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Ep. #514: Judge Judy Sheindlin, Judd Apatow

2019-11-09 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Judge Judy Sheindlin, Judd Apatow, Governor Steve Bullock, Rahm Emanuel, and Steve Schmidt.

(Originally aired 11/8/19)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO realtime exciting, but this other reasons to be happy. We had. I know where Democrats are happy that we have few off year. Elections on Tuesday
trumps guide, all the people from supported got their asses like a dog eat dog. Everything like what a dog does what he said, but there were killed. Republicans was the suburbs and live in the suburbs. Suburbs are coming to our rescuing the suburbs. Returning drum rubber, when Trump said you have to vote for me, you have no choice. Soccer mom said hold my juice box. Drifting Trump has never had. The city's right now is, The birds haste
pulls well in hamlets whistle stops. One horse, towns bump vocs wide areas of the role and the guy you keep saying that we lose as he's not gonna leave. We had a little dry run to that Kentucky, Kentucky elected a democratic governor, but the previous republican governor is saying, he's not accepting it losing now is just fake news get ready for this people. This is what we at we have one year to the election. Get ready for this losing is now fake news. This guy, is fighting it. He said they were. Irregularities
There are reports of black people who had been screwed out of their voting rights voting anyway. If you have trump loving relatives for Thanksgiving this year, it's it's gonna, be fine, because the impeachment hearings, where we actually see it, they start next week just in time for the holidays. If you get ass, you know what should I bring say? Kevlar in other news, the President of the United States steals from charity.
That I really say that that's the premise fuckin Worlders is yes, we knew this the term foundation. They had to close it down the couple years ago. Now this week would happen, a two million dollar fine and get this. I love this avant garde, Eric and Don Junior. They have court What are mandatory? Charity training first lesson: when the teachers is take a seat, they don't mean steal. It may impede your balls that we don't even mentioned, because the so far down the list trumpet sit at the table, This is real. He said he might go where, Putin to the main day parade may Day parade they celebrate communism with he said I was invited, I'm thinking about it.
But it's right in the middle of our campaign season, and we know that the busy time a year for the Russians itself. What is so mind boggling, is that, on the heels of the colluding with Russia that we just went through for two years in twenty Sixteen, they immediately turn around. We called Ukraine Disease like it out, but twenty twond I mean this impeachment thinking going. People just keep testifying every week the Trump demanded a quid pro quo from Ukraine like they said from the beginning, I mean we. From the deputy secretary stay the envoy, the ambassador, the diplomat, the other diplomatic. It's like a game.
Of clue where every single person is saying it was the fat guy in the oval office. Trump wanted attorney general bar one, I guess this qualifies as a kind of a bright spot. If you have to. One, but here he wanted attorney general bar to publicly declare what he has been saying, that it was a perfect call and bar said no bar said no. Finally, war had
meat loaf moment. He said I would do anything for love, but I won't do get the Republicans it's so addressing their verdure David, demanding that the Democrats release the dread rips so this week their release, the transcript of Peter in hearings, and they say the Republicans or refusing to read them right. I didn't make that up like that time. Trump mail order Maloney from Slovenia when she came in just played with the box. So amidst all this this new book, is coming out called a warning by the same guy who wrote that Op Ed called Anonymous a couple of years ago. Some of this supposed insider in the White House is at the truck trombone.
These examples that he's a senile races, Ding Dong, who can't string to thoughts together like that was a closely guarded secret. I want to say to this guy where various don't spoil the beginning, but the other reason why I do there was excellent render night.
