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Ep. #527: Nancy Pelosi, Dr. David Katz

2020-04-25 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Nancy Pelosi, Dr. David Katz, and Jay Leno. (Originally aired 4/24/20)

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late real time Thank you very much. Mrs crowds get better rubbing. We Pierre and what can I say, happy Friday or like to call it for twenty days. Yeah why sport Wendy this week, not that I need another excuse to get stoned all the time, but were yesterday
binge watched my hand, yeah, that's what they call it now been watching binge watching. Staying up all night watching television, we used to call that doing Coke I was also earth day this week, and people are right. Nature is healing that is the one bright spot in this dear, have returned to Griffith Parkers fish in the canals of Venice. The swallows have returned to president trumps. Go. I stop watching the briefings. I can't I get why amended to watch this guide lie and blame and point fingers and pat himself on the back. It's like what I watched him. It's like ashtrays when I see them.
An airplane. I say to myself: why did they still have these? Yet Trump was pissed off this week because they finally got back the largest studies so far to be done about drugs chloric when our clerk, when Queen However, it is, and you know this is the shit that Trump husbands, egg grew. Nobody up. The loaves he's been pushing this like a Buick, the electronic alone last year's Skylark Study came back and it turns out, it doesn't work, it's dangerous and it hasn't been that it if it was a purse he would have hired it. But what is this? What do you have to lose about a dangerous on vetted drug that has side effects? That is why my mother told me never take medical advice. Were fat guy in clown make up.
I want to see if things aren't bad enough, how about a side order of war to go with what we're going through, because Trump tweeted this week. I am not making this up. I couldn't make this up. He tweeted. I have instructed the United States to shoot down any and all Iranians gunboats who may be harassing, are so that's right and if they fuck with us again Let us think their plants are. We sure that that make up is not lead. They just get back question answered so anyway. Trump, yes, he's he's having a bad week, so he's going back to his greatest hit, see announced this week a travel ban on,
where he says it's no more immigrants to leave figures that we're about jeez rough, also sixty day, halt we're gonna put on green cards, people, one green It's all of you are planning to moving to the most infected country on earth, backed up like a neo, but let's let us end with a little note of happiness, a little bright light of optimism. Researchers have found, especially for people this is who might be married or living with someone. They have found that the corona by This cannot be spread through flageolets. Researchers often say that their careers in research didn't really pan out the way
I ve got a great. We have Nancy Philosophy, wow David. Let's get right! Ok, I think everybody knows my first guy she's, the representative from San Francisco and the fifty second speaker of the House, the United States of America Nancy Pelosi. Thank you very much for doing this. Welcome to my game room- and I have many questions for you in these difficult times. The first one being everyone seems to agree testing is the way to get back to normal normality in America and it's the most frustrating thing is seem like it would even help trump, but he seems to be dragging his feet on this. Most important issue is the runway clung?
can pass their own plan. Well, what we passed today, which reaches a finnish passing, you see, testing at twenty four billion dollars in their protesting, but we require that there be a national strategic plans for testing and that we have been waiting back as to how it is in all communities muse of Color and diversity in our country. So it insists on that, but we be passed. Her first bill is therefore bill. All but Arthur Ferris, those March were was called testing testing asking here. We are within a month and a half later and we still have to face. Another bear, is very high. They stand why they are dragging their feet or whatever
brains whatever I'm not to realise that. If we want to open up the economy test asked test contact trace, incubate isolate. Now he always it's so simple. You you have to a lot. I test a trace and shelter in place until it, because this clear, ok, you bunch of it. This is the fourth bill you passed. I think the total now is coming up on two point: seven trillion dollars: that's a lot of money in a very short period of time, I know Congress controls the purse strings. I can't imagine there's much left in the purse. I just don't get it. I dont understand how I know we can bail out certain sectors as we have done in the past. I dont know how you can just keep indefinitely writing checks. We were twenty trillion in the hold to begin with an end:
all world governments who are already in debt or doing this. How can the whole world be? Writing this funny money, because it's a matter of life and death. Nobody is bigger first as we did, but when they pass him nearly two trillion dollar tax break for the wealthiest people on their country. Eighty three percent of the bad. It's going to the top one percent and the debt that that laid on our kids to pay for in the future. I said that this is woven investment and like the lives and the livelihood of the american people, and we have to think big about that and the more we invest in science and help the quicker our economy will recover and the pandemic will recover unless people get wise to the fact that we're just riding tracks for money that doesn't exist, I mean what is what is that
