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Ep. #503: Terry McAuliffe, Richard Engel

2019-08-10 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Terry McAuliffe, Richard Engel, Tom Nichols, Catherine Rampell, and Anthony Scaramucci.

(Originally aired 8/9/19)

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO real time.
We start to do. I don't know why I know you are proud to be an American, because it's been five days without a massacre about what a shitty we re, poor, El Paso in Dayton, still reeling from two disasters.
Mass, shooting a drum visit, just every city in which everyone is asking the same questions. Why why? Why Why does this hair look like that when the president is offer a well well earned too weak the occasion which will be different from working. How they you do know present- will be available at all times if there is an emergency that needs to be made worse. Well, we know now this pattern that we have always seen whenever this tragedy told about how ease feeling right. It's is yoke This week, after the after the massacres, he attacked the media Obama.
We'll go Jared Brown. The mayor of Dayton, Baddow California, sleepy Joe, see only president who If consoler in chief means, you can saw him and also as a one little bit seriously. Mr President, dont can soulless really we don't. I know well in TAT, dont, consult us and mostly stay out of hospitals. We I mean we have seen what he does in these situations like in a way through pay, her towels to hurricane victims, as they do in a hospital throw tylenol. I mean these poor people. Imagine waking up from surgery standing all real is this group
gashes blob. It is scowling trophy why people like shit, I must have died, went I like, and then the hospital I've had enough orange yellow. But of course you can't tell him he's unpopular. His new press boats were drank. The Kool aid said: Trump wended has wasted. They treated like a rock star. Our Kelly None none, the aid patients and the El Paso hospital would agree to beat the Trump isn't that something paper?
They were all ass. Would you like to meet the president? May all said: El Paso, here's a sobering statistic: gun violence is paralyzed, five hundred and thirty five people in this country. This year there called the It states Congress commands stay with me a little faster now, Americans, medically, they will under a school shootings, able indoor church shootings, but they draw the line at their shopping trips to Walmart. That is too so worldly, the shooter and I'll Paso did it, because all the things that Trump says all the time it took to be drew like Mexico is invading. Is that kind of shit each other?
but to be true, but in its manifesto he wanted everybody to know that he wasn't getting this from Donald Trump. No, no! No, he was getting it from Lou. Dobbs aim is drop What what what he did do this guy, this shooter, you want. You know nothing do with Trump although in the manifesto Trump, does get a story by credit, It's scary! The way some of this stuff is going so mainstream Tucker, Karlsson of Fox NEWS as white nationalism is a hoax. You gotta lever bubble. Global warming is a hoax Russia that was a hoax, Nationalism is a hoax pillory. Little runs a pedophile ring out of a pizza parlor completely true only knows and tuckers evidence that White National it as it is, is a hoax
Just because you never met one come on charter. Yes, you have got a great town here, a little letter or these rigging within message. Nbc animism is easy for girls want to read. Your angle is back. They form a Democrat and governor of genuine offer, a linear China's best selling book beyond Charlottesville, taking a stand against White naturalism, dairy Magala failure very apropos for this week, you're talking about jealous those almost exactly two years ago that road or new years ago, Monday right, ok, So what would happen in? Airlines bill was. They were loud and brown came out of the shadows, you back.