Democratic side Bloomberg is an sort of in men, his age, it's hard to tell what I say: good. It's about time, billionaires, gonna, voice on a place at the table and he's got a great slogan, sharper than Biden richer than from less jewish than burning, and this is this is gonna, be by far now. Seventy seven, by far the oldest Denmark field. We ever have it could come down to Bloomberg, bite Bernie and Tom style. I don't know what the
to going to be like, but it would be a pissing Gunter jot mutter what our co! I never see judge duty on tv. She is a former supervising Joe, I mean another shows real gives it a judge of Manhattan Family Court and the last twenty four years of presided over the number one show in daytime delegation Judge Judy Shine Lynn, so happier here. You never do television outside of your own kingdom and I am very flattered. I think it's because you
you and I cannot see eye to eye like on a lot of issues. I know I do when I watch you. I love you, so you better will it's interesting? I know you're here because you are big Bloomberg support. Are you called me a couple of weeks ago in order was about a never met, your network and ice? get on the phone. The first thing I said was, I don't know what does it do it? But if you want to do my show, the answer is yes. Well because you love Bloomberg, and now he's in he wasn't. Then let you plan, let me tell you what I'll tell me your audience for the first time that Michael Bloomberg and I have not only once in our life, and that was over twenty years ago- and he problem really doesn't remember that meeting. I remember that meeting. He was the mayor of the city of New York and we were doing CBS News Programme and here over running his time, which Brecht
during the commercial I, when I said to him here, and he looked at me ass if I was insane my word on tv than I was on tv, but my, I don't think might Bloomberg is a big afternoon tv watcher. You never know who lives, never everybody's virtue. I sometimes I get to a hotel on the road to perfecting too for in the afternoon, and- and I won't I know you want our global homeward mostly, but I just want to ask about a few other things, and one of them is this. I mean your success is like I don't think people realising the meeting it you know, Don't talk about the people who aren't anointed by the media, so the fact that you always beat opera, you you like three times what Ellen has ten million people? I mean ten million people a day. Primetime time shows get half that and they get a spin off
What what are you a bit my agent? What what are you? What are you a tribute, this enormous success for so long now, but to get back to Bloomberg unimportant? why really believed that the world likes water, children for nine months spent nine months in the warm and then they come out, and then there's parents, you taught how to bottle them to keep them close, so there they feel secure and what happened in the world of late. I know that letter literally use Johnny. I have avoided babies. My whole life- I do not see eye to eye but that right to keep you understand what I'm saying: swaddle the baby, the baby close absorbed the pits literally did but him one. Then what happens is that
all start to get blurred chew. Are you let the children their wings start to spread a little red, but what's happened, Sadly, in my life has been the rules, become so blurred. There rules of civility civility rule soundless civil. Course? Boundaries, hair with parents? Kids do things with parents that I would well you deference wandering friends, I mean you either apparent row, your friend, You can have a lot of friends at this very moment besides, I dont think that anybody should say that What, especially to your mother to any yeah right? It's not it's! Just not nice! so, let's get back to my Bloomberg, Wanna went down the side best, so I think we
a fractured american family to say the least and you do your monologue every night and no its clear every Friday night and every Friday night, at least for the last three years. I've being an heard so I we a position on the president. And that's on one side and on the other side there are those people who absolutely adore him and then the parties have become so angry with each other. That nothing is how the american public is paying for a very expensive system and executive, the judicial branch of government and an Congress we're not getting anything done bridges aren't getting built roads, aren't getting fixed infrastructure prison getting done because everybody so busy hating each hurt Michael,
I thought you might know, he's the only answer, and I'm gonna tell you. Why is the only answer I'm staying here has risen? No he's the only answer. First of all, if you think about it, Michael bloom because the only person running who has over a decade of the executive experience. People bring the largest city in the United States. Who cares. This is not what people Just let me ask you this question is really let not tell you well in my court now. Is this question? That's experience, let's, Tell your doktor told you tomorrow. Listen kid! I hate to tell you this year cells, a new valve than your heart. Would you go looking for the best, guy interest in town? That's how people think about pilot website attitude. I largely look one last time. I'm gonna try to make it. The analogy? If you want a pair?
so that people have made that analogy before the people vote on their gut mitten. Well, he did not a guess what I like MIKE Bloomberg, but is that a long, daddy better, be encouraging, widens the same age and he's not steady. Michael S ran, runs and He ran New York City, the school, those were better, you felt about the city re. There was calmness in this not lucky it today of the reason they say he's getting. It is because he registered in Alabama. I guess they haven't. This system where you got a day to day Alabama. What we have something against alum know what like a gets guessing. They have a lot against him. I don't see a big city Jew. Exciting, the vote in Alabama or a lot of the country. I mean that it doesnt end West of Fort Lee.
