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Ep. #520: Senator Amy Klobuchar, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal

2020-02-14 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Senator Amy Klobuchar, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, Katie Couric, Van Jones, and Bret Stephens (Originally aired 2/14/20)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late real time. To start
some love on Valentine's day. Nowadays, they day of your a guy, you took your day to a free tv, taping, good luck, getting legs, and I also have a three day week in right. President president, say we ve come a long way from George,
Washington. Why should I said I cannot lie chopped down the cherry tree I would say I never met a tree and my chopping is perfect. A lot of people are staying in the gas welcomed post, democracy, America, where we asked the question what if scarface was white? Well, that's what happened. You know the Republican Senate has decided, a trump is emperor and they Tromp is making us money. He can basically do whatever he wants a Say
Why doesn't? He was all those years with Harvey ones. The fans and trends wines danger to now always Beaufort it safe Weinstein's and ass. All I like well the latest in the last gasp of a nation of dying laws. Was this week when Roger Stone you member Roger Stone, looks like the door. Man at an orgy is like he's trumps, original political advising. You know that they go way back. He is known Roger over three wives. Roger. You know where the conduit between Russia and Wikileaks and he was convicted of seven felonies in a fair call.
Done by prose, and he was gonna, get seventy nine in prison and then Trump And, of course, the Justice Department led by Biltmore, intervenes and then Trump and bar play there, then trilling, this game, where the dummy Pretences mad bar was like I'm drawing a line in the swamp, really goggled drums tweeting is making it possible for me to do my job. Yes, you're supposed to be a cop at either trumps. The guy. You asked you to bury a dead body with them and then puts it on you do so then. This is great trampling on her all those podcast Geraldo has
And you know the entire podcast was, you know tremor Aldo, picking, trumps brain You ve got Al Capone what was drunk on the bug. It admits that he did in fact order Rudy to go to Ukraine and dig up dirt on the violence, which was the opposite of what is claimed in his impeachment trial
which was a whole week ago, but hey you know what we had the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. So I guess we're still pretending that we have an election, it's gonna manner and then his talk, ok, but yeah Bernie Sanders one Iowa and New Hampshire he's also leading in the national poles, which means we have a new front runner my. The bloom Bloomberg must be the front runner, because liberals are calling him a racist keep going. That's how you lost the last election Bloomberg. Does them some blind spots. I'm not gonna lie about daddy to get on part either.
Hey. I will happily vote for him if he is the winning bidder, Rob loves the mock Bloomberg for being short, but you know what is not short on cash. He has got adds everywhere. Have you seen this there on Facebook there on Youtube or on television? I saw one on porn up. The title was rich, daddy pays for it, but the Good NEWS is the field is finally winnowing with the Democrats. A lot of them are getting Michael Bennett is out.
Michael Bet: it's a guy at the party. You make sure he says good body and you, like I didn't know you were. I thought, Mayor PIG got the shore drift is one. I think I work that he has the most delegates and rushed limber said today that a mayor PETE, that's not going to because he's gay and how's it going to look rush said again, kissing his husband on stage. Next, do Mr Mann, he said that Mr Mann, Donald from AIDS, got a point I take when I
guy wearing two pounds of neurons are faced platinum, blonde Como. Her sees do perfection first thing I think, is what a man a guy fears, the senator for Minnesota who's running for the democratic nomination of a president, Vienna very good week, Amy Club. I guess I'm ready to come to count as well sure that's where the money is. The vote.