Out from under the rock, so mask no masks right? These were office park Nazis. Ok, some of them got in trouble for that now it seemed They ve gone back underground, which is better to have them out in the open or in the shadows out the open Freedom expose Friday to remember they came on the grounds of the universe of Virginia hundreds with their torches marching. The camp is screaming Jews. You will not replace us blood in soil lot. What you heard, one thousand nine hundred and thirty three one thousand nine hundred and thirty four Nazi Germany and then Saturday thousand NEO nazis white supremacist. There swastikas Adolf Hitler ideology and just the most vile things I've ever heard in my life. So if, if Trump is a white nationalist is a lot of people are saying and he forty two per cent approval rating. What does that say to you? It's not a good place for a country to be, and I mean I wrote
Spock. I call them out that I call them out their day. He came out as a full, fledged racists and white nationals. During Charlottesville I talk to my day. I told at present what was happening. I begged him to this was an opportunity to heal the nation. He didn't he mountain, so they were good people on both sides bill. They were not good people on the NEO Nazi in white supremacist. I think we can all agree on the exemption from refused to do so, think this next election is going to be on the up and up I'm very concerned. Russia is going to be as active as they ve ever been bills introduced in Congress Mitch, Mcconnell won't bring em up on very concerned I mean I can tell you in Virginia. I was governor. I had to replace all the machines
because I remember when I first voting when I went to Richard move down as governor and Morocco vote in the Senate. Race can vote for the Democratic Republic unnamed kept coming up three times that happened. When you mean kept coming out, you know we had the touch screens. I was rolling from our Warner. Our senator and it goes regime would later happening. We three times. Finally, the fourth time marked payment. I quickly hit Vulcan and I got out of there cameras. Are look at me like this guy does know how to vote. Let me what's going on So then I had investigation done and listen to this. I broadens technology expert. They were able to hack into our machines from off site in five or six minutes, and four minutes. They were able to change of old, ideally certified, all the machines. Now in Virginia we have paper ballots so. How do you handicap this race, a farm and obviously the democratic party? What you ve been a part of it and will ensure, and for a very long time, they're having
a fight as parties do between the left and the centre. What is going to do? you the day in this large I'm conflict, we're gonna, be Trump. I mean I remember, we lost three, don't say that. We have done today. We were confident last time it's not a good thing as company, but listen three stage we launched by I'm, not content, we're gonna be Trump, so you better fuckin. Well we're not sorry, but I'm a guy that we lost three states by seven eleven hours and was now Two million people did not vote. Ok, I gotta get em out. We had a firearm up, we gonna win those other dogs elements, but other democratic. Ok. So what do you think? Centrists or the Are you for medical care for all EU for expanding Obama? I hate these. Labels is good, you. I know that's a policy get things done. Didn't job. I sets policy Medicare for all or alarming Obamacare how it was an actual announcing the next level right.
Don't scare people associate the idea, your attacking Joe Biden for President Obama's policies was one of our most popular present. That make a lot of sense. To me, that is a dual strategy. So are you for Biden has ever met your person mission? I love them all. I've known vice president, the longest, he's got a great message. I think he is the best chance of beating tromp, but I'm in this week he said a couple of things. I mean you know he doesn't mean it. You know he said think about the poor. Kids, smart is white kids and then he said we believe in facts, not true here, no other facts. There's going to be some senior moments, yes, which are by right, don't don't we just have to get used to that? That there is, I think it is.
People are going to try to link that too. Like can actually do the job. I don't think there is a realistic link there. I don't think he's about to push the button or thanks- is moving the remote and blows up Russia? I'm a guy was guide just just certified. Ten thousand
some time since he's been in office. You can talk to me about Joe Biden, got Trump out there, every single day right and tell the truth and we come out, but I'm just saying I think at manly data wake. We need to just right, not whether area and draw by Greece it, but I'm just saying we. We need to get used to the fact that if he's the nominee there's going to be some senior moments and we can't lose our shit every time, there's one angry, ok grab. It was a two hour speech. I guess in, and I were the other day he made one or two small step for us. The bigger issue were ruddy against tromp. I mean people gotta keep their eye on the ball. The one thing in these debates so bill. I gotta tell ya, I hate them, back and forth the negative we we need. Some joyful warriors out there, but we gotta start talking about issues at the public cares about lower prescription drugs.
I haven't heard K twelve, I haven't infrastructure. I haven't heard cyber scurry. I haven't heard workforce train people at home want us to try and about the issues around room, so we haven't seen much of Obama, which I think is good. We're going You know, that's our big secret weapon, I think at the the right: people not really pay attention the until after Halloween of next year, so and the Roma children or till we have gone, maybe maybe most of the other big weapon. We used to have it your boy Bill Clinton, but he can't do it now, because we forgave him for twenty years and then I never saw this. We unfair gave him
you're forgiven owner. We forgot, we hate you, I get what he's looking pretty smart now, these slot weapon Bandy did ninety ninety right yeah. So now it's coming back and bank involving you will demand shootings. Would they pass ninety ninety four in the Bush it expire, mass shootings when back up again. Yet all there were some good things happen, this gun control. It is out of control. So or the Clinton is going with them? Are they doing ok, yeah sure I'm either they both have head spectacular lives. I mean he was a great present left the highest approved to approve it, of any to term pregnant. Neither one of the member did this well. That was
mistake exactly. Usa today prohibited author of the death of expertise, the campaign against establish knowledge and why it matters Tom, Nicholls Tom, great she's, an opera columnist for the. Why should imposed on CNN political commentator, Catherine Ramp? How the former White House Communications director under President Trump and author of drunk the blue
our president, the happy warrior, Anthony's caramel g that same year, Abou built, ok, so another grim week. If you watch this show to catch up on the news. I'll just tell you the brief twenty year old white male in El Paso, The monologue was taking excuse from Trump What is gun legally and a twenty four year old white? male again in Dayton. This guy had left wing stuff that we found This is a little more crazy. This guy he had killed lists and rape listen. This is like the mental border. That's what I'm saying I think gun, we. Can I think we let you safe from the outset. We all agree background checks. Mean that's like ninety one percent of the country is for that. Let's not argue or talk about the things everybody saying all week. We all agree on that block guns.