Although I understand war or in South Bend Indiana. If I mean, if we're talking, a real talking, serious, yes, and if we're talking seriously and looking at a person who has both, the experience, the only one who has it Second of experience, who has had the passing over twelve years to run. One of the most diverse Mesa's in the world must change and people don't care about that in well, as they should care about no budget doesn't when election by the electorate is going to be decided in six states and they are not named New York New York's in the bag. California's in the bag. We're talking about was content, Pennsylvania, rezoning, Michigan Florida. This I could just got four votes out in your hallway I just did you get? What do you know they're going to say that
with warrant is doing great in the democratic primary, because she is talking about the wealth gap. He's a very rich guy. He's got a lot of bodies on Wall Street. I mean there going to say that he is the answer and not the fundamental change we need, he doesn't exactly wreak fundamental change and people who don't like Trump or pissed, and they want it. Well, those You got what you always going to have naysayers nothing wrong, there's nothing wrong with a man. They came from nothing realising the american dream. I realise the american dream they put a fifty two year old woman on television, Nobody knew from From under a rock I light at all and said right I'd be a star and Michael, was it's me, you crazy? Are you giving up a pension, you're sitting family court judge that, that's like winning a lottery and what I'm it? Nothing is impossible to to define my
Bloomberg as a billion there is an injustice he might blooming was the mayor of the city of New York. Twelve years and a self made, but I guess, but if anything like you, he has a chance because again to get back to what I was going to say before about your show, I think the reason why it is so popular why I like it is it is a world where order has broken down and therein oh boundaries and gears someone who's going. You know what I don't take any shit, that's an eye What's bullshit, it's you and not, U case closed and justice, we see with the impeachment it's awful of delays and bullshit, and you know they talk about quid pro quo. Half the country goes quid pro quo. I guess, if you look up, why don't you get vinyl against entity a quasi quasi quinn right, But- and I think that Bloomberg has that quality. I think you're gonna, but again he's seventy seven
in its interesting you, Joe Biden and Michael Bulwark, all born in the same year, the call it the silent generation. You know it's in between the boomers and the girl this generation there. The kind of I see whether called silent I forgot about him. Do you know I don't fucking for twenty airline to do what What is it about that generation? One of the characteristics I know what the bombers are, they ruined the world. We got that and the millennials or fixing it by staring at their phones and the greatest generation save the world. What's the silent generation, I never heard They refer to silent it and I thank you so much for doing this. We know who you are, for
and if he's the one to be trump you're gonna be our saviour. Thank you. So much judge jury little butter sausage priority here tonight. I'm real time raising NBC and MSNBC political analysts and a former senior adviser to John Mccain. Two thousand and eight campaign stage met before no White House, chief of staff to President Obama and former democratic mayor of Chicago wow, Rama Manual. This guy's. Whenever Brezhnev ease the democratic governor of Montana and its wanting twenty candidate, please welcome steamboat. Let's pick up where I left off, with Judge Judy a little bit of a rebuttal here, eighty five percent of voters, eighty five percent under thirty
one a nominee who problem fundamental change, I think we know who the that those later Seventy percent over sixty five one, a return to normal, seems like this is the whole election returned to normal, see, fundamental change Do we throw all the dice on this one election and try to for a revolution and beating trumpet the same time you be, or the centres you'd be more the second time right now say you're, not for a revolution which is there. I'd strategy, everybody, please you can go first cause you're running for now. I think the right strategy is actually. This is a single issue election. That signal lit issue drums beating Donald Trump I now and what we are doing now about once the right way to do it, look zeal the person in this field that actually wanted a Trump state. I got reelected by Ford same time, need one montana by twenty
I think we gotta be able to connect to people's everyday lives. It can't be something about the thought that ok, We don't need a revolution. The farmer that, at the end of the day, is getting hit by trumps trade war. That teacher work in a second job that promise the here and now, and they want to see things happening in their lives were not answering because, of course we want to improve people live. The answer is: do we do that with a revolution like Medicare for all right? or do we do it by just incrementally, involving Obamacare growing up in a jewish home. You now see why we're all explains a lot about three right there. I guess you're, not one of the four votes. So here's what I would say look, I am Democrat. I am sick and tired of winning the popular vote and losing the electoral college.