bailing out banks who were there just gonna wound back the money that doesn't exist to us again. It seems like it's a house of cards that that could, in the end, wind up hurting more people than than the disease are. The point is to keep people working its paycheck retention, and so the point at these. This legislation, for me up, I got paycheck protection programme is that the small businesses would be able to have a some relief and if they kept their workers on and they would have debt forgiveness, It is a very important part of it as we were concerned when they ask for more money right away, wait a minute. We learn it should see. The data that we have seen anecdotally not scientifically as telling many love there were say under banks These were not getting any this money, whether
women minority on businesses native American, better is world communities etc were not getting these long because there they just in banking relationships that were putting them. European line further up in line I sell, it is probably as well. It is an investment and it is stimulant today. Only when that, when that comes, it is not anything Harrison to the irresponsibility of attacks, cut off and was to changes when you count the interest on the debt that all of these deficit, Hawksley fiscal conservators anything give one ounce of thought to the fact We accept return on this money when we invest in food stamps and stimulus when we invested
climate issues at stimulus when we get the direct payment stimulus and hopefully we keep these people in their jobs, and that was the plight of the small business, but also the assistance to the aerospace industry, the airline industry like that, the point is that the people in their jobs and therefore they had paid checks and therefore they can serve people can survive. It's a tough time because the wives or throughout their lives, as one the survival as well as our democracy, I might add, with their money- and there are four elections for direct- were the CDC this week said it might come around again and in the four can we afford to do the whole thing again? Can we afford to spend this kind of money a second time in one year? I think
it should be clear that this is not doing the job that he has set out to do completely. That may make Consider some other options. Other said, repose the sovereign fond profits which go to the these unemployed. People were guaranteed, come other things that may not even be as closely as continue down this path over. There is around for small business in our country is an entrepreneurial spirit. The optimism of job creation wealth creation and the rest, and it's a good is to help people stay in business, but even if they stand business because we're getting Islam, which you say he people employed, they get
a bad at it, the rent is paid, utilities are paid, employees were there at the end of the time they still have that customers and that's really why we leave everybody's best following you another bill that will be closely and we called our heroes bill and that's first state and local, but it's not one that state mobile your across Iraq or seek its healthcare workers, police and fire emergency services. People our teachers are transit workers, all people to pay for by the local at state and local public sector. They need jobs to, and they right now are the ones on the front line risking their lives to say other people's lives and whatever that they may lose their jobs because of the year the loss of revenue to the states that will be a next year limit will be hundreds of billions of dollars as well to states and look at these counties
the city some bigger than small towns, but none the less or having response The ability of meeting the needs have current needs of the virus we that revenue was the day have, and that has to be recognised as a I stood upon the buyers using regulation, which is not necessarily the same day in small businesses but its jobs, jobs, jobs where we say it is all about keeping people employed, keeping people employed. But that's why having done we trust today. I was very pleased to select committee and current fires to make sure that the money spent is money that is spent with helping people keep their jobs. Not a shrink shareholders or evidence bonuses, corporate theme,
hey or anything like that that angers, the american people and it's not right. Secondly, people what they pay check where there is unemployment, insurance, weathers, direct payment, whether it either, like eight is small business initiative, and the third thing is they, inform, lest, I should have said they want these first responders to be protected. The healthcare providers first responders to be protected for what they are doing their harass, but we are, I think, are unworthy to praise them. Thank them. Unless what about you? What that occur, or I thank you very much I hope. Trump doesnt steal all that money. I do worry about that. Finally, this committee, you make sure that the money is then to the best an end at the way. The good news is the american people paying attention. They are watching and we want and what we are doing
