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Ep. #518: Pete Buttigieg, Michael Eric Dyson

2020-01-31 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Pete Buttigieg, Michael Eric Dyson, Mitch Landrieu, Mikie Sherrill, and Rick Wilson. (Originally aired 1/31/20)

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Welcome to each year pipe from HBO real time to start
a very tough we anything I get at it, he was gravely at this point. I appreciate the Good NEWS is the impeachment trial is almost over
and those is so as rule of LAW in America. That's what other conclusions can we draw up when you saw Alan Dershowitz, the president's chief lawyer there at the trial say that any action taken by this president to help his re election Is by definition in the public interest, did we decide that, I can commit any crime if it's good for me, because that is good for America is, Are you can't arrest a car thief? If he thinks you be walking more Wednesday. These people, so many of our inertia, which used to be normal. We came up with this idea when I was on Jeffrey Epstein. Plain was alive
Who is getting a massage rooms, you're completely age, appropriate writing in his underwear and he ran a buyer. This theory- and she said- please don't make my job disgusting. There was a glimmer of hope. We working last night that at least we would get witnesses, but now it he's gone Lamar Alexander seventy nine year old retiring senator from Tennessee still not enough covered. You said he made the decision after wrestling with his conscious and pinning to the mapped Alexander, said yeah great drop dead. They did all of it, senators have taken an oath to protect Donald Trump and that's just the way. The constitution is written, so it's a done deal. This is gonna, happen trample
the acquitted on Wednesday. Republicans have nothing left to do, but not the eyes and cross the tease and fuck the use, as always with Trump. Nothing will happen him get bigger. Perhaps on the risk from MILAN again.
And in the future, when Trump shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue Mitch, Mcconnell will be there to look the blood off his shoes, air, officially living in a dictatorship and not even one with good rail service and happier news the corona virus spreading. Now that China is in bad shape, it locked down many cities, Tromp has offered to send assistance in China, but worst of all non first, the little matter of digging up some dirt on the binds. Please innocuous interesting Biden and Bernie NET
and that now and I were and nationally it is turning into a to visa race gray. Bindings victory is so close to almost smell its hair amazing, but to all this guy's and what are the democratically we're living in the young men regrets, meaning The leading candidate for the part of it it's the young, has malarkey written on his works. Sally Democrats are so desperate to engage the social media generation at the ballot in Iowa. That does not least the candidates names it as well, democratic candidate or you
thinking about rising Bernie widened should run together that we, like the two muppets in the balcony, creeping lawns. I've run. Certainly my friend Michael Eric Dyson is backstage. Is the former mayor of self bending, the Anna and twenty twenty democratic presidential candidate beat Buddha judges. There may repeat how you do, and I know you have to run, gives you gotta get your and I were you gotta campaigns that very soon right. That's right, we're in Davenport. Right now the snow is lying, but feels good here on the ground. Ok, so I'll get right to the questions. First of all, I was ending their with some commentary about Bernie in Biden.
Seem to be now neck and neck. At the head of the past. As the youngest guy in the campaign. What do you think about that? the party that so young looking, is embracing the two older people, but I suppose, You could run and succeeded any age, but I think the really important thing is: are we focusing on the future or we tight in the politics of the past- and I think it a moment like this in order The government, but also in order to win we gotta, be focused on the future, definitely or to govern because we're dealing with cyber security threats, global health risk to the economy changing in the air of technology. But also in order to win the election. Mostly folks, I talk to mainly just want to be sure we beat Donald Trump and, if you think about it for a minute, every single time, that my party has captured the White House in the last fifty years. It's been with a key who is looking to the future new national politics and opening the door to a new generation.
