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Ep. #526: Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Fareed Zakaria

2020-04-18 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Fareed Zakaria and Andrew Sullivan. (Originally aired 4/17/20)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late real time. Thank you. Thank you. I got a great gratitude. We re for my home, I'm I'm no more, I'm putting the home in on box office, and you know I love my. I love home, sweet home home, but enough of I never thought I would miss traffic you know like MIKE Commute today brutal. There was a two dog pile up and
get you one was overturned. The other was leaking gas yeah. It's it's lonely mechanism its lonely around here, I'm not I'm like one of those old widows who just waits for the male man to come. So I have some sort of human contact. Lately, I've been living homemade, cookies and lemonade said last night, my dick said it wanted to start seeing other hands. It's it's rough around here. A few days ago- is watching the movie once upon a time in Hollywood, terrific Moby and that's it. Where Brad Pitt answers the door and it's the Manson family and I thought oh come.
Really I am, I am afraid I am losing it. Oh, I am this. Mr writing. A manifesto last week I could mushrooms and face timed with future me, and you know I'm not the only one. I know I'm not by some of my sober friends? I know they're drinking again. I was faced dubbing with this guy last week. I thought the background yet a bottle. Scotch, which he tried to pass off. Twelve year old hands at its eyes, you know there's this help on the way and if you saw this week but for repression, Obama made a video,
Dorsett Joe Biden and Biden, says he cannot wait to find a kid to show. Em out apply trump of course had a week that even by his standards, was off the rails, including starting with the idea of firing doktor today how she I mean trumpet Look it's hard enough, navigating this crisis without someone intersecting facts and science- and you know Americans now our of course waiting for their a hundred dollar stimulus Jack's, which part perhaps have been delayed because truck had to put his name on them. I mean Is it really necessary to see his name on the checked him with noble words from? Are we going to know what had bowed and he has
currently started a feud with the World Health Organisation, which has not been perfect, but I mean it is the World Health organization. We probably could use it right now, but he's threatening just funding them because he says the World Health Organization has mismanaged the spread of the corona by the World Health Organisation, this marriage. He also says the World Health Organization is outrageous air and where is way too much orange make we got a great Frau reads: a courier congressmen, then French or all of whom I spoke earlier. Let's get right to ok, As the house knows, one of my favorite Josiana parades courage, GPS and, of course, a columnist for the Washington Post. Please arrange, a miss home three. Now you go in there, you holding up ok at home. Yeah I'm holding up. Look I like to read I like to watch movies. I've got my kids here for me.
I can work at home so professionally it hasn't been that different diamonds, privacy and probably challenging, but I miss social life. I miss my friends. I miss human contact, the eye. I grew up in Bombay live in New York City, big noise? a dirty cities, full of intensity. Where I like that, I miss that oh gosh, I mean talking now, I guess we decided the governors- may fifteen seems like the day that we're going back it with restrictions, I hope I can go to a restaurant where a mask well throw away the menu whatever they want. But you're right. We gotta get back to to live so one month from about now, so I mean at least we can see the end in sight a little your column, which I read,
We got rid of every week, of course, about testing, and you know we did this shot down Tobias time to get information on your point. Is that without testing- and we are still way behind. We're flying blind. Others exotic The single biggest piece of information we don't know is how many people are infected with covered nineteen. We think we know that six hundred and fifty thousand roughly in America have been tested and they ve tested positive, but We now know that at least fifty percent in some studies of people who are symptomatic one, no symptoms than those people who think there and later at home they dont go to the hospital. They don't go to clinics, so what we have Do is get a test that tells us how lethal is this virus? how many people are infected with the denominator and how many people die of it. Universe tells you the fatality read the stuff:
He said we have bill which are really fascinating, which are truly right, I'm samples where they don't just ass. The come in and show up at the clinic it's too one down on a german town in Iceland. Both of them show about. Thirteen to fifteen percent of the population has covered much more than we think right. My many many hundreds of thousands more people than haven't millions more and the fatality rate in Iceland is point four percent in in the german case was point three, seven percent, which is way lower than the initial estimates that we had orders magnitude law, tells us a lot now, if the need of other studies- fine, that's all it's different in its actually much more lethal. That's also important to know. The more I am learning about this, the more I think we need to figure out who is honourable who is not how do you
