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Ep. #525: Bill de Blasio, Al Gore

2020-04-11 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Bill de Blasio, Al Gore, Ian Bremmer and Nikki Glaser. (Originally aired 4/10/20)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late real time. I hear you, everybody yeah hi, I'm Mary profits, and this is. Well, I could have predicted this year. I am doing the model In the rain I demanded John Q. That movie. This is ok, so like I have to, Things are getting very weird.
We are, and I was driving at that lay this week, not going anywhere, you don't you get go anywhere, but this had to get out of the house, and I tell you it's a little area there, like a movie we're all human life, has been wiped out, accept the gardener- and I noticed that the gas prices their advertising way well, like one was like under a dollar just like the dangling offer we can take advantage of taking The wife says I was horny realized, maybe you're a slave. My right right guys, I write audience rate grad what a crowd, but No, I tell you it's it's a weird thing here I mean I've known people in this town who, like locked themselves inside for three weeks, but was always because they got a nose job unless we make ruddy Dangerfield. That's why
Yet they are so lonely. I had a home invader. I said: look you're already here stay for dinner. What else can you do? I tried to start new Hobbes. You know I I'm doing a lot of baking. On days as soon as I wake, but no one has to do with my time. My home, I wasted time on the internet. I I didn't watch tv. I have food delivered. Oh god, I'm becoming a millennium. I see what is depressed and they are pretty depressed this week. This this is with a rough weak for them, Bernie Sanders, I'm sure your heard dropped out of the race.
Supporters, are taking a very hard. They did not expect burning to quit. They say it just proves that he is part of the conspiracy against Bernie Sanders, how an older ground, so so Joe Biden, the man, that's right, the faded. The earth rests on Joe Biden. The forces of light will be represented by MR, Joe Biden or as the jet I call em I'll, be one. Where am I Chuckie doing these video updates from his basement is not encouraging. One was just him down there, for Five seconds going: what are they come down here? Meanwhile, tramp, of course, does these daily briefings for, like ninety minutes I gotta get to this guy. He will stay up there until it is
here that he is absolutely no idea. What he's talking about is like the toddler in the car with the plastics during whale who thinks he's driving and drugs. I love this no masks he doesn't see himself wearing a mass he will not where man he says it's not worth putting on. I think what we have to add. You know we have to wear masks. Oh yeah, that's that's require that's, not a request anymore. You have to wear. Ask if we go on get this in New York. The health department says they strongly recommend astrogation instead of actual sex, we're not just gonna flattened the corona
Thank God, it's letting up, Finally, we want to give good wishes to Boris Johnson. That's right. He is one of the people. We now has the floor on a virus, but he's out of the easy. I see you at he's doing better there in great Britain, but until he returns to work right, Britain is without a leader joint a club, our eye, we got a great show. We have mayor, build lousy, Al Gore, wherever glades about pretty fucking, provide back yard and right now I spoke yesterday. Just let's go to the version. I give her cup well, my first go. Is the mayor of New York City, one of course, the hardest hit in this crisis. If you want to help me, and why see Dodd Gub Slash help now is where viewers can do that to help. The people in New York
we welcome the honourable build the plaza great to see Mr Mayer, I know you are busy you never have been before. So I get right to it, is it fair to say that things are looking a bit up in. Hospitalizations are declining and maybe levelling off very soon I be little more cautious than that bill, I say, hospitalizations were growing intensely their growing less. To use a ventilate, This was getting sky high growth each day it's actually slowed, but we're still seeing more cases each day, of course, than the day before. So, it is a positive sign. A really important bill is that New York as you know, New Yorkers Hotel, well that they would have, and though the least likely to socially distant So many people in the United States of America, but what we see is maize, ing compliance.
