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Ep. #524: Mayor Eric Garcetti, Max Brooks

2020-04-04 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Mayor Eric Garcetti, Max Brooks, Seth MacFarlane, Willie Nelson, and Senator Bernie Sanders. (Originally aired 4/3/20)

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Welcome to reach me podcast from HBO Series real time. Thank you, you very much everybody. Thank you. Please sit down and welcome to mutual of Omaha Wild king. You sound like a beautiful crowd and we're gonna doing something a little different today. We're gonna be tapping the show from my backyard, where I have a bar, what did you expect? It's? My house. I have a bar what you expect to see
a child's play pan? But I tell you it: is this really what it's come to that I'm going to be shot on an Iphone? I feel like an on trade, the Cheesecake factory. I mean I. want to go out, but Gavinson says I'm grounded and I am grounded- and I have the blue balls to prove it. But I'm telling you I am practicing every safe directive, they say I should I make sure I use disinfectant on every surface that has at least sixty cent alcohol, like Judge Janine, Piero. I stay six feet away from strangers. Eight from Charlie Sheen!
and I tell you this is not a bad idea to staying six feet away from people. I say next: we try it with cars. Well, you know for LOS Angeles people. I tell you, Worst part of this is seeing that the highways are completely empty, but nowhere to go. I mean some people are looking at porn at home. I'm looking I'm looking at photos of the four or five with no cars on them, but it is getting a little grim around here. I have to admit yesterday the highly my day with wiping down the male man, my stalker, with working from home but thank you thesis. I have no symptoms unless you count shooting my pants every time.
Trump talks. I say you, I am starting to wonder. If he's really a doctor the other day a report I asked him about South Korea why they're doing better than we are, and he said I knew everything about. South Korea in how many. People there are in Seoul South Korea, thirty eight million, ok, there's ten million, people in so South Korea, if Trump played celebrity jeopardy cancer would go back. Corrupt and then he does this, every day were his bragging about him: exact bitter ratings and Monday night football- the bachelor- yes, because your views aren't allowed to leave the house but also they gonna do read You're saying
Mr President, every day information that people me that could be instrumental saving their life. Anything less than a hundred share means people hate you more than they love life, so we're gonna get through this. We are and stress the worst thing for your immune system, so try to think a little positive. Think about all the celebrities who have this. We now have this and are doing. Ok, Prince Charles Tom Hanks Jackson, Brown, quiz, corkscrews, Cuomo, Kevin Durrant. Anybody use anybody's getting it, and you know Tom Tom Hanks, of course, was so closely when
got it. He said it's an honor just to be contaminated and in the movie the person who cures Tom Hanks will be played by Tom Hanks. All right, we got a great show, that's a little different, but of a show. We have five great guests. Willie Nelson set Mccarlin MAX Brooks LA mayor, Eric Arcade and Senator Bernie Sanders all of them. I spoke to one on one yesterday, so let's get right to it. Okay, my first guest here from my house is- the democratic mayor of LOS angeles- and why am I glad we have? One of those please welcome. Er Eric Garcetti, they're clapping at home. I'm sure for you, Mr Mayor, thank you so much for being here with me, or or remotely me me here today. I wanted to have you on the show for a long time. I wish it. I've been under happier circumstances, but I guess the good. News for LOS Angeles, as you were, the one one of the first to give.