intelligently go back to work, and for that you need this crucial piece of data. How many people have the virus right? I men, I've heard people on television say things like while staying home because were scared after getting this thing that that I know you'll feel that way that that just described me, I'm not scared to death of getting there. You gonna wanna get it. Nobody wants to get sick. What I'm scared to death of is that. Wind up doing or maybe have already done what we did after nine eleven, we are overly influenced by dramatic death. When something is a dramatic, like this as opposed to every day death. You know the forty five people a month die from obesity that just goes by opiates lots of pollution after nine eleven. We ever reacted and
wounded ourselves, much more than the enemy ever could have deal. Would you worry that that's what's happening now Absolutely- and I worry that we have the wrong reactions and we try to compensate for the things that we do God wrong. Maybe you know you start fighting. The last war you're, absolutely right, d, nine eleven happens, and basically it's a bunch of guys with box. Garters who get on the plains and then use the planes as bombs, locking the cockpit essentially took care of that problem. Instead, we spend something like do your sixty billion dollars in the next three months, ramping up our defence department you know what you're almost nothing to do with with protecting us from that kind of threat. Then we built this enormous homeland security apparatus. Then we went out invaded Iraq in none of it. Related to our problem and so
crises in fear and panic. We do these things. I will point out. You know there are three crises of the post: cold war, world, nine, eleven, the to that two thousand nine financial crisis- and this one and the distinct feature of the eight or nine one is we really did overreact. Am I do think that having up resident, who was Doktor Spock helped in that regard? you know. Obama is very calm, very cool, very rational and that some people Look at the other side as a kind of lack of emotion, doktor doktor spot, but when you think about in these terms it was really helpful. Have somebody who doesn't just go with the hard and who sits I can ask himself what is the right? Rational answer to this problem. Well, I think you mean Mr Spock doctors. Bark was a pediatrician. A pity. Officially is actually right. You have actually rats. Eighty addresses is definitely what this residents, but
we're doing desire we're doing this on the fly? I do so with tax day this week and, of course we forget that the tax days now, but Did your life, if who is even going to have money on July, fifteenth to pay their debts, I'm sure and of course we also How did the IRS, because that's part of the deep state, so I'm wondering if a lot of money is going to be coming in? We were twenty trillion in debt before this and Trump was just putting everything on the car. When we signed this two trillion dollar bill. I mean you mention the last crisis where we Obama asked for seven hundred and eighty billion the Republicans when ape shit, but he got it. I'll drop signs one for two trillion like it's the dinner bill, and
I just wonder: how long can America can our government just keep printing money before we have a crash that makes the last would look like nothing. Look, it's a great question and honestly, no one knows the answer, because the United States, yet I mean at some level the government of the United States has generally for the time horizon as long as people are willing to go it alone and money this rates are low, but the, but our interest payments, the dead. You know that we have to pay every euro those interest payments get higher and higher, but the real crisis bill is local and state governments because they can't print money. They don't have You know that the bigger the endless piggy bank in the printing press and in those places remember how do local government sustain themselves sales taxes, even more than income taxes, an incandescent who is buying any
thing right now right, so those who I think you're gonna see an absolute creating of state and local government and that's where, particularly for poor people, particularly for you it'll pass people. You know you really how are going to see a hemorrhaging for people at home. Issues. You know all the time, Problems at Lorraine and state governments often deal with this. Is that the one thousand two hundred dollars that the federal government Your statement admonition says that the one thousand two hundred dollars that the federal government is giving people, or that should last them- ten weeks at least startling, startling theory right well and also because, as you know, all the rest of the shit that's going on people had noticed the trump fired guy. Who is supposed to be in charge of overseeing this two trillion dollars because he was no bhamo pointy? He also fired Michael Atkinson, is the man's name. He is the inspector general who-
passed along the Ukraine whistle blowers, whistle blowing Congress, which is his job, I appeal we're not noticing these things that Trump is doing and I gotta go I have buyers remorse about impeachment. I was for it now that I now that I know what I know pundits. Say knowing when you know now all I see as the trump was exonerated and now he's inoculated and now he knows you can get away with anything. Now I wonder. What's next, you know trying to defend the post office I wonder: what's next, you know trying to defend the post office. Because he doesn't want mail in voting in a panic times are very prone to exploitation by people want to seize power. Certainly you have written about. That's object, a lot.
