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Ep. #493: Adam Schiff, Bob Costas

2019-04-27 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Adam Schiff, Bob Costas, John Avlon, Zerlina Maxwell, and Grover Norquist. (Originally aired 4/26/19)

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you were a kid ourselves, I know why you're extra denied widened is, I know finally afresh Bates, and this brings the number of Democrats running for president to everybody. Job maybe announcement on is a social media platform western union. You know what I am. I am that do old jokes. I do everything got a job or does it mean, but I don't think you should be President just because he seventy six that's ages and which is a form of bigotry like the others. Ok that, but having said that, he
Have hair blogs that are older than be bullshit? Things can be true, and I strongly disagree with those people who say Joe Biden doesn't have a vision It doesnt have night vision, but now it's it's. It's obvious, though the Woke left is not excited about this. There, like a great and other white guy in the race, so today Joe announced to use transitioning. Won't people love that with any fucked up his own gender pronoun. Another hate him again now calls the other complained about Joe Biden and his role. I was that is all right on policy, which is true, you know, did not running like free college.
If you are stretched out about your student loans, will give your shoulder. He's. Gravy went on the view today, all those hugging Ladys like sending a drug addict, burning man, but I'd like Jos message. His message is different than the other candidates of war, which is there is only one issue, that's what he is saying. Donald Trump must be removed this this kind of resonate with make us, just as he was saying it this. What was going on those two.
Major trump thinks when he sees this. It's like being in a party sing your wife talking to your mistress, but, like tell the trump. A little worried about Biden because they are to get a nickname sleep. Joe, is attacking Biden for being old and unfit. Donald Trump, who is built like a melting poured. A party gotta give its trump is an unbelievable politician that he can be that an attack is he said today I swear to God these trumps exact words just to look at your man, I'm, so you can't believe it on the youngest person, young, a vibrant man. He can talk himself into anything,
We will see how vibrant years tonight bigoted Maloney S birthday. Well, the trumps do birthdays a little different. She looks like a strip or any jumps indicate now is lovely. She made a wish and blood. The candles buddy was still there thanks for that, Robert Mauler, that's the big that we were off last week for Easter, and that was the big news that we weren't here for the Mulder report, the full one came out and if you haven't read it spoiler alert
dies in the end, it was like all the president's men meet Al Capone civil. What the fuck I'm going to talk about this the end, but I did not feel good about this mother report. I mean I feel different about everything wrong. I learned a lot. Two weeks ago. Laws were almost like rules. Now I know if an idiot does it it's not illegal. There was. There was no prosecuting from the prosecutor, but he left bread crumbs,
because that worked out so well for Hansel and Gretel? A great writer begging on my old friend bomb pass. This representative for California is twenty eight district and the chairman of the House intelligence committing an arm Yolanda, Madame ship is well thought of people get standing. I was, but I must say you deserve, that standing o four you're, not okay speech,
think when your major and you delivered at great, I gotta ask. Maybe it's impolite was that an avalanche that whole speech that you have that ready to go away. I knew the points I wanted to make, but I didn't write it out because Ilie I wasn't sure what had in mind, but look at you know this has been reaffirmed now by Giuliani and the rest of the crowd. They think it's perfectly fine to take help from a hostile foreign power. To welcome it to build it into their communications plan. They don't do that as collusion. They view that has just smart relatives. I think it's unpatriotic. I think it's its scummy wrong. I think most of what I mean the Mala report is at the end of the day. You know that firecracker that YO goes up and then the one that vessels
I will look nothing. They think you guys rely too much on that I was always of the opinion number one that the Office of legal counsel opinion that you can't indicted sitting. President was wrong, oh good, that in fact you can indicted sitting president you, I think, prudential reasons not to try someone who's. The present dates, but particular when there's any risk of the statute of limitations running. If the present commits a crime, they should be indicted, and you should stay prosecution. So frankly, I have no expectation that that would be the course Mahler would take, even if the evident supported it because he is fundamentally conservative anatomy left right conservative, but he was going to follow these steps. This policy was not going to make new ground, so I didn't It is realistic to expect that he would indeed the president and the
they did. I think we're unrealistic in their expectations, but I do think he laid out What we needed to see, which is that the Russians were engaged in a systemic Africa, interfere in our election that the trunk campaign welcomed it embraced it built it, and their plan made full use of it lied about it cover it up and then obstructed the investigation into it. And if we at any doubt before about this presents fitness for office. There is no remaining is unfit for the presidency, but this was our big gun. Now it just looks like you're, stalking, em, I think in the eyes of the people on followed that closely, which is most of the country, was here's the thing about Bob Mahler he's like the last person. The last thing in America that left and right agreed on left and right.
