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Ep. #489: Irshad Manji, Larry Charles

2019-03-23 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Irshad Manji, Larry Charles, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Evelyn Farkas, Eric Swalwell. (Originally aired 3/22/19)

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO real time,
I leave you with a lot of big night. It's a big news day. I know why you're happy the Mulder report. Finally, for liberals is like Christmas if it was based on real events, but what way nobody knows. What's in the report, everybody, I d, be giving an opinion on this very important report that they have not read
I just saw a graphic msnbc breaking speculation. What we do know for sure is that individual one is Indeed number do. What will it matter because How damning it is trumpet. The last two years has poison the well constantly saying mullah, raise the crooked one right and it's all been written by angry Democrats and into the deep state. That's what I used to do What I knew a bad report card was come like mom. Keep in mind. The teacher is an asshole who has it after torrent, trumpets, tweeted over a hundred seventy times that this is a rigid and yet there
Criminal charges against thirty, four people sticks Trump associates. Man afford and Cohen, and Flynn, and Stone and Papadopoulos engage. That's a lot of witches and found himself he's a whining little, which you know, but hey it sprang this week. Are we at least be happy about that later winter and spring break the time of year when drunk entitled american KIDS Heads Carbo, India, wanna the Mexicans, chant, build a wall loves, bring em in the days or longer, and the flowers were blooming in the present
his mind is melting, really, he is not colluding with reality. I mean this. We began with the most voluminous twitter storm we ever seen and then, when he ran out of living people to fuck with you started to submission with the cadaver John Mccain all week long every interview, every rally standing on the driveway, just hurling insults at a man who's been dead for, seven months and Mccain's widow, Linsey Graham says nothing drop. I swear to God this week was blocked Mccain for the russian investigation and for people not having great healthcare, not afraid, and it gives not a fan tell me about it today-
asked his russian hookers to pay on Mccain's grave. I mean just testing your sensitivity, but the other stupid viewed by the press. But this week, like I was the cuban missile crisis was trunk, after Kelly Unkind ways, husband, no Kelly and is one of its key advisers and she's married to a republic get a feller above again, but one with integrity. George Conway endure. It's gone ways, always criticising trap, and this week I guess he went too far in transposing a loser. These are what job this guy's a date for the husband from Hell and incoherent, comes out and defends tribe not her husband, she defence drug by law, they we stick together and then he did an interview with Fox knows. This is where it gets scary. Not just
favorite scary talking about how. If the Mulder report his bed, the people won't stand for it. Whatever that means Many launches into for this billions time, his great historic electoral victory. He said they came from the valleys. They came from the rivers, they came from this city's. They came all from all over wait back they came from the rivers as a trout. Voting was gone. But my favorite, sorry, the weak trump ask sir and justice obstructed, Devil, Nunez! You know Devon from represents fresh network. That's not accurately represents Russia. He lives in breast, never known, as is suing twitter for two hundred and fifty million dollars twitter good. They hurt his feelings.
Because there was a parity twitter account. You know you're allowed to do. Parity in Amerika, I hope still called Devon. Nunez is cow because he was a dairy farmer. And an idiot. He was not a good dairy farm. He once tried milking the bull all morning. He said it didn't give much milk, but it sure was creamy. Firstly, Sanderson Evelyn part, isn't a little later. These greatly, when my good Red Larry Charles, is backstage founder of the Moral Courage Academy use latest book is don't label me an increase,
we'll conversation for divided Times, Ursa Mangi Gray, and I love your book and tell me that that the title I love the title Joe Label me, but who are you? talking Joe. Let's get right to that You say dull label me who were aiming matter, I'm actually aiming at everybody who, in this US versus them era, is Curly labels in categories at each other and they do to you and they do it to me, but also they do to you, as you rightly, if I ever read it, I wouldn't know, and you d Relaunch winter while my dad died Twitter. I going tribute to that Twitter. I didn't we fear, but it's hard to label you. I mean you're addiction right, that's party or our heritage. Marriage, egyptian indian Lesbian,
Muslims, or it's really not that hard to label. It turns out that those who think so, given everything you just said, of course, I've been treated for most of my life like like a poster child of multiculturalism and so unique position. I ve been able to see how diversity gets practice today and its being practised as labeling. So Sis, gender white, male you don't mean muslim, queer? Somebody else, woman, somebody else, jewish somebody else, black now honour pigeon holding all you no kidding aside, actually does worry me. It troubles me because that's just the flip side bill of what the early a mirror. Can colonists. Did you know they? Would