About where that the states in the bag we don't care about this date, is a super Tuesday. State for the nomination yeah I'm thinking about crazy me, but hey you got the real time- bounce! Yes, IRAN! Now I don't know if I was you owed so big thing myself. I've been waiting. My whole life to hear the word surging. Next to my name, you are surging. Do you like surging, and why are you? Why are you surging? It's much better than not Sardinia, and I think it is because for me, as you know, I didn't have the biggest bank account. I still doubt not the loudest voice, not the tallest one, and despite the Bloomberg back and forth with the president, where the president claimed he was five foot,
for I am the only one that is truly five foot Jefferson was very fruitful. Exactly there is at present. That was by put for your efforts and Togo Dwarf rifles. Oh, but I think for me what it is is one I've got the receipts. I've made the case that I am the one that has repeatedly let us take it and one and brought in modern Republicans independence as well as a fired up democratic base, I've done that repeatedly. That's what we to win back again. I have anybody who can get up every day and say:
the same y know. I know I'm glad you're doing I'm just saying I admire it. Ok by monetary gruelling. It must be like Groundhog day. You have to know our course. You gotta data into your head. Some people say the lines I have actually lived. I know there is a difference and then the second thing is. The second thing is that I think in the debate that gave me the opportunity to save one immediately show I'm tough enough to take on the president and to make the case that this It is also about having someone they can put themselves in the shoes of regular people in this country cause this president has no empathy. He groaned. I don't do that. Always angry about himself occurred, but then why do eighty three percent of farmers
You know farmers geographer Minnesota. They have hammers sure every line of farmers in the country where the New Jersey as foreign everybody's, got farmers farmstead okay. So why do eighty three percent of farmers say therefore term? Well, that's they may be in the past. I don't think that's where they're gonna be twenty sixteen and lament twenty twenty and where they were and twenty sixteen I don't it's gonna be where they are, and twenty twenty and let me make the case: there's been a twenty five percent increase in farm bankruptcies. It's not just the farmers the world. So I dont that wizened. That's the point. Why isn't that reflected in the number of farmers who are again M o because they have to have candidate running against him. That does not see the MID west as rely over country and I'm gonna be able to say to him on the debate stage: farm bankruptcies up twenty five percent you're not doing it thing on child care in the rural areas are child poverty and you are treating the people
in the middle of the country like they are poker turnips and going into your bank replica senior though they may there, my friends and neighbours with all due respect. Democrats have been pigeon out for a while and it doesnt work on a lot of people who, it should where I agree rationally. That is argument? I mentioned Why doesn't it sink in well why not trust me, let's think about what happened in some of the races around the country to Congress. All states in Iowa in twenty eighteen here might prove points right, went to Democrats because it was a check on Donald Trump. It was economic check, but it was also a decency check. A patriotism. Laura Kelly is now the governor of Kansas. She beat Chris callback right. Gin. Whittemore is now the governor of Michigan. Look at those deeds in Orange County. Look where Jack
Browsing got elected into bad. We don't move this report, but that night I am now in my don't really know, marks are not celebrities, they don't have the big bank account, but they want to be paid to them, and they say when you go for employment and the people like you, that's why he's inside Deasey is equal to the now. I make the point that the people in those states know exactly what I'm talking about. You can have Democrats that bring people. Some. Instead of shutting the mouse and largely worthy people that wars you were talking to swing states, I'm good with it. As you do they get those states right, yeah, ok! So now here's the thing with the Democratic Party, what we bring all week is Bernie sent is one in New Hampshire but the people in the moderate lane and I'm sure this drives you crazy, because it lunch you and people don't like to be loved. So I'm sorry, but the truth is that there's all
America likes are contests like our sports. There's gotta American Conference International Conference that we have the Superbowl endemic Party. It's the far left right. The progress when it known to call it and in the moderate lane, even though all you moderates are quite progressive, so moderate together too many in your lane. They got you and Peat and Biden Bloomberg a minute and then burning all alone and that their, albeit in a comes before be what you know what I'm saying your lane is actually winning, but Bernie is winning the actual battle, because he's the only one in his lame. When you combine the moderates delay, to the one over the far left. About that for us all limits in his lane and secondly, how much anymore, ok, they're gonna, come solidarity that are used to have their prob locate so. Secondly, this is a prime.