Making our support for this idea, because It is saving so folks in the city, even though it's been really tough, it's been emotionally tough. It's been logistically tough to figure out how to socially distance. In the most crowded place in the country, People are doing it they're doing very well. There sheltering in place there really staying inside to a remarkable degree. The Nypd has been out to do enforcement, they really haven't, had to do a lot of tough enforcement. They have sometimes had to war. People remind them, but people are actually following the rules are the real heroes and mean that the healthcare workers are heroes, the first responders heroes, but that there is also a truth that the people in your city are heroes in this crisis because we act, them to do something almost unimaginable eight point: six million people kind of in unison, pull off this shelter in place and social distancing into a remarkable degree, they're doing it, and why our healthcare leadership believes that somebody is known
are slowing down. Now we found out this week that there was a tremendous Rachel disparity and the way the virus affects people. Why in Eurostat? Is that that it? It does adversely affect minorities. So we saw a real disparity here and the disparity in other cities in the country has been, and other states has been even worse and I think it comes back to a painful truth about America that health care in Amerika for generations has been based on how much money you make and let's face it for most people of color. Then on the shore and of the economic stick and then add to it there howdy of immigration and what's happened to immigrants, recent years in his country. I think this is an area where the way immigrants have been under it. Has really been a piece of this unfortunate painful reality because bill a lot,
and started staying away from healthcare staying away from hospital staying away from all sorts of places. They could go for help because they feared a particular undocumented folks, feared exposure feared the possibility of being deported. So what we are seeing is sitting latino community harder to the black very hard. I think that is that immigration pieces apiece it, I think, The underlying the core peace is decades generations of people not getting enough healthcare folks were conditions like if you're in the more affluent community, your ass but yeah you get support, you get the help you need, you can under control. If you're going to our community allow people's asthma isn't under control. That makes some very vulnerable to the corona virus, saying with heart disease, YO lots of things that, if your poor if you haven't gotten the healthcare username, you didn't have the money to pay for it. You then.
Really vulnerable position when this ferocious disease come knocking. Ok, so let me ask you: one medical question. I understand why Republicans we're late, responding to this they're, not exactly the science people and their. There is someone who to say the least lives in the moment and doesn't think about tomorrow. But why were Democrats late. What bill. I think I don't know just have to look sort of person by person who I wouldn't say, Democrats across the board. I thinking in Washington Democrats were pushing really hard for the stimulus and it never would have been as because it was an inclusive, as as it was in about working people as much as it was. It wasn't for Democrats and we bluntly need that forth, Emulous immediately. This is a city right now my cities, billions and billions
dollars in a hole and we're not gonna, be able sustain basic services for people and fight this battle against covered nineteen. If we don't get direct help in that stimulus so I think Democrats have actually been good on the federal level and a low level, I think everyone's grapple with this reality. We never heard of this disease. Six months ago we have gotten a painful education in a ferocious disease that didn't even exists six months ago put everyone back on their heels. What we ve all been learning is that things like shelter in place, I call for shelter in place in Europe today. I have to say a lot of people were kind of shocked and thought. It was extreme, but in fact this is the tough kind of thing we have to do now, because it's actually how you can now we protect people protect the since that actually can save wives our hospitals until a week, Togo, or so we will work,
our hospital we're gonna get swamped and that it was the overwhelming and that people would come in the door and not there wouldn't be a ventilator for them or that wouldn't be a doctor or a nurse for them. It's thank God stabilized, but you need to do the shelter in place. You need to do the social distancing just to keep the healthcare system alive enough to save lives. I think people have learned it wasn't easy lesson it wasn't. It wasn't a lesson that you would immediately it makes sense of given what a shock to the system it is, but I'm telling everywhere around the country. You can learn from what we ve been through, go to shelter and place fully coda social. This sing fully and stay there until this is over. Ok, Mr Mayer, I know you're very busy right now. I appreciate giving me even this much time. Please get back to the important work they are doing and we thank you for joining us and good luck in the future. EL. Thank you, and I know you love New York City and thank you for getting telling people how they can help. We do need the help.
Its lifesaving for new Yorkers. So thank you very much. Your welcome. Thank you. All right, I'm very bring. You are next gas to you as the vice president I'd states, and I think we all know we should have been the pressure on the United States fortunately, he's not the president saves now, but I wish she was Al Gore. How are you baby? Oh God, Sir, that thunderous applause is just so a grand fine bank do use laughter at four the show I love you know and I die. Ok, I know you're very social creature Drawn out back with you, are you ok, sequestering yeah, I'm I'm, I'm ok, Thank you for asking, and I hope you are too you look great well during my own. Make up by Villa learns alleviate the old get up there in the mirror, but so the Pope HU, I don't usually quote said today that this is natures response
virus to climate change. He quoted something from He said in spanish Recite got always forgives but nature. Never forgives! You see it this way that this is sort of nature's way of saying you know you can go on killing the earth for just so long before you kill yourself? Well, we Encroaching enter these wild areas and reducing the overall extent of them so that the number of times when human beings come into contact with wild creatures that harbour viruses like the corona virus, sir those occasions are increasing, so there is there. Is that the connection, but the real connection in my opinion is that you know the scientists have warned us about the corona viruses,
warned us about the climate crisis and we ve seen the dangers of waiting too late to heed the warnings of the doctors and scientists on this virus and We should not wait any longer to heed their warnings about what we're doing the radically destabilize the earth's climate, and perhaps that connection is obvious, but something's, you think are obvious, take some time to become obvious, sir, to governmental official, sometimes You know, people brag. At this moment I notice about how adaptable humans are. I don't find that comforting, because I dont want is to adapt to you? You know we were never the mass people and now we're just gonna, be the people who adapt that way. The the air in LOS Angeles, has has not been this good
scented belong to Mexico, but people will do it for virus, they won't do it for carbon yet centre, saying I am by the way there's a brand new study after this week that shows that burning fossil fuels and polluting the air with the exhaust emissions is in fact a pre existing condition that raises the death rate from covered nineteen, and so it's odd that well, it's understandable. We know the reasons why, but it's odd and strange and wrong.
