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Ep. #537: Lawrence Wilkerson, Chris Evans

2020-08-08 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Lawrence Wilkerson, Chris Evans, Paul Begala and Meghan Daum. (Originally aired 8/7/20)

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO real time. Thank you. Thank you very much at stake here. My thanks dirty audience. What do you see a smiley faces? What can I say in august- and I'm still here at home. I haven't spent this its time in my yard, since I used to have to grow my own, we I miss my old, like I gotta- tell you this time a year. I used always be like in the MID West, doing stand up gigs on the weekends and got a message through that today called up the Westboro Baptist Church ass. If they would
come over and pick up my house hey, look on the bright side. We got a great show got decrease, Evans is, on Captain America and we're gonna be talking about our president, incredible soul, oh yeah, he had quite a week from peered from disasters interviews. They asked him about. The high death Charles from company said. It is what it is. Yes, thanks, president try the Margie, I'm sure that would better when Maloney eroded on a jacket. He said you know his usual. Let the crazy things the corona virus will go away like old things. Go away,
As the man who will not go away, I am starting to examine if someone was paid to take his dimensions as an here. Been hammering away on Joe Biden age. I love this. Don't look for this really ancient guy who's. Three years older than me Democrats keep grumbling that by needs to be more visible, no, no. He needs be more invisible, don't fuck this up. This is working. This shit is working. They announced this week. Biden will not go to Milwaukee Democratic Convention where there is none, he will accede. The nomination from home in Delaware. He will become the first official candidate to accept the nomination of Upper webcam and very likely may be the first to accepted without pants.
Good people say: the idea of Joe Biden. That's what really like. Let em you know that thing worrying does and watch from home. He says he's gonna be watching from home, stated the aren't. Thirteen in Sea Archie colored television- he takes such bride, but yeah it's gonna be interesting night when he accept the nomination- is why Jill it's gonna get up on a ladder and drop a balloon, but I tell you Writing is on the wall here that does Biden. I think he's gonna win the election, and so the Republicans are just going do now, steel, everything, that's it possibly can listen to this. This we coda coda, get the picture people were awarded a seven hundred and sixty five million dollar loan to begin producing drug ingredients I always say I never told you start experimenting with drugs.
Finally trump says he has done more for the black community than anyone since Lincoln. Yes, that soldier, because there's so much love in the black community for Donald Trump four months had been marching in the streets chanting, his name, reach chanting his name. I will get a great shout. We have current colonel lorries, Wilkerson Paul, but go on making down and Chris Evans I spoke to them all yesterday, let's get to ok. My first gas is a distinguished visiting professor at the college, William and Marion former Chief of staff to Colin Powell, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson Great, to see you always colonel. Thank you for joining us and I So I say to you: I have a special affection for your figures for the last year. Here's you're the only person. I could get interested in my theory that Europe was not going to leave if he did not when the elect
So before we get into the details of that which I know is yours You have expertise. It's a given that on a lot, candy, no matter what happens, he will declare victory right. I think so. Ok, so you A group called the transition integrity project. Now the trump has twice maybe we should delay the election. I assume that things are more urgent than ever over there. What is the plan? What does the transition integrity project do. Let me say that I am also a member of the national task force on election crises. So two groups, the larger group. The taskforce looks and has been looking since June, twenty nineteen at the entire process. In other words, everything is. Happened and everything that will happen before three November. The Tipp looks the transition integrity project. Look sad, as its name suggests the transition, the sums
seventy days or so between when that election is determined as very important donors. And it will not be determined, probably on three November. It might be Seven eight nine November, before its determined, because of all The new voting methodologies and boats come again and coming again well after the election and the usual PO closing occur, so the tip is looking at that time period, all the way up to fourteen December when they like College must meet all the way to twenty January at noon. When the incumbent asked to leave the oval office so as to different perspectives. Tip, that's been doing the war games and I think that's why you're probably interested in what war meaning that you are gaming, scenarios that happen after November third and what he might do and what the democratic my do when in response Can you tell her exact? Can you tell us that some really
high powered political analysts, scholars and others playing the Republicans and- but I had many of them- are Republicans thank Lincoln Project. For example, and we are Democrats boy in the dams and we ve had different scenarios. One and you might suspect, is a complete. I didn't blow up, that is to say electoral college and popular vote, might and winds. Then why does a trumpet? another one, as you might surmise, also and very difficult and complex issue there is really a lot of closeness alot of indecision made the popular though one way and electoral college vote. Another way- or even no way to determine and its thrust into, the House of representatives of different scenarios differ reactions from each team interesting way,
when the republican team got the scenario, Decisive Biden Win and through its moves out there, the democratic team was stunned by the arrogance, the sheer power and the sheer indecency. If you will, of the Don T moves everything from ok, we got seventy days to destroy the United States government. We got seventy. Age in which do not provide the incoming team with any transition. However, you want to know what our policy is on the wrong on China on taxes. You won't know it because we ve destroyed all the paper work and we won't let anyone brief you. You were coming into an empty Whitehouse there'll, be no National Security Council staff. Nothing! Two brief you! You might have a note, your desk door in the West wing that says, welcome you stupid idiot.