slicing dice individuals and stop them into categories and then assign value to those categories. You today being kind about the bottom, I'm sorry to say, and and and dreamt what you know with. If we're going to revive that kind of a mentality of creating this hierarchy based on law, obliged people by their character so coming out of their character, but that is not happening today, coming out of their carriage, but that's not happening today, and I have to say that I hope that that civil its covenant. Thank you. Just talked about right, judge people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin, I'm going to say something a little provocative here. I hope you don't mind that that I think it because ensuring in the black lives era, backlogs matters era, so many white folks do feel judged first and foremost by their white skin,
that so often these days there saying why should I give a damn about the content of my president's character? In other words, it's you. Aggressive people who are violating that whole civil rights covenant that you fought, or your people fought so hard to get my people to adopt so there's a table, a turning point, people's these days that when you're gonna go you're gonna get it on whether I can feel it all right right. I want I mean you can't do anything worse. This my ass here somewhere, Chelsea Clinton not a controversial person right, you know really her mother's, a centrist and she's even Morbus interest. She when a lot Omar, who is the cotton freshmen Congress, ok, so she's had some controversy lightly. Some people think she's anti semitic. Some people doubt but Klett Chelsea row tweeted. We should all expect our elected visuals, regardless of party and all public figures, to not traffic
in Anti Semitism, while inflammatory, wasn't it. Let me The reaction that Chelsea when she was speaking recently for some people who are reacting two days after the New Zealand killing? Where fifty Muslims were gone down and these people blame Joscelyn. This phrase here is the result of a massive stop people like you, and I want you to know that I want you to feel deep inside the twenty nine people guiding rhetoric. I don't do that. I'm sorry. You feel that we need clear and so Muslims get gunned down in Chelsea. Clinton is apologizing, There's a snapshot of everything, that's wrong with the left today I dont know what is I can't just I agree with you on that, and you know one of the other questions I would have for activists like this meaning.
The women who work. You know screaming at Chelsea Clinton is how do you expect people to come on board and see you're social justice and justice. If this is the way you're going to treat people with justly insanity of connecting Chelsea Clinton's quote about, Dont be anti semitic to a couple of weeks. Later, a guy gunning it's all very much us against them I'm sure that's. It has invited at this stage what what happened. But is is called it's really educating these days or is it more in doctor? You go get it now, I'm with you and also what I find so disturbing about this, which says a lot about the dna of the left. These days, Josie, Instead of saying what are you talking about, get out of my face. You not says I'm sorry. First thing I did so in the dim.
DNA Tiene to just automatically to apologize for everything and when you apologize for stuff, that's stupid. You give credence, What year, although I mean she could have said that she did. You know I m sorry, you feel that way. But do you really think lambasting and insulting and ridiculing me is the way Do you know to speak to the doubts hear me: what exactly do you want it? the conversation one of the things I've noticed that so many diversity activists, among whom I count myself, say we gotta have that conversation whatever that means, but what dont mean in terms of a conversation that actually talking about a dialogue so locked in the talking about. I will deliver a monologue to you and you will agree and that's the definition of their conversation, no wonder they get so much, and if we don't agree, then you have to apologise and the apologies are becoming very soviet. Thank you for the opportunity.
And to recognise what a douche bag. I am right, so New Zealand, Ok! This is another example of a guy who probably can't get laid and the essential work which, if you know another term involuntarily celebrate this- is a movement now. You know I've said this report. When I couldn't get laid. I kept it to myself, but these assholes my work phases open date that phases Azra. I went to frequent. Ninety two and I or two thousand, but but but my gosh, you when you look at Trump supporters this immense sell stuff go and on their Charlottesville. Those look like guys who get laid.
There there solution is the government should provide prostitutes, I'm not kidding They actually said the Apple one. Yes of course, because they think the government should provide things than getting sex, so Prostitutes? So actually their socialist because I say they go to Robert Craft in the private sector that anyway, but what to make sure that we do. How do we deal with this problem? Well, look! Obviously, it's easy and sometimes necessary to make light of it. You know: have they ever thought that maybe a are the reason they not getting laid. So in us, introspection might actually be necessary here, both of the german that has ruled it sounded out very good. The diagnosis has been, but you know there has been laid down under the sun.
