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Ep. #495: Michael Lewis, Tim Ryan

2019-05-11 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Michael Lewis, Tim Ryan, Nayyera Haq, Van Jones, and Matt Lewis. (Originally aired 5/10/19)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO Realtime stack,
Thank you for your backing me outbreak as it did. I had so nice that you're in a good mood, because it's it's hard debate, a good mood these days with the news I mean a big one,
time, viewers this show now that there's two things I really could give a shit about royalty. And babies, but I'm written about the royal baby, because it has just nice. If there's something in the news that makes me not wanna go doktor shopping for opium,
So yes, Prince Harry and Megan markedly duchess of who gives a fuck way early on Monday little baby made his breaks it and sat on even talking about it, but what is the first royal baby that has american blood? If you don't count Trump, you know say it always gets back, but I'd say that Megan jeez awoke princess boy boy. Kid is fine,
pays all she said to him today. My eyes are up here. Look at my daddy came out just in time for mothers day. Isn't that nice mothers? Do you remember that Sunday don't forget that today we honoured the woman who fetters raise Deston paid bribes to get us in the: U S, really, that's that's the only normal things that are going on in the world right now, really they are even that kind of a normal or not normal, like Trump nominated, a guide to be the secretary defence. Today, it's a Boeing executive the secretary to fancy: will oversee the army, the Navy, the air force? Well, one thing has proven he has key can kill,
people with plant. I know that such a terrible joke- I almost, but that's, really know it's really normal- that the president's son is subpoenaed. He was subpoenaed. Yes, but I dont Junior. They want to ask questions about his meetings with the Russians and danger there's not having it yeah that'll change, thanks dad Junior said again irony lied about this and he's not gonna go anyway. I mean the precedent, has decided that laws don't applying to him. I mean Donald Trump with the help. Never forget this. This can only happen with the help of the report.
We can send it he's been asserting executive privilege about the Mulder report, forbidding officials to testify, with blowing off subpoenas just completely saying no cock, blocking all the attempts to see his tax returns. It turns out We're not the resistance pays, the resistance like it, it's like, if in law and order, it began in our system? The people are represented by two separate groups. The Congress who writes the laws and the executive who says Gulf fuck yourself? Can we see his taxes now? Do we get to see the unreal acted Mala report. No, are you having it tangle meant and making money from foreigners. Yet I mean
Europe's attitude on the separation of powers is basically talk to the hand FAT Donnie to Congress lose my number your fate government trump. Of course you know this has not read the constitution. He wants skimmed for his name and now discovered this new thing that he can say to break the law executive privilege, didn't that brunettes new favorite various executive privilege is even better than white privilege. The ranking Democrat Jerry, neither has been waiting all week and from last week to find out when he can see the rejected Mulder.
Bored and he got his answer on Wednesday. When pigs fly out of Putin's Ass WAR, wrote him a letter. Recent executive privilege bitch, even though this doesn't remotely apply to this case, he might have invoked the infield fly rule would have in those same creature. You can't keep me after school I've a note from burger King, so Democrats voted this week to the whole bar and contempt Do we really got hold of metal what these top law enforcement? on the country, who's gonna arrest him inspector gadget and then they went and we might censure of our great. I dont forget about it.
And his windshield, its Chinatown Jake. That's what we're living in America's and Democrats. They can't make any political hey out of any there's a came out this week that from nineteen nine eighties nineties, eighty five to ninety four, those ten years- Trump lost more money than anybody else in America and paid no really democratic. During about that Elizabeth Warren start calling abroad hunters. You can't do anything with that. He's told himself to this country, as a business genius turns out he's a first billionaire, its economic value was minus one point: one: seven billion dollars and Maloney was like tell me again
if I can use their later, would congressmen TIM reimbursed up here the best selling author of money ball, the blind side, the big short whose new book is the fifth risky, also hosts the against the rule.