The stay at home order- and that seems to have worked- I guess my first question is because We were first doing that. Might we be the first to end it well the more quickly people, do things the shorter. This will last and the slower that they do things the longer it will last so it could be but we also were. Far into the infection as other parts of the country like on the EAST coast, remains to be seen we're about fourteen seventeen days kind of behind our calendar. of where New York is. We implemented these earlier, so I'm hoping that throughout California, the first state to do this and we will be able to get back to work and back of the cave as it were sooner, but we're going to wait for public health professionals to tell us, and we should expect it to be a couple month- and as our civic vice principal on this, what sort of grade would
give Angelinos for following the order, I would say it's a solid, be right. Now we got an actually in one of these groups that guy it's how much our cell phones move. So if people are sneaking out there at least keeping their cell phones at home because it showed that we had been. Their county moving, the least here in southern California throughout the country But you know we see slippage of that, and I think that is always spoke that are looking to get the beach. We had to close that down get out today rails, and I understand that these are the iconic locations and places we love to be. But this really is about that discipline of a couple weeks, reminding people when you move you could kill yourself and you could certainly kill somebody else so in law six necessary unless your critical worker stay at home. Well, the last time There was eight thousand cases in a state of forty million people. Now, obviously, that's going to go up
we're entering that phase. Now where those numbers are going to rise, How are we doing with hospitals, masks, ventilators equipment. Well. You know we are about eleven days behind New York City in terms of fatalities per capita in L, a county, maybe fourteen days behind a number of cases, but they ve had more tests there would you know, Hey we're holding steady, and I hope that I stayed order gives us an US, an extra two that other that other places wouldn't have city every city has prepared for when the cases are going to hit your capacity and just to put in perspective, if we have you know about tat, Two thousand beds total in all of our hospitals our general emergency room hospitals and Those were having only about thirteen or fourteen fifteen hundred of them available right now couple hundred. I see you beds, so these high hospitals are already about ninety percent filled. Ninety five percent filled before
the slot now their building capacity, they're moving heads around their changing rooms that didn't have ventilators. We ve got about a little bit under a thousand better. unused right now prepared for when folks come, but we're hit that that that wall, whether it's in two weeks or three weeks, we are confident confident. Six. he will go through that we're just trying to do our best to save many lives as possible. Why do we have enough masks? I know that It's been conflicting information, even from the CDC about how effective they are. They have sometimes made us. like they're, not not that effective. I think it's to be somewhat more effective than nothing and I've heard other people, I think yourself say, even even if it's a band which worries me in la as if I were the red wood and then I'm out where the crops are the blood, so I'm really screwed these things like this, which are different than mass semi there, what we call mass but they're, not medical
mass? We have about five million of these that clothed companies here, in LOS Angeles, I've already started to make that they think they can make about five million a week. The metaphor is like that in a football player, might be smaller than the door. That's the virus and the door is the Size of the poor in this, but if you have five or six football players trying to rush through the same time, it actually can help droplets not spread. I didn't save our grocery clerks, save folks that are doing critical work. So I'm a big believer in my keep way. Before national guidance. We might hear it very soon of our gesture before coming in here. Maybe the president by time. This Shown will have said it as well and those countries like check Republic and Korea, other places. Taiwan that happen have shown a slower rate of growth. So it's What no remember that's different than the surgical in the medical, great mass, that we need there aren't enough of those the whole nine with that. Sometimes
week or so of supplies. I've deputized the head of our port, of LOS Angeles, which is the biggest port anywhere in the Americas to be our chief logistics officer and so well in its supply chains in companies and chasing down every lead to order for our hospital, so hospitals. to compete with each other cities, don't have to compete with each other states, don't have to compete with the federal government. It's a mess out there, but right our holding on by this week to week is honest. Answer the president. I imagine it is a Hobson's Joyce as an elected official, especially in California, not his favorite state, because, as you know, he would have the popular vote, if not for all the illegal voters. Here right, it's a tough choice for a guy like you, because, on the one hand, to tell the truth. On the other hand, if you say in critical. This president has shown that he deny essential
services and equipment to states that are at nice enough to him so I guess what I'm asking you as: how are your praising skills when you need them for this precedent, but first of all I think, you're doing a great job on television are not good but seriously out all say thanks to anybody that for our work with the present before this happened, I was working with Carson, his Secretary of Housing Herb, development, even though some my democratic friend said don't when it comes to homelessness, because he added anyone hard about it? He was willing to listen and we ve been working together same thing with his friend when it came to the: U S, neighbours ship mercy, he brought it. I said. Thank you. I talked to folks in the White House just days before part of what I hope I helped bring. Here, but also don't be shy about criticising what we don't have at the national level. We don't have the preparation for this. We need to prepare for the second sight of this. When it comes in the late fall or the early
winter. We ve got to use all the resources of the federal government better and on a big, better I love that here in California, we have today rights. We can go on way whether it's on immigration, the environment, other things, but federalism depends on the central government doing some of the most important things like defending our country with wars, foreign policy, national trade, and certainly a pandemic response would fit into that. I'd like to see much more assertive leadership, much more national standards, much earlier adoption. Glad he's now saying that the whole country should do this, but I got on a phone call with three hundred fellow mayors two weeks ago, just after we had done this and I said, do it now, I don't care if you don't have one single it's coming and the way the media reported. This is that was kind of coastal that allowed it to become a democratic, a blue state thing. You know just a week and a half ago I was looking Wyoming had the same time. generators alike, so did North Dakota. You know if it was just per capita people weren't looking at it there,
the absolute number, so this is coming your town, no matter what and we need national leadership on procurement, on testing on standards and on advice I think it did a good job on this. So far. I wish you continued luck and all of us good luck, and hopefully we will have parents California, we are the land of the sequels. Hopefully we would have to be doing this again. Thank you. So much MR strength and love all look forward to coming on after we will one person soon. I hope- thank you, Sir, as indeed take her right are delighted to have the presidential candidate and independent senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders is with as he has been many times on our show, never under such circumstances Bernie. You are a guy who I've seen a lot of things, you place this crisis in american history.