These moves, really put the democratic team on its feet: coming back with moves that I'll say realistic, mostly not powerful, mostly not dramatic, enjoyed taken in state from that game. Was a? U Democrats, you can't be so timid. The Republicans may be quite ruthless. They may be quite strategic, they may be white arrogant with their power nor inside here. If you own the government, you have a considerable advantage over those who do yeah, I mean honestly, that's that's informed benign reading of it than I would have thought, because at least in that reading, they're leaving, maybe maybe they're being assholes when they leave and say well we're not gonna, give you the briefing books, but who gives a shit? Fine? Who wants your briefing book? a bunch of ninnies anyway running the government for four years. I don't give a shit when you were doing with China, we're starting a new
free he just doesn't leave so I'd. Ask you what the Republicans are going to do. What the cried to get do the key question: what does the military do your military man? I know people say that can happen here. Ok, everything anyway said can happen. Here has happened here. It could happen here now. I know that there is a breakdown between the top leadership. I think they're much more anti trump, but effort You talk about people in the ranks who are like literally NEO nazis. That's the real issue, I think, if you're familiar John Lilies problem promenade, I'm sure you are with Trump and Mark Esper Sector Defence to Saint John Episcopal Charging, wash them lafayettes? Where are you know thing? Sector esper was less than happy about that and you know that mark merely the german junkie. The joint actually made a speech, the National WAR College, and I recommend that the every american citizen, the speeches it till he said,
I shouldn t gone and explain to all the military officers loosening. Ah what his view of the constitution was and so forth, which was quite good I also have to know that about three hundred flight officer, such generals and admirals wait an active duty and retired afterwards to let my merely know that he done the right thing, so it level. The command level were probably in pretty good shape, but as you suggested there are a lot of people in the ranks, particularly the staff sergeant below right that I'm not a sure about many of them voted for drop. I understand from people are talking as falling away? That support is falling away a bit because they are not happy with what he's doing
it has done with regard to the covert nineteen epidemic. But still that's it. That's a question. I do think as a military, professional, the military will stay in barracks unquiet. That is less able mock him out and follow any untoward orders to do anything against any merit some people at the same time, I wonder what will happen, and here we go back to the scenarios in the tabletop exercises. Its trump cards is based on the streets with their guns is based on something like sixty to seventy the three hundred for I remained gods. America, if they answer let all encountered the streets with guns. Then we we're gonna, have a need for the military and then all bets are off as to how much but blood nightfall, ok, but just to be clear. Obviously no one thinks any sort of large percentage of people are. Not military are NEO Nazis or far right supremacy, but there is a.
Faction. You think that could be trouble. There are Solomon I'll give an example. We I got an email from one who said after I made a remark. The times are different today that we have Muslims in Rifle Squire. We have Jews and rifles words. We have Christians. Of course we have different varieties of Christians. We have weakens we Joanna Nigel Rifle squats. You have em all across the planet, they have religious and non religious beliefs in the mills, are today. Are you gonna? Do you mail from a marine who said yeah you're right, colonel? I am friends with that muslim soldier in my spot, until yet to combat minimal shoot him. In the back on that note. Picking up just does go out there and drink myself till it. For the rest of the afternoon, it's these are trying to
I'm glad we have a steady hand like you watching it for us. I sure hope it comes out better than the worst scenarios might suggest, and what what can I say? Let's have faith in America and hope for the best Thank you, colleagues are up. Let me present in L Aquila, another group of belong to the civil linings group out of New York is doing it anyway. I gotta people like Mark Cuban Braun, James and so forth, to create. They're working with them. I shall leave it at that. I'll be in jail. Nba to create these boating centres like little headway, they all turned their arenas up in three hundred of wire boating stations will be set up in This is a model of development in terms of the kind of igniting affidavit, because you can stay safe and you can stay healthy in these centres. So this is an initiative that happening too. I think
The american people are coming together in a way that really positive to make sure this is a free and fair election yeah. I am, I got my fingers crossed and yeah, I think, will be here next year thank you, President Carter. Ok, yours, a panel. Here's, the CNN political contributor, an author of the no book you're, fired the perfect guide to beating Donald Trump Paul Magala. And she is the host of the new podcast, the unspeakable and author of the problem. With everything my journey through the new culture wars wanting to meet, you long time Megan down Megan Fanny yours, listen. If you guys think I'm a little upset right now. I just had a very disturbing hovers pitch with Colonel Large Wilkerson, so that may be why