Ngos are very clever. Answer may be mentioning all those things old people don't understand that, and I got to say that's why I like you you're good. I must tell you you're on the show, a buddy run and no less than a year ago, but at the time, a review of this heard of? You are good pronounce your name and, of course we still can't. So we call you may reply, but I do think that my legs, multiple choice I got a letter pronounce. It used to be able to pick me off understanding, the right corner for the Caucasus but for me just as a voter age, is an issue anymore. When I just heard a kind of was, but I think, you're a lot more mature than family So
so I mean ages. It is a case by case basis and also, I think what I like about you is, I don't think you'll have to change your answers. Like some of the candidates for the general election. That's right. I mean look part of how we're gonna win is to pull in a broad coalition, and there are a lot of what I like to call future former republics who were showing up on my campaigning in some countries- and I were here they they swung, maybe twenty points toward Donald Trump and yet folks the coming out of the woodwork to my events and I'm not trying to trick him not pretending to be a conservative, but I'm making sure that we have a vision that A good healthy majority of Americans can get on board with and that's not gesture in terms of policy is true trips, a tone and style, and just the kind of president that if we want right now,
now present you good turn on the news and see and feel your blood pressure actually go down instead of up to the roof desired party. Right I mean among or two ago look like for the for the far left and I must be clear: Europe Progressive, there's, not a Democrat in this race, who isn't an honest progressive summer, just there, before I left and that be burning and Elizabeth worn and he seems to have a cliffs turn now and I think that's because burning don't care about that woke stuff. You know Bernie just straight up about the economy and I think that's what people care about. Would you ask its Emily. Well, I racial and economic quality injustice go together. What we ve got to do is make sure that word pointing to all the patterns of exclusion that need to change and when I talk about building a culture of belonging for the country,
is making sure that people can thrive, regardless of where they come from, regardless of their race and Annie DR wherever you sit in the economy and then again right now, were in Eastern Iowa been cities that are a lot like south, then, and yet President who said he cares about the forgotten. Men and women and industrial workers, but you look at all of the economic policies they ve had in their benefiting corporations are benefiting the wealthy. There are doing anything for workers for farmers. People can tell, and that is increasingly something that's not just important- a progressive and dyed in the wool Democrats, but really mattering to end and then send an awful lot of people. Getting ready across party lines okay. Well, when I said woke, I meant a broad range of issues, but as long as you mentioned this, I just want to say anything. You don't have to comment in this, but just again as of voter to the media, I would say one story I'm really tired of is: peat is not connecting with black voters. Yes, I heard that story.
Many many times get it. And can we move on, and you know, I worry, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Do you Well, that's what's so important to do well here on the ground. You know the strongest support that I have long black voters is among the folks who know me best in I've been where most of the Black elected a fish, Those who made endorsements are supporting me and on the ground in Iowa, we're seeing a lot of support, but what the reality as April, and I have every reason if I may not in the name of the numbers you see in the south, but not absolutely there, their experience matters and in accounts and look this drilling poured right. I mean nobody is experiencing more of the pain Of living under the Trump presidency, then communities of color and that is one of the reasons there such an emphasis on making sure that we win.
The process of proving that for all of us begins right here in Ireland, and this is the chance, starting in three days with the Caucasus demonstrate that I've got the kind of campaign organization to succeed and go on and beat Donald Trump, ok I very often here used the phrase patriotic immunity, meaning Republican, seem too able to get away with doing things that are unpatriotic and it doesnt stick to them like trumped sides with countries not named America, verses Obama. World Tansu, you know stuff like that. Just seems like we're. Playing to different games you know you're the only military veteran in this, but seems like America cares less about that than they used to you. The first one with military service to be elected since the first President Bush
I should be adequate and I think that everybody, you think about various gotta present right, who will thump his chest, throw himself a military parade and then turns its back on the troops I'm in the latest was minimized traumatic, brain injury? If you know anything about what has happened, troops in the post, nine eleven wars. You know that on one may, and tell you about traumatic brain injury- is it can be a lot more serious than bone spurs. That's why I honestly think you would do very well in a debate with Donald Trump, but I know you got go and ask you one last question. I know I neg people about this and maybe they're tired of it, but I laid,