We ve only had to small stay out Nevadas next, then South Carolina then Super Tuesday, which include California, so you don't want a window it down and just say: hey, hey, look people in the lane. You go away, we're getting rid of the building and errors in the guy. Everyone knows, I don't think that's my eyes are. I think you have to figure out when you look at who has won in the past and lead a ticket to victory a peanut farmer in Georgia Right Bill Clinton Guy named Barack Obama. Road people didn't think we're gonna win. I mean I, I think that decision based on these. Dynamics right now? You have to let the people look at the candidates and make a decision on Kosovo How do you think trumpet the other candidate will attack you because, whilst never attack,
to my knowledge! Oh yes! He though he has what does he say that name now when I gotta get one year now getting unless you gotta? Let me, when I announced in the middle of that blizzard in Minnesota, with four inches of snow in my head and talking about climate change. I he quickly tweeted out this, that making fun of me for talking about climate change and a blizzard which its and then called me. No woman. Back, which will give you a sense of harm to deal with them, because I think you need humour to deal in here It is human. Even though, is not one bit funny. I wrote back. I wrote back this. I said the sciences on my side, Donald Trump and I'd like to see her
your hair- would fare in a blizzard. So that's what we have on our side, rapier wit sweets very enthusiastic audiences and liberal sitting. Here is what he has military police this rose in the bikers. Oh no, so then asked this question. As I ask you to every democratic politics comes on here. I just want to make clear that have built the coalition with a lot of groups that aren't additionally in our party- and I think, if we bring them in in a big way, animals are fired a base. We went that's what I'm talking about. Ok, let's go, I'm saying you win. Ok, you weren't, and by a robot that's different than him leaving That's what I want to know. What is the plan, and I think we need to start talking about it now, because it's very hard for me to imagine you winning the popular,
the electoral about fair and square and him sending out a congratulatory telegram. Great, so glad you one. We had a good match. Let me tell you where I keep them. You know important papers. He's, not leaving these people are not going to give a power. What is the plan if he says I find irregularities, the people who read it in Iowa screwed? Up again, I have to stay. It was rigged. He's already said this many times. What do you do that the first, you do is now you start now and that is to win big, which we will help now just. Secondly, come on. You win all these states in the countryside, referenda say. Secondly, you make sure that we have backup paper ballots, you push for that's those are my both
Do everything to protect our living in the era of fake news and not there's no facts anymore. It's just about power. He has always had a peaceful transition and power in this always have had. We had correct and we are now in a different world when you have the people on your side in a big way. He has a lot of people on this side, the ones with the guns, I think we'll do that I agree that the law we copper, but we have to unite on as a country is that the rule of law cannot handle former years of a guy that she's above it demand. Will you at least, and are now asking the people in power that the police and the military? What would you do if you said he wouldn't leave? Would you let s start as get them on the record? I think that one other thing I like add is that every single Republican I run against in my entire career has left politics for good
I'm having a reach back. I am I right. Good luck gradually. Seize on your Mozilla Reform Alliance Van Jones, man he's a narrow, chimes, Holiness MSNBC contributor bread Stevens over here, and this is a big get her ass. She is one of our mergers, favorite award winning journalists and the founder of Katy current media Katy Kirk. I want to draw the right, don't regret this and, as your questions resides overtime, spearheads them after the show you two ok, I know I'm crazy person disease not leaving a judge who are obsessed with a spell
it's only our country, I'm sorry, I'm a little upset about what is what is making itself focused on this everything. Donald Trump has ever done. I laid out a couple of weeks ago. He said it in every cell in twenty sixteen, he said. If you when he thought he was gonna lose its rigged, it doesnt accept any. I guess it. The question I ask is in where they pull that kind of stuff off the generals turn out to be traders. I have not seen any evidence yet. The generals rashly unpatriotic the epidemic we're in trouble, but I don't really like. I think America's military would be happy to walk a narrative You say it's all great ever so happy with the hypothetical best out. That's it would solve problems hoping and smiling. Okay, so limit meet. You say what do I dictators take over is
They buy off different factions. You buy off the donor class like with tax cuts. You buy off the business people with getting the regulations in I have the military you're right with some of them don't like somebody's gives them everything they want lotta money goes to the military and then there's the police. I just want to read you what happened this week. It was in New York City policemen who was assassinated horrible thing and mayor De Palacio tweeted. This was a premeditated assassination attempt against your finest it was an attack on all night workers, supportive, I would say of the place, but he had also previously supported black lives matter this is the response from the head of the policeman's union. This is not a road person Air to block the members of the Nypd are declaring war on you? We do not respect you
Do not visit us in hospitals. You sold the Nypd to the vile creatures, who that is, but the one per and who hate cops, but for you New York City. Cops have been assassinated because of you. This isn't over game on. So Please tell me what Donald Trump says he's not leaving any calls for these people and they loved his dirty drugs. Gonna happen. But this is I'm the other aspect of what what people do in dictatorships is the the lobster gets boiled in them, by slow degrees. You become increasingly used to behaviour that five there's a would have shocked the correct and now you're like oh just kind of shit the president's tweeting. Once again, he's he hears fired is officers he's making fun of his is marching people out of out of the White House, and he supported this guy Donald Trump, actually tweeted at supporting that
that, of course, any went to the what we're talking about the head of the union. There he went to the White House and they hated it out. The head of the union Guy Great meeting Real Donald Trump has our back. Yes, they loved trump and he loves them. But a lot of a lot people in there and why pity disavowed those comments so bill and in others this is a long, long standing food because they turned their backs to build a lousy on two thousand fort tearing up police officers funeral. So I don't think that, is uniformly representative about them. Why PD, I think, that's a robot s representative of what's happened to the country under Tron because you can dislike build a blouse you you can oppose them. The letter grain, but it's a day, one thing when you say you're going to war against the Basically elected mayor of the city, that's and that's that that happened and support when the president's abortion, I think so I mean from supported- is really worrisome. Do not.