I was too mentally disturbed people right mandatory three day, waiting period because they were all on the countryside is where glass red flag? Ok, I think of you passed all that it would be like when they stopped us from Smoking Rev. We want to do and then cripple the tobacco companies. It would make smoking go down, but people still smoke and die of lung cancer. My question: let's go deeper. Why are we so mentally unwell in this country? Trot this mentally unwell, but he's not wrong when he says you know what I'm sorry. If first of all report Can love to talk about how they? There really think the real problem is mental illness. I am all for greater treatment mental illness, but if Republicans actually gave a damn about trading mental illness, they would have spent the last ten years trying to get along its note. The course did. Why are so many Americans so unhappy wires, there's so much frothing aids and
frustration in any direction. Family lacks a symptom, Why why do my? What make someone take opium were asking the wrong question because I think about this society producing so many angry young male losers. That's my quest who are trying to kill people, because you you're right, I mean get rid of the guns that cut down the body count, but some of these guys have done things like plough cars into piles of people Mcveigh. Is that true? There's something else going on in the culture where we're producing these kind of angry alienated losers that want to do a lot of violence in their own society, and the Democrats go down there I ve done: control the Republicans, go down the road of mental health and nobody wants to talk about the larger cultural we're going there about Turner here there are mentally unwell. People in Denmark. There are until we unwell people in Australia. We arm them.
I said I don't think Denmark is like America, there are the bad guy on the have be frustrated people. It's because Denmark takes care of people, and this is a winner and user contacts with energy or not whether we like what happened today when people say you know what you leave me with nothing I'll leave you with name along our man. I just don't think that that's gonna be the care all four for dealing at NATO when there's a dark there, all their guiding Japan. What is going down a building with an enemy faggot over thirty three people when it is finally has knife attacks, Canada strictly and Norway have had many shooters there's some. Going on results, we're in heated agreement. We all the great do what I have to do about the gun. Yes, fine by me in this time, you're creating homicidal young men and we haven't really far higher guy killed. His sister, I didn't think bumps
whatever they are, is to solve that. But but but the the larger problem is economic rent attributions, basically profit in the society when they go. Fifty fifty beach capital and labour. We in general have a very happy period in the society right. If you look at, capital labour attribution right now bill. It's sixty forty the king and his fifty six forty four and their voting for abreks it, and so what- happening as you get. The combination of family, function personal unhappiness, lack of arbour, unity, economic desperation and access to weaponry, and that's a very toxic,
let's bring fresh if you're gonna go on and on about the division between capital and labour. I agree. These are things we should address. Then maybe we should have had a tax got the transfer to a trillion dollars well trodden more of a social safety net, and that's not the answer, because you need to put people. And their lives in a position of self determination, but just giving the republic and knocking on the prior taking away their healthier. I mean these are. These are important of these are narcissistic young right with a serious sense of grievance right, an injury that is can clearly unrelated to reality. I mean these are guys whether it's the danger the Dallas shooter mean these. Are these guys that have a particular personality profile and it's not comic anxiety, that's not what's live longer return! Your I must say about Now we didn't editorial here a little while ago. That said,
the narcissism. I know of any talks about it, but they talk about it like it's a cork and what I was saying was it's not a cork malignant narcissist personality disorder- it's a real thing. If he was this gets a frantic or bipolar. We would take it much more seriously. And unfortunately, it makes him a great politician because you can do with politicians would they need to do talk at the two sides of his mouth? Let me I think we can bring this way is this. I think we can bring a big background checks like we ve never had before next day the I raised. Very strong views will be represented and respected in Congress like they're, not. Last year when there was the shooting he said member this. They had that big conclave. He said I taking the guns early the guns. First go through due process. Second,.