last week in a way I ve never laid out before, but all down the line. I dont think if Trump loses he's going to concede scenario, you win, you are President Elect PETE, we're still calling you pay and you but Trump says the irregularities and he can give up the office because its deep state hoax. What do you do. Well, it's gonna be all awkward when Chasin our moving into the White House, but it was really the last question that I wouldn't be doing my job. If I didn't ask everybody watching, you supports this campaign to go to pay for America Doc and send in five or ten bucks. That's I also feel Fredo
Thank you. Gotta get time, I'm a big man made. Everybody variety is a republican strategies and author of the number one best seller running against the devil, Applaud disable America from Trump and Democrats from themselves. Rick Wilson's, monsieur Rick, is the former democratic mayor, Nolan, say the founder of the Pluribus Unum Initiative, Mitchell Andrew and she's, a former? U S, Navy helicopter pilot and federal prosecutor flipped my home state
new Jerseys, eleventh in twenty eight in representative Mikey Cheryl job. I dont forget to send us your questions were tonight several times you can answer them after the show on Youtube. Ok, try Don T cry, bring the show because we lost democracy this week. I feel I'm standing over a casket and thinking I should have been Aye, sir, when it was alive- and I feel like whatever we're gonna talk about tonight in a way- is almost moat- we're going to do about politics, and I were who's gonna win and I feel like were actually Talking about a world that doesn't exist anymore, were in a post democracy world, there's a different paradigm, you know it's one thing we always knew tromp was correct, but this week we found out the Senate. The whole senator countries that become dictatorships. They still have a Senate. Rome had a Senate,
Russia has a Duma, a parliament there. There it looks the same, but it's not the same. So my question is to this panel. Where are we in two years two years, are we. We have a one year of a new president in two years. We're gonna have most the Democrats. I expectations and and do a bunch of things right, we're going Carbon unconstrained president we're gonna have based gonna win. Real action is going to have one and a half branches of government which will super powerful executive branch. It'll be a Senate, and that is basically completely compliant with the White House into what you saw this week at the have. I think that well, actually, I think, but we're looking at here is the start of our taking back our democracy. I think two odor cockeyed after I do. I really think that the american I've had enough. We had seventy percent of the population that wanted to see witnesses. This is this is too far.
It's a bridge too far, and I think we're saying people start to realise that the they house Republicans the Senate report. Since have been so co opted by this present in the american people. No, this is dangerous. This is not why we had a revolution, so we could have this unitary executive. Does it with they. If one party, I dont, think the Republicans anymore, believe In democracy, while I thought when Mitch when no merit other merit garland get his hearing. I thought oh well that that's that they couldn't get again. Subvert democracy more than that and Mitch Mcconnell said hold my beer today today that today we have, we really ought to stop, because today was a was a monumental day, a very bad one for the history of our country, and the Senate basically gave the finger to the country and basically did not do their duty, and now it's up to the people of the country. You say we are the only ones that can stop this. I disagree with what I think we're gonna win over November, They have to go vote and if you go
vote and vote in substantial enough number so that they can take it away from you buy cheating we will take back, but the cat, and they do, and I look at the mid terms- I mean I had twenty percent of registered Republicans voting for because people now this is wrong and I were Trump district. I'm just saying- I don't know, I've matters, I don't trust the returns with Russia and hacking, and all that I have to say it. That's how I might vote I've been going back and forth about this. I mean we all due to a degree. Do we want the progressive I like burning and Elizabeth Warrant, but I feel mostly I have said that you know somebody like Peter Amy. Closure could win more easily, but I tell you I Bernie Sanders is attractive to me now because he's The only democratic like Trump has an army who went again. This other level he's got a bunch of
bad ass motherfuckers, who will get in the streets well well, rubberin, wherever there bourbon women and my district already, they pack and their leaders drums people. Are I write code you last week he said we have the rough people dimension, the police, the military and the bike, and the bikers near suburban women go against the bikers. Who I do have my my veterans in and there is a baker clouded. My battery read, you were Trump said, and I were so yeah who gave a rally last night, he said I have no choice. You have to vote for me all the time. What damage It's you think about why that resonated people, otherwise everything you ve, built Your entire life will be gone and the info
