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Ep. #507: Michael Moore, Bari Weiss

2019-09-14 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Michael Moore, Bari Weiss, Fernand Amandi, Krystal Ball, and Michael Steele.

(Originally aired 9/13/19)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late night series real time with bill, We start the debate. If you like you what's the debate, I worked all three hours at the debate and I gotta say James Winston look really good. Last night
maybe that wasn't Rebecca. What's up to three hours come on, I mean by the end of it mayor, PETE, look like a good bye beer, three hours. It was so long that Corey Booker one point ducked out to catch the jailer stripper we got back before. Anyone notice that vessel. But to all eyes, of course, run the big Three centre stage: Biden, worn and Bernie
They are known to their hips snap crackle important legislative picture for the gathering. Look like one of those weddings where the Ex husband is invited, but course again the big issue was Healthcare and Bernie in war and, of course, aboard Medicare for all, and peat is for better for all who wanted and a better.
Don't I don't speak Spanish, but better when hoard guns, you see that he said hell, yes, how we take away you're a K. Forty seven only said a K. Forty seven Joe Biden said bingo, I always say ages them not good. You have to take a case by case basis with Joe I'm sorry he's the one who got is looking you look pretty good until the end, and then he answered a question about slavery. Reparations we're talking about, It's yours pay in Venezuela and record players record,
like watching a really old dog, try to get up on the couch record players. Yes, disease, that he's into vinyl talks on new millennials love, but Bernie Sanders as even older. Nobody makes clean jokes about his aid, just on an issue with him, because he has an act dulled, you know it's not Besides the years it's the mileage Bernie owns, it is like a care about the constitution. Does I won't they're gonna, thankfully nobody on this stage really when, after a bomb of this time, they went after Trump? Yes, we're good Amy, Glauber Shahrazad, the countries being ruled by a game show host and Andrew Yang said exactly where we can. That, which is why
I am offering every family in America now trump himself had a relatively quiet weak for him. He committed only like three brazenly unimpeachable acts thoroughly, but he did fire his third national Security adviser John Bolton. He said Bolton with very big mistake. And not the current conflicts with a sharply loves that job, we, that is being now like Michael Jackson's, glad we got it everywhere after the Alabama hurricane was such a success.
We think they could fix anything we're that job. Yesterday he drew a smile on Maloney, as well as the anniversary of nine eleven. This we control posted picture of him and millennia looking out on the empty New York Skyline and trumpet he was thinking about the firemen and millennia she was also thinking about firemen and yet, and yet they stay together, which is not something you could say more for Sarah Palin, then her husband he asked. Did you see that very sad news Todd Pailin filed for divorce? I just happens. They they drifted upon. Todd vile. Furthermore, they so that's why you know you ve had enough when you're willing to.
Figured chances would be single. Seen in Alaska, arriving at a great shout Michael Times, rider knock. A very wise bags days would not even after winning GO macaroons lightest film. Is there and hide eleven nine. My good friend might go more looking pretty smiles and working programme like a pretty good. So all right now we have had one discrepancy between other over the really just the one I could think of witches. Our chosen versus capitalism? I maybe my favorite. We have yours is capitalism, a love story, even though we ve talked about
I dont really agree that we should just capitalism and government, I better editorially or a few months ago, which was saying socialism. I praise it. You know we lets people, not sweat shit, it's not about just what you have, so you don't have to sweat student and the early get sick. So I believe social issues should be Capitalism plus Elizabeth, she says she's a capitalist. Are you not ok with Elizabeth Warrant being far and after the left, I'm not so sure. She believes that I I first so a liar, no, no The government is a liar. Michael now, she's taking she's, taking the cue from you, which is- you got a tone it down, because people are going to be right nerve, and the fact is that correct but all of capitalism has gone. The new capitalism is a cruel and evil system bill and
so tat that x. It can't be fixes two way we ve gone too far with we have most virtually destroyed the middle class that the that you and I grew up in sure, that's gone. So what is social is to me. Socialism is. Everybody. Has a seat at the table and everybody gets a slice of the past. We have to believe in that. If it's a democracy, every but he has everybody. Does everybody after work for the poor? Most people want. Can yes, you every hue can't work usually than if you would allow that we already have quite a bit of socialism in this kind. Yes, and more will be even better for yes, we worry more like like in the fifties. We had more liking, Canada right, other places where they have found a way to where capital, just because you're again, capitals and those mean you can earn a living or the people here. Everybody he's the living? That's what this is
about socialism and the democratic so rise, not communist debris. Talks about a wee he's talking to the social Democrats of Europe believe that their to be a system where people are taking care of that there is it that there is a safety net. If you fall between a crack does no crack, and they try to, and there are a lot of problems in Europe. France is always a mess. No one's working everyone's strike out everyone's prisoner and strike in ITALY and its a million lire for a dollar and blood. We heard this up all our lie, but its diversity within the other side of the story to the door. Only side of the story is, if you get sick and ITALY, you can see a doctor inside of the ogoni side. I note the any of that Europeans in this country. You came here because they do not like. Pain sojourn when they came because they want to go to Disneyland Levanter based not on what they like Amerika, but they would never daylight, never want to risk whether comes to whether they they handles company in Europe. They went to school for free