Pod gas, Michael O, us, ok. So once again you ve done it. You have written a book. I think that is very important and I think it could be subtitled hooray for the deep state or hurry for bureaucrats, and I think Trump always says he's a different kind of republican, but with a consistency with other Republicans, is always fondling money to the rich people, and also all the way back to rag and who said government is the problem and problem government has never had a publisher to stand up and say: hey, wait, a second we're, not the problem. This is us. This is the deep state, the bureaucrats. This is what we do. This is how we make your life better. I think that's what your book is trying to do is absolutely true the governments
where the option from Trump, as is unbelievable, ability to take credit for all these things he never did, and the government is doing all these incredible things. That is no ability or instinct or inclination to sell itself, but you know trumpet he's a departure in in some ways from Republicans, because up until this point I mean the thing they caught. My attention was win heat them but he's elected he is. He was by the law required to build a transition team, hundreds of people who are supposed to go into the government to law the day. It's it's a law, yes, and so Hillary Clinton built one two and they'll bomber administration by law had said at a thousand people for six illogical. Things are so like how the place works like when we dealt with the ball of Irish. This is how we did, and no business works. This way where every four rate now we did and no business works this way where every four rate you know, if you have to pass on the all the infrastructure
EL, the operation of the right to a new group. What people have dont really agree with the absence of the most critical institution on the face of the planet, so you have so they said that they are supposed to come in, They actually lacks they're waiting for them in in conference rooms at the Department of Commerce and the Department of the Treasury, and so on little finger. Sandwiches set out parking spot set aside, expecting this wave of prompt people to come in and take the government over understood, glibly briefed and no one shows no one shows up from fires, fire the entire operation for and said to Chris Christie, who would dissemble the operation that we don't need that you and I can spend two hours of the victory party one though everything we need to know about how to run the government now this is the beginning of a most. The most incredible mean this is different from other Republicans. Obama was grateful for the way Bush handed over the governor
it's, not that different in that it started with Reagan. The study of the government is bad. They are the problem, is it true and that we would be better with less and less government, so the idea that he's gutting the government- and he is that- goes back a long way and people think it's a good thing and again they don't have someone to stand up. I wish I were read this block exemption where they are, and my question is how we know this is the deep set how much gutting can go on? How deep is your state? I really want to know now it is. It is a measure of how ignorant the american people now their government. They think they can be sold. The idea that such a thing is the deep state. It's insane I mean you know I didn't have any particular predisposition or a priest The idea was gonna find West are wandering around the government, but they are the most extraordinary people who were.
Still. There are doing the work and the work is that important and so but Trump show right Reagan mixed from passing the hold this whole sales job and that the government is an important. Are the governments, the problem, Naples him to neglected, and then you go and other own worst enemy. In a way is there so modest they dont brag about it? They don't let you know they're so unsung that they don't even know the departments. I learned a lot of this in your book with the name that applies to them, so we don't know what they do the Department of Energy. You know that's right, scarves, the nukes, the Department of Agriculture, I even I thought mostly what they do is with farmers, but they do a million other things, a huge budget, two hundred and sixty four bit in dollars. Most of it not to do with farmers is a commerce as having to do with commerce. They can't even get the frigate name right, avid drinking game and the Department of Agriculture and the drinking game is, I guess, if the Agriculture Department does it and if you guess wrong, you have to drink because is almost nothing, it doesn't do
what did you do? Well, I mean on an error on the monitor on a damn it. They haven't. They have their own airforces, a two hundred and fifty billion dollars bank inside the place Ray have far irresponsibility: food stamps, keeping geese off, runaways eat our ear. These are There is a real we ourselves about their rights right, but then Department of Agriculture, boys went around shock ends in fireworks and all the airports of Mary make sure that a geese does a goose doesn't flying the but chinese and the people who took over these departments or people who I mean the performance are to me as work Parry, you don't get ran in twenty November, I mean that's, that's trolling they ran on. I dont know what air such low hanging fruit dont know what this department is or what it does and now you're the secretary of the says he wants to get rid of it rightly says:
Let's get really care, remember its name and then finds out is the department of Nuclear Ripe and it's the nuclear weapons s right that the nuclear weapons and this all this basic scientific research that won't get done by industry that will secure our energy future. Nobody is no it's. It's so obvious that the people who role in with Trump are are not all that the rich Rick, berries and funny way, benign and right as he is not really a grief to write. A lot of them are enough for the money. The wilberfloss is, I mean Trump. We saw this this week with ten years of basically doing that thing where you pretend to be a court greater, say: I'm gonna buy the Vatican and Exxon and merge them. And then the stock price would go up and he wouldn't do it, but in Calais
and then each cell, it's no, and no one instead on understand about this is essentially a pump and dump ski yeah. I'm amazed that the s they see is not all over. I feel like he's doing it now with China. If he tweets anything about his deals with China, he calls billionaires at night. That's rubbing what he's telling you know you're better put. You know your bigger point, the hush so who shows up when you got a president who, who really does not care about the federalism? Does he doesn't actually have the wit to be thinking, I'm going to dismantle the federal? That's always thinking he's thinking I care about myself. Is this thing I'm supposed to be running, but nor will notice if I don't and an end, but so who shows up in that its people show up people who are tracked into the mission because the missions and abandon the money money, so you find the most extraordinary cases of people who who's the guy now, who we want to run the ocean is unbeliever. What's that department go it national ocean? I can atmosphere.