we were talking about the election. I didn't get to the topic that I wanted to. Let me ask you about this. The male looks like democracy might be lost in the mail. You know I knew Trump is gonna steal this election or try. I never could have predicted that it would be politicizing the U S, mail, but that's where we're going fifty one percent of Democrats, they planned about by male. Only twenty percent of Republicans do. What are we going to do about this part problem of them? Stealing, the election through the mail will first act. First thanks, you have me on. I wish, has a person first Democrats, holding up the covert relief bill over over this and other things, and I think that's terrific Nancy Policy church humor they need fight like held to make sure that the postal service is fully financed. So I can do this at one of the things that they
prompt guy who's in their running postal services. Doing already is he's cancelled, overtime. He's too Male carriers, if your backed up just leave that stuff back there, so mail is slowing down already he setting the stage for this. The other thing that the democratic do that I'm doing is explain to people that vote by mail has been around for a hundred. Fifty years is perfectly safe. It's perfectly ethical to perfect. The honest, the five states vote a hundred percent by male already and have for quite some time. I took a look at Colorado, which is a swing state, the Brennan Centre for Justice it and why you look All the vote by mail in cholera, you know much fraud. There was zero point zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero one percent as one ten millions of one percent, so it is the most ethical shape Wait by wages are another option that people need to know a lot of places. You can just drop off well you. Even if you use a male, did a lot of places.
Pushing stating in counties to do this. Put dropbox the firehouse put dropbox at the police station, put the drop proximate government centre so that you know have to bother Jesse the male man. You can go down to the parties to the do the firehouse birthday. But it s not really the issue. We know what works and what we are doing with the problem is, they're going to go up the works so that it doesn't work so that there is a surgeon ballots that come as the railways are right before the election and can't be handled by the Post office, because he appointed his lackey to head the post office and because there's sab touching it from the inside. That's what I'm asking? What you know about that? We know the thing work some of their staff correctly, which is why they have to fund it right in the Democrats are forcing Netteke pushing there. I think they're going to win the fight which will expand the capacity. The of the, but also we can work around it. That's why I love these drop boxes. Some people who
younger and healthier. Not at risk can and should vote in person by weight. Your audience gives young if you can and its safe, you should volunteer to be a poem the majority of polarized over sixty, so young people going to volunteer work at the polls can shorten the law.
And so that in person voting is less dangerous. That's another thing that that anybody whose watching the shocking do ok when they ask about the vice presidency, wanted you handle this one Megan. You get the first crack at this because your first time are here who do you think it should be which black woman he now I have to say. I know I don't have to stay red and what really troubles me about this whole dynamic is that you know I wouldn't I cringe when Joe Biden during that debate in March said he was committing to picking a woman. Don't get me wrong, I will be happy when he announces a woman running. Maybe it would be wonderful to see a woman of color, but it was a set up when he did by by committing to that was, was set up, whoever it is his running made to be bought, stand and to have to deal with a whole bunch of sting. Was there
it would be a wizard tokenism, it would have made me so much happier if he had said I will pick the most qualified person and then pick a woman in a standard. He said somebody up rose, bore all kinds of all kinds of wives and children at them and, frankly, if it is a woman of color which is looking increasingly like like it will be that stigma will play out on multiple France and its it's really not fair its and now it's a foregone conclusion. Then you know people who are now talking about this strategy's pundit? It's who will she be the brown There are already in place and it is starting to sound like picking the homecoming queen and it it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I have to say poor you're, one of the best headache uppers. I know who who, from a strategy point of view who do you say, is the smart pic. I I I don't know because I think what binds gonna dispute