what this I've heard? You say this. I don't feel that I can I rise as they can and that's you cannot do by that I mean that's the good and bad part of America. You can rise ire, but to the people who are the losers, we say good luck, stocks to be. You write what what we think we both want. It somehow come to a place where regardless of the title, what we call it capitals and some capitalism plus whatever we do agree that most particular system is cool. Where where the ninety nine percent work at the behest of the one percent. That is, that is something You know you shouldn't that the one percent march they own how much of the wealth they have and the other ninety items that happened at the fight for these crumbs. You don't like that. I dont like and what we need is a change. So it's not just getting rid of prompt. Why? I want to know if you agree with all the poles. Are we ve seen? There is at least four or five of the candidates that show in a report they would be tromp it put up against trumpet
looks like we're only playing interest squad games. Now we haven't face the real. This is like you, training camp with those ok, you weren't such HBO. Oh yes, I love it. You know about the bachelor at too, so I don't be too much value the quarterback, whereas a red shirt they're playing. In short, this is not the campaign we're going to be fighting against Donald Trump, bright, so kind. It doesn't matter right, you're, afraid, you're, afraid that some of these candidates, if they say that their shit there should Medicare for all wore their colleagues, could we failure whatever that with isn't gonna hurt us? It's not gonna hurt us because the american public see businesses that things really I need to talk to you. I was ass, yet that's who is the right? The American? Well, it's both you and I have fought for years to to get country where it is now the majority that you talked about climate change twenty years ago. You talked about how many things that legalizing marijuana, defective estrogen happening one state after another. You were ahead of the curve
for so many years already flock for these things. Not me. For these are tabled Omar believes in the wood minimum wage earners ie. Seven twenty by our course will have on the whole list of women should be paid the same busboy job, but let's we ve got the country where bill more like a more added. Why pull back now be because in that way, we because I think that the sooner because, because inside your lumping alot of vague shit together, the country is for raising the minimum wage. Of course the country is not for me. Care for all is so. Did you asked the question? Get rid of private health? George, I mean brow,
Bobby said? If you like your doctor, you can keep your damned originality, be not true for only two percent of the population and the whole country. One option about the two percent right now: you're gonna, take away everybody's welcome to the ever get rid of all right, even though there are so many things to fix a bottle, but I don't like that. That will don't like that. No, they like the fact that there are twenty six year old, can still be covered, not at all on the guy That's it. That's all like the things about upon, but right what they didn't go far enough and we ve got thirty million people that are uninsured. We ve got fifty more as NATO under ensure that that is, there. They points out. Obama carries a better benefit. The Medicare for all doesn't playfrock paper catastrophic. Do that you were going to beat Trump we're going to be tromp. Well, that's that probably to say no. No nothing work. I don't know no, not that you got. Where did you get that tramples gonna win and also, if the election? Ok? What does the election were tonight? Trumpet when? How about there, That's how dangerous it is because
Nobody is so simple, get the same reaction when I said that three years ago now don't say that you have to respect that evil genius of this guy? How where we re. So it is interesting that you will be with us if we don't you and I and others start fighting for for the progressive gangs that we believe he wants to make the squad the face? the Democratic Party. I know one of the person who wants to do that. You yes, will win within the squad, that's what let me tell you something some of the people who work in a vote next year. Are you the women people of color or young adults? Between eighteen and thirty five, that said, percent of the electorate, women people of color young adults We should be appealing to them and if you're saying that you don't like those women, because there are you You know you disagree with monetary policy. Thing yes exists,
But what? What? What are you gonna do? They are not part of it. I hate them. They're, not populists, untrue people, love them. People of color love them. Women The salient nice everywhere of their labour are those of the entire electorate, not one of them as an approval rating above twenty five percent. So you making this up they're, not beloved these people, because they don't believe things that a lot of people believe in like what not Medicare for all people do believe in Medicare for all people doable you got your poor, but I'm the only if you you're out there with people this people do believe this. That's why all the candidates have pride to sign on with they didn't like wondered when they called Nancy Pelosi, a racist. You know they think they go too far and I think that good, do foreign revision. Guess what and any other young people go too far, they're all that that this thing we're we're always be, you are, or
romanticizing the young people, everybody looks good when their yunkers did not empowered to make decisions about their sovereignty over their so innocent. I knew about when they get to our rage. They'll be assholes tool because when you every generation, this veneration of the youngest of course, everyone's idealistic at that age and then you have to pay taxes in you- raise a family have to find a way to put food on the table. You do all this shit and you get near money and you like it in a corrupt. You do you think they're going to be initiated. Everybody is a great thing is if we were young through so many of us and our age. Now we were hippies and then they reckoned and now and now know that we did in its amended, you gotta, landed if you were fit. Five years old nineteen eighty voted for Reagan. You're dead, we're, ok, but I'm not idiom. Don't don't down what our generation and the people that came out did We actually we hold onto our values and that's why gay people can get their aiming our generation the Euro.