And the way the right way just pretends. He never said it because the expectations, but this mouthful patient are so low. Joe Biden says one little thing and it's like: oh my god Biden Senile and this guy. I saw him on the lawn today, frothing and spitting and sweating, unlike pasting like a caged animal and lying and going off his head on a million different things, and that's ok, because the bar is nowhere for him. This is one of our biggest whatever your friend I tried. I learned a nice way, but otherwise I do try to defend them, but there are certain things in eastern there actually indefensible. You ve seen me me talk about it. I think I know I've been very, very outspoken about certain things and you do but here's the one thing I would say to really caution and because he is
We need to break that rock. If you hit the rock fifty times it may not brake on the forty nine time, but the fifty a time when it breaks well he's going to shatter the support that he thinks he adds because it's a little bit like me. Core theism in the following respect it burnt out in a supernova and once it burnt down everybody woke up and said: oh geez, I didn't really like Joe Mccarthy and so what I am astonished by is the lack of courage of republican elected leaders. Now get the like a lot of policies. We like a lotta direction, I'm not in love with the trade situation. I know we're gonna talk about, but what are you doing because what you do is you make it almost impossible for us today send and or advocate. I think it's beyond that. They need to pick up the phone and tell him to stop saying the stupid racist shit. It's that they they
It is this themselves from him, and so do you frankly I mean I'm a man. I love my country, you can loved. I dream apron. Racism like I spoke out against racism, fundamental pick up the phone and talk to him, and I want to tell the truth or Mercedes onto What measures are you out of wealth, one off slip? I dont tongue? I didn't say that it was when I hear that I don't. I don't walk away from people prickly people that are doing that, this job in the world. Ok, every single person in this room is an American. We are united. We have to figure it out together if he he's going to fail, beat him at the ballot box, but an
in time over the next fifteen months. Let's talk to me, he would want to knock off somebody's widow anyway, ants knocked on, because it's got that an arduous distant laying down and wait it out. The rocket and rank is amiss. Behaving seven rater you'd need some supervision he's. The president of the United States is the most powerful job in the world and he wanted that job and now he says, feel bad for me, because it's really hard feeding want the job agenda run fits a disease that is written answer. I can't get over the racism static. It's not like. This is a one off thing. It wasn't just Charlottesville, it wasn't. You know, go back to where you came from. Our did hear him condemn a gibbet, but this is. This goes back to the seven days this goes like when they
This is an administration thought tromp was to racist going. Are you know how hard you are young racist? You have to pay for the negative administration crickets. I think it's fifty million twenty thirty. That was because I was making fun of his racism or go so I've been there all them and I'm not gonna do I did. I know declarations on bad. You good, I think it's unfair, it's unfair to say, walk away from your friends. On the other hand, you can't say: look I just don't support this present anymore and I can't be associated with this. Friendship is one thing, but but as I would have liked man could, I condemn it is nay com- and I have said this on tv I say to you in Here- is many people while there have been inside the administration that supported the president Cabinet This shows former Cabot officials are former military that are ready to do that if he keeps it ok, And then I got one more little thing emerald. So you know just walk away from your friends. The guys get the toughest job in the world. Let's play
straight away. I don't like the way he does. It is the top is job in the world at the bank comes down to the office of eleven. Ok, you take these seventy seven, the woman. I the way he does it. I don't think that's a tough job right. He does it read Anthony if you don't like he's like topless gimme, those briefing box. I got a lot of myself and the residence for four hours and study this up. Not often how does the job of job in the world are the people who have two brief him right the target or defend some of the nonsense of geography, but listen, listen! I am worthy on a lot of that very eyes right. Let's stop arguing for a just this one. More little thing you Joe, but I'm Talkin the insanity that we just accept this is empty Think about creating me jobs with the arms deal that were selling the Saudi Arabia. Ok March, twentieth. Waiting, we're talking about over forty thousand jobs are,
seventeenth its five hundred thousand job, I'm quoting here October, nine if two days later, six hundred thousand jobs June, twenty third, twenty nineteen, it's a million jobs and probably more ok. He's lying or has no sense of reality. Hannibal. Gotta, be grounds for something so ice rated a food processing plant in Mississippi yesterday, right, seven hundred people, the worker this what I don't get about his supporters, the blue collar people, you talk about. They never get the bait and switch the all the workers Arrested, nobody from management. Is a two way street isn't of your hiring. I mean if you want, after management, he'd have to go after himself.