who can be a good governing partner the way he was for a bonnet. That depends on the report that he has in the room. I can't I'm not there. I dont know it was. I was actually surprised when Clinton pick Gore, it turned out to be a perfect pick. So I just don't know honestly. I will say that we ve had I largely agree with making that I think is a tactical mistake, but a strategic genius took to make sure that you have a one on the ticket. We have forty eight vice president, every single one, man, every single one, white women If they get a run between now and the year, two thousand Two hundred fifty one there will only be tied with men in price. Brazil is a bad time really is I want again to give me, though I really don't know. Ok, you say in your your book, which I read in one big gulp, it's really like a novel almost, but it's about how you
we could be Trump And- and you say you have this chapter that says- will guarantee it. Do you wanna, do you wanna tipped with that is all we have to be the book to know what had not yet this is. She saw obvious, but democratic ever do it. Medicare medicate social security there, the most Popular Programmes in America, Tromp has proposed cutting them by two trillion dollars in his bless. You budgets interrupt Democrats, never talk about it Understandably, we get distracted by the racism, massage any the islamophobia we get distracted in some ways, understandably, but Ronald Reagan, who was twice ten times politician, a trump couldn't never gotten away with a two trillion dollar cut in Medicare, medicate, so security. So I suggest in the book the Democrats like sit there. There apple watch every five minutes, just spit it out. Just repeat it, I'm I love beyond says new film and Trump wants to cut Medicare met again so security. You know it is,
the its beloved. By the way, it's disproportionately gonna impact truck voters. You could actually peel off, alas, singers from Trump, if you tell them the truth, which is the papers, tax cuts for corporate Amerika, which was to try and he wants to cut grandma's Medicare met again so scary, but I must tell you that he will just stay pheasy a voice does they're the ones who cut it. I he'll, just fake fake news at lie- is ass off and people won't won't believe that, but, ok by me, Provided this I read today that his pulled numbers stabilized he was getting. His ass kicked real bad by buying a few weeks ago. How does this happen now he's within striking distance? Again? How does Guy, who is this viral video of a school bus fire? Have this much popularity left with people whose fault is that is that is that people
who just you, wanna judge on the right who we know are not smart enough to see through this con man or Do they know he's not good, but there's. Something going on on the left that they hated more mega. I think that progressive had to get smart about who, who would they're gonna get I know they're gonna come out in both for who they're gonna get excited about being the vice president. You now I can address that actually by by saying something about Elizabeth warn of all people. You know progressives had a really hard time getting their minds around the idea that she was not going to be the nominee. She is incredibly intelligent, highly highly qualified meticulously prepared charismatic. All of that, and yet she couldn't go the distance. I think that people forget to consider the fact that you know the presidency is it's not.
The most intellectual gig you now, I think that's clear now, but if it ever has been it's not a job for egghead intellectuals- and you know I love Barack Obama. I'm number one man, I'm glad you,
president, but there were moments there were. I couldn't help and think that on some level the job was beneath him. It wasn't using his skill, set the job that the president is too to unify people to be a deal maker, a horse trader to function as a symbol, and I think progressives make the mistake of thinking that they need to support like the smartest person, the person who is most like them. They they forget that there is. There is sorted, an inherent blandness to the job and them back and be a good thing, and so I worry that progressive are not going to shop in both for provided, and that may be the reason we are seeing a slight up taken Trump optimism. This this week
Let me read a couple of stories that I saw in the New York Times this week. I see what you think about this. I just read about this guy's name Tom good. When I don't know who he is, he said Missus executive at a bad group, public public US group and he got shit- can because he treated, these that he found the total obsession with covert deaths over all des gruesome. He said. Seventy five hundred Americans die every day, but only the ones with this precise new virus. Matter now imminent agree with that opinion, but it's an opinion. Ok, now read the very next day I read biggest monster rebounds to Burke closest HIV and malaria are making a big comeback. Tuberculosis is already the biggest infectious disease killer worldwide. A million and a half lie every year, said until this year that all three were going away now: they're, making a comeback. The World Health Organisation
the director of the Malaria programme said covered nineteen risks. Railing all our efforts and taking us back to where we were twenty years ago, diverted scientific attention. From these three diseases causing nest: the lock downs of raised insurmountable barriers to patients who must travel to obtain diagnosis. I mean all this. In other words, she wasn't even wrong, but at worst you could make the case, and I think people don't why I sent this last week, but I have to say the people don't like living in a country where you can't have an opinion and they blame the left for it. We are in this moment edge narrow.