You're making a sound like you know, young people, it's gonna, get tough for you and it's gonna be awful. I'm going to get more conservative and they are now they're, not we are generations, not more conservative. We live in a liberal country. The majority of America's I'll go through it again bill, yes, agree with us as animal wage, mass migration, women's right, I agree, protrudes, were there when us right now. Why take the moment when we're empower and use it in this election, what city Michigan? How we turn things in November as an opaque budget, ought to give an example. Michigan went read in twenty sixteen border patrol myself. My a whole bunch of other people make it. So this is embarrassing. We have to turn this around. So what we did, We decided to go with ballot proposals. Last November we got to Belgium that were targeted to get out the youthful and target to get out the thousands of african Americans who stayed home and didn't vote for Hilary in twenty. Sixteen, and
We put a gerrymandering proposal on the ballot to me. Gerrymandering illegal and we a legal marijuana proposal. The bell had been a long time and we have to have both of those of us, but what it really give was we double. The number of young people came out about from the last election. Only fourteen half on every brought out thousands of after Americans who, we have had it and stayed home one of what I ve learned to why we want to win next year. If we develop proposals on in the swing states that will be our young people free college, minimum wage that will bring out african partners the states it don't have equal rights, a member for women. Ok, both put those on the extreme have known. How do we mean you're fighting an election that isn't the real election, because matter how many people come out in those kind of places? That's California, you can win by five billion votes in California, no matter what is going on in an mission we aren't gonna win, then maybe we do these things. We may win
we don't you mean you're, not Nostradamus whither. I know I know that a majority in the very one Michigan Bernie one was conquered it and then she wouldn't go there, but the last guy really Alaska, you're, really one big with Barack Obama. He was a centre and I wasn't. He Several does a centrist, he ran populous. No ITALY ran he re. I voted to that I wouldn't sentries. Now you just saw logger nearby would in the voting booth and I'm the ballot said, but why who Obama Not a bad policy? No, you! Wouldn't you play it safe, put forward Hussein. I felt it yes, it may not have been up to him, whose name that I'm the planning of the blue, to sign up whether your William drivers in question or Bill Clinton? Yes, it's up to I am I
you're telling me that a bomb purposely put hosting on the battle. We ask you to guess he says he will have to have that discussion. Another China, because my courage put your money where your mouth is all bets on that that he didn't say: let's get a say on the ballot. I wanted this middle name, but you are how much you can about me on the difficult yourself that make it difficult on yourself. You mean you just yeah. What about another trip to Hawaii Why would you why?