The more serious side of its bill is that there are a lot of young men today who are feelings, Milly, aided and that's a big word. I note the H bomb right humiliated by all the changes that are happening in society that they feel is being imposed on them and, for example, the kind of the culture of casual cruelty and sometimes not so casual cruelty. That we're living in today means that you know people like me who were once thought to be marginalized, but now effectively have these great platforms in our culture. If we continue to tell white men you're an idiot, you're stupid? You aren't. You know you you, you write! All of that right that that you either
We want the exemplars of white privilege of white supremacy of white fragility. Ok! Well, I guess I'm right. I worked bad. We gotta! I love you. I like eyes. I would argue that the point, of course, being that that kind of bullying is going to strip people of dignity, regardless of what privilege they come from. So don't be surprised when the people who are being sheen bleeding and gained, don't Although your rules don't be surprised growing issue, this is the right recruits. Guy from guys we'll get it from the peace. See police right, I act exactly right, and so you know, but my my team, certainly ain't helping matters very much you're too I know what you mean. You're.
No you're, not giving a rustic you now I get. My final question: is this: this book erode it's it's really to your dog, This is work that are what is that about, Why why dogs or a problem in the muslim world? Well? the colonel one problem. I mean why, where they like joy, anyways limbs are ways not all that many of us myself included, have been ways to believe that dogs are toxic, the human soul. So let's not go there just yet, but my point is is that I over team that fear, I adopted, lovely lily who, by the way, It was all in blind, but those labels that capture accurately who she was. She was the ice to use human being ever had the pleasure of hanging out with you know I once leather,
but our on my lips, just kind of Laura kids from the moment she came up and sniffed out that this is actually a ploy cheap, pivoted and walked right away. Ok, point being that you know she was able to keep her dignity in the teeth of my pathetic scheme for manipulator.
Human beings do well. I've learned a lot here shall monsignor always a great pleasure to have on my right she's, a fear of the german Marshall Fund and National security hours were MSNBC end and BC. Please welcome Evelyn Farkas, hey Evelyn, like she's republican Holzmann, columnist when the washing examiner are returning Gibby increased insult Us Anderson before Term Democratic Congress are representing California fifty in district reserves on both the intelligence and judicial bodies. It finally happened. The Mulder report drop today.
Don't know much, I'm just gonna go by what we do know, and I must say I don't think it looks good. No, further indictments, which means not Don Junior even after I loved memo, really not Jared, not matter for it or stone for working with the Russians. Did the Democrats put to me stressed in the Mulder report, because I don't need the Mulder report to Know- is a traitor. I have a tv and on are way to jail to the jail, there's, probably a farming out of other investigations. But yes, you have a tv or a twitter account. You ve already seen obstruction of justice, and so I think that the team has seen that. But here's what's important is that the public sees the report contemporaneously president, you should not be allowed to edit. It should not be allowed to restrict or sanitized and more It has to come before Congress and tell us it's veracity is
there's nothing like that happened with working in Heaven, Adam Shift, you studying, though, add something. I don't think we should be all doom and gloom. We don't know what the owner and he might actually paid a really involved some picture of obstruction of justice, but he's the sitting president. So I can and die Congress you do with it. What you will do so low that it cannot do that. That system If they say it's like you, don't order. Reno wine with for those of you did nothing wrong. If you didn't wrong as the present one you say, I'm the president we get rid of that law. If I committed the crime and that no good luck lie, think it does exist and justice exactly tonight. It's terrifying, there's, also the southern district of New York. That's continuing its investigation into a lot of things that were outside of the scope of what Mahler was allowed to look into this issue over four the president, but I think in terms of them report coming out today, I'm glad
is finally filed, because the public opinion on this issue had really begun. Trending in, I think a bad direction. About a year ago you had I majorities of Americans, including Republican, saying let Mahler do his job, but those numbers started to fall off by the time you got to the mid terms, more Turkey has just approved and approved the job Mahler was doing. I am glad that this is done because Trump, every girl, who knows how to do that to this same thing everyday month after month after month, mowers dirty I'm clean mentioned, getting people to believe that Mahler. Oh yes, man, if he's not a porn star learning about screwy charity, but Bob Mahler he's the dirty one and yes you're right. It worked, but you know with also dirty Vladimir Putin. So the other thing I feel like we shouldn't let get lost in all is that this report was what the Russians did to America, so one part of it in front of the other part of Russia. I also hope that we don't allow him.
