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Ep. #516: Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Yang

2020-01-17 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Yang, Joe Walsh, Kara Swisher, and Jon Meacham. (Originally aired 1/17/20)

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Welcome to each year, podcast from the HBO late real time,
thank you. It is a very long weeks, but I finally finish the Irishman, so one boy Deniro looks great. I, aged forty year by year we ve been obligation, but two months a day when I'm on vacation, you know I too have do. I have to return the batteries in my baby. I don't follow the news, but of course no back to workers following Trump all week and I just got to say:
The occasion we we have even amazing, show to come back with our Booker's did themselves. Nancy policies and Andrew Yang is the forces supporters. Supporters are called the gang gang and Bernie supporters of gold. The Bernie, brows and Trump supporters called Russians rush. You did the nose. Did you see this week return previously on real time? I feel like you do in those member this character
of Parnasse. From last season, Yo Yo looks like the uber driver who says dear you want girl. Why did he come out of hiding in a big way on every show? You started with Rachel matters. You did great job interviewing him. Every everything apparently everything. He says he told that he had Giuliani we're doing in Ukraine came at the direct direct. The direction of president drop. And, of course, Republicans you're saying that Parnassus making something at nothing, I say, cheap shots leave is air out of this trap, of course denies even knowing that we always does this Sunday. Promise you Don Junior is going.
Indicted and trample, say. I know one very briefly, my son, for a short period of time. I have my picture taken with a lot of people, but this impeach withdrawal is happening. The Republicans probably get jobs are desperately trying to keep any witnesses from certifying as you do. When you are completely innocent, which Mcconnell says we will leave no stone unturned, always gotta get acquitted, I mean trial, please we shouldn't even use the word. It's a few minutes. RO formula charities, followed by Trump getting off or
or, as malaria calls it sex- and this was the most amazing today Drum Pronounced summit. People on his dream team of lawyers. Did you see this can star? Yes, that can start. The guy for whom the bow job was Dubai. These defending this list, impeachment guy and also Alan Dershowitz, who has defended wine Steen OJ and now Trump
think about TAT Trump Wines- Dana OJ flabby grabbing instead be likely to dry, will begin on Tuesday, and you know this is in the Senate, where they take their decorum right. Very seriously not those animals in the house. We have decorum, so there's going to be no phones, no talking so Fact. A lot of tension, alot of angry glares, lotta dirty, looks and that's between Elizabeth worn and earnest desire to debate that got nasty. The democratic debate, as you know, it was with work on a couple of weeks ago, played the woman card and said Bernie in a private meeting a couple years ago, so that women can get elected president and then
The debate Bernie was asked about this and he said no, I didn't and he said and besides that the fact they would say that is just like a woman. So after the debate, Elizabeth Warrant went right up, you saw this moment and he
to shake her hand. And if you don't touch me, we haven't seen them will be married story. This is like that movie in seven seconds. She's, like you called me a liar and is like why you bringing up old, should obey a liar. Let's not do this. You know I want to talk about in front of the whole restaurant, so maybe The most important thing that happened was a new book came out, reporters from the Washington imposed we're Trump Called Erica's top generals, the military people who we always say you know we thank you. They are service said they were doped and baby said this right to their face This is an amazing a couple years ago, and he said I wouldn't go to war with you and they were
yeah. We know we were in Vietnam, I'm ending with that to remind you. This is it says the ear. Since twenty twenty. This is where it's gonna have to happen where we desperately need to get rid of this.