That is. The present would pick this time to suspend enforcement of the environmental laws and tell the polluters ache and just crank up her all the pollution they want into the air because it kills more people. We know that now and it's also by the way you ve, talked very eloquently about the racial disparities search for those who are suffering from covered. Nineteen you know were average Americans and to an extent, hispanic Americans native Americans are way more likely to live down wind from the smoke stacks and adjacent to the hazardous waste stored size and flows, and that's why, for example,
for a long time, the death rate from asthma for african american children in the? U S is ten times greater than the death rate from asthma for white children, and so we see these disparities with covert nineteen and there are other reasons for access to medical care, economic inequality, the kind of jobs available in other things too, but the exposure to much more air pollution is one of the main factors it is a pre fossil fuels are existing condition recovered nineteen right. So the political calculus change this week, Bernie Sanders dropped out. As you know, The man who had your old job, Joe Biden is now obviously going to be the candidate. What what would you think about, but by naming Obama Corona Virus Tsar right now,
really good with the above virus. You think that what excite people to get to the Paul's, knowing that Obama was gonna, be in charge of handling this disease, as opposed to the wage being handled at the top right. Now well, we might want to check with the present Obama. Firstly, might not want you might not want to take that position, but of course, Brok Obama would be extremely capable at any thing that he was assigned to question whether or not the Biden, would want to do that right now, but it's not a bad idea bill. So I know you I'm sure you saw this week what happened in Wisconsin It is to me, like a dry run, for what the Republicans are going to try to do in the fall which, That's what they who hasty with elections cheap.
People were standing in line. It was their primary. The Democrats wanted the election to be postponed. The republican lead state court would not allow that to happen. So, for example, Milwaukee, where there is supposed to be a hundred and eighty two polling places open. There was only five open. I mean that happened in the fall. The democratic could never win in Wisconsin when in the key swing states. Of course, that was very close last time. It also look, like President Trump is touting the line that mail in votes are somehow now fraudulent, which is pretty funny when you but someone going to appalling place with a mask on You seem like an easier way to commit fraud than doing it by mail, but
someone who was cheated out of an election. What do you think about all that? Well, you know, I think, it's tragic, that the modern Republican Party has become so committed to suppressing voter turn out, and it that's relatively well out, I start say, is relatively new. I come from the South birds and honour. Long time, but I think back to win Republicans like Jim, since in Brenner and others are helped to lead the way to a renewal of the Voting Rights act not that long ago. But now they are committed to suppressing the vote. I am you know. Their theory is that the wealthy and powerful and politically connected just no better, and they ought to be in charge of that's funny wrong. You ve heard the phrase the wisdom of proud, the real secret to America. Success producer countries is that we ve made better decisions until recently until the last couple of decades, by trusting, in the judgment of the
african people, but you know what happened in Wisconsin your right as a warning. I'd like. Slowed, an idea on your show bill. We need mass testing to see who has the Annie bodies and whose free and clear up the disease, at least for a time we need to know more about whose infected and whose not, because there are so many asymptomatic care Here's what if some governor started the ball rolling by setting up testing sides at every polling place for the November elections, we got two five five to six months to mass a workforce and get the quick return test to do that. We ought to start the testing, even sooner than that? We that's been one of the many great failures in our countries response to this. Thus far have we got to get on with the testing and we could supplement whatever we get done quickly by setting it up at pulling places in its it became popular red state governors might want to join in.