I didn't, like it, Obama purposely. What is he put his full name on purpose word of honour their now I want to go to her. Why does my way of getting him to Hawaii? Ok, so these debates, I have a quick question, it is these big man he's a political strategy will host the broadcast strange days, brunette
Monday, ok, figure out the whole morning, show rising and choose the author. Reversing the apocalypse. Hijacking, the Democratic Party to save the World Crystal Ball Chair and a host of Michael Steel plant. Guess Michael still get the sentenced person tonight's over times of them. After the show on you to my question. Are these debates helping? Yes, I think we are helping me. Look the Democrats, its helping the democratic by putting a spotlight. But let me tell you what the problem with the debates is thus far, in my opinion, is a democratic strategist. Last night proof example, they spent thirty nine minutes talking about the nuances of healthcare leader, the police on trade. We ve got a God, damn national emergency with the most unfit unfaithful person, the cost should the White House- and it seems like the running against George W Bush or Ronald Reagan. I think the case needs to be made that this man is out to destroy
American Democracy bill, and it did not start talking in those terms, then it might be in trouble November. Next debate. Having Democrats, the answer is absolutely positively. What I mean the moderator tomorrow on the republic. In talking points right, they won appeared Elizabeth warn against Joe Biden against Bernie Sanders its infotainment. Lastly, thought Andrew Gang in the second debate had the best line of anybody when he said look we're up here with maker. On this is the reason we have a reality shop president because its all a reality, show it's all about W w e, rather than the substance on health care and trade policy,
things people actually undermine that already giving people a thousand dollars that I hear that radio twenty thousand hours campaign, but I'd, let less okay, now to pay people that you are using that there's a functioning Effie thin entering got another all. I can say this at the very beginning between Michael more in this conversation, I'm having a good time with this is that it was at work here. We're ok, you're gonna inhabitants. Do not honestly. I think I think the analysis so far on both sides is correct. The democrats- are helping themselves in that they are having subsidy policy discussions. The questions where, the american people really taking it in absorbing it that way lives with worn. She has a plan for pretty but everything and that's a good thing to say healthcare and, while she perceived tat is because they have to pay for Jack, but the fact of the matter as she does the problem,
when you have moments like you did last night with Leon Castro who just put out what are the best sound clips for the trust, our trump campaign, if, by does the nominal, and so you have you have to help. I have to be in the spacing you ve been a candidate. I've been a guy like me, you know how with hand wringing today about coolly on Castro going after Joe Guy cut, you think Trump is going come after him so much harder, you can't handle harassment, half drowned, I'm not letting about training which is draining, but but you weren't, you run the anti immigration commercial and behind that you run that, are you want conversation your reinforcing the negative narrative about Democrats in a general election and that's what that's, what the democratic the Sty present a scenario. I think this might be one of those years where it's the last GOSH Mike, and I were having its that they can get over that centrist burst. Socialists thing so a little
worn at some point takes Bernice voters. He drops out its Warren and Biden and they go to that. Convention and its deadlock. This has happened before an american politics and they in the compromise candidate, I'm Lookin Harnett Amy closure. You know why, because it like That is not an insult Amy Klobuchar I like you, but when they put generic Democrat ballot, they win you don't ever but he's a woman so like that, helps that moves wasters, and then she do. You think that economic populism, whatever you want to call it socialism, democratic socialism, etc. Medicare for all is so unpopular when a pull just came out that had Bernie Sanders bidding Trump in Texas, by more than any of the other Canada, less twenty poles have shown Bernie Sanders, beating trumpet where's the thing that meaning meaning that you don't need a son.
First to win centralism is why we have laws is why we lost wilt thou first aid, how even the centres in the Democratic Party are pretty far left? There really is a right that has long been a country, not just the liberal bubbling the right see word, but it isn't centuries of its charisma. Who is the democratic candidate inspire America build a movement those the Democratic Hanover. What's that nobody, nobody like supports these candidates, who has the multi racial working class coalition that you could build from to inspire people to actually shop election day. That is still Bernie Sanders, so I don't know I can show you this is this. Is the thing I think democratically to get their head around in in this coming election Michael more? absolutely right. You hold elections is coming Tuesday. Donald Trump is gonna, win reelection. You hold an election,
a year from this November. Donald Trump is gonna win reelection, because the way the narrative is being set up at the moment is playing directly into a lot of the fears that took those bricks out of the blue. While the Democrats been able to build in the electoral college for almost a generation right and gave it to trot trump figured that The challenge is how to Democrats figure out to get those blue. Those blue bricks, Brac One last point: one last point: this alike, folks is not about the future. Other of the country is not about the future. The democratic party it is a transition away from trot. Who gets us back to know and stay here and now that the problem, a lack of type, I give you some kinds of what that is for them. Ok, you use them here that I asked this question that I hear this term existential out. This word talking our trump he's an existential threat. I agree,
