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Ep. #538: Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Colin Cowherd

2020-08-15 | 🔗

Bill’s guests are Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Colin Cowherd, Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang. (Originally aired 8/14/20)

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Welcome to reach me apart from HBO real time. Thank you now. I know why you're happy today, Russia says day have a vaccine for the corona virus. Given that Citing knows, I think, very exciting. When is anything ever gone wrong when Vladimir Putin said here take this but
I say America, we were just the loser country, I mean we ve got more cases than anybody where did given up on trying to control it now for american like so many a one can live with. School shootings are homeless in on drug stores. That have condoms locked behind glass case where the president this week was commenting on the spanish pollution is quite history book to president, and he said the nineteen seventeen there was a great pandemic, which was problem which probably did the second World WAR, Oh God, anymore, to start with that, wasn't the second World WAR, the first World war. It didn't ended, but ok, fine this weekend,
surely is an anniversary of world war. Two, it can seventy fifth anniversary of E J Day, which Trump got interested in and for about a half. A second meeting thought somebody said the J J, but all the present you got mad at me. You saw that tweets this week, but we ask last week I gave her my eulogy. I good fun was not me too much, but think everybody benefits from hearing a eulogy in their own lifetime. That was my point. He did not see it that way he them what a tweet it a watch billboard this week for the first time in a long time it's up in either accidentally whacking mayor why'd. You wait for the first time in a long time and then boy did he level every city toolbar looks terrible exhaust the exhausted, gaunt and weak. Perhaps, but in my own
defence. Earlier that day, I had to walk down a ramp anyone what a man this president is here this week reached out to South Dakotas governor to see if he could get his likeness on Mount rushed, which of course raised the question that is very important and on everybody's mind, Can granite becalmed over the president had a big weaken the oval office? He made a big show of signing some executive orders to halt evictions which we're gonna have to do and to boost unemployment of course these executive orders will have eggs.
Actually as much effect in the real world. As that time, he redirected a hurricane with syrupy. Don't worry if you're out of work or about to lose your apartment, imaginary help is on the way forward, but maybe real help is on the way the democratic ticket got set this week. Kamel Harris is going to be Joe Biden vice president, I think that is very exciting, very historic of black. Agent american woman, whose mother from India, whose father is from Jamaica trumpet. Views you didn't know where to totally go back to? But I'm excited, I think, she's gonna be great. I think he's great. I think she is ready to wig Joe Biden from a nap on day one but
or are you not no sooner had they announced that name. Did it get to the Harris and then Republicans pounds Trump was attacking she's nesting, disrespectful phony, can you get in the door? Could you let Mommy put her person, But it's its exciting in its historic, a daughter of immigrants from India and Jamaica or a route. We Stoner school indigo. She takes a lot of what a box this year for the left wing of the party, a woman whose half black,
have age and not a lesbian, but she says she's willing to learn arriving, getting great challenges that we measure he shall lands bottom some land to be Judge Andrew Yang, am column countered. I spoke to them all yesterday. Let's get right to ok, my first guesses democratic mayor of Atlantis George. While on our show, plays work. Computer lands bottoms, at a mayor is that the right term? He shows Madame mayor works to ok we're, I'm going to say, Madam mayor, that's a big job you have and as a big city mayor, I'm sure you ve noticed that one of Donald Trump themes for the election is that democratic. These are going to Helena. Handcart many talks about Portland and we see there's unrest there that have been and other cities and Chicago.
My hat loading in America Mile last weekend and they they ve pulled up the drawbridge is in town. That's not a good luck he shows this kind of footage and says this is what you gonna get under by tapping now under him, but it still looks like it could be an effective campaign as a big city mayor. What is your giving as a big city may are. What is your response to that approach? time to be a mare, adding that where we're having challenges across his country- and there are made even worse- because this man is president on there's no partnership war or through a coordinator Jim. What the White House, in my understanding in the good old days under the Obama
I know many straighten. You can look to the White House for leadership and guidance, and you had an opportunity to pick up the phone call when you need at assistance under this is its very different and he then make it any better. We have so many things on our plates and we have to contend with his mare and then to at the White House, and rather than on top of it, I'm a creates a big distraction in it, Eggs are a lot of our time and energy for right. Let's talk about policing for a minute. You must have a new police chief there, I'm not your who it is, can live in Atlanta, but I know the one, was there until very recently Erika Shields right. She resigned after the incident. There was a.