Yeah I sat and watching on countries, like God, the hungry, Even in India, where the government basically is taking advantage of these emergencies, too as journalists to me, Hungary, the guy basically just suspended parliament, said just gonna rule by presidential decree and this process goes on until I say it is. Until I see the emergency is over. I'll be watching that in salivating I have to say the trunk is doing is United States that the smaller american version is exactly what you sandwiches he's taking advantage. Not so emergency powers to become a dictator but of the new cycle which he understands better than frankly, the constitution and emergency bows. He The stands, the media any understands the new cycle, and he knows no one is covering the things you're describing No one understands nobody's paying attention, and so I suspect we're going to see a lot more of the kind of thing you ve just been talking about, which is all these little Scorsese wanted to set of all kinds,
all kinds of smaller appointments, because you know that if we look at the Beijing very newspaper look at the new gas. It's all covered all the time who was I'm going a little of the u of power here and there will. I hope that changes I hope I see you soon. Hurried don't get too used to this place. I hear people saying out: maybe we could keep doing that's it. That's bad! It's terrible and we need to have in person. I I totally agree Aristotle, says man is a social animal and I think right, Aristotle is right. Glad you feel that way. Thank you, sir I'll see you soon so the first week we're doing in my back yard. I thought I'd do new rules from this tree and then I saw Jimmy fell in a cup on I turn their did is opening from the tree and I'd like to repeat so. But then I, is Jimmy, really was only like three feet high in the tree, so I love Jimmy, but let's have a little content.
Whoever can get higher in the tree gets bit on the tree for whatever bit you want to use. So I just gotta meet three feet. And then it'll be on you, ok ok Jimmy. I don't know what this is. Trust me will measure it, but whatever it is, you get higher you on the tree until then, trees, mine. It's bad, ok, Yesterday, republican congressmen from Texas and author of the new book fortitude american resilience in the era of outrage. Please Welcome Dan Crenshaw congressmen thank, you for doing this. I must tell you I've,
First became aware of you, as I think many Americans did when PETE Davidson of Saturday Night live made, that joke about you, and I have to tell you. I am such a fan, What you said, because you never hear that an american life, you said look. It was wrong, but that's just forgive each other I know you ve done much better things with this country. Five tours you did overseas. But thank you for your service in calling out victim culture, and I appreciate that build and, first of all, thanks rather me. I know we had planned to do this in the studio in LOS Angeles and Ford. Lay like a different dern, nor the phrase I used after Pe Davidson said that which I think you would love this phrase is try hard not to be offended her trial or not to offend, betrayed and hard or not to offend,
I'd be offence, is unrivalled this up? Try hard drive and hard or not to be offended, and I'd rather be. I await a live for all of us now and we both share. This disdain for victim culture and for lots of stuff trophy sinner. My I have some credibility with you fix and I did a show called politically incorrect, which started in nineteen. Ninety three, what I think you are about ten and I was onto them ship a long time ago, hasn't gotten any better. I think you do some credibility for sure and conservative circles at our know. How often you eat you, tests are overdue focus groups with amongst conservative, but We generally think of you as a real liberal, and you know it, and that means something there's a difference between liberalism, men and left us I mean we
and disagree wholeheartedly on right of best way to govern our country, but the best way to perceive a problem in the framework of which your approach problem, solving by open, mindedness and and the ability to debate should be a key tenant of liberalism and at least in the classical sense, and so now we do shit, it ok! So, let's debate a little bit of emu and you say in your book: I'm going to quote year, you call out automatic assignment of blame outward that's what we were just talking about. Help me understand how someone who calls out the outward assignment of blame can be such a supporter of a president who does nothing but passed. The buck lie fingerprints,