He needs to be removed, is only three ways. He goes impeachment election or fried chicken, and I don't have faith in the first and the third, so we are going to have to make that happen. Ok, you gotta go here. These rigging, the democratic presidential again and Andrew Yang burnt Bab G is the representative from San Francisco thing occasion on page one comment: first of all,
if you so much for waiting till we get back on the air before you started the adaptation and also before we forget about that applause it out it was only a year ago. That you are fighting just to be the speaker of the house we could be, Having speakers have molten right now, ever really was fighting. I thought the press made more of it, but let them have their fun The euro is therefore is how did what the outcome would be. So you did delay this for a month and let me just review what happened in this month. We by December twenty as new emails review. I'll bet. Ninety one minutes after the perfect call perfect ninety one minutes. The order went out to the Department of Defense, withheld the gate-
came forward. A couple of days ago we saw that he said from was personally involved. The Gulf, accountability office. That's an official branch of this government declared Trump broke. The law when Withheld the age, Ukraine John Milton announced he was willing to testify. This all happened during the delay that people were questioning you about my Question to you is, did you know all this was going to come about, or is this just a good guess because well, let's just say, sometimes it's good to have a lot of experience. What let me congratulate you on your opening show now about. Thank you say that you are opening was, shall we say risk I know it was not so my dwell lives are disappointed. I'll try to work in the eye when I was putting it up for you and degradation that a well known fact
since that we knew we had a solid case for the impeachment. The president, the facts were clear: the constitution required it and we, to make our case and go forward. So we put forth the articles of impeachment in fact voted them there. We knew, there was plenty of other shall we say information to come forward, but it wasn't necessary to impeach the president with it would been further incriminating, but not now is there another one in any way weaken the case? that had the supports my pockets- and I was working
they understood by the american people, you are rather reluctant to do it compared to a lot of Democrats, you want you waited till. It was inevitable where you couldn't turn away from a thing like this. I he gave us no choice, rising with self impeaching, almost every single day, some people who actually have said that he wanted to be impeached just for the rich. There had been impeached- is a bad thing right, And you're in for ever and it can never be erased now, President Trump, maybe accidently, watching the shoulder him, he made me part of his act. As I always say, he's not gonna leave this is so in his woven that in because he's a comedian- and he does his rallies-
you could talk to him directly. Well, if I, if I knew that he is the president is listening, I would one am trucks outlay. Well, I want him to know that he is impeach forever and he is peach forever, because. Use the office of President to try to influence a foreign country for his personal and political benefit. In doing so, he undermined our national security. He was just loyal to his oath of office to protect the constitution and he placed in jeopardy the integrity of our election and that we really He gave us no choice. Earlier on with some of the charges the came for which were violations of the law. I said he not worth it, but once you cross that bridge it wasn't. A question has been worth the constitution.
It was worth it. He had to tell how you began about the timing, the value of that was in the period of their time now over. Seventy percent of the american people want to see witnesses. And documentation to come forward and that places a burden on those senators able will either come down in favour of transparency and accountability to the constitution behold them account. It comes down to really only for cylinders. I mean from everything I've heard. Maybe it's wrong, but the really only four who are even considering it and I feel like we have been down this road so many times with that small group above Mutter Republicans, I'm sure you remember better than anyone else, the Obamacare health site when we were way and waiting for, cannot they serve Caskey. Was it an Susan Collins and then read Cavanaugh voted Romney in this always like, maybe
his mother Republicans will come through. Always it's the Charlie Brown Football and they don't, what is your prediction about whether anyone will come through and where we will have witnesses? Well, it's all about public opinion Lincoln The public sentiments everything with it. You can do anything without it practically nothing and of public sent meant in these states is very clearly in favour of witnesses and documentation, and if those senators don't vote in ever of that there is a price to pay now, if miss Mcconnell doesn't allow them to vote for that. That says something as well, so they are in a very bad place. But the fact is this is so clear as far as depend in the constitution. Honouring the vision of our founders for what that is, the eggs wizard bypass, separate,