Never in my lifetime bill. What we're looking at now is absolutely unprecedented. Yonah we're looking at a pandemic, the likes of which we have not seen in a hundred years. We looking at an economic collapse that may may end up being worse than the great depression with thirty forty million people are becoming unemployed in the next number of months unprecedented in our lifetimes, thus visual, and what would you do right now? If you are the President I this is exactly what I would do. The main point is that we have to prevent a breakdown in the entire system. That's how dangerous it is right. Now it is much easier to maintain the system than fix it after it is broken. What does that mean? From an economic point of view? It means that we tell every worker in America you will continue to get your paycheck. We
no you're, not working. We know you're at home. You know your business. They ve been working for is not functioning, but guess what we're gonna do, what the UK is doing, what Denmark is doing, what Norway's, knowing what France is doing, you will continue to receive. One hundred percent of your paycheck number to what we have got to do is guarantee that all people in America during the crisis get their health care. They need with out of pocket expense. It is pretty crazy to say to people as the last stimulus package did, that you can get you A corona virus test government pays for that, but if and go to the hospital you have to pay for that out of your own pocket number three. What we have to do is protect by healthcare system right now, we
did you use that the fence production act to tell the private sector will be well compensated. They must produce the mask the gowns. The gloves the Bentley is that the health care system also, if we're ever going to get back to normal. We're gonna need a new level of testing that we have never seen before, and I think we can do it, but we have to invest in it so that it says to build more bill. You have been tested right now instantaneously, you ought not spreading the virus. You are not going to be acceptable to the virus. You can go into a war environment with other people who are clean as well, so we need to that's very heavily in testing We also need to provide substantial help to federal to state and local governments
because they are running out of money. We have helped them in the last stimulus package. We've got to do more in the next stimulus package. Which we are working on right now, because if the cops are not being paid, the I see people are not being paid out. You're gonna have a breakdown in the system and we have also got to protect all working families all over this country who cannot afford right now, to pay their rent, their mortgages, their student loans, other oral loans and software and put a freeze on those type opinions. So bottom line is built. In my view. We are in an unprecedented moment in american history. We have got to in an unprecedented white- and I am working with others, senators and members of Congress on what will be an unprecedented piece of legislation to try to save this country in so
difficult moment I mean you mentioned getting hundred percent of your paycheck. The criticism of. You has often been that you are promising money that the government could not possibly come up with long. Can the government do that We just keep printing money, isn't that the recipe for ECHO MIKE disaster down the road, but I think bill. Why not preventing a crisis? You end up saving money and easing a whole lot of paying in this country. I dont think happened alternative. We are looking at some thirty or forty million people over a period of months of months, maybe of Europe three four months losing their
thought and if we do not do not protect those people, you're gonna see a a collapse of of the economy and will take us more money. To put it back together when I'm suggesting by way is largely what is, going on in the UK, Germany, Norway, Denmark in other countries. So it's not a, a new idea and by the way we put that provision into the recent stimulus bill but two million workers in the airline industry. while the airline industry is virtually shut down. Those workers will continue to get one hundred percent of their paycheck and their healthcare and their healthcare, which is what we should be doing doing bill bill, I'm not suggesting to you. This is not an expensive proposition. I am suggesting to you that the alternative is worse. I find one of the most galling. Parts of this is that the president is favoring,
Britain States over the others, governors who are nice to him as he calls it, get a lot of attention and all the equipment they want to me. This is- even more of an impeachable offense than what he did with Ukraine or Russia. How do you stop a president who is blatantly not the president of every state? Equally, how do you stop a president who sends aid to Florida, for example, because the he likes the governor there, but not here to California or Illinois or Massachusetts. It is lit beyond beyond comprehension, I mean you know. We have a president who has done so much harm in this entire process. Who has downplayed the crisis from day one which will cost us that his actions or inactions and not listening to the scientists and spouting off ridiculous ideas, is in fact going to cost the lives of many thousands of American,
but answer your question. Congress has got to step up to the plate and step up big time, and I will tell you what else concerns me the worst part of this, two trillion dollar stimulus package that was passed last week I voted for, but the worst part of it was five hundred. Dollars going out to the president to allocate to corporate, with no no, the kind of strings attached and accountability that should have required. Now now is saying: hey, I don't really care about accountability, all I'll do what I want and to pick up on your point. If you think that, during a campaign you're not going to see a lot of money from the Trump administration going to Battleground states to Pennsylvania, Michigan Wisconsin Florida. You would be grossly underestimating the finality finality of this president, So these are issues we're gonna have to stay on in work, a very hot cigarette. Ok,
