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Ep. #490: Pete Buttigieg, Preet Bharara

2019-03-30 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Pete Buttigieg, Preet Bharara, S. E. Cupp, Elissa Slotkin, and Andrew Sullivan. (Originally aired 3/29/19)

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Welcome to each party from the HBO real time. What are you so happily badger viable whole warehouse will of its mother time teeth. Extra law there a discount rate
and my Abernathy twenty twenty wondered completely time thinking, but no, it is better than a week rights in a week, I think we're all a little confused. I'm confused, I mean Mullah release its borders and we could go tonight with red performance on the air and he did not draw a conclusion on whether Trump tried to obstruct justice, but wasn't that one Mothers job was to draw conclusions on obstruction, it says, are right and the report were not allowed to read. There were not allowed read. The report we have. We have a new face based justice is from attorney general and I do mean Trumps attorney general William bar read the report for us in this is like trying to a restaurant, and they only Yelp review, is from the chef.
We can see the report, you can't see drums taxes, you can see is grades. Those are our world a bomb. The only thing we have seen is his birth certificate. That, and I hope the whole thing just you know it. Doesnt quite makes sense to me at this point. It's like one of those movies. You know where They seem to be wrapping up things away over case
We got the killer and then you click wait. There's fifteen minutes left right. I feel like, as a final see, we're Mahler goes home and he puts his briefcase down. It's it's down to dinner with his wife, who is Roger Stone. These cooking emanate loud police talking on the phone in Russian to flatter me open, so Trump also had a week now. To absorb the new realities of the postman, our world and he used it as a starting point. Call for a renewed sense of unity. I'm fucking kidding. Of course he went aim shared and light is asked off about only we totally exonerated. When the report specifically said it does not exonerate him. Yes, the pregnancy test came back,
negative. It doesn't mean you're, a virgin forests. The immediately went on I got away with treason, tour. He was in Michigan last night. They were chanting for more years, He did his greatest heads. Locker Rob drain this wall, the wall. He even and to no one thought I could go. Two hundred and seventy electoral here's one phrase you'll never hear from Donald Trump. Stop me if you ve heard this before, and then they launched into this thing I'm the only one. I have a better Education, I'm smart, I would do better schools, the president,
the United States, even more beautiful than a veritable barbie liveries Ed President Mare, not that's when I started chanting four year old for many went after Adam Sheriff, I'm Visa Adam ship speech that he made in Congress. The grand speeches I think about it. It's like something Lawrence, O Donnell wrote for the West wing. I mean it was pretty awesome, so obviously Trump is mad and he of course risk hundred intellectually I'm. Joking again, he went right to they. Gotta called Adam ship, a little pencil little pencil neck Adam. She refused the smallest Venus MECCA that see this is,
Burn to his praise his thin, what a loser who uses pencil neck? Twenty ninety, wherever used, pencils and twenty Nineteen- is something a bully would say. The little rascals movie now congressmen Jeff is Duke last to respond in kind. So I will say it for him. I'd rather be a pencil neck than a mushroom. Dick ok, ok, this madness right in the middle of a trump comes out and sweet, the Republican Party will become the Party of health care and the rest, Republicans are like we well and my favorite. He said this week we're going to send humans to the moon by twenty twenty four, but ones too,
I got to whom we already did some of them here, and I will be speaking with Arthur and former district attorney pre Perreira. First, the mayor, South vanity and an author, I'm shortest way home one mayors challenge and a model for America's future Mayor PETE judge your blown out man, you're blown up, feels good yeah, but does no good. I get the name close vehicles, nuts. I read its boot edge, Yoda Buddha Judge.