powers in our constitution. That makes us a republic I pledge allegiance to the flight and true the republic for which it stands republic. That's We are that's what he is undermining by saying article two, so I can do whatever. I would not just trump undermining much Mitch Mcconnell. You know when you ve tiptoed right up to the line of of calling on America, I've come edge. Moscow may not always he's got more damage than Trump, as a main I know is a strict constitution was who constantly violates the constitution? prominently, of course, by not allowing merit garland. Jack Obama's Supreme Court Bit to even have a hearing It makes it a citizen that is if they were to write the book, all the presidents, men as they did about her together, and they would be called all the president's henchmen,
the attorney general of the United States and all of these people surrounding the present. But let's just take this to a patriotic place this in about politics. It isn't about partisanship, it's about patriotism, it's about our constitution, We don't want any president democratically road with no matter who fear he is to think that they could get away with this and he had to be stopped because he's again jeopardizing the integrity of the next election by blaming it only Ukrainians and not, any accountability, the Russians for what they're your ear, alot, more generous and of spirit to him than I am and produce him back to the constant. Well, I've heard you today I don't data anybody ever. I know that and I believe you I can go there with you, but here is what I have told my audience and people disagree with this. I told them, and I think this should be our mantra on the left. You can hate trump. You can't hate the people who, like him,
No, I guess that's where we are too now unfriended New that way lies literally civil war. I completely agree with even the people I serve within the Congress. We have very little in common in terms of their issues, but but the fact is, I respect the people who sent them to come of course, and so I afford them the respect that their constituents. You were never a scary, radical, but that's how you were portrayed a hundred and thirty seven thousand adds describing that way in the two thousand, eight hundred and thirty, seven thousand ads San Francisco other, which I proudly way what I found disturbing is that very often Democrats did not defend you are now now. Can you wear it at that that but here's what I do work that our country in its greatness, can
sword one term of the present occupant of the White House, not to turn what it may it does to the ports and the rest. So what we have to do, right to left in our own party and beyond. Our own party is to elect a new president The United States, however, that whoever they may, as we all, must embrace and am in advance, and I have to say, as I travel the country I do believe, there's plenty of common ground in them. A mainstream measures that can don't you think it says something about the Democratic Party and their inability to win key elections lately that a lot of your accomplishments instead of.
Standing shoulder to shoulder with you in saying this is the person who say to cut country helped about from going into a depression by passing the stimulus and save the automobile industry and got Dodd Frank past and got healthcare got Obama pass, you know, You're kind of our iron lady here on the Democratic Party is, is very often the victim of their own purity tests. I don't like that, but I do in terms of aid, because I'm in the arena Go in there you go in and you you have to be ready to take a punch and have very throw a punch for the chill but what I love the chill whitefoot, but what I am I am concerned about for the children is the future of this country and we have to have our common ground the stream message now in the recent election we want. We should
in the house that we know how to win disciplined focused, cold blooded in terms of
winning and good to have your cold blooded selling that's been. Our personally is the former republican guy was a real annoyed and a primary challenger to Donald Trump bore the republican emanation in twenty twenty Joe. All things over was that your government is apology rise winter winning historian author of the New York Times, bestseller, the soul of Amerika. The battle
our better angels, the Maids John Major large, recurred in a column exponent of our times, Gaheris Wisher, about questions for tonight's over times, organise them after the show on Youtube or rights. Let's talk about impeachment its historical now, I'm too bad for the country, but as a historian John, you must build frankly, about it ahead: Org, poor, solemn walking, these painful yeah. I know it's. It's really done this three times in turn. In forty years remit residents, but I read fifteen times overall and all had witnesses the the