for a very long time. That's why, when I say I'm rooting for recession and how could you bill? Why? Because you just said it was an existential threat, but he's not just forty seven recessions. We can answer that sent. The question is not is not just an existential threat, he's an estimate political activity is playing a conventional gay. Ok, but if he is this existential threat on ideas, excuse me, then what Elizabeth Warren be willing to take one for the team and be Joe Biden running mate. Could that ever
I do think that either on just because we cannot live because this scenario me, this is the fourth left and the centre left and we have to come together and try to be brought to go. Ok by me can't be vice president again, but though I think what you don't understand, it's so it would have to be by war, and if you look at their coalitions, are we see light in and Bernie have more voters in common than Bernie and work as voters don't vote like this? They don't look on an ideological spectrum sandwich this person they look at. Who do I trust? Who is full of shit right? That's the problem with centralism is a lot of time, centralism, especially the democratic party. Comes off as being full of shit with similar resented with. There is really a centrist centralism is Joe Mansion. We have one
such centres, Democratic Party and my wife called a gentle mansion of full, it's full of shit. So what do you think, when you think people who support that kind of candidate is going to do in this next election? Michael? There are not coming into Europe too, to roost. What do they want to hang with tromp, because the better the devil? I know who specks B and doesn't call me. May I say that what has been done about? Listen, it's not about centralism, it's who is going to fight for american democracy, who is going to stand up against this corrupt administration? The only person talking with that visual energy right now that is building a movement and we see it in the polls is Elisabeth Warren and Tear point bill if the I marries show that the polling day
is that Biden is the best guy to be trumpet, binds gonna wind the nomination of the fact that they have an impeached with just two things he's done in the last few weeks. I started this last week. It has to be a two border. That's about does not mention the fact that he was seizing land to build his wall and telling people to break laws and then promised them pardons. My ok stop! Don't you! go with the. If Obama did it because all what's going on in the Ukraine, he these put a suspect age, the Ukraine, because they won't help him and his campaign against Joe Biden and fine dirt irony the whole thing where his fail failing golf course is getting paid to House american service men on their stopovers, the market manipulation. He said he talked to I know a couple of examples: there was a complete law. Even the people has been Frisian said he did it and then the stock market jumped up the state nothing out, and this is debatable for real, but if Obama had invited the,
How a ban on the nine eleven anniversary I wish you would have, which is shit. If Obama had gone, they won't have been making it one of the peach Obama being part of the Taliban. They would have sent seal team six through. I hear what Obama did Osama Bin Laden, all those there's a girl, so subtracting. The Democrats have let this just fester. There, like a pair two never learn to say no to their choice, and now the child can do anything and that looks weak and I keep saying it: people dont vote on policy. They rode on strength our weakness and made this annex we gave desert and they decked around. Right, our chance that what I will say is, I think we focus on all the wrong things. We focus on the corruption which is real and he has been far more brazen and taken not to a level we ve never seen before the american people. Look him go so many these people are corrupt Look at Joe Biden with this deals with his son and his brother Bill Clinton cashing in, and it doesn't right what we should be focused on
and what I would be all for impeaching him on is the actual harm is done. The muslim ban, kids in Cages Institute. Noise cruelty the actual real harm that has been done in violent and giving comfort to be greatest domestic terrorism threat. According to the FBI, White Nationalist understood, a lot of that is true, but the problem with some of that is that you have situation. Now, where he's getting reinforce, from the court from the judicial system the court, has recently coming right. So I guess you can go and do these things it within the context. I get the election right around anymore judge and the fact that the Democrats are focused on the Supreme Court. You have, or are you have now three debates and not one conversation about an area by going was blowing their mind over Cavanaugh blown they're, mine of Overgorged, and yet you have a chance to stand before the nation and tell us what kind of port system you what we don't know?
We'll talk comes on says, I'm going to give you the court now like ok, gotcha, some good news- good news? Ok, from some really good news, Tromp was asked about how we define victory in Afghanistan this week and he said we could beat the very easily by doing certain things I'm not talking nuclear so certain things we could do, but you'd lose millions and billions of lives, and I don't want to do that. So the president Does it want to lose millions of lives right? Here's the injuries his man is inside the bad news, bread par scale. He is trumps. Camping campaign manager said this week. This will be a dynasty that lasts for decades.
He thought it was bad now I think you see that Don Junior. I think you see that from a vodka you see it from Jared. I didn't believe in women's rights on the internet. They already have the campaign posters for the kids? Would you like to see them there? Oh, my god, I Jared Kirshner, that's what you get that ballot, I'm the face you on upon God, Junior and Erika the deuce doesn't fall far from the ban on a twenty twenty four, the nose is vague, but the tits array Eric Trump greater.