shirk responsibility tell me tell me how you can support someone with your background. Someone like that you didn't take long for trumped to come up and it up. I would say I support the country right in the president's success is certainly tied at the success of the country. I support is policy agenda. When I disagree with this policy agenda, I I openly disagree with This isn't Republicans always get asked this question and there's this demand that we always have to answer. What do you feel about him? Will you don't
Don't you want to comment on his latest tweet in his latest out, and this is the way he lashed out and no, I don't. I can't defend everything I can't ip doesn't have the same style as I do not consider it in my spiritual guide by any means. But but you know we tell you a quick story. What I was blown up, I'm sitting my hospital bed. President Obama was doing the rounds. Walter Reed, just like president trumped, does now and dislike of President Bush did before him. It's a really neat thing. It's a really interesting canoe. Sure that the President gets what these wounded wounded, active duty soldiers that has never publicized and even though I may have disagreed with so many levels with with prison Obama, I made sure to go. When I was excited, I was genuinely happy and at the tube shape that man's hand and haven't time sign american flag on my wall,
and you know, even though we disagree on political things, and I think I would like us to get to that point with its president is well. Ok about you. Do got a lotta republicans, do you you, talk about his tweets in his style. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the person who is the leader of the country at a time of crisis, and we have to. We have to go through what he actually has done. This is important stuff about life and death in its about our I mean everything: it's really important: it's not tweets, that's not style. Let's just go the timeline. Ok because he was warned, this did not have to happen Alex Aser his his health. Services. Guy January, eighteen. They warned about this again. January Thirtieth trumps Eddie was being an alarmist Peter Navarro, someone else who talks to trample. I told them direct We January twenty nine. You gotta get ahead over this
February it later in two days later implemented a restrictive tried, a travel ban from China, which he was widely criticised for that same day, on January, thirty, first and Nancy Policy proposed that no Ban act, which would be congressional limitation on the present trumps, actually able to do with that truth that travel restrictions over that men. He lies about that. He first of all, he didn t lie about it. What do you mean? He said he stopped people coming in from China. He did not. He setting I had it been forty. Three countries did it before we did. There are still people coming in from China. He only stopped our natural gas. Let loose limit. Let me address lags, I know, that's, that's the people are saying right now, but the reality is those about forty thousand people came and after that user? U s citizens and green card holders and passport holders being repatriated? U S citizens! So you have to make the argument then that that we should allow the man it sounds to me like your fully agreeing with President Trump on it.
When everybody else disagreed with them and are saying that you wish that that that travel restrictions have been more extreme. Ok fine well knew apparently had the foresight back then, but when nobody else day, but the fact is, I know we ve Joe Biden was in charge at that moment is already said. He wouldn't have done any criticized. It is that at the time ass he blowsy actually propose legislation to stop it. When people ugly people are still coming in from from China, it wasn't just foreign nationals. Let's get off that? Let me just go back to the timeline for a minute if every February, tenth after these warnings, he says it's gonna go away in April with the heat because he had a hunch February twenty He goes to India this four days after the White House, Corona Virus taskforce said we're going to have to lock down the country and doktor and yea whose
the centre for immunization and risk respiratory diseases. Wait a second, let just finished. She announced this on the twenty six. He on the twenty fifth that we're gonna have to lock down the country. He said the next day. Fifteen people have it soon going to be close to zero March. Sixty said. Anyone who wants a chest can get it, which is still completely The February completely wrong afford tonnage in February twenty fifth, the day before twenty four, as an administration requested to half billion dollars from Congress to fulfil the cdc, an age in FDA, funding to combat the viruses and the potential spread of it. What happened right then I'll tell you, because I was in Congress, and I know what happened. Did we vote on a supplemental funding belt now?