during the campaign you and your rivals debated many times who has the better healthcare plan, but My point is always been that One thing I never hear from a politician is to the american people, no matter what health care and we have it's not going to work unless you take our responsibility for your own personal health one reason we're in the mess we're in is because Americans are not very healthy to begin with. I know this is under the category of never going to happen. But if I was bred and I would institute a Manhattan project, forgetting our immune systems, in better shape, and part of that is suggesting. very strongly that people eat better food and less of it would you agree absolutely and this is exactly what the federal government should be doing- certain general should be doing look.
in the long run and many as you know, we have seen a decline in life expectancy. Having put three on the last one, major crises with diabetes with obesity with obviate addiction, but alcoholism. With suicide. I mean we have many many problems and one of the areas that concerns me very much as you have the food industry selling absolute garbage, kids with all kinds of sugar and everything else in so we need a government to work hard in terms of disease prevention at such as food. It is exercised. It is doing a lot better in terms of mental health than we do now so Disease Prevention is obviously the way to create a happy and fulfilled society and also say I have a lot of money if we don't have to deal with diabetes and obesity and heart disease and all of the above all of the illness is caused by poor diets and other things.
Well, I'm glad to hear you say that alright out last question, it's a question. I've asked other candidates before I don't Did to ever get a satisfactory answer, but I'm up for you- and that is this I've been saying for a number of years that, if trump lose, The election he's not going to leave now I notice a lot of people are talking about this very issue. If you are elected president and Trump gets out there, and says. Well, there are irregularities and it was rigged and it was this and it was that, and I'm I'm going anywhere until we find out what's going on? What do you do.
Well, you mobilize the american people in a way that they have never been mobilized before, to essentially remind this president that whether he likes it or not, we live in a democracy and that the majority of the american people through the electoral process will determine who the next president is. So what you're describing is a nightmarish scenario with regard to democracy in America? Do I think, you're crazy and off the wall? I suspect not, but I think we have to make it clear from now on throughout the campaign. the day after he loses that if he loses his election, he will be out of office and replaced by the new president. While I am crazy and off the wall, but I'm always happy when you join us on our show. Even if it's remotely stay healthy, the are good luck with the campaign and I hope to see you in person some day soon. You take care as well. Thank you, Bernie Hey
Thou art my man gave you'd better to have it. My man gave that the ultimate multi hyphen it himself. So much Carlin, everybody, everybody where there's no fucking people around that's the problem there. No, there is no people are you? Are you you might be the first person in America to put on a suit in about three weeks now Prince Charles has Corona virus unease, put on the suit every day with the pocket square, that is good for him. That's look I just really wanted to check in with my good friend and see how he is doing during this. but he wasn't around. So I'm asking you no. I want to know how you're coping buddy I'm I'm I'm really happy to be filling in. For Mr Travolta,
What do we? I'm hang in there. I'm it's it's that that's the thing I find it is is the M is a most important at this time is to stay busy, ah I just by watching movies, a television but just keeping yourself occupied for me. It's I I've tried to stay writing trying to continue reading. For pleasure does anything. I can do that to keep my brain occupied. I found it is. Is key, and you know what I haven't I think helps is I don't watch a lot of news about them I checked in the morning to see because I don't want to be in the dark about what's going on, but I d, used to watch a lot of cable news, and I don't need to to get the blow by blow on this. Wake me when they call the all clear
until then I get into a hot bath. At night with a winner, Paltrow Vagina, candle and Reducing stress is the best thing you can do for european system on my right yep, it's it's and I know it's hard to sleep at times, but it's gonna sleep is important. yeah it's it's anything. You can do to and not a mynors theirs, I know everyone is feeling I feel at enormous anxiety during all this enough anxiety and the strange way as odd as it is? I've found some hope in reading about pandemics of the asked because the one thing that they all have in common is that they all eventually subside and you know here it's taking other more work than than it than it has in the past to two to suffocate this thing, but
You know what just remind you that this this is no virus exists forever and- and I think the upside too, this is but thank God. This is not something like Ebola. This is this. Is this? this is a situation that we should not be in right now, and I think we all know why were in no need a rehash that, but the dress rehearsal in a lot of ways for something. And more severe and even more serious, and I think that if we are government, particularly Learned the lessons that this is teaching us that the next, this comes around the next time we find thousand this predicament with something more deadly. Could happen? We will be much more prepared, much more ready to and and we'll have the you know, ideally but prior to that they respect.
