinking with our friend John Legend? Is bags to term mayor of Chicago in former Whitehouse chief of staff, he's done at all.
May I remind you all of you welcome Mr Mayer, and I guess I won't be able to call you that much longer you are not running for a third Germans, the mayor of Chicago right. When one is your term and may twentieth, you counting the days by ETA Clock not that you deserve a break. I mean you ve, been in the battle, since the bigger mean you're in the Clinton, Whitehouse Chief of Staff or Obama. That's a killer job, you! Thank you! You tell me, but you must be tired and you earned a break where one serious thing, though, As the sun and the grandson of an immigrant serve to President's Congress, mayor of the city that welcome, I grant my grandfather greatest city greatest country in the world. Can't be anywhere else in the world that you can be the son of an immigrant
from the mayor of the city, that your voice here to argue with that we can find some. But so what is your take on their national emergency? What what should be the strategy you? If you're in the White House? As you are aware, the bumble you'd have to come up with a strategy. To combat this offers. No because our president went this! No, no! I know those so here's the first and foremost, and I think that people got it. You have a full constitutional crisis to basically cover up a real campaign crisis. This is all about the camp. Sure you made, and so what you have now, and I think that the direct approach in the right thing to do you want to stop drugs. You want Dark mechanics now declare a national emergency declared national emergency on opiates opiates
when people their manufacture years. That's what we and the other thing is, and I think what we have to do is actually the whole strategy is in there's an opening here. And that is when you have a pin, sir, and you have to create a cancer campaign against Trump and the based the Republican Party cause they're. Not for this, and now First time remember: his name is not for the no because culture now there's more than just her. I'm talking about people that in the members a house and set in the end, the true people that believe in that. If you give the president, they know Democrats gonna when they get back there if used, to lower the bar. What becomes a national emergency you're, giving it right priority, the chief of staff, and so I would drive a wedge between the right now. The only thing holding up the president is a fact that he's cow, the entire Republicans right and start driving that wage there to weaken. Going into one. That's like the Democrats need a wedge driver like you know, well, Some other additives have been used to smell. I you're a tough guy. We like that, so we
but the strategy. I know, I think, that a single one divided bay. Ok, president, going into now one now, invented energy policy, so glad when everyone was whispering in my ear. Are they need? No leadership is now I said no and we agreed on the yes and do end base, and she probably ask is why you don't need a rookie sitting across from the regional Donald now speak yourself. Molten would not have done it's ok, so but she said today. I think it was today these days, goodbye so quickly Sometimes you want to go by she. She floated the idea. There were, if it was a different president, maybe would declare a national emergency on guns. I don't think this is good politics, London, for the next election. A lot of people just vote on guns and it sounds like the demo at your leg, in their jobs, to declare in a national myrtle, icon guns and- and I was going to say I was showing restrain its arena remit, but I know, but not
maybe a crisis guns, but it's not a national emergency. We can't be as bad as them right a hundred, but I think that the one thing You don't want to mimic their politics and there times. In fact you wanted showed the strengthened. In this case, I would not say we're. Gonna declared this emergency that emergency people don't like this, the not for. What's going on here, they'll see through it? Actually I have confidence in the american people. The sea this for what it is and what it in the rejected in the go. I not lower, wants you on certain cases to actually mimic what he's? because then there's a difference for nothing not where you want to go against council had how do we break this cycle between the two parties that we ve been enough for such a long time? I mean they go back to work and then Clinton was impeached for really what we don't think he should have been each for and they know better, and then they think Bush was handle,
very unfairly. Nine Obama, of course, was handled unfairly and they wouldn't need them. If you get to a point where Mitch Mcconnell says we're not even going to consider everything we going to block everything and if we do get rid of trump, People who are so supporters are not going to go away there. Just gonna want revenge, you're a mayor. You break cycles in things. How do you break this cycle? There isn't a wolf. Couple things. I think that actually were. I actually think what Donald Trump and from an optimist is actually reignited. A civic pride and civic engagement in the country that we have seen his legacy will be. If I get a level level, we could not do before the second thing, and this is what I would call for the country running and don't want to run. We need national service. To reunite the threads that unite us citizens in this country and people committing again to serve to the country. I actually think the way you don't do this is retribution ass. You think that merit,
people, especially the young wanna, be lifted up to a higher ideals and I think that's the place to go for the party and I think one of our nominees lucky touch that flame and ignited for the candidate. Who do you think that nominal will be? That's what the voters will pick, and you know what I do know about campaigns having gone six. Four six they reveal character had to get they revealed, they reveal character. People will with the hood, kick the tires change look at the oil. And we will find people forget- is both Rock Obama present clear to people were for we're not seen as a front runners they emerge as a front runner and they will be able to show they can take a punch in the liver punch, they'll, be able to raise the country to the level and they go Mama. Romano against speaking ill. You can't see it on paper. You can't see it on paper, it will happen and that person will emerge.