only time we might not have witnesses and during the John and ended chief justice is watching this. The chief justice in the Johnson impeachment voted a couple of times to break a tie, so it's it was the ultimate sanction the key inside the speaker just said it was divided sovereignty that founders basically had a pretty pessimistic view of human nature. We ve done it we think we can approve them right. As we have heard someone say you can always count. America do the right thing once its exhausted every other possible. So the idea was to make it really hard to do something and empty comes out english common law very hard to do. Spect with his lawyers today bill at least one of whom represented OJ We may be seeing this again YO these guilty, but he's gonna walk that's possible here, but the hope that reason deftly gonna walk. I what
Someone on this panel or in this world who thinks that for us simply passing from could get convicted? I think so I think so low but not even allow wait where, president to any you can have anything can happen in bill start against, with I spoke after the show that in doing so, we have been doing dark day this. This a bomb shelter may go your way through this, where the Republicans who have never turned on him. We dont know why those are good questions to ask what why this suddenly what knowledge You have. We know that most of my former republican colleagues in the house in the scent they can't stand and bill bill, nobody knows what this guy did. Everybody knows he did wrong. I think their voting no, but I think there will be enough Republicans who will maybe and a fair trial here from
here from love partners. It's up to. It builds up the voters, it's up to the american people to get in these senators faces and say Dammit put country for party. I think there's there could be some pressure. I am tensile it's. I don't know where we're going to get us out of this lie. That's that's not gonna! Believe, but I do think it's funny that they're so afraid to hear from John Bolton lifelong republican hack, but they can't even hear from him about this question. Could it backfire witnesses because then don't don't trump card to call Biden has other data also means and how they decide that sets. The whole thing is that it is it one world one gets one. One gets the other. How could a go at the legal right absolutely, but there could be people there. You can say that are pertinent to the investigation above this is through the light and needs a better answer about his son. Then I can do more pushups than you, and I'm gonna
beat you up he's gonna have to dress it during the journey campaign lies the now I remember two thousand and four was with John Carry. You were here and they turned him into the war. Criminal and Bush half dodger into the war hero. So if this Gets to trial, and they call Biden and his son trust me, Biden and his son in Ukraine will be the bigger scandal yet- and I think the America people will see through that. I think it was again size to be invited to say a hundred and thirty seven thousand adds nosocomial. India book provides for what they do. Is they flood the zone with rights, and they will do that here and they will keep repeating repeating the met, the message I could not help being tromp, whose numbers I mean he's got his base of support that will never lose him. He leave em
gaining boats beyond that, especially on each, but let us make it works really much better than you think, and we don't know how it works is the problem with the real can the real conviction and removal we'll have to happen in November, and The argument here. How do you find the Senator voters, the cold blooded is, as the speaker just said, and convince them that ok, we therefore you know it's always bunny? Doesn't biogas, and I put out in so we ve been shot by the be begun. Nera was that it was a russian, nay we're, ok, funds over and we gotta get back to undress and that's the binding case right binds cases I'm an oxygen tat. You know right the country and will take care of it for four years- may lead an oxygen tat. Well looks bad at those debates. No amount of evidence matters here like the least love partners, thing just happened and it its full at slake literally. I was thinking of refugee
like not a credible. I didn't. I didn't. We acknowledge and credible right and are all hanging around the Trump basket, essentially but why do I said his drive with what everybody else am I agree, although but wait he left to himself that said, go so Linsky to announce that the Biden case will be investigated To himself can't you remember where you remember: it's like a bank Robert already know it remember to rob a bank strikes me as suspicious. Do you have a really Giuliani here right in Hamburg adjoining the he's like the std of digital, essential you get that afternoon? So let me ask about the debate on the bridge I mention in the model. I wish the video. Is it wrong just to ask this question itself
Bernie Sanders whenever he said whether he did say data claiming that he said a woman shouldn't be present, registered a woman couldn't and we ve always had these discussions, having them now. Quite honestly, and it's not a crazy discussion. I am considering the most quarrel I'd person ever Hillary Clinton lost the races. Tell I'll be the last century. It seems like the same people who are saying well, Hillary Clinton Laws, because sexism are now saying how dare to say a woman gonna be like if it weren't brought it up or self that, with the US side laid the woman and the card, Come on come on what was she would look she's thinking like Iraq, and this is what politicians to bring it up. She had to bring it up to death paper to your lamp say it just say it out loud well to savour campaign.