For the scientific community that we should have had all along, because when we turn to when this kind of it goes down its scientists, its doctors rights, it's the only. people who can get us on I'm so glad. You said all that, because I feel the same way. I'm really not personally, not afraid of this one, because I don't think it's that, yes, it can kill you absolutely, but you know I see, Tom Hanks looks like he's. Ok, where the same age, we don't know enough about it. I I would love sciences to do a deep. I've into why certain people you seem like their healthy get it, but you Billy, at some sort of underline condition that you either well. If it isn't, I mean it can be, and I have heard enough instances of you Know- anecdote allowances of people who are perfectly healthy.
and you know relatively young and and have succumb to this thing. So I figured it important to remember that it is their ism a bit of russian roulette today. You can't you know him. assume that you're. You know that you're stealed against it again. The the figures are, are Allow for a certain degree of optimism but somebody said, have stagnated, giving out you if you have, if you are given a bag of skittles and they tell you the truth. Some are poison you're, probably not going to touch the bag at all. Right understand, Here are just a pretty good, that's why we're all in a all following the protocol, I assume you're there in your and new love in a two room apartment in Bannon.
do you not? So this is especially tough on you and right next to the airport right right into the airport. It's got to be tough, locked up all there in your little apartment, but Are you saying that these days do you have you have a corona body that you can. I am, I am well differ started. I have my cats right, my which, by the way, is the way? That's something that Do you turned over the great equalizer like things that people like us or are we take for granted? We take our house keepers for granted. We take housework for good things like laundry and changing the cat box. I will I will never again pretend that the job of say a stay at home mom is is not way harder than what I do on a daily basis, because when I compare this, this
even figuring out how to do floors. My God, it's a hell of a lot harder than than then make him tv. Oh, I can tell you how to do floors down, Therefore, I guess I got in the way of moving like you give me the floor. Can wait until the virus ends? changed my change. Yet I mean to do that. I'm planning on whether we that's that much easier, you a there's a little setting on the washing machine bedding. Oh I'm assuming that's for sheep. I was going to ask you about That's so what listen? I've got a peach cobbler in the oven I the state that I've got to get to right now, but it's good I know you're doing a podcast with Brian and Stewart, which is fantastic, I can't wait for the next season of the orbi. You know I'm the biggest fan of the oral it's on Hulu, no right.
It's only one of the new ones coming in the hall, but it's going to be good, okay. Well, thank you so much. I can't wait to see you in person and came here I know I know you will be- will be out there again getting drunk. Thank you. meanwhile, and everybody went again, everybody does. all right. My next guest is MAX, Brooks, I think people through who watch this. Joe no him as one of our favorite paneless. He is the author of a new, What devolution and you are all gonna have plenty of time to sit home and read that What is so Apropo is that he also is the author of World WAR Z and, of course, the zombies are coming next. Please welcome MAX, Brooks applause at home max how you doing hey bill good to be here in my attic.
