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Ep. #486: Adam Schiff, Bernard-Henri Lévy

2019-02-22 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Adam Schiff, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Donna Brazile, Claire McCaskill, Rick Wilson. (Originally aired 2/22/19)

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO real time
Ladies and I I appreciate you putting on a brave face, gives you made it through a whole week, be national emergency yeah because of the invasion coming up for Mexico. We have to do our part on the home front if you ceased also say something so Donald Trump dealing with the emergency spent the weak.
Puffing, golfing and pooped waiting- and you know I was afraid this is going to Happen- is getting old close to home for me now, because he is now starting to threaten comedians. He was very upset about, are not live last week and he said why isn't there retribution what the fuck does that mean retribution for comedians and our Baldwin now who place Trump, of course, as you now fear for his family safety, and they were scared.
Enough, already being Alec Baldwin's family from somehow we as the time dealing with the national emergency debate, tweeting about justice, Mollet smaller, I dont now the freedoms that, when he was Jesse, were poor, poor Joe was charged with a felony profiling of false police report, because if there is one thing from cannot abide, it is a self serving liar course. Fox news Lubs. This story, course, because it proves they're stupid theory that racism is a hoax. They are saying Fox news that the mainstream media is
covering the just a small step in covering up seven them just died in a stampede, but Jesse you wanted to raise its profile, so he allegedly paid two men. Thirty five hundred dollars to assault him for being black engaged on the EU could have gotten for free in Texas and too many hired, allegedly were where at least one of them was an extra Empire say what were you thinking never give the extras lines. Am I right? She'll people know this totally destroys the previous image I had of Jussie Smollett, which was I don't know That is why, when I want to come down to our Jesse you're, probably feeling pretty bad right now, don't be yourself
less than forty eight hours you gotta host the Oscars, no, no hostess you're Oscars Sunday, no host because a host might say something interesting and we can't back next year to be safe, no prisoners, you just grab the asker with your name on it. Scanning baggage you're here is getting. There was talk this year, a mug getting about this of trying to have as be hosted the ostrich, a robot, a robot.
That's crazy! Well, Ryan Secret turned it down, but I know why you guys are happy. Bernie Sanders is in declared that he is quite the way you are less hope is the lack of any ways. A socialist and a lot of the party is move toward him. I mean the Big star, the Party Alexandria, Cassio quarters. She was a Bernie supporter and his right on his page. People are saying well what a dream ticket that would.
Seventy seven year old, Jew and twenty nine year old, former bartender that every resourcefulness, that's a dream ticket now lay that's a third marriage. I love grinding vast Bernie about a yo, see that's where I get my email so here and now that the boy, what are but a day of scandals, are Kelly today, indicted on ten counts of aggregated sexual abuse, for us you to say the evidence is so over Wellman. He was named archbishop of Philadelphia and also also you know, got caught that I robbed craft. You know that is under the New England Patriots charged with soliciting brow.
Dude Eddie Florida, Massage Pollard Robin TUG areas that are Robin TUG in Florida man. He one six superboss needs more happy endings. I always knew the patriots which eaters, but not an excuse. Robert Crafty exists, he was just deflating, is balls gonna, make a little light on these making with Philosopher Arthur Bernard on really the but first that we as the Eu S representative for California, is twenty if congressional district and chairman of the House and tell it
Committee were hoping he will save us all. Adam chef, Lady Adam. I know why you like you do our show you get to sleep in your own bed. That is true of industry, so you put out an open letter today. I read it interesting stuff, that's funny, because I was going to ask you about this, because I assume you do talk to Republicans after hours now I know one Obama was president. They complain you didn't socialize enough with them. Do you socialize with them? Do you talk of drinks privately we do socializing and certainly there a lot of private conversations where they will express their deep fear. Misgivings about this,
about his lack of ethics about his base, OPEC of diesel. You you're saying this: what are you want them now to do that publicly? What you're saying over martinis you wanna hear publicly. You know we'll stop me in the corridor, Republicans and say keep doing what you're doing really you ve been senior Republicans, which of course, would be heresy for them to say publicly. I dont need private. Confidence is miscarriage anymore. We need public statements, we to take a stand? You need people to vote their conscience. You know that the present now has Claire this unconstitutional emergency and it's hard to make a weaker Haste for an emergency than the one he's made where Congress has deliberative four months about this, Congress has rejected this proposal. Congress has come up with a bypass consensus instead on something else. I envy