Make again Jared Kirshner Jewish, but not the weird kind of wherefore happened this summer. Baron from twenty fifty two don't change direction now we're so close to building that war crimes such as the new about how to fight Anti Semitism very wise to see you got your card, you already the girl, kid nervous, I know. Well, we will decide what your book you must know. You're boulevardier, just wrote it yeah. Well, I thought the course it is very serious, but I thought the interesting many its reports about, but something I would like to hear you talk about is the fact that Anti Semitism
it's more than just about the Jews. It's about the health of society that for pretty much all through human interest
as soon as certainly as long as the Jews have been around whenever a society becomes Anti semitic, it's an indication about something wrong in their body politic. That's interesting to me! That's exactly right! I wrote this book not just because my synagogue in Pittsburgh was the one that was shot up in October, twenty seven, twenty eighteen, but because the more I researched this topic and looked at jewish history and really all of history, I found that societies where Anti Semitism thrives our societies that are dead or dying. Why is that it's because Anti Semitism is the ultimate conspiracy and when Anti Semitism thrives, it's it's a sign that that society has replaced truth with lies and so Anti Semitism is a kind of that. One way to think about it is that it's a thought virus, that's carried forward in civilization and, just like any of us have lots of viruses in our body. At a given time for as long as we're
healthy. They dont show themselves when society begins to become unhealthy and tearing itself apart, as we hear, and throughout Europe, Anti Semitism begins to show its face for war, the war, the Jews or do they have the resources on their work? Well, I mean, but I'd have to go back to the book of bath you and even before that to Egypt in three hundred BC that the when the so many different peoples in the world shore- I mean I mean a lot of them- have gotten should from a lot of private you does it aimed the Jews are always on the Moliere. We we are we here's one recent work. So when the Jews rejected Jesus is the Son of God. But the idea that use get the most, how the tiny Jews get the most powerful empire in the world, the roman empire to do their bidding by killing Jesus. And if you look at the anti semitic tropes that we see now, what is the Jew? The Jew The idea of the Jews get the most, how the tiny Jews get the most powerful empire in the world. The Roman,
tired and do their bidding by killing Jesus, and, if you look at the anti semitic troops that we see now, what is the Jew? The Jew is not it's not like racism, where the person of color is sub human and the end to end the Racist rushing down in the anti semitic conspiracy theory, the Jew is the wily manipulator, the puppeteer, the person close to power that gets power to do its bit, In a way it all goes back to the original conspiracy. Well, I know expert on Judaism. Although I try happy to pay retail, I travelled for that now late. I like this. We will be different. You may also make the point that the kind of getting the Jews are from both sides, and then it was always the right, the fascist they always had a thing out for their use.
You know in the last twenty thirty years it's also been the left, and I mean you talk about being anti semitic. Now is survivable it an american politics, so it certainly survival survivable in Europe. In politics, images of the Labour Party, which is run by an anti semite german court row, whose transformed one most important political parties and is in one drew drew, but look what's happening. I mean my fear is that that sort of thing could be happening in the Democratic Party, and I see that in you know, did the the squad that you and Michael we're talking about before, where unfortunately, some members of the squad Support DVD S, movement against Israel, which inks nothing less than the limit. Issue of any jewish state between the Jordan River in the Mediterranean Sea. I mean, I m sure people are going to say: hey you're, all talking about this when just this week, baby Netanyahu is going about annex in parts of the West Bank, which are much more. If I think that's a great idea,
You know they have had seventy years to do something to come up with a peace deal. If, if there wasn't this, it is incessant hostility, Yes, it's a terrible situation. Both sides have a claim to the land the Jews seventy years ago were like let share it right. They were like no we want to kill all of you so when you When you demand all you, don't get it make a deal we could do and also the left is insisting because it benefits their world. The right or left uncomplaining, what I think of as Bebe ISM with Zionism. These are two very distinctive things. I'm a huge critic of the current prime minister of the state of Israel. I believe that, just as the Jews have a claim
the land so to the Palestinians and if Israel wants to be a democratically birthday, but the idea it's like what those people are trying to say that, just because babies Pratt Prime Minister, that somehow Israel doesn't have a right to exist. You would never make that argument that, just because we have a terrible president right now, we should just annual America, so forget that personal ninety seven, so the West Bank was on the table in the nineties and the Oslo accords. They did not take that deal. Also, the West Bank was controlled by June, for nineteen years, whereas the palestinian state, these. Are things you don't hear on the american media? Ok, let me ask you now, so let me ask you about this. If you read something to think about how we used to be afraid- and this is my personal- to make as the anniversary on nine eleven. I always think about the tragic events of nine seventeen, when I
What that was the six days when I went on and I get fired after that- and you know I got cancelled because we were cancelled before cancelling group before was thing, I'm worried when it happened literally in tv and it was because the sponsors pull them and you say now: it's not really the advertisers it's the readers. It is because, because of social media, I believe that if all of the journalists who work for the New York Times and frankly, every other paper in this country in Europe has got off twitter for six months, we would see a wildly different and an improved. A way of covering the news and the reason for that is that twitter, it's an end by the way. It's not just journalists, its politicians. I was talking to the most negative chief of staff of a popular congresswoman and he was talking about how all of the staff of all of these politicians literally just look at twitter. Look at the Rio
then calibrate with politicians. Gonna say based on that immediate response and the same thing I thing is happening in journalism, which is that we're looking to what enrages readers and frankly, if your normal human being, you dont want to step into a and feel going with. You know corruption, we all huh yeah. I mean that book, but that is the problem. Is that? Because we have just this immediate reader response, I fear that a report of corrupting the worrying cleaned, any answer is that people should be able to step into the mind Of course, we obviously because unless we stand up to twitter and that mob nothing is The change and drop is gonna get reelected because he makes twitter is Bitch and twitter makes Democrats there bitch. But I think that the point, though dismayed about how the The political class now revolves around the twitter verse.