A free for all the? U dont, do it it's a conspiracy. Theory is a is a loaded phrase, the loaded term, but frankly nobody is in agreement on what any set of facts are. Twenty four percent of Americans think there is some truth to bed theory that global elites, said the virus upon us, and I mean there are just a million iterations of these things and frankly, there are. There are intelligent, educated people that believe Some version of this are some aspects of certain versions of this, and we just don't have enough information. The masks work, they dont work business. This treatment works it doesnt and granted. This is a novel virus were learning as we go, but I dont think I don't think a lot of Americans are served like Cognitive Lee able to metabolize such conflicting strains of information. It ever
dealing with cognitive dissonance in a way that we're just not very good at and you're also allowed to have an opinion other than the one. True opinion I'll stop talking about it there all right. So Mungo learned in a word this week. Anarchist here jogging about. What's going on at Portland, he said you had radical anarchists, you had horrible people, always somebody horrible people absent. Panic is, and in many cases, professionals in Attica are bad enough, but when their professional, I think we all know, that's the end of it, but this is it. This is a new theme with him. You know that there's anarchists and he's going to restore order. I cannot but think how Richard Nixon in nineteen sixty eight ran on I'm going to end the war in Vietnam did not. And then was enough of the salesman to nineteen seventy to run again on I'm going to end the war in Vietnam. Somebody once said that
salesman? Well, you don't do it the versa. Ok, since every running on its american carnage, except now there is because of him. What a Democrats do about that Ray. I think they have to take the fight to trap. I mean it is. It is proposed first off yet professional anarchists they're, probably hard organise, I don't know when they had staff meetings in assuming call, as you know, it's bologna, but the democratic. Take the fight to him that the conservatives today believe that wearing a mask to visit. Graham on a nursing home. Is charity. Ok, but camouflaged unmarked men in body, armor ripping peaceful, gestures off the streets and thrown an unmarked vans. Oh that's law and order that that's what it is to be a conservative today that the key to this, I think, is for Democrats who make it go about. Boaters lies. The troop always will always try to create some mythical
enemy out there in its Antigua. If you listen to him or an anarchist, all at nonsense, Meanwhile, your life sucks, because here we have a hundred sixty thousand people dead because of what he did and failed to do. We have tens of millions of jobs lost for him by the way the open, the crisis has only got worse. We lost seven one thousand people to drug addiction last year, most of them to opiates. Thirty eight thousand a hand, guns violence. He hasn't dense. What for what were painted to do- and it is an appeal there is with him when he says I hate the same people you hate, but Democrats have to poke through there and say: that's not the point. The point is he's trashing your life. That's that's like I'm sorry, but I think a hopeful. You read the book ass a whole point. The book, is it don't be completely distracted by Trump in his latest thing, You know his have always your presidency has been a match race between stupid and evil, and the truth is no matter who wins you loose right. He rope adoption does know he by doing
crazy shit and then you wind up talking about his crazy shit and not what you, what we're gonna do for the american people write this week, I'm so here this week. That's all Democrats or I'll get the Chinese the. Why, because trumps his I'm gonna give my convention speech from the White House, which is actually illegal Sancho. I don't like it he's not gonna change everybody's life? He could give it the White House, you re in some convention, HOLLAND, but your alignment and meanwhile a thousand people a day, a dying. We should give up of a covert ward. You should give it from a morgue. You should give it from a cemetery. Is those the hallmarks of his present? That's how democratic an answer that, instead of like in their hands about the hijack that I know in your book. You say you know- you got two thousand and sixteen wrong because you forgot my bill Clinton's first rule of politics with just make it about them, not about you and or even the other guy. But let me ask you about Bill Clinton, because this is always comes up with the Democrats with every election. What do we do?
but the Clinton's now seriously. I may now Bill Clinton. People are saying that there are witnesses who saw him on Jeffrey Epstein, sex island, obviously that's denied Well, I'm here shake your head like that. That's impossible Bill Clinton, horny guy on Sexual, Ireland, ridiculous I mean that is so not look it's possible. My at my question is, you know he has that's any has things that are not quite as it and saying with Hilary. What do what do the Democrats? What should they do? Megan you go first with the Clinton I'm? U, why? Why are we not allowed to have any problematic people from our past? I mean the Republicans. At their share of incredibly unsavory figures, and I'm a lot of them are still in office. I'd. Would you say: let's do we take the Clinton's off the table for the moment we ve got enough distractions, it's like
let's move, but they are just reaction is that's. The point is tat: they are, they are huge distractions. I could see them being huge distractions that that that's. Why I'm asking this question for what do you think he did went to landslide presidential elections in Iraq as she did when more votes than troops under the pretence of politicians. The part the Brown the Democrats have is it they have a really good bet, a batch right. They Brok Obama Michelle Obama. They have lots of town, it's very hard to deploy them all. Actually, when you're in a covert quarantine, actually there's plenty of places, I think to send them to campaign in they could do a whole
good, I'm particularly Bill Clinton, has credibility, an economy which is the one issue holding trumped up right now. It is still holding him up and in the end, is the last thing I just people think they saw portrayed CEO on a cardboard set for fourteen years. I d say they feel like he's. A businessman in Brooklyn could puncture that, and it was me that's what I'd cinema do. Ok, my last thing as Tina Smith, Senator from Minnesota's is proposing fallen, legalization of pot. I just want to say if the Democrats had a brain in their head, they would get behind this huge of said this many times before This could be your winning issue, people I'm sure I know issue meaningful wife's hot. He well look everybody hazards
which was I've no smoke ouida at under I'd like beer from over, but come over exactly I like beer, you like we'd Trump Likes Hydroxyl clerk when everybody drama choice, our what what changed me on this bill and I hope it changes job? Is it took me a lot? This has been going on but I was blind to it. You know you don't know what you know with the ACL you to study in in all fifty states, any ninety five percent of our counties that have more than one percent black population, black people arrested for we'd, three hundred and sixty four percent.