Finally agreed. This is a guy of honour. This is an honest guy. This is an honest broker. Whatever he says goes, Americans are not into details, don't read it Bob just gimme a thumbs up or thumbs down the fact that he was like I dont of yours, if you couldn't impeach before how you can impeach after or should well, where are you on not there yet on impeachment I may get there. He may get me there, but here's here's the the awful dilemma that we face. If we don't impeach him, that sends a message that this kind of conduct, this obstruction of justice, is kind of willing. Use of the help of a foreign address we're all the lies and cover up that this is non unimpeachable at the same time, if we do impeach him and he has acquitted as he would likely be acquitted. Then the message is those are not in principle offences
the end of the day bill. There's only one way to deal with this problem, whether we teach him not, and that The vote is ass out of office. I do think. I also think there is one thing that the country is united or least the majority of Americans, even if it's not Bob Mahler or in the report. And was summed up by my ninety one year, old Father, who said that if it works like a duck and cracks like a duck, he's probably a crook I I think people recognise weather he could be indicted or not that here conduct is unethical, probably criminal in terms of at least the obstruction of Justice- and
We have in our power, even if we don't have a legislatively, because the GEO Pe in the Congress, will do nothing to stand up to this man. There is no patriotism left in trumps, GEO, P, we haven't within our power. We have it within our numbers. To turn out vote him out of office and we ve shown you showed the power that in the mid terms and the big the repudiation of him at the ballot box, the more it says to our seller. Ok, so as the only democratic not running for president where what you you talk about, you, you know you and we would do well a menu jumper close to that of the pact, but so What is it? What does your advice, because I've all week, what I heard was basically two ideas that the first they have to job said, but he said yesterday Joe Biden View is Trump is the issue.
The other ones you like, let's stop talking about we talk about him too much more tell people what we're gonna do for them: healthcare, environment, those kind of of kind of issues. For example you tv a lot in the last couple of years. I know everything you know that you tell us about the russian situation, I am a clue what you think about healthcare. I've heard it. I don't know whether you are for many. Care for all or or bombing error or get a chance I don't know what I don't know what you're saying I was telling my colleagues in particular these wonderful candidates we had running in the mid terms. Don't talk about Russia you're not going to persuade people devote democratic Republican based on Russia or what about trail? I get asked about it because you know our investigation. The last two years was the only investigation into what we should direct and people. Ask me about it, but
but I urge the candidates and what I urge or nominees to talk about is how are you gonna help american people but bread on the table? How you gonna help them provide for secure retirement in an environment which people too, stay in the same job, their whole life in a job with globalization and automation, how do people get healthcare? Have they keep healthcare they go from job to job. How do we help young people, Ford College? Those are the things we need to be talking about. We are in the midst of two revolutions right now, either one of which would be phenomenally disruptive. The to put together are just Reducing this cataclysm of xenophobia, populism around the world the revolution, the global economy, through globalization and automation, when millions are losing their jobs through no fault of their own and it's the revolution in communication which is every bit as significant as invention, the printing press, but it happened overnight where lies, travel, after the truce, where hate goes viral and you put those too.