Does that been there? Okay, we have a model, it worked in twenty aching, it just worked last Tuesday in Kentucky and Virginia, and the fact that you gotta go the voters where they live their lives in how they live their lives are not looking for pie in the sky there. Implies guy, they want anger. They got that sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue we have to give up actual. Real solutions to real problems for navigator. We are also talking in vague, let out so pie in the sky equals Medicare for all. I just think that look. Here's knew just send. Someone needs desire. Medicare for all was a pipe dream. The ideas that it when I met you say it now, because you can read it, I don't care for almost eight parliamentary dave. You stepped back and watch these debates, Medicare for all free college, yeah, it's getting, mortal security, we're gonna, give you guaranteed income. That's not what people want a government that works for
and they my view is our intensive animal former trumped up. I don't want a revolution. I want to reform and Trump represents an emergency. His prey Energy is an emergency for this country. Selection is about to defining issue of our time, and it is repudiating Trump and trumpet some, because it. Its institutionalized, the countries are different country than the one we are grew up in so Elizabeth Warrant, Medicare for all takes away everyone's private insurance of fifty two trillion dollar price tag, but real cost less than what she saw, the real cost of it, but it is that it will reelect Donald Trump because in America He will be able to caricature her as a socialist and a sociopath beats the socialist in an election for president. So
ten days a week and twice on, maybe they give it up in the lives of a hundred and fifty six million people on the promise. I agree is drawn and get you guys designed specifically I think it's a loser where we have to win that medical. Therefore all look. It may sound great if we run up another million votes in California. It's not going to make a difference if we can't win Michigan Wisconsin's pennsylvania- and this is more than just about being a milder, ok, so revolution and right now people want com and they went on They know that not all the people under forty five that a one fundamental to change they wanted Trump out of the office. They do that they want to buy that when it becomes a binary rumble one, but the number one ideological goal: the second logical, thirty beating Donald Trump right,
everybody will that is but a girl. You don't know, what's going to inspire people, s out, that's actually. We ve had actually Baghdad a patriot nature, all twenty eight ten and twenty nineteen right. We see which makes you an answer. Vein. We see which working American we see, which working a battleground states and battleground districts, and it is actually candidates the tone I entered the intemperate reason why that works. I mean you might be the answer. But being honestly a white guy in this age is not the best. The reason, the reason why I think Mayor Peat and Amy Closure are like darker as I think we could make. It is because they are. Centrists, but they have woke credit just because they are just as a bomb was a centrist, but he had woke up, because he wore it and they wear it
sorry you ever been to voluntary enough that the cases credit all over their right of its eighty nine percent. While I think underestimating come to general lecture, knowing that what we taken Kentucky, but you haven't been to get thousand more votes this cycle than he did last time and still lost, there's gonna be a massive turn out, because Donald Trump is gonna Lecter, you never massive turnout in I. Actually younger boys will vote for the hour nominee so, regardless of its immoderate or progressive, our big p progressive, because winning is everything value. Our owners are Vince Villain Party voters and when you were in the White House and twenty ten years still there right when the mid term, our election came and left right before had been at work are you gonna? Do you guys in a report can control the entire legislature in twenty five states. After that, terms as well, as we saw in twenty eighteen good for the party- that's not in the White House, but
how the democratic flip that around Virginia, Virginia now is a state where they can, drove the entire legislature, so there can do the gerrymandering. The question is: are they people who say you know when they go allow now we shouldn't go. I wish you'd kick him in the balls. I say that to this it's a made on that. What is that really mean? Does that mean we cheat now now that we have the state houses? Do we cheat with gerrymandering, validated he answered yes from the perspective of different things. If you look over the last decade in its more than just gerrymandering, we have twenty two states right now that we're completely control both houses of the ledge, and the governors by Republicans that's where you seen all these bills that are attacking women's health and the like, then it's more than gerrymandered its voter Idee laws, it's gettin rid the same day registration. So I think that what you do is actually try to get back to normal see, but then read