to change make change that sooner always hundreds of billions of dollars is not. It is not a way to harden the disparity in access to credit, that is there a bite to melt that down and that's what the deal that were passing today up strives to do register. Our pressure. Everything you do Madame figure, and I hope I see you in person very soon. I hear you consuming about national debt and deal that we, when I children the pay, so we have to grow the economy to Nicaragua. National debt is one thing I'm I'm worried about. You know the whole thing collapsing and we going into a depression. But what's and on a happy now hope that doesn't happen, You still don't nation doesn't network, that's why we have to win the election in November. Ok, yes, I agree with that all right. Thank you. Take care of yourself. You to face
these banker arrived Jimmy, Jimmy FAO and hey abroad. Responding to my drink, climbing challenge from our power. What do you say, climate treaty for a good cause command Jimmy I'm up in a trade ban, acting like a pussy drugs, gonna grab. You are advantage because, as the founding director, the Algorithm Prevention Research Centre, who recently volunteered is time fighting covered nineteen of a hospital emergency private in the Bronx. Please welcome Doktor David cats. Doktor. Thank you for being here. Thank you. Have your credentials for talking about. This are in like a boy, I know you were at the Einstein, college medicine. You got your degree, the Yale School, a public health. Nobody was ginger credentials. They did some some people question you're up, add that was in the New York Times about him,
the gallows called? Is our fight against corona, worse than the disease? I think it's good someone's at least asking that question. We can't just lapse into group. Think let me quote the thing you said recently that I think is most interesting and gets at this point. You said: if all we do is flattened the curve you dont prevent deaths. You just change. The dates explained that yeah, and built first login. Thank you great to be with you. That's taken directly from some of the world class risk modelers that I've been working with since that Op Ed in the New York Times. So I wrote my op Ed Tom Friedman wrote a column. Channeling mine ran it up a high flagpole and then a who's who in cows and economics found me and we ve been working together ever since to some of these risk models basically show. Essentially what flattening the curb does it keeps people away from one another
away from, the virus to the virus doesn't spread. But you also don't cultivate any immunity. If you do a real, effective job of locking everybody in place and preventing viral transmission that there still some low level potential for viral exposure out in the world? But very few of us get that exposure the minute you release those clams and let people back into the world were all vulnerable, so most to the model suggest that fighting the curve makes sense in There's one thing you don't overwhelm medical systems, for example, but you ve got to have a face too. If you dont transition to affair
whenever you release the clamps, the virus is out in the world waiting for you everybody's vulnerable and that big peak in case isn't that big pecan des that you're, trying to avoid really just happens at a later date for New RB for Justin Stomach. More like what Sweden just doing, Sweden, we know has kept opened its schools, you can go to a bar and go to restaurant and get your haircut. They haven't had numbers that are that different from countries that have lockdown. How do you some of that he. So let let me start by saying essentially what I reject, because I think we're very polar society. I think the way media hype things up, actually amplifies the extremes. So one extreme, we ve got the lock everything down hunger in a bunker. Until a there's, a vaccine, eighteen months or years or whenever be forever
or see you'd die of something else which ever comes first, it s just horrible its its inhumane makes no sense. But at the other extreme we ve got the liberate blank fill in the name. The state, which is basically everybody in the water, including grandma, and never mind the rip, tides and the shark, some in every man for himself. That's also absurd. So in the middle. What you do is you again if I who is at risk of a severe case of this infection and whose not, who is at risk of dying this is a pretty high frequency and whose it extremely low rest. Oh, this is just like risks. We take every day some young People will die this, but sadly, tragically some young people die crossing the street or or in a car crash every day. There are risks we willingly take on every day
Britain's approach. That is a little too close to the everybody in the water. Don't worry about the reptiles end of the spectrum. From for my taste, I think we're you ve better. We can kind of look around the world and say: okay, if you don't lock this down at all, if you dont, protect the vulnerable Mortality in Sweden does look to me to be higher than massively higher than every place else, but higher. Why put them lives at risk. On the other hand, if you lock everything down, you destroy livelihoods, you destroy jobs. And what I was saying in what I didn't really think was a controversial appeared at the beginning is theirs more than one way bill for this situation, to hurt people or even kill them, and all of them bad and there's more than one way to protect people and save them, and all of those are good. So one thing we want to do is keep those vulnerable to severe infection away from this nasty bug, but we don't want to destroy people's lives and livelihoods and means of