Things together and it is a combustible mix and pressing those challenges talking about how, in this environment we're gonna, put people to work, we're going to deal with this yawning gap between rich- poor. I'm going to make sure that whether you have one job in the morning and you drive and over at night, that you have health care at the end of the day and a retard, at the end of your career. That's, I think, what we need to be talking about, and I'll tell you who on behind and twenty twenty behind them the heart and soul and living adult twenty twenty Anyone who gets the nomination we all need get behind whether we were for me or not for him and I'll. Let you go, but I see I see you're going on Fox NEWS,
well. I had some good encouragement from someone who carries on flag of news, CNN senior political analysts and author of Washington's very well. The founding fathers warning to future generations. John outlines over here, John. She is the director and progressive programming for serious examined, caused a signal boost on serious or Lena Maxwell. Unease the president of Americans were tax reform. Your credit never changes Europe the year grubber narc, whereas the President of American Protectorate restricts the message our I don't bring. An essential questions for tonight's overtime circulated,
after the show on Youtube. I wanted that same question. I asked congressmen chief about Joe Joe Biden, taking a different tack is too the Tec, from is an existential issue to our country and what talk about that. I think that's the right issue because it is the same as what. What are you going to do for people get rid of trump this? What you going to do for people? I don't see how that's a different issue. What do you think is the big issue and he sang looking GO values first, he believed down disfiguring our democracy. You need to stand for for decency, and then you can get into policies later where they could suppose get in trouble books on the far left. Stronger, played a doll, trumps, reelection playbook, you know who can radical out socialist, the other guy and that's a recipe for getting them proper elected, so I think it is the right way to approach and opening bit as an argument to be made that strategically the big picture. It's not. Good strategy, long term, but in the
short term. It is because he bade Donald Trump and Today Donald Trump came out and defend saying Nazis were very fine people, and so I think in retrospect, but it did the smart thing by leading with Charlottesville and essential We breeding that president into doubling down nazis whoosh, mindless change brought the right legal. While we not, we always said that uses it may not change the people in his bases, mine, but the mid term. Elections are a reflection of the fact that the american people, the majority of us, are not ok with the president's well, he did when the servant winter in resonates. Ok, well, we have to win some of them do when the election is. I would say that if you, if you are a person who is trying to get braces, oh you than that that could strategy, and maybe Donald Trump, is the person for you, but I would say the bat, The majority of the country, and certainly people that are not white, do not think that cigarette I think they're already in the candy Hilary ran on not trump, and it did, turn out as well as she might have hoped. If Biden has
two choices, either to say vote for me. I can win or to move steadily to the left, to compete with everybody out, it's better to go with the eye. When the challenges the democratic base is what, We hear that whether he just gets pushed further and further in that gas, lean taxes and middle class taxes and other things that need, rather than always aggravated by the fact that it is about that guy, but so lets them that's what the women assure you knows a lot about a NATO the news last couple days, because an I'm a guy who is always saying that the Democrats, apart otherwise too much because mostly they do. We need a heel. One, I think, is the exception at that. That lady deserves a real abolish all yeah in twenty eight years, and he didn't know why I want to get it over because he's gonna happen, they're gonna, torture, it out of you, they always do it. I think it may have been fired
in this instance, maybe he just didn't want to go there and I it is a bad look that regular. He announced that he should also Why aren't to women in the race? Doing better? I mean I look at some of these polling results. I mean Joe Biden has twice the poor support from where thirty seven percent and I were I think than than all the women combined Yemen is also leading the african american vote with two Afghans running in the race. Look, I think it has less to do with sexes and the fact that burning in Biden have run for present before they got established bases in the party and you know- you ve got Elizabeth, warns running a rather energetic campaign, Folkestone policy, but she's, not even popular in our home state when it comes to run for president, couple heiresses at a very strong position down the field, I think she's in the top to the candidates, but she came out of the gate. Really strong and she's followed a little better than other retail politician of another court Reno. This is going to be worked out, but I don't think it's
simply can be written off to sexism things about its name. I d right now, I'm in violence. As you said in the Saunders, is run before if it what the kids their millennials like, what what what What is it god I mean I want, the tramp of he's the guy? But I don't feel this fuzzy toward her. I think people, you know, think of him. This tragically cause he was Uncle Joe understand, glasses. You know the side to the coin. President Barack obama- but there is a little bit of that, but I, but I would say that, while it's not, true that it's only sexism. I think there is a lot of maximum sexism way. There's no reason why people to judge as great as he is should be head of qualified sent, nurse who are putting our policies and our energetic. I think that the narrative that the women are not exciting on the stump and they don't have charisma. That is next as well, because only men have
Mr President, we only have one example of what that looks like. Why is preparing this strategy is, I think, he's authentic. I think that people really are resonating with someone thinks he's saying I think he's taken to the Christian right in a way that we have seen from the Democrats before- and I think that's refreshing, but he doesn't have the experience to be the president of the Euro, It's a little will be real and I agree. A little young took mayor of the fourth largest in Vienna, not gonna, be surging in the polls, but I look. He has often tis scrambles alot of definitions and its important right. He is a pioneer in Canada, These studies. You know the first openly gay married candidate running but he's not running as a gay Canada for present you know he's running. Is our it's a lot about the right? Well, but, but I think that sexual other people projecting on it he's more were likely talk about service and afghan extent, and I think that speaks real unmet need the country to bridge a lot of the device. But right now we do have a parties were divided by religion and raise and region, and that's really dangerous for republic. So we
we gotta be he'll, those divides, so Bernie Sanders good booed. He went to the she. The people form, ok I asked him about demagoguery and the Trump administration he said. I will do everything I can to help lead this country in a direction that end all forms of discrimination: whilst not good enough, then he said I was actually at the March in Washington with Doktor King back in eighteen, sixty three: as somebody who actively supported Jesse Jackson's campaign and eighty eight as one of the few elected white people who did so only FUCK Endemic let's do this. I swear to God really push back again set about really did the women in the audience wanted here specifics and Bernie Sanders did not answer the question. That's what the booze for windows, a politician ever, but he was at the horror, the other candidates, Elizabeth Warren, Common, that's Lancaster! All of em! You don't came out with specifics of here is limited.