So too great idea, you're still an idea guy I'll, not appreciate that. Shit you. I thank you for doing this in this difficult time and I hope to see you on the real sat pretty soon. I hope so too bill and and thanks for your long term, a faithful fight against the climate crisis law, so people and may we really appreciated. Thank you thanks. I appreciate it. Ok, well, we're locked up in our houses, but commerce does continue in its fashion and up I noticed that american corporations are using the virus as a way to sell us stuff, as they always do. They never miss a trick to do that. So wish like to see some of the ads that r o crowd at home, ok, we're here are some examples. For example, Anville has here for you until your kids go back to school tomorrow,
they're so great, for washing your mail Remington right pulls the proven way to guarantee social distancing support, lay The old fashioned way try our non corona virus viruses cry. You're never going to leave the house. Why not dress like shed Doritos flame and hot flavour, and because there's a decent chance. One of the chemicals in this bag works on the virus. Corona beer, look. We didn't do it all right spam If not now, when A jeez, because you know, after stress about toilet paper, when you're constipated. Ok as president of the Eurogroup, jeez, zero media, one of our Favorite- Guess, Bremmer joins us from what looks like a lovely home Are you very very far
you I'm in downtown Manhattan sort of epicenter for the global crisis right now. But not there, in your living room. Very, very cultured. Are you missing cafe society you're such a sophisticates, I'm missing people missing my friends, you know, I think that social distancing is not does not come normal for me. There's that I dont know how I'm going to do after a couple more months of this May. Neither are you know: It talk a lot about how young people they live on their screens. I talk to a lot of people under forty living and your screens as great as long as it's not a directive. You know they it's their time. When you are young, you want to What, when we making your way in the world you know and it gets, they gets its tougher tougher everybody, but look
a big picture guy. That's why you're one of our favorite guests, so you study these things closely. What do you see for the rest of the year. Is there a return to a new normal. Is that new, normal bearable? We can bear an awful lot. We can get used to an awful lot. It's obviously very different in different parts of the world here in the United States. There is no question: we can restart the economy, but restarting the economy is harder than shutting down, because I mean let's say we get serving Trump, what their talk and May one. I think it's more like June one, but whenever we start this year, relaxation of the shot down we're still socially distancing and a world where we're still socially distancing, is a big problem for a while
the pieces of our economy and having that, though, the two that I think about in particular, there are gonna, be hardest, our schools and aeroplanes, because I mean there's just in structure that makes it really challenging for either of those restart until we a real trust, the people aren't going to be getting infected, getting sick. In that case the school. I mean I obviously, how do you tell a second greater, but they have. The second is to have the socially distance. How do you in force that- and I mean planes airplanes right there, they, just not gonna be able to functionally run, and so you build a level of of of of incremental opening that that has the potential to really sweet the. U S economy, irrespective of all the other problems of global supply chain and the rest, but I think he's gonna be lasting into twenty twenty one and the impact he's gonna have on the middle and working class in this country?
and how we gonna needs a bail them out at an and give them relief, even before words talking about. Real stimulus is up greater magnitude than is reflected in the markets today or that, I think, are. Our government is really prepared for an that's really. But the question is: what is the tipping point? When I mean I'm a utilitarian, I think I have the definition of that right: the them making the most people the welfare of the most people. But your primary concern. So America's Mr Concentrate always on undramatic death. No, life is good. We don't want anyone to die from anything, but you looking for crush at nine hundred and eleven horrible horrific, but our reaction to it cuz the lot more death I'll be a lot more unnecessary.
Death. I mean I hear a lot of dramatic talk now. You know Pearl Harbor and comparisons due to war, don't you we would be better off dialing back. That drama talk a little bit. I think that you're absolutely right. When Trump said you don't we can't we're gonna, make sure the cure. Isn't worse than the disease. He got pounded on by everybody and, of course, that's because Trump has this manic genius to be able to say in his outside voice what other polluting the leaders we'd never actually utter in public, but are all thinking I'm every foot of I know, he's trying to make them calculation at what point is it worse to keep the economy shut down. I mean in a lot of developing countries, which The way or a hell of a lot younger and they don't have the health air and they don't have the money to keep the economy is going there, making a very deep
calculation. Part of that is because life is comparatively quorum of cheap and in part of it is because younger people, Asian. If everybody gets it, not as many people going to die, I guess I'll deal with differently and the United States right it's hard to make that calculation. I think, at the very least we have to get past the point where our health care has the potential to get Well, we can't have a situation where in new you, like city right away in Detroit in New Orleans, we could have the north italian experience, because then more reality is five to ten times higher than it otherwise would have been. But but you can get that. We will know in a few weeks. That's not June, that's not September, but I think how to get beyond that. You're gonna need to do so much in the EC Allow me to give people the assurances we ve got a bunch of governors and mayors.