for him as an emergency. Well, it's it's a complete and run its an attack on the principal power of the Congress, the power of the purse right, if republican members won't defend their own institution. What hope is there I will defend the judiciary or any any The Elsinore system, so what makes them fold cause, I see them all the time. Looking like there, gonna, be something that Guy Kennedy from Louisiana John Kennedy was good for awhile. Lindsey, Graham, was good for awhile Mitt Romney Richard who is the counterpart right on the Senate committee. Yes, He seemed like a normal guy for a while this week he said you know: look at the evidence, we don't see anything that would make us think the president was involved in collusion, I think trumpets blackmailer, what what what what do they have pictures of these guys with a duck or something? What what makes these guys will like that
he's still popular in their base and their terrified of having a trumpet primary challenge and that I think cows them into silence, but you're right, it's it's an explicit Oh, why be there? What's that wait to being the one who aspire to be a member Congress. If one country really need you you're missing in action that you know that the statement that some of my colleagues have made there's no evidence of collusion. For example, you might as well say there's no evidence that the present is dishonest hello if you want to hear the words coming out of his mouth, I mean I mean the evidence is all two hundred and two plane, ITALY, just is waiting on pins and needles tonight, because there may be a document helping in the man case. Well, if you look Just the man afford case here's the camp being chairman, meeting with someone believed to be associated with russian intelligence offering
pulling data, and apparently not a top line. And here's where we think Donald Trump is gonna win, but raw data. Why is that provided to the Russians and why are they lying about it and why is Roger Stone lying about his contacts with the publishing arms of the Russians or goose to which is directly energy, are you? Why is Flynn lying about his contacts? these and a hundred other communications. Why all the lies while the obstruction, while the Russians, wise every day I hear Kilimnik and and describe the topic of debate. I never heard these kind of names before and when you when you talk about the corruption, that every thing that Trump name is associated with is being ass to get the Trump organs? patient right there charity? Was the Trump University the campaign, the inaugural? What I mean I read today in the New York Times that
I guess it was yesterday that he went to the he asked a girl who was the temp. Attorney general for a few months asked him to put somebody who knew was a supporter in charge of the of the current investigation in New York in the southern district. Now isn't that itself, structure of justice well it certainly looks like obstruction to me and that is drawing to hand pick some wonderful their hand on the scale or protect him is he wants a Roy Conan Southern District of New York? But, but you know, here's another thing that just to me is so tell about how this present has dumbed down or moral standards you have to attorney general's? The last two attorney general's Matt Whittaker, who audition the part by going on cable news and saying this is how I could privately for the and then Bill bar who basically audition the same way, both of them refused to
amid two following the advice of ethics lawyers? Is it's so much to ask that the top law enforcement officer of the country would come two following the advice of ethics lawyers, but apparently That's no longer part of the job requirement. And that is a a sad day in America, but is also part of they were chosen? But what about There were chosen if Bill BAR was going to to follow the advice of ethics worse, he would have never been appointed, and this this is where we are, and in this bill is why I wrote this. Letter to my republican colleagues. You know every day bit by bit drop by drop. We see our democracy evaporating, and you need to look at the cumulative total of all this and how which damage is being done, and I think my colleague,
to have to ask themselves. Why am I here? If not to defend this beautiful system? We have and speak out and act out. Act, my conscience and and whatever my Voters do you, we're still my constituents. The job I'm a Congress is not to get reelected it's to do the right thing and still find a way to get reelected. No one who needs to hear this is hearing it. That's the brown: did you get invited on Fox NEWS, yet I do. I do and I go on Fox from till you go ashore on invite. You are okay and me luck I you know I used to go. You should go. That's who needs to hear your message. You know I thought you weren't invited know I'm in
I am invited- please go likes me. I do, but I like America too, you gotta get in the bubble. Man well bubbles in this already so now we got a thing there's something about Fox NEWS and there are credible journalists, some on Fox NEWS, but but. Just trying to think of some of their data about the audience. That's listening to know, I only say was near the argument. We the the challenge that we face and I think this is a cross cutting challenge of all and is demonstrated by Fox NEWS, is we now get our information from such different places right and an people live in their information world. My point: if there had been a Fox news when rich, nix was president there would have been no problem and of his administration.