Criticise a report where he refused to testify when he was given. The questions has no credibility. This report will be full of people who raised the right hand, went under oath and it will not include him. We have no credibility. The semi evidence does not include him. I think that's important, and that goes to a consciousness of guilt. Ok, What worries me is. He said a couple days ago when, before the working out. He said if it's bad people won't stand for. This is another one of these veiled threats. Last week we heard I have the tough people and they went into. The military he's got them on his side in the police. Bikers I wondered about that. Russia has them yes, potent has agreed. I guess that's what we as his own death squire their card. So I have the people of the tough people, people woods. And were then I say Steve King, the most races congressmen. You know Stephen
it must be borne in his district, you were born is to try to change that are trying to change represents at this is putting up this mean this. We can you show it is look at this this, civil war, the next civil war he's talking about not the one. We already had that everyone, he's talking about an hour side has eight trillion bullets. Ok, you know again I got the police on my side. I got the military. We have the bullets for that you say it can happen here. There are telling us
You're a little violence is not hypothetical. Steve's Ghali's cannot walk without assistance because someone came and shot a bunch of congressmen wrote with. Within the last two years, you had the guy sending out pipe arms whose van with covered and political paraphernalia the coastline. Ordinary Irishman, eternal, is all this time, but we are in a particularly fragile moment where rhetoric from either side the guy you Skype like this. Do you go you not helping he's alone? This is a congress. This is the President Bush, the people in the government. The saying we have the bullets and we have the people on our size will use. Rhetoric from leaders is not helping an already bad situation or he's a lot of time on his hands. He's been taken off of all the committees because a prior statements he also barely one he won by just ten thousand votes in a really republican district, heating, We have ten trillion bullets behind him in and finally, I've been either Bilbil frontiers, publicans. It's not Republicans, but I've been through that district and in that
district. I saw hollowed out candy jars with flyers of people who have catastrophic diseases, because that's our healthcare plane. They don't want him focused on this shit well ok, and can one other point to want you like a political scientist, but there are these two guys who wrote this book called how democracies die or any other for things that you look for in a potential autocrat and the third. Is when they excuse. Charlottesville and when they actually encourage violence. That statement it'll just read over. I read the dictator lists like every two months. This, like twelve there's something else. I think everyone should this is from March twelve. There was a rally Steve Bannon was holding it build the world all rally. It was in Cincinnati, Ohio and a woman. Looked like a town hall She had the MIKE she said. Never in my life tat. I think I would like to see a dictator, but if this to be one. I wanted to be Trump. Throw it, so we can see her say it.
Never. In my life tat, I think I would like to see a g chaytor, but if there gonna, be one. I wanted to be Trump we cut off the part I wanted to see more, which is the people erupt into applause. That's kind of import than her. It wasn't met by you're talking about a dictator, that's crazy! It was all so you know when they talk about bullets. I dont know outnumbered It was the guy who's. Our president wants a dictator and we prove that this past November, but ran poor one said, ran Paul said. The purpose of the second amendment is not to shoot dear, it's to shoot at the government when it becomes tyrannical. I've ass this before and now that the shoes on the other foot, maybe liberals, be so hard on guns. I know you have a gun failure, billiard presenting in congress- and I think it's to confiscate
right. We should we should criminally prosecute any who choose to defy taking it, military style, semi, oughta, rapid by keeping them. I've been so you're you're saying we are coming for your gun, I'm saying that we should ban buyback fifteen million assault. And just as Australia did after you, you say we should. We should firmly prosecute any. You choose to defy it by keeping their weapons. That to me is coming for our guns. What you're gonna lose a lot of people on that, one that actually, but I like you coming into their home and taking no one's coming in, you're home, whether you like any other band, know item that's out there but I believe that Americans love their kid more than they love these weapons of war, and I am confident that the inner ray is tiger and so ban buyback, restrict assault, weapons to hunting clubs, shooting ranges and have Sensible laws like background checks
and community violence. Gang intervention programmes we can do that New Zealand just did that six days after there are a million reasons why New Zealand is very different from the? U s that my government is if the french government is different in that they don't have the same type of constitution. They have the treaty of White Angie, which is a cool document between the crown in the Mari people. They don't have a second amendment, so it's easier for them to say, or innocent our fingers and change our laws, the other things different in New Zealand is the cultural around gun ownership. I had a chance. I visited New Zealand about a year ago on a political delegation. We toward a prison there and what was fascinating if there were no guns on the prison guards, there were no guns anywhere in the prison where they had pepper spraying. This, where we had to use a couple times five years ago without was about it, I mean the culture there I mean New Zealand is a wonderful and magical place which is part of why this Christchurch shooting is so Astonishingly, tragic and heartbreaking, like this stuff, doesn't happen there, but there it's easier to tell people