To solve that problem when he was asked specifically what he was going to do for black women, he couldn't specifically was like I'm gonna, be great for black woman it'll be great but house. How are you going to do it and you know again I work for your answer, but I think to talk about specifics, Why was the right? Let's talk about pack when let's talk about discrimination, let's talk about making for that families, no matter where they are no matter. What color have quality education, access to affordable health care, all the other issues that democratic songs entail or anywhere, but here again to hope, constituency led this country in a direction that, in all forms of discrimination, gender discrimination based on sexual orientation. It sounds like you're demanding he say the exact words that are in your head, and now I am demanding that he speaking more than platitude, but his point was: the crowd. Look if you build a political party. A stun identity politics, then you ve got.
Managed by politics. Privately dynamic called extinct anyway. Politics are essentially civil rights. The Publican because I'm shouted down you, don't a planet right system in this country, as has been the default. What you white men think what do white working class men think now that we have more representation and the electorate we're gonna, be a majority minority country in twenty forty six, and so now we actually have to have. A nation that review of yours about the issues and having in Papua, assuming you pay level Heller vote based on the color of theirs and that's no, I'm Rhine odd. No, I'm saying that people vote based on the policies that will specifically target. The issues in their communities as a motor issues affect different. All other people draw differently. Growth when presenting MILAN was granted. Part really does not represent an unemployment, has double white unemployment, even under Donald Trump why's that
a policy of actually rallied around because he actually played a white identity. Politics car, then, actually is in some ways that that move on the right in terms that larger issue, the Democratic Party, even L, B, J back in the day, is to say that everyone, liberals and cannibals is that liberals, the cannibals donate their friends and family member. There are deep divide spear, while a bomb is that it the work carried out circles firing squad, so May I ask you this, MR tax? Yes, those twenty twenty Democrats running, same as I adventures and of course we're still at the you know american Idol stage where they're just interviewing all the people of the singing thirty seconds for the judges. Are you don't really know whose very, but they all seem to have? You know
You saved guess it's a thing around the Democrats, like the tat lot of taxing in spending, and now I firstly We have a need in this country to a completely realign how we spend money like I would cut the military. A budget in half We would still have that it had and still have, the most ridiculous rock with your cock out mass murder machine in the history of the world and that would free of one four hundred billion dollars or something like that. But short of that law. Only did the Democrat seem to have is tax the rich now, of course, the rich do too little taxes? Don't you think, because we had this big tax gut and we have the biggest step as it ever the one cup a couple Thatcher. One is the Democrats are not just talking about action, the wretch that's what they said they were going to do when about.
And Biden when they promised they would never raise taxes on anyone who earn less than two fifty thousand dollars, you you're not a penny that was Biden promised in the debate. They turned around the seven hundred dollar tax on every American who wouldn't by a bomb the care they put a two thousand attacks and everywhere for that, wouldn't do it. Those were repealed by the Republicans. But seven, those that has no israeli attacks was a pact penalties lunch. I big difference to a family that struggling commander. Failing that the ongoing how sorting health area understand the argument that got away they that's not last year, for example, have a hundred your breast, for example, whether they also put taxes on people's flexible savings accounts. They raises a series of tat another talking about attacks. The gasoline tax for road strand, a carbon tax on all energy? These attacks, ok, broad middle class but love you, I love it about it and it works look, but we really learn and right now, as a result of all this, is that it just official Republicans
care about differences. When there's a democrat and white that's wrath and he's right, you guys were not bother with Brazil, you're wearing the colonial outfits, with deep eggs in your face. What happened that we're bags now that the devil than ever? Ok, and when the Democrats are in charge, the deficits not a challenge to them, and the reason is that the governments is not about the deficit, no France's on spending the Democrats want to and more what's changed over the last twenty thirty years is not the amount of money that the government takes out of the economy, that ones eighteen percent, which change this spending has drifted up, the question is: do you want more spending or less spending? And I Trump wandering lore spending, put no raising taxes working. Why? What are you spending their money on that question right now, we're spending it on the entitlements, which are we
have you been votes on? No other man, title and wit, wherein is not any old deleterious the biggest and drank here, the biggest net downturns, gotta be a bloodbath and Republicans are going to say now is the time to cut spending and Democrats are gonna, say no, because we got it. We got to find a way to invest in striking a middle class. Again problem is the intergenerational mission we have unfocused Erika is being more complicated and costly fiscal whole one, because the political and cultural divide we gotta. Do you accept that Frank you for a second? I just want to say we were off last week, so I did cartel not the actual festival, I'd just balladur Instagram and it made me realize you know Instagram also submit, especially if it is pisses me off, because it's always just people we have some.