Nice, the others. Thirty five states in this country, where the legislative districts are set by the legislature. That makes no sense, welling turn when they get it. A steel. Not so, unless we steal back, it's only working one way is somebody's practised, dark arts of red. Restricting while have nine digits whether there really as let me look this system is about voters, picking their representatives not represented speaking their voters and that's what we ve got to use You can change the system dramatically by letting more people in guaranteeing that they have the right to vote, which is what the behold the robot was have worked against. That's number one number two, I actually think we should take redistricting out of legislative body and nature and how it is. Actually it's actually establishing about a trust. The people dont have any more in the political system and that's a valuable thing. If you're gonna make change number three, because you gotta take dark money out of power,
And that our language, when these things that might not months now, we have the state legislature in Virginia these things you're talking about have not happened yet. So, as the rules are now, I say we eat. Let me ask another with a drum, as I mentioned in the monologue. Steel, Sir, that's what we need export around the world cheating We haven't done enough about again it's about it. I don't think that's a good idea. Haven't trump steals from charities. I mention this trump steals from charities. This didn't even make the front page administers official this as they get fine it. Why can't the Democrats do it much to rub, charities. There at the Republicans had that on a Democrat We would all be saying about steals from charities all of them the same day. Why,
in democratic senator, went Obama didn't steal. Why can't Democrats get on the same page and get a talking point Steve? Europe would mean all I mean all of this. I am a man. Is this is a revelation. This is a guy who had a fake university it sets up a fake university right, Donald Trump right, so I mean this book, that's coming out with all these revelations in it. Why does anyone surprised about any solely in the evidence is clearly in front of us every everyday? Well, and so this is this- is the most dishonest pro living wire,
right, we ve ever seen in that office has a lot of help. I have to tell you. Lindsey, Graham, is just completely out of control that I use this rays on steroids way too much, but he's like hypocrisy on their rights. He really is, I mean he will say one thing one day you know, I think for drug is making a big mistake with the Kurds he's great he's taken outside the box. I want to see the transcript, I'm not going to read the true it's amazing, so we thought this would be a good time to honour Lettergram. Now we ve done this worthy twenty five things. You don't know about me, which we got the idea from US magazine. I mentioned that many times I ve. Never thank me or sent me a case of fruit or anything so far are not going to mention any more we're going to do
own bed at nothing like there's it's real times. Twenty four things you don't know about, Lindsey grant my spirit. Animal is the jellyfish when I was in school. The kids would teach me by calling me Lindsey
if you saw just five seconds of the video tapes Trump has on me. Everything when suddenly makes our win. I went as the Linsey, Graham from the Clinton impeachment for three weeks and ninety. Ninety two, I was married to lies in Manila. John Mccain last words to me were: let go of my hand, residents drug once told me. I was like the sun. He never had because he paid the woman to have an abortion. My favorite James Bond movie is arctic yucky. To think about that, I once kissed trumps asked so hard. I could taste Hannity forty military the whole, as is now the editor of its garish handling book. Please welcome jobs.
So what you are insinuating their about Lindy. It was hard to read into well so you're not going to be all about Bloomberg area as one guest. I couldn't get off that. That's all I'm and talk about the entire time is ice qualities. I wanted to talk to Judy more about her silent generation because I feel uncomfortable unfastening by generations and also its obviously so important in this election degenerating into don't agree on who should be demanded so the generation x ray.