We should in any event- and she was a very progressive mayor- a gay woman. I mean that's pretty good for police chief place, chief, I'm sorry and of in Seattle, the police chief, a black woman, just resigned because they are defending the police there and you didn't even consult her and she made the point she said. Well, you know when you defend the police, most of the people who get fired. The young officers of color who, because of seniority, will be the first to go. So it seems like in the name of social, just
we're getting rid of the most progressive minority police chief black officers. That can't be the right approach right. Why can't speak to what's happening in Seattle, but I can't speak to what's happening in Atlanta cheese shields. Eventually, I still part of the city of Atlantis. She still working with us on some public safety and nature that we did make a change and leadership and we had a really big conversation saving. Why, regarding the funding, the police and that's been happening across the country, our approach has been very different in Atlanta. We have begun somebody criminal justice reform. When I came into office in twenty eighteen, it included eliminating
cash bail bonds in the city of Atlanta, for people who don't understand what that means. It means if you get stopped for a busted taillight. Do you have two hundred dollars in your pocket? You pay you go home. If you don't, you can sit in jail for up to six months We ended our contract with ice on end. It allowed us to begin to re. Imagine public safety and the cities are. We are transforming our four hundred and fifty thousand Square Foot City jail into a centre of equity, held them well less and were taking the savings. We have experience from moving away from mass incarceration to pudding towards some of their community based initiatives in redirect a personnel in the way that benefits our neighborhoods fell. Thankfully, in Atlanta we were ahead of the curve she shields has been agreed, accorded this conversation and and leadership in
area and she continues to work with us. But you know when you led organization. You sometimes have to make changes in my belief as you get the Right Barton Right, people on the bus and then you figure out the right seek further, so we descend from reconfiguring all of the seats on the bus, but we were still setting the bar really high in Atlanta and continuing were criminal justice. Police reform in a responsible way, but what why did you have to go? And she was only on the job a few years, and I read that the average tenure of the police chief is very short. It seems like that turnover itself is not good for trying to accomplish the goals that we had a world trying to accomplish its. It seems to me, like this there's a part of the left that just won't accept anything except perfection.
I don't know any perfect people well where she shields. It was a little different. She had been a part of the police force for over twenty five years, and she had been the assistant police chief, she was the police, keep under my predecessor and I've been in office It's three years now to do to have three years now and she was my police tea. She saw her junior was it longer I, what was unusual with that? I didn't come in and replace the chief immediately, because that's what happened with the past several years we have in Atlanta But I wanted the opportunity to get a feel for my entire cabinet and probably- and I'm just take another numbers- are probably now have one or two people left over from the previous administration
That was the extraordinary part about her junior, as my chief who corral Can I ask you about the something else canal? but I know you had the corona virus, but you're, ok, and now I don't know what the schools Croatian in their Atlanta is a mean that something there wrestling with an all the citys of the country are the kids going back to school and if they do now that parents are somewhat going back to work. How is that going to work. Of the was our first day in my house, always virtual learning, and it was a disaster. I have four kids one starting college, whether the three who were supposed to be in school, I can only get one long ban they know when, according to plan was then I had lunch ready at the same time that I made breakfast this morning, I'm so as is gonna, be an adjustment in it it was a very stressful day, but that's what people are experiencing
all across Amerika Atlanta, public schools have decided to go for nine weeks virtual and then re assess at the end of nine weeks. Nobody ever thought that we would be in this fight. When we came out of school and we all assume that our kids will be going back immediately when school resumed. But here we are in August and and with no better off than we were last spring. Well. Well, I hope things get better. I'm glad you got better Quichua, Madame Mayor I'll, try both really thank you for joining us and the boy you're right challenging times. But good luck with much ahead. Not thank you so much for animals a pleasure to join Ok, thank you are right here.
Our panel, the Democrat, the former democratic presidential candidate and former mayor of South mended Anna P Buddha judge former democratic presidential candidate, whose foundation humanity afford recently launched an initiative to provide people with a thousand dollars a month for three months, Andrew Yang Why it's great to see you? it's great to see you do here we were you mean together, not dissimilar. Now so so exciting that both you guys on and together sort of- and I guess the last time most American saw you previously on real time. You know it the debates and you guys we're on the debates stage. And now we're heading into the presidential debates and vice presidential debates. I got asked first about this debate thing. It's just a terrible wetted. Do it isn't it I mean it. Doesn't really advance anybody's knowledge of anything except who can come up with singers and put down
and whoever is the winner is not the winner on substance. I think we just gotta find a different, waited but- and I really am not looking forward to these debates because they, I don't think it favours what Biden is selling, which is substance. Anybody or I call the debates are reality. Tv show at some point during the debates- and I said One reason why Donald Trump became president in twenty sixteen, so tv it was an innovation in the sixties and we started having these televised debates, which ended up changing politics and media and technology of advanced a long way since the sixtys. We should have a different, modern day debate that takes advantage of the fact that you can ask someone a question and then give Nancy you could compare them side by side in debate, setting essentially by playing clips back like the New York Times. Did I think there are many interesting things we could do to compare candidates on the substance instead of turning it into