It was not an issue that needed to be brought it up. It was an issue was like we're thinking in the polls. This is what politicians do when they there on the trail for a year, they get a little she was rising member. She was gonna, be the one member Bush in two thousand brought out black babies John Mccain he's like I'm losing this thing: black babies. That's all I want to hear about is black and babies bill and they brought that shit depends on the candidates. It depends on the woman The conservative republican Nancy Policy is a rock star. I put her in the White House right now. The way, the way that woman against Trump single handedly defended the institution, my god, I'd I'd won her
the White House considering three years ago, Europe saying Trump didn't get elected. You are giving it a must, gave me ass, you look at it doesn't get elected. I grant, but always moving to my house in the Castro Life Porn going together and be great. Ok,. We're marrying ago. That's what the problem is. A dreadful writing sexy sexy sexy. Ok, so look what I was going to be so these banjo ordered one morning I dont want we'll gravity span. I will we, while we were of the trumpet data strike against this guy ceremony and barred
the brouhaha with its that he was going to attack their cultural sites course ran his ancient persia. So there, cultural sites are pretty awesome. So, but you know every reaction causes a reaction. Now we have to worry about our cultural sites, but of course our cultural sites are like grace. Limbed in your home state of Tennessee. We had the effect and the Ballade YO obey of the rocky statue. You know are not as impressive that there are some people dont know about. For example, were known and MRS, if he has the international house of Mud flat higher there's the tomb of the unknown amphetamine addictive long haul, trucker in my home state, Belma Rock New Jersey. This is this site, where the Guido is for
landed in America in Nevada, there's area, fifty two, where the Pentagon, instead to be hiding evidence of the existence of Modern Republic in Washington DC, has the wall of hunters shot but other entered, and in Mississippi there's the highway. They gave us the roadkill, which became drums air, so easy, twenty, twenty twenty one: twenty twenty democratic presidential candidate author of the war on normal people, the truth about America's disappearing jobs, and why universal basic income is our future Andrew Yang size you were coming now you do in this- is that I shouted Biden Bernie that you now you can come on its way of reminding everyone you what's your audience can tell you. He keeps the studio a little bit. Chilean Mary will listen. I missed you with the debate
you're, the only one I did. I think you know you have a different voice in a voice. That needs to be heard. One thing I like about your voice here, the least Trump obsessed all the candidates? Let me read, you could but you said, if you turn on cable network news today, you would think our present, because of some combination of Russia. Racism faced celery and emails some that is true, but saying its other things and I would agree I'm having from here to Iowa he blasted away forty thousand manufacturing jobs in that state and when you go to those towns after the mill closed the shopping are closed. People started to leave this school shrank and it It's never recovered and that's the story, that's played out in Ohio, Michigan Western Pennsylvania. Cancer and that's why Trump, one all of those key states and what we did to those manufacturing? Jobs are now doing to retail jobs, call center jobs
percent of America's malls and stores are closing because Amazon, Closing them and Amazon is being zero in taxes. So these the problems that people in Iowa feel every single day and when I try. The voters they do not obsess about impeachment the same way. The votes in the media to write. Erica still make stuff, it's just that it's robots doing it. Think. I read in your article, something like eighty. Eight percent of factory jobs that were lost from two thousand to two thousand and ten were lost to autumn Now the issue for you right now. When you go to a factory in the MID West, you don't see wall the wall, immigrants, you see walled in that report. And that's just speeding up to the extent that you do need more manufacturing workers, which you do. They tend to be edging it had technicians, people who are good on laptops and not hammering thing in the place, and in our country only thirty three percent of Americans are going to graduate from college, were centrally a nation of high school graduates and