in their families and uninteresting Lee. His back from three days and an emergency department, the Bronx, where I was volunteering as a physician to support my my colleagues who I applaud. You know they ve been in there from the beginning, they'll be there through the end, But this is exactly the view that prevails there, you're that there might be the notion that, while the frontline people there much more concerned about staying away from the virus than they are about you know. Can we open society up, not true their parents in I was talking to my car. Like this, I'm really struggling to balance my clinical duties with home schooling, my kids, when you think of the scenario like like this dad is a nurse mom's, a paramedic. They ve got two kids at home, and there's no school, no daycare, no nannies, no appears nothing for them to do. One of these frontline people who really wants to be in the battle has to stay home to take here the kids in there really torn so there's a middle path and the middle path
essentially is high risk people are protected from exposure, low risk people go out in the world early and adhere steers. The odd part, though, that I think people have a hard time confronting and accepting we actually kind of want to get this and get it over with and be immune, because that is the path to the all clear that doesn't require us to make way for a vaccine which optimistically is eighteen months away, but could be much longer. I think in MECCA a lot of sense there and I think it's a shame. You try my political decision, but people like you sound reasonable. Maybe it's not the exact one. True appeal: You here somewhere else, has to go on Fox news. They know that you're, not a Fox news guy, I'm not a fox these guidelines. Should you know other hand, I am a bridge is not bunkers rye and
you know it, doesn't really help the world if all we ever do is talk to other people who already alright our opinions. It was You're saying I really debated dwelling on Fox NEWS. Do I not that's not my usual crowd, but the simple fact is: we should come together in common cause, streams of left and right, where we all say yeah. Actually, we want to save as many lives as possible and in one of the interesting things bills is short. Yeah. Actually, we want to save as many lives as possible and in one of the interesting things. Bills is short of the left side of the spectrum that the liberal ideology? That seems to be though resistant to talking at all about unemployment and the economy but that's the very same camp. The tends to appreciate that the single leading driver of bad health outcomes is poverty. Social determinants of health are massively important, so, frankly, thirty million people unemployed that falls disproportionately hard on the people, who can least bear the unemployed,
right or at most risk of food insecurity whenever any risk of depression addiction. All that's important too, so maybe There is a real opportunity here to say: hey, there's a middle path. We ve been neglecting it it's the way through this thing, and it leads to total our minimization. We want to minimize DAS and severe cases of the infection We also want to minimize the fall out. The health fall out of societal collapse and economic ruin deriving from afar vaguely America, too, used to the idea of when wins, and they need to get used to the idea of lose lose that's more. What life is like?
sometimes lose lose, there's no good choices here, there's only one least bad choice and yeah. I think when you talk about the fact that we have this president who is so enough to dealing with this, but he's not going away he's not going away, he is the present he's going to be there. Let me ask you this about testing. It doesn't look like we're going to have testing for a long time, so look in the warm movies when they said of the pilot, you know yet your equipment is out. He says I novel we're. Gonna have to fly blind on this. One is that this kind of situation- and we just gotta, have to say the least horrible choice is at some point. We might have to do this without the testing the people who say we can open up the economy until we have the testing. Will that can't go on for a year and we might not have the testing Get the right word. I just showed, you think say you said: is not win, win or lose lose innocent
and send in public health? We talk about harm reduction in sulphur, pull a needle exchange programme. That says we can't get everybody to stop using intravenous drugs, but we can give them clean needles, maximized benefit that you can minimize harm so from the and so when you're in a loose loosened area. You look to minimize heart, maybe you can't maximize benefit, but you can minimize harm. So from the beginning, we ve been posting materials. My colleagues and I under the rubric total harm minimization. But we want to achieve your yeah. Listen, you know. A historic pandemic is a bad situation. Historic pandemic with a fairly Ino inapt group Federal leaders isn't even worse. Situation in I've. Only we had grown ups in charge, but on the testing front making a mistake their bill because we do have testing is not great by the way, one day, one of these twelve hours in the emergency room in the Bronx we admitted, maybe twenty.