Just like a look. Let's go your way, Ok, so you are blown up. I mean wow, I I must admit a few months ago. I was just you know who's this guy youngster I'm not going to ask you the age question dispersal! I've heard you answer it now and I don't think it's relevant to thirty seven. I know below it and have your twenty seven I would say. Yes, that's do you, I mean legally it's doing, but thirty's. People who are thirty, seven super mature you're, one of those people. I've known people are eighty who are still idiots. People are humans, there are not numbers correct and the same would apply to Joe Biden. Ok but why are you suddenly rising in the polls? Well, I think part of it is that people are looking for something completely
and you know we're in this moment. I really believe that all we got it well in the way we did right. I mean each each election in many ways produces somebody who's the reversal. What we just had- and you could argue that it doesn't get more different from this president than laid back intellectual young, gay marriage. At last right I mean we hear the stories about you, like you, found a book wanted to read, but it was not translated from the Norwegian. So you learned Norwegian, I dont know what Trump is, but you're the opposite. That made his fat years in he's old, your young, you went to have Ghana, Danny Dodge the draft right. There's a lot of river, different people you're very this. So how do you eat em? Well, I think that's part of the idea. I mean look the paradox:
is in order to beat Trump we're. Gonna run a campaign, that's not all about Trump. In the more it's about him I think, folks at home are going to be saying. Ok, who's. Talking about me, don't get me wrong. You got a punch back when you're punch together, correct lies when he tells lies, but then we're gonna move on very quickly to how our ideas actually can shout in everyday life because when we do that we will look at the political trajectory of Obamacare the Affordable CARE act and twenty ten, when I was first getting into elected politics, is a toxic issue for Democrats by twenty eighteen. It was the winning issue for Democrats and I think the reason is people saw what it meant. Our everyday lives and we gotta be willing to talk not just at the highest level. About our values, but at the ground level about how, following our values caches out instead allotted time, we been stuck at that middle level, which is about the policy designs, for we really win the day either for the values that motivate those palace these or for the results that come from those policies so you're fill the mayor of five Ben rhetoric, but they merit
as you know, there are a lot now because, like we have yours Senator and you're running for president no Big Deal Gazette undoing any book, but I mean I hear you say: look I may actually in charge of a city I gotta do stuff everyday. What's going on with the most people running for president have very demanding date, and you know the city South Bend is- is that is my day job and people at home? Thankfully haven't you do ten doing? You have to mean the end of the day, I'm on your unenlightened worthy of it at the centre of the sewers back. We have violence, we got, you know, you know a lot of the work that I do obviously is is guidance policy, but also- result Vienna on a red eyes: get back home quickly intend to some things there. So ok, so you're from the part of the country that the demographic just really want to win back. I don't know of Indiana will be in play used to be the right. Could it be,
I think it could be that isn't. It's now did well in stone that these states have to be conservative, malefactors, very deep, progressive tradition in the industrial Midwest. Ok, but these there's this question after nine eleven. Why did they hated, but I want to ask about Republicans in their attitude or Democrats. Why did they hated well? Why is the de so toxic that we automatically right off five states. Not first of all, we got to look at the media diet right, I mean not only the twitter verse, but if you're, on a diet of of Fox NEWS and in some of this conservative radio, you may literally never even hear our perspective and I think, there's an echo chamber throwing away you gotta go on, for which I was really surprised to discover, owes us the first out of the candidates to go on Fox NEWS Sunday, but if I didn't a lot of viewers would never heard what I hear I set so that we gotta penetrate their. I also think so
Cancer is a sensitive condescension coming from our party fairly or unfair life. A lot of people perceive that we're looking down on them and if we allow that continue to continue its gonna be a real problem. But if, when wealthy coastal liberal professional goes up to two pumping gas and in south, then maybe maybe wherein, when those red hats and said you know Europe, against your economic interests that guy's gonna say. If so, are you or if he ever visas, you, you have white privilege, bolt. That's that rub
people the wrong look. My privilege is real and when we talk about these issues, but we can't paint people into a corner where they have nowhere to go, but the far right that that's how radicalization works, we need to invite them under the right side of history, not binding. Don't get me wrong. We're gonna give no quarter to things like white nationalism that helped animate this presidency in this campaign, but I also think we have an obligation to be speaking to things like the loss in a sense of belonging and exactly the kind of thing that opens people up
radicalism and whether a tiered homer in places like the Middle EAST, its breaks it exactly in you know this the same desire for belonging that might motivate Otto worker in the middle of his career, whose finding himself disrupted by modernity is also that the sense of belonging that explains that the fear of a dreamer whose it was afraid they might not long in what they feel to be their own country or a transgender kid in high school. We just has to go to the bathroom. Like everybody else, I mean. If we get it right than talking about, this sense of belonging can actually knit us back together instead of watching it turn into something that makes us so vulnerable to being divided. It gives you you just transgender go to. The bathroom, however, is really happen. Is that a real problem I've already voted and how he did it several times a day. What