And the social media response, the immediate gratification or dissatisfaction small representatives are very small representation, but now it's a matter of hours but you know and caused the quartet's set at one point to the speaker, I see you now. I've got four million follow our speakers response was, but you only have four vote. And in so that reality is, is the paradox, a lot of the little candidate agenda right,
exact. I mean you're. Gonna love, never worn away a green new deal. She put that on the map. I mean the whole reason that we're having that innovation is because of a freshman member Congress. I do want to say very ironic engineer, but congratulations. I appreciate that you raise this issue of anti Semitism and how it has gotten to a level that I dont think anyone our age would have imagined right. My son had to stay on a pre school because there were bomb threads. There was graffiti on the walls etc. But what concerns me is this whole conversation focus on some comments that we're off color from a few freshmen members.
Grace when we have an entire all right online via stole my synagogue myself in a guy for Morgan on what I do is I, for competition and jointly both take white supremacy, serious horses, but there's, but you make this an equivalent thing ideals and how you can I join. I think there are two very different kinds of Anti Semitism, and maybe let me make them really clear to you are very clear in my book. One announces itself bluntly: it's the guy that walks into the synagogue as he did in Pittsburgh, where I was but Midst bud and said all Jews must die. There is consensus in this room and in this country about that kind of anti Semitism right. Everyone knows that that's evil that differ It's on the left is that it smuggles itself into the mainstream in language that has a siren song to progressive ears, the language of anti racism, language of social justice. That is what happened in the Labour Party and while it may not be fish as physically violent, someone's, gonna, walk, inherent kill us they're, going to your white supremacist hold on hold on. If someone's gonna come in here and kill us they're gonna be wiser,
possessed a hundred percent. It is not a question about that, but I am here to sound the alarm on something that could be coming, but also I'm here job is to tell early. Does the white supremacist know what this is your main, because since nine eleven, I just read this since nine since September eleven two thousand and one almost exact. Same number of people think a hundred and four two hundred and five have been killed by islamic jihadists or white supremacist. Now, if you start the count on September tenth, two thousand and one it's a very different count, I'm just saying I guess, it is this this bad on both sides. We want to competition, which is worse there. Both
let's ate them another item behind. What is this about various kinds of aid rats? I dont think that everyone whose in Palestine, as an angel, I don't think everyone associate with the baby S movement- is an angel, but I think you are right to say that there is a danger in the conversation that's going on in the left now, because for the first time there is a real focus on the human rights of the Palestinians and the unacceptable tied state that exists now, which is not put the work we do. We hear is Asia for the status of the first title, crazy, don't have to hold. It was announced that the media movement is not about human rights for Palestinians. I support human rights for Palestine and you know how I support human rights propulsion The UN's by also caring about the half a million Palestinians living in Lebanon, confined to twelve refugee camps, where they are denied work in something like a dozen feels. No one talks about that.
Sometimes it's only when Israelis are in the mix that we can. Here. There are two million weak and I think that's can shine. Ire Muslims in concentration camps are somehow the hydrogen claims to care so much about Palestinian, the lives and muslim livestock. Don't talk about about you. Talk about the workers, and I know really suited to leave in particular, has been critical of the Saudis as well. Our great friends I know there has been a consistent see their light. The human rights peace is real and Israel supposed to be. Great Democratic, Archibald, largely audio getting all who the father the Weders, we'll never cup, women have used a bullet I just wanted to say, eighteen years since nine slash eleven, I think we should tell you thanks, and I never do this kind of shit. You know me, I am not an ass kisser, but it's not about that. It's real CIA,
the eye Haeckel police. You know a lot of April did a lot of things down from you know. So what? If it happens again this Elizabeth WAR and have a plan for that would you know they always about saying like Afghanistan, you Talkin about the american soldiers. You have the watches. We have the time. Eighteen years This is a blip of time to jihadis. So the fact that doesn't happen doesn't mean it's not gonna happen again. What does it happen between now and the election of the Democrats? Planning for that? What is the response. No, I don't think they, I think, they're flat footed. We see that in their reaction to impeachment what should have been slammed. The case after the Mulder report was turned over. You see the not really having a cohesive message and I'm afraid for the same set of circumstances there not governing in any way in the car.