It's crazy? As I say, and he loses, buddy won't leave and then who gets rid of him the police? This is the police, while I mean I did I get it. I, like, I understand your concern them seriously, and you can even bad things happen, country them taken democracy for granted for waiting at we're. Not that's initial exactly, and I think we forget a democratic republic- is the most rare and fragile our form of governing around human history. They re almost never worry fragile, and that's it. That's why we have to be to be vigilant, but I also know having a a lot of police department, the police officers, frankly the police officers union- to be the most reactionary and there are a lot of police officers themselves who don't go along with the union, so we just can't put them all in one bucket. That's all I'm saying about ninety percent of police support Trump amazingly and when he mentions he says this outright. He says we have the rough people and then he mentions. I love that the military, the police and the bikers like
I give you the whole: U S, military and the police that wouldn't be enough. Let's bring in the guise of all Q on Autumn Donald Trump knows about. Military in which he refused to serve because when you think of Jim matters when you think of of General Kelly, the so called rough people marine and an end marine generals. These are p. For every one: I've known in the military van is actually right. There sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States, they are the most patriotic american are understand that the Constitution It is not a formula for dictatorship or for a man to extend its we're, also sworn to follow. The commander in chief, they weren't chain of command, was made as when it is one of the great achievements of american democracy that that are military, swear allegiance to the costs
You should not the commander in chief and we- and we do not all the way down what about this, then that or do we want basement mace where an oath? You know that the date that thing I like about what this conversation is this you hear assuming that the Democrats can win. And then he won't leave. I was about what is going to take more your first port of call. I know by forty four percent of Democrats think the Democrats will win nobody, and eighty percent of the public and think they will win and also, I suppose, it's Bernie by and Bloomberg it's three: seventy eight year old white guys what what say and buy them
this, wouldn't be doubt rare. I think in another country where the elderly are revered were the only dumb country the thinks youth people are smart, Ruth people young. But what is that say that after all, this winnowing in all their diversity, its three seventy eight zero was boombox birthday today three: seventy eight year old guy. If there is any of paint you camp camp peak totally thirty seven years would not be so. These are the three guys. If that's ok, can you just met the woman who was likeliest if she gets the nomination to defeat Donald Trump for this ample reason, I think she's the smartest. Not only do I think that she has the most cross over appeal, but she as the one person who defeats trumps most effective argument, which is that you have to vote for me because the left is crazy, the left, as socialists tat arguments against he's going to make and its impact.
Support to make it against her ass, she points out she bright winning havoc and having Frankenstein to run against Bernie in her- I mean that I don't you think that basically, the Republicans are looking there chops wanting to and its early three quarters of Democrats want an alternative Bernie Sanders so near your seeing what you talk to me about Amy Katy High, where their says this fractured moderate, big, moderate in a part of the Democratic Party and you're all value for votes, but three quarters of the people. So I think that you are going to have somebody after Nevada, and South Carolina and Super Tuesday large is just gonna happen. War, its provided the circle firing squad of the Democratic Party in the act of this base on Twitter. Does it essentially,
blow up everyone on the road to the night they hate Twitter is not that powerful. You know, I think that people are who, in the political and just three world, think that its knowing that it certainly is not knowing all its work more journalists. It's not me. It's another layers, pantaloons wetter, also it the people under bunch of loud mouse just do nothing, but we are judging the mood of subway riders by big graffiti on the subway, but I just want to say one more thing about never going away, but he might, I dont think you will go away for President's globe ashore, Bernie Sanders. I'm telling you they will not lot of people will never let that happen. Bernie Sanders you will never, even if he gets the nomination and winds. You'll never see him. Do this Johnny Fontaine never gets that part
but he never becomes president they will not let a socialist present. That's my buddy! Let me just say this in defensive of Sanders. A big mistake I made in TWAIN Sixteen when Democrat at the top of the party thought they were smarter than the voters. And obviously put their finger on the scale. Let the Democratic Party, let our voters vote for us, the Democratic Party, to make the right decision it. The democratic items been tried. Derail Bernie Sanders is impossible to put the thing back together. Let the voters do you think they would be doing. I think I'll get you think, you're doing it this time, that's trumps. Theory, its state, bad and a conspiracy theory, though, against burning here years, what I think, all this law with our own eyes in TWAIN. Sixteen there with an insurgency. Inside of our party. The DMZ was not neutral. I think Bernie would have lost anyway because he didn't have enough blacks