Right or today my newspaper, the Washington Post, had a story about how Trump is still employing undocumented workers on construction grows at his horses and at his winery. So you know it would be a he's in a tough position here. Is he gonna arrest? This is the great com that they ve pulled on working people for so long thinking that their way to the american dream is being blocked by immigrants. Some single moms on food stamps and set Jared Kirshner and the coat brothers. Where does the money go not to these immigrants were working aiming to talk about a chicken factor into the river once I did think it distresses me is the the harshness of it, and it's almost like more data, yet it s almost like a Marshall horrible, and so at the end of the day, just discussed. I don't care who you are, but we have children. We have family members,
get. This is think about what they just did. Ok, I find a reprehensible. I have no problem speaking against it now, but we have very big problem bill is that both sides are not Willing to sow the immigration problem throughout all sides worth a site where you saw the bigger problem that immigration so wait until my legs assumption finnish. She wants to have a fight numb ready for the fight if you want to have it, but I'm just letting you know that the com, She's not moving president, is not moving and worse, here now, but there have only been able to hear why I lay there wasn t last year and it will enable abounding out and said: should all countries on the guy. He was ready to sign that a law that the problem has no information. He said he was run out and I feel- and I learned about illegal immigration and half way to promote this conversation. Also written to you with President understands policy, and he doesn't
He doesn't understand a thing about this theatre on a major scale or whether he understands policy not would happen at this ice situation. Is ask us? Yes, it's got us. We could talk about our policy, whether he understands- and I want to mention something. That's going on in the big presidential rates. Elizabeth Warren is now in sex. In place. I love Bernie, but Warren is the new standards. That's just what the policy we have to concentrate on bidding drab. Ok, forty stay landslide by president tromp. If she gets the nominees ok, well, maybe just do as but for right. Now, I'm disk say: she's got a plan, but you may be doing a bit. So, yes, she has everything with Elizabeth stories. You gotta you gotta bled without debate,
swag out there that everything is get out wine as a plan for that it. If I say to people everything yes, I was surprised. I thought it was just healthcare and education of the plan for everything. For example, if you get stood up at a restaurant, she has a plan for that pretend you're a food critic. I didn't know I share plan like every. If your eyes are red because you're stones at work, she has a plan put vice even one. I, your boss, will then give pink. I give you the day in front of my kids. If you can't afford a plane ticket for your child, she has a plan, tell the stewardess easier companion measured. Have you actually pay your pants on my god? You get a plan for that is so someone
build their glass on your courage. They were drinking piss. If you fired on an hour later, she has a plan, turned to the closed his person and say: excuse you have you have a ghost in your house? You want them to leave wow. That is really a blood wherever they just bled dry, targeting the ghost about Bitcoin and it there's a zombie outbreak. In a way you don't wanna, be she's, got a plan of yours often gluten
a host of other silent. Richard hang up. Please welcome Richard. I know what a dangerous job. Where have you been lately that you're, so thankful, you're back from around I've spent all lot time in the Irish engulf. Actually my client, I just got back from Iceland. Standing on a glacier, and it was melting beneath my feet. I was watching the water just drain into the I know somebody just went to Alaska and said we wanted to fly over. The glaciers, Nay said it's too hot, so point one glacier there in in Iceland is, is dead. It's gone, and I spoke to the leading environmental scientists in the countries that all of them that, even if we did all the things that are proposed right now, the
shove. What we ve done so far is already too much that the glaciers there are already there. The great weekend, everybody I well know we have to talk about that stuff, but talk about where you been white, supremacist NEO Nazi Rally, one way or another, is a good idea and related to the conversation hovering at I, so Yes, yes, yes, small boot, there was something t shirt, so I was at an end. The NEO Nazi rally grow in Germany of all places and oh, I thought they could now Germany know they can but you're not allowed to display a swastika or you can't do. The open handed salute was so These people. This was a really ugly crowd. They had the swastika tattoos, but they cover them or they take a magic marker and they fill it in. So it doesn't look like a lasting and they do at close hand salute instead. So the interesting thing related to this conversation is, as I walked in and all the other people walked in. They were here
a red baseball cap and I spoke to the national symbol now and it said Muggah girls, not mag, not the! U S make Germany hate again. Well, and this was just recently well a lot of Europe I know that something you also cover. We were talking about immigration. A minute ago, even Hillary Clinton said Europe has to get a handle its immigration, I mean many people who are not conservative people have made the same point that the reason Why so? Many of these nationalist parties arising as Europe, is because the citizenry doesn't think that The liberals can protect them from a kind of Emma
creation that would inundate them. While there is this this theory as its actually theory that unites all of these shooters, that tar across the- U S, their opening fire and the right wing movements in europe- and they called the great replacement, thereby articles written about it, a lot of newspapers and it's a it's a conspiracy theory that says that there is a plot by industrialists, Jews and others to take all of the people from the from the muslim world from the non white world and send them up to Europe and the United States in order to destroy the existing system and this concept has been written about in the in the manifesto that have been published, and it is the same kind of thing that we heard at this NEO Nazi rally. In its the same kind of thing you here and now of mainstream right wing politician. So it's about anti immigration.