if we wait days to vote, no stood and vote on it. You know what we voted on later, that we need to pull a city. I think she would put on the floor to vote on was a bill to ban flavoured tobacco. That's that's what actually happened. It wasn't a week later that we actually voted on supplemental funding that the administration requested. Your criticism appears to be based in one thing that tramples overly optimistic. That's his style! Again! I! U can criticise it, that's fine, but it doesn't, but it's not connected to the actions that are actually taking as a backup. Even further February, Forefeet CDC announces ongoing work with five laboratories to perform community based Influenza surveillance and studied the spread of the virus. What we're trying to get a fact finding modem February people forget us. We were in higher February this last month. The world really not adjust it. That's an easy and cheap accusation, because there's no big bold moves take Might there was in January or were like there was in March,
the reality. Is our government was working to create that test of the day work as fast as we would have liked and, of course, nine there's a lot of reasons for that which I am happy to go into by March. Third, there was only a hundred two cases in the United States, and yet I am hearing criticism that we should have been locked down weeks earlier. But what would you think the american people would have accepted that with only a hundred cases in the United states, ITALY than locked down. It's all marched in Spain that until March fourteen UK, not until later and large countries like Sweden, never locked down, and so I just I provide all of that context as we try to basically accused this man of the world is being accused of having blood on his hands. The context is so important here what is and also its not just about being optimistic, it's about being right. The world was aware of this, and since, when does America take its link from ITALY and Spain,.
Because, as were was a worthy outbreaks were half I understand, I am pointing it out again for contact points. If we're gonna criticise somebody's actions, we have to do in the context of the facts they knew at the time. Just I'm just trying to be fair here that I don't really care about defending hammer his actions. I just care about letting people know the truth, and when people make these accusations, I have to ask him a question: is the goal to make Trump look better? Is the goal to get at? The truth? Has there's two different sets of answers for that? Ok, but sometimes they converge. Sometimes the truth is that somebody who says I they converge. I have a hunch. This is going go away. Someone you would want to have served with a mean, my god, I don't know. Planned again? Why someone with your resume your info lose you for God's sakes. Would you want someone? a commander to say that to you to blame everybody else, something
is wrong and then to say you know I have a hunch, any enemies, not gonna, be there what's a tattered. I I understand that some years ago I would. I would describe my answer to that when bullets are flying ass, my head, I dont, need to raise my voice, and I worry about this in my book to combat AIDS com, panic breeds panic being an optimistic posit. Beethoven, exuding, positivity and calmness and crisis is exactly how we ask our seals to leave, and now I'm not sure I see a lot of evidence for blaming others. Maybe blaming try. Although there is a lot of evidence for that, so maybe that's a good place to play blame, but I did at last from Laming Democrats here, he's he's exposing hypocrisy and maybe a neighbor confusing that with blame, but now I M in again comrades com and that's how we would leave in the ceiling
So in Texas there was a six our line to vote couple of weeks ago. It does look like the Republican Party doesn't want people to vote, especially melon vote and there's gonna, be people now who are afraid to go to the polls because of this disease, who explained
Where did you find out that it is our view? Think republicans are trying to stop people from voting? Do you really want it? Wouldn't you rather lose an election than live in a country where we're not really getting our franchise so that the lines in in Houston, ear and in those big six hour awaits you saw Republicans, are in charge of those elections. Were the Democrats are in charge of our county elections here? They they run the county. Clerk is a Democrat recently one. That's that's. Why they're in charge slum? They taken full responsibility for those lines, because, basically, what happened? Woloda machines went down and that's what caused the lines that there isn't so first of all is not Republicans Democrats in these urban areas that actually run the election system and, second, that there was no ill enchant even think I went and from Democrats either there is mistakes