singer match to your point bill. Ok, don't worry, pressure all the time to turn just come up with good. Tell me in which Morocco shed any light, but I'll see if four times. This needs to change its now and, in view of the convention's said that conventions have been wrong we have the same since what do the fifties and now for being re, imagined I'll, take forever go back to the way conventions, useful work, even after the pandemic, we could see what we come up with this time. Might just update that that entire set up to us to make a neat reality and an end to the point that debates are really a bunch of bullshit dumping waste. That the vice presidential candidate candidate now is commonly Harris. Who I thinks, has terrific reflect Joyce guessing you guys do too But I mean she her big debate moment with saying some stuff that was good television about the guy who
now running on the ticket with which is all forgotten, because again it was all just theater and nobody really cared ok my next question: I don't want to do it, the Fox news- and I must say sometimes the MSNBC people do, which is just ignore. Aren't news that your team doesn't want to hear, and so Trump did. A good Or somebody does ministration that Big news today, Israel has had treaty with an arab country the United Arab about I'm sorry, the the USA, the Emirates, that goodbye right. That's places where lots of people go for vacation. Now I mean this this, pretty high pollutant stuff going on in that part of the world. That's on the gulf, a course Trump lied and he said it's the first treaty Israel has had with an arab country. That's not true. They made one with
job, which has stayed for a very long time. Jordan has stayed for a very long time. This is technology by the big fucking deal, or maybe it what isn't ask what do you think you think this is a big deal, is good news. There is no question. That is good news and we should let the party skip way of. That will be especially important to see if there is real follow through on this backing off of talk around annexation, because I know that will really destroy any chance of a two state solution. So were hard to tell as usual what the roller credit is appropriate and President Bush anything that that's peace or stability to that region. We shouldn't be afraid to say that it is now. I agree beaten you spend time in the region, but when something good happens, you have to call it out because you can't get in this trap or this mode, where anything that from does is automatically bad. You know, Democrats,
to have a clear vision for what we want to see in the world and anything that moves that vision closer to reality is a good thing that we should applaud, regardless of of whose, in power, when it happens right at an arab country like that making a treaty Israel, exchanging ambassadors having normal relations and that's a Gulf state. You know that's the first time. That's happened, I think that's going to a big, a big deal and then that part of the world I mean now. That's three countries that that are of have treaties with Israel. It's happening slowly, but the normalization of Israel in that part of the world. I think you know it didn't happen quickly, but it's going to, then, because everyone realises its inevitable and they're not going anywhere. I right, let me ask but the convention Andrew I heard today you are going to speak at it as thanks, yeah a guy like me at what happened there. I personally adverse you were not invited.
Now. Now you are what what was that pressure from your young gang? Is that what you're saying I think A lot of people were disappointed that I wasn't included in the original sleight of speakers. Pete was there, of course, this gotta be joining peep and others end No, they they made their disappointment heard, and the Dnc did what I thought was the right thing, which is, they announced a slate of speakers, including me Mombi, and going to be there next Thursday, when you Receives the nomination so thrilled to be a part of it thrilled to help make the case for Joe and come HU? We need in the White House. Yeah I mean when I, when I hear you two guys it's just I take. Why can't America have that now, you know I get it you're a little too young for the country little to new, but man, people like you guys who are just problem solvers, who wanted just
fix stuff and get on with it and have the energy and not the Joe's, not a good guy. It's not because these old, but you know he's I've been around a while on and off. He understands the technology in a lot of some of the things that you guys understand better anyway, what you wish to block you'll take care of this guy. You know Donald job out of air, and then we will have our hands while trying to solve the problems that that building up for years, I mean Bygones ahead, but is not, to my view, comfortably ahead, not from my comfort I mean Henry was ahead by more at some point, and I just gotta ask what is your party doing against this walking disaster that you can't close the gap better than that? I read the other day. Five point: three million people have lost their employer based health insurance since covert hit. That could be ten million
by the end of the year, Republicans never had a plan for healthcare. Still don't it's like. How could what what do you think it is that keeps the Republicans so close to party like that- I look it's it's never just about policy right policies, this administration or disaster leadership, this administrations last, we know but still, I think there are a lot of folks who heard a message. Fraudulent, that was the message that you're here. Somebody who sees you a who cares about you now is our chance to change, and, I think I regard your vines is really focus on ensuring that we reach out, as we get a chance to prove more people into the Democratic party that I think we had at any point. Mylifetime. Precisely because the way acting, you know, federal troops being rob DNA in awaited or federal agents against protesters, an affront to any traditional conservative values, as well as the rule is a huge molded for us.