I am the generation that so I need only about them. You know the rumours in the millennials young urge Boomer Melinda, but, like you guys like what with you. What is your character? What what what makes a general experts we did nothing we bought the single, for we are the world and thought we were helping. You know watchful Collins Way, London and New York really well. I mean that's what I've only got worse, where the or maybe it better. I mean your kids are what Genji my kid desired, while twenty one in seventeen isn't that Genji millennium anymore. Right, I wonder they like you, you,
full for them or no, not at all world. That is on the fire back. You waited all week. I I didn't have allowed. As I ran right, you weren't in harm's way with the fire. No, I was very close to the fire where we all are. You can yet does tat, I know, but I do think that there are millions with silver I do think that the idea that generation cares a lot and I do think that there are engaged in a way. My generation wasn't ok, So I saw you a couple weeks ago. We read it so that you do a lot of charity and you don't stand up yes and you have really Forgot your goods, Diana and you think it is. The only went back to it. A few years did this I've been thinking about, and they never did it as Falkland always think with comedians. He got to that debate. About pictures like people
and their peculiar to each other. Yes like, why do people like you? I was a kid. I get seventy from your life. If you are you sending me up and believe me, if she did so and say yes, and I think it's all gone too far, but I know I watch the the Ling Special again in the year- and I have a book about it. No, I mean, I hope, now their people, I don't know, garish ending though it because it's amazing how quickly People will remember, mash, with my kids have not sitting opposite of MASH role, the family, the odd
nobody in every episode of ninety day fiance and I'm not saying that's worth or a better, because I watch with them, but you know he was a great I mean we all loved him. He was sort of a mentor to so many comic. I feel like it. Is that why you sort are taken on the role of a lot of people? Look up to you in the same way that they did at a time with Gary like this but the statesmen who knows everything about comedy as kind about passing along. That's why the strangers About this whole experiences, when Gary died, someone had to go through all the stuff, and I was the person who had to do that.
General, these journals and there's only where you go like do you read the journal, the burned the journals, and so I got a very new publish them. We hear a lot less fuck, the metals tat. Let's get this out, everybody every areas nightmare, but but, as I read the journals I realize he was an even better guy, then I thought he was and you know who I am open to any page and it would just say. Baby comedy A gift that you give to people to help them through that's impossible life expecting nothing in return. And he would write things like that every day and I thought you know he struggled a lot bare neurotic man, but he was really trying to evolve and and be a good person, and you think that's. Why he did Germany. I mean, I think he took incredible pain and eat it. Turn it off a joy, rather people in that send for him to do I mean I always in a second athletes go. I did it for the game needed in the game. I better get your refund a watch for you to see you
not saying he was Zawoiski I've Gary, but you know when you gotta pay the rent bill he's doing it for the round at some point, but it's funny that he was such a spiritual. Younger he's also wanted to always be in show business. I feel it don't go together. What I was this conflict, which is raised concerning trying to get rid of his ego, and I think the Larry Santos Show was mocking the part of himself at one. Try star penalize prince you know, Sadly, was Jesus is great and an iota fuck you like sexuality s, virtue is our Gary's like prints We can take away from exactly, I would say, he's like prince, but with a bigger cock,
So my question is this going to read a few? Your movies, just as I was reading the holding of a super bed worker, a train wreck, Sarah Marshall, forty or virgin television nights- is forty anchor man, bridesmaids, cable guy. That's And I say this because, having done a view movies a million years ago, I know one thing about movies, so many things can go wrong. Look there's a million things. Yet it can wrathful Cambodia. You could be in a movie with Mr De with a view to go like I write, so
I want to talk about weakness now and a little clip, but you know I know you have talked about you. What I think are little different on political correctness. Welcome welcome a a little more. You think it makes you better in some ways. It makes you better. I just think that we have to acknowledge people's feel. And that does not picketing outside right buddy, I drive people are more tuned into how it affects people, People are thing. You know when you have a mock me the entire life. I actually feel bad about myself and I think that something that people never thought about. Well, President Obama spoke truth about but ten days ago I want to show you we'll cut down clever, but but may he was singing from the hymnal. I've been trying to preach from four these many years, please show that clip. This idea of purity and you're never compromised and you're always