if it is, but does it happen that often that's a nation is easy to make them applaud? I'm talking about the people are going to elect. Another rose talk about is that we take care of people saying you meant Europe like eight minutes here and out of that of all the things you mention that thing I'm, We are talking about. How do we win back those people? I don't know- the thing. We want action and maybe a variation. What we ve got to use. We got a paint, a picture of life in the future that that my generations living into one of the reasons I talk a lot about what the world will look like in twenty fifty four that's the year, I would get to the current age. The current press and you know how to put too fine a point on your ear millennia. Ok, so,
here's the thing I don't wanna generalised cause, I do shows all around the country lotta millennials come, and they know that this is not a safe space, so that not all fragile but in general their fragile, and that is some you'd. You don't think I mean this is a generation Why did the bulk of the troops in the wars after nine eleven we're not talking about that's how many percentage which hung about them, the people I'm doing that people who need cry rooms and trigger warnings and safe spaces there Harvard had an issue. A couple of weeks ago, Ronald Sullivan he's a brilliant a series of dean, their african American who is defending Harvey Wednesday and there was a big protest. These are Harvard students who, I understand that everybody gets a lawyer in this country, there saying don't want to get our diploma from someone who was this closely associated with the violating the meat to Prince of no matter what his reason, no matter. What is reasons Harvard students don't understand what I'm doing
be. They just think that's the right place to protest, what they see as going into the toleration sexual or ass, if it isn't the current, well that everyone gets a lawyer in America. More important still have a lawyer, but then no one issue when he shows up. You can also raise your voice too, to protest what he represents. That's all idea of free speech and vigorous debate. I'm offer that look. I think, you're off its debatable Everybody gets a lawyer, but I re everybody, article or short, but did that as you know, to what extent do you invite those people or or appear to be conferring honour on. So let me ask one final question: you said that you think the left should reclaim face. That's areas to me: you're such an intellectual guy. I guess I never understand how face mixes in with that, and I always identified faith as the purposeful suspension of
thinking what and nearer Europe brilliant critical thinker? How do you align look, I believe in reason, I believe and enlightenment values, and I also believe that reason has limits now. Don't get me wrong I think, especially in our party, but use exoneration. There's a better answer. Look, maybe you you got it all figured out now. Now I'm not saying that. Neither do I and I don't know the end when I dont know what answer I don't make a story of Cynthia, for the important thing is to recognise that God doesn't belong to a political party and in some of these sea God, freedom, patriotism right did. These are not things that that one party should be able to claim, but that's how it's worked out. We made a sound like the only way to apply, for example, religious values in politics would be through the lens of religious right when, when I go to church, where I hear a lot about, is protecting the down trodden and standing up for the immigrant and being sceptical of authority sometimes and making sure you look after the poor and the prisoner. I mean to me that that's the sort of thing,
the religious left, often without much attention, has been arguing for four. For my whole lifetime, the same with freedom. You know this steam that we ve allowed our conservative friends to monopolize, as if permit where the only thing that can make you one free for the reality is your neighbor can make you one free. Your your. Your cable company can make you one for eating poop absolutely very unfair. Absolutely so, let's talk about freedom to not just freedom from in the way that you're free to start a small business. If you have healthcare the way you're free to to marry the person you of if the law of the land is that account, a clerk can impose their religion on you, so whether we're talking about faith, whether its freedom, whether its patriotism, I we need, I think we need to assert that. Often those very values can point us in our progressive direction in that
all parties to have not learned the mayor feet. He has a writer at large Renard magazine and author of the conservatives, all Andrew Sullivan she's, the house to see an end as the cup unfiltered as the cup and she's a former c. I a analysed who is now the Euro representative for Michigan Eighth Congressional District represent unless this lock in great. I get the same question for tonight's overtime. Serbian answered the man for the show on Youtube. Ok,
a week ago, we were talking about it. Just happened. The Mulder report came out, we still haven't, read it and liberals. I think feel like Charlie Brown, but the football again. And tough London he's the real, tough London he just skates and that the phrase I read that was quoted from bar traditional prosecutor aerial judgment. He said that's what he did not use traditional prosecutor oral judgment. I guess that means that the tradition would have been for a mile or two the decision on this and whether there was a distraction of justice. Why not why the Hamlet ACT from Mahler? I don't get it because this to enforce the law against the president is a matter of politics. The Congress has to do that through the impeachment. Proceeding, that's how you hold the present I'd states accountable, you didn't so it's the job of the special prosecutor to explore We haven't seen it yet
when we see the arguments that he lays out easily arguments that the President Obstructive Justice- and these are the arguments that he didn't and when we look at that we'll be our decision and the Congress is decision to use that or not to impeach, and that is a constitutional way of doing it and look towards Russia happy result gonna running like where only when we see we're we're, probably gonna, see bar many statement today. He said we're we're gonna, get it we're just making them actions in less than a lot of reasons why they might redirect material subject, a federal rule of criminal procedure. That is the intention. Community, I get that one. You know you must under no material that could affect Other ongoing matters stuff, we're infringe on the personal privacy of peripheral parties is a lot of reasons. Why we're not gonna get to see this, and it just looks too. You, know height, lynching, member- that for this with a high tech could, I know bar