Grown party, but I know the reality as we should never be, no matter how good it we got to work every day to make sure that that this is a success all the way to election day and that we ve also got to be ready for this imma, let you know we're, probably not going to have final results and after all, we went through in Iowa are very much no the impatient to want and get results on election day. But the reality is, is male in voting goes the way it should and election officials are diligently doing their jobs Navy days before we have results, and so we ve gotta be motivated all the way through the entire process. Is your party to two captured by its far left fringe? Should I should talk, I wouldn't say that bill, but I will say that when I was campaigning around the country, I said I'm running for president and then someone would say what party and I said, Democrat, and you could see this this name, reaction oftentimes, and this is from truck driver
Earth or waitresses or retail, that I thought the Democratic Party was fighting for or end fact that our message is not reaching certain american I think the Democrats need to do some soul searching and say why is it? Why is it that so many people think the Democratic Party isn't speaking to them? Isn't fighting for them patronising them. I think the Democratic Party has attend deliver a message in a particular way and then say: if you don't get that message, it's your fault. Instead, we should be going people where they are not to them in a way that they appreciate and understand. I think Republicans, unfortunately, get that to a higher degree than Democrats. Do as a result, where, indeed we're being perceived as this early? Party or at or the party educated, a leap and that's, what's created an opening for Republicans to make their case over the last number of years, right, because I've been economically it does seem like you should beginning a lot more about. I mean
and Andrew Europe, your big Gub proposal was a thousand dollars a month to everybody which is sort of what the country has done during cove. It I read the other day that poverty, the poverty rate. We all thought it was gonna go up and it went down. As everybody living or dead got a check for twelve hundred dollars and sundry turns giving people money reduces poverty, Bell, that's what we found out and now seventy four percent of Americans are for cash relieved during this pandemic, in twenty twenty seven, four percent might as well be ninety eight percent. So this is something the Americans can all see its common sense. We have to get more money into people's hands to allow millions of families a path forward during this time and we ve lost millions of jobs and are not coming back, but we are gets printing money. When you know it is funny money right, I mean that at some point you do not worry, that its
point with funny money. The whole thing comes crashing down and then we're all poor. Well, we need to do better job of harnessing the gains of things like the Amazon trillion dollar stock market valuation that right now the american people are seeing zero of. If we got ourselves are, I need fair share of the hundreds of billions in generated by Amazon and being made off with our data every year. Then we can start to pay for universe. Obeys again come and other measures that are necessary in this time, but right now the house fire. We have to put the fire out now and the dean There is really doing too little, not too much. I'm in despair like millions of Americans? That are like leaders went home without another stimulus deal that you know you're looking at TAT millions of Americans were facing eviction and desperation right now?
because our government could not get its act together and do the obvious and a crisis congresswoman I inappropriately tweeted. Last week, cancel student debt cancel rent, cancel mortgage. That sounds pretty radical. Is that port him? Why African sometimes are sceptical because I think the democratic door a little too radical, or maybe that's not radical. What do you think PETE, while these radical due to have relief for Americans does need uses, waited all lay but the reality is we don't do something like you are soon going to be homeless. It's like, for example, we should at least extend this moratorium that exists on evictions in overall. The show that hasn't made assigning the executive order. You didn't do anything to provide relief. Women's rights. The house is on fire and we need to take extraordinary measures to bring
extraordinary mountains have already done in the form of cash worked, although we work better if we had acted more quickly and you know overtime, will develop more ways to look out for long run. But who can do right now is just make sure people like us. Ok, I built when you talk of pushing money out to people, you know tat, there's a girl or twelve years ago we printed four trillion dollars for the wall. Street banks and Americans. Remember that, so you see that we have the resources when it comes to Wall Street. Now it's time the american people to experience the same kind of frankly benefit that the big corporations have seen. I guess what led larger people do. You know I made my first the bargain here, the guy had four apartments better. If you cancel all rents mortgage I mean I I guess they serve, does why the little man I got his hands, so the landlord gets paid to another small business owner,
the garage and the grocery store and the mom and pop businesses that are going to shut? Otherwise? Ok, so I read this week that Fox NEWS is now the number one channel in prime time, not just among knows channels among all channels. That's that's pretty is down, from someone who remembers when you don t me was like nine channels that, among all channels, including the entertain me one. This is what people are watching and I think it was sixty three percent of the people who get most of their knows from Fox say that tromp has done an excellent job. Fighting governed. You know when he loses the election every does these people are not going to believe it, and I remember asking I probably both of you. I know I asked you may or p You gonna, do any doesn't go away and back Everyone was laughing, they often now occurs. Everyone is cut like say, yeah. What are we
in doing that, and they ve gone right to begging and into the cake that he's not gonna leave, and my point was always we need. People on the record. Now now you have to get the people on the record saying this can happen. So what? What are your positions on that? Yet again? This is one of the reasons why we ve got to old. Protectors and his enablers, accountable you're, the extraordinary things have at Lafayette Square Episode, where he basically politicized the military was it. The military leaders were involved realise that was wrong and apologize. Well written by our institutions like military or in by elected officials. Everybody needs to make clear now that their needs today that orderly and peaceful transition of power- and let you know we used to roll their eyes every four years when the inauguration is going on. In the commentators talk about the transition of power because it