this back your guns because they didn't have as much of an attachment to them in the first place, I don't understand why the right to bear arms means that you can have a military style, automatic or semi automatic weapons they. Basically, let's come together across the political divide. Maybe it's not as deep as ours but live, come together and ban these things, and I think we need to do. We need to do a wake up and decide what are known as or some unloaded maverick. You know, look I'm not for guns, another gun that I'm a gun owner and as long as you, kind of Aragon come into my guns, though it does not like you. Gotta are ok. I just think when people want to kill with guns they will, they will find a gun to do it. It's like they think the IRA. Fifteen is therefore already they love it. I'm not sure why, but if they can't the far reaching the massacre there's a hundred other cars they can drive to that so too. To like me, this such a big issue about this, this one kind of gun when most guns or semi automatic- and it's been shown,
poor they kill with any different kind. They can't get this kind of gun. So to make this the issue about that, I don't know that more harm than good. I've talked to the kids one applause I've talked of Idiot Alan Storage and a hundred per cent of the fear that children have in their classroom today is of an assault,
the right to learn the right to go home and beheld you're right to dance at a concert, worshippers synagogue, I think, is greater than any other right again. That doesn't answer what I just said like I can't get shouted concert. Orison agog with a different kind of lands are doing nothing. No, we do not know when they do not doing nothing or of a court. No, no. I bore every kind of sensibly going and what kind of cars and can drive to would be the equivalent of thing. Let's bacon have the station wagon have guns, but they shouldn't have the roaring of guns, because you can do more damage more quickly before the pony that income. So if I may bring of casualties the cavities from last week's college admission scandalously over that, yet its lorry lifelines daughter, Libya, Jade, may lose her career influence here,
and for a while. I have referred to the need to go to college around. That's right. You make money already, but no more, but there's always a sexting anyway. I am. I wait, I'm doing a guess. They never get that in a member for a while. I've been referring to these entitled type of goods, as fuck. You mom generation, because I've seen unto many tv shows and movies and a couple of times in real life, kids actually say. Unlike my generation fuck, you mom Philip
This got around because now there's a magazine called fuck you mom there is. I have places like you mom, and would you like to hear some of the articles in this example college admissions issue, picking the right impostor to take your s eighties, Mama's purse, which pills are right for you: seven easy to prepare summer dishes to throw during its edge fuck you mom exclusive one readers chilling encounter with the word. No, our travel team takes you somewhere. You ve never been the laundry room ears. Proof humans are also meant to listen. Fuck you mom investigates three new size for spring.
I didn't expect got much for that one, but I just like today's horoscope you'll get whatever you want, because you're perfect who's, the guy mom, has been talking to and other ways to fuck we're dead. I gotta tell you if you like Seinfeld other than worry David, Jerry Seinfeld- he was the fifth Badal if you like bar at, Bruno when he made a little more be called religious.
He is a commonly legit he's got a new one, Larry Charles dangerous world of comedy on Netflix Larry trials and others will allow me I watched you think it is so also by Brokeback. So many memories of us making religious because agreed is on always was saying to you. Are you trying to get us killed? Yes, I was you were succeed, but this is so much more dangerous. I mean you go and see, Mogadishu? Somalia? U S, Liberia, a rack, Saudi Arabia and and take away is what you're alive I'm alive: That was a good thing. My found this happy about that, but to their war zones and the stakes in those places are so different. Talking about the money,
for coming I'll these places we are complacent in this culture. At this point we have Taken our freedoms for granted, and I ve traveled to these can he's like Somalia and Iraq. There are in the midst of horrible wars or Liberia recovering from a horrible civil war and those. People are ready to fight a job for their freedom, for the right vote peep die there, anodyne joke a joke they find it so he'll and yes and the comedians there have much higher stakes than american comedians. For that reason, it's like here, you have a career path, you stand especially you do a sick com to get a show right. These countries is no career path. You know it prison torture or death. That's the career path for this kind of aid is my take away from this was that it is so prime, like after eating and fucking laughing, it's unbelievable! That's when you see these people. These places non watching these former chief,
my old soldier, does women. Saudi Arabia interviewed the women caught. That's gotta be a tough guy. Well, they are all tough gigs and there's no again, there's no remuneration. So these people do it as a calling they use laughter as a healing tool. Learned, as you were observed, that line there is as crucial as breathing and eating and sleeping without laughter. The society will collapse and they will make bit it's funny, like any comic, this could you make bits around? What's around you, you know it organ cat Material airlines are crazy, these data and when you're in Liberia, the jokes or about a bowler, accurate exactly that another through it and one war and has been getting killed. It's where familiar with dark humor and the dark over there is real. We don't have to use your that. We re imaginations. Take these wild leaps,