the steam person William Bari, was he's still exists, is with third world countries. Do the dictator appoint somebody who exonerates him. That's what happened here. I think what I've been Democrats put too much faith in Republicans. I really do well. I think we haven't seen the actual report, so you, think what you want about bar, but I believe in Bob Mother and I think that when we see the actual report, then we have a basis to have a real conversation nodded moving make trumped justify, I mean it seems like that would be the least that he could have done would make the man sit down, and this argument that well he couldn't be You can't help himself from lying. That's our problem right! I think this is the system we have its imperfect, we're, probably
I'm gonna get we're not all gonna be satisfied and gratified by by this- and I hope we see a lot more of what's in this report. But this is the system. We have this special council, two years, hundreds of people being investigated and when someone like items of white way like comes out and does exactly what we accuse trump of doing, which is undermining the integrity of our institutions, trumped does it with courts, he doesn't with elections, he does it with the media. He does it with long. Foresman and when Adam Chef, a member of Congress, says I don't believe this report. I believe there is no. He did. He said. I believe there is collusion and this review are found there wasn't killed I believe that, worse collusion, that's what I dont get want. Just what I know it is not an attack on trompe represents a defence of the rule of law, right, and so what he's job is to do and what he has done. It wasn't stymied it wasn't blocked. It has happened. We
Abbott is probably got a lot of detail in it. We will be able to judge it. This is a success for the system and Mueller Place Trump just right. You know how you be Can you do your job impeccably? You don't pay attention to him. I don't know. How rubber bullets speaks here, playing this by the rules so that when the rules by they get out for they will be fairly apply. Ok he's not descend from Heaven. Mother. He's he's a person. Another person in this job, I think we have reached a very different decision. I really do I, I don't think just because its Bob we have to take it on faith, and, let me read better, but what he said the other day with great the president requested russian assistance. He risk Eve russian assistance. He benefited from russian assistance and he rewarded russian assistance and his son met with Russians who were selling him dirt, and his campaign manager went and gave pulling down to a russian oligarch. Who was in tight with the Kremlin Tom
Why? That's not collusion! Of course that's collusion. I don't maybe the laws I dont get it. What Molly found that he couldn't true that in a court of law beyond reasonable doubt. And the reason why they leave payments names out is. It is not part of the rule of law, to name people who aren't being charged writers, slime them and smear them. That's a correct thing to do in this tromp era. We have to stick by these rules and don't give up yet do you have read the report and I have its will to each with political. I think I think what we read it, we're gonna go while I can't believe bar didn't tell us that, and I think the whole point of what bar did was to give trump amount, long lead to get out there and do the end zone dance. Put the bull shit out. I'm completely exonerated, because then, when we come up with the other stuff, it's a month later and then we're like
on doing something. It's the same thing like Gore and two thousand should never have conceded the election, because once you get stated it we had to unconceived and then we'll. Like sore losers. Again, all Democrats, now run against their their free to beat him at the elections there free to beat him with vote. Purse and that's that's where this vexed vitally have had them really two hundred them to say: let's move onto healthcare: let's talk about the economy, let's let them they let, let's clear result Giampaolo solely rather unknown. I arrived, I don't worry. I would just say that I am from the Middle Michigan right then my voters do not ask me about this. I want to know that we are doing everything we can to protect. Our democracies doesn't mean of euros, but they care about preserving our democracy. We have had all the intelligence community say very clearly that the Russians attempted to rural and our election. That is not a question that is on the voting box matters, but what my kids, Let's talk about every day is healthcare and the cost of prescription drugs are not about Robert Mahler and not about this
so long as we know that he may not be around, and spy that can't be probity Russian asset in the vernacular, a sense of the word is an asset to Russia. Ok, so you don't think that was very disturbing about this way that we haven't seen this a million times before, but even worse is that we now live in a country where you can just say anything just say anything what so therefore said he was not exonerated, I'm total eggs operated. I am. He said. Russia wanted Hilary to win potent themselves, any unwanted dropped to win the wall is built go on, but the one this week the Republican Party is the Party of Healthcare. Just it's like this is his em out from the from New York days. Just say it, and certainly a lot of people will believe it, but this one I gotta Maybe we have a shot because his base needs insulin,
I think that the costs to help here and the cost of prescription drugs are our generation's problem to solve, its literally the single most important issue. People are paying more in their health costs and they are in their mortgage and my district for some people and the President has tried to sell this bill, a goods that he's going to replace it with something else. He wasn't able Do it for two years, and I tell you a lot of my republican colleagues this week or saying I don't know we're doing on health care and they were separating themselves from the president. We have come to where we believe that if you have a pre existing condition, you deserve care and not to be excluded, and that, if you happen to get sick, can go broke. We as a nation have evolved to that and the Republicans have hearts or we make the Republican Party and in envy, the image of of healthcare advocates, however,