The people we were sure had called it. You know there is no doubt about it. They absolutely positively had covered and either nineteen or twenty of them tested negative so that the testing not great and the false negative rate is high Some of the tasks were pretty well there, certainly better than nothing and here's the thing. What we are going to have any time soon is the capacity to test the whole population, but we deal with at all the time the CDC routinely does what's called representative random sampling, randomly select people and make sure that day first, the gamut of age and so Economics and Zip code and health status, and you extrapolate the whole population. We could do that with ten thousand people, and we have the test gets for that. So we really need grown ups in charge, need federal oversight. We need a commitment to getting the critical data and frightening. That could happen fast as the work of seventy two hours,
in the absence of that were turning to state, so, for example, we just heard there is widespread testing in New York. I think of reform is doing a great job there and it looks like at least twenty percent of the population in Europe may have antibodies. Well, that's close. The four million people and what that means is the death toll in New York, tragic though it is in again, These tests are real people and my condolences to the families, but just looking at the statistics for a minute, twenty thousand deaths out of four million people- that's half a percent- you know what we're we're starting to see that the mortality toll of this when you get the denominator,
really small and I think the denominators even bigger than that, so we're not totally blot yet I think we do have to fly in a bit of a fog but we're not tough line totally blind. Ok, I worry when I hear people talk about how we deal with this, that they leave out the immune system. I mean. Obviously we know that that's a big part of it, but I feel like that gets such short shrift, and I worry that the country is going to think that the way to deal with microbes in the future is to lock yourself away and that we have are ubiquitous. They are everywhere you can avoid them. You have to win the battle inside. You wrote a book. We called how to eat, which has been a pet theme of mind since I've been on television that the main thing about our health is what we eat and you right. Eighty percent of all chronic disease and premature death is preventable,
seeing lifestyle as a medicine, yes stop shaking hands, but you can't avoid germs there. Everywhere, yeah so great point and any great segue first of all. I did. I just want people to understand it again, I'm I'm a physician. I do public health, I'm trying to get the dignity it really it looks to me as it did that month ago, when I wrote my peace for the New York Times, ninety eight to ninety nine percent, the cases of this infection or mild. Most people don't even seem to know they have it, and this is true even in the emergence department. A small portion of the cases are potentially severe and that's what makes your point so important year bill, the severe cases occur and people who are old and people who are sick. Now, those things go together, but sadly in America they also splay apart there. A lot of young people with car disease obesity type two diabetes, hypertension.
And by and large those are diseases of lifestyle. I'm a past president of the American College of Lifestyle medicine. That's what we advocate. Lifestyle is medicine because it can fixed all of that. Here's the interesting bit the stuff we can't sell to pee. Eat well, exercise, don't smoke, don't drink excessively, get enough sleep manager, stress because it such put medicine We can't sell it because the timeline for harm is too long. Essentially, Heart disease stocks, you in slow motion, type, two diabetes stocks in slow motion and Dna is wired to fight or flight and of its not coming at me and minutes or days. I'm sort of blind to it or covered is coming at you In minutes in days and everybody is alarmed and all
doing things a risk factor. So essentially, what this pandemic has done has turned America's chronic health liabilities into an acute threat. There is an opportunity, a crisis in Europe's opportunity, the very things that were always telling people to do to promote their long term health actually do fortify your immunity against this virus. If you start eating ought to start fitting physical activity, anti, replace route of humanity enough sleep back in effect, tell your immune system functions in hours, certainly in days and a whole lot in a span and of weeks, there's been a better time for America get healthy. If I were one of the grown ups in charge of this mess, I would have a nest. No health promotion campaign as part of what we do in an organised way look we're all social distancing sheltering placed. Let's women aid from the lemons. Let's turn it into an opportune, get healthy, it will protect you in the short run. The pope,
your loved ones and when this is over we'll be a healthier nation into the bargain great points I riper doing this. I beg you, make a lot of sense. I hope I see a summer other than FUCK no because I don't like no one hour I found I was gonna, be on your Shelby, also yachting up already ordered again, hopefully in person I right take care. To stay where they are. Welcome. One of the many bars in my house, I have two bedrooms and three bars is that wrong anyway, we thought this would be approved. Local, because I was reading about how the corona viruses really taking it all on single people. It's one thing: if you have a partner around, but single people are having a tough time, but of course we will go back to normal and when Do they're going to need pick up lines in the post owner worlder we're gonna Levin. So would you like it?