Liberia you could talk about. Bull is happening. Rain, fro your family's dying right. So, in order to deal with that, we have some kind of sense out of it, because a sob certain so overwhelming humor becomes an important, and I, did a long thing about in Nigeria. Yes, rape, jokes, yes, not verboten, no, no, I'm getting courage. In fact areas country I went to the has a burgeoning comedy industry the comedians are superstars, Nigeria and they have. Big audiences are laughing at these radios and its part of the re culture, and if I looked back ten years in America ten years ago, we were doing very similar stuff. Also it was ok, it was considered outrageous and now we ve kind of come to a place, woods not so cool to do, but there still encouragement to do that sort of humor we're doing rate
joke and use you- and I may members at all. It was like a boar at, for instance, quite honestly, there's a lot of repealing report now its anti rape or review right. There was a lot of casual jokes using rape to make to be a ridge is just like a lot of subjects that would do with bacteria two years ago are not really subjects that you do today on the show- and I noticed a lot of these comedian- they really respect you because you went there. It was because I looked, I felt also, and they live Seinfeld of sites that I mean you use that almost like a bordering tool will first of all we did Bruno in. We did. We shall Jordan, Lebanon we used to, I would walk. The street in a and they'll be street sellers. They are selling stuff on the ground. Bootleg, dvds and stuff, like that, so I would want downstream every day was the same thing I would see. Seinfeld bootleg
your enthusiasm. Bootleg dvd bore at war at Bootleg, DVD then a copy of my comp. Why those who always together as a soap nancy, they have exactly and then check points like in this. This show that we did. We had to go in Palestine and Israel, and back and forth very difficult to do. And so we got start constitute, was pulled out of the car. I was told the drink, my diet, coke in front of them to mixture, wasn't explosive device again. Somebody whispered to the soldiers that I was with side fell and they like come true, where'd. They just drop Seinfeld. I got in anywhere I wanted to go so this pretty amazing. Also, if I may, I entered guy in Saudi Arabia, hot arbitrary, whose known as the Seinfeld of Saudi Arabia- and he too he's married to one of the female driving activists and after all, interview. He jailed whose wife jail than disappeared?
so that some of you, I felt Saudi Arabia in some of these people but there's a couple of the ones you said were already assassinated. There's been a number of assassinations amongst the community's. Can yet assassinated frequent? Yes, yes, so I don't have it MIKE compare our Secretary of state was in the press today saying that he thinks God did appoint Trump. To save the Jews from the iranian menace and made me think like when we making religious there was like a story. Every day that you could have put in the movie with its never stopped at fortune ever start. We ve reached the point. Humanity is like a death race between logic and madness. We're like we're relying on saviours why we, relying on tromp or even Mahler or the stay. Why or run these we don't need. Receivers of disappointments. We reality you know, and so this battle between between the
the craziness and the logic is going to result in some sort of you conclusion at some point: who's gonna win that is you manage eagerness alive? That battle basically is what's going on? Who do you? Who do you want in the twenty twenty field? You're, not a writer and close was tied. All time is only is only fifteen answer. You figure will find the good fight, because I agree with him that, in my opinion, as a layman, tromp is a trader and I'm yelling it rested arrested and meanwhile I feel, like I'm invasion of the body snatchers you're. Nobody believes makes up for you if you had to pick now or how do you see that your impressed with again, I don't like a concept of Savior, like I think, better works a great guy, but I don't need to save your. I need people will have policies
with war, not that of supporting her, but at least she comes out with policies specifics, but you could debate and discuss You know it's not so generalised. Here I mean I was in taxes at the beginning of the month. I was in El Paso I came to my show, we talk for a long time after I like I'm a lot. I know. Maybe your competition but he started off the campaign, doing nothing but Apologizing, her saying to him. It is I'm not telling us out of school, but I said you know about us. MR soldier moment, where you stand up to the crises on the left, who are always has We saw the but the lady saying she welcomes a trump dictatorship and there are people on the left making better work. Apologise, because when he was fifty He wrote a story just like us. Bring about Chauncey Clinton. What is it with the Democrats if they can't stop apologizing for nothing? He apologized,
firstly, it was fifty writing. This measure, drug lighting, the slorc, take ivy legs roads, demands of an apology, because I do think it there's something nice about apologizing. It's how you do it. You can say I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be anti american. The language I chose, but I wanted to make a point that the air people living in Israel and living in the Middle EAST and in what will be Palestine. Hopefully, some day you know, have the more have rights as well right. You can stand up for what you believe and show some humility but yeah, but because the I agree with those who want people to apologize. This is the thing I worry about. It gets into this, don't apologize because it reminds me of Hitler and the nineteen thirties. How did you come to power? He said we're done apologizing