It seems so yeah something we already take able to take for granted, but this president doesn't care about any democratic, nor what? Why would you care about this? One. To me the only real solution that is to me. Sure that it's not even close relations with this president shouldn't even be within arguing distance. It shouldn't even be within cheating this, but should a democratic majority, be able to win by one vote just like the republican Party. Why there's always to rules for these two parties wish have to win big. This is America. We should just have to be able to win one vote? You do a Bush one by five hundred and thirty seven in Florida and they gave it to him. Likewise, we move the goalposts right I mean I'm already in high school learning about the electoral college and thinking well, that's it that's what you think ever actually overruled the american people, I'm sure they get rid of it. The next day it's happened twice since then, and if we want
call ourselves a democratic country. It's gotta go now. The only way to do that is a constitutional amendment. That is actually a compact circulating among the states that, if no state sign on promising to give their electoral votes to the personal wins the popular vote, it will happen. They sat miraculously that happened before November. One more reason why we gotta make sure it's not even close, and I do think these kinds of structural reforms that are needed to case for my campaign, but there is the electoral college, Well, you may be sure that our fellow americans- U S citizens in DC get a cellular making shouldn't worry, go, get real political representation you know some basic were forcibly gonna do to our system and our course, if we don't do that, then were always we chasing tail with election results. It does not reflect what the american people actually believe I already have you concerned about killing on. If people dont know what that is, their crazy conspiracy, theory, growth, they're, the ones who think that Hillary Clinton was running a
pedophiles sex ring out of a pizza parlour in Washington DC. I mean it's on that level, and now you know it it started on the internet. Then it migrated a course to right, wing, radio and stuff, like that, and now we're seeing people queuing on people in Congress, someone one that the private- in Georgia and there's gonna- be a republican congresswoman whose a q and unfair they believe satanic ring of of petty felt, better fans are running the world and reptilian and stuff like that. One We do about that, or can we do anything about that? One a feature of the internet and the way people are getting information now bill. Is that negative sentiment and conspiracy theories. Now, sir, add more virulently ineffectively. Where have you remember in you, you and I will not remember the days before the internet if you had someone with some crackpot theory. They do,
find someone else, but without it there were the tug square right or one not back, but but now they can connect with the other, and this is feature this is here to stay. This is something that we need to. Get arms around as a society, because it's going to get worse, when you had deep fakes, inured able to present compelling videos of you mean PETE doing things that we never did. There's going to be this real quest. Of what is truth in that kind of air, especially now when we're all sort of interact The video mean we take this video as as truth Wareham this conversation. But then you know if there you can present another video. That says something else, so that this, something that to me is fundamental to a functioning democracy that we're decades behind the curve in terms of regular eating or figuring out or governing what? rules are in terms of hate speech, on line in terms of formation of various island communities end
it's getting more and more dangerous over time is only going to continue to get more dangers as time goes on. There is one other thing I agree with all of it. I think there's one other thing going conspiracy theories. Virtually nothing. Do you go the way back to the city teenagers and find a conspiracy theories about the Illuminati? It's it's just something that that's part of of America was unusual- is for it to have as much power for a conspiracy return, an ally in the White House to remember in Congress, but any party The appeal, especially right now, these groups, if you just look at the way they work there, their little codes and stickers and and logos, is their offering a kind of a kind of them. I think, they're speaking to a sense of belonging that people are looking for anywhere they can find and if we don't built real sources of community Including are right around us at a local level, then really were dark and creepy and harmful things will come in to fill that boy adequacy a
yeah. I think that's very true, hey! I look forward in the years to come to watching you two guys fight it out with each other. The presidency, be it may indeed have a pact derailing worry about it bill like an alliance, now in among the younger outcome, however, one I don T go. We could lose. Thank you, guys, theatre, Well, bill is needed, now is how everyone thicker ok to no prices are going be the nastiest election ever and I want to read you some quote is a real quotes from the present the United States talking about what the world's can they, like it Biden, get elected, he says, Biden following the radical left agenda. Take away your gun. No religion, no religion, know anything, know anything hurt. The Bible heard. God he's against. God is against guns, he's against energy
Drugs is about when the election, China will only United States you're going to have to learn to speak Chinese. And then he was talking about binds environmental plan. Which involves saving energy and buildings? He said basically means no windows no windows, no windows, no God, no anything well. So this is just the beginning. We gotta hold. Some things are going to say next week. Listen to this sesame Street will start teach, children, gang side, all public restrooms. That will be transgender only cats eat at the table, and humans will drink milk out of a ball on the floor. While this, despite Biden stuff, call. Minors will be retrained as prostitutes, there will only be brown eminent.