when you watch liberal media's. I do mostly you here he's an existential threat and I'm always trying to tell the liberals, but they think the same. This means where it the place where we both think the other side is an existential threat that ought not to go. Place to be back from your existential arm existential its. It is an existential threat in a lot of ways in Rio, but he would drop, I think we are we are hopeful. We can have a different outcome in twenty twenty, but I kind of like we got that deal with the famous question would frankly was ass if the constitutional convention, what if Ukraine is it or what public, if you can keep it. I think right know the answer to that. If we don't do everything, right this year, but that question of how do you get back from being? Let's get back, Are you about marginal tax rates? I be lovely, but right now we got We ve got me and I like Bill BAR who is going. Bend the Justice Department and subordinate to use it
they political weapon against trumps opponents. You ve got a white house that is unbounded and uncontrolled, and this week they were told, hey you can even crime in all this time go do more and no criminal on earth who doesn't get caught and punished stops, especially him and the only way that you're gonna fix it is by throwing him out of office or the mission for everybody has to be to be drunk in UK government. If you don't win so I've got to find the candidate who is best suited to again, then we gotta go. Do it think we're talking about the last paradigm? Ok, so why did Bernie outlets? worn. It looked a couple of months ago. Like you mean that was the narrative that I bought into and it seemed like it was playing out on the ground that the two very similar the far left candidates but Bernie was kind of old knows. He ran last time Elizabeth, why and was the new version people work and then it all went around and Maybe it says something about some there's. It's good to have a long campaign People saw burn
it's always the same guy. I warn you I've always liked, but she can alike. So if I didn't like- and today she she came out, listen to this- she, Once your secretary of education to be, headed by a high school student, I'm not kidding, He said a young trans person. I believe in high school, I'm going to have a secretary. Education that this young trans persian interviews on my behalf, and only if This person believes our secretary Abed occasion: nominees actually committed now, Obama said Peter just don't want crazy, stuff. He's not crazy stuff bill issue Mr President, a Berkeley, outta fundamental there's a fundamental war in politics that Republicans abuse for a long long time, don't run on
who take issues in a warmer nation- and that is exactly what that's about you know what it doesnt to leave: Trans rights and Trans acceptance in another column. Here that is something that is so narrowly focused. How does that hope? Her win votes in the upper MID West in Ohio was Consequently, the nigger you have natural to day when we won, we won, because we were talking about the things that Keaton midnight when last thing you think you're a single mom is, you know how am I going to pay for my kids, healthcare or How am I gonna make sure that you know I can pay for my rent and what is it going to take to succeed in this economy? And that's what you run on? That's what you run on and so I always worry when this stuff happens, I would say: there's only two teams. Now everything that happens on the left goes into the blue been you're. The party of this
bullshit. You might be asked about this. With war, and what, if she's the candidate, may do you? What do you think woman about letting a school student forget the transgender gender. A high schools have veto power over the cabinet, good idea I mean that's that produce jobs right. I have for our kids. That idea puts me in a real live. Spat will ok, so I just think Democrat are too often bad politics MIKE Bloomberg is to run an add on the Superbowl and the geese. Turning eleven million dollars on it? It's an anti gun at the Superbowl damn. I want your wings eating beer drinking guys and you're gonna. There, and so let me introduce myself. I'm gonna take your guns right after the truck commercial Roy. What might Bloomberg has a gigantic now
precise size, pile of money he's burning through it right at a good clip. But that's where you are fundamental. Political judgment of somebody, who's running a bubble in a hot house in Manhattan and doesn't understand that there's a country out there. That is very, very different and we still have the Democrats very frequently have this top down ideological thing and they think, oh, what works in Berkeley will work in Dubuque and it doesn't translate that way. It doesnt translate but he's spending money and of you I mean He is building an organization across the country so enduring maybe an upside those to the organizational stuff he's doing income the general. What does that mean? He's? U spending money, and states nobody's in right now, which is good the interesting to see how they plays out after super. I think books is saying: it's not going to work, but if he's out there spending money getting to be known, talking about
issues of supposedly we will get a little sea, because this is the first time anybody's have a try this. So we don't want any idea he won't be at the top of it. Take it back. I mean we as building this. We gotta money ball. This one member money bore no bundling stealing their giving them an out. I feel like in this race, like don't talk about the environment, anybody who cares about the environment is already voting for the Democrat. There's not any overlap on that issue. It's either it's a hoax, or I think it's an emergency. That's all they re, don't talk about it. How it's just what policy is a trap you put it now. Would you put on a similar? Stipulates healthcare point? You know it happens. A guy like me, working for trot, will go and find ten nerve to go through it and find tenth that scare, the crap out of suburban voters, they're gonna, take away, The kids healthcare care our union health plan and all of sudden Medicare for all, sounds like something out of the the blacklist its terrorist. Not all policy is a trap. I like what, if the debt