Pictures from cultural are there and it just always people trying to show that they are having a better time. Then you and you know what I'm having a bad day. I don't want to see. People have it's always beautiful people leading dinner at a fancy. Restaurant fuck that I want to see too fat people crackers they found in the ground, like everybody is always under a waterfall fuck. You show me a woman hosting dog crap off the paddy, want these Bluff shortlist Post work out selfish. Here's what I saw yesterday when my water heater broke and inspiring people always at places like jazz. She retreat
I like a picture of you at the dollar terrain and also people getting lucky at the palms of I'm home. Only getting lucky with Might Instagram, of course, is always a lot of those. I woke up like this. In life, is a lot of. I fell asleep like this and, of course, my least uninjured. Every meal is fabulous specially brunch, really, here's the brow. I remember in my twenties.
It's time to the broadcasts, are going in the baseball player, who called games with the amounts being broken his studio. Forty two with Bob Cost is Bob Cost is. Thank you. Thank you so great by the way to hear you do play by play a baseball game. There is no pleasure. I love more than nobody does it where you did me the other night and we still have a little early. Listen. Do you guys? It's like? I don't know
par announcing a game and witty its elegant. There's a jokes but you're broadcast partner doesn't get yeah I long ago. It decided that if you and my friends and people kind of in my visit of orbit, if they get it- and they laugh restated- that's good enough for me- there's a lotta downtime in a game that calls for it. So you are in the baseball hall of Fame, so great I gotta ask you, though, the you feel bad that Peat PETE roses not in, but you are since long bob. You know they mess that up at the beginning he should have been banned from baseball, but it should be the ballot for the Hall of Fame? That's. Simple enough, but subsequently, while at the went on, he did so slowly
The things that made it difficult to support him, somebody they just we're unseen exits pay for a guy. Can we all by the air when you come when you find when you find that he was dallying within the re retorted, the fence? What's that got to do with all the baby, let's nonetheless exactly so, but whenever I have you, I was good because especially we'd like this, so depressed gives the Mahler thing if we could get Bob's home. You just talk about sport, except you know what sports its This goes to parts of this leads politics, Jackie Robinson. Mohammed Ali Robert Craft
making the happy ending an issue, as it rightly should be in America and Robert Craft being in the same sentence, tacky Robinson rather than starting out well now and defends Robert Craft, and I feel, like I said I don't like it's already- has to take up a lost cause. Like is politics, but you know: he's lost his wife of like many decades, so he's getting a little was the place you know with them and where got out his anyway. You see anybody like today, whose in that league with with Ali IN and Arthur Rash in the female, really changed culture, Kurt Flood and labour Lebron James, has tried to step up Jenkins with a Philadelphia, Eagles, Doug Ball when they ve been. They been articulate and well informed, calling
copper Nick certainly get happening that one got abroad. Howling tappin called attention to a very important issue and paid for paid for like Allah, he did it with grace the region, I wouldn't elevate him to the level of an alley or an Arthur, Rash or Karim who continues to be a public intellectual occurred. Flood whom you mentioned. Is that every time He speaks, which is rarely he says, something that doesn't necessarily year in up when he says the eye I dont vote, because the oppressor will level. Never allow you to vote your way out of your oppression. I guess it doesn't matter to him that when he first took a knee Obama was president. Right and when he was black ball from the legal trumpets present, he was not helpful in the election because he said I ve member like tearing up into s all about it. He was like. Oh Hilary issues are racist. He trumps a racist. What is again, that's ok, so we'll talk to him.