those opportunities are not keeping pace so another. The thing I like about you is that you are also the least I'm identity. Politics obsessed, I feel now I dont see, however, my staff tells me or Asian yes, you know early on in my campaign, some people told me that an Asian couldn't window the White House and those people were my period by my bare there. We ve talked about me running. It wasn't even like our you can't be President rightly you'd have you should be resident They weren't excited initially, because Asian Americans are really think about politics as a natural arena. For on earth but hope
I'm changing that you are changing. You make jokes and but, Asians. Don't like tat! You get the like jokes about being good at math, their deposit in It's like being kids about having a big dick everyone's gonna know. Well, more math is an acronym. It stands were, make America thing harder, yeah. What we need to do here, you gotta get him. So let me ask you about the China deal, not because Eurasian really really because it was a big part of the week the obsess about all these other things. This is, and I like your criticism of the media, you say you know
always criticise Fox news all those years and still do because they don't they just don't report the news that they don't want their people to hear about now. I feel the left is getting that way. Now we did sign a fight. Finally, sign of trade deal with China. What do you think about what you are taken While the details having come out from this phase, one I talk to a producer here in the U S and they said that what's bonds mind does not actually protect them. Or addressed there are concerns at all, it's more about not slapping it in all tariffs on imports that we're coming into the country- and I don't but the rest of you, but I'm much more concerned about our exporters and producers. People like farmers in Iowa, then I am about chinese producers. So to me we don't know what's in this until we get more information and details, what about the technology Do you know about that idea? Whether technologies thing is one thing,
it an actual. Is that in their did, we really get it clear there. We aren't details, but I think the issue is it's not facing what the future, as which is China's actually very innovative and is starting to manufacture all kinds of things. Including those robots tat. Those are immigrant robots. How come I keep reading that the Democrats or getting Their ass kicked on the technological front as far as social media, as far adds a member in Two thousand was twelve Obama. There can payments. So, technologically ahead and Peggy Newton said, I think we're gonna win because I say so many yard signed there are like yard signs or on the computer, lady and somehow now it's that somehow the Republicans when using this very early on November Ralph rain, using a great effect many many that ten years ago and is because the before Fox NEWS, mostly concerns were zeroed out in mainstream media, and so they started to use digital tools rather a deeply and now that you
in lots of ways in their sort of aid, of course, is Andrew knows by Facebook and others in terms of these tools in the ability of micro target and their gotten very good at it, and the Democrats have direct took lack the liberals on silicone. Now that we were the ones who are good at this shit, the Republicans we're supposed to be the old man who said you know talked about the machine when they were talking about a day. For if you want us to leave frog the Republicans again, I gave you a nominee because I guarantee you as your nominee we'd, be better technology, the Republicans come before you personally could make that. So that's it. I mean that's a big robys I've in a lot of catching up to do. Apparently you know what happened in twenty? Sixteen is the Republicans. Did you a very, very good and then, at the time Facebook went to the Clinton campaign and said: hey, you want some help and the campaigns that now we got it.
That was not right answer. I have an important question for you. If you are the nominee, you win you in that But you are your President Elect Yang, yes, and we all know that setting out work with little what'll, you hear what I have you don't really think Donald Trump is gonna concede. Do you do We read a few few clothes and then you can answer that stir Roger Stone, couple years ago. Try to impeach em, just try it. You will have a spasm of violence in this country. An insurrection like you ve, never seen his trump. Two weeks before the election that he won. The whole thing is a bit one side, has about a trillion bullets, while the other side doesn't know which bathroom and is being rig twenty. I was gonna lose is represent, Steve King folks. Talking about another civil war.