Then you take it a little bit further, and you say it's not just about uncontrolled migration or immigration. It's a plot to destroy civilization, as we know it, and therefore we need to fight back and open. Fire and shopping mall in schools where there have been some. I thought positive thing: I've. The news lately about the arab world. Three countries in North Africa, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco Ban, face, fails which six european countries at sixty Experts sent of eighteen to twenty four arab, say religion, place too. Bigger role in the Middle EAST. Well, that's what I, and saying seventy nine percent say the arab world needs to reform its religion and last week in Saudi Arabia, they choose. The law. A woman does not need a guardian to leave the house
I must say the fact that that gets applause is the very definition of these off bigotry of low expectations. What I'm watching more closely in the Middle EAST at the moment it is, I think there is a real possibility that there could be some sort of low level conflict with IRAN. And while there are some social aims is going on in the arab world, because there is more authoritarian regimes. Frankly, returning there are also there is this danger that the situation, the Persians which is already dangerous. One one could say we're already in a very low level. Conflict could escalate a couple of notches because IRAN feels it has been forced to no corner the sanctions on it are people are stable, are a people or are struggling to survive, there's shortages of medicines and what do they have to lose it? That's it that's exactly what it comes to. There are people. There are hard liners.
Who want this conflict outside of iran- and there are some even inner in IRAN, particularly in the revolutionary guard who say we're dead anyway. If we do nothing, they sanctions will kill us, so we may as well try to that. They don't want to warn us a surly, but they want something that will change the dynamic and they can. They look at history, they look at Saddam Hussein, Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and they saw what happened to in IRAN for war very bloody war with Iraq. So they know what what tough enemy Iraq was, and then they saw what a decade of sanctions on Saddam Hussein's Iraq did by the time the? U S, invaded the army did work the soldier, the web, didn't work, nothing, the country folded in twenty one days, so they think we do nothing we're dead anyway. Look at what happened, and now they are already has a wreck sell as such. I know you brought it up
Trump says trade wars are good and easy to win spoken like a true barf. I think give Democrats could stop talking about one, ninety four Make a real great campaign point out of this. Because trade wars are not good, for anybody do not help the farmers than and help the consumer is its attacks. I think more, Morgan Stanley says what first, where they make the point that recessions usually brought on by attacks attacks rays and that's exactly what. Tariffs. Are they said we would see the global economy entering recession in three quarters. Perfect timing, I say I mean I've been voting for a recession, John had it, he says unable for that and I'm bringing on Sean if you're watching I'm not a genie. I can't make it happen.
I'm just wishing it if it happens, it'll be because of your lordship Savior Donald Trump. The problem is That, when you go to war, is Richard Nosegays abandon wartime situations in preparation and planning, and so what I've been with this trade war, is we dropped in a bar, in this situation, without full coordination with our allies Europeans. As an example, we could have teamed up with the Europeans. It would have been forty six percent of the economic output of the world, six hundred and fifty million people, and then we could have killed. Simply bargained with the chinese then bill, rather than doing these unpredictable tariff roulette? We could have said to everybody. Ok, here's we're gonna, do two percent terrorists a quarter until we get up to where the chinese or taxi our goods going into their country, and everybody in the United States, business leaders, large and small, the opportunity to adjust to the towers
Even the agenda, saying to turn a hoodie woody understand it didn't Iverson, I wrote an up and abandoned only have t learn that would be reading deserve. A sale actually set of what was it didn't? Look like he was about we're being that'll austerity. While this is one of the problems he wants to do at his way, he took a machine, gun notices, twitter account and shout Three hundred and sixty degree circle then dropped the gun. I don't get it right. We do so. We could really upset about what's going on right now, I don't there. I wouldn't want to realise and buyer thereby remind away. Thus Anthony's area is not unique to you. In fact, frock Obama tried it it was called the transfer civic partnership. It wasn't me up with the Europeans. It was teaming up with our pacific rim, allies to Peru, TP and trumps. First order of business was to pull us out of it used to be AIR Bernie Sanders also again in that second, most of them when it right against what this was. I mean