In the debates in the other, clear policy through the campaign to do that, then you'll start to see Ronald Reagan. In this moment I paid for this microphone. It became a moment they grow captured his character. That will there will be that moment but the governor of Virginia should do well. Well, I mean Armitage. Here's what I think- and I love you- you seem nervous about. No, I don't I don't buy that you that's not a photo. I think that is Oh don't guess! It's ok is right and it's wrong we all agree on that. Ok now. What I think, though, is that What I do know in reading a history you take Barack Obama, he wasn't for gay marriage at first,
we're a unitary. The armed forces so gay and lesbian who serve the country they love and not be judged by the person they love, present, Lincoln. Think of fight the war to end slavery was for the union came to be the great emancipator, I think worth them in part of civil rights, part of any change, its maturity in evolution He is now going to be the greatest fighter for civil rights because he has something to prove and he was character so much I don't know where this notion. I really was a pretty good one, which is why fifty eight percent of Africa Africans in Virginia want him to stay on the jobs, because they also that health care he got met. Medical through with my point is, but on all these things a notion that sea discreet somebody the answer is you're fired. The fact is, he has evolved. And he has something now, if you want somebody there's nothing like a convert. He is
have a tree to prove something if he has the campaign of his reputation. In my view, is, he has something, and you can't this notion Virginia escape history. No, learn from history. You don't escape history and then he teaches you what to do right in the future. So my view today, you are in the city of Chicago sent a letter to Jeff Basis over at Amazon, things salacious about your email or pictures you are trying to Laura Amazon to Chicago? Because they pulled out of New York? What do you think about What do you think about New York losing that and where Amazon should go? Obviously you want them in your city, Ani, here's! What fertile for five consecutive year Chicago's a number one city in Amerika for corporate relocations every year, five straight,
We bribing corporations. If that was the issue New York, do we really have to do those? Not not the issue. Will here's this affair question? In my own view, take a look at New York. You look at what they should said. Look fix the subway near the we're, we're gonna go and everybody will gain they're gonna. Take your tape parade and that same dollars, but go do actually because of what they can do. And of the subway system in New York. They would have been seen is actually becoming. It is a good neighbour, in my view, there's a lot of economic growth that you can create, that there's multi winners and it's a win win situation rather than, as you say, whether its enticing or financial, I think Chicago has offer number one thing: it s offer the best educated workforce in the United States.