Congress as if they had the majority. I think that sort of martial law scenario that you describe is applause ability and with this president, who has shown he's willing to do anything earlier this week. What did you say you ve been scented along? He joked about it, but he wasn't joking. I'm not going anywhere going. I set it down. We gotta believe right now as well. That's that's already laying out itself out there for sure I mean they're allowed people around tat kind of joke about her, but they know that there's a level of seriousness about it, but I think to your point about the nine eleven experience in this country, despite and then I agree that there has been a lot of breakdown with with our intelligence community. They are doing an incredible job, the stuff that they stop bill, the stuff that has not occur known here about you, don't hear about it despite tromp, in spite of trap,
the frustrations that a lot of those civil servants have to do their job right now, they still get it done, and thank God. Yes, Sir thank you panel at five. Stop telling me that my choice for a new security password, I'm parading, is weak. I'm doing vast again? I don't need attitude from you besides, this isn't even my account neurons out of warning people that kissing chicken, my put you at risk for contracting salmonella The CDC must mind its own god. Damn there's a life of rural farmers, unfulfilling enough withdrawing all wet blanket on the Fort Lyon,
neural are sure the Shi Ite Muslim wholly day, we're pilgrims, flagellate and cut themselves with swords must be stopped by NEO sporran answer. I build grubs and when you're a mom says, but you don't have a festering won't. You can say exactly euro, the flower to teenager who used her parents atm card to get money to hire someone to kill her parents should be assured
herself. She had all summer to get a job and user on Monday to hire. She expects everything to be done for her. If I were her parents, I would be furious neural. You don't need to write. I love coffee on a coffee mug. We get that from the mug itself because you filled it with coffee. It's. Like writing. I have a small bedecked on your Ferrari and finally Neuro. Someone has to tell me wended America, decide to redesign its entire economy based on everyone rating everyone else. Every injury, It doesn't have to be followed by a survey. Let's bring back, I give you money, you give me light bulbs and we both
go on with our lives enough. What there was a good for you to look. I just want to look, I don't want to talk about your good qualities and where you can improve because you're, not my girlfriend, you wrote a router snake. My drain and move on Amazon doesn't need to do a follow up on every purchase. How'd you like that our current grade- blew my mind when they ask. Would you be willing to share your experience? Yes, let me get right on that. I was gonna screw. The wife after dinner, but let me sit down and type a three words story, but how much I liked your fucking cookie, how many times when you're on hold and they asked stay on the line after the call to answer a survey. Why would I
stay on the line after the call. When I can't get someone on the line during it, would you write your customer satisfaction o definitely of four, as in for sake leave me alone, going. When did american business get so insecure? I was even asked suddenly to rate my experience in the airport back,
from which was poor. I did not meet a single republican Congress. What come on it's an airport bathroom. What do you want me to say of all the urine takes I've ever personal wording, as are the final. What is Danny's need to be on yell, He's already awaited tell of Denny sucks. There's a sign out front that says DEN. This everything have to be reviewed. People review salt cats as five stars are you
daily with some food about this, if you didn't like the way accompany conducted its business, stop using it may seem to work for the first million years of commerce the practice of rewarding a company with repeat business, going somewhere else and event of customers did that it would shut down and become a Halloween's dog, people's jobs shouldn't, depend on some random, judging them, and I don't want to knock on hard work. And people and shitty jobs millennials might be added because they love to judge of count me out if the waiter forgets my salad I get over it. Don't worry about my phone bill
going down and stop writing me? I don't want to have to be on all the time when I get into an over. I just want to chill out and enjoy the armenian disco music. I would give ten stars for just one honest, override high on your Ober Dan. I hate me life. I'm your ride bill. I'm hung over so shut the fuck up. It's not a good mental space to be into constantly be asked to rate each other, which was to be the freedom people
We are always being watched, tracked raided, run camera traffic lights and ringing doorbells at the atm were being watched, the gas stations in elevators in parking lot married people, complain that can't treat any work is so The phones in cars are now tracking devices impossible. I've been affair, is zero? Can keep your fuckin mountain? I don't wanna become China with have a social credit system where you get brownie points or demerits for your behavior. As it is observed by cameras and by your fellow citizens, almost like up financial credit score, except it's on you, a human being We sometimes has a bad day. We can't ever have one. Now, let's don't go there
which is why I have created a new site called rotten or tomatoes, where you can review the reviews of other review. I came up with that when I was stoned and I'm going to give that we'd nice review. What if I told you I haven't, had a united watching the movement, not mind each be oh dont come
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