Administration of the design of the weather right, let another! Ok when other servants, the weather service, which is one of the most spectacular stories, fill with people. We got you VE turban, great public servants on the all these people. What are you gonna work for the well, whether service you? Why you obsessed with whether to the sent you go and do this is possible? Make money in the private sector to all these people We're traumatize is children by some storm that they all have. That story like like the hail broke my window and two thousand Dorothy, and they ve done guess what they ve done is unbelievable. One of the great untold stories in intellectual history. They improve the weather forecast of ten years go here you're, you're, you're, you're you're. Fifty forecast today is as good as your two year, you're you're one day was ten years ago.
You're Harkin Forecast. I grew up in New Orleans and we used is that you know you figure out whether our king was coming by going through frisbee. You know that no I could tell you whether things get sharper, how big it was going to be, and now you have all these out elaborate warnings thanks to them. So who does he wants that? We once accurate, Agnes, c o vacuum, which is the private there in the business of essentially packaging, the national, whether Sir right up and he has been on its guy's name- is Barry. Myers has been on a twenty year campaign to prevent the weather service. From communicating with the american people in Latvia. It would be my yes, so he can do it for money and less and less eyes or region enemies. The fox now to guard that have the same story all over the government. But it's it's our, but there is a really nice good, well private sector, whether they were all those people in the private sector say: He is the worst guy among us to put in their use of all of us, dope bodily, and so that this has happened only believe global warming, Israel, but they think the weather
it's a real their great work. You always on my right. We got you on less than a daily based in Vienna, the mad Lois, recognising that she was President Obama, State Department, senior adviser and White House senior director. Wild euthanasia is now unserious exam progress there are great to have you seen, ends the ban Joan Show and the new doc you series. The redemption project would errs on Sundays. At nine Ban Jones tonight, overtime through financial and after the show on Youtube Welcome Panel, the weak in the failed state from
we're, not sure what I could say any more about this. I feel thing. Does anyone else see what's going on here? Let me just review, I feel like we're in a permanent state of constitutional crisis. Now they say it every week now taxes. No, you can't see his taxes, Steve Mnuchin says: there's no legitimate legislative purpose, not for him to say not a thing. Security clearance I asked for no us to know you do not find out rejecting the rejected Mullah report executive privilege again, not a thing, not a thing, Deutsche Bank. They want those, those documents there are sowing for that. That will never happen. So it's a constitutional crisis. Democrats. It do something or stop talking about it, because I think you just making yourselves look week. You just making yourselves look
the people who talk and talk and don't do anything if part of the problem that we have now is that we have had this almost chicken little kind of dynamic on the left word like literally every tweet is like the end. The republic and so now that we are actually have arrived at that place. People don't take seriously, but I have to say as well that people try to be pretty com about this stuff. How do you eat a hamburger one bite at a time and what you're seeing now is one bite at a time and one by the time he's now I got all hamburger slow moving coup. I got the lamp or somebody had said that years ago than you
so could I quote, Judge jury. Neither said if allowed to go on check. This obstruction means the end of congressional oversight and Adam shifts, as if the administration continues this across the board refusal comply than we have no choice. We're going to have to prosecute this through contempt. Let me save you. Some time, though, if about that, it is going to continue unless the constitutional crisis we are facing right, it's not just about whether or not bar is gonna, lie in Congress or show up or not its, whether or not Congress is going to do its job as the first branch of government. They are article one founders has enabled them to be the group that would just check what is Europe doing me so that I think they need to democratic to be willing to arrest people who break the law. A rest, someone who does Adrian arms with interesting way enough under George Bush, when Republicans control Congress and
ways and Means Committee chairmen ranking member, a Democrat decided he didn't want to show for hearing of protest. They went and arrested him and made him show up if they can do it. For that? If you can levers at a guys is enlarging arm. Do we know who this man monopoly again this isn't going to leave. This is the task that we are facing. Are they going to be willing to defend the balance of government and our systems of checks and balances with all the power they have and maintain what the framers one? see? I think this, I don't think, there's a constitution. We just had a few years of the Mulder report where there was this investigation, Olive America sat and watch this happen and at the end of the day they couldn't prove collusion and they didn't basically make a determination on obstruction of justice, human and election he'll made, and we have an election coming up and twenty twenty. Where this,