I see and those earplugs there there for me, I'm hoping you're not listening to something else. No, no, of course not pass the ball passed. Yet There are no games, you giving so listen. world war z. You know such a great book and movie and I think people might not understand that you're. Really such an expert in this that you have testified before Congress, you tested by before something called the blue ribbon Bio Defence panel where they looking to find out and or were they just asking you what it's like to work with Brad Pitt and what your particular expertise that they wanted to. Have you therefore the blue ribbon sounded by partisan defence. Pat was trying to get us ready for the next Jan of german tax, because this one might have crawled out of a job,
but the next one may crawl out of a lab and so they're trying to ready our defences. what they wanted for me is a public outrage, because in a republic it doesnt you good to get all the experts together if you can't educate the taxpayer and the voter. So how do we do that and that's why they had become. And listen to their hearing on capital ill. I weren't you tell him I said the most important thing is you need to find ways of reaching out. You need to find the educators had the measles outbreak in New York in the orthodox jewish community. They reached out to rabbit so we ve got to find who are the rabbis on the local level, be it a pastor in a rural red state or the yoga guy right here in Venice, but there are people that people list in two and we need to educate them, so they can educate their flock, the other they're called info
it says they're, nineteen and they're on Instagram and that's what we do. We find a youtube, who opens boxes and he says, let's open the box, a vaccine, that's how you do it. Okay, alright! So you mentioned something that might out of a lab. There have been rumours that this virus that we're dealing with now started in a lab in Wuhan China and that's not unpressed mean that really happened really happened in the Soviet Union in the seventies. Did it not can tell I have no idea what where this particular virus, came from. But I can tell you there is a precedent in the nineteen seventys in spared lost in the Soviet. Fair loss with a massive city devoted to making weapons one of those weapons was adjourn weapon. It was anthrax and it got out and for decades
we were trying to understand what was going on and the soviets we're saying no no was tainted. Me don't worry about it. We got this. was minor, minor minor, and then he took it EL? The ninety nine, these four Boris Yeltsin, to admit that it was an accident at a germ weapons factory at killed, and second many more people then we had any idea. It was the Soviet Union's biological Chernobyl and I could happen again it could happen again, especially in a country where there's no free press, because if there were members here right in any country with a free press, you could validated you even validated from the local citizenry, but in a country like China that the press and also sensors its own citizens on social media. It creates a dark space right for conspiracy, theory, and that is precise precisely. Why is it not that you set world wars?
in China, or rather the disease coming out of China, because that an edit it so prescient because that exactly why this disease that we are really dealing with now got out because it where's the very kind of regime that would shut down talking about it, that I was modeling World WAR Z on the first Sars outbreak in the early two thousand It's not enough to have a large population and are a rapid transportation networks, virus can spread like wildfire. You also need a government that is willing to suppress the truth, which is what happened with the First Sars outbreak, where The World Health organization knew there was something going on and China was doing its impression of Eddie Murphy and Raw going hey on me and then it got out and suddenly was around the world. So I was looking back hoping against hope that China had learned its lesson and clearly
It has not yeah, so you were also involved in something called the vibrant response exercise. I think it was in twenty eleven which I know you can't even talk about all the aspects of it because it was somewhat secret. But again does your expertise they wanted and they were this involved. Everybody, the military National Guard right FEMA virologists, Even tribal leaders were involved, because this was basically exercise to plan for something cataclysmic pop Perhaps a nuclear attack that would happen autumn reconcile tell us what that was all about and also very interested in the idea that they were particularly keen on living by the rule of law, even in a disaster- oh my god, yet no violent response. I was there just as an observer and I'm not sure what I can talk about. What I can't talk about, but I can tell you that it wasn't a homeland
we are exercise. It was the doomsday sorry what, if a terrorist or somebody said, often nuke in a major american city- and I watched every organ of government come together from federal right down to the to the local, and I can tell you that it is all going to watch them It's called a national response framework, which is the master disaster plan. What are we When the ship comes down and a good section about and is ensuring that we protect our rights as well as our lives. So this notion it better. He suddenly federalized. This response will backslide into dictatorship is bullshit. The whole reason we have these plans and we exercise within and we bring in armies of lawyers is quickly, so we can do this envy of merit. Way without trampling on any of our rights and to prove that democracy in crisis can succeed
interesting. You know I would expect the President Trump would use this to become authoritarian more than he already wants to be, and we've seen this already in many other countries I mean we're seeing this around the world. Israel has there no more courts, there agree: Bolivia. Chile, lots of countries are using this as an excuse to big, and you know there is a reason why you have to employ different methods in a disaster like this, but I'm surprised that President Trump hasn't invoke what is it a defence act where you can order? private industry, as we did Robert you, we say You know what stop making cars do. We need to make tanks and planes what he want the key is hesitating. Why is it detaining about I that I have no idea why he has not enacted the full force of the federal government. It might be. I don't know a small group of die hard