Mary men will only be allowed to have sex with their wives. I think that was just for him that he may have the next James Bond will be. Roupell Biden gets in all Eggs will be banned and you'll have to grocery shop. Using your pants and all the animals at the zoo will be replaced with paintings of lettuce. That's the world of Biden gets in, so thank you Joyce. Now, our right, here's, the best selling author and host of the herd with cod cow, which image errs on Fox sports, ready on premier networks, column, coward. How are you I am a big fan, long time Van watch all the time, and I think we agree on a lot thing? I think I know you're on my page now, because I hear you is:
A month ago. I did a whole editorial about. The inconsistency is about our heads. And corona virus, and one of them was can we can be on a plane which, as you are recycled air and we're sitting with one thing Part of those other better Riven do that and wearing a mass, but we can't sit outside at a base. Our game, and now I seen Jerry Jones coming along to our way of thinking- and he said yes, we're gonna have come away football and, yes, our friends are going to be in the stands. We are, we are weak, our senses on that you think yeah text bunny bills. So, in a restaurant couple of weeks ago, in parts of Utah I walk I walking with a mass, they take it off. I sit with friends and family next to six people in the next table and tables. Nobody has masked that's indoors with average ventilation, I can't go to dodge your stadium, where mass take it off in my c outdoors. In the sun with wind which is remarkable when you can
I'm not sure it's easier to control, doubt doors. If it was, then California, coastal cities would be overwhelmed. It seems that outdoors in the wind and son is helpful. It down thousand cylinder at thirty three thousand feet? Ok, it doesnt seem that's fact that science they ve studied it. They know that it's not nearly as contagious outside and outside is good, were you with life. We should be fighting this by having better immune systems. Part of that is fresh air sunshine, vitamin d, but I take your point because I've been to restaurant then so ridiculous. It where mask to walk in afterward the mass talk in after where mass to go to the bank, but why you're sitting there eating no mass nobody? the mask on because the virus, like our place, we're not gonna jump in their mouth mother. Eating he's with people were a virus not abolished it. It's just so stupid, but about
It is in the inconsistency I mean that start at the top. We don't I think sports commissioners bill have done it her job, then most govern or even example. Adam silver, so called it Smid season, he loses his men to David, stir, passes away suddenly cold you're, global icon, tragic death, Who have Cairo, Irving has a mini revolt, a star players, player, saying we should not have the season They lose two billion dollars in a deal with China because of and be a gm support. Democracy for protesters all that set in four months. The aesthetic is outstanding. The quality play, has been excellent. The intensity is remarkable. They haven't positive test bill in a month. Will they did right? I mean you're doin, the jury is in on who did it right? No, did it wrong basketball
right. Why having a bubble? Why did major league baseball not do that? Why are based all James flying around the country to empty stadiums. Well, the answer is in unions so that small you players, union is the strongest units, so when it was suggested right, a plant, Arizona, Texas, the the baseball players said. No, thank you. I will say this in support of baseball Thirteen thousand tests point one percent, positive, ok, These are twenty five year old, guys alpha males millionaires like testosterone, ok, the birthright of being young, is port judgment. Thirteen thousand tests flying all over the country and about it and full of guys were positive. Ok, maybe they would all tell they want to go to Applebee's domino tables available slow down. You not lecture while guys baseball's not done as well,
but the media is hyper. Ventilating baseball's done all a yes. Well, there also hyper ventilating about the idea that young people, one can die from this? Of course anyone can die from this. Anyone can die from anything. Young people get cancer. Sometimes it's not the usual thing, but it happens. But we know basically the numbers. Here I talk to one week about the USS Theodore Roosevelt, it's a ship of four thousand sailors. There was one death because, basically, when you're a healthy person, the terrain is difficult for them for the virus to to make me different Russell Westbrook, I heard one day he has it the breathless reports and then, like a week later, I turn The tv is playing in setting out a snuff enough. Yes, can Get your anything can get your, but we got there not honest about who mostly dies in this older people. Of course,
die more from everything and their immune system is more frail and obese people. The people. I worry about sports wise with this. And fifty pounds. Lineman rams today's gone as if that football, all those goes through inner fifty pound, linemen, the you. You could see some jets there yeah. I talked to Andrew Whitworth greatly about three hundred and fifteen pounds for the rams. Two days ago, my shown he goes, I get tested everyday day. The therapeutic bill, as we know with us, Virus had gotten significantly better. They figured out ventilator use turning people on a on their stomachs from their backs. There's different. There are put viewed use Andrew told me: he got it. He was most asymptomatic. It is the question in the room that people are course concerned about now. We know the lung capacity of a three hundred and fifty pounds and sublime in Indiana fell, is better the three hundred fifty pound guy Walmart. We know that we are
but that's a kind of a gibbet right. But but I think it is it's the question I ask now in college. A lot of colleges don't want them to play because of fear of Lyman, but the differences and I fell. Players have collectively bargained to take the risk. In college players are unpaid and ass. Somebody unpaid to take a physical risk is crossing a threshold. The pact, twelve in big ten, are comfortable well so there's not going to be college football wondering eye. Yes, semi political question here biggest echoed this can really affect Trump of the fact that there's no college football because I think a lot of people in this country. Like well Trump. You know we could kill Grannie and you could take the economy, but you know what don't echo my football. If I can,
my face like it's Halloween and get blackout drunk at nine in the morning a parking lot and go watch nineteen year old to give each other brain damage. You have just lost my boat. Do you think that's the action could affect the election? Listen. We have two people running for president when their late seventies, I dont think it's the most dynamic presidential. Of my life, I'm not, how we got here I think people in America there's a referendum bill and they're going to vote against the sitting president, not necessarily for his challenger. I believe that to be true, I believe, suburban housewives have Turner. That's my guess. I dont think football. What effect it NFL will go on it will get through again they're gonna. Have we got a lot of players test positive? Let's not freak out like not promising us in Vienna fell.