in Texas? You have two weeks to early vote from seven a dot m to seven p dot m for two weeks straight. You can go anywhere in the county and passed your vote. You don't have to vote on election day if you're, elderly or sick and disabled you can vote in by mail. No, it's not the case that that we don't want people to vote at in a can. Of course, that's always the accusation. It's not really based in evidence. You don't melon valets, do have that. None of those there's a break of custody of a vote there. There there's, if, if it's not fraudulent, there's the list, the possibility for mistakes to be made, and we see that often no red or not that recently from a former
taxes member. It was going door to door based on voter registration, is knocking on doors and would find you know a group of non EU citizens, but the register their or or empty lot, but its registered. So if you start mailing all of these types of places ballots will, then you know it's not ill intent, but there is the possibility for a lot of bad things to happen. So the question we have to ask ourselves: do we really want to especially from a national level, try to revamp our entire election system and with the potential for all these problems and for what exactly and so on? Your question is related to covered my tea, while those elections in general, but well everything's related that these days- and there, of course, is a lot to be said about your answer, which is a terrific answer from up oppressed spokesmen for that cause. But I don't time to do it now. I hope you could know some do. I shall, as we plan some time, and we will take up this issue of whether Republicans really are protecting your franchise or not, but I preach
doing this, I appreciate everything you ve done for this country and I hope I see in person soon. Thank you thanks built to be with you. Thank you Well, everybody knows at Google, does the most popular searches right tells us what they are and, of course, in this crisis there little different things like. When is my stimulus check coming and how do I cut my own hair, but we did a deep dive into into some of the other most pop. Google surges. Would you like to hear them? Of course you would here at home, screaming bill. What are the other most popular Vogel searches? I have them right here. Luckily, for example, why do my grandkids keep asking about their inheritance. Is one of them? How can you tell when whole food just price gouging popular was Andrew Cuomo scarf. Is ITALY
those who make a four year old live in the garage. Oh, I love number five six Anthony anthem, Halloween Costume Popular Google search. Does blue cheese go bad or does it get better? Was can I die my routes with a sharply that was me. I will that. Where can I go to sell all my parents at all of them? What month? is it? Can I use my water pick as of today and of course, can I get divorced unzip most popular Google, searches, ok, and finally, we have one of my very good friend splendid. A writer at large to New York magazine all around raconteur mild. An Android solid then
How are you glad I wanted to have you on, because you are one of our best friends of the show from the beginning, favorite of of the viewers people, like I just said earlier in the show that I'm not really scared to get this than I wanna get it. Maybe I'm wrong it'll take me out, but I don't think so, but you are someone who Look I just said earlier in the show that I'm not really scared to get this than I wanna get it. Maybe I'm wrong it'll take me out, but I don't think so You are someone who should not get this and you Taking it, as you should very seriously,. No, I mean I am. Also ivy survivor riches, which is not huge deal in this situation, just means that if I survived eighteen years or more than that with HIV. I don't die this couple of weeks of an anti climax, but I have bad lungs,
it's the truth matter, and we have- and I know that if I would come into contact with this, I dont think I do very well Rand. So I ve been really since early February to be honest, wearing a mask being totally isolated in six speaks to me now, I'm not seeing really hello sends another human being and high level right now. That's that's really hard and I'm not sure how much longer The EU can really do this. Well, Currently you're gonna have to do it for a while and apparently you're being so safe. It looks like there's not even anything in your house what what are you a rubber room, Jason Is it that I blocked bag? Basically, I was just going to say to you. You know one thing that makes this easier You then a lot of people is that you're a true intellectual. So you know
somebody smarted, you there's a million books that you want to read that will engage you, whereas fuckin dummies all they got, it is bad television and I know of insulting them they're not watching this. They don't care about you. It made the dummies are doing something else. Yeah, but you know I have two. While we all wanted Netflix, we all want and I will end up doing angry birds. I end up just look at my dogs. I end up. Looking alarm a weed in the evenings to get me through this than had take the edge off the days Just really miss to be honest with you human contact, I haven't yeah I just wanna hug. I want some kind of company hand, and I think, because I'm not gonna be safe until it is a really good treatment or Maxine, I'm looking, it may be a year of this and an I'm beginning to figure, how to write my head around us any chance of lives as a social animals sleepily alone and today