My favorite anecdote, like favorite anecdote of Watergate is because this is so true you could imagine Trump doing exactly the same thing when that takes were revealed in the White House to want to give out the tapes and didn't want to make the public did want to get them to Congress. They can up with a solution, will give to James, so Eastland right, this old, democratic, Senator Rhine will, let him tell the public what's on them? Well, no torchlight! Deaf right! You could see Donald Trump saying this, but the difference between then and now is if Donald Trump propose that today Fox NEWS would say: that's a brilliant idea. That's a brilliant idea, and the people who want to that's why you're getting their man are you I will? great you. Like my last question, I was asked myself how the Republicans can abide by the fact that this precedent, ok attacking the devil
grants we get that, but he attacks the institutions of government. He attacks the the eye- the CIA, the Justice Department. This is unbelievable to me and I was turning. How can I get Why do they put up with this? But then I thought you know when Europe, attacks government that goes back to Reagan Reagan famously said something like the scariest nine words in the english language, your I'm from the government and I'm here to help ha ha ha. When you lay that groundwork that the government is evil to begin with and they can do no right? Yeah forty years later Trump comes along and says the FBI is crooked, people buy it. You think, that's what it is. I think that What Republicans admired about Reagan was not justice ideology, which was very clear, but the fact that he projected a sense of decency and sense of optimism.
I remember feeling, as I watched are present in the Helsinki say, I believe, this guy Vladimir Putin over my own intelligence agencies, I thought to myself model Reagan. Once said I did The democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me well, the republic. And party has left Ronald Reagan. There's nothing left here about him in that party. Theirs decency and the leader of their party right, there's, no integrity, there's no optimism and Donald Trump Republican Party America is a victim. I just came for. Munich where we have the security conference and where the speaker delegation to do our part as article one too. Convince our allies that that we value NATO that we value the European Union, the transatlantic alliance and or allies have profound questions about whether they can count on me Urca anymore
that's the legacy of this president. That was not Ronald Reagan, Legs Congress, but I'm sure what form on Fox NEWS every public advantages is New York Times the best selling book. Everything trump touches dies will soon be in a paper bag. Rick also Rick are you doing here. Is the former Democratic National criminal chairwoman on CO, author of four colored girls who have considered politics? China, Brazil is she's, a political analysts were MSNBC and NBC in the former democratic senator from Missouri Clare, Mc Caskey. Ok, so I read yesterday that Donald Trump is trying out nicknames. You know little Adam Shit just doesn't happen. We gotta do amazing with all the national
a guy got half the time I saw I watch her speech in Miami worsening Mud, Venezuela. He used the word socialist socialistic or communist or communist thirty, four times and I have a feeling, whoever is the nominated the Democratic Party? That's going be the nickname. That is what he is going to do. You are a commie and not a good one, like my buddy Kim Jong on or the Ex KGB guy, who announced Mean Guy like what you got three. So what are the Democrats do about that? Because Bernie Sanders is in the face of the party. Is a yo see now they're looking? more like a socialist party. What do they do for fun So, while we ignore Donald Trump, because in a couple, We didn't work out too last last time we pay too much attention time, but but we ignored the people who
listen to his lies in his bullshit. This time, I think it is important that the candidates go out there and they talk about the issues and let my mother used to say is that what they call you is what you answer to. Where answer to the american people who want to lure prescription drugs were answering to the american people want to deal with climate change, and if he wants to get out there and call us a bunch of names, guess what he's a juvenile What do you think? I think we ve gotta realise that there's five states, Ohio, was Michigan. Florida and Pennsylvania returned the election that turn the election and we ve got to make sure that whoever is nominated under stands those states speaks to the people in those states and if we get carried away with some. Ideas that are great for our party, but please we're not gonna get sixty votes in the Senate. We need
staring not on the macro economics, but maybe on the macaroni and she's issues. Like you know, how can I send my kid, the college? How can we afford to retire socialism in Jerusalem? Well, but did not that's not the answer. I think that people in those states are gonna be comfortable with libyan, especially older voters. They probably like that but they'll grads had not the New Jersey, they don't like names. We gotta be careful. The names names matter use you showed famously when you're running only a year ago, you said not one of those crazy Democrats, Frack were in an iron. Work can be taken as a badge. Are you running in Missouri, where Donald Trump one fifty seven percent of the vote? It's amazing, a democratically elected all their. What what do they think when they hear What is a crazy democrat to them? Why do they think democratic gravely? Well, I think the crazy I was referring to what
not the Democrats fought with me shoulder to shoulder: try to fight the tax cut or two ass? I gazed yea or to do all the things we did as a democratic party, and I was in the Senate the crazy Democrat. I'm talking about is the state senator in Missouri who actually put on our Facebook page that Donald Trump to be. Fascinated. A bad idea this is. This makes us look very, very bad or the people frankly who go in restaurants and we appear matters and we needed to he's bad. I mean he's got fifty, What we ve got to do is get back to realizing that how we appear matters and we needed he's bad- I mean He'S- got fifty Recent prison approval in my state, but not in most states do still right. Now, it's a we ve gotta go on the issues that he is failing. American he's railing. Our farmers you to forget about the whole middle of the country is one of the things I think one of the things that democratically to do in twenty twenty is to point out that all