You're not promising us nobody's gonna tell positive collar, all right now, two conferences out three in my guess is in a week there all up and baseball. If I go back to that One minute I mean they are flirting sometimes now with cancelling their season, because we ve had teams that did get a lot of players sing the Marlins, I think, and the cardinals right. And then you know, you have to go to basically the Vienna Next man up and Vienna, which a lot of scrubbs playing, but I must, I hope they dont, cancel the season Any reason, I think will be terrible for morale. I think I think somebody has to run the flag up and say worthy can do people we play sports during World WAR, two you know that during World WAR showed the Steelers in football, I'm sure you know this and the Eagles the two Pennsylvania. Aims combined to make one day this eagles. That's what they said because there's it
urgency on and we're just gonna get through it. Ted Williams probably want to get eight hundred homers if you didn't have to fight into wars, do. You love me up what we don't quit. We keep plague. Don't you think, that's important bill if you really look at once, worked you? U S, Dana White, aggressive run. It didn't NASCAR aggressive, we're going for it. Gulf early, no fans were going forward, The people that are bulldoze through social media fearmongering the people who have been ed fast in their beliefs, though, sports and knows leagues of work, if you're gonna sit around and worry about what they say on twitter urine, there's up, there's a lot of fear porn you're in big trouble until Dana White and I fell you bill. You know this No dollars want to seize it. We're gonna have a sees. What do you think is bigger than twitter? What you think, I'm Papa, which Gregg Popper
bending its entertain. You know we went from like for only a year ago I mean almost nobody was kneeling, a member when that issue. First, but I said well, given the history, this country wouldn't be such a bad idea if everybody in this dating em all the fence Here too, I mean and now that's kind of what's happening, everybody's nearly an Gregg pop virtues has impeccable liberal credentials. He he just said: look I just made decision. At the moment everyone was kneeling, but they played the anthem and I just felt like standing and I thought tat. You know what you can do both things you can Black lives matter, and I love my country and how about just you? Do you I'll. Do me we don't and all the same thing. At the same time, all the time. Your resignation should Lebron James did not put lack lives, we're on his jersey? You didn't give us an answer why he has equity in this. This isn't that nice. You're Reza may matters,
judge that a singular photo on social media, you'll, Billy Bible. I've never talked about this, but I've always had this feeling that all sports asked something US baseball asks us, no plock, be patient. It'll, take away a football Boy asks us is a regulated level of violence. You have to be comfortable with someone in the NBA would Lebron James asks us. There are social causes, in the black community that we care about and what were a t shirt or we may kneel and that's ok, I opt in on that now I don't think we should be arrogant. Let's not bite naive kneeling doesn't land the same for everybody. Your talk show host. I. You you say something on the air: it lands completely different. It's not context relies on social media. You can't believe what's happening with a click back, so that willing to me lands as police.
Four and social justice right everybody, but it's ok. You know, I think you may have talked about this If we're demanding growth from people, you can't sign Obviously, demand perfection right, drew breeze, was tone deaf, but that's ok, because then then his teammates. He discusses this and he goes programmes tone deaf What grove is bill rights, making mistakes, the ability to make mistakes too? Often now we want perfection Andrews and they can't coexist and as many times you gonna hate trump. You can't hate all the people alike since to many people, and they have issues all right. Let's and I got a cut it off there, but there was great to talk to you. I'm gonna keep watching you and I hope we do it in person soon. Thanks guys
But if we remember want to questions bill, I'll tell you I was ready. I've got files on. Let's do that and now, when we see each other personally, sometimes lucky you up man right nl. Thank you. Ok, for no rules, everybody backyard- and this once again, instead of arguing whether to shut down Tik Tok or by Tik Tok or Ban Tik Tok, let's skipper and ten months of the port where we're like they referred go at everyone. You Theo Diktat, give like this so much now that we're on click dick Normal quarantine, parents have to admit, there's nothing. They wouldn't do no, please they wouldn't go together. Ass one hour away from the kit and before
argue with that. Let me remind you: you're eating lunch out of a plastic box on a piece of astroturf in a Glenville Parking garage, neural, Jeffrey, perhaps must be reanimated, so we can ask him two questions. One but your guests on sex island and too Why was the one road called gives way? they're all while our discussing wide privilege. Let's talk about the lack of diversity and background music in stores, elevators on Hold Peters a terror. Not a hit since nineteen, eighty, six, a leisure and eighty six. Unless then, Nobody else has had a hit since nineteen. Eighty six have you heard. Can a gene new album, you have it You ve, been in an elevator just once I'd like to hear a service?