What's with you, I probably wouldn't do it. I once scared shitless about this actual is right. Then, I'm advising you to do it. You should be a new, should be scared shitless. I should ask maybe, but you should some people shut. But less menu mention being an aid survivor. Just I remember that period. And there were some similarities- is forest panic and certainly in the gay community there was even more panic. How would you compare and contrast them and what's your favorite play Ah the thing that really with me right now and I think a lot of us. You survive that epidemic. Have these almost ptsd experiences. The first is that you're, just nor where we're not sure if you could get this is stalking- and you just know if or when you're finally gonna get caught-
that insecurity that tension it is a negative, could be positive, and then, when your positive, you, then I'm gonna get AIDS, I'm gonna get another and every j you live with the assumption envious during that you may not live a Muslim. So you have to develop an attitude. More lives knows accretion, but lives in the now that accepts that we take this one day, the true facts living in it, bake is really just the intensification of normal life. We're all gonna die for all vulnerable to accidents, to illnesses, to all sorts of things I lost my dad two months ago from an accident, fell down flight of stairs and I couldn't even get to the baron, because this bloody disease, but things happen like that, and I think I was taught very early in my life because of AIDS and HIV, that's it you can't trust anything and you could be gone to more and better lives now and also
until to with uncertain we don't know the. We have no idea what is good and we could get a good treatment to which would shift the analysis in the balance together but we may not. We may have to wait for backing, in which case we're gonna have to just correct up ahead, Europe's getting avoided shabby, I practice safe sex life. All I still got it and their haunts me because I'm doing everything I should get this far, some wearing wearing plus I'm stay by myself, but I still worry, he's gonna get in and if it gets me is gonna get me. Do you write something he's gonna get you. None of us are going to get out of this alive and that's the case I could not agree with you more about the philosophy of life live while you haven't, you now go out strong. If you have to go out we're all gonna its someone's gonna come for us. I noticed that that hook up site
are still very active, I read an article about it, the other day tender and grinder. Obviously, people share that philosophy. Yet look does principally the. However, these different stream, risking your life, are necessarily and accepting that your life is fragile and precarious. I don't, I don't think we have to go to the next step of reckless behaviour. Inviting and be honest when I look at you are unconvincing. Look at gender or greater, I think just check right now. I really do I don't think a lot of it is actually I didn't. I will change over time. Maybe I do you read me: go without any sexual activity for a year. Is you know? That's that's nothing, streaming. Encouraging is not exactly as of now
You want you can and I'm sure, maybe at some point I will need to live, and some of us are going to have to take these lists because we want to be alive In July we wrote it actually has a real life rotten living closely in fear, and I think it's simple in the next few months. A majority Americans say you know I just gotta. Look, I gotta take our in the face of this anymore.
And that doesn't mean crazy, recklessly Murray everything it just means being extra careful in trying to live your life began as it used to be right. Well said, let me ask you one more question because you're always a great political commentator on our show, and we forget there is an election going on and now it is Joe Biden. I know you'd never like telling you probably thought by what about a better candidate last time. What do you think now? Are you hopeful about the election? You think Biden is gonna, be a good candidates. You think he'll win. If he does, you think trouble go. What do you think I'll be honest with you? I he'll. Do I think, that's how I feel about light and note that something about him, because,
Had believed all along he's, just it's not his fault, he's just a little old and he's a little out of it and that it has in this environment, and even though I will both again and will support him, and I am happy that he's not being a fact on the wealth to matter they don't get too crazy and put people off in the middle of the Democratic Party. At the same time, you know he should have Last time now is running. I think he's got a pretty good chance. The other thing I think to be honest with you, getting to look at this event when he saw the gallop all this week that your sword trumps ratings drop. A huge amount of forty three percent he's not doing well in this crisis. People can see he's out of his death, the bullshit that he put out. Eyes, and everybody sees this now- is a shop.