port, but they muddy the waters and we still have not heals. All I'm saying is trust. This party trust democracy, let the voters vote I think I'll get the right way to me. One good thing was that I'm aiming I like Joe Biden as a person, but I'm kind of glad that is tease fading and he said something this week or monsieur the tape. He was talking here, somebody in Town Hall and he uses the term a lot when he wants to call a person a liar show it. I was a democratic caucus. Amanda caucus know you, you're lying dark phrase pony soldier flying dog faced pony soldier and people were like. What does this mean, and he said he got it from a John Wayne Movie. It was like most of the country like who the hell is John Wayne. It wasn't even from that it was from a Tyrone power movie. Even more people don't know, but it's
Bernie is often quoting movie lines that dont really existing Biden. They're burning about Biden is quoting more. We thank you. For example, he once said life is like box backs lax
Just look. I am your daddy you. I love the smell of Ben Gay in the morning before referral of air club as you do not about air. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer over you talking to me will speak up. Why are you whispering? I matters Helen Shop at this war and I feel the need the need to be a democratic Washington, seven and culture of the congressional progressive pockets plays locker represent privileges of all cell has a big Bernie booster. You must be feeling very good this week, Lamb and ill in great guy you're. Having a good week. Tell me about
something that I've been reading about lately that there is a myth of the burning brows we had this image. I must admit I did too doesn't look like me know what you know: that it was mostly these younger and Sally White men, and I I read the statistics and no, in fact, Bernie does worse with white men than anybody and more women who form more Latinos we got it wrong. Twitter, twitter, I mean I do think. Twitter is a big part of it. People look at that and think it means everything roads by Bernie. Sanders has assembled the most diverse coalition. There is, he is energy as a young people he's got tons, of women of color he's got tons of people of color more broadly, but he is also playing to a forgotten group of blue. Or workers really believe he's gonna fight for them and that
combination of this very diverse coalition of voters that have not turned out before that. Frankly, any other candidate would be thrilled to have this kind of coalition he's got them, but he is also speaking to a lot of people that really feel like he will fight for the mean just in twenty sixteen we lost Michigan for the first time in twenty eight years, Democrats lost Michigan. We lost Wisconsin for the first time in thirty. Two years. Guess who one seventy one of seventy two counties in Wisconsin it was Bernie Sanders so when you look at the appeal of Bernie Sanders. I think it is really unusual to have somebody who can do both things really build that Cotter Becker, but also play to these trump, some of them Trump vote? Yes, there is a Trump Bernie Cross over the railways, husband, but here's. What troubles me about this three quarters of the country say
They think their life is going to be better in a year and the economy is going to be better Clinton. I always say elections or about the future of his theme. Song. Don't stop thinking about tomorrow. Ok, so if people think the world is gonna get better. Is that a good I am for is that good fertile ground for a revolution. Is that the time when doesnt something people want a revolution under that conditions, while people want their lives to be in a year and I dont think many people want to spend their time thinking that life is now gonna get better, that's but you don't always here- that's dead under president, but listen to also the other staff which, as we have the worst inequality since the nineteen twenties, we got. Three people to have live in my state of Washington who have the same. Of wealth as the bottom. Fifty percent of Americans that's a hundred and sixty million Americans people are struggling five hundred thousand,
Americans every year filed for bankruptcy, because a medically related causes we have half a million people who are without housing tonight, just losers, yellow whom I do He knows our wonderful city of sea out? Well, he gave up already moved here. We got a lucky. You just bought a house for a hundred and sixty five million dollars, but granite countertop is that, for you know above grown pool, which is These data outer does not happen under Bernie Sanders. Is that legal
no, how socialist are we getting? I just want to know not that I got that kind of money mean here's the thing, but I might there are a lot of people who have been call socialist over the course of our history. Sdr was called Karl Erik remind me, was called socialist. Everyone here calls himself a soldier was no heat. Currency does sometimes he calls himself a social democrat. Sometimes he calls himself a democratic socialist, but the People is not what's important. I think one. What is important is what is he fighting for these ideas, like Medicare for all like college. For all. These are not radical ideas there actually know this aim ideas that a lot of other countries in the world that are pure countries have implemented. So the idea of government, being in, as the great equalizer of opportunity is actually something that Republicans have decided they're going to call socialist throughout the history of our time. Medicare called us