in Rand ideologues I want to see big government right in a crisis than invalidates the idea of a big government which is by the way why we have a big government, specifically for emergencies. Maybe I don't want that. Maybe it's just stupidity. Maybe it's arrogance. Maybe it's magical thinking I dont know but We'll tell you this. This idea that we were caught unaware that This is something like Godzilla coming out of the ocean that we didn't know about. Oh look, look! Here's the plan sitting on my desk and by the way, that's not from the dark web. The government wants you to read these plans because in crisis? A republic has to depend on its citizens. So this idea that if we enact the defence production suddenly were Venezuela, that's a complete lie because
events, production that was specifically written to preserve free enterprise, capitalism and our constitution wealth. I appreciate you, I was going to say coming over here I was going to say. I know you're busy, but we got up that's bullshit, but thank you so much for doing this and for lending your expertise, and I hope I you'll get in person soon. Thank you. Don't take your be safe brooks. Okay, we're we're back here. For my man and- and we have a true legend icon, icon he's got, a new album out Was- was to be out this month, it'll be out in July. Now it's called first rows of spring an ironic title, given that this is the last spring spring. Thousand and twenty, but this is a man- who's never lost Willy Nelson Willy? How are how are you great how you do it well
you know as well as can be expected under the circumstances, and I guess in national crisis times the thing out. Most Americans minds is gaudy guarding national treasures, and you are one So I guess America wants to know. You look great. You feel good say that again I say you look great. You feel oh yeah. You know considering yeah I mean you ve, seen a lot of course. As far as crises go there seen in this country. Where would you put this on the scale well it's gotta be up there around number one, because the Euro, a fictitious war, craziest times- and I can remember- and you know, I remember being with you this last New year's eve. You away whereof, We and we were backstage. You were kind enough,
help us out with our little sketches there, and you know you are hesitant to pull on the joint of course you did. I was so cute distressing way back then you're ahead of your time. You always haven't been, but given somebody as someone who you know has to watch the lungs because this disease, Actually you know attacks the lungs. Are you especially careful with the Maui wowie. oh well, you know, I smoke a little No, I, but I try not to overdo it. It usually I wind up over doing everything, so you know well. I hope I hope this.
This is a silver lining here. It's gonna teaches what we really treasure and what we really need. I have only been eating it. You know, since this came along. Well, let's go is edible yeah. I actually don't like to eat it because it makes me paranoid, but then, if I, if I smoke it, it makes I feel it in my lungs, and that makes me more paranoid but I got my body somehow emitted a batter stuck it up my ass. Well, you know quit smoking cigarettes by rolling up twenty big joints and put them in a lucky strike package, threw it away, I haven't you smoke too soon that sounds virginal. I you know why lecture, Picture taken course, and so far at eighty. I I do it. No, you look fantastic, and this is on you know an Iphone, but
You know you find out what you really need. I mean I always thought at what you would really need to live being on the road and among people and on marijuana. But I really I really miss on the road and I miss. you'll see an all people in that you'll know. We come out to exchange good positive energy and euro Hooker whether you're a democrat or Republican. If you're I on the road again, that's good enough for me. Oh I do I love on the road again. And I love when you're on the road again. What about people around you I mean we hear a lot about the fact that if you're young you're probably not going to be felt by this, but you have to be careful because, when you're around somebody in the age group you're in or that I'm fast approaching, you have to be especially careful where responsibility
You think that the elderly have to say that people get the fuck away from here. Go home. I mean: do you say that to people Well, I haven't had to because I'm very fortunate I live out here in love. You got a got a nice little place to a lot of horses. Everything everything's positive, wherever you look and I just try to live as much shoes I care so well you're in Texas taxes that arises is known. As stated. a believes in individual rights. Yes, I guess this is a tough one for them. Because they have given out directive for people to stay out of bars and restaurants and food ports and massage parlors. My quest is what do you miss most about the food court? Well, you know, You know there's an old saying that you could always
Texas, but you can't tell me much that's right, but this one they should listen. Final question junior. You know I've been a little upset because I give a lot of my taxes as we all do to the government. I live in California, it's not like Texas. We pay state taxes that are just crazy, plus the federal taxes, and this is like job one for the government to protect in times of crisis like these, so I just want to say as a guy who once didn't, pays taxes. You are way ahead of your time, and I appreciate that, sir, because they've done a shit job protecting and doing the one fucking thing that government should do all right what stay healthy welly. I want see you when I'm in Hawaii next time and I can't I can't wait to hear I value
the album is out again. It's called first roses spring beatin July, when I hope we will all be out. Thank you really. it might be the last rows of spring. You will not be the last anything thank values are whereby all right, now, a new rules, new roles, all right, they're all demand, disguised himself as a dog to sneak out during quarantine must find the man disguised himself as a bush to sneak out during quarantine and p. Neural. Everyone must apologise to perverts. It turns out. They were, perverts at all. They were just way ahead of their time. Neural until this is over trader Jos cashiers have to skip the friendly chit chat. Part. Did you find every
you need today seriously. Look around you. You've been looted by white yuppies, I'm walking out of here with a bottle of gherkins and some almond biscotti. So take that as a hint. That now is a good time to shut the fuck up neural married couples who have spent years quietly pitying single people specially gives me those of us who don't have children have to answer this question. Are you like me now. Eric and finally, new rule, I'm off a rallying around the flag. But let's not rally round the guy who missed all the red flags yeah.