obviously be litigated, and I would also say look. I do think there is a thing called executive privilege, and there is also a sign that there is also a thing called Seppy, neither of their business causing neither of them, this can be a privileged cells. We drew decade in the courts and that's why it's not a constitutional crisis arose a remedy for figuring. This outwards, This can be a privileged as we do to create in the courts and that's why it's not a constitutional crisis. There are as a remedy for figuring this outwards and election coming up. Another one doesn't understand the way it works, or the court's said this week is that if the Democrats try to impeach me, go right to the Supreme Court again, not a thing, but they said, aren't gonna vehemently Democrats actually had the guts to start impeachment seating right and why are they doing
because it's not an end now or never argument. That's the focus. That's on the second part volume to you. Look at volume, one thirty, nine indictments a hundred and fourteen contacts with Russians, all sorts of information. There that's effectively a the road map, the blueprint for how to attack a country, how a foreign government invaders and that That's the part that Democrats can peel away the layers because they are entitled to as committee chair people. All of the underlying evidence do not reopen testimony have that come out. If you need to start impeachment, then started run out. The clock, though Donald Trump
cannot avoid this until he is up for a lively and separation of powers of legislative graduate. It's not at all clear that you can just subpoenas somebody from the executive branch and haul them before comes declaratory. We decide that. But if the Democrats they want to have their cake and eat it too, they don't actually want to begin impeachment proceedings because they think it's a political loser. If we are serious about this, they try to feature that your ways right way to go for, but here's the thing I think we went his way, but now I'm something how we have we. We shall see, Madam page, keep him tied up and and moved toward the updated. But let me say something else here: you know those happy about all this Putin, the part of what is, and what we have to understand is that, from the very beginning, put made a better that if he threw enough marbles on and on the stairs investment banana pills inside what we would start falling over up over each other as a country and that's what actually happening so part of what we have
outside of this whole thing is: we are under attack from a foreign power right we are under attack from a foreign power in the commander in chief, is derelict included. Ok, we'll know all that wouldn't have our side. What are we doing? the things we know already buttons: bad republican sock, I don't care anymore about that. I care what we are doing and by the way, to your point that mother didn't find it this week. This is important. Seven hundred and twenty it's up to seven hundred and twenty cuz going up like every time. I look at it. It's like Jerry Lewis, Telethon machine one hundred twenty former federal prosecutors have signed a statement that set each of us believes the conduct of President Trump in the special council report would, in the case of any person not covered by the policy against Indicting setting president result in multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice
and I love this line. We emphasise that these are not matters of close professional judgment. In other words, no brainer is what I said two weeks ago: Mahler Shit the bed. He fucked it up. He was the chance he was the guy. He didn't do it now we're in this mess. What's the next move, the planned Stan you just will not a good way. Well, that's not gonna. Do another fact cloud some now, it's all about the matter is now saying there was an election in a year. I agree. That's too late that that's too what about impeaching quickly? What do I get it we don't drag it out. What Democrats have to navigate with our trying with a half to navigate? Not whether or not they want to what they have to navigate is at the house runs impeachment proceedings right. They do the trial. The Senate, then on it right, so you want to
Lloyd having a Senate vote while Donald Trump is still in office, because a Republicans will shut it down the trick is and to be the trial them. Don't I'll. Just tell just say that, ok, it didn't go. Let they're going to vote against a negative vote against from where he's not gonna get convicted correct right, then I beg you wanna region, because they are afraid of the political ramifications, because a lot of Americans out there are going to say look. This is double jeopardy, this guy nonetheless, as he's going. This is how you leave the country. Is you show the fact was in less than one percent of Americans have read. The Mulder report rightly nerds, like us, maybe have but congresses job is to make sure that everybody understands through their transparency and open hearing exactly what volume one all of the russian attacks meant and how Donald Trump in EAST Timor. Evolved and volume to what was the obstruction of justice involve mauler literally sat. He refers in Congress. Has the authority to check the corruption of the president? He gave them the lay up and it's time for Congress of Radio spectrum, because its
to help them? If they do? Also, figures like going out was a that's in their people. Keep saying that if you impeach it's gonna, be a horrible disaster in where they point you. They point to Bill Clinton, although second built letting got in peace and then the next election, the Republicans actually one so there's this met out there that nobody wants to deal with, which is the fact that the Republicans after impeaching Clinton unjustly over a blow job kept. The house kept the Senate and the wider union and peace is not political thing, but you have to prepare the country and no matter what your career trial happens in the Senate. That's run by the Republican S. That's Mitch Mcconnell, who has beat the Republicans of the Democrats as at every turn, member merit garland. Ok, what is he going to do if the if the trial was in his corner is why that's gonna make them look back. That's the players not to let it even get their innocence sets out to envisage. Though you can run, you can start of patient pretty the proceedings in the house right to you run out the clock effectively. It's not