politically bulk and all that stuff. You should get over that quickly. The world the world is messy. Ambiguities, people who do really good stuff. Have flaws like if I tweet or hashtag, about how you didn't do I've been right or use the word. Wrong verb or then I can sit back and feel pretty good about myself, because may you see our work, I was I called you up. I not a big winner here now I, but I have a feeling that that would play well if democratic candidates got on that page and my campaign to stand up to two What do we have to stand up to twitter logo? I think, with
So why are you my my wife Leslie always says I'm on twitter too much in warning uncomplaining. He s doing the warrant will end and she she may be correct, because she doesn't do anything like that. She's getting younger by the day- and I look like a wartime president- is killing Canada. But can you please you're on the panel. Nobody why I didn't know you were about to read some of those are big experiences for us. We re Sancho. Here's here's what I would say as somebody with three college kids and spent a lot of time around the city Chicago, I see
a lot of kids who are now leaving school and going into city year volunteering in our schools. I see a lot of kids doing teach for America, a lotta, kids. Actually, the one thing I would compliment trumpets he's reengaged our sense of civic engagement. That's the only positive thing he is and there, our a group and its a sliver. We were taught mothers earlier, you know. Sometimes in politics, sound is not fury, there's a sliver of people that all they do is judge people and they think they. On some. There is another generation and a whole group of kids who are getting involved in their community who are fighting for gun control, climate change and those are the people that we should actually hold up, not just the people there dream, and I actually think this generation has a lot more and the best thing we can do to all these people just pass judgement. None of the people is ignore the Virginia ok, six months ago they wanted to draw out the governor. A lotta democrats were
calling for this at the time, because there was pictures of him in his ear book in the eighties wearing black face now white vote, Britain Virginia wanted about more than black voters, because black voters don't have that kind of luxury. They want the person who's gonna, going to actually do things that will help them now. That is it. Completely democratic legislature. In Virginia he's going- He signed the array, equal rights, amendment, there's gonna, be gun, control legislation, abortion rights just lesion climate change legislation, expansion of this- It was worth it. This is worth a little black face right, it's. Like present Obama said it's a messy world, now, ok, moving on now. You think they're park goes junior first part of the question he's talking about seizing people's weapons from their homes. You talk about actually good background checks,
he's talking about what is going to do on renewable energy? Not some recent under your hospital bed bit in part. What I got out of President Obama statement Ripe MO you'd all once said. When Democrats organise a firing squad, we do it in a circle. So we're in this big fight right now about health care. We're not talk about the fact that seventy times now Republicans have tried to strip way coverage for pre existing conditions. We're not talking about a test. Bill that whoever cleans up this point if, at the end of the night, paid more taxes and sixty fortune, five hundred companies, John Paul, I think what he's talking about is, at the end of the day, Democrats might have differences, but we don't
back to draw these lines so were attack and one another when what we really should be focusing on what this guy student, essentially because the other election that really scared me- and I said this in the monologue- I think we just saw a dry run for what's gonna happen about a year from now, because the election is about exactly you're awake Kentucky now Tuesday. It's interesting trump he's like a comic. When finds a hunk that works in front of his keeps doing it and he had this hunk about me. This not job who says leaving and now it does it every time. This is what he said Monday in Louisville. You have one job on television is, as you know, he's never leaving off this, don't you is never going to be. I dont Fritz. I say that I said he's not going to leave when he loses this election and I This thing in Kentucky now I'm right look at this. This is the point: book. This governor in Kentucky has no reason to contest this he's just saying: I'm not leaving make me and
You think this is gonna, get better and twentys. When did you really think that if I'm loses he's gonna because he's known for magnanimity he's gonna leave assented letter for mayor, but it was seen, as you know, for four years now right the deed, legitimate position of all the norms in democracies functional norm. So it goes back that during the campaign constantly questioning the legitimacy of the election when it appeared that he was going to lose. You have this governor in Kentucky, says: hey you're the. Action- is illegitimate in this country, beginning with the concession call. We recognise the legitimacy of the election. We understand that some time I'm, your side, winds in downtown
the other one. Does God guideline negative. I've just got in its Danes. Losing is just fake news. I think, even that we're having this conversation underscores that this election demands more than squeak it out the narrow victor. I don't think it matters to these people start something if we celebrate when Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania now and the popular Blake was rigged out here that there is every hour regularity hitting your visiting pass this reactor at a high price problem. Number in all our energy first win numbers, don't number to remember what the leader of the Republicans in Kentucky set in the state House because of the way got the governor tree to he said no, he lost and the fact is the Republicans in the House and Senate, even though they ve made a fast embargoed right now there We really have to get rid of this guy. I dont Bywater by people who say they are not mad enough those in place golf every week