Yeah, I mean he did a good thing I'd rather, you didn't think, and others can carry it forward more effectively. So football now we have talked about a new one of the first brave ones to talk about the fact that ok, this is this is really organised. Brain damage. That's going on we love the game and look I'm a libertarian on stuff, like these players know the cost. So fine join and are willing to sacrifice. We all do stupid things when, where young, I'm sure I'm paying for some of them now, but you know that the answer, of course, always as well. This was allowed have biggest. Football is just the ultimate cash cow right now Is that why, sport, why do we love football? Some more than the other sports. Well were violent were a violent people. You think that its once a week or so every day It feels like, what's real Sunday, gas Sunday, your take yours, your team, but there are taking place once a week. Your team play once
but we want yeah due to its ideal for gambling. Then you have fantasy teams and it becomes an obsession. Look when the NFL draft becomes. Big deal like some sort of Quasar national holiday. When more people watch the I fell draft then watch we, Lee, exciting NBA play off games on the same night or anything. Stanley CUP play off games, something's warped, but since there is something about violence, I felt like it If you are a athlete or a coach, and you are tribute. I noticed there is one word that comes up every time over and over again. If it is well pretend you're an athlete, if I ask you, what can you do to get back in the game? What do you have to do? What have you been doing taken another time, aggressive aggressive. Every single. That's all they talk. We gotta be more aggressive, agreed
invested. Addressing with aggressive ditches dispensed the new head coach, the University of Colorado made a big deal about the way I grew up with the game. It's all about hitting it's all about aggression blah, blah blah and to the trustees said they could not vote in favour of his hiring. They could not even though they knew they'd be outvoted they weren't down with that they couldn't any longer justify the amount of money being poured into football. When this is supposed to be an actor I am against the tuition and maybe the values of football and no longer aligned with what should be the values of an eye I am against the two rights. Has a sports were soon that is well. Everybody can enter this one. This is really about the whole country, Kate Smith. How many don't ok, Smith! Is I don't blame you? barely remember when I was a kid? She was this old bag on tv. I think I thought she was Ethel murmured. Do we have a picture? I probably right. Ok,
so, like Ed Sullivan she'd, be owes this corny old bag. On that we bring on Gary Pocket the union gap when it's nice regulators in their civil war, you know at least it was the you'd- never know back then, but the euro, but kids with God, bless him. Ok, what's her turn in the barrack as they found out that tied singing God bless America, which they play a Yankee games. She sang a horrible racist song in the thirties to them to them. Ok, but then Cates with was leading the charge to oppress black people. I think, who is doing what every listen did not back then, rather than right. Her out of history posthumously. Meda, should be the proverbial teaching moment. Where you say. Look these! This was not from what we can determine and overcome hateful person.
Its reflective of how insidious these attitudes were that someone who didn't yank or mean any harm and soda millions of other acts. Amelia, that's what I'm saying is theirs. It there's a marked brothers routine. Are we gonna stop watching March brothers? Moves are marked by the voting that is punctuated by and that's why darkies were born with that's the song cheese and yes, that's right right, but it was everybody and, of course we look at it now and we cringe as we should, but I think people object when The attitude seems to be. If I was back, then I wouldn't have been acting that way. Yes, you would not ever body but allow almost every time. I think we make the mistake of assuming that our cultural moment represents some kind of end game right of sensitivity and awareness, and the truth is that those wagon a fingered today, if things
keep going the way they are with extreme political correctness or extreme identity politics progressing at warp speed than that Was wearing a finger today, maybe on the other, and if it is a market, is more than that. That right I mean it's. Look our grandchildren, great, gradual, look back and think we were monsters are idiots for something that's inevitable right and I think that's why you gotta be real. Careful about projecting, our values on the past, but still keeping a sense of moral clarity. Engaging like I happen to think that she does loves you version of a God, bless America, but I think, be the impulse. To exercise artists for any manner of sins gets a little a little or well. It gets a little bit writ writing about a history. We gotta confront our history. The good bye and the ugly, especially the ugly but disappearing it. Really dangerous
when people realise that mistakes were made and apologize for them. I actually regions of knowledge is no sociopolitical imminent examples, not a good one, and I do but I do, but I do think that political correctness essentially is just don't be an asshole. That's all we're after the better we used to be based on people, don't go too far right. That's the fundamental thing like there are things you shouldn't say, because that would make you and ass all and you dont want to be there, but they mean they took her. They took her statue down, which I don't again. I don't give a shit about Cage Smith or If you sing the song, I'm gonna get a hot dog. Is I don't even think that should be seen in the song they used to sing. Take me out of the ball game and then, after nine eleven, we have to do that. Can we get that arrest? Ok, but what they took the statue down and I think that rough crab said this before Ralph crammed in statue,