preventative, we'll be right with you until then enjoy cardy bees, wet, asked pussy neural. It comes to putting the question. Keep it simple, last week a man in the. U K set up a hundred candles to create the perfect setting to propose to his girlfriend then left to pick a rapid, bring her back for the big surprise. Oh, it was a surprise but happily she's still said yes and their play. They, you spend their honeymoon in palm pay. And finally, no role be careful. What you apologize for. Last week, Ryan, Reynolds and Blake Life. I apologise for having their wedding eight years ago, at a plantation in South Carolina, While I'm sure we could all do better and being aware of the presence of racism, including in the past,
This is the new role. It's gonna be hard to go to a lot of places in the south. It This kind of one big plantation and not just the south. The stock exchange is two blocks from New York's. First slave market and ninety ninety one construction on a new building and lower Manhattan unearthed a man, so the slave burial ground from the seventeenth century, among the businesses that stand over that ground today, are a day. Studio, Annabella, ballet Academy, People are literally dancing on those graves because America, America is poltergeist. We're all six degrees from genocidal assholes. If we, dark turning history into a big game of guilt by association. It never ends. Are we really going to make everyone apologize for standing somewhere that humans use to stand when they were even more barbaric than they are now.
Ryan Reynolds Set of his wedding. It something will always be deeply on reserve and unreservedly. Sorry for- and it was a giant fucking mistake. Yet the green lantern was a giant fucking mistake this was you got married at a beautiful venue. You saw on Pinterest, look every wedding, Every funeral every slip inside on this blood soaked land is inappropriate. The country itself is now After a slave trader named marigold, but we can't just pack up our gut men and pretend none of this country ever happened. Here's a crazy idea, let's live in the present and make the future better. Of course, tear down statues of confederate traders
But in San Francisco protesters tore down one of grant because grant was once gifted slave who he then freed. Ok, not a perfect score, but Grant was the guy who kicked me. Asses of the other statues you ve been tearing down, you know, while they were alive and good fight back little braver, I'd say, there is even a drive to remove a statue of Lincoln at the University of Wisconsin, because as one student put, it I just think he did. You know some good things, but the bad thing, She's done definitely outweighs them. I wish I had been raised with the kind of self esteem parents give their kids these days, where you can think that when it comes to accomplishment and racial justice, you're just a little bit better than Abraham Lincoln.
Washington and Jefferson are also up for cancellation because they own slaves and being a product of your time. That's not an excuse anymore, but if that's the case If being a product of your time is no longer an excuse, what I have to say about this guy and his dad, he was really strict and neither wanted at any problem whatsoever with slavery, the confederate use the Bible to justify their cause because it has plenty of time. Judges from both testament to back them up. Baby obey Bay masters, slay be obedient to your human masters. Slaves submit yourself to your masters. You see a pattern. If we're gonna be consistent, I think we're gonna have to cancel God,
Jesus himself says at one point in the Bible: the servant, who knows the masters well and does not do what the master wants, will be beaten with many blows, thanks son of God, which let those words slide. Somebody's tweet today, Jesus did he ll a slave ones, but not to free him to get him back working because This is how slavery was back then. Didn't see it as a problem, because no when did and if you had been back there you wouldn't have either you're, not better than Jesus or Ulysses S, good, and you just came later, but I gotta say that Jesus in being God and all really should have known better.
So when he comes back to judge the living in the dead, I say he's got a lot of explaining to do like hey You are always performing miracles instead of the bar tricks, with the law in the wine, why didn't he is apt to change off a slave with the preaching in the sermons on mounts. Why not one time in throwing a little all when this whole people owning other people, think that's not right, but no nata. On the subject of slavery, Jesus says: sweet Fuckin fall. So first thing when he gets back is we're going. You didn't apology. And I made a real apology than any of this. I'm sorry of my condoning of slavery, cause defence. I think rehab would be an order and show sensitivity, training. Oh, you can forget about hosting the Oscars. Ok, that's our show. I want to thank my guest
air, geisha lands, bottoms, PETE, Buddha, Judge, Andrew Yang and Column Cowherd, we'll be back next week from the yard. Thank you folks. I told new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com
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