Don't use it more direct, and so it has been a tool of systemic racism and end Johnny's to wake up to that. I've woken up to it. So I think he needs to the joint join me very like Comer to this cause, but it is time because the ways been used to systemically discriminate against people come exactly. I. It needs to be made part of the black lives matter. Message needs to be rolled into two that the discussion about structural racism about policing about about school, the present pipeline Oliver, it's a very, very organic match its they saw a perfectly into each other. There's, someone just never again be smart about how to integrate that and have the conversation through your saying, we should take something organic unrolled into our yeah. I'm gonna do that as soon as I get her accustomed back, you guys a real blessing target about the herbal Csf thanks,
Well, it's back to school, I bet little ones are going off to school. Well, wait there not because you know the pandemic and almost half of parents either going to home school of course, with any phenomenon that big, there's gonna, be a magazine about it and we got it inaugural your leisure, better homes and kindergartens, you like to see some of the articles in the regulation, I'm sure you would, for example, there is you ve taken it and now what drug taking in the class how to get away with it without your children noticing going there bluff, begging your kid wait till the dog it's. That is all the dog, the delegate downward. Ways to shut your kids up at aren't technically illegal becoming Jim teacher made me realize I'm gay. What did
when you're student turns thirty and still what move out of the classroom one. Others revelation. It wasn't a teacher. My kid really is a little asshole. What to do? you're, frustrated, exhausted and out of ideas. A guide today to the best COS Europe's that make nap time really last, and can you still put your kids? is up for adoption, the There may surprise you. Ok! My final! as an actor producer and director who originally founded the civic engagement platform, a starting point. Oh it doesn't say he's. Also captain in America gets people know that Chris Evans. He asked, I think, give them in a few moments: hey how you know- and you- and I know you have This is an ally and beer.
You boys denies its near the guys are very loyal to your home turf of boss. You know I think in this these these the colonel orders that is twenty twenty. I felt I just wanted to be. Oh yeah, I figured you would, and I read that like for you quarantining. You said it was not a bigger friends, because your home alone, all the time anyway, is that because I believe the house is that it's not you. It's not like you know, I'm not like you not like agoraphobia or anything like that. I just know it takes me a while before I need human contact. I've been alone, Maybe it's that or maybe you're gonna guy you just doesn't need to lay down to get laid,
I have objectives that were the case by the oh, yes, poor, you by the way some of the women are on our office have mentioned that. If you need someone to quarantine with aid, they don't think I was transcends, refers their voluntary anyway, let's go to politics. I know you started this. Beside called a starting point. I'm gonna! Let you explain it at your baby. I ain't you were talking to me about this years ago. You been doing this a very long time. I know it's really important here, so you are denying what it is and what you want to accomplish with its share it. Well everytime. I think when you- and I spoke about it- was only in its infancy. Initially was just met. A kind of emu If I certain political issues, I wanted to try and you know I'm a bit of luck a junkie. I know a lot of people are weary of the political landscape is experiencing an and when I try to google things in the past, I found that there is a missing Is there this kind of anyway. It's a kind of basic point of political. You're standing, so we want it created
That would ask the question the average American will want to know. You know what that was. Darker was a different matter there are many Jake I haven't answered by people across the political spectrum, such as where it began and then over time it ruins these other sections. Now that try to explore debate I bet but ultimately creates engagements justice, more participation in the political process, and what I love about it is that it's well couple think one it's by partisan. You know I'm last year. At the end of the year, the last good year we had, I was trying to say some the paper, what I did a long editorial about how we can own each No one wants to try to work together anymore. They just want on the other side. They don't really want to co exist, they wanna vanquish them and I feel it What you are doing is trying to say no that never can work.
At which is what I was there. You can even of their democratic win, that all the Republicans in the country are not going to self to port right there still going to deal with there is this is always been short stays the procession of injustice on all sides, which is partly par for the course, but that didn't live in a country of three hundred million, plus we we're in a relationship with the other side. You do, we have to find a way. You know most relationships with their toxic gonna help you either. We can't leave this. What we have to find a way to speak to one another. Listen to one another, find common ground, the boy Danfield In- and you know it you just kind of retreated to our own size and its from a toxic culture, and I think that reads apathy and just spirited disinterest in.