to be over tomorrow. The other thing that happened this week I mentioned this is disgraceful that we found the Trump lost more money than anybody. The business genius lost This is this is like. If Eisenhower was present, we found out he lost world war. Two supporters say: let me remind you that these large that eleven thousand dollars a day that he lost for ten years, but in what he told us he was gonna. Do that's right. He told us he was in a run
the country. Look like he ran his throat about. Nobody does get better than I do. You know how to manipulate the tax code so who's up brought about by did that part, but why dont want the people he said. If you could, I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue year and he could weaken its ever been about logical costs, sincere and good governance with this guy and has no all right. It's not about conservative principles are values. Clearly, if it was, we wouldn't have record deficits right now. That's a classic conservative issue warnings, it's appeal and going back to you active, that's what poor man, to manipulate, as, like our vulnerabilities, our cultural, how we feel about each other, how we talk to each other? That's what Trump also manipulates on a day to day basis and people will literally people who, like him, farmers who are getting hurt by the trade war and losing contracts overseas. You will vote for him,
but why? Why are you find a logic? Where are you off their noses devices for its culture war? This isn't visits like what's the matter with Kansas or whatever it unless you this isn't about, like won't you, but it is the best person or or who's gonna, maybe even make me more money at about, but I need the uses to this. He says real estate developers in the Eightys and Ninetys were entitled to massive write offs already, I'm angry already, I. Why aren't they pissed off at that and and wood show losses and tax losses. In almost all cases, you always wanted to show losses for tax purposes and often renegotiate the banks. It was sport, it was spoiled. I stuck in a man. I got away with it, that's what you ve got away with that, and I feel like this is member that phrase defining
deviancy downward? So many examples this week this this thing rooted Giuliani, is in Ukraine Trot like another openly before it was a little bit of a sick openly trying to a foreign power level in our election and he said, there's nothing illegal about it? Some could say it's improper, That's their luggage, not illegal, just improper trumpets it around the other day and he said how do we stop these people the emigrant somebody out shoot them any said. That's ridiculous! Please leave on joking. He said you said you could only make that statement in the Panhandle. I don't
spring item is democratic. Drivers are representing Ohio, certain districts and he's got all the actors warrior attic, Ezida, twenty two: what a candidate for the democratic President vegetal nomination, temporary and sell your running for president? Yes, I just do I understand yes on, I sold you're one of twenty two. It's like speed dating it. There's board. Yes, so ok, so you're running for president you're on HBO. Here you got a big orient. Yes, my audience. We asked what more open minded than most audiences. Yes, why you Why you? Twenty one of you said it not make I've got not only up a plan
but I understand what the american people are going through. I hear all this happy talk about the economy, the star markets, up the unemployment rates down the reality, the other it is most, people are still struggling to make ends meet I've been living that for the last forty five years a youngster awhile, we got one everywhere and selling in in. Been studying, trying to figure out. How do we get this economy workin for working class people I mean we ve got. Aren't they all saying that and asking. Why is there no telling me what everyone into now, but I'm here, I'm different? Ok, I know what direction we need to go in. I know where the economy is going where its Well right now. What are you not aid on right now? Nowhere, but we gotta get in. I'll tell you quickly. Economy is not horrible. Four point four point: four percent is the unemployment rate in Ohio. It's kind of hard
run against the economy in Ireland. Now because you know the average wage is only gone up. Twenty bucks weak but have recently went ass big. This is not work. Wages did finally right after you have to for how many year, ok, but how many deck arise but Trump as president for two years. We cannot ignore that fact. Yeah, but only wages went up ease the guy in the off the tide of partial run on. You feel better about go back two weeks ago and talk by General Motors plan just laid off seventeen hundred people I'll talk about a tracking company laid off six hundred people? You know they found out a text message. I'm telling you bill this. Is the underlying issue in the cupboard I'm trying to about. One Democrats said this place. We go leisure, I said I feel owned. You know they were so they own the lips yeah, I mean when you talk about this shit, where they can do anything I feel owned, and I don't like that feeling from looking for their democratic make me not feel own, I'm looking for the Democrat. Going to stand up to the twitter mob. Are you willing to do that to stand up to the people who are woke well
here is my audience wants to stand up to the winning this election is going to be about who's, got the plan for the future, economy onto listen what I gotta say: nobody their aims at a great, listen! Yes, of course I am I look. I can upload it I've taken on Republicans I've taken on Democrats, I'm not afraid I represent. My people ran in right now. My people have not had a fair deal. It's not going back a few years. It's going back forty years, wages are still there. There creeping up bucks a week and the president's run around saying: there's a boom in the economy. They still bad debt. They still got credit card debt. They still got Loan deadlock. We need the move into the future economy, there's about one or two million electric vehicles today being made.