Donald Trump is going to go out and when this, in other the creeping socialist hoard right now, he's paying farmers seven point seven billion dollars as it is stupid trade war. I yeah how's that social conflict tasty you guys out there in the restaurant rank grimy. This is going to be damaged in every day and there is a point that I think first point. First point is correct. The demo I can walk themselves into a box very easily that they seek death all the time politically, and so it is important for them not like lead with the commie stuff. Important to them too, and in that doesn't mean you don't get to call Donald Trump. That doesn't mean you don't get like slap him down that he's he's a bankrupt broke, Dick, any a risk that this is a guy got up, drag gonna, drag Democrats, definitely annex five, whether they like it or not, he's gonna drag that were they like it or not. If its it. If its, what if it's a female candidate, she needs to say right off the bat yeah you you're, gonna call me the bitch anyway. So, let's get to it
they need to have some fight in that dog? It needs to be smart, the issue that needs to be smart and highly target, but they ve got a fight with this guy. They ve gotta show voters that they have some passion and some energy and not just on the like, I'm so excited about climate change. Boaters don't respond to that. They responded that being told, I'm gonna, for you. I'm gonna help you I'm gonna, do something for you, your family, your kids, you your job! That's me painful and important, and there I'm a change is meaningful bill. It's the average voter out there. They rank it, but that's what leaders do conveys the avenue I get you a world of actual, but every democratic mechanics of the jobs. The economy are always going to be had in this amendment, even though their voters, brought by the and aid be random, but a meditative Democrats run the same kind of bland pole.
Driven campaign, guess what this when you get up and we're not going to get people excited about Bolton in two thousand twenty. We have the mix it up. We gotta put a little twenty two local rivalry with you. I was. I agree with innovation: based is going to come out and vote against this ambition or not knowing what we're gonna have to get some people in places like Florida, in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, who are those Male deer hunting, Democrats prediction: we have four hundred and fifty two candidates running the one it gets. The nomination will inspire people happen iranian inspirational candidate because they're gonna have to fight through a hell of a crowd together how to say one last thing bill, and I know it's black instruments. I get a little extra time my bladder resolved until all the talk about all right, we
We really are right, but what concerns me is that we keep talking about getting the seventy and what happened a thousand. Sixteen is that we bypass so many people and try get the to serve me that we forgot that we have people in the middle of a country that wanna hear from Democratic Wanna, hear common sense solutions, and that's what we describe and that's why I don't have what we have just agreed for the environment, for what jacket on wages. I hear this every election is like. Well, you know where the environment is very important. Medea. If you talk about it, you gonna lose voters. They don't care about that. Listen to ask you whether predicts that the total economic loss to the state of California due to be wildfires member those a few months ago we had here will four hundred billion dollars for honey, billion dollars. So one republic and say you know: oh you want to switch over to to
Robles, how we gonna pay for that. We need to pay for this and am now really die because of climate change. Are they really do and this calves are used to be one in a hundred? Now it's like one in three by there's an insect apocalyptic the bees go. The food goes, I mean. I know this is something that liberals to IRAN, but everybody, a leader, is someone who takes that message. That's Republicans have always been good at other people. I believe that we don't care, but Make them believe that they, like the public option. Given six months, though aided right, that's what Democrats have to absolutely agreeing ok, vexed issue. While we have a few minutes before that's crazy, we will both of Justice Smollett smaller I've, never heard of this man, I'm so sorry, I just say: I'm sorry, I'm mispronouncing defending in, but it seemed like a when prompt does it. It's called truthful hyperbole, you're gonna have to be, but it seems to me that what its
at about America is that there is nothing as powerful as a victim, and that is a big problem in this country age. He was, to be a victim. He just didn't wanna after all, the steps you monetary raise he wanted to raise. He wanted to raise. He wanted money, that's what he wanted no one wants to be a victim of hate crimes. No one wants to be a victim of of being captain brutalized, because you're gay or your black, all you do is that's bullshit he wanted. Pay raise. If you wanted to bring attention to himself, I'm angry with him, I'm upset with him and he he owes now in the city of Chicago apology, real life victims out today, and I would urge you not to shut I'm, whereas he played a terrible game. In its paying for all that I feel like we ve gone from this place. Where now I hear people say Jim should be believed victim should
taken seriously absolutely right and should not always be believed. Take you seriously absolute, that's a big difference, but I seem to have skip that step as we always do. The rest for so long. Build victims warrant taken seriously current your ear look, and somebody has been a lot of time in the courtroom prosecuting sex crimes. I mean a lot of time in a court room and We have come a long way, but there is still in this country a problem, many Victims are not taken seriously so if we're gonna, have due process? We can't just We believe anybody who comes forward with any allegation, but if we take them seriously and give them due process. That's what happened here they gave him right took him seriously and investigated at the investigators did a great job and they found out that he was in a up a jerk, I think, though, it speaks also build up to the way our society is silent into these two camps. Now there were a lot of people in the EU.