Spoken. Like still mayor of Chicago, you ve got your vacation democratic strategy. Asean anger, deliberate or Paul Bangala he's a column ass if they were ignored or of democracy. The corruption of the American Republic Perfect for our discussion today, David Rum, your vice president and professor of public and urban policy at the new school, my old job, NBC Legal, analyse my a wily, greatly no overtime. Tonight I gotta get two biggest so national,
urgency. This happened. We thought it might happen. It did usually. I thought a national emergency was something we declared when Martians were landing Mexicans and you know in my lifetime I've seen Congress give up the power of declaring war. We don't do that. Happened a long time before a trump and too it seemed like they lost the power of their other out. Other big power is how you spend money, if you don't do warn you not do money, What are they therefore? Well? They have lost anything yet the others it's really the beginning of a fight about what our constitution says and whether Donald Trump can publicly say that I did this because I wanted the wall, even though there is no emergency and claim and emergency. In order to try to build while that we don't need, because we already have seven hundred miles of fancy, and because, as you pointed out, drugs actually come through ports. So I
this is gonna get litigated- obviously there's a political process here in the form of a joint resolution. But you know the question of whether sixty Republicans will support that through the whole mother issue, but this The is gonna go on for a while, and there is a very real possibility that we might see an injunction from a court like we did muslim band before we have to go to the Supreme Court. That's when she gets cabin. I woke up behind her brow. I know I know, This is a hair on fire moment, but actually the President lit his they are on fire and there's a lot of hairspray there. He is. He will so regret this. He was so regret this because here in something that about to happen, the long gives the president the power, not create new money, but to reshuffle old money that money is going to come from people he's not to move from one already approved military project that has been contracted get to another? What senator
come to us from Waterline Republican came out against the president's action. Why is the Carolina has three hundred and fifty million dollars of military projects in the pipeline money. The state of Missouri has more than three hundred and twenty million dollars a military projects in the pipeline. Those projects were whereby senators and there are now to be taken away. The presence we face a resolution of disapproval from Congress, certainly from the house, probably from the Senate, to I think the republican centres were unhappy is enough, it may pass you can veto it but it still stings rears its resolution of disapproval, congresses, whether to disapprove and the courtroom just are going to be painful so,
Katy, but also many times you can't get away with this new always gets away with it. I know what he's he's not get away with it. The boat was taking on water very, very steadily slowly. I think they will disapprove in the Congress and then the present would be too then you'll be a vote whether to override he has isn't vetoed anything yet right. That's how compliant Albanians are sixty seven but We have from time to time the Muslim Ban, that of the three branches. Either the cars for checking unlikely or the courts. We may have from time to time the Muslim Ban, that of the three branches that the court has checked that the presidency the Congress has yet to do so in an where's. The Spock that money David talks about is from the voter construction budget. The Senate arm Sources subcommittee! A subcommittee of that committee had a hearing this week about military housing and the family,
of our heroic troops, who are living in rat infested Maoist mice infected invested mouldy housing, it's it's That's why you're taking money away from that for his stupid wall made? We not art our beloved troops are living in like it's worse than the servants quarters and more logical, and mainly those are our droesse. Considering our defence budget approaches a trillion dollars, but we don't make they are going to say only one point with which I do see the interview with the woman whose applying in the public citizen losses that just got file today, so she lives in Texas. She, one of the landowners who's gonna lose their property that an eminent domain if this goes through a reboot Yahoo right, so I mean imagine this is the president who gave
pardon to Malaysia men right who, like did this federal action? Organist protect their property and get he's gonna go along the border and actually take, but because this order than rumpus is trapped inside a tighter and tighter decision smile every this has happened to a morning. We solve the problem by creating the next problem, and then you solve the next propaganda knowledge. What kind of men do and the cellular used car you're twenty miles down the road, but that's on, went to Morrow is not seeing you again, but the intervals are getting tighter and tighter and tighter He is finding himself in an ever more inescapable situation, except that I think the story for twenty nineteen is going to be one. Increasing, hopefulness about what is ahead and the worries inability to check- and I am not an optimist by nature, but but you just feel that the Spirit, a surgeon in the country and the Congress not going to be. There costume
This can be there peevishness their commitment to port beryl projects. The president is falling. There are projects. That is a dangerous thing to do unless optimist lady, so he has embarked on a strategy which is exactly the opposite of what I would advise. He is deepening not broadening his support. Threeg afford six percent election. He hasn't seen forty six since so, if political bottlenecks are we gonna get to fifty he's dead, down deeper and deeper. It makes no sense unless Fighting for is a fanatical base that will stand. We can actually have on favouring about changing the means of government. That is fundamentally had I mean what bothers me about this. Aside from all this minutiae is that every price, it has a thing that they want to get through Bush one privatized, Social Security and Clinton wanted to revamp the healthcare system and Obama? one or two grand bargain and they didn't get it, but they did declare a national emergency. This is a movement towards a different kind of government, and as long as Ms Mckenna and who, by the way, is more of an enemy of the constitution,