It will be able to start opening the economy again, but that doesn't mean that people are gonna go out to restaurants. It doesn't mean they're gonna in local olbers will go on public transport. How do you ensure that people can go to their workplace if they're not effectively socially distancing. If you don't have enough asked at hand sanitized or for all of them? Can you give them tests? Can you guarantee that all of them that their coworkers won't have them the law suits? That will come from that. If you can't do that, I think there are a lot of steps that need to be put in place that America's private sector is working on really hard right now, but it's gonna be challenging to get there and get their easily, and Lord knows, though, and I hope that by June and will have much better answer than we do right now. You abide by its not we're, not flipping a switch. No and we shouldn't. But again you know
you have to look at. I made a list of some of the things I can kill you. If the economy goes into a depression, you could wind up with fascism, which has been known not to be good for people's health and the depression led to a lot of fascism loneliness. I was shocked to see that the early death rate is up. Twenty goes up twenty six percent because of loneliness societal breakdown. You know. If what what happens I mean when people have no money, they rob things break down. People die from that alcoholism, drug addiction, kids, not going to school. I mean we're done enough. People eat worse food, you know pollution. We were just talking now. Al Gore pollution kills a eight mill.
In people a year, they say from particulates in the air. This virus isn't gonna, probably get to that number, not not close. Just normal obesity approaches, half a million Americans daddy. Here I what what I'm saying is like when death happened slowly. We don't seem to notice what happens suddenly dramatically like this or nine eleven. It just seems out of wax. Sometimes, if we're, what we're trying to do. Save the most number of lives which are with nine eleven comparison, is exactly right, because I mean there wasn't really a national debate. It was everything we could possibly do. To ensure that we will never have another terrorist act like that again on american soil. We will do and if that means spending trillions of dollars, and that means costing tens of thousands of wives american life, not to mention all of the accounts.
More lives on the ground in these countries creating more radicalism. There wasn't a debate about that because you had to. We all in that fight absolute. We think that similar, Things are going to happen here and by the way you're asking about the impact on the economy, we're both the potential but we overshoot is real, but also how about the impact on technology? We are absolutely gonna be prepared. Give away all of our Ghana to all of these companies just to ensure that we can be monitored effectively Show that we're not going to be exposed to someone that has this disease, like they're, doing in China like their presently doing in Singapore I made a few months ago. We were talking and Elizabeth Warren up there saying we should break up these big tech companies where the european saying these monopolies are dangerous and we'd better, ensure proper, I see. No one is gonna, be saying that in the next few months, what are the implications?
long term of the fact that we are simply going to say you are the most strategically important companies for us get back going? We need your location on every American all the time to understand when we can bring you back into the economy. What are the implications? long term. I suspect we're not gonna. Do enough thinking about that, because we I know what our priorities where fighting bill were: fighting a war, a war, or against corona virus, and when you fighting a war, everything else is not even second place its tenth place, and so these are exactly the right questions that ok. So it's interesting, because now that Biden is the obvious nominee if it turns out Trump, was right all along when he was attacking and trying to get dirt on Joe Biden He knew he was gonna, be the nominee
I say, as a politician trumpets and a non per I he gets that and look I was for impeachment. I thought what what he did with Ukraine was was impossible for sure yeah, but after this it just it just look strange If I was the Democrats, just tell me if you agree, I wouldn't bring up impeachment or any of that stuff in light of the on a virus. If Ukraine seems very distant I'll, just say that it just for a lot of people to do seem ridiculous, that's right, but be politically. I would not be bringing up the impeachment today or next month I mean this. Is the election is going to be about this, but it's also going to be about the election. It's going to be about being able to vote right. You saw what just happened at Wisconsin Trump understands that his base is much more excited about him. Then Biden Space is about buying, which means low
turn out is good for trot. So you old people vote they both more than young people. Do they also are much more vulnerable to dying, getting really sick from krona virus. A by November. There still gonna be social distancing in place. What are we? Gonna do about the elections in November, especially in those swing states where the electoral mechanism will be determined by republicans you're going to do your best to make it harder for people to vote, and I think that's going to be resolved in court. I think it's going to be incredibly contentious. That's before you talk about the politicization of investigations about by that's before you talk about the Russians and what they might do in the external intervention. Just the baseline of holding the election itself in the age of corona virus has suddenly become the most politicized issue maybe of our lifetimes in this country
I think he was going to go away without it I mean with it. I don't see it at all, but it's interesting when this happened a lot of people and when I say a lot of people I mean me among them said oh well. This is the one thing trump can't lie his way out of no parent, apparently there's nothing. He can't lie his way out of because he gets, there are day and lies, is ass off and certainly in the age of five news and when you have state tv it just doesn't matter. I find that the most disheartening thing that even this thing is not to really expose him in the way we were expecting. Clearly, his ability to take responsibility for anything is zero, goes wrong right