I would say it sounds pretty deranged, For someone to say this administration is incapable of solving a problem and if they attempt to I'm gonna oppose it, neither party has solved this problem. You don't even have a plan now, just get order, they think will all will all need to see. One certainly and be hungry gives us we're right the laws for sure that we get really about the Republicans in health care, that the reason why they never have a plan is because they don't think the government's place is to have a plan. They don't think That's just not a thing, but I think we should look like one who take a sledgehammer to this system, which is bankrupting families. The cost of drugs can change one hundred times over a day, that's legal and anyone from Bernie Sanders to die from saying we need the change? What's. Listen, I think it's true, never once had a constituent say to me, like I'm, really interested in a republican or a democratic plan to her, and I hope there they just want it done. I agree that its
but on the other, there is a real aspect of this is the is, does keep declaring things that are untrue. Like we built the war, there is a point at which we testing whether this cult will believe anything where they will end and each time he gets away with it there. The cult get stronger. This is forty one percent of the country. It's very soon. People when you look at the polling head to head with the Democrats there neck and neck patient be neck and neck. This is disastrous presidency, so we have a problem and I decided that we ve got to be able to talk to read America in a way that doesn't insult them for being fat. For example, right we'll get to that in a minute? But we do go a segment we do on the show it. I don't know it for a fag. I just know it's true. We thought this wiggle weeks. It was perfectly applicable because you know if they can prove collusion. I don't know it for a fact. I
now illustrates how would you like to hear this week's version? I know for a fact that last run a Robert mothers. Wives said two years of missing dinner for this I just know it's true. I don't know for a fact that when Donald Trump said I've been exonerated Eric said, is that good over a back that sometimes the fox and friends DE makes up a word just to see a trumpet repeated. I don't know for a fact, Lindsey grams ringtone. Is it's raining men I just? I don't know the fact that when someone tries to take its healthy with Joe Biden, he said
are you sure, there's film in it for a fact that when a cop Do you know why I told you over its because here is high and he forgot, I don't for a fact that every so often the Pope looks are
on the Vatican and thanks to himself Jesus. There are fewer gay people on Broadway for a fact that eventually, the owner of a diner in New Hampshire is gonna tell. But our work do people eat on this table get your belt. They showed us carry on doing justice, the prosecutors, thoughts on time punishment on the rule of law rate barrage. So can you explain to me the collusion thing because you're a throw in this business- and you know people say we didn't learning from the Mulder report, but I think we learned that you can get away with crimes if you do him in the open. Now that you know, there's a disappoint to be made there,
I think that there is a distinction between this thing that we have been talking about. The present has done a very good job of instilling people's brains collusion, collusion, collusion collusion, based on my experience as a federal prosecutor for many years is not a crime. The crime that Bob Mother was looking at was conspiracy to evolved in either hacking were or other can or other we're can get. It but they were and if you're the election packing here, he said hack their hacker emails openly. Said they had ruddled a hacker emails than they did that day, so I dont get it access. The thing that Bob Mother found is based on a criminal statutes. He could not prove beyond reasonable doubt. Presumably that there was a conspiracy before the fact and agreement, a meeting of minds about doing those bad things. Is it true, as out of ships in that great speech, and I agree with you as it is a fantastic speech. Another committee great point that the present a terrible things and the present invited hacking
Is it invited the leaking of emails and his son and others met at the trunk tower famous meeting because they to have derogatory information by Hillary Clinton and was that on patriarch Yes, we're, ok is collusion, possibly, but but murmured. The prosecutors all is very narrow than the large in the laws wrong elderly. If all that is, if all that doesn't add up to collusion in the laws fucked up, I'm sorry, but that is the case here: you're district you're, the southern district, where he is still in trouble right, Donald from what I hear from ok? Well, we all know on the news I mean there are things are going on in my hat, yet, ok, so I guess my first question is we found at ease, crook in so many ways the charities and all the nefarious that the mist reporting that his income? We heard this, we not filing taxes,
right? How come nobody ever went after him from that district before he got to be president, he seemed to be quite the crime boss, elegant in in fairness to the present, and is interesting for me to utter words like that. He's not been charged with any crime yet by the southern district and the things that they are looking at basin reports are things that happened in the last year or two. I know it's hard for people to understand this, and people are disappointed in we're. Bob mother foundered did not find people are disappointed and prosecutors. All the time- and I say this as a former prosecutor- The law has limits and there are limits on what prosecutors look at and limits on what prosecutors are able to do it. If you wake up one morning and you think that its efficient did, you know, I don't like the cut of somebody the job or I don't like little more and investigate that's different. I'm I'm nine does not replace, is not what mother, what I know already, but I just get that clear what we know already. Ok, let's not obsess on this.