the colonel another. There is something that is fundamentally undemocratic, air, complicit there where complaints lesson on something I don't even want, because I don't want to give up the power and by the way, not only are we fighting the wrong word the border, this We also found out. We are deliberately taking money from these cyber security and infrastructure agency. I didn't even notice, existed, that's what is a task force to taskforce, Jane Chancel, created at this. This is to protect our elections from the Russians basically, but from anyone who would want to ratify them and sorry to forget Mars later in the shuffle has to my mind, but they are down to you also hasn't spent any of the hundred and twenty million dollars. That's always been, or already been appropriated, to protect our elections. This is
this noble activity. This is a country under attack continually and someone who is in charge of defending it, not defending it. Why? More importantly, this establishes ham. We already know that son, I'm not breaking any, is here, but as distract or in chief because it s wrapping up homeland security, cyber security of our elections to a border, while we don't need war, is better than a sex giving better it really is as far as this, because people are bored with his ex life? They know. Is this scumbag so late that nineteen women started making it all right It does have an obligation to protect our country and am glad that you called an invasion bill in the media. Too often they call it meddling. You and I was just kind of a gamesmanship like our mother in law, John Mccain, a war here right, John Mccain, called it an invasion and attack against America right President is not defending us. Why
He benefited from that attack. Yes, say, I'm just a limit. The middlemen, payment, roubles and just make an honest men are for it was his campaign manager this week that they said you know you ve been lying after you made the plane deal, but not just lying, not to fly now lying. Bad going hand telling the president and communications with him while you are supposedly cooperating after a clean deal with federal, investigate rose, that's more! That's where you start to see the the circumstantial evidence of okay, so the campaign manager, the personal warrior for him and the National Security adviser wool convict of lying about relations with the Russians what are the odds, but he didn't know when the key people around him were all doing this its preposterous. I emphasise the word convicted when we talk about the walls, closing it that the american legal system has worked about as well.
Has anybody could have hoped, and it continues to work mother stays on the job we carry where every week, worrying, but what is about to happen to my limited hasn't happened. Yet what for all of US fate is not dying, that debt, where mother didn't die that day, an end at this point with the house of the dam represents never credit cans. He's missed his window. That tightening spiral is continuing, tightened and but resolute? How hard we don't know. We got a new attorney general today, right, ok, the last guy was a temp. I mean talk about things that are not normal, Whittaker, guy I'll write that got him from main power like the wheel of horror, use installing great we Whittaker, who is a highly abnormal of approach between Katy. He was shut down, he's not he's not. There he's got some council of the attorney General Job Babar. Is a normal,
The automobile bar is is a normal figure who has long career a long career, a head on after me, good hydrogen so miserably ok, Gomangani Vashon, so many these people, their normal, normal normal and then one day it's like what happened to that person. Lindsey Graham, was normal for a while. A lot of people were normal and then they get sucked into the Fox news vortex or something they get sucked into, and they become very, not normal. So I'm not really orient the story. The Trump years institutionally is the massive failure of the Republican Party complicity by your with this true, They are the most that's the most shameful story. The most firing story is the american legal system, the judges, the process, Peters and and how they have protected one another and amber that they have futures beyond all my trunk. The legal system is work, the political System has failed,
so Valentine's day was yesterday. Did you have a good time? We say this. We're Valentine's day has been floating around the internet for a couple of months, but it was an amazing story, a man but a used car, and he found something that somebody left in the car, which was a list twenty two relationship rules that could car owners girlfriend had laid out for this guy and the guy posted on the internet? This is real and it became viral things like you are not to have a single girls phone number. You are not to look at a single girl. I'm alive do a phone check whenever I please you're, not. You're not to get mad at me about a single thing. I ever do you and your never to take longer than ten minutes to text me back you
not to ask her head, and this is real. So apparently this is catching on and a lot of women are doing this. Now we got a hold of Maloney if you're not to leave your girdle and the bathroom floor, you're not to ask for hand you are not allowed to eat. When these in bed tell Wendy, I can hear her. You are not to ever again mention the bride catalogues return policy that his name is Baron and ease our sun. Stop asking. Who is the kid you must at least consider drinking, or whatever else will put you to sleep. When I say I love you, do not reply with your welcome. If I say jump you I'd like to see that by June this year he is one of the most enduring this industry and activists at a new vision is no a song and video breach is out today. Take a look around
John. I do know that only a great time, but a great status in New year's, your powers for good and not if I try. I tried that in its directive, video and song, what if people don't hear it some of our audience? Is you know older than listen? Do you That's the poetic message: how would you put it in what is what it does not take away the world? You talk about me no We had another gun masker today in America, in Illinois and every time it happens, we had the Prayers and thoughts and prayers from all. Officials and they don't do anything about it and the song is basis and we ve had after the thought,
prayers and talking about it was actually do something. In this I haven't seen you you are so good ass Jesus, oh thank you in Jesus Christ, you're born to play that poor people are already think of years. A great guy. Well, look like John John Lunch, and I am a kid signing grandson of preachers inside and learn about these my whole life. So I guess I was preparation for the kindness. So are I know, mass incarceration is a big issue with you or innovation involved with s free America. Do you do you think Trump gets any credit for he did get?