This was an attempt to kind of put a wall. Excuse the term around China. Over the world's biggest content. You know this better. China is kind of taking over the world. I cannot pick up the paper one week without reading about them in some country, african countries south countries eroding ports, the electoral road in the roads as evil in Amerika. I don't know what it is called the belt and road initiative does. It has a terrible name, its honour member untiring load initiative. They are building infrastructure all around the world. They are concerned. New silk road. In order to stab issue, new modern and trade route that leads then they also it is happening at this moment. I dont believe that the president understands what a tariff is. And that's part of the problem. This is this is what happens when every policy is merely an attempt to kind of pushing I get to narcissistic jolt from the base, and so that
why more undue Obama in rivalry online do up undoing they ran deal, is the main thing? Is undoing Obama? Carelessness blow it up? We not was bad cause, a Mamma jet in converting saying. Well, he must know what I was doing. I guess there just going to have to keep touching this hot stuff, I'm not wishing for recession, but a few If the farmers want to keep touching, are you sure wish we're recession? Does that will definitely get him an unelected? Ok! You know me, I really do. We have survived many recession that we can survive another Donald Trump contract law at the ballot box marketplace. So you don't want to not those people our Tom's point the tariff. One tariff is actually by short term pay number. Everybody is right, yadda constitute. Thank you very much. It's Herefordshire regressive tax, lower middle income. People pay it yeah, small business people pay at the Chinese or not. In the top right
We are working at ease tipper. I wish you would stop saying that I have a cousin in the article s business ten thousand our bill last month. If he raises the I was again September. Timber first take his business. You gonna, be able to say whether they Tarifa he has our issue. Is it's not even clear what the Chinese have to do with this point to a peace tramp tramp does not know what once we have legitimate grievances against China, but those are not the things that he's picking on them. For so how do you negotiate across the table with someone who you can't even defined? What victory is how do you even know what concessions you may call socks and friends and tell them to do regarding got around to show you how to deal in April? they were very close to the deal and the Chinese pull back in a few things. They have ultra retraining situations, but then we the thing it out a control, because what do you know about wars are not easy to win and without a lack of preparation, the lack of planning you get the doctrine of one, the tender consequences. What we are right now: ok, So I shall currency war by the way I see
a report you did life, not on Brine Williams, lighted, a runaway yea, showed your report. I find out that it is unlikely news. Originally, ok. Well, I can't you know. When times are this tough? I can hear Skywalker unless you're watching, and I could only take my news from brain way, and that is the only one I can hear at this point when it's this bent. So ok, so they showed your report about how this is really interesting, how Russia is exploring our racial problems. Russia has historians to, and they understand that. Original sin of this country in the still bleeding wound is racism, and so the report was about how they made. You know you ve seen these viral videos of every day racism, a white lady photographing black. But this doing nothing but she's freaking out about it, it was Russia whom those go viral, they know this is the way to get us to hate each other, so explore
bring it an adversary or enemies. Divisions. Internal divisions is a classic strategy. Right, divide and conquer. You want to focus on your enemies, weaknesses, put pressure on them and in the era of social media, that's really easy. So there are these videos legitimate videos Yes, the real entity, a woman comes outside right, woman and she's furious because as a taco truck right in front of her house and somebody films, her saying: I'm gonna call ice, on the people who operate the tyrant, trucks and everyone gets sterical. Look at this racist white woman attacking two people are just a few people selling talkers. So these videos get posted, everybody shares them, but there are actual algorithms to me. A video go viral, they don't happen. It doesnt have by accident that somebody has to push it and this. This study that focus on last night said that in a variety of these-
video dozens of these videos with people of all seen it was Russia pushing them. Promoting them in Russian bought to make them pop up in Your twitter tat old scenario line is, as an alternative uses, the soviet line and its and it's terrifying, because Sophia propaganda was really emphasise that stupid, not that effective they ve taken. Soviet Line that America, I spent a lot of time in the Soviet Union at the beginning of my career, and if you talk to her, they soviet citizens. They say America's on the verge of a race war every minute, but that was the soviet govern, pushing them. Now, have the soviet wine pump done Steroids, yes, through social media and its aim, not just us it's aimed at the Russians. Well to say, you know, look at this. This utopia we ve created here of White Christians, dont, be like the IMF Perkins I mean this is an attack on all fronts and we're just doing anything about any stock. Is there a way to stop it? I could give to educate people, you have to educate people how to interact with the media.