though she asked Social Security scalded social? Is it's it's a form of equal, opportunity, so nothing wrong with they serve. To my view. A certain amount of socialism. You need a neck, certainly enemy it somewhat. People worry about is he's gonna, take it to a different place and also a mask about one lasting many care for all it was for Medicare for all peat has Medicare for all who want it that sound more reasonable, tell me why that's not and tell me why the Democrats best issue is health care, Seems like we're playing with fire, giving trumpet talking point we're gonna, outlaw Player Base Medicare, which more than half the people have way giving with talking point democratic, and take away your medic, I'm the house
I'm sorry, I know anywhere for all their mass. Can I buy a lot of convincing to do of people well, actually know we have a lot of convincing pundits to do, but the american people believe in Medicare for all seven and ten now I told them you took the employer bases gonna be outlawed. No Actually, that's not true, while it is true that it goes down only until you asked the next question and say: do you like your insurance company or do you like your doctor if I knew that you had your doctor, would you still want private insurance and everyone says no silly? What in your dark it was you wouldn't like just. Let me ask everybody about this race and Michael Bloomberg. First of all, he wasn't halting trump the other day Oh my god,
So amazing wasn't really show you a little way to show you. The job Michael Lumber go in his bang. Somebody said you now that he's Ptolemy Cosmic Little MIKE and the answer is Donald where I come from. We measure your height from your neck up, but the press. Contact me again this morning on Twitter. Thank you very much. Donald Seas are pulled numbers and I think it is fair to say he is scared, because he knows I have the record and the resources to defeat him. Where we cut off
why did he was gettin labs? And yes, while the best part of the TWAIN was, he said where both from New York, we know the same people behind your back people call you a what did they say: we're carnival bark you're working clown, who inherited a ton of money, run for a stupid deals running the confidence lost it all around. They have is like a heat seeking missile. He can. Did you hear vulnerability, bully and and and Bloomberg. I think in that one tweet, Donald Trump hates that hit his back was turned, and you know that New York lockers turn their back on him and he never was quite accepted into society and then the hour the deal. The idea that he's a bad deal maker, so I talk to somebody I'm very campaign. They said there hiring an expert on nurse
says and confining now some guy now? This is a real combining that person with a comedy rider to get in Donald Trump, further, we re contrary everyone in a boat. For me, I'm actually a billion I gotta get as it is. Is this? Where you have to be it, it seems Bloomberg shot up in the polls and obviously a lot of that is three hundred fifteen million dollars and by the way I bet you're that three hundred and fifty million he has spent. Oh came from the Trump tax cuts that he got. I don't think he spent one dollar, but he wouldn't have had a speculators. They say he's only spend as much as one to two billion dollars before that, though, the campaign is just got. Sixty bulletproof camp
Congo sixty eight and on asking questions. If, if Bloomberg is the nominee will Ernie voters support him or are they going to go home? Now? Look, I think everyone is united around getting Donald Trump out, but I will tell you that we have to also have somebody that inspires people. They won't vote for Donald Trump. But what happened sixteen is that a lot of people stayed home, meaning the state of Michigan ninety eight thousand voters voted on every line, except for the president. A lot of you. We'll stayed home, then why is there a greater turn out and the ILO Caucasus? It was pretty flat and the people who did turn out did not vote for burning will. Actually, if you look at undermining the margin of the year, if you look at under twenty five, there was a sixty five. Percent increase and Bernie got more votes of that turn out. That age group. Then the next three candidates combined. I think what happened when
look at the numbers. The people in the categories, actually that turn out went down, and I this is just conjecture, but I wonder if it's because they were like look we'll just vote. Anybody we're not gonna get into this right. Now it takes for hours at the Caucasus. We gotta stand there and a new here too much of a problem. We're not gonna. Do you do with the numbers? Go up, ok, Bloomberg is a racist was trending few days ago, which is the only reason we're going to lose, but it's not helping you mean as racism is helping or will not liking history? So you think he's urges all this and I dont, I don't have massive because of this type and first I know that I have it. I haven't ever met him, so I dont know. I do know that the policies that he we saw in New York, where the horror shall hereafter