how long is acting to stay up because they get there? It is in front of the bus station Gabby. Every week, Potiphar yeah. Every week we used to threaten new punch, his wife in the face if she kept annoying him. I. Our grandparents maybe soon- and hopefully you think We should take that. I think that you know what you're going to Ralph body. A real person thing is that we should review you know history and historical figures that we put up on pedestals like Robert E Lee, or today the president. That was a great guy. We don't. We know that. I think we should take majority lay in rough crammed into cut a point. I think we should speak the soldiers that leave the horse. I want everyone at a time. I want to ask about paying for college, because this is one of Elizabeth Worms. I'm burning cylinders, a few of them have the proposal. College
Be free. Actual of you wait a second test, your liberalism, river bachelor degree. You! on average of sixty five percent more than someone who doesn't have one if we have a masters degree, a hundred percent more over the course of your lifetime? So nothing is free. Like a free lunch now, neither is college somebody will be paying for this free college and it will be taxpayer So, are we really saying that someone who didn't go to college you subsidizing the people who went and got the benefit from going to college and made more money. Is that really a liberal thing? That's an incredible transfer from lower income people to higher income people. If you look at the beneficiaries of that proposal, you'd subsidy to hire and company and if you're out buying votes you go. The people think again about that radio lash, the sugar, the sugar lobbies out there to feed at all. I mean that's, that's, hopefully what so they can get away from bottom
Fortunately, that's that's our view, not just following the money that the rich reap. What we ve met with massive increase in the cost of call a debt has become crippling for lot of folks people profiting up that stuff. You is it right up try to make a little easier sure, but what I would rather see, as others are actually expansion. The g I bill incentivize a broader vision. National service is not just the military, but part teach for America and then you get and then you get a reduction in Europe in your loaned loan forgiveness or your college tuition that you got a broader policy regulation freely. This asked me, it doesn't seem like swimming liberal, should before they should be, for the poorest people sitting with the mortgage. Deduction that hurt hunters, poor people, rent and yet we're subsidizing the people who, on the whole, I think it terms as they did distinctions between the plans, like I dont, like free colleges of message, because it may
it seemed like everybody gets that and we know that when we say free and everyone, they lack people, and so usually behind the plans die on the vine and seriously, and so I think that you know what we're talking about this. These college wins it's more about the debt free college piece of it. But what are you going to do? What tax taxes can you raised? on the wealthy to pay for these things because you're you have kids making a decision at eighteen years old to take up two hundred thousand plus dollars in debt, and basically you can never owner house ever. If you have that that you're gonna be renting for ever and ever that's. Why millennials older millennials, like myself, we have different plans this then some of the older generation and they don't understand why we won't have kids we're not getting married, we're not because We have so much debt run. I'm not saying that you, you shouldn't you're, not taking that on when you and role in a higher in institutions of higher education. But I did have a decision between going. States Golan, going to attach university, which was a better swore, and I
is the one I wanted to go to, but somebody probation erected me towards a school giving me established and if you paid a lot of you spent eighteen years, are worried about paying off your college that and then they turn around and make it free for the next guy you'll be ok with a well look. I think that what I you know if I choose the family? Will I wouldn't be posts because I don't. I don't necessarily look at his leg. Why didn't get that benefits the people coming behind me should not? I don't think any of us aspect to progressive feel that link wherefore changing things that make it a little bit better final question, this grim up this we Bernie Sanders as if people with felony record should be allowed to vote in prison, as is not after the round which accords are doing all right thinking, people think they should be able to go. This is in prison that someone even brought up the example of the Boston Marathon, an Bernie, gondola Bernie. He did well. He said I think the right to vote is an inherent to our democracy. Yes, even for terrible people, I ask
terrible people means terrorism, and this new about you dont want to run against that attack it. But what do you mean you're you're, setting up the attack that this is the problem with with sort of running into Trumps play book about rights Amber as raw goals, socialists who think that why weren't glasser dimly racist when when he gets that question and as yet we just got phony voting passed in Florida. We just pass a criminal adjusted performing actually been a trumpet deserves credit for having pushed through that is so far field. Is yours you're doing the dome trumps Workforce Elster Syn,
simple distinction, you pay your dentist society. You should be able to vote while you're still paying you're dead to society's ridiculous, to assert that you should be able to vote except there were a lot of people in prison. You don't belong right and most of the prisons are growing Boston, murmured thought I am your own communities them and I think there's a talking about the island felons know now. I know what I'm doing this for non violent values having that right and we should be counting them in all white community so that those people can get all the funding and the apportionment end. The gerrymandering when the people who are from communities like inner cities like Chicago, are not getting those resources. That is what's wrong here and that's why personnel, Saunders, idea, Saunders idea that Bernie Sanders idea that anybody who is in prison quitting borders, could be let out, and then he D, actually let out let us be allowed about. You lad, devout security that are used to do that. We called our back. That's