In the next ten years. There's gonna be thirty million electric vehicles made. I want those made in the United States, and I want the batteries made the United States and want the charging stations. We tell them what you tell the people that is called call. People in your state call right: will you tell them? Coal is lasting We are moving on. Will we train? You will help you but we're not sending you back down into the hole you tell them that when they voted for they love drop. Who says I'm sending back into the hole you guys? Who cares you guys can't sell we'll get you out of the hole? Now look one we didn't. We didn't even go into states like that. We didn't go into rural and every now and then we turn around, and then we say why not these people vote for us, because we don't go there. Let's go went to these communities. Tell em that word, they're gonna, be building electric vehicles, tell em they're gonna be building solar panels. Tell em they're gonna be wind turbines, and when you look at the present it keeps talking about China
China dominates forty percent of the electric vehicle market dominated. Eighty percent of the solar panel market. We got no plan, so as president I'm gonna have a plan for how we dominated that's a good example. We were talking about it before it came out. Today. Trump is putting more tariffs on China. It's gonna make our goods costs more. He doesn't seem to understand that, but I read in the paper furniture air commissioners, handbags, fish, soap, fruit, pet food, everything, we're gonna, teach these journeys a lesson, We have added up here with you, making the shit we buy. Ok, so I keep reading we paying more its hurting his and mostly his voters, Democrats can't make that an issue you Hence our people on he's costing you money, they are hurting, I mean, but we're not running the Euro just now, but they're not leaving him. Well, they don't have a chance. Yet we ve gotta go and talk to those people we
gotta have a rural agenda. We ve got in places like I won Ohio in Michigan and some of these other places we ve gotta, go there and tell them we care about them that their they're not deplorable that we like them, that we love them and we're going to rebuild their community in Europe are set, are going to come and here's the other thing we have to stop talking about. They say Democrats, which economic plan say fifteen bucks an hour. Nobody wants to make Fifteen bucks an hour, that's a social justice issue, people where I come from we're making thirty forty bucks an hour now they're making fifteen an hour, that's not where they want to be. We gotta have a bigger agenda: more ass, browsing every and the democratic gets asked the question about. One, you those Danton vote. Every democrat goods is the question about socialism and I would would love to hear a Democrat just say: well, we are
Already, a quasi socialist country, s love your work was a source of his country and that's good, but it's probably enough. Precision, yes, you're, not on the sort. I I I bore cap and that we need to fix the capitalistic. So period, end of story and I'll tell you if you wanna, if you want to reverse climate change you'd better, align the environmental incentives with the financial incentives. If we don't use the power of our free market, you don't use the power of our free market if we don't use the vet. The powerful venture capital community that we haven't united States too, to try to de carbonized our country, we're not gonna, get there in time. This needs to be an urgent. Urgent matters to make sure that you don't go. If you don't go wobbly on that issue, but standing up to the twitter post. Okay, this is last week of Paul from morning consult, that's politicos, pulling arm very respected
Sixty five percent of adults agree. People should be able to say what they really think, even if an offence people, eighty one percent of adults, agree these days, people are offended too easily. Pritchett. What preacher unfitting at ten percent of uses, or a most active in terms of twinning, responds over eighty percent of all tweets. It's not who we are. It's not who liberals are the democratic stance on telling you who stands up to that plaque.