right so that cause like a hundred million dollars from the play gothic. Is that not a hundred is that the new norm. Likewise I would you know Elizabeth worn if she won and she's like. I love to water ski in May in everything I'm worried about you, that's how we go where we regret that our I thank your panel. It is time for a new flame Jesus, helped them stop. Being gay. Have to tell me why Jesus made them gay in the first place was being ironic. This is the group who call themselves changed because they from gay too now reformed Ex gay and they in Washington to lobby against algae BT rights. Lots their travelling together, sharing hotel rooms
I have a feeling. This problem is going to salvage they're. All now that Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth will no longer be wearing fur lowering forgot Bayonne. She must also get rid of the lever. You're the man who stab someone who cut in line for the new Popeye's chicken sandwich must be hired as their new spokesman. Not that I am advocating violence, but this story tells people one thing this
which is really good just run without power by the sandwich that so good you'd kill her mother fucker for Neural, stop making terminator movies. We can watch grandma fight the machines at home this week. She had to change the clock on the stove neural, just because your Tesla is on autopilot doesn't mean you can ignore. The road are going to you guys sleeping A new couple playing cards,
you're too adult film stars filming porn. The speed limit is seventy five you now annoying. It is to get stuck behind some undoing, sixty nine and finally know all the people of planet earth have to ask have to ask themselves. One question: why did we put this guy in charge is even one of us, a human humanly He looks like a first attempt at whittling a puppet, and why is the world's most socially awkward person in charge of social media? You can't watch the news these days without seeing some story about Facebook, hosting rush,
in Botz celery user data getting into crypto currency refusing to fact check political ads and it keeps growing after we found out last year that Facebook had wrongly given out the personal information of fifty million people. There was a big backlash and a movement old hashtag delete Facebook. Well, it has Tag didn't fucking work. Facebook has only gotten bigger and let's face it. Social media is where the world increasingly gets its news. So maybe now be a good time to remember how the whole thing got started and it wasn't because Mark Zuckerberg had a calling to birth world with a more informed populace is because he started a website that gave college dude the chance to rape women whose pictures you act from Harvard Data Bank
ass the most powerful man in the news business got thereby inventing a hot or not site, and when you look at the world of likes that Facebook has spawned under this post from Cora. My facebook photos don't get as many likes his other people's. Does that mean I'm ugly? You have to ask. Change that much it's on the bright side, Facebook has solved many crimes like the ones where the genius even post pictures of the highs, because that's what Facebook does do it makes you stupider because there are only so many hours in the day and you couldn't get only so much accomplished if you are constantly checking to see what everybody you ever met had for lunch people are dumber because they read less. Facebook should be
Bob time suck and now Zuckerberg has decided. Facebook will not be policed. Political speech on their site or fact checking any political ads, and this we applies to politics, stuff still has rules on Facebook. You cannot say, pizza hut, murders, puppies. It puts it in the sauce, but you can say pizza, murders, puppies and puts it in the sauce on orders from Bernie Sanders, and I hate to tell you, but that's the way it should be Do you want political speech policed by the accuracy regulation departments at Facebook and twitter? Not me, always gonna come down on the side of free speech.
The parameters of which have been debated for centuries by our finest legal mines and also Clarence, Thomas and figuring out when politicians are full of shit. Is the responsibility of the voters and no one else: people have to hold up an immunity to falsehoods. We can pass the buck to referee, because a referee still human. And even if we use the computer to do it trumpet said the computer was an angry democrat. There is. Another solution, dont use Facebook at all, never got them. I never got the whole point of staying in touch with so many people. I don't really care about maybe because I grew up on classic rock, where the songs were always moving on. Papa was a rolling stone. Free bird ramble in man
though, your own way now? one more John. Why. You don't need to follow Gary from high school. Who was your lab partner income class? You forgot, can you can forget him? You don't need his status updates, whose status is he never left town and guess what? Because a facebook you haven't either just remember not everyone you ve ever crossed paths with is meant to be in your consciousness forever. Some people, I mean dear life, touch you and then leave their called scout.
All right. That's all! I want to say another time. I need to check your pokes for more information log on to HBO dot com
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