and his desire to blame the Chinese and desire to blame Obama. Frivolity task. When we didn't know corona virus existed at that point. We all of those things I take it, but to push back just a little bit right. There are a lot of people, out there that were saying if Trump wins, another election, we're gonna, have an authoritarian regime right democracies gone well, not really interesting. When I look at a country like Hungary, where Victor or by really wants to do an authoritarian and here's a moment he's getting rid of parliament. Here rid of the journalist he's, like you know the Saint five years in jail if you say something against me, this would be. The time is the biggest crisis of our lifetime since world war to enter is not centralizing power at all right. In fact, he said not my decision. The governors have to decide, as I need someone to blame he's so interested in avoiding any sort of accountability. But he actually is
as a fairly weak president, not not my job, not the federal government job to have testing on every street corner. If you want to be a dictator, you'd want to actually it's that authority and one other point, which is kind of interesting is at least social media, which is run by any ears. After all, are better at getting rid of fake news, whether it's our Jones or whether the present the Brazil parking some big cure when they fear that they actually you take those posts down because its anti science as engineers, they kind of get that we're. If you had a political leader calling for genocide, they wouldn't take that down, because I don't want to mess with politics, for I actually think that the american public is getting better formation around corona virus, yes in part because of algae, but also in part because of the way news works these days than they are but almost anything political, that's out. Well, if they lesson about algae, if they listen a trump. No, I mean
Look. I actually was believing him for the longest time when he said because it really was contested, or maybe we didn't know when he said you know I. I met a great decision at the beginning and and kept chinese people from coming here. Oh, you didn't do anything like Chinese people are still coming that that is a total lie. So you know, you're right, he's too lazy to be a dictator. It's pretty amazing that he could even pull that off. I mean the one time yet I will a let's keep foreigners out guy, and he can't even fuckin do that anyway, lazy and the power of the presidency is actually to constrain. I mean it's really hard to muster your authority over a bunch of governors and mayors that actually have budgetary control locally, and
sort of the school systems, reporting to them and have sanitation reporting to them this. This isn't a country that is real parliamentary system. It's a federal system and ultimately, that may be a bigger challenge for us over the next few months, but are also is the strength and my one optimistic, That is something I read that you wrote we're very motivated everyone is so motivated. You know when a house housing their motivated buyers. We have motivated solvers nobody benefits from this. Everyone wants to get it over with so anyway, I give a writing that and for always writing I love what you do. Thanks fell out by sea on my real show soon to be what you built agony. Ok, are, I might Yes, it was a very busy she's, still donor, fantastic, show on serious acts. I'm you up with Nicky Glaser, please welcome!
my favorite comedians, Nicky Glaser. Thank you How I know you're you're holed up in Lois right is that your hometown, yeah, living with my parents back in Saint Louis quarantined with them again, You like that choice, did make a choice, no one in the baby. I was already with them. When this all started going down, we were like they were visiting me an ally, and then I just said they go back with them, just to make sure they stayed saving and didn't started. Tik Tok account. So you are you this the room? You grew up in that year. N Y know nicely my dad's office right now, which is where I do my show from it's kind of his like man caves- and this is kind of turn into my office by Nice- is just the house. You grew up. It is its same house: it's really triggering a mom, you fall right, back in the old habits, I'm fifteen again, I'm getting it.
Screaming fights with my mom, I'm sleeping till noon. I'm developing eating disorder. It's I'm not coming you now, D. You and I are all the net dick and you hear them fucking I've. I've heard your mom's screamer chief. I think she looks nation make noise, but now event that now I have a white noise machine. I could really use one of those in high school, so your ear millennial merrily by law. You have to deal with depression and anxiety so I've been hearing these reports and rating stuff about how this is affecting people psychologically, and they were we're going into like a four month of doing this I mean it. Was for a few days in a week, but now I notice that people are- collapsing who have substance
Jews and people are getting depressed and things are you mentioned, triggering how you hold it, with all that kind of stuff. I'm smoking part all the time. Doing a lot of I'm doing less. Airbus, and I'm going to like self help and twelve set programmes, not the one associated with marijuana, but I'm doing I'm doing but I'm all this time on my hands and like I just wanna, fix myself and stay on top of that some kind of bread a goop lab of sorts out of my parents home in terms of self help like I'm, I did a breath work classes. Hey. I did a hypnotist session the other day, I'm on developing a candle that smells like my ass. All it's really work. Go back, go back
The guy you now is that one is that letter to China. Channel is good. My vagina through now like a candle, but I don't have the candle. That's not one afternoon border zone, but I really am I'm I'm like doubling down on everything. I'm all. My money is going towards self help. I'm I out The day I spend talking to someone about my feelings, because I just think you now I need to say, on top of that, I'm scared, and also with like me, man's I'm on the inside of president, but I'm worried about the future. Will I even be able to get those trying to win myself off so that I can you ok in a world where you, you know you. Could you couldn't those kind of beds and smoke pot all day, because I would think that they were conflicting or redundant. Yeah you're probably right. What are you? Are you so I know that you're doing just edibles, which I like, I don't know they just don't do it for me.