A side who immediately were tweeting. Oh my god. This is the most horrible thing in the world. They nobody waited on the republic. So there was everybody at the minute it was turned out to be missing. It was all all hate. Crimes are fake. This is no this, isn't we have got a you're right. Everybody has has to be listened to and heard they can tell their stories and as painful as this episode has been the system kind of worked yeah he listen to and unfortunately, for Adam he got listen to men away. They agreed that he was Rick. There are still a lot of women aren't they know. I am not sure that this is such an officer, that's probably also an awful case, because it a media, Who gives a lot of people on the Trump faction this this sense that the other, all fake. None of this is real. These are all just. These are all just contrive things. I know you know what Pittsburgh doesn't contrive now. That's it! That's right! I had already been Fox NEWS was going out on. Yes, I have always do because another problem we have is Americans love the anecdotal
story as opposed to a lot of peer reviewed science has already. While we have another mania, check out their assembling guns and weapons to try to destroy the journalists and Ryan gets bring out Bernard instructive. We're gonna get it now, but I asked you want to know one thing I saw Jesse's interview. With Robin Roberts Rams. Gabon he's not a good actor. All right. Let's go beyond our image, our guests.
Our mid shall gas days of the last of our human rights activists and author of the empire and the five kings, America's abdication and the fate of the world, please welcome Bernard Andre Levy on you for a long time. We do really mean to say that here and I didn't know nothin so good software, you see so many things I love about you. One of them is that you love America, and I always wonder why, because you are what, because you are a public intellectual which we don't have in this country, and we are very america- is a very anti intellectual country. What are you love about this? You don't live here, that's what it is. No, I haven't an announcement,
you are you: do America does not equal Donald Trump? Now now by Riga, even even before we were a giant one man in America who believed that America equals Donald Trump, these is Donald Trump himself accept outside Amerika is much bigger and yes, more vulnerable, so. Why don't you, your countrymen, feel that my new you have said France was built upon the hate of America, what they explain in my book in this book, is that we have to friends. We have friends of lava yet of go to view, and we have the friends of the freshness, the all fascist, from the right and for the left, who hate Amerika, those who eight America in Europe are the first, the fascist thinkers. They hate the idea of a country based on a creed,
they love the roots, soil you and sword, and the hey. Listen so strange idea of a country based in the sky of ideas, which is also but what happens when we become the fashion when we really idle termite American, I mean I. I worry that this country is becoming something unrecognizable. I think we all do later on the show. Every day I know that's, why That's the reason why I wrote these book right. You know to say to my fellow countrymen and also to Americans. Were there A number of can creed and America exceptionally g, which is again much bigger than these. A p phenomenon, who is the load from Donald Trump, is nothing though from them.