american latino people for years and what I'm disappointed by and what I think you got to make up some ground on is when he, when he says well now, twenty minutes before I'm running for president. I think it was a mistake- and I didn't know if it's unfair to all the people who tried to make it known for years and years going to take that way out. I think I think that the country deserves a better answer than he's gonna be he's been asked and he's been answering an apology. I began he apologized today on Twitter, but when he said that debate, you can rest assured he'll be asked repeatedly about his support of it. Just seems to me that the Party of civil rights, the Democratic Party, is, always losing this rhetorical battle to the party of racial indifference. Trump is going after the black vote. You know he's got more than Mitt Romney April
what went wrong? There is already a guess: Brok, Obama back, that's that's assuming like we were only our that's a little exulting that that there might be a number of one close to fifty percent of the african american voting work as a republic in when he ran in two thousand and five now these comments have come out and he should apologise, I'm totally there too horrible, but if, if we you have a society in which you are essentially read your your Miranda warning the moment you your you open your mouth at everything, you I have said do say might say in context out of context deliberately or by accident, will be against you. It's not. You know, you're going to create that. I would not say that we have done is possible with the policy agenda ready,
precisely. In other words, there were others, eight hundred and seventy five thousand people affected by stop and frisk melody. Percent of them were latino and black? I completely think that it's wonderful people recognise their mistakes. We want them to do that, but if you're Run for president. The United States have you gotta have a track, and I have heard that shows its more than just hollow words. Ok, but could I just a dry act which are modest comments? People may not have heard them this came. He Ninety five percent of your murders, murders and murder victims fit one m o they are male minority. Sixteen to twenty five is that is untrue. It's what where he goes. That is the way you I'm just asking. If this is true, I I don't know, I don't know that it is our clothes. I don't remember that what he said. That's true in New York: that's true everywhere the crime, that's
true in virtually every city and that's where the real crime is. You ve got to get the guns at the hands of the people that are getting killed. I don't think he's who did it? I think he has real blind spots. This guy. But I don't think I did it because he thought he was not helping. I think he thought he was helping and I think he pictured he's a business guy. You didn't pictured the and by the report of because the police can be trusted, but this policy because they do throw people against them. Instead of doing it the where they judged, sometimes not all ok but he's picturing, not that person he's picturing the store owner who, who is saying no, no, I dont done the latest neighbour budgetary neighbourhood, on your eye and I understand the direction it you're going with. You actually left out the thing that I think I've been to people the most: it's not some rope cop who's out their growing people against the wall. He said himself the way you do it is you throw these people up against the wall during that's what that's up and that's the problem.
That attitude started at the top with him and he's gotta, take bore responsibility, clause that against the document. You guys, I think, as somebody who spent a lot of time in the community talking about. There is a way to get those guns out people's pockets. You don't you, do you give them books, you give them opportunity given love and they began to fail, and that was what I thought. I had an amateur high crime neighbour that that's not a thing that works in a weaker. My listened, he can get black support. You are there's a lot. A lot of older black voters will support him right now and you have allowed of black light official to work on supporting right now. But if he wants younger african Americans who suffered, this pole wave policies to come around him he's gotta have a better internet voluntary. I'm not saying we ve been through this before with Super Predator and Hillary Clinton in a Hillary Clinton, The word super predator and ninety. Ninety six. It was never in reference to any one of any re. She was talking. She said
to organise against gangs. Just as in previous generation, we had organised against the mob, meaning the mafia we need to take the people on their rough connected to big drug cartels, and then she said there are kind of kids. We call super predators, no conscious, no empathy, shit, The curtains were asked to help. This was much higher crime time and ninety ninety six and she got labelled column Catherine accept these jeez just as much a racist is as Trump basically and then you know, loans from the selected truncated. I've made it look. I think that there are obviously comments that people make, but when black and brown folks get told over and over again to just forget, bout racism or when there is no one saying or forget about racist policies, it doesn't go over well. What we're looking for our people, who are ready to invest in communities and in an opportunity, and we got a call. Now when we see it that doesn't mean that you can never