I think when that happens, politics stops working the weight foot and adding here. That is the exact right analogy. It's a relationship that you can't leave you know that we have to find the tools necessary. We can't leave it and I ever tell you have them cancer screening louder than you. We have to find a way to speak, to each other. And people and a relationship know the three most important words. Aren't I love you there, let it go he's going to say, and here I think the most important thing. In my humble opinion I mean I'm single, so I guess I'm Latin sat right books, but I would argue that I think is saying, or are you again you know exists to say I hear you saying that doesn't mean I agree with you. That doesn't mean I endorse what you say it. Just as you know that I'm listening right away. We set to put our weaponry When do you realize it really discussion with someone else's recognising who we are and then there is it. Is it
pleasant process trying to find common ground and no one's gonna get the whole love, but we have to get better well, maybe with women out their hearing. Say how much you like to listen, someone that's all his life. This is basically like my dear brother, I thought someone will take pity on you and go out I feel for you again, but the other thing I love about. It is there's no likes idea like likes. Have ruined America. They make people inauthentic and phony and nurture signalling, and I call it the avatar. It's not the real you its value that you put out in public and your you have no, message board there. You have no likes, we gotta get back to that right, just information yeah, I mean I think you know a being after you have an intimate relationship with message, boys and I've. Never in my life felt better after reading one and any writing. Politics in general is very clear that reality,
landscape, and I think that one of the things that transferable off so so I think we just wanted to remove that. There are some negative reward mechanisms when it comes to lights and comments, and things like that. I think we just want to keep it. Surely scholastic I also, I think, not only that the view the site that contributed to the site, also appreciate, and what? What? Where did you get your interest in politics? was it from your uncle. I know your uncle my beyond right, yeah you, The long time congressmen who was unseated recently by I Presley right? That's the district! You are, I'll be a now where you grew up right exactly not I grew up with next close. Okay, so is that learned? Is that why you became so interest? in politics because our uncle MIKE I'm gonna? Maybe I am my family- has always been an altruistic, her passionate unafraid search the point of view? I don't know it's. It's be honest, it's not that interested in politics.
Is more about trying to help, and- and Politics to me seems like this weird a machine that we walk had given up on, but the truth is, if we gave a speech on this thing, might actually and I got that starts with participation and engagement in the again it's become such up. Toxic landscape. It breeds this exhaustion. This activity, which is clear can't be bothered. You know they deserve. Intelligent people? I'm speak about the people who want just that they understand, as their civic duty, but it still feel solid, guarding life is is, is overwhelming enough, so data to Darfur, where everyone is just so hard. That's one another, there's no region, and so I think, as a way of trying to bring that that's nice, you don't see yourself running ever, that's not something in your future, because
We are entering an era, I think, a main starting with Reagan or even a little before Reagan, but now we moved to Trump and where really people look to show business for you before that that who, as is have credibility, they have name recognition. Look it's a dumb our society, so I think in the future you could see you now cloning. And then, after a lot of these people- and that is for you- I would never you know I just don't know that's another thing. I think we're all gonna scare to say I don't know, I don't know, and I dont know enough. So I wouldn't do service or dishes the position by thinking that I can handle it. I've thought about somehow helping enacted glass any, but it will require a lot of homework, will listen
I'm not pushing in IRAN or not to run, but I just want to disabuse you of this one thing I spent a very long time and television talking. Off a lot of politicians- and I know you pretty well by now- you know More than a lot of them do they're, fucking Idiot a lot of them all you need to run is a fucking clip on time and a suit. It there's no qualifications and that's proven every day by the guy at that up in the world right now knows. I only know what are we alone and I mean I want it, but don't do it because you think you know less than they do. Is they and then I have to know anything and many them don't worry. I think my arms in the right place, but that is a real there's, a real tapestry of cause and effect. You know you might think your fixing one thing in the downstream impact is something Could it never been aware of his eye? I just think before I go into the requisite get away with that in mind, you shriek drying directly.