And they too long and they don't make my lungs feel full of pot smoke. Well, making your lungs feel things her endemic. For you know it attacks the lungs around here, that's much, my god, I could be wrong and you know what will find out and no yeah. I mean look at after nine eleven, they used to say about the leader of our brave people who protect us the CIA in those types of people who trump cards the deep state, but I say there the thank you for being deep, date. They would always say about the terrorist. You know they only have to be right once we have be right every time they have to be right just once, and that's how I feel about the virus. It only to be right, one, you know if I miss one time, you know
not washing my hands or by touch my face, and I can't live like that. I mean I'm doing my part, but you know what, if I get it fight it, the best I can I'm I'm I'm playing trying to win the battle in my immune system. Everybody's got to deal with their own way, yeah. I could, I agree with you. I think that I I cannot be overly zealous about, washing my hands and worrying about everything. I'll go crazy. I really am dislike. If it's gonna get me, it's gonna get me I'll do my best, but on its own, and you don't know how you're gonna get it, and I just I don't know when I get an Amazon packages really hard for me to wait three days for the thought I began to crack. I think I'll bet ya, wiper doubt and grow an open air, you come back, I mean you can drive yourself, that's ok! So what have you come to any realizations epiphanes say you'd be doing a lot of self help, but you know actually, when, when we're drill
not of our comfort zone. We don't like it it's our comfort zone, but we do find things out about ourselves? Anything you can report yeah. I honestly and it's interesting I'm about to be thirty. Six. I've worked really hard. My whole life and haven't really had relationships and have always been single, and I just recently before this happened kind of arrived at the idea like maybe I want kids like it was the first time ever occurred and now I'm like certain that I don't doll. You're gonna go unanswered, irrational kids like that you're you're, going to say: I want to grow to baby, but No because you know what, with When I got my decided like I want have kids, I was rich enough to afford people to take care of them for me and teach them, and none of that fucking matters any more. I don't
we'll be alarmed because I dont know how to teach a child how to figure out the area of a triangle like idle. I'm, not a teacher like you have to do everything now and either dome I don't have that didn't make to be around kids that much came to the converted on that. When you know I've been saying that forever and then the luck everywhere If you do you I do. May I understand people, love, kids and kids are fun. A boy said to make things like all of you at your own kid. You change and I swear. I would be the first one to look into the crib up my own kid and go still nuthin. And I did the same thing you just said, like I dont people there I like to learn again through my kids, I'm no I'm over that. I know the skies blew. It doesn't April me like re gate, Mushrooms with my friends and talk about that right about how the sky is blue yeah, it's I went to my son, my nephew,
a birthday party the day it was like it, a social distance birthday party, they stayed on the porch, we put the presence up there, We walked away, they open them. I couldn't help my nephew You put it like that. I couldn't play with them so ideal. So what if it were- before with Al Gore about the environment, what if they found out that you know cell phones were a big part of what causes environmental destruction. And you had do you know if we're going to keep using cell phones, this kind of stuff is gonna keep happening. Would you rather be able to give you would you give up your phone or go to a bar? You can only have one bars and restaurants brings more so I would gladly, you're not going to bars but giving up your cell phone. I mean I I know it will make me happy or to give up my cell phone, and you know right away. I think whenever I take just even a couple minutes office, I feel better it's
and even now, when we're all connecting in it were feeling less alone. Because of that I understand that, but I'm still feeling very triggered by people doing the much or or telling you that you need to do less likely. Never like every making their own mass from bandanas. It does musically like why don't I have cute bandanas, like I feel like. I didn't feel one from the members golden retriever- I don't have anything he will doing homework out with you what room handle on a backpack and who I grab room in my mom things. I'm gonna start cleaning, unlike now, I'm working on it just like I just I write and conflicts completely feeling less than because of social media. Even even in this time, although I know that it would be better at, we would all be better off without I could hear so so rumour that were humans. Well, listen! I'm such a ban! fanny. As you know, that's why I invite
you and graciously accepted to do my Hawaii junket this year. I hope that still can happen. Its descent It's the end of December for not over by then I'll, be very depressed. What do I to know? I was thrilled when you accepted, because you know you are, one of the hottest properties. In comedy I mean you are walking into stardom at just the right time. Where's around the accounting. I know you got in big theatre. Tourism. Stuff you're really happening now. This was bad timing for you by land and you'll, get it back. You're not going in error If I go, I had to tv shows and development sold out theatre torrent this latter day, I'm throwing a Taylor Swift, dance party on zoom for charity, so things: ain't, gonna turn it'll come back again, then see in Hawaii
how about making their lives? You ok time for no rules. Everybody no role! Here we go neural to show some respect for the quarantine. Again has two changes. Name too, I forgot what fucking? gate is a deaf punk to tell us where they got those masks now that the employees of a Strip club in Portland Oregon have pivoted from pull dancing to delivering food from the clubs kitchen Next time, a reporter ass, Doktor Anthony Voucher, how bad things might get. He asked answer bad enough. The pin we'll get food delivered from a Strip club here's something I never thought I'd here. That's me tonight and ordering shrimp from the Teddy BAR Neural We still have to visit grandma, but we're not allowed.