open a means. The bill was warm prison reform with a bill was good in it. We re says no one ever write about it. When I do some good. No one notices that press that we're we're wench ending it now. Ok as credit, because you know he has no idea within the bill, but but a lot of people worked on on both sides of the Nile and a lot of activists worked on it and its aptly named first step because there's a lot more steps. I think they need to go into place, but think of it as a first step and is better than not having to come when Hillary Clinton ran her first speech. The pain was about mass incarceration. So I thought when hung that super predator on her. It was kind of on well. She said it. She said it, so she has to be accountable before she said, but I think I think the pressure that was put on her
and her realizing that she had to move to. The left on that issue was because of the pressure, and so I think it's good for activists on the left to pressure Democrats who, in the nineties in the two thousands were well she's gone cry. She was ok, but there was more crime in the nineties according to according to the Clinton's on this, and she was the first lady at the time she wasn't the browser and she said they were. Saying that word in response to requests from community leaders, the random line is, I think, the pressure that the left put on Hillary Clinton was useful and it move to the left and it move. Democratic Party to the she needed to be moved to the left. On that issue on criminal justice absolutely- and I think a lot of Democrats have needed to move to left and we're saying we're saying people bring other candidates for twenty twenty there, their record on criminal justice, and I think it's appropriate for people on the left to put pray,
I put the plight of the end and require them to step to where we want them. Stout put, but part of the results of that was that a member reading, the quote from column, copper, Nick who said I'm not gonna vote because they're both racists, who ass a terrible idea, because I hate that I think we can above we can say, let's put pressure from the left on our policy. But also say when comes down to a decision about finally going again and I can pay because I knew the alternative was drunk and that it is not just a negative decision, because I thought Hilary was a great candidate to, but also it was Clear that, even if there was someone running on a third party candidate, see to her left, I want to vote for that person because I'm in a practical about the fact that I want the best candidate, best chance of winning to get my vote so. I noticed what am I the only big star in the hour Kelly recent.
He meant we all watched and it was pretty damning and I think, a lot of it, ass in the last few years. Like one is the me to movement going to come to the music industry, and I think what a lot of people of thinking is: God so ubiquitous in the music industry. Where would you even start I don't know I mean I think clearly we're having this conversation about our Kelly. There's another article this week in New York Times but another musician in so having there's a conversation being had. I just think music, probably a bit more decentralized, and so I think it's actually it's a sex. I think that our own so think learn our colleague case. The reason why was ignored for so long was because the victims were pretty our lives and they then have rain speaking up for them, and so that's really. Well. Spoke up. I have friends who were activists that were speaking up for those victims, a lot work ignoring them and the guy who wrote in Chicago was
I learned as a white guy writing. It was like. I learned that black women are the least by women in society, because when I was writing about there's no one cared. No one paid Russian, so these victims didn't have the power they don't have. The standing to get there get attention paid to to what happened to them it was good that this documentary and very proper attention to bury my skill play. Our colleague at a party would be wrong. If Lindsey, I don't blame you, don't need me neither absolutely not out of my ipod it, your ipod analysed I bought. I know even that's gotta thought waiting list, but I don't like it. So what about
the governor of Virginia S, Rama Manual- and we talk about it last week on the show Malcolm Nance was here, and he said you know. If you're gonna talk about black outrage, maybe you should ask some black folks I think those dad. I cited rob fifty eight percent of African Americans in Virginia believe he should not step down you're feeling your feelings, your feelings, your feelings, I think like me shocked when we find out the folks reminded them. Like this thirty years ago, we're probably shocked right I was going to say a little bit more pointed Lakers. The conversation I was just visiting my friend who lives in Virginia and Will our conversations like wide white people think black people trust them? I mean it's our litmus test, is we dont trust you?