There are some of the pick of lines: people because they gonna go after bars left again. They are and they're gonna need them, and we have a view for you here. For example, what's the name of that disinfectant you're wearing? Let you go over to my Basins, Lebanon into something less protective. Would you had a wife package if I let it said outside for two days. You make me want to be a better man. Earliest change into a clean perished, webpage. You know until I saw you I was just bored stiff. I have toilet paper pick line Caesar What do you say? We get a check out my hazmat suit, you don't it's made of boyfriend material course? I'm gave a nuisance. Ok, I'm a nurse guest. All you know my next surface
see and be seen. J Leno Garage, new episodes, air made twentieth at ten o clock on the EAST coast, he's the only man to be twice fired for being the crime for committing the crime of being number one in the room. He's jail at all alone: J, Great Z, You ve been able to maintain that kind of optimism. Even in these times, I am optimistic. I saw this doctor voucher, that's that's. I say it forgets of Gore Ed. I watched my tv and he says this virus is a war. We had to fight it like a war and their report says to him. Why do you do doktor fortune. You that's that's. I say it phobia of Gore and I watched my tv and he says this virus is a war. We have to find a like war and their report says to him. But how do we do that? He says by stand Alma watching tv, and I said to myself: if there was ever a man cancer qualified equally qualified. This is I've been training.
My whole life, if they all watch tv really, how hard is like, I am not cases Celebrity- was what I saw him on one. The shouts- and he said I feel like a prisoner of war in my own home- and I went the difference between this war- is what the present Luis DE fatter war, where the war is over. The prisoners are fatter. War began. Has this the only graces where you could see a celebrity? Tell you not to panic from their panic room. We did exactly actually an end and this support team. We have of mom
so, let's chef boy ordeal, Jerry Answer, my my uncle Ben I'm, not all helping us outlawing of get thank God. So, J like I want to give away where you live exactly because those crazy people out there, but there I think people know you're a very successful guys unless you say somewhere in these and other California area, where the very rich people live I live in a similar, gotta neighbourhood, a mile away, it's a little by little different how the rich areas are handling this. Don't you think? Yes said he said I mean it s different in well, I mean Beverly. Hills is effective celebrities react differently, like I read you no Jesse smell at yes, of course. Ok, paranoid. He actually add two guys beat him up on face time
you re, afraid, would limit on the Morrow Yeah, during an official to get our daughter into medical school because they wanted by the US. So are you? Are you still driving because I taken the car out a number of times do so it doesn't frees up in the garage bird. Nowhere too rigid oh right, and if one of the few things you can do well, you're not hurting anybody here alone in the car. But it's it's it's depressing. Having Durant, I'm driving traffic is I mean. Are you realize this? In the last three weeks they give about two thousand tickets for people going well over a hundred miles an hour on the one, the one before no truth that show because people they ve, never seen that, like the rival
So I went about food J. You know you and I have never really seeing eye on food food. I was just talking to doktor cats, very important pride of immunity. I've never known you to eat a vegetable in your life. You man, it's a fact. Anyway, people live in AL because it's the economy, I mean I saw a mafia gone picking up food to go at an olive god, help there. Oh my god. I bet that is bad. While the economies is, I worry so much about the economy. Nice all lose Farrakhan warrant, a clip on Botox, that's how bad that is a bad economy. Do you have any other examples of why the guy do what in Hollywood I saw gave our having ladies night. That's how bad that Turkey s economy actually go to have. Ladies night, it gave its. Maybe a data joke Berwin, ok,
Oh, I sought top seller get turned down forever as mortgage. That's how bad it that is. That's terrible, but start so J. Your home now erode warrior yeah, I'm not nearly the road warrior you are, but I am on the road. All the time is people watch the show. No, It always ends, except in these days, will be saying I'll, be at right. Now, there's no I'll be at, but for a guy like you who has you know how many nights a week do? Did you work before? I was due to an intend, eighty two hundred and ten yeah about current icily. So that's like five minutes away. How are you coping what your wife doing with your home.