ran on what we should have rigorously distant, raising the minimum wage health care legalised pot. I think we may election full disclosure. Full disclosure jerseys, raise the minimum wage. We voted to raise the minimum wage, I'm I'm for it. Do you know nobody's raiders your minimum wage in New Jersey, where, where slowly getting it up to fifteen, still not enough to live well. This is the thing tat. Nobody thinks to themselves gosh one day, if I work I can get a minimum wage job and I'm gonna be set railway paddle, not speaking to the middle class. I dont think only other people don't count the people below the middle class, but the people below the middle class wanna be the middle class. So the people below the middle class also nobody number, which is a good thing in the morning when they want to be one to do it. They won t, but but that's not what's gonna move hearts and minds of Amerika. Because what everybody wants is a good, secure, middle class job with benefits rate. So you don't say
you can have met a minimum wage and I don't know how you gonna pay for health. I don't know how you gonna retire. I don't know how you are going to take maternity leave. If anybody get sick, didn't fifty earth people don't eat in the long run the eat every day the the thing about the election, though bill is every re election campaign? is a referendum on the incumbent. This is a bite waste in this election. It's either you want for more Europe, Donald Trump or something else whatever. That, wherever the numbers lead you for the democratic campaign, wherever the pulling leads you and you ve got it oh there and that what making this a referendum on Trump on cruelty and corruption and these things that are easily understood I say this a lot Barack Obama's policy fit on a poster is hope and change. Donald from the policy fiddler trucker hat It was this. This idea that you have to go out and articulate policy or when you got a contrast to make if we're referendum against tromp, is
Things. Can happen in the german elections, I mean these candidates are competing with each other to become the nominee. They have distinguished themselves somehow you wouldn't. Then we're gonna run aground, we're all gonna go out there and say the same thing and that's gonna its. Start winnowing out will meet and we were on the game now grindstone on Monday and by our second is going to be some Clara. I have to move on, but please, let's talk about the Grammy's That's what I call me the king of blends. The Grammy's Sunday and what the fuck are. We doing its money that so you know I always said they. They have less and less categories every year, because that they're, the ones that are televised are not nearly the whole debate immersive audio, album, never gets on tv, but they give the Grammy Chloral Coral performance best chamber music. So we have
found some other more specific Grammy get it. Would you like to hear this bit, for example, those favoured by lyric? Why your mom, trying to sing along the lines that category I might win best song? A hipster says you have to have on vinyl that's gunshot on a rap and or country our best Christmas, album by a Jew, loudness performance by my reactor back quickly. Just trying to have a conversation best classic rock performance by exports is evil. We also my gets their head. Kick their best rocks wrong used by a republican politician after the artist s Bessie Day blood from a guy in Hollywood Boulevard because you didn't want to get stab sociology. Professor, a joy, his latest J J Mated America's out now I've tried, like I'm a guy, said. Ok, what topic would you like to talk about? First, this man who stands up every morning to excrete the feces it was more depravity into a nation, has turned into a psychic moved. That's what I want to talk about other than away like that's the elephant in the room you wearing Corbies Jersey There- and I know you were great friends with them. Yes salute. We absolutely must be devastating, as it is, for every body is extremely devastating. I went down to the memorial that makeshift memorial
today a kind of living breathing mausoleum on the one hand, but people's love for him was extraordinary. He was an extraordinary human being, a great great basketball player. I wrote that cover story for slam magazine. When retired saying he was the best and the thing about that I think is so remarkable. This stuff he did behind the scenes. So the active shonkin com. You haven't said a young man who had been shot to death by the police. His brother was in the car loved. The brother who survive, love, Kobe Bryant. He called me up. I call Toby, he said of a bunch of stuff and called him a young woman from Israel contacted phone said I know your friends with him. My brother has cancer and he's a huge coolby fan. So I call call be and how they work. It was a little video made on his phone, the central core. We went to the studio and made a professional video and sent to this young man that's
kind of stuff that was represented. So maybe he is your next book I mean you have written a lot of great biographies. You did Martin Luther King, you you did Malcolm X, you did Marvin Gaye, Ray, I era, yeah yeah. No doubt I love that now I mean ours is a means to voice underrated. The huge star right, even in passing, but Don't under a Marvin Gaye in my pantheon, It did a book called is built Cosby right right, but what about but drugging women?