Course and look. How old? Are you guys? Don't listen to programme rather often thank you Luke, and that this is a democratic, read: the basis is his with democratic, poor vision. More Amerika than these crazy not remind how was I I I, I hope, you're not you're radicalism, whereas what I know I mean you are unlike a lot of people in Europe. Unlike a lot of people in Amerika, you want America, too get more involved. You were for involve in Bosnia, Although Libya, Syria, you think we should have got in there and I think a lot of us here in Amerika think wow we haven't, I gotta go to variance with that. We have been handled it. Well, it always seems to be clumsy. It always seems to be too warlike whenever get involved? It seems like it's with the army
wherever you we ve always done. Gets involved. It is a disaster Syria, for Does it mean when we don't commit when America is faithful to its own dna? It is a pity that there's a void and someone most steppin run in the summer. We can t say these, but then we have to take our responsibility when we don't commit when America is faithful to its own dna It is with this avoid and someone most steppin ran on China, the people of China and Russia, Turkey the grid Democrat envious man who cuts only by India to fourteen pieces. These guys, when you receive they push on it There they push. This is that you this situation. What do we want? do we want the world too to be shaped Really. I believe that, for my children and my girl, children, and even
your children, and maybe you weren't. There are none of those that shape its regulatory authority. We have already elections shaped by Vladimir Putin. You had in their sugar and were shaped by Britain are doing it again. We have what we might have one in France. What what's going on? I everyday. I read in the paper about the yellow jackets in France. The started out as a protest against tie, guess prices. I thing, and it seems of morphed, into something darker with elements of Anti Semitism. Why these everything in Europe wind up being something involved. Anti Semitism, Europe, and also sometimes in Amerika. Yes up his remember, these millions of twitter ills that presented and for all on election of Donald Trump. Let you want to competition. Between a homepage. Otherwise I dont, like these sort of cut, not varies today. What is true and again, it is
I don't want to make too much advertisement, but it is a topic of Playbook Harry's ways and tied populism. Populist means also, is the nickname gentle name for fascism. Therefore, for data mechanism and these wave is going wiping of all our countries, the West Europe, America of course, Russia, which is a further london of these of this populism, the place where the Papa thighs magnetize is populism, so we have that everywhere and, of course, I'm face of it in the climax of these populist Fran, it's absolutely normal, that we have it, but it would be. So do can normally to resist too. To face and to contain it, and we don't do enough. It's one more thing. I want to quote you on, because I think we see very eye to eye on Social Julia, and you said Trump and Zuckerberg
ooh blades of a pair of scissors cutting the fabric of truth to ribbons. I really believe that Donald Trump, it is too early to hit no it is noticeable from this. One cannot speak in any other way than by twitter, and when I see all this is very strange or the commentators, they wonder in in case why, video react immediately about these actor, who pretended to be a very big, an folder, Hudson story. Yes, I use onto your colleague, combat yesterday was saying what happens he don't know from. Does not please when Donald Trump does not tweet it isn't I shall now leave and therefore event. Donald Trump is twitter.
Twitter, is from Mongols. You get there has to be aware of this news. Twitter nobody's gonna. Bagger though we did not. The burst onto Twitter has to know that now, I'm sorry like them solely though that they don't even know what has made. I actually want to people who miss the story. Christopher Paw Hassan, I think, is his name. He is a coastguard. Coastguard offices. Ok, he said thing They found our arsenal first a bomb and by the way members Caesar say that was for this guy. This was did almost the same thing guy, who is a big trump supporter manure? on Paul Hassan says, he wants focused violence to establish a white homeland. Studying the methods of the Unabomber, the Virginia attack, killer and other mass killers.