Must be going nuts nano. It's ok I like to spend time of my life, and you know that she could see the nice thing about being married. Forty years you this is different. This is something you could never do with a twenty five year old, but when you're married forty years I more if I sat down to watch and Netflix movie, I fell asleep about halfway through I woke up. I showed what I've been she's a, I fell asleep, so it's until we want you again tomorrow. Go to my parents, watch that if a mat lock over and over- but I know now- I've watched actually watches Netflix Mobile lives because they never quite mania. So it's ok, I'm someone I can live in whatever environment I'm forced into- and I was all- is one of those guys. I never want to be one those performers who turned down a job, because what I, when I started out you know how does without this clear in our work, so no one how much money I'm not going for that money. We need rules that much money you, Tuesday night. You can't go through their job
but now I'm force, so I'm not forced to actually relax and take time often I'm enjoying it, and you know someone if there is a good side to this. I thought her friend of mine, who was in ITALY. He said for the first time, there is fish in the canals in Venice room. You know, and the ocean seems a little cleaner. Ella seems remarkably clean because planes are not fly. This is sort of like natures way of dealing with global warming. Germany, oil oil, is zero dollars per barrel. You cannot literally give it away, wrote this point who would have thought last year? Two hundred dollars about this could happen, so it's almost like the earth is sort of healing itself. I know I sound like some sort of new eighty percent, obviously, but is so
I'm just trying to see the good side. Obviously it's a horrible thing and people are suffering in its terrible, but that just when they asked well, I know you're, always guy you help when growth is comes along and you're the thing you're doing. I think so marble. If you have a three be printer in your garage, Here we have a couple of making masks we're making them as we make him free and I was gonna bring I'd north. I left it is thin and home. It's it's a mask with the glass. You know the plastic clear plastic front and we make em over the fire department. They hand amount to first responders in hospital workers and threatening twenty one twenty four hours a day, and they just keep Channing's out turn these out. At the end of the week, we get Malta, the fire Department and they hand about, and it's fun. I mean it's great to feel like you're part of something you're actually saw to helping out not just you're having food delivered Debbie
I've managed not so so that's that's good. I mean I mean. Do you have a mask whither you another kind of mass, that you do an impression with J? Do you have that now I had a joy I had. I had a crowd of irish deltoid girl, uneasy. Ok, all guy in the hospitals can junior daggled yet a nerve. Could you check to see if my technical, their black Moscow, sir? I can't do it just in India. We just check to see My testicles or black says, said nurse fags, trembling, mine timing, fight about daughter, showered belt back yard when you live on Ben Eyes, full of eyes which, again, when the guys in I gotta factors here my physical obliged. No sir, I'm not even a reddish nurse, I'm just a drink. That's why I'm asking just check to see my testicles or black. Sorry. I did. She reaches up under the guise down there.