what no nobody anyway, I'm saying it was wrong as it is wrong and I had three pay lip. This was in what two thousand six year stand before. Work was woke and like the people- and I am quoting bill caused me to account- and I was talking three or four pages about the drug the women and the lad, a black people get mad at me. Why you turn to take a brother down right? I said no, he dragged us before he drove those women. So now the book is about jazzy. Why does you pick him well interfere. Does your interferes with two thirty years in the game and Tat was about forty years in terms above ground, so I wanted to talk about this tremendous figure, a guy who was rhetorically fluid verbally gifted, but also commands the attention of the world, and that I see in the book he's like Robert Frost with Brooklyn Accent, Rita Dove was a he's a space and people say we're. How dare you compare him? I mean if you list
to his lyrics, the simplicity of them are powerful. One says that Bill O Reilly not a lot of people. How dare you compare wrapper do with IRAN France, whose words these are, I think I know, is houses in the village that well Jason, yes, M lyrics to litter and he's got a robber frozen ever had to rhyme. Raturans, isn't even good grandfathered in two roads divergent a yellow would- and I took the one less travel by that is made all the difference was. These are, I think, I know, is houses independent stopping by words, what the result that we all remember view is a lovely blocking deep, but I
promises to keep my last before I leave the miles an hour before somebody the world will end of virus. That's I believe what they have already beat our rights it out. I read it bad, Josie wrote about a year and a half ago about make melon probation and really open my eyes to this issue. I didn't realize probation and bail tap. Seventy percent of people in jail, get this in America, is from the nation, haven't been convicted of a crime on seven percent. I saw one man of Fort went and jelly got. Ten million dollar barely made it We have ten billion dollars around you're, good growth in our jail population over the past thirty years is due to the chain. People not yet convicted and one reason is using make milk committed a crime, and he was nineteen years. It is time gray, still being stalked right by the probation, like them
you don't have to really doing after you may video. I bet that where's, like a probation violation, put him back in the slammer and his J points out in that appeared in the New York Times, the charges are dismissed and saw, but the judge had the discretion to still go after him and then, when you talk bail. He made a jersey made a great documentary on clean browser. A young man in New York charge. Would a crime have the money to cash bail out, so it goes a rikers for three years. And then he's abuse by both fellow prisoners and by the law horsemen agencies there he gets out and he eventually kills himself because he couldn't deal with it. I mean that's the consequence. Of some of our untoward policies. That J C has used is brilliance to illuminated. Ok, so I want to ask you about this book american dirt and then everybody else, but Merrick and dirt. If you're not following, then it's a book was I lay touted Oprah loved. It told her votes to get it
Well, let me tell them what to do if you have your own now, it's a book about a migrant woman and her son, who are chased by drug deal there is in getting their way into America, and people seem to eleven until they found out that the letter you wrote, it was three quarters white. What well this I don't think that's. Made of that would be the reason this what'd, I don't live, or whether I am I know articles in articles about it. I kept thinking where, is the reason you're heading this. I can't you're not telling me why it's bad and there are What on earth is near us? A very well known, a mexican Army and Arthur said it's going to be for an audience who may be is undecided about issues at the border. The stories to enter like a Trojan horse and change minds It is a Trojan horse, but what it let out wasn't changing of mines why they used here the point but I don't want anybody. Tell me what I can't I can't write about. I write about Reject Jug Derrida, a french social theorists, critical, there's a run about Foucault. Right about. You know
whose role I read about German, think I wanna be able do that as an african American. We re always books you that our people are doing great, but check this thing is is not just that she's white and therefore she's writing about it is she's, not writing. Well about it. She's, not writing with Dixon entire. Why are so many people love it? Why did Oprah love? It the first wrong. You know that couldn't be put on big business. Reality be prepared. Well, look even over his this opposite. I was so amazed by the response I want to have author sit down with those who object to it. Let me finish my point: you watch it. No one thing watch a lorry wrote a book under the volcano right here, and that was A bird via british guy, one is greatest novels of the of the twentieth century.