those westerners. They wanted to apologize for world war. One and pay reparations and we're not apologise. Could we have to close the apology gap? One guy apologises for nothing and the Democrats apologized for everything. Excuse me it's not just how you apologize. Yes, that's important! It's what you choose who was to apologize for or not do so For you know who has my vote Amy Club, which are good? She ain't apologizing, she's a tough blossom instead you're right, I'm a tough once I get shit done. Can I read what better said, because I mean again This is about he wrote when he was fifteen. He said I'm mortified to read it now in credit. The embarrassed whatever My attention was, as a teenager doesn't matter. Yes, it does Europe teenager. Then there's the one about he said about his wife. He made a joke that two years ago he would have an clapped on the back for myself, Dick getting common, giving credit to the wife. He said she
he's the kids. Mostly, I helped out a little, Not only will I not say that again I'll be more thoughtful going forward in the way that I talk about our marriage my hand added attempt to try to highlight the fact that Amy has the lion's share of the burden of our family. Someone said. I hope I have been in some regions is part of the problem. I can also be part of this than married by just yes exactly. Let me just say this as someone who knows the two of them, she is an amazing person wanted it. We all agree on that, but two my role when it comes to apologise in his apologies. If you're wrong, not if you're unpopular and there's a difference Joe Biden, it simply jump into the races. Gonna have to deal with because he's got decades in decades of things you said and done and voted for or not where the Democratic Party is today. Does he spend the night twelve to eighteen months, apologizing
For that. I hope he doesn't. I hoped, to the extent that their votes he took that he now regrets he says. Hey look. Crime rates were different in the early nineties than they are now. Maybe I would have voted but but don't feel don't spend the next eighteen months, if you watching and any law for some advice apologizing for every. I heard you say that you, when you do focus groups Republicans and when they know it's just Republicans in the room family there not try about talking about the many things they don't like trump, so not blind to his myriad flaws. It suggests that, what's the other alternative, when they look at stuff like this, they go the Democrats, their weak and ridiculous, its looks weak. It doesn't look like someone who you want or think and stand up for you as leader of the country and what you are talking about at the beginning of the vote at the very beginning of the shell, about how there's this idea that, whether its weight gherkins men that they sort of feel like they are told by society that they need to apologize part of trumps power. The way he's got this
rip on his base is he says you won't have to, college ice for free. You are, I think, you're a good person. There is nothing a powerful, you can do to win someone's loyalty and pay them a compliment and tell them their wonderful that's why so many people feel like Trump is the first person that has seen them and told them, they are okay and they feel, like the Democrats, think that very bad person just outright, which makes it harder for Democrats to ever win them and also that secretions, when we can, dismiss the Trump voters. We can dismiss the guide us not delivering for them, but I can tell you from former fraud cases that are prosecuted I had a slammed on cases that have been really easy to get the victims in and then I really their reluctance because they felt guilty like they were. Being blamed. It was their fault and so the case to make to those voters, as he was right on what he promised and better jobs, higher wages, lower healthcare costs. He just didn't deliver. If you insult them, we lose them.
Right now I saw I mean I I I certainly get the idea that we need to make up for the past I believe in operations to some degree, certainly an affirmative action, but also, if I may, people who believe in reparations and also people who don't wanna, take down confederate statues and flags. This is the The divide that we're in right now so apologizing is now working. We have people arming themselves, refuses even take down the confederate statues. This is that this is a divide, that's being created by this chasm It would be very, very difficult. I think direct Chart Charlemagne, the God asked Bernie Sanders. Do we need another white man is. Is that an appropriate question because it sounds like work?
Jeanne Paper by the gallery. They're scared change who he is and intuition apologize for the cholera skinny tat. He should see other colours and if there is an issue that you can't talk about, he should pass them on to someone who believes that an appropriate question do we need another, white man is that how we want to judge. I don't think, that's an approach, now a plot another. We need a good leader right and, I think again seeing peoples, but my and our do not interrupt and I'm sorry, but if you're minority, I think you put yourself in that person shoes, you can see a white patriarchy, that's control the country from the very beginning, so the idea of after we already had Obama about yet another older white man like Abiden,
seems like the wrong direction. It just doesn't seem like what are we capable of judging person by his agent? Is that get that can't be right? As there are victims in all revolutions? You know they may be, they may wonder being the victims. Now I gotta stop, I'm so sorry. I know now because we're alive, we don't want to run into the next murals everybody since president Wrong, just called Gallienne Conway's husband, a total whacked job and half of all CBS sitcoms or about skinny blonde women married too fat. Guys CBS must make a show called the total whacked job.