One side has about a trillion bullets, while the other side doesn't know which bathroom views. If we get Here's trump intensive last year asked the difference. Bring him a Nixon, he left. I don't leave big difference. And Joe. I know you're different guy now, but here's you until November one? Sixteen you said Member raised on voting for Trump on November nineteen trumped loses I'm grabbing my musket this is the world were living in You don't really think the Trump is going to concede? What's the plan this? my question for Democrats all this year. What is the point when he says it's ring we found irregularities. I'm hearing spending everything and not leaving on January twenty? What do you do I genuinely think that
a lot of noise, but he would leave because, in order to stay, you literally need the military on your side and the military. If it's free and fair election, which it will be when I d feed him in November, military is not going to circle. The White House and say we're gonna, keep this guy and I mean they're Americans, their patriots they'll be commander in chief he'll Hill leave. But, to your point, he's not really gonna leave because he's gonna grab Sean handed the he's gonna grab because billions of followers and he's cause hell for whoever the next presidencies? he's going to continue cited, divides it, but he's gonna make noise, but from the outside of the absolutely that's faster than my next question: what happens if we, Does that say you do get em out. I don't think you will, but you tent the White House and you get him up it could be worse than he Caesar
camped on the other side of the Rubicon, with his army and these people, who you were three years ago with, must get you heard all the time and he's agitating, guess he's not the kind of guy like most present, you say well, I congratulate my successor and I'm not going to speak about issues that is not who he is and what is twitter. Due to this, I put this in a calm and at times was what happened? Did you make me They keep them and let him stay on therein and lie and say whatever you want, because he's a newsworthy figure. What happens the day after the election, where he promotes violence? What did they do? That's like twitter. Finally throw em off or do they say, he's a newsworthy figure. Let him do it everyone's. That's that's interesting of how he can because Twitter is bent his motor com of work campaigning and now governing and so that's kind of an interesting question of what happened. China, if you lose, it is twenty twenty. He could run again and twenty twenty four right, absolute, oh geez and the tracing. Well, where are these? I think you're right there
new and concern. I think during Watergate James Lazier Sector defence issued an order saying any nuclear order, any military order that comes from the White House. I have to sign off on their way worried about the chain of command. Then it's not inconceivable again, he's president so we're living in a world to say the least. My sense of the effect you would try to have beyond the White House is theirs. Thirty, four percent, thirty five percent of the country that they thought Joe Mccarthy was great after he was injured- that Washington, Post bowl, one thousand nine hundred and fifty five thirty four percent of Joe Mccarthy, even after it was all over forty percent of the country, never voted for Franklin Roosevelt, they couldn't say his name. They call them that man, but that's thirty. Four forty percent right now we're a closer to forty eight forty, nine, and I think that the the big battle has to be finding people who are actually persuadable
and making this case we're never gonna get some sort of I'll holler of bi partisanship. We ve never had it. We never will, but we will end rebuild a reasonable measure, but here we ve never been here, but there are where the other side doesn't even here. The argument: did you see Martha MC issue. To be a fairly moderate by we're not really stands wrong kind of really pro Trump in Arizona and a work doing the tape we can show. A reporter from CNN. Just asked her a reasonable question about. There is no information about the impeachment trial. Here's your response. You're, a liberal hack, I'm not talking to you. That's where we are. I don't know, on the other side, even hears the argument you're making I'm actually
encourage, because I have, let's say, half a dozen events a day in New Hampshire half a dozen events a day in Iowa everything, then someone comes up to me. After I'm done speaking and says, I voted for Donald Trump and this time are going to vote for you and they say like a secret, but it happens every single, that's it you're event. That said Andrews event, yeah! That's! Why that's why? I think it's really important that these sides come together. Someone who I mean the people voted for Trans border. For me, the voices on this side need to stand up against them to avoid what you're talking about barely turn that into a campaigner. Worse gyro, fun, ringlets behind mark in the inn, but that's my point: there seemed nobody seems to think there's any value in going to war, the centre? It's too Johns point is what is their number to me? If you can get
down to. Let's call it like the low forties, then we're going to win by a landslide. You can't get it down to zero bill, but there I talk to people in Joe does too. I sense that are an that top forty one, There are forty nine range that are looking for an alternative there disappointed in the president, their seeing what's going on in their communities, and if someone speaks to those problems, then we can win. On remember the country that, in a thirty second constitutional of three ago, almost to the day we went from having Barack Obama as our President to Donald Trump in.