Look she got, sir. You find the guy goes. I said tat check to see if my test results are back, the storage However, if you think it's great to have, you are you are you home? Is that where you are in your backyard, We all this shows how clueless you I. What do you think I am? I think you must be home like we all, or I will show you a bad you're securities. Bill, I'm on your back yard, where five years from now I lot to learn how to security. That's far enough. John six feet apart: ok in style,
for a neural of everybody can help Euro. While there is no way of knowing exactly what post virus America will look like, we almost agree that one thing that is fucked is bowling fingers in the halls wearing other people shoes? I can't believe we did it before, besides, if there's one thing, we've learned during a lockdown at said, we can get drunk and knock things over at home. They're all stop telling me what you did for four hundred and twenty. You know it's been four hundred and twenty for the past two months. I've smoked so much weed. And allay we had an earthquake the day when it happened. I thought it was just a train going by and I don't live by a train neural. However, in honor of four twenty, while we're rightfully lauding the healthcare workers on the front lines. Let's not forget America's other. Here
the marijuana delivery guys? Yes, if not for these intrepid couriers, forty three percent of Americans would have murdered our families by now and only that they make the couch seem more inviting and the bean and cheese burritos more tasty, and because of them that completely funny email your parents forwarded actually made us laugh neural. It can't watch Seinfeld without wondering how these new Yorkers would have handled. Corona virus jerry breaks up with a woman, because she coughs than wants to get back together because she's hoarding toilet paper, George pretends he has to get out of work and then really gets it and no one believed them. Grammar believes the virus is a hoax and Alain gets back together with an old boyfriend, because the lighting in his place
x or look better presume meetings neural now that this ninety three year old grandma has gone viral after holding up a sign, made more beer, we must all agree not to send her too much beer in whenever this kind of thing happens, the whole country goes nuts and since one person a shit load of whatever it is their asking. For. Let's pick one person to send her a views to expect
I'll fuck, really you're gonna waited until I was done, and finally new rule stop trying to get me to watch Tiger king. It's not gonna happen. I already have to watch one bottle blonde from reality. Tv and the other reason I'm not watching Tiger king well sequestering because torturing animals is one got us into this mess. That's the lesson we keep refusing to learn that you can't trash the environment, including animals. And not have come back and kill you. Two weeks ago I called out China for reopening their wet markets and miraculously people from both sides of the Isle reached out to say good for you for saying that.
Well, here's another heartache that may not be as Popular America's factory farming is just as despicable as a wet market and just as problematic for our Health factory farms have a lot more lobbyists, but ecological time bombs, tick. The same American should not get too high and mighty about what markets. While we are doing this most, if not all infectious diseases are zoonotic meaning they start in animals and jump to humans. Aids likely came from primates, someone butchered a monkey or fuck on or something they showed them alone. With a monkey, mad cow came from cattle eating cattle, which is like feeding a chicken an omelet. Just two weeks ago, a fatal strain of bird flu was confirmed in a commercial turkey lock in South Carolina now to thwart the corrupt,
virus. We ve been told to create distance, avoid others who are sick, lower stress and exercise. I S. Surprise. That diseases flourish among animals when their forced to live in conditions that are the complete opposite of all of that, their on top of each other. They can't move their stressed out. I've seen airports treat luggage better than we treat animals. Egg laying hens are starved and given no water for weeks to shock their bodies into molting beaks of chickens are removed. I could go on. Have you ever driven by a high density feedlot to get relief from the stench of the stick, your nose in an egg salad sandwich, and you think the market and will haunted gross. It should visit one of our giant poultry processing factories, but, of course you can't because we have a bad gag
then make it a crime to report the crime, and it is a crime of animal abuse that goes on in our food industry. Kick worried that the male man corona virus. Eighty percent of pigs. Mona when their slaughtered, because we make living conditions. That would make a zombie vomit and then so they don't die before we kill them pump them forward. Antibiotics that, in turn, get passed on to human, that, in turn leads to antibiotic resistant diseases. That, in turn leads to us dying from ever evolving contagion. It six degrees of tainted bacon, we're on the costs of returning to a pre antibiotic era where Strip Throat was a death sentence, he put it as basically as I can. If we keep producing food the way we do
you're, going to get sick with something medicine cannot fix. You don't have to care for the sake of the animals I wouldn't want to mess with anyone's reputation as a heartless asshole, but do it because animal cruelty leads to human catastrophe. Do it big Barbecue, is why you ve been masturbating for a month and get the fuck away from me with Tiger king. I don't care that he sees the light at the end so to Darth, Vader there's no such thing is keeping a wild animal pent up treating them well, just as zinc Frieden. What remains of Roy Joe Exotic is in prison, partly for killing five endangered tigers, which are endangered because of people like him. Yet why the woke left loves. This show so much and isn't on this guy, like pink sequence, people should
take their meandering outrage and focus it on this issue. You keep animals in cages, be they tigers or turkeys and local ones are being the prisoner. Ok, that's our show. I want to thank my guest Nancy Pelosi. Doktor day cats and J Leno will be back next week. Thank you, folks had only representative real every Friday night watch him any need for more information, not on each be oh dot. Com.
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