He wants to says of upset that Democrats might illegally impeach tromp, so he would like to kill them first and he wanted to kill almost every last person on earth. He is known as a moderate among republic, so poor grand old Bhatti, poor Randall by service poor, was programmes but Trump this week again talking about the press as the enemy of the people, and you know how many times as this has to happen before we realize that you know that Guys are the son of SAM Killers and he is the dog that they are listening to absolute any. They asked him about agility said visit. Did you think your language affected this? He said I think so. I think my language is very nice, but but he's lying well, she's, very nice, but language can kill. Yes, it's not very which we have to be aware of worlds
and be like bullets, Words were very like bombs that's what I'm saying is that people have windows hate to March, when you say too much that news newspaper is the enemy of the people when used too much after Harold reveal that there is a real and would under two sides when you said that too much it gives to those who have the guns and they read one worker Roger Stone courteously. He had said back in August twenty seventeen you try to impeach job, just trot. You will have a spasm of violence in this country, a politician that votes where it would be encouraging their or what endangering their own life. This these words have meaning there so weird about this is why is it so hard for him? You know I mean here is a guy is arrested clearly wanted to kill a lot of people, whether you like that, but he was gonna killer, dont like them president of the United States. Why is this so
hard for him to look at that, and by the way, could be so reassuring to Americans. All. I don't give the Democrat to Republicans. If you would, clearly say this out. Ages right, I'm proud of law enforcement for defining the structure we outside of his ability is because you didn't bring himself to dirty hands like please. Don't your fellow Americans right this is this- is one for the right to permanently is but had built. The secret of this is there's a metric and Donald Trump mind all the time, and that metric is do they me: why do they not? What actually- and he thinks guys like that, like him, I guess that's what
he doesn't say anything about it. That's why he was any has a disease of malignant nor civil society personality disorder. I've said this before every article that you read about Donald Trump should begin with President Trump who suffers from north, because districts, nothing else explains attics by its. Why he's a traitor? It's? Why he's this way? Just like you said it's only if you like me or you, don't it's wise eleven up on kinda. Yes, exactly loves upon Putin, olive it! Ok, I really don't think about that image again. Now that allow the next we are. You are you three Catholics? I am kind a kind of so we're. Yes,
one may be ok. Well, they found themselves in the news once again and I thought we had put this to rest upon. I eve I was from too well to rest, but I thought things had gotten better Armenia, which first tat the news in two thousand and two: that's when the child, view scandal, really came to the power we are currently still at the convincing them. It's a problem phase because the again as having a big conclave. Now, kids stay free, now, I'm joke and and the problem is that they see a first. What it's hard to read my mind around the fact that the Pope, who is you know he has more power than anybody in any institution he's the Pope cannot just do it. Where's the bureaucracy, apparently is. So what do I stop it? clearly say we're, is what this,
It is exactly what is going. To be honest, I know your presence, I must this shows. How do I know what you think, the catalan turf minorities urging religion you're right, I'm erosion again to relate this is exactly the way and what is happening now in Brown can harness lay a very brave initiative more than others, but he's gather or still we're still of the victims. Some of this tool, vials of the abuses to put all these people and to liberate the speed. What would be brave remedy to say, call the police, It is still not saying they are still fighting it, as I said in a sin, is forgiven had a clear I am as broadly taken. This summit is to say to the bishops to to April, the bishops. Now you will have to call the
these visas, though the thing tat gun these I've got an idea. I work out how to cathartic zoom aerial women look authority, do not agree with women, Greece or just married man, priests, adults, other adult, like the difficulty of having an institution. That's a couple thousand years old and feel like it is. It is not accountable to temporal power. It has taken a lot to get them to this point, but they are in a moment of crisis where this has become so much of the Catholic, purchase brand that I think it's an essential crisis unless these handle this you're, not gonna ever have people that that way that the good of the Catholic Church, the hospital
orphanages that all that, as they do in the work is actually for? You will never have people way those factors, because it will be the image of the brand will be they allow priestly molest children and they don't take them to before Unfortunate if they do that, if they do adopted Doc, policy where priest and caught in with with it with a child, automatically get sent to into law enforcement hands great. I think that they can do themselves. A huge favoured by that. But Do understand is like a momentum problem inside of it and institution that thinks one hundred. Fifty two and fifty three and fifty year time frames up it took over what what three hundred fifty years, four hundred for the catholic Church to acknowledge Galileo was right. Galileo guy, why are you LEO was right? Sorry about that and Two thousand is a church takes a long time to reform itself out I was a child sit in the back of a church during the segregation period and then an apology, but when I went to first Sunday I do go to church now Mccaffrey, Ivy League, which