come together, but also can't these things stand right, but instead people are not their worst comments. There knocker rosy with their core and we need to have a solitudes that right cognizant of that fact, there the totality of their record and if the Democratic Party simply starts applying dirty test every one. So it's better see that more than one thing, I think, there's only one winter. That is my last words and if you look at the Berlin declared the Clinton Alley Cute on trade with NAFTA and it costs them later with what voters in no basis eight thing about it when those white guys walked away from the Clinton over NAFTA. Nowhere that anything about right play cute on crime policy, it costs them with young black voters and it's the same thing. Those policies in the nineties turned out to have bad consequences for two groups: white workers and young after Americans in Baltic
on the coincidence, fair over its bit fair on both just trying to win the election. That's not going to count our right, neural girl! Stop stop wondering what this is all about. I figured it out. It all makes sense. Now the erratic behaviour, the ramblings beaches, that's the trumpets, Nicholas Cage with trumps face so now you're. All someone must tell researchers who recently concluded that, yes, cats do facial expressions. Cool now do don't do it. I like neural
seriously in our at this point. Let's just replace these barking signs with a troll Who tells you a riddle. You can figure out it is he who works at three, but at four will pay more neural. These two fashion models have to stop. Looking at me, like a daring made it take a stab at a pronoun neuro, essential oils have to admit there really not that essential. In fact, many people go their entire lives without experiencing sandlewood. So, let's just admit, there's only one, all that truly essential Astro block
and finally new role here on Valentine's night. Every couple must ask themselves: do you have an unhealthy relationship with technology when you wake up dude, George your partner or pick up your phone. I keep reading about these people who identify, as did just sexual or robots, sick people who prefer preferred, our relationships with even have sex with their phone or a robot or doll- and I know where this is going, because everything that Happens in life happens movies, first, Ex Mckenna, large and the real girl. Aye aye, West World Blade
There are twenty forty, nine, her all of them featuring hook, that violate my number one rule in relationships never make love to someone. You have to unplug the plane. Let's look at the disturbing trend on this charge from they begin we have time to nineteen thirty seven. There were zero instances of any kind of hanky panky with machines. Then came the first in home, washing machines, followed by the first housewives sitting on the men in nineteen sixty eight, they had touchy magic wand made man obsolete, in ninety. Ninety eight, the first webcam girls allowed interpersonal relationships to happen in real time. Through your computer, two thousand seven a new product called the
Iphone, make sexting tender and dick picks mainstream. Two thousand eighteen real doll ex comes on the market. Gone are the days when having such a sex document, you'd, fuck and air mattress with Rouge on now. Now they look like this here, you thought about it. Didn't I'm not only is this doll made from higher silicone and sculpted to perfection like the real housewives, what she's actually part robot now so she can stimulate orgasms. Just Rico
and this stuff Is it just for men anymore, by the way they are working on a male companion, working out a male companion to the female robot shown here? No wait here! That's this! This is it. This is Henry a male sex, but with a huge bionic dick that a jackal aged face moisturize or from some for how we spoke. I wish both to compete with that, and this is not just a passing fad like fidget spinners or the rule of law. A guy in China couldn't find a wife, so he built one it can only
take a few words, but he says he has plans were made by making and speak even in France. There's a woman with a similar story who says she isn't attracted to human men. Only male robots shoot. So she made one with her three d, printer and now they're engaged. She says you simply dislikes physical contact with human flesh. Well, you know there's an Four kissing your phone now, but no time that would be weird.
This german woman claims she's a radically in love with the Boeing. Seven. Thirty seven luck planes are sexy, I can see falling in love with one, but a Boeing. That's not staves x is a guy in Japan who married a hologram, which is great unless the electricity goes out, and he says to judge him by human standards is quite simply not right. He said it's as if you are trying to talk a gay man into dating a woman. This is a movement now they're here they ve got gears, get you This is the latest emerging sexual orientation, demanding equality, people who don't need people, and
that makes them the luckiest people in the world. But what has no one noticed that in all the movies where human machine interaction takes place, it never ends well for the humans sure at first the sex is great, but then they turn on you and if I wanted to get fucked by an app I'd caucus in Ireland, it is a dangerous trend for men and women to be finding ways to get along without each other human. Human romance sex love, it's the last bond holding us together. Really politics is gone. A common culture is gone. We need
keep talking, and that is my message to you on this valentines night, someone you love very fixed dates back America and prayed extraordinary twenty second, my forty eight men Jones Savings. Getting over time. I told me last night, watchman me love and each be oh dont com,
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