But it's a political, not illegal thing, and if the picture is a polity, what little dismantle accounts the law cannot, if he has american law, and that's the issue very wherever it really it's not about that. You know I'm right. You know these. Are these are illegal things or should be illegal things? Are you kidding? they have dirt on Russia. I love it. Lets meat. Eight russian show up at me a break, I've got pulling data high. You know you're very close to two potent I give you the polling data- will see if we can win together, what the largest it's a borderline freezing. Ok, I don't wanna. So what else you want to talk for years we have to look. I agree with that. Andrew and others who say, I think Bob Mahler decided. I don't know for a fact, but it is a very small
guy but a lot of faith in him. I agree with what you said that he's not sent from Heaven. He just an ordinary human being. Trying to the best you can you say another prosecutor curbing come to a different. This is possibly ok. I'm writing a lot of people didn't expect you to make a decision. I can see a prosecutor like can star seeking the limelight and politicizing all of us to deal with that rival culture formula to have put on but he's done. We should salute that grandma written what your way you conducted. So that is a kind of republican. We need a new set of bashing in for not but not overlooking the low, and we should be grateful that there are limits and that he applied where now we'll find out. So, let's yes exactly but are they may find out? I gotta think what he thought is. The stakes are so high. I'm one person the question is close. I clearly found some evidence of obstruction. I'm not but I would bring a case of those an ordinary person, but you know what it's not an ordinary person it's a person who is subject subjected and in the constitution to accountability from other branch or government called.
Congress and he's leaving it to them, but in some people called upon punt, but something sometimes a plant is a good thing, but we down. There was no collusion, but there might be obstruction of a crime which was not a crime again, I don't get it. Ok, let's move onto your thing about fat people can I go what then, of course you what what's your base there that I made a joke? I laughed adventure of it's funny and I would defend any coming making any, but I know anybody expense forever. Okay, so that's great understand that in so far as one stops being comic and one tries to be part of the politics of the country. Treating half the country is if they are bigots and dumb and didn't know what they were doing. Last time is not going to help win their boat, that's all I am saying and and there's a way in which people forget that they are in the room they can hear you
they can hear these insults, they can hear the condescension and they are and their irrational, responsive. That is driving this irrational cult, a my hope, we can on wine this irrational cult. We won't do it by me for this polarization. That's why I agree. We wish not generalise from voters and we shouldn't know ionized from powers, but I dont think especially my generation. I don't think we should coddle people who think brown people are coming to take their jobs, who call the cops on black people for being black and public, and you think Amerika was best fifty years ago when women knew their place. I think some time
the forgotten. Man was forgotten for reason and should be forgotten, trying to get a job. I was there and it can. I just say, as someone who trumped up represents district that way or bomber and went for tromp right were made a short one for tromp. I think this idea that somehow trump voters are all the same there, this monolith, who just the racist and that it is just not true right. There are people in my district who voted Democrat their entire lives, but there was one candidate talking about the things that affect their pocketbooks, their kids jobs, wages, the future of work. That is the stuff that is important in my district and there one candidate talking about it. They know that he's not suave and he's not acting presidential but bear voting their interest to their core, and so I reject this idea that somehow every trump voter is a bad person is someone that we should disrespect, and I think conversations like this.
And to the perception that the middle of a country, the places that everyone you hawkers their economic interests answered the. I think that there was no, but I think there's only one person who is even talking about it, so you take They are talking and then not seeing the difference between the talk in the action plan. I don't I don't do pointed out next time around, especially on the ok. We won't say dumb will say: Brightness challenge but if you can't see that this conman got up and told you I'm going to be your voice and I'm going to take care of a little man and then passes a tax cut. That's only for the rich people and then says this week to Hell I think many says we're going to become the Party of health care. How we gonna do that. Well, first, we're gonna go to court and try to abolish Obamacare com. Lately, leaving twenty million people with nothing. You can put it together. That's not making health air, better. It's the Republican Congress is absolutely gossipy said that no, I didn't really. They do want to fight this election and healthcare and if they do
they will lose his is a fantastic development, the Donald Trump I am both for me Then I'll take away your insurance next time. No, they will look at that. They will look at that. I just think if you are, person. I've literally hundred autoworkers, say this to me and my district. My life has been going downhill from George W Bush down through the president's right, so I'm go in the wrong direction and Trump is my like Hale Mary pass right. It may not work. It may score a touchdown I may do really well. It may not, but he's the only guy talking about making my life better and we gotta hear that Democrats have to hear that immigration to bring it up its major. We quit this year we have a crisis going on we're. Gonna have another one over a million. Maybe people coming into the country here who, who do not have to The right to be over a billion coming in in one year is the highest since the bushes. Yes, if
because absolutely is predicted by the c p- to be something seven hundred thousand, Ireland's coming and showing up legally for asylum did not read that Vienna Caravan crisis There are lots of them caravans, yes, but this has happened. They are over well, but immigration. It's it's! A big political issue is not really one of our big problems. Is it but equal come here to do the work that Americans won't? Do I dont ever see someone passing a lettuce fielding go, oh those people. I wish I was out there. I wish I could have a job and then let us my kids they wanna get through and their blocked from it if its economy romola. Let's put it this way, you you you, sorry about that. You use your disconcerted by the changing nature, be countries much more multi racial multicultural and used to be you. You carry a little awkward, and you realize that immigration is coming massively and more these illegal and you ask: can we just enforce the border and they say bigger?