To touch her or even go inside. Just to put, Checks on the glass your Boeing at all now, but give it another month neural We must stop pretending. Sphinx cats are cute. I got one made out of a ball SEC I don't know whether those depended or ask you to tell me a riddle. All I know is keep that fucking thing. Way for me when it's giving the evil eye. There are all now that Gurney's dropped out and the hashtag never Biden, never trump. This trending on twitter somebody. Invent away from NATO bitch slap people virtually I would good in person, but I can't leave the house. And, finally no rule you can't yell at someone for breaking a rule. You just made up scientists scientists are generally pretty liberal. Have been naming diseases after the places they came from for a very
long time, zika is from the Zeke of Forest, a bowler from a Bowler river hunter virus. Hunton River. There is the West NEO virus in Guinea, Wermin Rocky mountains. In favour and of course the spanish flu murders Stands for middle eastern Respiratory and romance plastered however airports and no one blogs about it. So why China get a pass. Congressmen TED Low tweeted the virus is not constrained by country or race, be just as stupid all the MILAN virus. No, that would be way stupider because it didn't come from MILAN, and if I did, I guarantee we'd, be calling it the MILAN virus, Jesus fucking, Can't we even have a pandemic without getting offended when
named line disease after a town in Connecticut, the locals didn't get old ticked off of seriously it scare to me that there are people out there. Who would rather die from the virus than call it by the wrong name? This isn't it a a culture. This about facts is about life and death, we're belly for months into this pandemic and the wet markets China, the ones where exam animals are sold and consumed. Are all they starting to reopen the pc police, say it's. This is to attack any cultural practice? That's different than our own say liberalism lost its way when it's done thinking like that and pretend that forcing a woman to wear, This was just a way. Instead of an abhorrent humor rights violation, its
races to point out that eating bats is batch. Crazy Two thousand and seven researchers at the University of Hong Kong wrote the present several a large reservoir saw of Sars C viruses in horseshoe bats, together with the cold or of eating exotic animals in southern China is a time bomb doktor found she says we should force a global closure of the wet markets, because the current crisis is a quote, direct result of them On Monday, the euins acting head of biodiversity said the same thing. So when someone says what, if people, Here chinese virus and blame china- the answer is. We should blamed China now chinese Americans, but we can't up telling the truth, because racist get the wrong idea. There are always going to be idiots out there who want to indulge their prejudices
This is an emergency though we have bigger taint. Fish to fry she's. The sun was exploding twitter when pile on the first guy, who called it a dwarf star. Sorry Americans we're going to have to ask you to keep to ideas in your head at the same time. This has nothing to do Asian Americans and it has ever to do with China. We can afford the luxury any more of non judge, genus towards a country with have that kill millions of people everywhere, because this isn't the first time Sars came from China and the bird low and the Hong Kong flew the Asian flu virus. This. Come from China like Shortstop, from the Dominican Republic. If they were selling nuclear suitcases at these wet markets, would he so non judgmental and isn't this pretty close to what they are selling and the net
one could be even worse. If the chinese military had purposefully infected This country, with corona as a by a weapon, We at war with them we're always gripe about how China manipulates their currency? I'm no monetary experts by think you would agree this one heard our economy a little more than the currency manipulation and I can do this, China once Bill A fifty seven story. Skyscraper in nineteen days there's been a pot of Poland. A street for nineteen years. They're not like us, they can actually get done. This is dictatorship that for decades enforced a one child per family policy under penalty of forced sterilization, but you can't go. Down the farmers market from Hell. They need to use that are you.
Fast and pounded down like the whole world depends on it because it kind of does I hope that if someone told Americans that eating hot pockets could cause a worldwide pandemic that we would have the good, Send to stop doing it. Although I wouldn't bet on it, ok That's our Zhao you're, a great audience. I want to thank my guess: build a lousy o Al Gore in Bremmer and Nicky Glaser, and we will be back next week rub my backyard. Folks, I told him episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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