so were constantly waiting to see if you're gonna do what you said. You were gone do in this case. In this case, I think that's part of why you see fifty eight percent of Black Virginia Saying winter. In the first place and on this point we want you to make good on what you said you were gonna do, which was emanate voter. I D Run discriminates us against in terms of our ability to vote disproportionately, we're. Gonna do criminal justice reform in the state of Virginia. In other words, we want you to make good on what you said: Chauvelin doing we're going to our old your feet to the fire. I also think it absolutely right for black people to be outraged. It isn't because he wore black face of that photo or this and costume. We didn't even know which one it's that he could. It is imperative that we have a discussion that says Are we evolve? Theirs much racism in this country may well be that it. That was an opportunity to have a conversation about here
is how I learn what, because that was route, because people lose their careers. Megan Kelly was her career when he had bad rating I got estrogen, ok and then she said Santa was a white. Man only does live at the north, but only emission said something worse. We could he was drunk desire last as well, but there's a big Where will say? Ok, but what I'm saying is, I remember: when Clinton was president, he said we have to have a dialogue on race. A member Obama had the beer summit- and it was like we need to talk- creating an atmosphere where people now feel safe to talk, and I think that puts us in the wrong direction. I think dialogue and talkin was where the direction should go, and now I think people are like. Oh, you know what I should just shut up, because I'm just
trouble, if I say any, Anders excited because averaging and GEO peace that races don't belong in office as I've, a good feeling that a lot of people going to resign trample resign. So many people that are going to resign because the GNP has decided that racist don't belong in office. I'm just numbers excited turnover, as you also weak. When you were talking to the to the prompt administration, but your initiative on criminal justice reform, it must have been. It must have helped you that so many of the people you talking about what I might be a felony. These words here today, because there is that was literally imprisoned in and he took up the cause of criminal justice reform based on experience, and I think they are obviously- and I think I have the feeling that he might be indicted himself sometimes and who knows if I get back to Virginia. I live in Virginia government orphans, a friend of mine, and I think one reasons. Fifty
percent you get the overwhelming african american voting campaign and now they're fifty eight percent of African Americans, in whose common don't want him to resign. I think you are right, but I also think people prefer redemption to two resignation, and if, if you know the governor as I do. There is nothing in the thirty five years since those offensive racist pictures, nothing to suggest he still that person and he has grown achieved. He passed as wrong pointed out past medicate, which disproportionately African Americans was the first white politician Virginia that I know of who cobblers confederate monuments to come down here, anyhow? He has pledged to give himself. I think it's a form of oil, that there are two different things happening here: yes, redemption and up to the point about that: gosh. The discussion has to be a redemptive discussion, his problem and I'm not saying this because think he should resign, because I agree fifty percent of black voters,
stay, I'm not gonna. Tell him you shouldn't, but. Walking and that description of job, like the tar and that was the that was that was demonstration that he has. Learned that he has. I think I've got a larger of politics. I was like he's really not a good politician is just like a like, with like, like the governor of the commonwealth. Virginia should just be a little bit better at politics. That's a safe now want. Is you don't it goes back to. We need some point right. He he was ass. It was awful that he thought and felt what he did, that that was reprehensible and We can't have a discussion like that by twitter or by an of handed comment because it is, so putting everything becomes omelettes, but everything an amateur. You have to learn to ignore twitter. Why? I think that I think that's right and