you gotta, say mattress that is easily in you is in bad and say: oh no! No! No! We, oh! I was raised for you re without our lady of mercy and there was none o and I went out later as they did not like any legitimacy apologizing. You know our cardinal in DC was defraud cardinal mechanic, who I really went up in DC is a twenty one, you'll be the big. Even one is likely to them ass. Louise me, some of my courage is the big event. Yes, it's it's yes, you're right, making some progress, but at first what I'd also like to tell people they understand this celibacy. Not go back to Jesus operate that ok, it's a fact. Not only was written into by was only in the sixteenth century that they said. This is how we do it so that they have so they have to become Jews again they would break
it's just a d with celibacy. They will marry we'll have a normal life and there we stop to be almost pedal Bobby I'm a bit of ill, both with equal rights. Together the almost up. Yes, yes oh Mamma via come a sexual or not pedophiles that that's s current. That is correct. We can't make it now. I don't know if you can't mix
goes to our great we tread of which were part of files and homosexuals. Moira lot of homosexuals in the county little face right is to different thing. Defence related, I'm alright, related glad. We all agree on how you gotTa Maloney a trump must be thankful Rubik for providing the answer to the question. What is the opposite of raw passion? This is what a kiss looks like we're. Both parties say: hey watch my make up neural, no saying your humble. If you want an Oscar on Sunday that somewhat humbled means be handed a gold trophy and told you the best, if everybody is exact
opposite of humble they only humbling moment in a word Joe ever had was one Lala Land, one best Oscar, and then they pride the word out of their hands grams humbly narrow. Someone has to examine all the babies born last Tuesday morning and make sure none of their souls were stolen by Karl Logger FA. I don't believe in the afterlife, but I've seen eleven Holloway movies and there's no way this guy just laughed euro. Exactly the Roma, the woman featured in these artsy photos breastfeeding or four year old must either be celebrated as a progressive, feminist, icon or arrested immediately. And what is it with these kids? These days they may have to post a photo of every meal. Neural, don't feel bad if you can't keep up with all the Trump scandals it's like Lucy at the trackless factory at first. You thought I can do this and then the scandals come faster and faster faster until the only solution is the gospel via Meda, Benjamin and finally, new role of Bugsy Siegel could invent LAS Vegas out of the desert. Stop over four g eyes, Amazon.
Unconcerned Nebraska into the excellent, gone Valley as long as I'm sure you know by now, Amazon has scrapped its plans to build a giant headquarters in New York, because the city balked at giving the rich company in the world, a three billion dollar tax, bribe, so Amazon their ball and went home, which I guess explains this teacher. But hearing lies a chance for Amazon to show the world that a tech company can actually do good. We have a problem. In America called spatial geographic inequality, which means that the most affluent and educated people are clustered in just a few cities last year. The Clinton said: I won the places that represent two thirds of America's gross domestic product. I won the places that are optimistic, divert dynamic, moving forward. Yes, you do
and maybe that has something to do with why trump voters are obsessed with owning the lives. The lives on everything else, the blue. Parts of America are having a big Prosperity party, while that big sea of red feels like their invitation, got lost in the mail and they said use the mail, they turn on the tv in all the shows take place in a few hip cities. There's no real housewives in Toledo were CSI Lubbock. There are no red carpets and why arming and no one ever asks you who are you wearing, because the answer is always target. There are two America's and it seemed like one is where The cool jobs are where people
I've teslas eat artisanal ice cream. We have orchestras theatre, just drinks, world class shopping. We have chef Wolfgang Park we have chef boy, our de our roofs have solar panels. Theirs, Last year's Christmas lights, we ve got legal, but they got back. We have anal bleaching, they have congressmen, Steve King. The fly over states have become the past overstates. That's why registered voters are so pissed off hate they want to be Thus, I want to go, the party
where the british Royal family and their Megan Marcos dad had a y know this, because two hundred and thirty eight cities and regions submitted proposals to Amazon for the company. To Ok in their area all day, for jobs that don't involve guarding prisoners, are murdering chickens. An Amazon pick to place, they didn't need them at all places where prosperity already was baisers you're, with a hundred and thirty billion. Take one the team
playing cities off against one another and help a dying one come back to life. I know this sounds like a pipe dream in its true. I was smoking a pipe when I dream, but if liberals are serious about winning elections, they distort recall a nice in the parts of the country they abandon. Mississippi is the or a state in the country. Amazon can buy the whole state and rename at Amazon pay. If we keep leaving the red states behind they're, going to keep getting angrier and crazier if you're not invited to the party and expects thing is to throw it earn the punch both as opposed to what happens when Amazon moves to West Virginia people,
better jobs that don't give them black long, the locals, people of different races and backgrounds and sexual orientations, none of whom, you killed them, they ve I doubt gaze, don't ruin anyone's marriage, but they do improve. The carry ok, see a yoga studio opens then an art gallery a gym admits: women
then one of those trendy barge we're inside looks like the outside Asians com and open a chinese restaurant and then Jews come because there's a chinese restaurant and before you know it, there's legal weight these in health care in the schools or teaching science. Again, that's our shall obey it. Besides, your family, your bag, is able to take. A lot of workers are not reveal firmer castle over time. I feel, like I told you everything I want to make a move from each other and each be oh dont. Com.
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