Will win. So where are you on that very merry? Intimidate? I don't like her errand everybody that that major is geared up just like about what are making what, when I'm on the trail when I'm back home, it is a completely different conversation, India and Ohio. Then it is exact on social, because I'm on the trail. Then get right here around the country, its debts, that they think we're crazy on the coast in a white just chattering, but bullshit all that well that's on we're talking about the new economy, peace, people. What are rather well. I got what I like about. You is that you actually pointing out real jobs and real industries that it can actually so make it actually get that job. Do their job get that contract and actually make the country better, and if you keep talking like that, they go out, we will then be very high
Ok, so so let me go back to pulling a little bit. This was very interesting. Canopy, Seventy percent of voters say they are open to electing a gay president's, since we have the Buddha judges in oh he's doing great. I like it. I, like your gate. I have an announcement to make at least eight yourself are being why so, but this is really interesting. Seventy percent is a bare open to electing April, but only thirty six percent think the country is ready and this important comparison burberry. Two thousand seven sixty nine percent versus thirty six four ready for gay throughout the country was aware, ready to elect Barack Obama, a black prison. Seventy eight percent of merit
hence in twenty fifteen ready for a woman president, so what it meant a reality check on where we are without getting in all of America. This issue moves at light speed, in other words, don't forget, and twenty twelve, even Brok, Obama was afraid to say that he was for a marriage, equality iraqi instead, it forms are partly but not right, country and within forty four years, but twenty sixteen. We had transgender people in the democratic life when this issue is moving at a light speed. Also, when you look at somebody like a mayor PETE, though the level at which he is comfortable with himself with his story, is just it, it's unbelievable to watch audiences who you know for sure. If you ask them before he started, talking would say they could
I see it, we could set a shocking they can see. This issue was not like any other issue arising in my lifetime mayor promoted or they could be elected president if they see and what, if I say and kisses husband fall on the mouth, I listen will deal he's not threatening in the way that Barack Obama wasn't threatening to many people. Very articulate and clean. I worked in the Obama primary out like loan or now I believe, but America's not ready and the only democratic gonna let in the last twenty years was a black man road. So we have to really confront what we think is electable and doable as a country and, frankly, coming into twenty twenty. It is, whoever is the direct contrast, a trump. So it's your the veteran road scholar from Middle America who happens to be gay or it's the prosecutor, whose a mother and by racial relationship who happens to be a black woman. It's chain,
doing what it needs to be both not based on fear of what everybody else in America may do, but the change we actually want to say a big if it more highly of themselves as evolve people than the people out. There are good with each other and if he wins Iowa, that's what Brok of I do riots when I awoke and then but a change. Its is a little different issue, because this is first of all, its be honest, a religious issue. The main reason why people are against anything homosexual is because it's in the bible- and that includes liberals will. I won't say that opposition to these aggregation was also rooted in the Bible. They talk about the curse of Hammett veteran, so listen we
Donald Trump is rooted in the Bible too, and evangelicals managed to overcome that arise. If it's, the resurgence of a religious left right, that's using religious values to appreciate humanitarian, as I'm, coming together as a community, and that would be nice to be seeing from the religious community in America, ok sure gallop should today. I can't believe this one sixty percent of Americans are. They are willing to vote for an atheist. Are you am I willingly about, but I don't know it's difficult. I would criticise the way, I'm a big it. I've, never what most people don't even see painting on atheists as The tree here is tromp, actually has has changed norm.
In a good way, I think that before Donald Trump Evangelical, certainly Christian said, we want to vote for people who are like us who believe like us, Donald Trump, the thrice married casino magnates, whether porn star, they love him, and so that's obviously there some bad side to that. Of course, maybe the good side is that people are saying I would hope for the best person who has the right policies that I agree with what the right temper mad. Well, ok, supporter atheists, ok greater. I mean why do we not also agree ethics? It? Where are you ever seen, a more representation, we're like twenty three percent of the country or atheist tag Gnostic, and we had to dear Rowan Congress. You could be a role on this. You can we number twenty four we run out of time. I know your passion is prison reform? What's gonna without, what's on your show, come on we'll get mean we get the first step back pass. We got by partisan by parts of criminal justice;
Therefore, the reality is twenty. Five thousand people this year alone, going through the federal system and have shorter, since they would have, because we came together Democratic Republic. We finally got something twenty five thousand forty five thousand people much closer during the whole that Zimbabwe is not what this in a hundred two hundred eighty three thousand people in the federal system and its a bit better bill, and so twenty five thousand people going in having toward TAT S a big deal and also that in six copycat bills, already at the state levels that we were moving in a positive direction. I have a show called redemption project. That's trying to have this conversation about people criminal, and we have to get to a place right now and you talk another twitter stuff. It's over in terms of grace, compassion, empathy, any kind of listing. It's all, cancel culture, its call our culture. My show the redemption project goes a hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction, and we find people who go to prison for bad stuff who want to make amends. We find
What are they hurt and we let them have a conversation together face to face. We filmed it is beautiful, its powerful it's a medicine in the very sick culture and hope you will watch apply to. Thank you finally, time for new or old everybody. I know when I get my car the phone as to stop telling me it knows where I'm going. We also managed to work, or maybe I'm not going to work, maybe headed the pc age with the top down. Having all night, you re not a gamble: ok, you're right! I'm! in a word, you're stop trying to get trumps taxes with your selling laws. Let's not tie Congress in the Treasury with lawsuits. They could take forever. Several is once and for all, with a staring content. We get Nancy but
and you get Judge Janine Para. Ok forget that you narrow. The factories that used to make America's tv tables have to reopen it. Table where you ain't. While you look at your phone as well, you can watch S Amar, while eating KFC. I had to bring it back once neural parents complaining that their kids are obsessed with korean boy bands, even though they can understand the words have to. Can you understand the words to death? Everybody knows that in korean zero.