people and ashes its use. The felons used about Murray's I gotta go point as well Martin Richards get Europe back, I killed gets to that. Then he can vote. He took away that kid's right too, but for the rest of his life- and I dont think that Irish New Kildare here and one other new roles, everybody Joe Biden, means a logo. That's more. I have a dream and less off brand footwear. This makes me think of sneakers. Only nurses, where Joe your whole appeal is out of date, but fun, Algerian a little goofy like
EL the woman's deodorant from the seventies with Belong Shap and the extra wine ball. Ask your aunt about Tickle Joe Biden Techno. You don't have to masturbate with it, but you totally neural these beekeepers in the Gaza Strip have to tell us which they find more irritating having to work with these all day. Put on the outfit and your wife says: how do you like it newer or you don't say The bunny neural Kim Jong on doesn't have to resume rocket test, like you did last week to scare Donald Trump, you just
railways have neural the Michigan mom who want to seventy? Eight thousand dollar, be water the jackpot by mistake after play her kids, birthdays and ages, getting the younger ones, age, wrong, mustn't beat herself up about. The important thing is that now you can buy a new home fear, older daughter, and also what surveys and finally neural just because you have a stone face, doesn't mean you belong on Mount Rushmore for over two years, America's had a crazy person in the White House and for over two years. The Democrats have done fuck all about it because they were waiting for smaller
We all sat around waiting for prosecutor Jesus to turn in his big report, and he came back with ask someone else. We needed Silverman and we got Clark can't. Tromp calls the Mulder report, the crazy Mulder reported in a ways right, because it's over four hundred pages detailing terrible crimes by a corrupt president. Yet Mahler does not prosecute. If dusty ascii had written a report, would be called crime and no punishment lowers report is full of butts. Don Junior met with the Russians, but man of Fort gave in. Colonel pulling down to a russian bought trump obstruct just as every day, but Robert Mahler,
the big botany cannot lie. Reaper era was on real time the weak, the mob. The bar summary came out, and I had one burning question could a different. Prosecutor have reached a completely different conclusion. He said that, all I need to know I get it there's a boy scout straight arrow. He played by the book, but you may have noticed for the past three years, were kind of been off book and greatness sometimes means not doing everything by the book. Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana purchased in eighteen, o three doubling the size of the United States without any authority to do so, but history called his name, and it said The shot math
that's. What Spielberg's movie Lincoln is about and after the emancipation proclamation. Black people were not free that require a constitutional amendment initiated in Congress and to make that happen. While he had a window to make it happen, Lincoln lied bribed free prisoners even fast tracked and entire new state into the union of which smaller would have had to do only. And you do is what people in the justice system do every day use the law to come to justice not be so restricted by technicalities that the bad guys win.
This is why Clint Eastwood never made a movie called clean Harry. Sometimes it comes down to you. Ernie general is corrupt. The Congress, is dysfunctional. What good is leaving a road map for impeachment? If you know a tribal party before Country Republican Senate will never remove the precedent. Bob York rail of bread. Crumbs isn't good enough. We're not that smart anymore America
is an aging shortstop. You have to get it right address you for me. This report is summed up in the words Donald Trump Junior declined to be voluntarily interviewed, so making was too busy you couldn't work around is tweeting schedule. A new, tough guy couldn't get the president's taxes. You didn't, follow the money The interview trump we are told because you couldn't possibly testify under oath without per during himself, and that's a problem, it's one feckless pie- After another,
Rudy Giuliani said this week. There's nothing wrong with taking information from Russians. That's where we are now I lay that on Mahler From now on, you can meet with foreign governments, invite them to hack your opponents break campaign, finance laws as long as it's by reason of the clause We do, though, know what I've been doing for a guy. You didn't want to break precedent. Why indicting president motivation, created. A lot of new precedents because that's what law is new precedents? It's always involving you can't assuming for resident it's not enough. Institutions that even a law, it's a guideline like drinking
wine with fish are not fucking your cousin. It's a fucking memo in Watergate the special prosecutor, Jaworski faced a very similar guidelines, but he understood the big picture. His role in history and he sued a sitting president anyway? Mahler could have done that and they had on the next day would have been Mahler breaks with precedent, indict Trump, and then would be our new reality and it would have been a better reality because a trump goes into the election as a vindicated martyr and hell
have no fear. We like a whining little bitch scored. Maybe we should have brought back. Can star is prosecutor, at least he knew how to go after a dick in the oval office. Second endeavours jotted down. I want to tell me that we are having a watch the movie, the need not only to be a dot com,
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