Just a wild swaying. We bounds from guard rail, the guard. Well, so we might get Aristotle next on the opposite of Donald Trump. Is an asian man like an ominous way? Remember like my words, you can hate trump. You can't pay the people who like arrive in time for new rules and gloves, must stop putting themselves on the bag, foregoing big it. Nobody eats into war Jos summer to cope job
Others can't you because of the boat talks and its award season command the meals. A do get even will just be thrown up. You so sensitive about accuracy is throwing up their dinner at an award, neural people and participate in the new federal perennial sunning. Now this is a thing I knew you were waiting come back. Where were you exposure anus to solar rays? Is it it's real must never asked me to the beach you ve not only ruin, sunbathing, you ve ruined the phrase. Stick it where the Sunday Europe this do. Keeper must tell us exactly what she's afraid this pelican might say admits. Mcconnell wants to know. Are you available to work and impeachment try euro of yours, suburban liberal, who puts up one of those immigrants, are welcome here. Signs random guatemalans get up on it. Lets you welcome the culprits in really are when they come home from yoga define Jorge Sosa. This valleys brought out all over the restoration hardware and spanish subtitles on the Netflix again Euro. This ask your season. The academy must not forget Harvey ones deems performance in I'm too crippled to go to jail. Talk about convincing. Does this look like a guy? You could change when a paltry around it desk and finally neural. If Megan and Harry can quit their family, you can't
not that I got anything against families in general. They come in really handy at times like like when you need a coastline or for a car alone, but the downside of families is they possess a gravitation force. That gets you to do stuff. You don't want to do and continued Traditions, you don't really believe in families like drugs, you get I often, but it make you do stupid things print Diana famously said she felt like a prisoner, but many people can get trapped. Living their families, life and not their life. Capital did, the same old jobs, politics, region, customs,. Every new year's day. My family used to serve work and sauerkraut. I dont know why my
Parents did it at their parents, did it and I did it until one year. I said I hate this shit just because I share dna in a bathroom with you, people have to live by your rules forever, so do it, fire. Your family how we gave up a castle? What are you got to lose and air mattress break this cycle? Think outside the crib? There must be fifty ways to leave your mother? You don't have to do what your folks did. You don't have to get married. You have children. If you don't want or go hunting or work Coal mine, to be the religion you were born into or any religion
Splore, an alternative way of looking at the universe called not bad. She cried So I give hurrying Megan some credit, but not a lot Because they want to be seen as this modern couple way than the others. Duffy runs in the family, then go all the way and say Say we're not just taking a step back from royalty, we're renouncing the whole outdated, racist, anachronistic lot of it we're saying loud and proud. What is this? bullshit, that's some pain, are royal. You want to be monitored and woke, and all that want to get rid of politically incorrect words. Your highness.
What could be more antithetical to liberalism, then calling another human, your highness, I gotta say these social justice worry suit. The tire of pointing out old, behaviors and bygone attitudes that just don't cut it anymore. Where they ve been on this one seduced by a pageantry where you, I think the woke have been asleep Surprisingly forgiving about the idea that some people are born exalted above the rest of us to be bad, I too would carded around and golden carriages are you people who wake up offended. Where's the outrage for you. I want An apology from the people always wanted an apology, and you know the queen has a grand carver current
the Earl of Denby, whose sole job is to curb the queen's meat. And a dinner when the queen finishes eating, Everyone else has to stop to when they all bad. It's her spoon down. That's it we're all. I thought being born into privilege was public. Anna number one now, but you're happy to be Lord it over by a bunch of inbred twit to happen to win the twenty three and we want to make it an harry. You wanna be remembered for greatness, then burn your boat it's completely and say it's twenty twenty. I hereby decree this birthright nonsense from the middle ages is stupid, next time, someone curtseys or boughs and scrapes before you cause you, your highness, stop them and say
we feel ridiculous being called that, I'm in dress, he's a nice guy, we're not highnesses. No humans are higher by birth, its gross and to those who say the monarchies too important a tourist attraction always here that can abolish it. Guess what need live people for it.
They still go to Stonehenge and the alien to build that left a long time ago, palaces the guards the carriages, it's practically an amusement park already. We could call it the MAGIC United Kingdom fill it with rides, like caucasian Mountain Dianas, wild ride and the trouble of incestuous love. Just you know, keep the kids away from Bridge Andrew our right, that's shudder and everything that is better and faded. Twenty. Second, if ever I want to thank your world John Major Joam, you everything we have been watching me, love and each be dot com.
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