You know. I think I'm gonna politics you gotta have a little bit march. Reverence! Ok, well, I am anxious ex projects. I was enjoying the movies, I hope, the epidemic Instead, the pandemic and soon and your loneliness epidemic will follow suit. That I've, always today, shellbarks in raising was put out the steelworks thoughts and Prayers Evans, our right with you, thanks, but don't worry about it. Ok time, for normal backyard. Addition again rose there, we go there. Oh, I know that it's terrible, so many people are out of work, but you have to admit there is at least a million people in this country that are so awful at their job intact, better there not working design, their cell phones, waiters, who disappear salesmen, who call you chief mechanics,
trippy off the cashier always reacts to you walking into the store like it's the worst thing that ever happened to them. And a free hand. Outs are able bodied workers, but I wouldn't mind Uncle SAM cutting them a Czech each, Has to answer one question for people here and allay it doesn't have. There are all the french beggar who uses urine. She gathered from public toilets to make what she calls. Goldilocks bread has answer one question for people here and allay it doesn't have gluten. Does it. They're, all the british man who lost his penis to an infection and is growing, and no one on his arm must answer this question. You know that where it goes right, but I can grow on. Your can do attitude at a time when everybody wants other people to solve their problems. You said screw it, I'm gonna roll up, might sleeves and do it myself
you're. A shining example of that plastic adage when life Andrew lemons make an arm dick, oh and borders, for a political junkies, Nora can't you might have anything. Even her idle j she's been trapped, your dad for five months jacket, your desperate you're thinking of new ways to make Boston crying in a car them Bank is gonna taken now. He's going Gonna let Auntie polluter condo. At least letter ever gave best friend. Neural America's scolds have to stop freaking out about this. Picture of Jerry, fall well Junior and his friend on a yacht. You ever seen a married Republican, Kristen Universe did he presented before. I don't know what I like best about this picture: the creeping hand. The unzip,
skinny James the blow I wonder where the red the Daisy Dukes, whose answer also observed or the fact that he, the kind grateful uses a plastic cup on a yard. And finally no role if even dead people hate you gotta ask Doing something wrong in only by partisan agreement we seem to have these days is that neither party wants Donald Trump at their funerals became Barbara Bush, a larger cummings Dangling John Lois, all their families felt the same way. Our loved one is dead, don't ruin it. Companies about is welcome and a funeral as the Gipsy woman, a wanders into restaurants and sells you rose. Is it a business dinner? Is that president and peoples. I don't want him their children's
but old. Turning down Batman, what kind of spectacular prick do you have to be that everyone's last request is make sure that asshole isn't my funeral. Can I watch the eulogies last week for John Lewis and was struck by the genuine outpouring from everyone who ever encountered this model of a man, and I thought of Trump and actually felt sad for him, because at his funeral No one will ever talk about him like that. Then I thought, maybe, if Trump, here, what a eulogy for him would sound like. Maybe but give him some insight into himself. So I have prepared a mouse example. Now let me be clear The secret service feels no need to visit. I wish Donald from a long, healthy life, some place where he can't harm Amerika, and I have
only condemnation for anyone who would ever wish any president, no matter how much you dislike them any physical harm, but in the ventures of Tom Sawyer. When Tom and Huckleberry Fan get to attend their own funeral, they learn a lot about themselves. So, in that spirit, Imagine ourselves many years in the future and listening to these soothing words. Their family in front of Asia Donald Trump some look at the world and ask why Donald Trump, look at the world and asked what's in it. For me,. His generosity, knew only limits, and he never once failed to put himself before others, he was
Father who every day tried to teach, has children the wrong lessons of life, be quick to anger. Never let go of a group. See the worst in people and treat them all equally a strictly on how much money they make and what they look like. So many more to speak here today, but couldn't Break their non disclosure agreements, hearts go out to millennia, who rsvp, maybe Donald always said he knew she was the one. The moment he saw her and said those three little words: Anti CART, Donald so many things money golf lawsuits porn stars, dictators, organised crime and the thirty five percent of the american people who still like him, the other sixty five percent,
go fuck themselves. He once said that the experience of not being in Vietnam taught him the most important lesson of all that there's no problem. So big. You can't lie your way out of it: came to flouting the law criminals, criminal and then actually a midget among giants, a few words about a hundred, mostly tremendous Disgusting strongly and shit home. Donald Trump. Never met a man. He liked. Yet he always suffered fools. You could tell us anything and he believed it its painful to think he could still be with us. If only his personal physician wasn't that lady who believe medicine came from outer space, greatest Tara, Winston Churchill said of his own mortality. I'm ready
meet my maker, whether my maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter. Well god from your problem now for me personally guess what I'll miss most about dawn is his dull wit. He was never laughing and when Maybe you laugh, it was always unintentional. But as a walking parity of himself, he was a challenge to satirizes made me a better comedian for it. He died as he lived. Wearing make up and lying in front of all of us so fly free one little bitch fly free May you find the peace your twitter thumbs. Never could that's our show
I want to thank my guess: Colonel Lawrence swore Garrison, Paul, Magala, Megan, DOM and Chris Evans and we'll be back next week hi tone new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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