America has been slow and inefficient and responding to this crisis. And yet our leaders approval writing, is up because that's what we do in times of crisis, our leaders get a bump in the polls, whether its justified or not, because it
This is no time to think and rallying around the president is just one of those irrational things we do in a crisis like porting, Sharman or praying, especially if the President says he's a wartime leader which this president says he is now. Unfortunately, that is a war on science. You know, Americans have made this mistake before on September, eleven, two thousand and one as President Bush was reading, my pet goat to schoolchildren and aid whispered in his ear. America is under attack and he sat there looking like he forgot to turn off the stove. His response was the attack and wait. Let's find out what happened to the goat and then, of course, because America Bush's approval rating went up after the attack, the Bush people, much like the Trump people now said. Who could have imagined this?
well. In both cases, experts yeah experts did Bush was repeatedly warned that our kind of could crash are playing into the Pentagon, and the FBI reported that weird holy men were training at. U S, flight schools practising the flying part no interest in landings and then there was the famous memo entitled Bin Laden determined to strike in. U S Veronica Mars could have put this together in forty minutes Al Qaeda did everything but send Bush an email that said September eleventh save the date now was this current crisis preventable, not all of it, of course, but we could have done with South Korea
their nightmare started the exact same day. Ours did but while Trump shut up experts happy talk and lit his ass off South Korea put a strong testing program into place and tracing people, and today they have twenty one times few of the cases and thirty times fewer debts. They didn't have to do a big lock down like we do so. Their pets aren't always looking like don't. You have some place to be. If this is a war, Trump lost it in January, he's not fdr or JFK he's L, o L. So it's more than a little disturbing that he's getting a bump in the polls from all this, a bump which tells us, we are once again entering into rally around the leader time around.
the guy who made it worse. I mean come on. Toilet paper is now more valuable than the dollar. We do have actual heroes here: they're working in hospitals, doctors on the front lines stockers at grocery stores and cashiers it we dispensaries, but not trump. Let's stop doing this thing. where we dilute ourselves into lionizing someone just because they were there when the shit hits? The fan Giuliani was not popular in New York before nine eleven, and then we had a crisis and soon he was America's mayor. New York magazine said people learn to experience his presence. Yes, his wife is not so much and for the last two decades Rudy has traveled the world as an international
security expert, despite the fact that is big security decision as mayor was to override objections from the end? Why be d and the secret service and put this city's emergency command centre in the one place, it was most likely to be wiped out in the World Trade Center after it had been bombed the first time it would be like stationing your tonight tornado response team inside a trailer park. The route problem we got here is Republicans are better at politics, and so they get elected, but once in office they can't do anything because their idea of government is dismantling government. So, let's also skip the we need to be less partisan virtue, signalling when it's obvious Republicans have a proud proven legacy of government dysfunction syndrome. Yesterday it was Bush in Giuliani today,
it's Trump and Mcconnell and RON Desantis, and you can only be safer when every last one of them is voted out all right, that's our shot from my backyard. I want to thank my guest Bernie Sanders. Eric Garcetti MAX books seem far Willie, Nelson I'll be nowhere. I'll, be here what we'll be back vex we thank you. folks, good night, hatch, all new episodes of real time with Phil MA every Friday night at ten or watch them any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO Com,
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