it has happened and what is not just talking about illegal immigration, I mean I'm a proud immigrant and I am in any way thinking about the fact that guy with my name not complicate its people to judge but pray, difficult can become a chief law enforcement officers in this. But does it get me. Org is an amazing thing and I want people like me to feel welcome into this country. You know my mother brought six of her brothers of this country. They pay taxes, they contribute to society there. There hugely patriotic americans- and you know I listen to the words used by the President and it's not just about the border. It's about people coming through J F K as well. People like my own, only the Heath makes feel unwelcome and I think that's a problem, and I think it's a terrible thing about this. We get a divorce supremacy
I remember well- and I am education secretary who is herself monthly. Geologists are really it's a very interesting administration. We have you anyway. She wanted it cut all the funding from the special Olympics than tromp heard about it, and so the next day, no, I like the special Olympics, but they are cut. We did He didn't fire and then congratulated himself when you put it out, but they are. They do want to cut the education budget by ten percent, which is gonna ballade its many billions of dollars, and you know hang around, I dont have goods as we know, but other people still do it. I think it's popular even celebrities do it. There must be something to anyway and they were saying that you know among the ways people get squeeze the middle class you're talking about. And we do get squeezed and squeeze more and more over time One of the ways is schools that they said: half the parents
now spend their days raising money for the school. What I thought was forced to be taken care of by our tax dollars. You know, old enough to remember when Republicans when they would talk about things like cutting education funding, they would Where will you now? We ve gotta make some tough, tough decisions, tough cuts. They at least have the decency to pretend that it was hard coal and you don't go out from this administration is administered. Mission is sort of getting about the cuts that they want to make an giddy about detaining migrant children and giddy about some of these points, policies that are just so hurtful to the weakest and most vulnerable. And so, when you say all you got a problem with his tone cares about tone. I care about tone a lot because of the reasons you mentioned being an emigrant being a mother.
Not me, but if you're, a mother of a child with special needs and revealing, like the President of the United States, with this boy, pulpit and all of its resources and influence, is putting the target on you and then I think. To be honest, it is she's getting a great point, which is in a one in a republican district republican women absolutely help me when my election right. They ran my pain, they got devoted and it's not because there, because we headed, drew well it's because they feel like they want their government to be empathetic right. You can be an emphatic republican, you can wrote, but trumpets, not empathetic, and I think that is a core value for people in the midwest that the government is slow to be doing the thing to help people, and it should show some empathy so cutting our education budget were very familiar with that's a divorce in Michigan. She is use us as a petri dish for her experiment and helped really devastate our public schools and just a war on teachers. So it's not surprising, but it just reflects this lack of empathy and we want to parties with
empathy with, of course, the first crime is an idea for a party that so proud of being diverse. Why have the first primary in Iowa one police diverse aid in the nation at sea. Send a different kind of message. I think it's just tradition. I dont know that no one looked at it, I don't know, I think we're gonna have plenty of candidates for Latvia relates to be involved in it. Have everyone's gonna have their shot, deciding. Who is our next? How many one another for its primary in queens. The most diverse county and, if you're home base, no not, but if the most diverse county. If you think my diverse limited you don't argument for California? Lots of places on its last George Clooney is in the news, because Brunei, but you interested in this Andrew burned,
I has declared, are passed a law that you will be stoned to death if you are gay, Or committed adultery, and here we come back with the call from Hollywood celebrities to boycott the Beverly Hills Hotel. We went through this before Baloney says: if we are putting money directly into the pockets of men who Mr Stone and Webster death their own citizens when you stay at this hotel- and you know this really bothers me, because its chicken shit tokenism what about Saudi Arabia? You really want to get back at them. Stop driving right, don't use oil you, know nothing, but a free society is that you can have a political life and then you can have your actual life. You know of love and sex and friendship and activities, and you don't have everything- has to be polluted
not everything everything you buy has to be filtered through. This political wins the whole point of a free society. We don't have to be that way. We can put politics in this place, and we shouldn't be dictating allies like a religion according to the dictates of workers, its it kills the I tell it to you for society. It's also, as you say, totally hypocritical. I wrote about, the first time they do this beckoned twenty fourteen and it's not just Sonny. It's? U! I E. Where Hollywood does a time right of business, that Sharia law yeah, we lost some farmers and the law of most muslim majority. I answered I mean, and if you want to be against that in his speech openly and honestly about standing up for liberal principles and turn it into a cocktail party with envy s, groundwater and dictated Hollywood like sucked up to him incredibly as if there was no worry about a dick, a dictator who is currently sweeping his own family of possible enemies. I mean
maybe hypocrisy in July and Ruby and and- and you know, talking a lot of money Europe's goonies are really smart guy who made a movie Serena, which is about the middle based, I mean he knows the problems, why I thought those They made a movie about. Nobody knows about it. I thought your right you're. Joking, I mean. Why did you wait? Wait a SEC other seas area only. I know it's very ok. I don't think you could make that movie. If you do really know what we have done. A lot of work, and our for I mean he's a very engaged person like this, as you say, is not the solution is not gonna hurt the sultan of four nights. I can impact Hammond, I ask this idea that the Sultana Brunei is going over the receipts from the wound or no only sold to stop. Today, people can smell it to its just virtue, signalling,
Yes, so fucking great right, like Rachel, Madame Mug thing, and it's like no you're, not what's. This could take down more liberal. Ok, diver narrows everybody there also. I must ask the man who purposely get thereby second amazed during March Madness, so they can watch back, good boy while they recover? Can you They call anything else badness when you're sitting there on vague in with a bag of frozen piece on your dick. I guess, complicated than I thought unburden rehearsal are neural. Instead of continuing the art world debate over whether the figure in adverse monks, the scream is really screaming or is in fact hearing a scream. That's all
degree agree that either way there's duties drama. The people behind him. Don't say. Madame said, black letters on the whole manner by renaming this binding gender studies. Major here is a joke. Since there are male versions of deodorant moisturize around body wash, there also has to be a male version of toilet paper than others.