Tonight? After all, no make room for Daddy Euro now that a homeless eight year old, nigerian refugee has won his category at the New York State just championship? Hollywood must give the movie that's going to be made about this kid. The asker right now
What what first give Christian Bell the chance to get down to forty five euro? Albania must rethink its new tourism slogan, be taken by Albania, I'm not kidding really, that is their slogan, and I agree. Everyone should be abducted by Albanians at least once in their life, because military, mad and buying your way into you see. This is how you find out how much you're worth to your family neural Mama Jones Mug shot for a drug.
For drug possession must become the emerging for I have to go to a wedding this weekend. Yes, Mamma June was arrested for crack cocaine, possession after domestic disputed a gas station she's. My a jeweled. What do you expect to get arrested for insider trading lasted all makes sense. The crack, because she has substance, abuse issues, the domestic dispute with a boyfriend because she's a woman of strong opinions and the gas station, because they were out to dinner, redneck euro presidential candidate Andrew Yang, doesn't need to tell us that he's against circumcision.
I don't mean to be snappy, but I can, but I can see the attack edge already Andrew Yang says, he's again circumcision, but why is it so interested in your babies? Little teepee tell Yang to keep his hands off your way, Andrew Yang, just another liberal who anything and finally neural trumped arrangements. Syndrome isn't a real thing, so don't make it one republic, accused Democrats these days of hating Trump irrationally, like everything he does, is awful.
Accept everything he does is awful. So on the rare occasions when he says something not stupid, don't act like you have drummed arrangements syndrome. It happened last weekend when Wait in on the second MAX aid air crash by tweeting airplane, becoming far too complex to fly. I see it all the time in many products always seeking to go one unnecessary step further, when often old and simpler is far better and, this better about old, simple, but tv pundits we're all over that tweet saying it proved the trump wanted to go back in time to our racist, Pat. Ok, he does want that, but this was about that. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and he's right.
We do over engineer shit all the time and designing a plain where the auto pilot software sometimes steers it into the dirt is just the most tragic example, the second most logical example. Is my old vapor? my all day, the pact's I liked it a lot of mean I would have if I was a box packs. I shared a lot of good times, but then it fell victim to the upgrade
the new model doesn't have a mouthpiece, which is an odd thing to get rid of for something you stick in your mouth, you can't socket met sucks. It was perfectly fine the way it was, and now it so hard to use this thing, I'm so close to watching morning, Joe not stone. This is what I call reverse improvement, making it up great that nobody wants, needs or like they do with vague pens. Do press five times to turn off press three times. Listen, I'm here
have a good time not to read instruction manual and the last thing you want to do when you're high is figure shit, I never get stone before assembling IKEA furniture. You spend the whole time. Thinking who is then. Why is this dreadful, aimed cars these days have more useless features than Jared cushioning? Why was replacing the car door handle with a button and improvement? It's not because it's not better of everything in the car is run by a computer, because the shit is always glitches once I was driving a voice activated rental car I said, Our turn on headlights, the cars, Would you like to open the trunk,
I said open the trunk. Fuck no opening drug flies shrunk turned on light. I don't know what stupid or a feature you can verbal open your trunk at sixty miles an hour getting into an argument with a car last weekend I was in Dallas the forces in the sink in my dressing room. Look like this. Now I needed to hot water to shave and cold water to wash my face, and I never found out how to make that happen, the black thing in the middle makes the water go on, but hot and cold. I call it the fuck you
because when I say I wanted hot it says, I'm sorry do I can't do this even a smart toilet. Now, although, let's be honest about really that smart, would it be a toilet? Now they are working on a toilet. Analyzes your p, as it hits decided the bull and gives a read out of all your vital functions. That's fantastic, I'm always for real progress. But that's not this this while it says it's a quote, fully immersive experience, because who doesn't want to be immersed in a toilet not kidding. It, has Bluetooth Alexa built in speakers and more delighting
can pretend you're taking a dump in the middle of studio. Fifty four and twenty seventeen Apple unveiled facial recognition technology for opening your phone biggest remembering for digits. What is its an iq test? So this is what happened: unlocking it is as easy is looking at it and swiping up, and you know straight out again how her whole, let's go to back up here, Apple itself, can't get the shit to work at their own show what shot get we there's always a glitch like last week when Nike get there. Spread into a problem with their new self lacings sneakers, yes, self, placing for people who literally can't tie their shoes and gum at the same time. So, instead of tying your shoes on your own in like a loser,
you simply put on your shoes, pull out your phone, find wifi, open the app answer. Your password find the button that says, tie shoes, closed the app returned, the phone to your pocket and catch up. Your friends fifteen minutes ago, may twenty five to twenty. Second, I want my gavel at bargain prison cell disasters over time. I want to make a move from each other and each bio dot, com.
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