When your lives are at stake, you look at this more serious and I think it's quite clear now that he's not up to the chopping was and not be that in a crucial moment, is dividing the country. In it in a very dangerous situation, in a way that no pressing issue- and I think I really do believe this time and this the first- I really believe that city Jiffy got elected the people. It's running dry, it wearing said, and I think it may not be necessary to bite and to win the selection, because Trump will lose. It. I hope, you're right. I do to day, I hope by. I hope I see you soon I'll leave you This note of optimism a lot at times with crises. I am thinking of white to Kay I'm thinking of the fires in Kuwait. That's dumb set, and they said, but take two years to put out and took eight months and the BP oil spill. They often tell us it's gonna be worse in and that its actually better. So we can be
happy when it is better? So I don't think you'll be locked up for a year, and I hope I see you sooner than that take care you know have you. I don't think so, thanks, Andrew and outside, or no of neural instead of holding sporting events with no people understand, but Steam have one fan, a single support, which I represent their city like in fairly bald guy, yelling, guy yelling Use Cleveland divorce, dad crying with a bag. His head and an ally, a celebrity who really isn't a fan and proves it by throwing the ball straightened the dirt neural? You can't call it an endure meant when there's only one guy left in the race, its gay, we can all admitted Joe Biden, is nobody's first choice:
more like being stranded on a desert island with another guy and thinking. Well, I guess gay now, nor so has to tell me if it's safe to eat the charter. Sauce. I mean as an entre neural, no more picking up Produce at the grocery store and putting it back, those days are gone, find a come quite and commit to it and don't put it next year, ear and start tapping it like you, the fruit whisper. New role, we have to start breaking the news to the dogs that we won't always be home, but when we do walk out that door, Chico, don't blame yourself. It's it's not you! It's me, oh, and I'm going to need that back. And finally neural now that we're starting to see some hope in all this. Our hope. Shame me in other problem with nonstop gloom and do,
is it gives tromp Trump the chance to play. The optimist and optimists tend to an american elections after The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. You know as full of shit is he, as I can see, tromp writing that into a second term. There will be no hope left for you to shame. So look if this in vanity happens again: new sources after rain it in. Everyone knows. Corona is no walk in the park cause. You literally can't walk in the park, but at some point be daily drumbeat of depression and terror veers into panic, porn enough with the life will never be the same headlines and stop showing as this
everything looks Gary when you're magnified a thousand times. Here's a pubic hair blue last month, the Washington Post, ran The headline it feels like a war zone with this picture. This is not a war zone. This is a man with a box of eggs. And I ve never seen a war zone with this. Much bacon are about this horrifying simulation, reveals the dangers of jogging during the a virus pandemic. Look this vote This is easy to catch, but if you can avoid jogging. You cannot run much two weeks ago inside addition said, seventy six thousand in the world had died, so some are making comparisons to the apocalypse, the apocalypse really
because most of us are sitting at home, smoking, delivery, weed and binge watching a show about a gay zoo keeper. Unless Europe, Frontline health care worker, for whom the phrase above and beyond the call of duty, doesn't even begin to cover it. This is not the apocalypse and I know I know you expect inside edition. The over the top, but the New York Times they used the same word last week, graced for apocalyptic surge New York avoids worst so far. And this was an article about how much better the city was doing than expected. Projections had them needing fifty eight thousand hospital bed and it turned out they needed a quarter of that still bad, but you don't have to put Source on a hollow like Lindsey, Graham talking about ISIS, when Obama was president. This president needs to rise to the occasion before we all get killed back here at home.
Another recent times headline was it's terrifying. Millions more out of work. What the fuck is it's terrifying doing in a headline granted it quote, but who are they quoting Trump found? She Stephen king. Builder, quoting an event planter and North Hollywood no offence to the event planners at the world. It's it's amazing what you people could do with pine guns and soldiers. But why are you in my headline about this? Just tell me Billions are out of work without the flashlight under the chin, I'll decide how I feel about it. There was never headlines like this. Before there was no, it's terrifying planes hit World Trade centre. There was no, it's sad title Next, thanks after hitting iceberg or first atomic bombs dropped, ouch.
The media also seems obsessed with finding young people who have died of covert nineteen, the Washington Post. There are seven hundred and fifty nine under fifty years old horrible. Of course,. Then I looked up how many under fifty died of the flu last year, almost three thousand, so all this misery from distancing did some good. Can I be happy about that. Death is terrible, of course, no matter how it comes, I'm against it. I don't care who knows it, but giving a proper perspective isn't a cover up of the truth. It is the true sudden, dramatic deaths like plane crashes. Shark attacks, tornadoes mass shootings, terrorism awful as they are killed far less than seasonal flu, or even-
even hospital acquired infections may very well kill more than corona virus. Ninety nine thousand of them last year, fifty thousand die. Of nephritis every year. Not don't even What that is. Twenty two million Americans have filed for unemployment, Many will lose their health insurance studies show lacking. Health insurance kills people, but it doesn't led to pictures like this and it didn't happen all at once. We need the news to calm down and treated like adults. Trump calls you fake news, don't make em be right Ok, that's our show- and I thank my guest reads- a courier Dan Crenshaw Andrews Sullivan and we will be back next week. You guessed it from my backyard.
Thank you. I told new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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