Ultra saw blossom, served angel saw for this man eating. My ass can take the hard stuff. That's why I've created Bill Mars, rough and ready man lying on a rough and ready. The toilet paper that doesn't take any shit neural don't be surprised to learn Tom Broker smokes medical marijuana, I'm sure many news anchors do. Judging by this picture, I say at least you're? All the people who buy this puking kitty gravy boat have answered.
The questions who exactly is supposed to be delighted by this, and why are you on the meaningless for a bill Mars, doggie, dumb cupcake for all right and finally know Republicans after explain if socialism is such a one way ticket to becoming the nightmare of Venezuela, then why do all the happy? countries in the world embrace it. The? U N, just came with their annual world happiness rankings and the top ones are all socialist friendly places like that. Norway and Denmark, and Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Canada and, of course, conduct. The right has a hard time, understanding the concept that we don't worry long lines for bread, socialism. We want, to win the Lotto to afford brain surgery, socialism.
Socialism, socialism as an economic model. Replacing capitalism is bad, but social is as a supplement to capitalism. Good kind of, like I don't like gin and turn a guard terrible by themselves, but mixed together, life lies with the United States. We should be happier than ever. Unemployment is low, crime is low and free p, We can say merry Christmas again and yet we ve dropped five spots on the happy list in just two years and are now at number nineteen behind Belgium and the Germans of people who don't even look happy.
In their porn, the conundrum. We look at the rankings of the happy nations and see that we're getting our ass kicked by people in wooden shoes crisis no sun half a year and a lot of these places their stolen a better mood. How can that be this norwegian guy is happier than us? is a bicycle and his dinner is canned fish. Again. The women in this country look like tilled. The Swinton and the men in this country also What worries me is that people Does this not constantly sweating
mountain of student debt or what would happen if he got sick? Venus is an only about what you have just about, you don't have to worry about. All the top countries on the list are ones with some form of universal health care. All free or almost free, higher education. All have strong unions. Pension in social safety nets, turns out freedom from The fear of ending up in a tent below the overpass is a really great freedom. It's called peace of mind. Conservatives like to push the canal that unfettered capitalism makes you more free, but actually it's the right kind of socialism. That makes you the freest. In fact, this not even call it socialism, let's call
capitalism plus, because that's what it really is, it's a plus when you get sick and you can focus on getting better instead of not going broke, it's a plus when you get pregnant and can think of anything besides. What's this little shit, gonna cost me knowing smiled Bernie Sanders tweeted recently that in the U S, of course, twelve thousand dollars to have a baby, while in Finland it cost sixty and supposedly smart Republican Nicky Hayley responded with. Comparing us to Finland is ridiculous, asked them how their health care is. You will like the answer. Actually, Nicky Hell, you didn't like the answer because it turns out they
Twitter in Finland to a lot of Fannys gave testimony about how much they like their healthcare, for example, in the: U s the maternal deaths great, is almost seven times what it is in. Finland isn't that they only pay sixty bucks to have a baby, yet they do die it's almost as if our system kind of sucks you know why we can have nice. Things like Finland has, because we're ruled by corporatist nincompoops, like Nicky Hayley, who write books with titles like can't, is not an option when in America can't is only an option. It the only option- does pure on I'd old capitalism work. I guess that depend whether you're on the board of Boeing or on board
Mirage in LAS Vegas, my favorite place April 12th and 13th at the Riverside theater in Milwaukee may. Fifth, I want to thank for more information log on to HBO dot com
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