Ok right after for some of us, our LEO's is really someone's. Gonna do grew up near Liverpool and he wrote a brilliant book about Mexico Data Blade is written a Pulitzer Prize winning Baggers or you're entering the ugly red this book and ensure that your point, Let me say is representative the Trump era: does it mean- and this is what I mean by this- is not that, because she's Why, therefore, she can't read, write it. It's the fact that there are so many people who maybe mexican and other other ethnicities were writing brie and stuff who can't get published, and this why women, by virtue of her set of skills and her privilege, is
people are right about some stuff, not as well as others are able to do so is not dead. It it'll guide and therefore you are the people of the book store to decide. If you, Google, or the market hits That's where we're going to come in the market to dodge we'd bad Don I think that we will be able to take over the ridge as it was the gate he wrote booze, whose determining where I was scared to market, and I worry because I think when we we look at artists, we want them to imagine themselves were somewhat different. We want to cross boundary speaker that night. I worry that all of this directed at this author is going to make some people pause before they tried to reach before they try to take it everything. But I I think where, where I'm an agreement is this idea that
you know these are other authors aren't getting published. Was we met with this? Critical, though, is the fact is that she can get publish readily. If you look at look, I've been publishing books as ninety. Ninety three, it's an extremely wide field, people of color, I don't have the same kind of access, so it's not so much the regulating the Republic twenty one. Ten years, trying to get in the door with his hand, but it is a white woman, I'm saying when using your imagination is beautiful nets. Why gave the example of a deeper blighter Eric phone who writes about reconstruction? We,
they whitefoot with competence right about intelligently blackfoot. We manage folk who lose their. Why predecessor, some stuff this shitty shoddy and shabby reveal their the blurb shooting shoddy and shabby guys. That's what I mean by particularly trumpet Onawandah dismiss author. I mean he's a guy who was addicted to vote a vulgar, mediocrity and any kind of malignant ignorance, and all you have to do is show up and say some stuff and make people believe is true. I'm saying do the workforce we Toby Toby brain. He was a genius who work hard. I'm saying bring literary skills to bear. We loved we loved Eminem. We didn't love vanilla ice is not really. I don't read the book rhino everybody. Now some people like it Oprah I will say no
The Balkans, like Y, know we don't have trump saying directly about like yes, that's exactly what I would testify, you're no eye witnesses, except for me and by the way you know, liberals who think this always going to be Republican is going to save them. It's closed, our weight on aim or evidence and Bolton's like Y know We don't have from saying directly about like yes, it's exactly what I would testify, you're no eye witnesses, except for me right and by the way you know. Liberals who think this always going to be Republican is going to save them. It's gonna be John Bolton now before that it was brought. Smaller and it never happened. Avebury is not coming well: You gotta show up here, but establishing to me. I mean again if we gonna talk about the different perspectives that can be offered for an author Donald Trump is the fleshly fulfilled the source of what black people having been trying to want Amerika about for four hundred years. What do we say? White supremacy as ever it is Narses cystic it is so
involved and guess what it destroys white people to market journeys in jail in Birmingham That is why jailer comes up. Women says you know what you're wrong with that. These are based on kings. Had no on that, and then king asked them him how much money do you make? You told me said were hell: you need to be out here, marching with us and man. A goes off. So the point is that then democracy has been given over to see.
Visions, mediocrity. When you told black people, you gotta be twice a sharp, you gonna be sharp. You could tell women, you gotta, be on your game. You don't tell me about your new game this. I don't want to hear anybody else come up to me complaining about affirmative action or black people or brown people getting a job when you get the most mediocre white men in the history of America, running this nation and the way all the white people cheer for themselves being not having this anyway. The question is whether this is love. You know little lab level of sounds like trump. You know I thought he would have an accident love, one
sounds like what he should anyway. So he says he has all the texts didn't like that he has taken in detail, give airline should, even after he's acquitted, you can still have hearings, that's what the Republicans it with Benghazi member Hilary went in and then they kept having been gathering hearings, even though there was nothing to begin with this theirs. New evidence should they will deepen going even absolutely outcome. Only love coming we receive today has received loud received this morning, all these recordings and these emails these. What's that mention technicians, and it's all this collection, it's like it's a trumpet comet flying through this comet flying through with all this weird ass guys around him in Rudy, Steve jobs say about aid. Our bees and beat our seas hires, Rudy and Rudy harsh these, these cranium scales and all these weirdos, and they are all these people all of these people.
I have a story you know and if they don't tell it they're going to be sick to tell it, but you can always wanted what does the rest? But but the fact is there's something severely interesting and progressive happens He's gonna get reelected saw them. Can voter it right. The American is out here reelected this guy who's, doing manifest well and by the way, not helping poor in working class. Why people? In the point you made earlier so important less? Nobody can is concerned about the poor in working class people in this country middle classes to get to after the fact, but those who are still the bottom have nobody to advocate for them in Guy is not the friend of poor white wines. Astrakhan artist will rhymes the master wrestlers about it. Neurons.