The work at finding reduce some of the range and our idea you were talking yearly or why is our society so angry? Why do people drive on the streets with their white knuckles and they're so mad all the time? I think it's because more than they have ever of each other and we're not take my mother can care about. We adequate care were what look at our policy. We have no industrial policy, no infrastructure policy, no education policy, The chinese incitement isn't when you try to, but I thought I was gonna fix everything, the water for ex at all, I allowed when it looks a little, but it can fix everybody. A good New John Kennedy had to turn you plan to get to the moon that seem to work which we don't have anything actual policies that he is pursuing are exacerbating goes into goods that little bit now taking away health care for giving more tax. That's the worst. They had a lot of time listening to rage, entrepreneurs and the president is the first among them of people who just tell us all day, long that we ought to be mad at each other about everything
and everybody screwing us over, and that comes right from the start. The It is the master of that mess and angry country run terms, come back since I'm a foreign correspondent I crack at because, notably I notice it. You can feel it. It's an angry place right and it's happy now thank your panel. It was very time for all the best way to prevent jargon. Taxes by not going in the ocean the oceans, their observe you'll, never be it by a shark on land sharks, don't come onto land because their afraid, though, get shot Euro the Louisiana woman who was arrested last week with six thousand dollars hidden in her Vagina so a gram of math her vagina has done
Do it ever she damn well, wants Jeddah Vagina, followed drugs money. What was in her but rainbows they're? All someone has to tell me how I've never seen a fast and furious movie, but they still make me board Show me something I don't see every day like a really expensive sports car, but the driver has hair neural, don't the catchphrase for your movie for anyone who has ever wanted a dream
that's an awfully lowborn. It's not even for dreamers is for people of considered dreaming you might as well make it run. I want to go to a movie for the air conditioning. Neural Trump has to stop whining that Fox news. Is it loyal enough to him. There are many more loyal, be called Foxen friends with benefits he's like that guy in poor, and we keep saying suck my dick while she's shocking that the idea and finally, new role at the Democrats we're going to continue to beg to debate stuff that happened in the nineteen seventies
to dress in seventies clothing. If we're going to talk about bussing, do it right, even though nobody under fifty five knows what you're talking about you may as well be debating Densher cream, but why bring it up at all? Does anyone really think today's helicopter parents, would be into bussing little Harper ninety minutes away to the poor side of? But this is the new trick in democratic politics, dig up something your opponents said decades ago that looks bad by today's standards and pretend that that's a mite. Evidence of your awesome moral superiority. First Angela brand tried to pull some of that woke liberal time. Machine bullshit on Biden, calling
out something he wrote thirty eight years ago, but women working outside the home for more details visit the national archives, it's on microfiche, liberals are running, they believe in evolution, except when it comes to people. Commodore Horace was our attorney general here in California, in twenty ten, and I contributed to our campaign and I was disappointed when she opposed legalizing marijuana. Well now these four it that's all that matters we don't need to beat better up about twenty ten called learning we used to want that in a leader, Obama was a. Against gay marriage when he became president as was most of the country, but then
I've been going through an evolution on this issue and do your call all who got him to evolve: Biden, humans of olive you could be against gender inclusive bathrooms. Are then one day change your mind because you have to take a wicked piss. People need to stop pretending that if they were alive back when they wouldn't have been the same asshole as everyone else? Yes, you would. I know your parents told you your exceptional, but not to the point of seeing the future. You would have driven without seat belts and drank when you were pregnant and hit your kids in your neighbors kids. They did that its members, because woke site is not twenty twenty.
And you don't have a s p c p: extra sensory, politically correct percent. If you are around the nineteen eighties, you would have worn those horrible colors and the big shoulder pads. You just would have you're, not Nostradamus And if you were round in the seventeen eighties- and you are rich and white you'll we would have had slaves First, abolition society in America was founded in seventeen. Seventy five and it had twenty four members twenty four people in the whole country thought slavery It was wrong. The year before we declared independence, stopping surprised we used to be dumber than we are now the humor. Tomorrow will be horror. By US
I believe we used to sexual eyes people during sex millennials seem to think they came along right as society met, perfection Do you really think future generations will look at what you are doing? The man bonds and the the giant stupid air stretching earrings and say that was the moment civilization peaked. We can add nothing more you're, not morally better than your grandparents. You just came later you're, just the next upgrade.
You're the Iphone eleven yeah. It's funny, nobody has trouble grasping technological evolution. Nobody writing a love note with a quill ever said. Why can I send a tech pick? Nobody in nineteen! Seventy five asked: why is it my tv flat? Why is my eight track? Not satellite radio, nobody speaking into that clinging xbox that we had at first was mad at it because it wasn't a smartphone. Yet things absolutely because we grow and improve including us. Can we please stop thing out people breaking rules that didn't exist yet and just great and father in the shit you,
dog if you're alive, then I'm sorry, Joe Biden had to get along with segregationist, but when you first entered politics. We have to get along with Ehrenberg, that's exactly twenty percent. Seventy five dollar, twenty second Madison's, where a garden Eric sedate over night. I want to thank my guess time, like those gap and Rambo may seem to be having fighting. I want to make a move in these novel and each be oh dont com.
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