the point is: have you create a conversation that acknowledges these are not these are no law. These are not hypothetical conversations, because we had tree of life, synagogue. Had a manual hammy church we had. I mean people are actually dying because of the stereotypical tropes that an end so it's a mechanism of irresponsible, not to talk about it, better, the jewish community this week again because is a new congresswoman. They learn Omar. She is muslim. One of the first do, I think we have in Congress and she knowledge is under a lot of fire because she was talking about the jewish lobby APEC and she said it's all about the Benjamin's. Now I probably don't agree with her a lot about what she feels about Israel and Palestine, but I don't know why this has to be seen as Anti semitic. Now she may be Anti semitic, but
VIA criticized Saudi Arabia, that doesn't mean I'm Islamophobia and yes now, and how I mean that there are things, you could say about Saudi Arabia that would make. People raise their eyebrows well, but if you say it's a repressive oligarchy regime that blunders its people than you're saying of actual thing there are, Folks are remarks you could make there aren't there are things you could say that would be demeaning or sliding. I have to say, though I think one of the things it maybe Congresswoman Omar got lucky with is that by starting this controversy was able to see that we are not pay attention. The fact that she was defending the brutal there were corrupt kleptocratic regime of Venezuela and opposing american action to try to bring a resolution to this terrible humanitarian crisis in which she was articulating there, and I think one of the reasons that her party took it from line against her was
let us just outside the realm of european politics, which you would think would encourage the rise of a democratic Venezuela and by Your description of Venezuela could apply to Hamas in Gaza class to a lot of places, and one of the things I think we are as we enter this new century. We carry and with us, a special does was swollen with older a mental map formed in a different time. And we use terms of left and right that don't apply that that there are gangster governments. Sometimes, as in Venezuela, the use language resonates of left wing people and some as in Russia. They use language that resonates with more conservative people. They say it's that end the world order is increasing. One of gangster versus non gangster governs governs organised around stealing, it governs organised around the rule of law and those governments organise and will have a lot more in common with any, despite whatever Language is sluggish, leaves, and so I used and poor people their people on the show who are going back the ancient past. So I have to feel a bit. I'm a progressive person and Maduro in Cuba. Job
reform say things sound like they resonate with me. I have overlooked the massive amount of fraud and stealing and violence, and now death squads interfering in Venezuela, dont be cod as progressives. We should also speak up for human rights, for Palestinians and I think human rights about how it s not like an issues in your brought might in the venezuelan issue, is not one that says something about what has happened to procure. That's that's its it as the thing I I don't know, I don't know about Venezuela, so I won't talk about it, but I think, but I think it is a progressive point of view. I must speak up for human rights about how we have twenty million issues in your brought. Might in the venezuelan issue is not one that says. Something about what has happened to procure. That's it that's its it as the things that get talked about an american media more guy. I just haven't, read them much about Venezuela, but you know Israel, Palestine have been talked about for decades. Countries aware more educated wish. We try this one, but we don't
It's time for new rules. Everybody has been outfitters suggest this vibrator Isabella Times they give doesn't mean you should buy it as a Valentine's day. Give. What could be more romantic then go on knock yourself out I'll, be in the basement. Blank neural now that twenty one savages out of immigration jail and ready to as these lawyers put it continue making music that brings people together. They must tell us which of his arms are best at bringing people together is the one that goes. I got model bitches wanna. Let me like some candy and drugs come in handy hitter with no condom had to make your eat a plan b, or is it the one that goes Parker and my Raleigh Fucker in my role as a factor in my role following a robber far from a rover lover, then the better over bend, the big job or a bend the bridge over partner on sulphur partner on sulphur? On my father, honest, your move me to Neuro, whoever in the White House, invented the term executive time too.