You're, all hotels must lose the tv channel that tells you about the hotel. Dont show me a commercial for the hotel. I'm already. Here hotels aren't that complicated the coffee beggars on the bureau. The ice machines down the hall and the hotel bar is full of married men on grinder and finally Neuro Miladi. A trump must do what dozens of buildings around the world have done and take the trump name off, so
so far over a dozen republican candidates tried to stop Trump and couldn't Hilary couldn't never Trumpery couldn't Mahler couldn't? Is there anyone left who can check? Donald Trump, yes, millennia, it's not anti feminists to say that, in addition to doing everything, men can do intellectually women also have another power: the power of the ultimatum, getting men to change their destructive ways by threatening to leave them Molly ate them, or cut them off in bed. Detail as old as time in the ancient greek playlist Roma women and war by denying sex to their men. It was the original Bush doctrine,
alone in the world. Need you President boy has proved to be impervious to facts, reed shame and the law, but maybe if you left him for another man, especially if that man Mexican. Maybe he would implode on his own. Maybe it falls to you now millennia. You can end this reign of terror and all you have to do- is channel your inner Taylor Swift and walk out the door. You know you wanna
you're unhappiness is obvious. You despise is creepy little monkey fingers touching you're. So kick him to the curb slap away that hand good, no more public embarrassments, no more porn stars. No more stealing your man up tossed his boxy clown suits on the front line. Just tell him, I'm leaving you and I'm taking our child. He would be stunned. We have it I know I'm probably dreaming in bologna- isn't going to do any of this. But what if she had someone to do it with divorce is always easier in pairs. What, if you had a bloody millennia, because there's another
former model whose also married to a super rich republican monster. Mrs Rupert Murdoch Jerry all a new to have a lot in common, your husband or winning the world. Jerry, your marriage, the man who runs Fox NEWS, your man, the man who made breaks it happen. The men who got Trump elected and keeps is based ignorant the man who killed Australia's carbon tax. I know he's rich, but is it worth western civil?
zation you used to be married to Mick Jagger and now you're married to a guy, looks like he's Richards. Let himself go. We went from start me up to make a dead man come from jump in At last to a guy with gas gas get Jerry? You left mic because he was bucking. Everything that move but Rupert blocking the whole planet, of evil in the world. Now is Trump and Fox NEWS. We have a government propaganda channel. Now, it's impossible to even tell whose wearing the head in this order costume trump.
Here's some de monstrously false nonsense from some crank guest on Fox and tweeted out, as fact or he gets In fort and bilges it out at a rally and fox backs that up there this insane feedback loop, though, like that couple that keeps giving each other hurt so girls, you gotta step up. We, I've tried everything, but the more we resist these two menaces, the stronger they get there like the night, king and Game thrones only that of commanding an army of brain dead zombies. Ok, there exists,
like what I'm telling you caveman like Trump and murder, can't handle one thing: an eagle, lashing, Rupert he's been married for Times Trump three, some guys just can't be alone, like us, some guys get used to being in prison. They can't make it on the outside. They need to be married. When you're Donald Trump wives, don't leave you you leave them. He would fall apart if she ever said Donald, there's, nothing keeping me here. I can't love what you have become and I found were you hit my passport? Imagine how nuts he would go if he had to see or in the press all the time the Trump divorce
baloney alone. Two hundred pounds of lab Malawi a better than ever says I've never felt more, not dead inside the Lahti on Oscar Daily Jolla best sex. I ever had dried June twenty second at the Washington I found my guess. Is there then Jones Michael stage not only makes sense if we want to make a move from each other and each be done,
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