Everybody, but the next time of Angela leaders lay hands on trumped up pray. He has to try and look a little less like he's thinking about getting blown euro people say I wish you wouldn't get the first primary, because it's not representative America have to visit the. I was date fair and see the sculpture of a cow made of butter, Is there anything more representative of America than a cow made of butter? No, there isn't and that's why I would get it to go for Euro. Someone must explain what emerges should use when I generally want to say eggplant,
I'm just trying to order vegetables well delay it. Now. Some farmers texting me about twas a Gazelle neurosurgeons Tucker curls and keeps insisting that immigrants make America dirtier. Someone has to show him this picture of all the crap left after the recent trump about rally in New Jersey.
Revenge or red blooded patriots making Amerika great again this year is a lot of white trash Europe that tendency man arrested for smoking marijuana, while in courts for smoking. Marijuana must consider the fact that it is maybe pot is causing them to make unwise choice. You had placed, as you know, we in bad bad place, incomes and finally, neural Democrats must stop talking about playing, is dirty, is the Republicans and actually start doing it.
Ever ever since Democrats lost twenty. Sixteen election there's been a backlash to the when they go low. We go high approach, and when they go alone, we gotta do whatever we have to. Do when they go well. We go high, as Democrats have to go a little lower. Now, although we keep yeah it's a nice applause line but never say what exactly it is. We should do just we gonna find dirty, ok, but how typical dammit rats bringing a notion to a gunfight. Republicans always have dirty tricksters on their payroll like eager and love, Roger Stone. Lay Atwater car, Rove Giuliani,
well we're going to need some reptilian scumbags of our own good democrats who are willing to stand up and do the wrong thing out. Just a guy, you used to love a macroeconomic come on Michael. In the brief time we ve come to know you. It turns but you are a dirty filthy, amoral, unscrupulous cheating, lying stealing low life lawyer, mother, Fucker and your party need you but he's in prison. So let me get the ball rolling. First off, let's target trumps brain, that's an old dirty trick. There's twenty fourteen Carl Rove suggested Hilary. I'd have suffered a traumatic head, injury from a fall and she had to go ABC News and assured Diane Sawyer that our brain still worked. She's
dying in the conservative run tabloids for years she stopped once getting into a car, and Fox NEWS started running around bitchy wary. Of course Hilary was and is fine. Meanwhile, Trump is a narrow, logical mess, but the Democrats too scared to make an issue of at one actually would cut. Gather really well as a campaign ad.
Let me begin by wishing you a beautiful Gluck there for a long time all say he's not the same person he was. There was no buys now democratic society, he'll, agile, their grandmother look, maybe he's having small strokes. Sometimes he simply can't speak Norman. Really, any anomalies must be going on in his mom I'll say now: go and take a look at the origins of the origins of the investigation, the orange how it started. No one wishes you hill from the president, but a country needs leader to be the God. Bless United, as Maloney often says to Donald that wasn't so hard like that. Go viral were job because the Democrats should really be running that, for real next thing we have to do is give Trump
a taste of his own medicine. At the second debate, with her Brian twenty. Sixteen he went there and put three of Bill Clinton. Tax accusers in the audience. Trump has twenty five Users have filled the entire gallery, get the debates with matching pussy heads and Stormy Daniels who famously said drums penis was short with a giant head, a mushroom Jack if you will well, why can't she be sitting right in front picking mushrooms off other pages. Donald Trump is nigh hard mentioned, DR crazy. The stated the union coming up on Tuesday supposed to be is big victory, lap ok, so you know he's gonna go full crackhead and start
gloating and lying is ass off? That would be a good time to remember. Republicans, set this precedent. Earns I'm proposing would not apply to those were here illegal. They can, You lied, Obama, we can't yell, you lie if the guy you wise, like raccoons a trash. Not only should the Democrats in the hall shouted out, everybody at home should do its practice. It now I'll be true.
At this stage in the EU and the Democrats tried to impeach me over a perfect, I was the person who stay pre existing. I only watch real time. Actually, this twenty twenty election is destined to be the dirtiest rat. Fucking is one ever especially when republican start using footage like this President Trump. It was a total and complete dipshit. Ok, that would be damning. But of course he never said. That's what's called a deep fake Obama. His face and voice manipulated digitally to make it look like he speaking words that in reality never came out of his mouth. It's the
Future of sleazy american political advertising, so, let's get in on it now, and I know I know just what our first deep vague video should be, the painting the infamous the recording of from being entertain by two marinating hookers in Moscow.
Well. We found it, would you like to see you now and then a mention in my country making grain as always feel free to repose like unsubscribe our right? That's our only makes sense if we haven't fighting I'd watch him any more information not on each be oh dont COM,
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