Dr watching tv and tweeting on the toilet deserves a raise, and then they should use it in a tv you ve worked hard for forty five minutes talking to people. You know like about things. You don't understand now its executive, just you, the tv and a big ball of briars vanilla, fudged, swirl, executive time because wearing pansies for lose your old fashioned critics must give MR clean his promises trendsetter. He was rock and shaved headlong before Jeff Pesos and Michael Jordan and the rock Mr Clean, with way ahead of its time, the earring
the selfie smirk the on again off again relationship with a brawny paper towel Guy Neural Eddie. It's after stop posting this fake quote from Kurt Cobain, where he predicts the election of a true outsider. Who does what is right for the people? Donald Trump, he never said it. He didn't, however, predict Trump with the I won't cover a toddler with a tiny, dick, chasing money and finally neural? No more swiping left on perfectly good presidential candidates deal forty five million Americans now identify themselves as Democrats and all of them are running for president this time. Let's give them a chance let's not eat our own. The way we need picked Hilary,
death over her emails and other bullshit PAMELA Harris has already had to play defence, because it's come out that when she was a prosecutor, she prosecuted people Not very progressive, she should have found a way to apply more forgiveness and the fact that you didn't it unforgivable Elizabeth Warrant claim to be native American, somewhat Trump claimed to be here If you think this stupid blown out of proportion, indian controversy makes her inauthentic you're the phoney Jesus
a champion of consumer rights in the age of income, inequality when it comes to Elizabeth Warrant, I have no reservations, Bernie Sanders we used to like, but even personally chaperone everyone on his campaign, so he's a sex monster. One from the candidate has to have top standards for their staff, but not too tough. That's Amy collaboration. Last week we learn she's, u verbally abusive, then again. Came from the having imposed. So I got to ask you actually abusive or what millennials think of as abuse. It is because I think it's like the pain short in the hospital and I my generations too, is
Our generation's ten so welcome to the real world snowflake now go, get Amy her coffee and shut the fuck up better or Rourke took oil money these Texas, all the money in Texas, is oil money, the only other job there is operating the mechanical bull s, eye complaining, Mitt Romney takes money from Mormons jeez every Democrat is gonna, have some dark spot in Virginia It's on their face. Do you know what song Trump play? at his rallies it's the stones. You can't always get what you want would say like an odd choice, but it tells you why
publicans are so successful because babies, who think they can have everything Evangel It's not really like Donald Trump. No, we can't even ass. The church, without bursting at the flames, but when he got them to justice, is on the Supreme Court. Yeah. You can't get what you want with it. Try sometimes you get what you need. That's their jam. Ours is thank you next, we go from. I love you to die at about six hours. That's like dating Taylor. Swift I've been watching the reboot temptation Island not to brag and startling how similar the mentality is to what's going on in the Democratic Party it if you're, familiar temptation, island is the show where a hot people dating hot people.
Our search for hotter people contestants only up to emotions, horny and crying, and the whole point of the show is you can always do better. Every contested begins their journey, by saying the same thing, I love what I have with Travelin. I wonder if there's someone more perfect for me, there isn't that new asshole in the tank top is the same as your asshole in the tank. This. This is a real problem in our society. Looking for an excuse to dump someone, someone good because there must be one more perfect Sometimes you wind up There is no wonder the Oscars at all
yeah yeah look at the Oscars their being ruined by these same kind of ridiculous purity tests. Bohemian rhapsody is flawed flawed because its gay, not gay enough, really that's what they're so its insensitive to the extremely gay. What for years for years, the beef about gay characters in movies was they were reduced to their sexuality. Now, actually is placed in the background it where's, the Dick socket Roma Roma delivers such an authentic portrait of a mexican housekeeper or not.
Towards a mega tried to impregnate. But it's a movie about the poor and the director isn't pour out green Work is a movie made by liberals for liberals bursting at the seams. With liberal values, not good enough, because the director is one of the family brothers and as an inside joke for his crew, used up all his out and movies like dumb and dumber fucked up. Stiffer something about Mary, showed Cameron, visas, hair style with bends dealers come, I saved, you get an award just for growing up and then there's a star is born, which has been problems with consent, yes, consent because get this bread, who proposed lady Gaga onstage to sing without her knowledge there
forcing her to endure the humiliation of global stardom, I'm not getting the review in boxes. A star wars born presented, codependent relationship, built on a huge power imbalance and lack of female agency that's what you got out of a star is born. Does all I learned was don't wear khakis onstage when you really have to pee exchange. I want my allowing John legit. I want to make a move from each other and each bio dot com.
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